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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  January 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tonight at 6 - armed and dangerous. hampton police are on the look out for this man... what police say he did. plus -- a record drawing -- millions of people are hoping to become america's next millionaire... (woman/no id:04) "well, i'm not going to win it if i'm not in it. so i bought a ticket." how you can try your luck at tonight's 900- million dollar powerball jackpot. and -- forward thinking. what one of the seven cities is doing to prepare for the year 21-hundred --
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we have new information about a shooting in newport news that we brought you as breaking news this morning. a 43-year-old man went to the hospital after someone shot him in his thigh on 23rd street. the shooting happened around 5:15 this morning - police say by the time they arrived, the man was already at the hospital. officers haven't found the shooter. deputies in york county are looking for a man they say stole prescription pills. investigators say the suspect walked into a rite aid on route 17 in grafton around 1:15 this afternoon. they say the man did not show a weapon, and no one was hurt. when the man stole the pills - investigators say he walked right out of the store. they say he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, black hat, and blue jeans. police say they know the man responsible for a bank robbery that happened just after 6 last night in hampton. this is the man officers are looking for. police say 27-year-old anthony echevarria went into the langley federal credit union - showed a gun - and demanded money. the bank is on fox hill road in hampton. echevarria is considered armed and
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if you have information about any of these crimes, call the crime line. we have a follow-up to a missing person's case in hampton. 78-year-old heriberto suyas is safe. hampton police tweeted around 10:30 this morning that he was found. he first went missing around 10:45 last night near pennwood drive. we have more information about a seven vehicle accident in norfolk we first showed you from chopper 10. 67-year-old roland stone died in the wreck on tidewater drive. officers say stone swerved off the road in his 18-wheeler and hit several other vehicles. he was taken to sentara norfolk general hospital where he died. several other people had minor injuries. now to a live look from over downtown norfolk from tower cam 10. it was a pretty nice day out there - but don't get used to it too quick. showers are going to start moving into the area this evening. meteorologist ashley baylor is in the super doppler 10 weather center with your first forecast.
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tonight: showers developing. isolated storms possible. temps: mid-50s and rising. winds: ne to s 5-15 mph. sunday: morning rain, then drying out. highs: mid-60s. winds: s 10-20 mph. monday: sunny skies. much cooler. highs: low- 40s. winds: nw 10 mph. mid to upper-50s. we are already tracking showers in the northeast north carolina and the wet weather will continue to spread into hampton roads this evening. if sunday morning. i can't rule out a few isolated thunderstorms, so don't be surprised if you wake up to a rumble of thunder. temperatures will initially start in the mid-50s and around noon. through the second half of the day, expect increasing sunshine with highs in the mid-60s. it winds will shift back out of the northwest on monday, so that means a low-40s. temperatures will be up and down all week and it's possible we may see a few flurries
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thinking about the future now.... what will the city of norfolk look like in the year 2100!? sounds far off, right? but city leaders already started putting a plan together --- and they say they need your help in the process. 10 on your side's joe fisher attended a kickoff event today, and joins us now to explain the vision 2100 project. joe. deanna -- city leaders tell me norfolk faces many challenges in the years to come. sea level rise, the economy and population growth to name a few. so now it's about how the city and the citizens can work together to overcome those challeneges. as the mermaid city changes, how the city adapts will determine its future success. christine morris/chief
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"we want to make norfolk an even greater place to live, work and play." christine morris is chief resilience officer for the city of norfolk. she's been working for more than a year to get others on board for how norfolk will look and feel in 2100. christine morris/chief resilience officer ((c475 35:00)) "we live on coasts because gdp gets generated on coasts, people work on coasts, trade happens on coasts, so we're going to need to understand what it means to live on the coast in the future." morris says sea level rise is one of most pressing issues. that's something cheryll sumner knows all too welll as president of the chesterfield heights civic league -- a neighborhood surrounded cheryll heights civic league president ((c473 22:58)) "come to my neighborhood and you will see that it is a problem, and the sea level is rising. it may become a problem for you in the future." sumner is one 50 who heard the city's plan saturday. a plan that includes gauging residents' likes and dislikes as they prepare for the future. ((c474 32:21)) "i want to people, what are their favorite things to do, events and things like that." jeremy sharp works in the city's planning
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economy and population growth in mind, the city's focus is shifting to areas not affected by the rising tide. jeremy sharp/principal planner ((c474 30:06)) "we do have some land, military circle being an obvious example of that, and it's also on our light rail system and it's high and dry. it's not an area that's typically at risk of flooding and it's not an area long-term we much different. whatever it takes, they say, to keep the city operating above water. christine morris/chief resilience officer ((c475 35:55)) "i think it's going to be a great place to live." city officials tell me they're now working to get the input of all resident's over the next two months. they'll have four community meetings to gather information on what people love and what people could do without. we'll post dates and times for those meetings on wavy-dot-com. i'm joe fisher, 10 on your side. have you grabbed your
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if you haven't -- that's okay -- you have until 10 tonight to do so.. the jackpot stands at 900-million-dollars... that's the highest in powerball history! people across the country have been rushing to stores to buy their tickets... the record breaking drawing happens tonight at 10-59. until then - you can buy your ticket - which is 2-dollars a piece. if there are no jackpot winners tonight... it's estimated the jackpot will rise to one-point-three billion dollars for wednesday's drawing. the powerball craze is taking people by storm in the commonwealth. lottery officials expect virginians will buy 6-point-9 million powerball tickets today - alone. let's break that down for you - during peak times today - 13-thousand 8-hundred tickets will be bought. if there is a winner tonight - the lump- sum cash payout will be 558-million dollars. again you can get your ticket until 10 tonight. still ahead at wavy news 10 at 6 - the fight of her life - norfolk state
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is playing its first game since a popular player collapsed. we'll tell you how the community is rallying around the player. and .. ejection backlash .. a muslim woman was kicked out of a donald trump rally in south carolina -- now trump's opponents
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if you're in the market
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place for you this off the latest models-- at the hampton roads international auto show. wavy is a proud sponsor of the event - stop by and meet your favorite wavy tv personality. event times and admission prices are posted right now on h-r scene dot com. still ahead - the big rally - we'll show you how the norfolk state women's basketball team is supporting a player fighting for her life. and -- ejection backlash -- why a muslim woman's ejection from a donald trump rally has his opponents speaking
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tonight - norfolk state women's basketball team took to the court - without a beloved player.
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home, the team plays without amber brown. the 20 year old is in the fight of her life after being found unresponsive in her dorm room new years day. though she's not on the court but - she isn't far from their minds. ten on your side's mattt gregory is live at the joseph echols arenea where her baskebtall family and fans are joining her fight. deanna, amber brown's academic adviser says, shes out of the coma now, but its a long road to recovery. the hospital bills continue to rise and her team and university want to help. saturday evening the norfolk state women's basketball team took the court with a heavy heart. and an empty seat for amber brown. tina ruffin / amber brown's adviser the wind." 1:07:13 the spartans played on. in the stands, atheltes from other sports took up a collection. tina ruffin / amber brown's adviser c0020 1:06:42 "we've always done a penny drive with our student athletes but we're gonna raise money take in cash donations for a local charity. but few hit this close to home.. tina ruffin / amber brown's adviser c0020 1:07:19 " so far
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$810 and w'eve only had one game so we're hoping to at least get to $3000 back for brown. tina ruffin / amber brown's adviser c0020 1:08:16 "i was actually at the hospital coma. she is responding to demands. she gives you a thumbs up and blinks her eyes so out." 1:08:32 a college community hit hard, but with a plan to bounce back. earlier this week amber brown's family said they believe her diabetes maye have been a contributing factor to her condition. but they've not confirmed how. her family is also raising money on a gofundme page you can find on wavy dot com. in norfolk matt gregoru 10 on your side. an annual event in virginia beach - aiming to help teenage boys. the ninth annual african american male summit took place at at salem high school today. the event brings together business leaders, school
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successful alumni, and parents in hopes of inspiring today's teenage boys. this year's keynote speaker was gary mccollom. covering decision 2016 officers escorted a woman wearing a muslim headscarf from a donald trump rally yesterday in south carolina. rose hamid stood up in a silent protest when trump suggested syrian refugees are affiliated with i-s-i-s. trump south carolina. rose hamid stood up in a supporters started booing and chanting before police escorted her and three others out. people in the audience then started shouting "get out" and "you have a bomb." trump responded by saying "there is hatred against us that is unbelievable." fellow presidential candidate john kasich says the woman being escorted is terrible. i mean i've had people disrupt, but that's all part of america, right? i just don't like the tearing
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tonight: showers developing. isolated storms possible. temps: mid-50s and rising. winds: ne to s 5-15 mph. sunday: morning rain, then drying out. highs: mid-60s. winds: s 10-20 mph. monday: sunny skies. much cooler. highs: low- 40s. winds: nw 10 mph. despite the fact that we had more clouds than sun today, temperatures
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already tracking showers in the northeast north carolina and the wet weather will continue to spread into hampton roads this evening. if you have any plans, make sure you have an umbrella. the rain will continue overnight into sunday morning. i can't rule out a few isolated thunderstorms, so don't be surprised if you wake up to a rumble of thunder. temperatures will initially start in the mid-50s and gradually warm into the upper-50s by 7 am. sunday will not be a washout. the rain will taper off around noon. will be a bit on the breezy side with winds out of the south at 10-20 mph. winds will shift back out 25 cooler with highs in the low-40s. temperatures will be up and down all week and it's possible we may see a few flurries flying
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i'm nathan epstein---it's
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virginia has lost two straight games in the acc----but after a 2- point loss at virginia tech on monday, coach tony bennett's team tried to get back on track---from buzz williams in blacksburg---- to the yellow jackets of georgia tech in atlanta----- first half----cavaliers in a 15-point hole-- adam smith with the corner three---- second half---malcolm brogden----only 1 of 9 from three point range----there's his only make---lead cut to 6--- six minutes to go--- marial shayok----three ball ties the game at 49---- from there---yellow jackets score 11 unanswered--- shot 53 percent from three point range on 8 of 15 makes--- three players score 16 points---and there's your ball game--- georgia tech wins 68-64 the final---uva's first two-game losing streak in over 2 years--- they get 15th ranked miami at home on tech found to start off 2 and 0 in the acc disappeared inside cameron indoor stadium----duke
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this afternoon--- 12 to 2 blue devil run to start the game---greyson allen there for three-------career high plumlee----also 10 rebounds---stuffs it home---duke led by 27 at haltime---led by as many as 30 in the second half---allen on the fastbreak---skies for the one-hander----no devils---for tech---they fall to 2 and 1 in the at home on tuesday--- head coach dave macedo---virginia wesleyan at home against 11 and 1 roanoke----both teams 3 and 0 in conference----marlins in halftime--- second half---john fitchett with the facial-----part of an 11-0 run to take the lead----but here's the poe!!!----there's a way to tie the game at 57---roanoke made all the buckets when it counted down the stretch---here's your leading scorer---joey miller---bucket and one---he had 24 points---roanoke also
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lins lose their first the year 93-84----their at east mennonite on wednesday--- hashtag la tech was one of the top trending topics on twitter night---thanks to jeff jones and the old dominion monarchs--who snapped the nation's second-longest home win streak with a 56-53 win in ruston louisiana-- it was the perfect payback----odu---0 and 6 on the road heading into the game---won game---louisiana tech----who was the last team to beat odu at the ted constant center before its current 32-game home win streak----had a 39-game home win streak snapped---and lost its first ever conference usa home game. tonight---monarchs try to make it 3 and 0 in conference usa in hattiesburg against 3 and 10 southern miss---tip o'clock---highlights tonight on the fox 43 sportswrap. coach karen barefoot and the lady monarchs---home miss---trying to rebound from thursday's home loss
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half----jennie simms---second leading scorer in conference usa with the putback----22 points points, 13 rebounds-----close game to the end---but odu hangs on for the 53-45 win---they're now 2 and 1 in league play and start a 4-game road trip on thursday at uab--- and some games that are just finishing up right now---big win for coach tony shaver and the william and mary tribe who take down first-place northeastern and will move to 11 and 4---three tribe starters in double figures---omar prewitt led the way with charleston on thursday---and christopher newport---moves to 12 and 1 with a win over wesley---18 points from
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on this saturday night, inside the capture.
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