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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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happened in the first block of w. mercury boulevard, around 6:21 p.m. friday. medics were called to the scene and the suspect was pronounced dead. stay with for developments in this story. sgt. matt bond - hampton police division c13 21:08:42 - we can't you is at this point in time, we are speaking with him to determine further. and as soon as i get that information i can put it out to you. but you do in fact one isolated incident that inidivual has been involved in. police have a large area blocked off. the entire parking lot behind the businesses and a portion of doolittle road have crime
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them. police have not said anything about the person who fired the gun. we do know they are currently being questioned at police headquarters. no one else was injured other than the second person of interest. and of course, a suspect is dead. i'm liz palka, 10 on your side. we continue to follow developing news about the murder-suicide investigation in chesapeake. tonight we've learned police are investigating the possibility the dooleys were killed monday night. brooke
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and todd dooley did not show up for work tuesday. we've also learned brooke's concerned boyfriend showed up at the wildwood road home with his mother and called police who discovered cameron's brother landon dead on the floor. doris dooley's next door neighbor valerie parker took this video of the barricade situation wednesday night into thursday morning and says she can not believe what has unfolded (from home video) ((14:38 person says they are going in 14;40 the blast oh my got cameron put up your hands)) super: valerie parker/next door neighbor (34:25 22) ((numbed shocked tragic horrible nothing ever sent off any alarms no)) runs: 16 there will be a vigil tomorrow night at 5pm in the temple baptist parking lot. funeral arrangments are
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been made public, and there will be an obituary on the family in sunday's paper and a reminder-- a vigil will be held tomorrow church the family attended for years. the church is on george washington highway in deep creek. the vigil begins at 5 o'clock. we have more information on the funeral fund for the family-- as well as our coverage of the story since it broke-- on wavy dot com. now to developing news in norfolk. police continue to investigate a bizzare situation at the lafayette river. just before 4 this afternoon - police were called to the river near 26th street and villa circle - because of a dead man. teenagers called 9-1-1 after they saw the body. 10 on your side was the first to bring you this story as breaking news during wavy news 10 at 4. norfolk police continue to find out what happened to the man. the medical examiner will determine the cause of death. tonight - a family continues to seek closure - and answers - more than a month after their loved
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norfolk home. marvin jones --- a beloved brother, uncle, friend and avid church-goer --- was shot to death days before christmas. police have no leads - and no suspects. tonight, only 10 on your side's liz kilmer follows-up with those who jones left behind. liz? chris - we first spoke with jones' family days after his murder. they had hoped by now - we would have answers. loved ones say his death was a cruel irony. a year before he was fatally shot, he became active in a ministry committed to stopping gun violence. c18 lisa jennette 06:24:44 "it's been real hard, you know, i have some days when i can make it and some days i can't." it's been a difficult six weeks for lisa jennette - forced to come to terms killed 54-year-old marvin jones - and why. c18 diane moten 06:25:28 "i expected it too, i kinda feel like a sense of security is missing like we're not safe, if
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nobody can help, the police don't know anything... " returning to the scene - those left behind tell 10 on your side there is no closure - after jones was shot to death at his norfolk home on berkley avenue extended. taken by the very violence - that he had been committed to stopping. c1 pastor allen harris sr. 06:07:20 "what he was trying to do was get people involved in church because everybody knows it's an outlet and the more young people we get off the streets, the more occupied they are, the less they are to get involved in gun violence." pastor allen harris sr. with life line ministries first met jones at an anti-gun violence rally about a year ago. the two formed a bond. and from there on, jones encouraged others in his community to come to the chesapeake church. a congregation, now in mourning. c1 harris 06:07:42 "this happened - it shook our community, it shook our church." 06:09:40 "it is just a waste of a good soul." c8 ushaun jones, nephew 06:16:50 "he was the only one here for me, a lot of loved ones -- the only
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that jones is in a better place. c1 10:00 "i really do believe he made it right with the lord, and made it in." those family members - friends - and police are urging anyone with information to please come forward. you're asked to call the crime line at 1- 888-lock-u-up live in the studio, liz kilmer, 10 on your side. remembering the life of a sailor and demanding answers. that's how one family spent the day. norfolk police say christopher allen was shot and killed a month ago. it happened on waverly way. allen's family began the day at a memorial service then went passing out flyers. the allen family wants to know who killed christopher allen and why. the family went to waverly way posting flyers and talking to neighbors. they're hoping to get any information that leads to an arrest. they say allen was found shot inside the home and
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his family describes him as the life of the party. one who was a mentor to others and a leader in the navy. today fellow sailors remembered him. 37:41 our hearts are broken. part of us is thing. 37:52 the family is offering a 10-thousand dollar reward for any information that leads to an arrest. if you have information call 1888-lock-u-up. shifting gears to weather - after a nice start to the day - those temperatures really started to drop. here's a live look over downtown norfolk and portsmouth. chief meteorologist don slater is in the super doppler 10 weather center
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tonight, we're working to
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prosecutors dropped charges against an elizabeth city man accused of a sex crime. deputies arrested darrell walker on tuesday after he allegedly forced a man into sexual acts. the pasquotank county district attorney dismissed the charges yesterday to further investigate the evidence. friends says news of walker's arrest shocked the elizabeth city community. now they are worried about his tarnished reputation. super = ulanda know that the charges for right now have been dismissed." "he's a good man. things deserve to be right by him. nobody's life should be destroyed from a lie." walker is a teacher at perquimans middle school. the district tells us administrative leave while the superintendent and authorities investigate. a judge denied bond for a norfolk assistant principal charged with a sex crime. 64-year-old gary jordan will remain behind bars.
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a child. he is the assistant principal at madison alternative center. police say the incident happened on january 14th, on bowden's ferry road - the same block where the school is located. jordan is due back in court in march. still ahead on wavy news 10 at 11 - geared up - equipment that's officers safe. plus - educational technology - how students at one school are being able to take classroom trips around the world from the comforts of their classroom. and -- here's a live look from one place you'll need to avoid all weekend long. the tunnel that's closed
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after republicans pushed
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terry mcauliffe has backed off a bit on new gun regulations. mcauliffe's recent sweeping new gun policies were seen as a by-pass of the republican-led general assembly. today, both reached a compromise. republicans agreed to support a measure that would prohibit people from carrying a gun if they are the subject of a permanent protective order for domestic violence. the governor agreed to continue allowing gun-owners from other states to carry concealed handguns into virginia-- as long as they have permits from their home states. s/ gov. terry mcauliffe/(d)-virginia :08 "no one wants to see guns in the hands of domestic abusers or other dangerous individuals who can not pass background checks." the deal between the democratic governor and republicans in the general assembly is considered a major accomplishment. you could say today was a very fitting day for the norfolk k-9 unit. they started the process to get all of their working dogs a new piece of safety equipment to protect them in tense times. here at
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surplus, one paw at a time, each dog was measured for a ballistic vest. they're custom-made with top of the line technology. "(jim slater, k9 storm--1)5:20 it's like putting your seatbelt on it's not better to be clear but to minize the target areas on a dog that's one of the most critical things that we do 5:30" (officer jake clark, norfolk police department--6)16:24 the amount of support that's been given to this unit in recent times is touching and we appreciate it 16:29 you may remember norfolk police just buried a police dog that was shot and killed by a suspect earlier this month. cnn's anderson cooper donated to the virginia beach- based spike's k-9 fund to outfit dogs in norfolk and newport news with the vests. odu students and staff hit the streets today in an effort to increase safety off campus. they called it a "knock and talk" and focused on the lambert's point neighborhood. organized by the student goverment association...volunteers, the dean of students, staff and campus police knocked on doors to talk about resources
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they also handed out light bulbs and door alarms. sot -- jordan mccoy - off campus life student director c34 17:59:43- our goal is to not only increase safety, but increase the communication that goes between the odu police and the students. we want everybody to feel comfortable talking with each other. so if you're just walking down the this is mostly students, so it's easy to think that the school really doesn't care about the goings on around trash all over. so having the sga actually come to my house. knock on the door. i really appreciated it. i felt cared for. :32 odu is now offering a "party registration." that means students can register their off campus parties with police. a police officer will visit the students house to talk to them about safety tips. this is after serious crimes, including shootings, have happened at off campus parties. a reminder about an important traffic detour for people in norfolk and portsmouth. if you have to drive around this weekend - keep in mind the midtown tunnel is closed. here's a live look from our traffic cam.
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down until 5 o'clock monday morning at the latest. your main alternate is the downtown tunnel. and if they re-open the midtown before 5 monday morning -- we'll be sure to let
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tonight: mainly clear. lows: near 30. winds: nw 5-10 mph. saturday: plenty of sunshine. seasonably mild! highs: low-50s. winds: sw 5-10 mph. sunday: mostly sunny. warm! highs: mid-60s. winds: sw 5-10 mph. we have been tracking a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. occasionally, we have seen a few spotty showers north of the metro. i can't completely rule out a stray sprinkle or two this evening, but it's not worth an umbrella. it'll remain breezy this evening with winds out of the west-northwest at 10 to 20 mph, gusting up to 30
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skies will turn mainly clear overnight with temperatures dropping back close to 30. we'll enjoy plenty of sunshine as we kick off the weekend tomorrow. with winds out of the southwest, highs will be in the low-50s. it'll be even warmer on sunday with temperatures topping out in the mid-60s! expect highs in the 60s for most of next week, so you'll have several chances to tonight: mainly clear. lows: near 30. winds: nw 5-10 mph. saturday: plenty of sunshine. seasonably mild! highs: low-50s. winds: sw 5-10 mph. sunday: mostly sunny. warm! highs: mid-60s. winds: sw 5-10 mph.
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mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. occasionally, we have seen a few spotty showers north of the metro. i can't completely rule out a stray sprinkle or two this evening, but it's not worth an umbrella. it'll remain breezy this evening with winds out of the west-northwest at 10 to 20 mph, gusting up to 30 mph at times. skies will turn mainly clear overnight with temperatures dropping back close to 30. we'll enjoy plenty of sunshine as we kick off even warmer on sunday you'll have several chances to enjoy the warm weather! still ahead - cool still ahead - cool technology - we'll show
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getting an educational trip of a lifetime from the
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students in suffolk got an inside look at things most of us can only imagine. teachers got to use new technology called google expeditions to take students on a virtual
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class lessons to life. students can go on nearly 100 different journeys - bringing new experiences to the finger tips. megan farabough -- a teacher at mack benn-junior-elementary says this new technology is a richer experience compared to what students had before. 3.32 it's a little different than using a regular text book a regular text book gives talking about. what you're doing. 47 the same program will be visiting 10 classrooms in the united states, plus others in brazil, denmark, canada, and singapore. norfolk state and hampton get ready for the battle of the bay. and the high school game of the year in hampton roads. cape henry against norfolk collegiate.
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i'm brian parsons. in for bruce. we begin with high school basketball. the early contender for the game of the year in hampton roads, an all private school showdown between cape henry and norfolk collegiate. a standing room only crowd at collegiate, the call it the tree house. the mighty oaks, fresh off of an overtime loss to norcom. cape henry, the reigning division 1 state champions, the dolphins have been rolling. first half. cape henry wearing grey. dolphins force the turnover. mark seaman to malik marrow, who finishes with the lay up, he had 21 points.
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roach, he takes it to the basket, off the glass, cape henry led by 6 after the first period. but then collegiate goes on a run, a big run, led by the big fella, sebastian towns, drives the baseline, gets position and scores. more towns. off the miss, he gets the rebound, he gets the putback, basket and the foul. game high 26 points for towns. a 15-0 run by collegiate. oaks by 10 at the break. second half, more collegiate, kyonze chavis,through three defenders for the lay up. cape henry starting to run out of time. the dolphins did cut the deficit to single digits dajour rocker with the tough bucket. but the night would belong to norfolk collegiate. the oaks defeat the state champs 76 to 62 in what some would call an upset. that's the final from norfolk. the battle of the bay between norfolk state and hampton university is always a spectacle, and it's even more intrigiuing when both teams are winning. so expect a rocking atmosphere tomorrow night
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convocation center when hampton hosts nsu with first place in the meac on the line. the spartans have won five of their past six games and are a half game behind hampton for the conference lead. nsu scored the regular season sweep last season, but lost to hampton in the meac tournament at scope. "it's the game of the year that we all circle, us and norfolk, fans on both sides of the water adds a little extra to it but it's the meac version of duke-carolina." "this week is huge, it's a big game for our fans we realize that but this week for us as well this is for number one in the meac standings half way through the season." tip off tomorrow night at 6. there's good news for nfl fans in southern california, unless you're a chargers fan and then it may be bad news. the chargers and rams have agreed to a deal in pricipal to share a new stadium in inglewood, california.
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day that the chargers said they will stay in san deigo for next season. but after that, it looks like the chargers are la bound. so what does this mean for the oakland raiders. they want a new stadium, and owner mark davis is exploring the possibilty of moving the raiders to las vegas. the owner of the sands corporation wants to build a billion dollar domed stadium that would house unlv's football team as well as the raiders. the admirals beat the south carolina sting rays
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