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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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and -- a deadly fire -- you'll hear from one of the survivors. we have live team coverage working on all angles of this winter blast. it started with snow - and now the temperatures are dropping and those wet roads could freeze. meteorologist ashley baylor is in the super doppler 10 weather center -- she'll let you know how cold it'll get tonight. and -- 10 on your side's matt gregory is live in portsmouth -- looking at the driving hazards you'll see overnight... here's a live look from tower cam 10 over downtown norfolk and portsmouth. you can't see how cold it is - but if you walk outside, you'll surely feel it. meteorologist ashley baylor is in the super doppler 10 weather center to let us know how long you'll need to bundle up. overnight: decreasing clouds. watch out for icy roads. lows: mid-20s. winds: w 10-15
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mlk jr. day: mostly sunny. chilly. highs: low-30s. winds: w 10-15 was a good thing we had came down at such a rapid roads, the quality of the the roads will freeze overnight with temperatures dropping jr. day, but for those of you run into any slippery spots. we'll be back it'll remain chilly we'll see mostly rain or you still want to send us your snowy pictures, videos, or reports, feel thank you to everyone who
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and as ashley mentioned - the big concern now is left behind - could freeze overnight. cities across hampton roads - and areas to the west like williamsburg are taking precautions. 10 on your side's matt gregory is live in portsmouth with the details. matt.. deanna, actual measurable snow fell more up on the peninsula, like ashley pointed out. there, the snow had mixed reviews, some welcoming it and others annoyed with the driving hazards, that only
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tonight. from newport news to the middle peninsula, people woke up to a real winter day. a scene this winter has lacked so far this year. luke donovant / landscaper c0013 20:53 "the kids have been doing there little sance for snow, but i just take it as it comes. im glad its not a lot though." 21:02 a white trim for rooftops in williamsburg and trees cased in ice. people walking down market square say they finally got what they wanted. hannah grudi /excited about the weather. c0021 16:36:32 "cause i love snow! its my favorite time of year. its my favorite thing. we're all out today because its snowing. it brings people had a layer of slush which created some icey conditions not so easily swept away. luke donovant / landscaper c0013 22:05 "gotta go get the blower and go blow that old slush off because in the morning somebody will fall." 22:10 across the peninsula,from slick walks way to hazardous driving , the weather c0011 19:10 i hate snow." 19:11 isnt something everyone, especially drivers seemed
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c0011 18:37 "we saw a lot of cars breaking down people switching lanes responded to at least 11 accident on interstates across the 7 cities. while the snow lets up, driver hoping for a return to a different season in hampton roads c0011 19:04 "i hope it stops since we have, we've been having a nice winter this actually the nicest winter ive been through." 19:10 across hamtpon roads tonight, crews will tend to overpasses and bridges pre-treating them with a salt mixture. at least one city, suffolk says they will not pre-treat still wet roads.. in portmsouth mg 10 on your side with the chance of black ice overnight -- v-dot is keeping a close eye on road
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the temperatures are expected to drop black ice creates when wet road conditions freeze with cold temperatures. paula miller says v-dot is prepared for any slick spots on the roads overnight - trucks were plowing along the eastern shore this afternoon. statewide v-dot has several hundred thousand tons of salt and sand to treat roads - and more than a million gallons of calcium chloride. icy conditions and speed sussex county this afternoon. state police say 74-year-old nancy leigh smith died when her car crashed into a tree on route 31 - east of route 617. another person in the car was also hurt. police believe smith may have been speeding. she was not wearing a seatbelt. they say alcohol does not appear to be a factor in the crash. you may want to take a minute tonight to download our wavy weather app. you can keep track of the cold temps moving in and stay connected all winter long. it's free for both apple and android users.
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in connection with an overnight shooting in gloucester county. one person is dead and three others injured after being shot at the intersection of ditchley road and gill lane. it happened around 12:30 this morning. 10 on your side's joe fisher has the details. deanna -- investigators say an 18-year-old hampton man is locked up tonight, charged with murder in the shoooting early this morning. ((vo)) deputies say dijon whitter shot four people, killing one of them on ditchley road in the ware neck section of gloucester county. this flagged down a driver who took them to nuttall's country store less than a mile large party. those who threw that party say they didn't know anyone involved, but they also didn't know many of the people at thier house last night. lexus walton/gloucester county ((c81 32:09)) "i couldn't move in the house, so i didn't think that this many people were going to be here and i definitely didn't think anything like that was going to happen." marquel wilson/gloucester
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29:45-29:55)) "the music and stuff was still playing and then rumor went around that somone got shot. that's when everyone tried to rush out of here, but the cops told them three surviving victims charges of first- degree murder and malicious investigaors say they expect more charges will be filed. i'm joe fisher, 10 on your side the gloucester county sheriff's office has not yet identified the victim. we're also working to learn if anyone involved attended the party last night. still ahead -- deadly fire -- we'll take you to the tragic scene near richmond. and -- massive accident -- we'll show you where
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we have new information about a story we brought to you as breaking news at 6. a missing 11-year-old boy is safe this evening. at 7 this evening newport news police sent out an found. still ahead - tragic fire after a central virginia fire. you'll hear from one of
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i would kill for something sweet. i know... we could have one of those. one? are you kidding? we'll end up eating like thirty. wanna split that?, soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts. with each for 150 calories or less! try our chocolatey brownies, tangy lemon bars and creamy cheesecakes fiber one. go on, have one. deadly in chesterfield county. despite hard work by firefighters, five people inside died. one of the survivors spoke to
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6 everything gone.. flames... smoke.. everything. this house in chesterfield county... destroyed by flames that took five lives. madison anderson is one of five survivors. she was staying with her boyfriend's family when the fire started around 3-o'clock sunday morning. officials say it started near the garage. madison anderson 5 there was 6 guys in my room telling me to get out of there... there's a fire. i thought i was dreaming and they were like no seriously you gotta get out of here ten people were in the home - firefighters worked to get them all out. five adults inclduing anderson and her boyfirend made it out alive. but his mother... two grandparents... and his 3- year old niece and one-year old nephew did not survive. 7 they were amazing. they were the best kids ever. officials... commending firefighters for their courage. 2 they made some heroic they're asking the prayers to this family.
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the chesterfield county fire marshals and the police department are investigating the cause of that fire. a boeing 757 made an emergency at norfolk international airport landing just before noon today. the airport executive director says the united flight was on its way to santa domingo from newark, new jersey. the plane landed after pilots noticed a problem with the right engine. none of the 213 passengers or crew on the plane had any injuries. overnight: decreasing clouds. watch out for icy roads. lows: mid-20s. winds: w 10-15 mph. mlk jr. day: mostly sunny. chilly. highs: low-30s. winds: w 10-15
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tuesday: sunny skies. chilly. highs: low-30s. winds: w 10-15 mph. it was a good thing we had snow on a weekend when no one had school and most people didn't have to work, because the roads got pretty messy! most of the heavy, wet snow fell north and west of the metro, especially along the peninsula, middle peninsula, northern neck, and eastern shore. the snow came down at such a rapid rate, that it coated the grass, cars, and roads. even though the storm has moved out of hampton roads, the quality of the roads will still be a concern. any snow, slush, or puddles left on the roads will freeze overnight with temperatures dropping back into the mid-20s. it's a good thing most of you will have monday off yourself some extra time in case you run into any slippery quite chilly with highs only in the low-30s. it'll remain chilly through tuesday and wednesday. temperatures will start to rebound by thursday and friday, but by then, we may be tracking another coastal storm. the jury exact track is key! we'll keep you updated on that one throughout the week. if you still want to send us
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videos, or reports, feel free to email us at or post to our facebook or twitter pages! a huge thank you to everyone who sent in reports and pictures today! up next----virginia basketball runs into more trouble on the road---- while the road to the
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up next----virginia basketball runs into more trouble on the road---- while the road to the super bowl is a little more narrow----4 teams left---we'll look back sunday's
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on the sportswrap. and after two weeks, we're down to the final four of the nfl playoffs-----four teams left standing-----the top two seeds in the nfc-----and in the afc---the top two seeds led by two of the best quarterbacks in history---- i'm nathan epstein---welcome to the sportswrap---hope you're ready for the quarterback hype this week--let's
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manning will take on tom brady---maybe for the last time----for the right to play in super bowl 50--- while head coach mike tomlin---from newport news--- and his pittsburgh steelers are headed home-- back to denver--- good start for the steelers----down 6- nothing----fitzgerald toussant---the one yard touchdown run----steelers have a 10-6 lead---they led 10 to 9 at halftime. the rest of the game was a field-goal fest--that is until the minutes left----steelers has the ball knocked recovers---3 minutes left--- c-j anderson----broncos touchdown---they add a two point conversion and go on for the 23-16 win--- manning--222 yards passing---no touchdowns---but he knows who he's got comin up--- " we're excited to be in the game. we knew we'd have to beat a good
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for that game on monday, and we'll talk about who we're playing on wednesday." as for the steelers, playing without two big play running backs, their leading ben roethlisberger----they still had a chance----ahead by one in the fourth----and almost grabbing an onside kick down by six in the close isn't good enough--- ""we came here to win and we weren't able to do that, so all the little sidebars, responding to challenges and stuff, that's so secondary to year where the conversation ended in the manner in which you want it to end. such is life in this business. it's not easy but we're built for it. it's just how it goes." it'll be the denver broncos and new england patriots for the afc championshp--- for the first time in 11 years, carolina panthers are headed to the nfc championship game---at the same time---wondering
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31-nothing halftime lead--- the nfc top-seeded panthers led 14- nothing in the blink of an eye---- scoring a touchdown on the opening drive---and on their first defensive series---got a pick six----russell wilson picked off by luke keuchly--- quarterback cam newton----mvp type season----only threw for 161 yards---one touchdown---greg olson the catch---made it 31-nill at halftime-- all seattle in the second half-- wilson---picked off twice in the first half---3 over the final two quarters-- the second to kyle lockett-- the pro bowl rookie--- and the third---in true wilson fashion---somehow s tays alive--perfect lob over josh norman---maybe the top corner in the league---jermaine kearse the catch--made it a ten point game-- down 7---they needed the onside kick for a chance to the the game---recovered by thomas davis---11 year veteran---panthers eliminate the two-time defending nfc champs----but maybe made it harder than they had to---
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butts tight. hell at one point fans and myself with their butts tight too. you just have to find ways to get your groove back on and need a little bit more of that next sunday the top seed panthers and the two seed arizona cardinals for the nfc title next weekend. college basketball---uva---at florida state---cavaliers looking for their first acc road win this year-- first half-----uva in blue---malcolm brogden runnin--- devon hall with the slam----sophomore from cape henry in virginia beach with six points. still in the first---another steal--- london perrentes the dish to brogdon--- only 10 points for brogdon---and the cavs led by 3 at halftime--- second half--- more brogdon-- preseason co-player of the year in the acc---bucket and one--- hoos up 3 again---but
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dwayne bacon---floater goes---team-high 18 for devon booker----9 points off the bench that wraps things up for wavy news ten at 11. we're signing off on air but you can always check us out online at wavy dot com. our next newscast starts
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