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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  January 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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down heavy this morning outside our studios, people did not want to be in it. >> that's right, but here's a live look outside that same spot, and you can see it is coming down out there still a little bit. >> not as heavy as we saw a earlier. we have in tracking the storm all day, going back and forth. >> started out pretty big, almost nickel-size, then about the size of the tip of the 10 then back to nickel-sized again. we begin our coverage with chief meteorologist don slater and meteorologist ashley. don: i've been happy with the progress of the storm as it relates to what we forecasted yesterday. >> absolutely. we mentioned this would be on the lower end of the scale for us, and we stayed pretty consistent saying that we would be right on that rain/snow line, and that would keep these totals to a minimum. don: we are looking pretty good.
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rain/snow line is and what we expect to see throughout the area in terms of rain and snow. because of the fact that rain/ snow line is lifting northward throughout the area. over the south side, snowfall has been pretty light as of this time. still some snowfall, a little bit of a mixture into southwestern chesapeake, but it's changing over a long the state line, and this is right on schedule. we have seen up to about an inch of's to know across the south side, maybe a little bit more, around two inches areas inland. one or two inches expected for the peninsula as well, but over the south side, things are starting to change, and that is all real good news. there are lots of cases without much snow into your area, but the peninsula, you are seeing pockets of moderate snow, and you can see it extending all the way down. not as heavy as it has been, but
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parts of williamsburg am a starting to change over into the eastern shore, and certainly changing over over portions of eastern north carolina. i'm going to turn it over to ashley with a little bit of a report of what we can expect. ashley: this storm has really gone and our favor as we put things into motion. initially, we did start off with more of a snow and sleet mix. most of the area has been contending with light to moderate snow throughout the day. you can already see that transition, but taking a look at some of the snowfall totals we have picked up snow for -- picked up so far, we picked up about two inches in gloucester. nothing too significant here, but certainly just enough that it's going to make the roads
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especially as we start to make that transition over to a little bit of rain. here's a look at what we can expect as we continue through the evening. that makes and rain line is going to continue to nudge farther to the north, so there will be a small window where you can get those snowfall measurements before it changes over to rain. we definitely would love to hear from you as we continue, you can see towards 9:00, that line continues to show farther to the north, so it will compact the snow down that has already fallen, and we will be tracking rain through the overnight hours right into saturday morning. to talk more about the timeline that is going to be coming up, going all the way into saturday, i'm going to toss it back to don slater. don: take a look at our tower cam. things are frozen over at that height. i want to give you a quick timeline. mostly rain except suffolk. you still have snowfall. slushy everywhere, but a lighter/for the peninsulas.
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rain and a lot of/. we are hopeful, and really, this is lining up the way we expected. we will show you more with a full forecast in a few minutes. >> a lot of people got out of work and school early to try to be the weather home, but some people still getting home just about now are. >> any problems out there right now? >> definitely, so if you do not have to go out, i would not, and if you do, please take your time. we will start with the approach to the hand and roads bridge tunnel. the camera you're looking at is in hampton with traffic that that's just beyond king street. a couple of reasons for that. the weather is one, and we had a tractor-trailer crash earlier. notice heavy traffic, 64 east, right around 264. also, just got word of a crash am going to look into, of around 64 and 664. then we got this tractor-trailer crash in southampton county at
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in the gilmerton bridge should have a bridge left under way right about now, so the timing on that is not happiness. just want to make sure you are aware in case that is where you have to go as you head out, possibly home, this afternoon. >> we just got this video in from a viewer not long ago. a power line down in virginia beach. >> this is on beasley court not far from town center. dominion says it of strands of wire came down. we sent a crew to check it out. >> it was smoking by the time our camera got there. about 850 customers impacted. dominion crews are making repairs now. this was the scene earlier today in virginia beach as that snow started to fall. jason, what is it looking like there now? jason: we have not seen the snow in a couple of hours, but we did see it come down starting at around 11:45, and it came down heavy at times.
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you can see we got maybe a half inch, an inch. some parts of virginia beach might have gotten a little bit more. if you take a look at the sidewalks, they are starting to get a little slick. this is just slush. if you are not careful, you could slip on it. if you look out in the roads, this is virginia beach boulevard, and you can see that roads look great. i checked with public works it little while ago, and they have crews on the ground rolling around. those plow trucks are not doing anything right now as far as sand and salt because there's no reason to just yet. you see the roads are wet. they tell me they usually go, and they see an area that is a problem spot, they will start hitting it with sand and salt. they have 3000 tons to use, but they have not had to use a lot of it. they have not gotten calls from anyone in the area saying they had slick spots, but a lot of times, police officers or rescue crews will ask them to come out and check out the area.
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fear is coming tomorrow night on their part. >> i guess if we have to say what it is exactly, we're thinking is going to be cold, wintry mix for part of the day. it's going to warm up a little bit. were going to have a lot of rain and wind until late tomorrow afternoon, early evening, and then the temperature drops like the forecast says, we will have more cold, slick weather saturday night. jason: yes, they are a lot more concerned about tomorrow night. they use this tool that measures ground temperature. tonight, they are going to go out to a lot of the bridges and overpasses first. you probably cannot see this little red light at home, but you can see this measure. right now, the ground is 30 degrees. they will mainly use this on bridges and overpasses. if it gets below 35, they will treat those bridges and overpasses first, and this will
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need to treat more roads coming up tomorrow night and overnight tonight when they really think they will have a problem with freezing. of course, we are going to continue to follow things. we will have an update for you on conditions coming up tonight. for now, that's the latest here at virginia beach. >> this was the scene around midday. >> that's where andy fox has been all day long. andy: it's freezing. that's what it is. this truck has been here -- see this truck, guys? the structure has been here an hour and a half. look at this -- icicles. it is still at freezing. i got really good news for you, though -- at noon, we told you stay off the roads. look at that -- that's fantastic. let me tell you something -- we were out there, and we found a lot of people slipping and sliding, and we found one guy in a ditch.
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he's a coach what guy for aaa. tell me what you then through today. brad: so far, not too bad. two for three very similar to this. vehicles stuck in the mud in their driveway. when you hit the brakes, they lock up. your best bet is to put it in neutral and just coast. andy: the guy in the car does not want to get out and talk to us. do you find that a lot? brad: yeah, it's kind of embarrassing. andy: brad got the guy out of the ditch and started at monticello avenue, but he did his wheels are spending on the ice. remember, this guy refuses to be from behind. keep it going. right. right. there we go. there you go. out of the way. out of the way.
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andy: here's a little piece of advice -- don't use the street tires when you are out here on the ice. they don't work. the guy did not want to be seen, so we did not put him on camera. he had a really tough day. sure enough, man, you are off the ice. coming up tonight, we are going to meet some other people. some guy had some really good advice for us. he told us on camera. you will find that out. >> we have a crew on the road monitoring conditions in hampton roads, and we always like to let you know, that camera is just mounted on the dashboard. >> this is a live look. our crews say they have seemed
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>> 10 on your side with continuing coverage of this weather event. now were going to go to suffolk. >> that's where we find matt gregory. matt: the actual precipitation kind of change over. it was more of a snow a kind of half an hour ago. then it was more of a mix. we are trying to figure out exactly what it is. you can see pretty much just a slick roadway. pretty clear. you can see the salt and sand it has been laid down. as far as what it looked like earlier, we had a little bit of snow that turned over to rain and then back over to snow, and within, like, a half hour, we had snow that was laying on the ground and making it difficult for drivers, but it only took a little bit of time for these big
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the city of suffolk prepared for this yesterday. they ended up closing down for the day. schools were closed, but just because the city and schools were prepared for it does not mean everyone was prepared. >> i got to kind of see the snow going snow/rain/snow/rain, but i'm just kind of worried it's going to all be ice by the end of it. >> i did not know it was going to snow like this. i'm just try to get to my car so i can go home. >> there were 304 people we found who did not have scrapers. we helped that last gentleman out by cleaning office car for him. we have this really stiff, cold breeze coming in. a lot of people around here are worried about the potential for icing over and overpasses and bridges. we will be here monitoring the conditions at home. >> one of our major concerns has been folks who are on the roads
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>> let's start with crashes onto 64. it had been blocking the ramp. it no longer is. it's over on the road, but you will find residual delays behind it because it had been blocking that ran for a short time. i've been looking at the cameras all over hampton roads. not a lot of travelers right now, which is good. if you don't have to go out, i would not. note heavy traffic heading into chesapeake. also here, this is heading toward the hampton roads bridge-tunnel. 64 eastbound, right around settlers landing. your westbound commute, moderate to heavy across the bridge. still clearing, this issue in southampton county, a tractor-trailer crash at 460 westbound right around tucker swamp road.
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things are shaping up in terms of the weather for the rest of the evening. we are not out of the clear just yet. >> know, and even into tomorrow. >> we are going to get out of the clear later tonight. we will get out of the mess later tonight. into tomorrow, it's going to start getting colder during the day, and we will see a little bit more snow, but only a little bit. >> it's really not much. this storm is going to kind of meander. were going to catch quite a break in the action tomorrow, so that will give the snow a little more of a chance to melt before we get on the back end of this. >> we are going to see the snow melt tonight, and we are already seeing that. we had met reporting the fact that he was already starting to see a mixture. all of this lifting northward right on schedule. there has been a lot of hoopla, but for us, it's not going to be a big snow event whatsoever. it's already beginning to change over into just sleep and rain mixed over the south side.
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suffolk and even into southern southampton toward the franklin area, but a look at this out here, way off to the west, we're going to see pockets like this, this real dark in color. these are going to flare up this afternoon and tonight over central virginia all the way up through to d.c. and baltimore areas, and they could see huge amounts of snow. of 22 feet of snow fall out of some of these areas, but for us, that rain/snow light is behaving itself exactly as we expected would, and we are seeing it start to shift northward through the region. northampton county, the cape charles area, we're seeing snow, sleet, rain mix. the bulk of that, when it does that, the sleet pellets and rain tends to knock the snow down, the existing snow we have. it just turns it into slush or just plain water, so the streets will be improving pretty dramatically over the next several hours over most of the south side. suffolk, it will take you a
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windsor, for example, on up to smithville. snowfall. farther northward up to williamsburg, father to the west as well across the river, seeing some of it on up into the williamsburg area, and again, we jump across the day and 20 cape charles area. wherever you are, we see light snow. cape charles starting to switch over as well. that is what is going on for the area. with more on what we can expect and with the forecast, here is my colleague, ashley behler. ashley: to show you the bigger picture, at times we have had heavy bouts of snow, but the bulk tested out towards the 95 corridor from south hill stretching into richmond. that is where the heavy snow remains. we're starting to see temperatures warm up a little bit. we are making that transition, so it will make for a slushy and slippery commute home.
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totals for today. this is what we were expecting before the rain starts. williamsburg, right on the 48 line, so probably close to 4, maybe five inches. here's a look at snowfall totals that would just sent in. we got a report saying four inches there. two inches was reported in franklin. about an inch at but grow down in hampton and only about half an inch in virginia beach. parts of chesapeake bay say an inch and other parts say maybe half an inch, so it's all about where you live in some of these places. if you want to let us know what else in your backyard, feel free to e-mail us or reported at -- report it at temperature start to warm up, and hopefully, it will become a little more clear. we're still in the upper 20's stretching from wakefield into newport news. the book is starting to make
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mix, and virginia beach, 37 degrees. you will start to see mostly rain. one other thing we need to mention is the wind. now driving out of the north and east between eight to 18 miles per hour. those numbers are going to increase as we go towards saturday and sunday, which means title flooding will become a concern -- with means -- which means tidal flooding will become a concern. you can see from 7:00 to 9:00, that rain line will continue to move farther north. i would say after 9:00, we will all be continuing with rain. here comes the center of the storm system. we may catch a bit of a break in the action. calling for on and off rain showers on added a until we start to get on the back edge of this departing system and then the cold air will start to spill in and we will transition from rain back over the snow from 3:00 saturday on into very early sunday morning. we are looking at up to four
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up to four inches from saturday night into sunday and possibly up to two inches for places across the south side and through places like hampton and newport news and even in southern parts of northampton county along the eastern shore. one of the things we have to be concerned with is tidal flooding, so from high tide, water levels could reach about 4.7 feet, which does indicate minor flooding, and that could continue into sunday morning, but things are looking pretty good for sunday afternoon, and the rest of the week not looking too bad. in the meantime, find us at >> let's show you a live picture from the white house. they had a state of emergency this morning. >> not too bad here. oaks are bracing for what could
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>> erin kelly's life and newport news where snow started to fall right around 11:00. >> is it lowing drivers down at all? >> the snow stopped finally. it didn't slow down drivers earlier. i want to show you what it looks like on jefferson avenue. earlier, we were driving in the slush and noticing you were not getting anywhere fast. it was causing people to go to through those intersections slowly, as they should, because of the conditions on the road. i did call police dispatch, and they told me they had quite a
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they did not have an exact number, but we know they had crews working 12 hours and that they will continue to do that throughout the rest of this weather event. they have been salting and sanding. we talked to a woman who was out driving today. here's what she had to say about it. what is it like driving out there? >> it's awful. i have seen a lot of accidents driving home from my destination. it's messy. >> how does it feel driving on it? >> as long as you take your time and go slow and tried -- do not try to florida, it's good. >> schools had a half-day day today, and the city decided to close all offices and facilities at three: 30 today. we're going to continue to monitor the conditions. we will have an update coming up at 5:00. >> our coverage continues, of
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>> great resource for you.
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and >> throughout the hour, we're going to be checking in with our crews in so many different places.
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monitoring conditions in hampton roads. >> this is near harper's road. roads are slushy, and more snow on the roads right now. not very slick, but traffic is moving a little bit slower, keep taking the time, which is good. that may account for the fact that we have no problems right now. >> not many at all. let's get a check on how things are shaping up in terms of our weather. this forecast changed so many different times, but our meteorologists had it right on the money all week. >> sounds like we need to keep listening to you guys because we will be in for more changes. >> we are in for more change, but this is the big event. >> college degree really working. >> glad it is good for something. it's one of these things we have to really watch locally. >> it has been ever-evolving, going back-and-forth. your evening commute is going to be slow. now comes what we can expect
4:27 pm
storm and eventually on the back end. >> take a look at what is going on. this rain/snow line is moving northward, exactly as we expected it to. snowfall amounts are pretty much on the button with what we expected as well out of this situation, so conditions are improving on the south side already, and they are going to start to improve over the peninsula. you sought it just bumped up there with an update. you saw this mixture right in here. the mixture of rain, sleet, snow tends to knock down whatever snow was on the ground, and of course, you have a lot of slush remaining on the roads, but temperatures are warming up. snow is still going on toward the williamsburg area on toward gloucester county, but across the day for the eastern shore, we are even seeing a let-up here, becoming more mixed with rain and snow, so that is good news. you can see over eastern north carolina, not a big problem. this is just a preliminary look. these are estimates.
4:28 pm
terms of where we have seen the snow. up to about a third of an inch, .8 inch, 1.1 inch, two inches or more, almost 3 -- over three once we get towards williamsburg and points northward from there and farther inward as well. there. i'm going to look back at what we have going on, and you can see there is some extremely heavy snow, and they've already had 6, 7, 8 inches of snow out to the west. with more on what we can expect, here is ashley. ashley: even though this storm is extremely consultative, it has gone our way so far. we are definitely on the lower end of the scale when it came to this nor'easter/blizzard, whatever you want to call it, but am going to call it a nor'easter because as the name would suggest, we will have that prevailing northeast wind, which is going to cause a problem as we go through the weekend. i saturday and sunday, we are not so much worried about the
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about minor tidal flooding. you can see as we continue through the evening hours as we head toward heaven :00, that is going to nudge are the to the north -- as we head toward 7:00, that rain line is going to nudge farther to the north. there will be a small window where you can measure the snow reported to us before the rain takes over and really compacts that rain snow total down. by 9:00, pretty much our entire viewing area will be mired under the rain, and we will continue to track rain is a go through the overnight hours right into saturday morning. saturday, the center of this storm is going to be almost directly overhead, so that is when we will catch a few breaks in the action. on and off rain showers as we head through the day saturday and eventually, as we get on the back end of the storm saturday afternoon and saturday evening, that's when we will see a transition back over to snow, but for now, you can see our tower camera a little bit iced over, but things are improving,
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of course, we will talk more about exactly what you can expect throughout the day saturday and a little more about the possibility of some tidal flooding in our full forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you. chris has been live in chesapeake today. >> am guessing these conditions call for extra bundling up out there. >> yes. cold and windy right now, but the roads are not too bad. ashley was talking about how this was a tricky storm to forecast. chesapeake was kind of on the dividing line all day, so we fluctuated from rain to sleep to snow. right now, just sort of a light rain and not too bad at all. whatever happens over the next 24 to 36 hours, the department of public works says the city will be ready. >> chesapeake public works has been mobilized since yesterday pretreating roads. as you can see behind me, all the crews are ready to go to sand and salt roads as needed this evening.
4:31 pm
sender units that we will be deploying to take care of bridges and overpasses that will freeze first this evening. with the forecast of snow coming in and freezing temperatures, we started applying brine to our bridges and overpasses and using it as a pretreatment. it allows the roads to take a little bit longer to freeze, gives us a little extra time for safer roads in the city. chris: it seems like rush hour here is nowhere near as bad as it usually with -- usually would be even with the storm coming in. i think the early dismissal in schools, shorter workdays helped contribute to less pressure here in rush hour. i come through this area every day. this is my neck of the woods, and it's normally much what traffic then we are seeing now. >> speaking of the traffic, we got to get to the lowdown on what is happening now.
4:32 pm
great job of guiding us through that. what is happening out there? jen: here's what i was told -- it's not good. he was talking about the upper peninsula. notice on the south, it's not too bad, but here is a look on the upper peninsula. this is above lee hall. notice how bad the roads are. they are responding to a lot of accidents in newport news, jane city county, and the williamsburg area, so because just if you get -- if you have to get out and about in that area. this is what it looks like as far as newport news is concerned. it looks pretty slushy. please use caution on all the bridges in the area. you get further down into the chesapeake area, look at the improvement on the high rise bridge. points north, still looks real sketchy on the roadways, so use a lot of caution, especially as was mentioned on those bridges, ramps, overpasses. make sure you slow down and because as of black ice, of course. once again, the upper peninsula,
4:33 pm
please don't. >> thank you so much. we are taking you live through all the city bus and hence roads, bringing you up-to-the-minute the minute information on what is happening where you live.
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>> we have crews all of her
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it's go to norfolk where we find joe fisher. >> how have things changed over time their? joe: we have spent all day in norfolk. my photojournalist and i has. we really did not expect much accumulation. we have been hearing about one or did of inches or even less. it really depends where you are at. obviously, pseudo-covered grass and trees, kind of picturesque, so to speak, but look at the main roads. this is a main thoroughfare in norfolk. i can tell you it is pretty clear. we want to give you a look at video we took a couple of hours ago at the norfolk public works yard. crews were filling up one of their eight trucks that are on the road today. they were using a salt and sand mix on the primary road. eight of right around this is video of the trucks in action
4:37 pm
all day, we have been bouncing back between that sleet and rain and snow and back to the sleet. a little bit more snow now, which at times made for slushy roads. travel not impacted too much, but people were definitely slowing down and allowing those plows to make it through to salt and sand the roads. earlier today, we spoke with the secretary of transportation. statewide, they have been preparing for a few days now including hampton roads, treating those bridges and overpasses, those heavily traveled roads. while norfolk is keeping the roads said it, they tell me they are actually more worried for the rain tonight and the title flooding -- the tidal flooding overnight tonight. >> most of the major highways have been deice. >> more preparations right now are for this rain event, correct? >> exactly.
4:38 pm
some of our floodgates. we have crews in preparation. we have our trucks already ready to go. joe: trucks are ready to go. this is a live look right now in the guest section of the city. you can see the back roads are a little slushy, nothing crazy. certainly not any type of accumulation, but obviously, a little bit worse off than the main roads, like we just showed you. high tide tonight around 8:00. again tomorrow morning around 8:00 a.m. that is really what the city is working on. they have two teams here. they have this storm water team that will be taking care of the flooding they are really worried about, and then, of course, the street teams will be working today. another crew tomorrow for 12 hours because they know that snow is coming back again saturday night into sunday, so they know they have to quickly make that transition. it is something they are worried about the keeping a close eye
4:39 pm
tonight at 5:00, we talked with a bunch of people in norfolk, especially one hardware store that says if you have not gotten your shovel yet, good luck because you probably will not be getting it tonight. you will hear from them at 5:00. >> or you can be like me -- the snow came on its own and will leave on its own. the rain will take care of most of the snow tonight but then we
4:40 pm
>> we want to show you the scene earlier today in portsmouth as the snow started to fall. that's right where our studio is. >> i was running live the day. now liz palka is outside our studio now. how does it look now compared to a few hours ago? liz: i have good news. it's looking pretty good, especially the roads. they were still a little flushed --/-covered -- slush-covered when i was driving in a little while ago, but i just checked and they are clear. if anything, sidewalks are a little bit slippery right now, so be aware of that is you are out and walking. even though the snow has stopped, i will say there is some type of mixture coming down, but certainly not be snow we were seeing earlier. there are still quite a few public works crews out trying to make sure these streets are safe for you to drive on if you need to go out.
4:41 pm
trucks with plows and spreaders. they are focusing on the bridges and overpasses, those areas that freeze first. they are also making sure the areas in front of the fire department and all the fire stations are clear. i checked in with portsmouth police as well. they told me they are not necessarily doing anything different, but of course, making sure they, too, are driving a little slower than normal, and they are prepared to respond to any drivers who might need help in these conditions. portsmouth offices are closing early today to give employees a chance to close early today. streets looking good. sidewalks a little slippery. >> thank you. our coverage continues on >> >> on that blue severe
4:42 pm
closings and delays, photos, and other important information. you can stay ahead of the storm through our weather app. go ahead and download it now for your android or apple device. >> and do not turn off or go ahead and turn back on that push alert. you will get updated information first. >> anything changed since we last talked to you? >> yeah, i have an ice scraper. this may be more heading than a shovel, certainly. we got this at the most recent hampton roads car show because we were giving those out, but anyway, i digress. we are tracking a little of everything out there. we're starting to see that transition runs no to a little bit of a wintry mix. across most of north carolina we are just seeing rain.
4:43 pm
seeing more of a sleet/rain experience even suffolk into portsmouth and smithfield, we're under this shade of purple, which indicates a wintry mix again. still in downtown norfolk, we are seeing some snow. virginia beach seeing a good amount of rain, actually, but you can see large monitor will be beach, we are seeing light snowfall. stretches all the way up from the peninsula from oyster point of into williamsburg, across gloucester and matthews. we are to make that transition from light snow to a sleet mix. same goes for the eastern shore. here is our satellite and radar composite. you can see most of the heavy snow stayed well off to our north and west. dill very heavy snow right along i-95. -- still very heavy snow. we picked up about four inches in matthew. about 2.25 inches in newport news. only about half an inch in virginia beach.
4:44 pm
to hear from you. feel free to send in those storm totals to our facebook or twitter pages or report at temperatures are making the difference because as this warm air continues to nudge farther north, that's when we will see the transition to all rain. one other thing we have to talk about is the wind. as the term nor'easter with suggest, we are going to have that every strong wind. right now, it is howling eight at 225 -- eight up to 26 miles per hour. in the meantime, here is our forecast -- from 7:00 through 9:00, rain will spread farther and farther to the north. by 9:00, almost our entire viewing area will see just rain, which will compact those's snow totals. saturday morning, we will be seeing on and off rain showers because the center of this storm system will move over us. as we go towards 3:00, we'll start to get on the back edge of this departing system. the cold air will spill into the
4:45 pm
to all snow, but sunday morning, there goes the system. we will actually go back to sunshine by sunday afternoon. ron saturday night into sunday morning, we could see up to four inches. nothing too significant. here is a check of the 42nd/40 six st kamar. i wanted to show you the waves because we are concerned with tidal flooding. water levels are expected to approach 4.7 feet, and that's where it will stay right into high tide saturday night and early sunday morning. we will definitely see that minor tidal flooding out there. if you live in an area prone to it, you know how to prepare. sunday afternoon, we will finally be dry, but it's going to stay windy. monday, we can finally put this in our rearview mirror. in the meantime, we will keep you updated at >> ex. state police say they have
4:46 pm
this is a picture of an overturned car. >> this is 64 west after the hampton coliseum exit. >> now a picture of the crash. >> let's get a check on how things are looking right now for you. >> we had jen lewis. jen: we have been getting reports of as a conditions. let me show you what it looks like on the roadways. you can see right around that area, it's very icy, so use caution if you have to travel at all. heading down toward newport news, it looks just as bad. also here, there is a crash clearing in chesapeake right around poindexter. does look like it's in its final stages, but be mindful if you are headed in that general direction. also still clearing, this tractor-trailer crash in southampton county on -- right around tucker swamp road. at last check, we did have two eastbound lanes closed and one westbound lane closed as a result of that crash.
4:47 pm
look at that. somebody built a snowman in virginia beach. >> little gianni has a new friend as well.
4:48 pm
>> snow and freezing rain moved in a parts of north carolina this morning. >> here was the governor's message to residents. >> we are asking everyone to please be very careful. stay off the roads if you don't need to be on the roads and spend time with your family. enjoy time with your family. >> in the charlotte area, roads are covered in snow, slush, and ice. at the airports, hundreds of flights are canceled. >> a virginia state police officer took this photo outside his front door. six inches of snow fell in 90 minutes. >> well, there's lots of snow in north carolina mountains. this is video from the blue ridge mountains of western north carolina. of course, more winter weather coverage ahead with tom and nicole. our meteorologistshim station on your side, this is wavy news 10. tom: we are on your side with
4:49 pm
here are the crews covering the storm to make sure you know what is happening in your neighborhood. nicole: this map shows where they are. we will check in with each with of them tonight. tom: that is williamsburg at the top right of your screen. suffix top left. nicole: virginia on the bottom left. let's get to the latest update on the winter weather forecast. tom: don slater working in the weather center. we've had snow across the region. rain is coming. don: temperatures are already warming up a little bit. a little bit. just enough to start things changing over right on schedule into the region. in terms of what we expect as far as rain, excuse me, snow changing over to rainfall through the area. what we expected was rainfall to take over at 5:00 on the south
4:50 pm
we have a mixture of rain across parts of the south side and not everybody is seen get right now. you can see things through the region and really it is extending to the eastern shore as well over the peninsula. we've had heavy snowfall for the williamsburg area. it has started to slacken off. you can see some of these darker colors. nothing terribly big into the region. you can see it has changed on over into the williamsburg area. in terms of snowfall totals, these are estimates. 2.5, 2.3, over the south side not as much until you get into suffolk and toward the frankland area. very light into virginia beach and on toward son very.
4:51 pm
it looking toward the west, west of interstate 85, that is where we see some huge snowfall. 6, 7 inches and things are likely to continue to really grow into that part of the world in terms of strong snow. you can see the dark blue colors as nightfall it gets worse. here is what is going on, through the evening hours, 7:00 in the evening, actually that is tomorrow evening. likely to see a little bit of snowfall coming up and we will talk about what the traffic is doing. i'm not expecting problems on saturday. the conditions should improve for us. jen: areas above this boulevard, as i was standing here, we got word of a crash around camp perry. above that, roads are definitely icy. taking a look at a couple of
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