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tv   On Point  FOX  February 14, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EST

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thank you for watch fox. sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. this week on the tv show. heart health. raising awareness. february is part of health month. cardiovascular disease. it's the single leading cause of death for both men and women in the united states. responsible for one in three deaths in the u.s. each and every year. nearly half of all americans have at least one factor and many don't know it. and others are slow. two, redoused chances of getting heart disease. cult back on alcohol, exercise and regularly. eat a nutritious diet and don't snore. developing heart disease. this week, heart health. we're raising awareness about heart disease and the
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sitting with me today. one that i know is very near and dear to you. >> something that has affected my family over the years. it's something that i have to be aware of. the tips that i talk about. they sound so easy for people to do. they are not. they are not easy for everybody until you make them a part of your every day life. and that is the hurdle that people have to get over. this is healthy living. than is one of the reasons valerie at the american heart association is here with us. we'll fell you about the tie between the two of them. bryan mentioned the significance of the focus and having a family
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you want he led tear. and down to them. but 80% of it is preventable and some people can treat certain things and really get their health in check. >> exercising. we think that our way of life is okay. and that is one of the things that you don't want us to think about that we may not have some kind of warnings. your chest doesn't have another thought is this children's general ration is the first generation that is -- because not getting any exercise. and so not only should we as adults think about it. we should think about our children's health because they are the future of america. line >> reporter: was lucky to to grow up in a house where that was something that
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exercise. sports and things of that nature. not everyone grows up in an atmosphere like that. you have to make things a part of every day life. >> absolutely. >> you are involved for an important reason. you know we can do better. you see it every day u. in fact, it's become part of the culture over there. >> it really has. whether it is challenges that our salespeople and other staff take on each other. accountability is a part of this. we love automotive want to see our staff and our team members healthier, and that is why it means so much to us. everyone has been impacted even down our family. it just means a lot to get involved in l. tell me a little bit about the outreach that is
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>> well, the american heart association has the best website for resources. we also do events throughout the state. heartwalks, heart falls. and all three of these are right here in the midlands too. >> and heavily supported. this is the 26th year. >> the cam pape, we saw all of our ladies over here. i am so delighted to see some people participating on that level. now, the folks over in south carolina primary healthcare association are the ones that suggested i network. i imagine a number of our health facilities have focuses. on health which urges to seek those things out when it
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>> what do you guys come over here to tell your sales folks? >> well, certainly, they're always on the move when you are in sales. the technicians. it's physical activity. it is getting out, making yourself accountability. and it means discipline. you have to be disciplined in than. we actually have put forth and started a work-out room in our corporate facility. you make it a little bit easier. you don't find the excuse to help out. you do the heartfall every yore. i have been involved with that for many years. it's important to me. i lost a grandfather to heart disease. a grandfather i never met. and heart disease also in fact my father. he's been able to overcome that and he's been able to manage it now and strangely enough, he was always a very physically
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was diagnosed with heart disease. what you do. you can cut it. imagine if he hadn't done all those things. >> and just know your numbers. that is what the telltale sign. so get those check-ups. >> well, closing remarks for each of you. >> we are just so excited to be a part of this and raising awareness killer to a lot of people. >> and we're honored to have love. and bryan year after year. >> that is really awesome. we have survivor stories coming up next. we're going to hear from clinitians later in the show. we're hoping all the information will give people a well-rounded understanding of what we are facing and what e with can do.
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stay with us. every moralely needs to be heart health month. we talk about in that first segment. your health has to be something. every single day. and almost become second nature. well have jenny meyer with us tood to talk to us about one of the survivor stories. stories. >> i do have a story. a little over a year ago, i started having swelling in my hands and feet and a touch of shortness of breath. ask being a busy working mom, we tend to put
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and i had a voice in my head and saying something is not quite right. i went to my family practitioner and they gave me some medicine to help reduce the swelling, and it worked. i felt so much better. i didn't realize how bad i felt. but i went back for my check-up. follow-ups are very important. and i asked why do i need it? well, by asking that question, she dug a little deeper and i ended up with an ultrasound of my heart which found a tumor inside my heart the size of a golf ball. so last january 16th, i had open heart surgery to remove that, and i am proud to say that i am a survivor, and i took off my wonder woman cape, admitted defeat, and just listened to my body. oh my. >> that's hard to do for a lot of people. and you say oh, i'm busy. i don't have time for this. i have children to take care of. >> absolutely. stop and take care of you. >> you do because you need to take care of yourself so you can take care of your family. if i didn't, i wouldn't be here now.
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year, maybe two years left, and then from there, you know, who is going to take care of my son, my husband, my parents. so it's very important. >> if you hadn't done a follow- up. you mentioned the follow-up was really important. >> it is really important. >> and sometimes, your hands and feet. they weren't belling anymore, you felt better, but not quite, and you said let me just go a little further. >> yes, the hard part is to really, really look up, and we respect our doctors, and we trust them. and i trust my doctor 100%. but it is okay to ask the question why. and to push the for if it. when i stopped taking the medicine, it was really important to listen to your body to push to ask that question. if i had not gone, we wouldn't have found it. >> jennifer, your story is different.
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family member that may or may not have known they had heart disease and the family had to intervene. >> yes, heart disease has affected my family. i lost my father at 56 years old. all preventable, and my mother -- she happened to be visiting the last year from out of state, from denver. he was read -- she was reading to my son. she was grabbing her heart. she was complaining of chest paining and -- chest pains and some back pain. she told my son go ahead and keep reading. i'm fine. my seven-year-old asked his grandma and said are you sure, grandma, she said i'm fine. don't worry about it. ran downstairs where my husband was watching television and said you need to check on grandma, something is wrong with her. he had not done that, i think my mom would probably take two toms and go to bed. she had a heart attack and ended up getting a quadruple bypass. my mother had uncontrolled high blood pressure, and she wasn't getting her check-ups, and she
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medication, and she didn't realize how bad her blood pressure had gotten, and another thing is, you know, i talk to my -- i faulk to my brother and my stepfather back in denver. they both said you know, if mom was probably home, you probably would have said, you know, let her go to sleep. hindsight is 20/20. it really is true. i would imagine, yenny, you probably share your story with people as much as you can. to let them know to watch for those things that you thought were small. no big deal. >> absolutely. heart disease. heart condition. it doesn't discriminate. doesn't matter. of your young, you're old. you're thin. you're under weight it. it facts anybody.
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>> you know, regular check-ups are so important, and you know, i represent the south carolina primary healthcare association, so you're going to hear. next segment, you're going to hear from two heart clinicians and just getting those regular check-ups, because my mother and father were not doing that. and that's important. you have to stay tuned. we'll have our two doctors here on set to talk to us about the
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when it comes to heart disease. we are talking about heart health. and joined by dr. carol allen and dr. maxwell. ladies, thank you very much for joining us.
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family medicine is here. i don't you are in jefferson, south carolina. and you're in sumter. >> yes. >> part of that health center network that south carolina primary healthcare association and our federally qualified. y'all have a message when it comes to heart health. either one of you can start. >> okay, well, the first message i think i would like to get across is the fact that community health centers are in every county in south carolina and everyone should come and get checked up just like your survivor said. she has some symptoms. put it on the back burner, but when she went in and was listened to by her ply mary care physician, that is when the ball got rolling, and community health centers are there so that care. and one of the most important things to understand is that we are there
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-- regardless of your income, insurance status, race, socioeconomic status, all of it. everyone can come, and we really want you to come to know your numbers. and you probably have heard the american heart association talk about know your numbers. that means know your blood pressure. know your cholesterol. know your glucose. so we really want you to just come in and get a check-up. unfortunately, that is where we see a number of the conditions that begin to kind of display. in why
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that is why it all starts. about a third of my patients do not have any insurance at all. so that is a significant number. u we use the sliding scale where if they will apply using a form, giving their income information, the number of people in their household. that information is used to determine what their copay would be. we see patients for $20. that includes seeing the primary care doctor, getting any necessary labs that we do as well as we also provide behavioral health services to our patients and if they see a behavioral health provider, that same $20 will allow them to see that mental health provider. we believe in care. we don't refuse anyone because they don't have the money to pay. >> you have a lot of give and take. people understood to have as much access and as much information as they can giving the chronic nature of
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are uninsured in our state, and really knowing about the healthcare centers has been kind of a lifesaver for so many in so many parts of our state. so we commend you guys ifer that. and as we are widening down the segment, there is a website that we want to let people know they can go to if they have any concerns and you all let us know what that is. >> in order to find the community health center in your area, you can go to the primary healthcare association which is . and click on the button and says find a health center in your area. >> any other comments? >> just know that the symptoms may be atypical. you don't know if you don't get checked out. and we
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we have an open door. >> thank you very much. very much dr. maxwell and dr. allen. when we come back, we're going to change gears, but it's been an awesome topic dealing with heart health. way are appreciate i can't tiff of the ising 1:00 health association for helping us with that. >> i want to tell you about the political party called the american party of south carolina. and you guys want to hear about it. so stay tuned. >> p i'm lee wilson, candidate
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approve this message. which welcome back. and switching gears to talk about the american party of south carolina, an alternative to what you we are used to.
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the former columbia college, former state superintendent of education. you guys thank you so very much. you have office back there. >> the governor of task force. the republican nomination on his second term. >> that is right. you guys have a vision for a new political party and tell bryan and i why. >> both of us had this political experience. we both ran in 2007 f. i ran for governor. i have ran for secretary of education. i was the last democrat to be elected in the statewide office of south carolina. i also ran as a republican. we had these different labels, i found out we had a lot in common. from that came a friendship. but also serving in office, we saw inside how badly dysfunctional and corrupt and broken it really is. and there is plenty of evidence
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americans feel that way. the system being broken. you could argue the two populas outsiders leading not both parties in spite of the fact the party leadership would rather have other candidates leading. we think we tapped in to the need to have a new option, a new approach to politics on the ballot, and then in order to change the system, you can't change it by electing a specific person to a specific office, not even the presidency. that you have to change the system. in order to do that, you have to have a different choice on the bat limitation of motion -- ballot. >> you can't keep doing the same thing and expecting different so in a democracy. we should have the decisions based on choice u. the end
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our systems are largely producing career politicians. in order to effect ichly. >> and under neither that run. so we seek to put in real world public service. experienced. knowledgeable leaders. and running for office. challenging this career u. changing our democracy for the better. >> it's evidence that people are kind of tired of what we have because they don't participate in politics. >> we were talking about this during the break where we talked about some of the local level. very
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subsequent run-off. and like we have so many parties have tried, and it's hard. >> you had an earlier segment on heart disease. i think that america is heartbroken by dysfunctional political system. a lot of poem have given up. the approach is to have a census party in the broad center. not to the far right. not to the far left where problems could be solved. and a way do bring us together and not divide us which our political process does now.
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it requires total disclosure and transparency in terms of the money that is coming not and the source as bell as the amount. and it focused on primarily making sure that the united states has a globally competitive economy. globe rally competitive. if we don't do that be indiana, china and these other countries, the premise says nothing o else matters p. we can't have worldclass healthcare or education. you can't have infrastructure. you can't do any of things that we care about if you don't have that competitive economy. >> so how can people reach out? >> they need to be involved. the best way to be involved second degree go to our website and volunteer. >> very catchy. to help us get it. help us fix this broken political system. i believe a 2012
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theco all across america found that in their opinion, the biggest problem facing this nation is our broken political system. we have got to solve our problems if we want to be globally competitive. >> people view the political system as broken. that is why we're not voting. the answer is within our hands to get a solution. the american party of south carolina is one of those things on the table. >> we think so. and stop feeding the beast. stop voting straight party tickets. you are doing damage to your country. you are doing damage to your state when you do that. we have got to provide a different alternative. >> people don't know any different though. and that is the thing. >> it's what's easiest. >> it is easiest. >> i imagine we'll be seeing you guys on some
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it seems like it's one of the >> oscar is the american family. >> and thank you so much. bryan, thank you as always. always enjoy sharing with you. we appreciate you tuning not. remember when you are informed, you are empowered. once empowered, you are on point. we'll see you next week. >> when you need the forecast right now, you need the wach fox sky watch weather happen. check for sun and rain, hour-by-hour forecast, ten-day outlook and severe weather alerts. download the sky watch weather app brought to you by
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monday at 7:00, find out
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best friend has the best week. now becomes skinactive. i'm chris wallace. today the judicial legacy of antonin scalia and the fierce political battle to replace him. i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities
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you time. >> and gop candidates respond as necessity duke it out in the carolina. >> we're not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack appointee. >> i really wish the president would think about not nominating somebody. >> after marco rubio's damaging debate performance last week -- >> this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true. >> there it is. there it s the memorized 25-second speech. >> he can get his campaign back on track? >> if our next president is even half the president ronald reagan was, america is going to be greater than it's ever been. >> senator marco rubio on his strategy to regain momentum. then -- >> one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate. >> the democratic candidates clash on who is building on the barack obama legacy. bernie sanders in his first


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