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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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joins us now live from keith richardson has worked at a norfolk gun shop for more than 10 years. he was a manager and fire arms instructor who worked closely with law enforcement. a domestic dispute that started yesterday evening changed everything. pkg sot - gene strickland, neighbor/witness - clip 34 1:03:06 he's a good guy. a good neighbor. 1:03:07 hard for this neighbor to understand what happened next door. sot - gene strickland, neighbor/witness - clip 34 1:03:54 it didnt have to go down the way that they got a call from a woman saying her husband held her at gunpoint and threatened to kill her. the woman inside. according to a news release, hostage negotiators tried talking richardson out of the home for several hours. police scanner traffic reveals more of what happened. (scanner traffic) 01;13 "won't put gun down, says no way he will put it down, not an option" police say at one inside. then police say richardson came back outside with a gun.
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1;20 "what's under his arm, he still has something in his hand, looks like a gun" police used a dog to try and arrest him but police say richardson shot and killed k-9 "krijger." then according to police richardson raised his gun to officers. that's when an officer shot him and a second k-9 was used to arrest him. (scanner traffic) 1;29 "gunshot wound to suspect" sot - gene strickland, neighbor/witness - clip 34 1:05:12 i think it could have been handled alot differently but they didnt need to bring out the entire infantry to slow this down. 1:05:20 we tried talking to someone from the police department on camera, but no one was made available. we can tell you the keith richardson is in critical condition in the hospital and the officer involved in the shooting is on administrative duty. coming up tonight on wavy news 10 at 6 we'll tell you what the neighbor says started the dispute between keith richardson and his wife. live in norfolk brandi cummings 10 on your side. 14 years is the punishment for a deadly bar fight in chesapeake. ronnie cisko pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of chuck
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today he was sentenced to 10 years for that -- and another four years for a probation violation. 10 on your side's lex gray was at court today. lex, you spoke with family on both sides? tom and nicole, the judge's sentence today is on the higher end for a voluntary manslaughter charge. that came as a relief to the victim's fiance. but ronnie cisko's family and friends say they're shocked and disappointed. for an hour and a half -- one person after another swore under oath that ronnie cisko was a man working to turn his life around. that's why the judge's sentence came as such a shock to his family. (5) 4:55 he's a very good person and was just trying to be back out in things. but this video shows -- cisko did the wrong thing on a night at zino's bar witnesses say chuck setchel was drunk and belligerent in the bar, and threatened cisko's the confrontation between cisko and setchel. the medical examiner says setchel died because that force twisted his neck,
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tear. (5) 5:19 it was clearly an accident, something that shouldn't have happened. it wasn't his intention for that to happen. the judge agreed with that - but said he couldn't look past cisko's long criminal history, which began back in 1992 -- and includes robbery and assault. the judge said to cisko -- for someone else, he might consider another chance a lesser sentence. but history shows, every time you're released from jail, you commit violent crimes. this time -- cisko is going away for 14 years...a relief to his setchel. the love of my life, forever, i don't think there will be another one in my life but at least this way the man has a history will be behind bars for a
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cisko talked in court today about his regret over what happened. i'll have more on that coming up on wavy news 10 at 6. live in chesapeake, lex gray, 10 on your side. we are working to gather more information on a death investigation involving a two month old baby in portmouth. the call came in around 8:30 this morning. the child was taken from the home on deep creek boulevard to the medical examiner's officer to determine the cause of death. we'll update you as we learn more. an onancock police officer is on administrative duty for firing his gun during an incident friday. the accomack county sheriff's office is investigating. the sheriff says officers patrolling the pine street apartments friday night witnessed gunfire and confronted a suspect. that's when a suspect allegedly pulled out a gun and an onancock police officer fired one shot as the suspect ran. officers arrested another suspect --- 21 year-old nadir toppin on gun charges.
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is in stable condition. ten minutes later --- deputies found a second gunshot victim at the nearby onancock square apartments. elizabeth city police are investigating a weekend shooting. it happened around three yesterday afternoon on debry street. the 22-year-old victim is out of the hospital and recovering from a gunshot wound to his arm. officers found several shell casings at the scene. a bullet also hit an air conditioning unit. police are still working to identify a suspect. hampton police are looking for suspects after three people were shot last night. someone shot two men and a woman at the colonial landing apartments off kecoughtan road. police say the victims' injuries aren't life threatening. detectives are still investigating circumstances that led to the shooting. hampton police say taloni stewart stabbed a woman during a fight early yesterday morning on norwood circle. the other woman's inujuries are not life threatening. stewart is charged with malicious wounding. new details in the case of the man charged in the disspaearance and
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hannah graham. jesse matthew, jr. was in court for a hearing this morning, where 14 witnesses testified. today, prosecutors revealed: they believe matthew targeted the 18- year-old as she left a charlottesville bar. a bloodhound tracked her scent to a mulch pile near an old factory where lawyers believe she died. the defense is challenging that part of the evidence. trial is set for july. no decision yet on if the supreme court will take up the appeal of former governor bob mcdonnell's conviction for corruption charges. on friday --- we told you the high court was deciding which cases it will take up. according to the supreme court website --- the case isn't scheduled to be decided on today. mcdonnell will go to prison to serve his two-year sentence if they decide not to take the case. in september 2014 a jury found him and his wife, maureen, guilty of accepting gifts and loans from a wealthy business man in exchange for political favors. weather is not cooperating with hopes to pull a tractor-trailer from the water. we're told divers will try and go in on thursday. 33-year-old matthew
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barricade and into the chesapeake bay on wednesday. only chopper 10 brought you these live images during wavy news 10 at 4. he somehow managed to get out of the cab and swim to the surface. crews pulled him from the water and took him to the hospital. police say charges are pending. looking ahead to the 2016 legislative session -- one house bill on the table aims at making schools safer. this is video from a story brandi cummings brought you last month about a virginia beach company installing systems that detect gunfire in an active shooter situation. now virginia beach delegate scott taylor is introducing an amendment that plans for new public schools include an indoor active shooter gunshot detection and alerting system. music fans around the world are mourning the loss of a music legend. many woke up to the news that david bowie lost his battle to cancer. music nats na30m fans have been paying their respects by leaving
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birthplace. he was born david jones in brixton -- and became an entertainer with many phases-- including ziggy stardust. bowie had battled cancer for the past year and a half. he just turned 69-year-old friday -- the same day he released his new album called "blackstar". he's survived by his second wife of 24 years, supermodel iman. they had a daughter together. he also had a son. coming up on wavy news 10 at 5:30- caught stealing thousands of dollars from a jewish temple in norfolk. today a former employee of temple israel learned her punishment after admitting to the crime. newport news is switching up how they handle neighborhood patrols. how a beat system may encourage community engagement. there may be more than a "billion" reasons to buy a powerball ticket this week. how high the
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the u-s-s barry is shipping out tomorrow morning. the guided-missile destroyer will depart naval station norfolk for japan. the navy has said this is all part of helping secure peace, security and stability in the asian-pacific region. the barry will replace the u-s-s lassen which is moving to florida. norfolk state university has made it official. the school finalized the new two-year contract with eddie moore junior. moore served as interim president since september 20-13. with his new title, this makes him the university's 6th president. moore says right away, he'll start a 100 day plan focused on accountability, growing enrollment, and improving the graduation rate. the powerball frenzy continues. yet again the jackpot goes unclaimed-- and the prize is rising. now the powerball jackpot has grown to 1-point-4-bi llion-dollars-- blowing all lottery jackpots out of the water. the next drawing is wednesday. until then, you may see lines at convenience stores as everyone rushes
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will be that lucky golden ticket. coming up on wavy news 10 - the holiday rush has led to a run on blood. hear how you can help, next. but first-- a live report from erin kelly on how a switch in newport news
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newport news police removed their community response team, to focus on beats. the point is to promote more community engagement. 10 on your side's erin kelly foun out what this mean for residents. police say you may see tackle spikes in crime -- all officers on patrol are being encouraged to work on the issues in their own beats. for years -- the newport news police department has used specialized each of the three precincts. but in the last nine months -- those teams went away -- and newport news police department 654 we wanted to focus more on beat ownership. we wanted the officers to
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going on in their beats to build relationships asst chief stacy kelly says the old system worked for years -- but this one will increase community we would have a spike in you know, automobile break-ins, and you would call the unit - the crt team and they would go beat officers, get together and address it, then not only do they take care of the problem, but then they're there to maintain it - newport news police department - 812 by taking these special you're still answering the calls for service, but you have time set aside that you can actually get out and go do your special events, go do your crime watch meetings 826 police say this will have no impact on their drug and gang units.
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organized crime division. live in newport news, erin kelly, 10 on your side. the american red cross wants your blood and platelets. donations are needed to prevent a shortage they say. holidays in november and december lead to hectic schedules. that means very few people make the time to donate during these two months. january is national blood donor month. every two seconds a patient in the u-s- needs blood making donations so important. if you want to help -- there are several blood drives going on this month across our region. take a look at the list on our website. anchors ad-lib toss tonight: cold. lows drop
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wind: wsw 5-10mph tuesday: increasing clouds, and a bit warmer. highs in the lower 50s. wind: sw 15-20mph. tuesday night: light snow possible north of the southside. wednesday: clouds mix with sunshine. cold. highs only in the mid 30s. wind: nw 15-20mph. tuesday brings slighty warmer air due to southwesterly winds ahead of a canadian cold front that will cross our area on tuesday night. so, highs will reach the 50s on tuesday afternoon. then, the cold front moves in by the evening...bringing a chance for light snow for the peninsula & middle peninsula. otherwise, just some flurries possible for the southside through the night. the front is east of our area by wednesday morning, and the colder air will be settled over our area. so, freezing temps to start the day with highs on wednesday only in the 30s. temperatures moderate by thursday afternoon...with
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coming up on wavy news 10 - new video shows a firebomb attack at a compound in saudi arabia. who officials believe is behind the destruction. then at five-thirty - president obama is set to give his final state of the union address to congress. our congressional correspondent will give us a preview of what
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how can a bed to that? (vo) this year, change your life with tempur-pedic. an attack in france over the weekend is being called a hate crime. police in marseille (mar-say), france, said a jewish man was stabbed with a machete sunday. the attack reportedly took place near a synagogue. investigators say the victim, benjamin amsalem (ahm-suh-lahm)--a teacher in his 30's who teaches at a nearby jewish school--suffered only minor injuries. a 15-year-old boy was taken
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video posted on social media purports to show shiite muslim protesters firebombing a security building in saudi arabia. this in apparent retaliation to that country's recent execution of a prominent shiite cleric. the video shows masked men throwing firebombs at the building compound in the predominantly shiite town. saudi arabia executed the cleric along with 46 other prisoners january second. a key gathering opened today in pakistan. four major countries: afghanistan, pakistan, china and the u-s hope to lay the roadmap to peace for the war- shattered afghan nation. the meeting comes as battlefield losses in afghanistan are mounting and entire areas of the country that cost hundreds of u-s led coalition and afghan military lives to secure slip back into taliban hands. taliban representatives are not invited to the talks, vowing to talk only to the u-s and not to the afghan government. analysts and participants
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there are four countries talking, much of the hope for progress toward peace rests with pakistan - which is accused of harboring some of the fiercest factions of the taliban. pakistan says its influence over the taliban is overrated. coming up on wavy news 10 - new year, new you! how fitness wearables are helping folks get in shape. we'll show you some of the latest tech gadgets. then - coming up at five-thirty - when is the right age to start screening for breast cancer? an issue that has divided the medical community for years. tonight - a government task force releases its new recommendations. my constipation and belly pain... ...feel like a raging storm. i've tried laxatives... ... but my symptoms keep returning. my constipation... ...feels like a heavy weight... ...that keeps coming back. linzess can help. once-daily linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation
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be running, not to be heel striking and not to be toe striking but running on the balls of your feet so you're running properly." these shoes will hit the market in march for 200-bucks a pair. other gadgets included a new device from 16 sensors to scan your body and send information like your temperature to your smartphone. health tech offers a fitness monitor to help investment for pet owners at $150. stay with us. wavy news 10 at 5:30, starts right now! 02=23:47:03 "she was a member of the temple family and this is a real real tragedy for not only for the temple but her and her family" a woman caught stealing thousands of dollars from a jewish temple learned her punishment today. "so the last state of the union is all about legacy." what we can expect to hear tomorrow
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obama's final state of the union address to congress. plus -- when should women start getting mammograms? it's an issue that has divided the medical community for years. a government task force just released its final recommendations. we enjoyed plenty of sunshine today. it's going to get cold tonight. we're expecting it to warm up again tomorrow. but -- then another big change is on the way. chief meteorologist don slater is in the super doppler 10 weather center with our first forecast. tonight: cold. lows drop to around 30 degrees. wind: wsw 5-10mph tuesday: increasing clouds, and a bit warmer. highs in the lower 50s. tuesday night: light snow possible north of the southside. otherwise, flurries possible. cold. lows near 30 degrees. wind: w 5-15mph. wednesday: clouds mix with sunshine. cold. highs only in the mid 30s. wind: nw 15-20mph. tuesday brings slighty warmer air due to southwesterly winds ahead of a canadian cold front that will cross our area on tuesday night. so, highs will reach the 50s on tuesday afternoon.
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peninsula. otherwise,
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