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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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the same family. the killer? a son and brother named cameron dooley. you can see him here -- in the bottom left corner of your screen. police say he killed his grandmother, doris; father, todd; mother, lori; brother, landon; and sister, brooke. tonight -- the community held a vigil in their honor. 10 on your side's liz kilmer was there, liz? the parking lot at temple baptist here was so packed packed that people had to park on the grass - so many came out to remember the dooley family - loved ones, neighbors, police officers, even total strangers. church leaders asked that the media stay off of the property - so people could mourn in peace. we of course respected that, but still talked to some folks, who were compelled to tell us about how special this family was. c5 01:01:43 william bernstein "i'm out here to just pay my respects."
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came out to honor and remember a family taken so heinously. c1 joann reynolds 00:14:27 "what happened last night was very tragic, the whole neighborhood was on lockdown but deep creek we are a very tight, tough community." a community shaken - after a horrific murder- suicide that left six members of the dooley family, shot to death. starting at 6 - friends, family, neighbors and complete strangers, came together for a vigil at temple baptist church. c1 joann 00:15:46 "the pastor prayed and another one read some scripture and it was just a lot of hugging a lot of talking, tears of course." loved ones say the dooleys attended the church and played a key role there. they were a close-knit. people can't make sense that 26-year-old cameron turned the gun on himself after fatally shooting five members of his family, including his father, todd, a recently
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police officer. his fellow officers came in numbers to remember one of their own. c26 01:08:50 ty molleen "i knew it was going to be really big out here tonight." 08:35 "they were part of a family here in deep creek." bringing flowers - and warm embraces - those left behind, don't understand why this happened. together they hope to find strength. c1 15:05 "the love, the compassion, we will overcome this, we don't know why and sometimes we're not supposed to know why." they are left with few answers. and a reminder, that life, is short c1 15: hug your loved ones every day because you never know, hug em." a candelight vigil is also scheduled, here in the parking lot - for this saturday at 5 pm. live in chesapeake, liz kilmer, 10 on your side let's take you through the timeline of the investigation.
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they went to todd dooley's home at 3:35 wednesday afternoon. they found his son landon, shot to road. at seven, investigators turned their attention to this home on george washington highway. they were looking for cameron and the standoff began. 16:42 - cameron, come out with your hands up. people love you and care about you. they can help you through this. finally at 2:10 this morning, police finally enter the home -- god)) runs:03 inside they found five family members shot to death. they believe cameron dooley killed them all before officers arrived -- then took his own life. as the police investigation continues, we're still working to questions: we've learned brooke was last in school on monday -- and todd did not show up for work on tuesday. we still don't know dooley decided to kill them. we've also been working
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of the individual victims. of course, the biggest question is why cameron turned a gun on his family. police have only told us, it started as some kind of domestic incident. tonight -- thousands of people have been reaching out to help the dooley family. loved ones started a "go fund me" account to help cover the cost of these funerals. as you can see, more than a hundred people have decided to donate. they've raised more than five thousand dollars of a fifty-thousand dollar goal. we'll keep you updated on any developments in the investigation. look for new information on air --- and anytime on wavy dot com. the super doppler 10 weather team is tracking tonight. chief meteorologist don slater joins us now. don, where's it falling and when will it stop? tonight: a few showers clouds. lows: mid-30s. winds: light west. clouds. highs: upper-40s. winds: w saturday: mostly sunny.
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winds: s 5-10 mph. tonight: a few showers early, then decreasing clouds. lows: mid-30s. winds: light west. friday: mix of sun and clouds. highs: upper-40s. winds: w 10-20 mph. saturday: mostly sunny. milder! highs: low-50s. winds: s 5-10 mph. tonight: a few showers early, then decreasing clouds. lows: mid-30s. winds: light west. friday: mix of sun and clouds. highs: upper-40s. winds: w 10-20 mph. saturday: mostly sunny. milder! highs: low-50s.
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a body discovered in a chesapeake police are trying to figure out how the fire started this afternoon. 10 on your side's liz palka has been following this story all day. liz, you've learned new details. nicole - police have not released any information on the victim. but we have learned from the homeowner and neighbors, the victim was an elderly woman. she was about 70 years old...and had only been living on hoover avenue for a few months. crime scene tape surrounds a south norfolk home thursday evening. chesapeake police started inside this hoover avenue home...and what happened neighbors and witnesses say they could hear the victim crying for help as smoke billowed from the windows around noon. c33 18:38:43 - i ran over there they were already trying to kick her door down. she was in there, she was there. neighbors say it was an elderly woman trapped in the home. they fought to get to her. some frustrated
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burning house... c32 18:37:44 - i could have had time enough to get in there to save the lady. or try to save her. but they said don't go in there, don't go in there. so i just didn't go in. c33 18:38:48 - i ran back put my shoes on my boots on so i could help come kick the door down...but by the time i came back it was smoke...i couldn't get in there. :58 firefighters couldn't enter the home until they put out the flames. once they made their way in - they found the victim. c33 18:39:01 - by the time the police came and drug her out she was already gone. she was dead. that's when the police investigation began. officers were at scene for arson dog was brought in. investigators carefully combed through what was left of the house. as neighbors watched on...thinking of the victim. c33 18:39:38 - she had a little bird and everything she used to bring us feathers. bring my kids feathers from the bird. yeah she was a nice old lady. the homeowner told me she was at work when the fire started.
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only living with her temporarily as she got back on her feet. and she doesn't have any family in the area. we'll update this story as soon as we know her name and how this fire started. i'm liz palka, 10 on your side. two people, including a child, are recovering from a fire in newport news. firefighters sent us this video from town square drive. they say both got out safely, but breathed in smoke. medics took them to the hospital. investigators say they kept the fire contained to the kitchen, but they had to condemn the home. they could not tell us how it started. new information in a story we've been following since april. norfolk fire investigators say they know what caused an explosion at the selden arcade. they say it started when a contractor hit a power line. as the cables failed and overheated, they say gases filled an electrical room and built up to explosive levels. the city discovered additional damage to the building last year. they're still trying to figure out the cost of repairs.
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found a third gang member guilty of a double murder in newport news. it recommends 23-year-old tyrone batten spend the next 96-years in prison and pay a 50-thousand dollar fine. in 2008, batten and two others from the "36th street bang squad bloods" killed 16-year-old barry richardson and 15- year-old keon flemming. they accused the teens of trespassing on their territory. batten will be formally sentenced in march. it will be at least another month before portsmouth mayor kenny wright appears in court. he was supposed to be there tomorrow, but his case was delayed. the mayor faces a felony charge of eluding police earlier this month. the sheriff says he tried to pull wright over for an expired inspection sticker, but the mayor refused. an update to the public corruption case against norfolk's city treasurer. anthony burfoot was in court today. attorneys agreed to make potential jurors fill out a questionnaire, due to all the publicity in this case. they also agreed to let a
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witnesses in burfoot's office-- because he can't have contact with them. burfoot is out on bond. we expect the trial to start in may. governor terry mcauliffe says tomorrow he'll announce a big deal about gun laws. we expect him to overturn one controversial measure -- and enact another. a month ago, attorney general mark herring announced some concealed carry permits virginia. he didn't believe they stood up to the commonwealth's safety standards. mcauliffe is expected to announce that that policy will be reversed and virginia will once again recognize those out of state concealed carry permits. in exchange, republicans have agreed anyone with permanent protective orders for domestic violence will not be allowed to carry. more than a dozen schools are taking steps towards full accreditation. hear more the improvements taking place across hampton roads. d-c is backing off more than a million dollars worth of traffic tickets. an update to last night's
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a former city leader in portsmouth says he's got a problem with the way things are being run. the move
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back now with news that former portsmouth city manager john rowe is considering a run for mayor. he's being quiet about it now -- but he told us tonight-- he's not saying no to the possibiliy. more than 500 people turned out to hear rowe speak at a meeting tonight hosted by the group, 'people for portsmouth' they say their focus is to educate voters ahead of the november election. council ousted rowe in april ahead of his planned resignation. tonight, he talked about the perceived lack of transparency in city government.. "if you were to take just a poll in here i think the sense was that there's not much trust, and if there's not much trust, then yes, local government has failed us." the portsmouth resident says he needs to discuss the mayoral run with family before making a final decision. the filing deadline is june 14th. new tonight. a founding member of the band jefferson airplane has died. paul kantner was
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heart attack this week. jefferson airplane became popular in the 60s with hits like somebody to white rabbit. all new tonight. more than a dozen local schools are one step closer to full virginia's department of education calls the status "partially accredited." a school can be partially accredited for a number of reasons, including normally do well. the state says: schools on the list are working to fix the issues. franklin, newport news, portsmouth, southampton county, suffolk and virginia beach. if you want to see the website. the zika virus has spread states, including virginia. the world health organization says it will meeting, monday, to decide whether this is an international emergency. medical experts believe the mosquito-borne virus is linked to birth defects in south america. travelers have been bringing it all over the world. in the meantime, health officials say they're working to develop a vaccine.
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national institute of take years... but starting on the vaccine trial will be an accelerated process based on our prior experience with vaccines against similar viruses like west nile." for now avoiding mosquitoes is the best way to avoid zika. doctors say insect repellants with deet are considered safe. virginia lawmakers fought over school required immunizations today. some proposed doing away with the exemptions for religious and medical reasons. the bill didn't make it far. a group of parents in virginia beach says-- they opposed the bill. they believe that's the reason it was pulled. delegates say they want more information. angel jones / mother c0003 8:09 "i mean just saying that you know religiously you cannot thats unconstitutional." 8:19 eileen filler-corn/ (d) 41st district beaker phone clip 15:50:22 "i
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15:50:32 lawmakers say the medical community approached them about the bill. health experts said the rise in long dormant diseases concerns them. tonight: a few showers early, then decreasing clouds. lows: mid-30s. winds: light west. friday: mix of sun and clouds. highs: upper-40s. winds: w 10-20 mph. saturday: mostly sunny. milder! highs: low-50s. winds: s 5-10 mph. tonight: a few showers early, then decreasing clouds. lows: mid-30s. winds: light west. friday: mix of sun and clouds. highs: upper-40s. winds: w 10-20 mph. saturday: mostly sunny. milder! highs: low-50s. winds: s 5-10 mph.
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winds: s 5-10 mph. tonight: a few showers early, then decreasing clouds. lows: mid-30s. winds: light west. friday: mix of sun and clouds. highs: upper-40s. winds: w 10-20 mph. saturday: mostly sunny. milder! highs: low-50s. winds: s 5-10 mph. tonight: a few showers early, then decreasing clouds. lows: mid-30s. winds: light west. friday: mix of sun and clouds. highs: upper-40s. winds: w 10-20 mph. saturday: mostly sunny. milder! highs: low-50s. winds: s 5-10 mph. tonight: a few showers early, then decreasing clouds. lows: mid-30s. winds: light west. friday: mix of sun and clouds. highs: upper-40s. winds: w 10-20 mph. saturday: mostly sunny. milder! highs: low-50s.
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a city leader is easing up on traffic tickets for people caught in a major storm. the reason officials are backing off the
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people in moscow are watching for a winter weather hazard: icicles. snow is melting in russia's capital. as temperatures have started rising, icicles have started falling. city officials have blocked off some sidewalks to protect pedestrians. the mayor of d-c says she will void nearly three-thousand parking tickets. we reported, parking attendants ticketed drivers who left their vehicles on emergency routes during the blizzard last week. mayor muriel bowser says the ticket dismissal is a small way the city can help people recover from the snow. the city would have made more than one- million-dollars on those tickets. old dominion looks to get back on the winning track opening a florida road trip. and guess who stole the
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freeman, who else. old dominion fans--thank goodness for trey freeman. the kellam high school graduate who sent the monarchs to the nit final four continues to rule confrence usa again. i'm bruce rader, old dominion evened it's confrence record at 4 and 4 tonight as trey freeman surpassed the thousand point mark, as the monarchs crushed florida atlantic 78 to 66. old dominion never trailed and led by as many as 12 points in the first half, but this team--this year--is all about trey freeman. the kid has only been at odu for two seasons, he transfered from campbell, and has already scored over a thousand points. he had 28 tonight, and has scored at least that many in five straight games, he had 37 on saturday against marshall, and is the leading scorer in confrence usa. i have been covering odu basketball for almost 40 years and this is one of
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most impressive scoring seasons i have ever seen. odu over florida atlantic tonight 78 to 66, the monarchs head to miami for a game saturday at florida international. william and mary, one of the great three point shooting teams in the nation on the delaware. off the turnover, it's terry tarpey with the dunk and the foul, 16 points for tarpey. then it's david cohn, through traffic, tough lay up, game high 23 points for cohn. but once again, the attention goes to sharp shooter connor burchfield, 18 points, all from three point range. school tying record 16 three's and 28 assists for the tribe, who blow out delaware 94 to 79. odu lady monarchs home against florida atlantic. it was a rout in norfolk. sophmore key-ana brown from
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and she finishes with the lay up. at one point, the lady monarchs went on a 29-0 run. jennie simms, the star of the team, nice to pass to ej, ejemba...lady monarchs cruising. jennie simms led the way with 20 points, nice shooting touch. destiny young had 18 points; lady monarchs with a 40 point win over florida atlantic. norfolk state's assistant men's basketball coach larry vickers is not only dealing with his regular job but is now the head coach of the spartans "women's" team as well. norfolk state athletic director marty miller gave vickers the double duty after the women lost 17 games in a row. and coach vickers has taken on the challenge with a smile. "might have been about 2 weeks ago, and mr. miller just walked past me and he just asked me could i coach women pretty much, at first i kind of laughed it off i did not think he was serious by
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when he asked could i do it, i obviuously jumped on it. " there is a lot more to this story, go to wavy dot com and click on sports. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
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