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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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red cross called in to help. as people try to pick up the pieces after a fire left its mark on a norfolk neighborhood. first, the next round of winter weather continues to move across the commonwealth. winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories are already in place. several inches of snow are expected in central and western virginia. a little bit is even possible here in hampton roads and along the peninsula. snow's already moving toward us at this hour... here's a live look from towercam 10 over downtown norfolk it doesn't look like there is much, if any snow outside right now. meteorologist ashley baylor is in the super doppler weather center to let us know when the snow will move into the area, and how much we'll see. overnight: cloudy with light snow developing. temps: low-20s, rising to mid-20s by morning. winds: light east. monday: cloudy with light snow through mid-morning, then changing to rain by 10-11
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possible north and west of the metro. highs: mid-40s. winds: e 5-10 mph. tuesday: rain through midday, then drying up through the afternoon. very mild. highs: near 60. winds: s 10-20 mph. a winter weather advisory will be in effect for gates co, hertford co, and northampton co, nc...gloucester co, isle of wight co, james city co, mathews co, southampton co, sussex co, surry co, and york co...franklin, hampton, newport news, poquoson, suffolk, and williamsburg from 12 am until 1 pm monday. this shattering the old record of 23. our next storm system will approach from the west, so expect cloudy skies by midnight with light snow developing have to work, your morning commute will be a slow one. light, steady expect a dusting across middle peninsula, and northern neck. before we change- over to rain, we the ground won't survive the day. as temperatures warm into the low-40s by we may catch a few breaks tuesday morning and continue through midday. there could be some bouts of heavy rain at times..i out tuesday afternoon with highs, believe it or in the mid-50s. next saturday will be the pick of the
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low-60s! we already have some school closings and delays coming into wavy dot com... as schools are preparing for snow - vdot says they're ready for what could be a slick morning commute. crews have already started pre-treating roads west of our area. but - while that will keeps ice from forming - it does not mean roads wont be slippery. vdot says drivers in areas that do see snow - should avoid driving if at all possible. here in hampton roads - vdot crews are not
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they say what they put down on friday - is still there. if roads get slick, local vdot crews will respond accordingly. as the snow pushes across the commonwealth - don't forget to stay connected through our wavy weather app. it's free for all apple and android users. even though tomorrow is a holiday - some people still have to go to work. tune into wavy news 10 today - from 4:30 to 7 for all your news, weather, and traffic. plus, there's two more hours of coverage on fox-43. tonight - we're assessing the damage after a massive 3-alarm fire last night in ocean view. chopper ten was high above the scene this morning - you can see a big hole now in what was a dense willoughby spit neighborhood. this morning - smoke still billowed from the debris. four buildings are destroyed. four others structures are damaged. a lot of property even cars are completely frozen as water from fire hoses hit the cold air. the red cross says the fire displaced about 30 families. some lost entire condos or homes, others, live in
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sustained damage. 10 on your side's matt gregory spoke to a man who ran toward the flames - as firefighters began evacuating people living in the affected apartments by the dozen. deanna, 24 hours later anda block of ocean view avenue remains closed. the clean up begins, but so do the questions. where and why did this massive fire ignite. one mman tells me he saw it all first hand and tried to the aftermath of the devastating fire. even now the charred remains burn a smoke like the one nathaniel raider saw saturday night. nathaniel raider / helped evacuate condos c0001 00:47 "there was a lot of smoke coming from a third story condo. so ii ran across ocean view avenue and i went to the first condo." 00:58 nathaniel raider says he snapped this picture of the initial fire. nathaniel raider / helped evacuate condos c0001 1:38 "there was flames coming from the 3rd story balcony and a lot
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stuff was already falling because of the wind minutes our cameras captured the fire as it roared from one condo to next. nathaniel raider / helped evacuate condos c0001 2:03 "i started fire and banging on it. 2:10 for the next four hours a high wind fanned complex, right behind this apartment complex and a whole block of small homes. 53:24 more than 60 firefighters battled freezing temperatures while the flames continued to threaten more homes. while neighbors watched, helpless, and worried? carolanne ventura /evacuated home c0048 58:16 "i think we're gonna be ok though. i think they're gonna get rewarded for some. while the fire completely destroyed 3 condos and 1 house.. 16 families lost their homes. only one person was transported to the hospital - and no one died. the work of norfolk's fire crew and partly the help from the community nathaniel raider / helped evacuate condos c0001 3:47 "my whole first thought was make sure actual aprtment comlex at this point and time i was just thinking help somebody." 3:58 a whole community that worked together and now
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the caue of the fire that has not been determined. it could be weeks or even months before investigators will know. in norfolk matt gregory 10 on your side as we mentioned, the red cross is helping about 30 families. they provided shelter for the victims last night at the scene. today, volunteers set up a resource center at their fort norfolk headquarters. fire victims had access to food, care kits and a warm place to get out of the cold. any other people impacted by the fire can give them a call for help. many of you sent in photos and videos of the fire - we've put them together in a slideshow. you can find it on wavy dot com. still ahead - new fire video - we'll show you what it looked like during a weekend fire. and - helping the homeless - we'll tell you
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two people were shot overnight in norfolk. we've learned the shooting happened near brambleton and tidewater just before 2. one person was shot in the hand, the other person in the leg. both had to go to the hospital. we're working to find out more information about a suspect. newport news police are investigating a meth lab bust on middle sex road. the call first came into
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dispatchers were told a shooting didn't happen, and police weren't needed. but, when officers got to the house, the started an investigation and found meth was being made inside the house. three adults lived at the home. they were all evacuated. so far there haven't been any arrests - but police continue to look into what happened. still ahead - helping the homeless - what churches do to make sure people without a home stay warm during these freezing cold
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we have new video of a house fire in newport news. it's a story we first told you about last night on wavy news 10 at 11. a family got out of the burning house safely. firefighters went to this house on jonathan court in newport news just after eight last night. as you can see -- the home is badly damaged. the fire is still under investigation. people made it safely out of a fire on parkview avenue in norfolk early this morning. we've learned
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out for hours after the fire started. nobody was hurt in that fire. firefighters in norfolk went to another fire this afternoon. we've learned smoke and flames were coming out of the home on norview avenue. the fire was under control about 30 minutes after. now to a 10 on your side investigation... with facebook, twitter, instagram and all the other social media out there, we have plenty of opportunity to tell the world about ourselves. but some websites can reveal information that we don't want others to know. investigative reporter chris horne has this preview of his special report - of particular interest to everyone who owns a car. c 17 13:37 mary callahan driver -- i don't like this at all. there's too much information, they can just look you right up c 61 39:15 jaqueline shannon driver -- an extreme invasion of privacy drivers in hampton roads are upset. they didn't know - until
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their cars can tell about them. c 9 7:58 cecelia holloway at your car, and just by looking through the window, they can get enough clues for that website to kick back your name, address, even name and your address by looking through your windshield, what do you think of that? i don't is free and anyone can use it. c 61 39:45 jaqueline shannon driver economic stature that they have, it could go toward somebody committing crimes we investigate where it's getting all of your information, and what you can do to protect yourself. chris horne 10 on your side you can catch chris's investigative report privacy breakdown monday at 6, with coverage beginning at 4 pm. as we continue to see below freezing temperatures, people without a place to stay are looking to local churches and shelters. church of saint therese in chesapeake hosted those needing a place to stay over the last week. a lot of churches
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roads participates to help give the homeless temporary shelter. father kevin o'brien says its a way to help those in need. c0002 21.21 we help them in the evening provide them warmth and food and companionship. 07 father o'brien says they have upwards of 65 people stay at the church when they host those needing a place to stay. overnight: cloudy with light snow developing. temps: low-20s, rising to mid-20s by morning. winds: light east. monday: cloudy with light snow through mid-morning, then changing to rain by 10-11 am. minor accumulations possible north and west of the metro. highs: mid-40s. winds: e 5-10
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mph. a winter weather advisory will be in effect for gates co, hertford co, and northampton co, nc...gloucester co, isle of wight co, james city co, mathews co, southampton co, sussex co, surry co, and york co...franklin, hampton, newport news, poquoson, suffolk, and williamsburg from 12 am new record is 17, shattering the old record of 23. our next storm system around the same time. we'll be tracking light snow into tomorrow morning, so if you do west of the metro, which north carolina, and along the eastern shore..up to 1" across the peninsula, middle peninsula, and northern snow that sticks to the ground won't survive the rain. expect light rain through monday evening. we may catch a few breaks in the action monday continue through midday. there could be some bouts of heavy rain at times..i wouldn't rule out an isolated storm in north carolina or the outer banks. things will dry out tuesday afternoon with highs, believe it or in the mid-50s. next saturday will be the pick of the week with highs in the
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even though tomorrow is a holiday - some people still have to go to work. tune into wavy news 10 today - from 4:30 to 7 for all your news, weather, and traffic. plus, there's two more hours of coverage on
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"kobe bryant! one of the best to ever play the game-----his last introduction as an nba all-star---the one and only kobe bryant playing in his last nba all star game--- i'm nathan epstein-----not just a 5-time nba champion---kobe bryant is the all-time leading scorer and 4-time
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all-star game--- could he give us one great outing before retiring--- to toronto canada---east vs west---- pretty much a dunk contest--- russell westbrook----all-star game mvp last season----unbelievable on handed jam----31 points tonight--- modest night for lebron james----- only 13 points----nice ally oop jam there--- west led the east 92-to 90 at halftime---most points in a first half in all star game history---- new orleans center anthony davis with some nice jams---- how bout bryant---always a clutch shooter--- gets the bounce from 3--- only 10 points for byant--- game-high 41 points for paul george of the indiana pacers from the east--- but the mvp---for a second straight season goes to russell westbrook--- the shortest offseason in sports is just about over---and we're now 7 days away from the
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500---- and if nascar was looking for a way to kickstart the season----they certainly got it today at pole qualifying---- thanks to the 24 car-----no that's not jeff gordon----the 3-time 500 winner is now enjoying life in booth as an analyst----his replacement---20 year old chase elliot will start up front next weekend... considered by many to be the next super star of the sport----elliot is the youngest ever to win the pole for nascar's biggest race---- i don't think it's about me. nothing special i did to earn it, it's all thing i look at, and just excited to be a part of deserve. spoken like a seasoned veteran---he'll start up front with matt kenseth--- the rest of the field will be decided during dual qualifying on thursday--- some football news from old dominion---needing to replace two assistant coaches, head coach bobby wilder has filled one of those vacancies----charles bankins will take over for mike zikowski and
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bankins has pretty good experience---he coached the special teams at vanderbilt over the last five years---and has also coached at maryland, coached on the richmond team that won the national title in 2008---before that, spent time at james madison and at hampton--- with a win over the carolina panthers in super bowl 50-----seemed to come that storybook ending for broncos quarterback peyton manning----but the future hall of famer's ride into the sunset may have been halted on tuesday---- when his name was attached to a federal lawsuit against the university of tennessee. the suit claims tennessee is in violation of title nine and has created a quote hostile sexual environemtn---closed quote----for not reporting accusations of sexual assault and in cases that are reported----for showing bias towards athletes. with regards to manning's involvment---the suit alleges he placed his genetals on an athletic trainer's face while he was being checked for an injury in 1996---the trainer's lawsuit was settled with the university a year
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moment---two tennessee players currently with the team---have been indicted on aggravated rape charges---their court cases are this summer--- north carolina-----number 9 in the nation----still atop the atlantic coast conference standings----took it to pitt panthers in the dean dome today----the block---heels runnin---give it to the point guard---marcus paige with the slam---he had 15----heels led by 13 at hlaftime----joe berry the steal---and the easy layin---north carolin with the easy win----all
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following new hampshire police in pursuit of a stolen vehicle. according to reports, the driver is a schoolteacher from massachusetts -- not exactly your typical carjacker. though we have no confirmation on -- uh, wait a minute. something's happening. man: driver, pull over! pull over now! [ sirens wailing ] [ tires screech ] hands up. step away from the truck. you're making a mistake. sir, step away from the vehicle! you're making a mistake! step away from the vehicle!
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facedown on the ground! i didn't steal the truck! it's a misunderstanding, okay? all the way down! all the way! this is my truck, okay? i didn't steal it. i paid for it, all right? okay. hold on. okay. [ helicopter blades whirring ] can we just talk for a second? i didn't steal the truck! [ grunts ] the rich and powerful take what they want. we steal it back for you. sometimes, bad guys make the best good guys. we provide... paul: i mean, if it wasn't my truck, why was i making all those car payments? let me ask you something -- why'd you run? i know. i shouldn't have. but i panicked. but i didn't do anything wrong. you, uh, you bought it used? yeah, from penzer's a few months ago for my landscaping business.
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not with a family. mm. and how did you find out it was stolen? i went to a job in nashua and the "check engine" light came on, so i took it to a mechanic, and he tells me that the truck's onboard computer spit out a fishy vehicle identification number. so the vin number was reported as stolen. i figured it was a mix-up and took off. next thing i know, i'm the poster boy for "america's most wanted." i appreciate you bailing me out, mr. ford. but what do i do now? i mean, the cops seized the truck. the bank says i still have to make good on the loan. the school suspended me because of the pending criminal charges. i keep thinking, "how did this all happen?" it's called car cloning. thieves steal a vehicle then go to another state, where they find a car of the same make and model and use its vin number. then, using those numbers, they register the stolen vehicle in the first state. and since each state runs its own vin database, the hot car comes up clean. now, paul mantlo -- he had the bad luck
11:32 pm
where the vin was copied. and of buying a stolen car. where'd he get the car? duke penzer -- he's a former racecar driver. he parlayed some minor success on the lower circuits to start his own used-car dealership out in payden, massachusetts. [ country music plays ] hi, folks. i'm duke penzer. in my racing days, old veronica here never let me down. you come on down to the finish line at penzer automotive, and we'll make sure we don't let you down. [ clicks tongue ] he still runs laps on the weekends. he tries to keep up his image. i checked out some of his prices, and they're sick. i mean, 20%, 25% below blue book. yeah, well, it's easy to offer great deals when your inventory's stolen. how's he getting the cars? he's not nicking them himself. that's a good question. i haven't found -- well, he's the distributor. the suppliers are probably a car-theft ring. that way, cops trace a hot car to him, he can say he got it from someone who's long gone.
11:33 pm
i was a car thief. that's how i know. all right. so, penzer is a big fish in a small pond. we need to muddy up the waters. hardison, you get us a base? yeah. art's auto sales. it's a little mom-and-pop shop down the road from penzer's. it's run by art and joy bauer. they've been in the community for decades, but penzer's running them out of business. they're on the verge of bankruptcy. it gets awfully wet this time of year in payden, doesn't it? [ shivers ] and chilly. yeah, don't you think the bauers need a little sun and fun? little r&r? mm. mm. [ american accent ] which is why, on behalf of the american auto dealers association, we'd like to honor you, the bauers, with this lifetime achievement award. as part of this prize, you'll receive an all-expenses-paid trip to tahiti! say hawaii. the tahitian reservation systems are for crap. i mean hawaii! for two whole weeks --
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do you know what's going on? no. but since we've already laid off the staff, at this point, shutting down for a couple of weeks will actually save us money. i'll pack my speedo. hardison: all right, we're in. now what? now? start your engines. vroom-vroom. man on p.a.: ladies and gentlemen, payden, massachusetts' very own duke penzer now coming into pit row. [ engines revving ] [ tires screech ] [ laughs ] 1:10.36. not too bad considering i got loose in turn three. still a track record. not exactly. what are you talking about? that was half a second faster than my last run. both times were just beaten. somebody beat my record? who? nate: whoo!
11:35 pm
yee! what was his time? he beat your record by... 15 seconds. what? that's impossible! it is? oops. [ beeping ] uh, i -- oh, i meant 1.5 seconds. uh, sorry. i must've read that wrong. you think? whoo! that was hotter than mr. toad's wild ride! [ laughs ] [ groaning ] hey, there, junior. ahh! what's with the jammies? what do you got in that thing -- a supercharger? oh, hell, i don't know. my guys just picked this up somewhere. i just figured i'd kick the tires. what's that -- a matchbox car? what do you think, darlin'? i think i want to go now. go? w-we just got here. i'm asking you if you think i should buy these wheels. whoa, whoa, whoa. veronica's not for sale. "veronica"? so betty was the fast one. who knew? look, mister, uh...
11:36 pm
well, i don't know who you think you are -- well, i'll tell you what -- i think i'm the guy that just broke your track record, if i'm not mistaken. one good time trial don't make you a racer. let's do it, kid. let's -- let's mix it up. let's go -- you and me, right now. but i'll tell you what. we're gonna do it old school, all right? i win, i get your car. you win, you get my car. plus, um... [ clicks tongue ] ...other considerations. i doubt you could handle either. green flag -- 15. excuse me. todd! yes, mr. penzer? run along, todd. all right, i changed the compression on the pistons and opened up the valves. should get about another 75 h.p. i think the left bank is running a little lean. i tweaked that. head looks good on the flux. you'll get a better burn on your fuel. how's, uh, the rest of your research coming? good. i found out a bunch of the local thieves work for a guy named lefty. you know how to find him? got some ideas. okay, well, when we're done here,
11:37 pm
hardison? all right. now, look, man, i just installed this. you punch it to release an oxidized chemical into the engine. it's my own little mix. it's kind of like nitrous but three times the kick. yeah. it's gonna turn your manifold into pudding, so don't use it too soon. hey, man, i'm serious. don't mess my car up. you know, we still got to find a way to slow down penzer. i got you covered -- e.m.p. cannon. it emits a focused electromagnetic pulse that'll knock out all the electronics in his car for 30 minutes. eliot? [ whirring ] [ cannon hums ] this chick is toast. uh, i installed one next to your rear exhaust. it's the only place i could put it where it wouldn't affect your car as well. all right, you show me how to trigger it. you don't. i do. i'll hit him from right here. all i need you to do is get in front of penzer, line up so i can get a clear shot. he'll just think he stalled. 30 minutes, his car is good as new.
11:38 pm
[ indistinct talking on p.a. ] you didn't get that, man? "this chick is toast"? it's -- it's "ghostbusters." man, i don't listen to you. come on, man. "don't -- don't cross the streams"? it's classic. push the car, man. [ engines revving ] [ tires screech ] that all you got?! [ tires screech ]
11:39 pm
nate, you got to get in front of him, man. i know that, hardison! i'm trying! [ tires screech ] [ beep ] [ hissing ] [ engine revs, tires screech ] [ laughs ] [ beep ] [ cannon humming ] what -- what's going on here? [ engine sputtering ] come on! [ buzzes ] [ groans ] hey, i'll send my guys to pick up the car. rookie mistake. [ engine revs, tires screech ] all right. the mark is primed. hardison, parker, go find this lefty.
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now you can create your own tour of italy at olive garden, starting at $12.99. choose 3 of 10 favorites to enjoy on one plate. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. the best tour of italy is the one you create. at olive garden. [ indistinct shouting on television ] where the hell is everybody? it's saturday. this place ought to be hopping. they're all at art's. art's? yeah, they've got new management. comfy?
11:44 pm
but it's the playoffs. yeah, and it is about to be the layoffs. here. i checked them out on the way in. he's raffling off my car? yeah. but on the bright side, at least mr. carey's still here. great. we got carey doing his weekly looky-loo. we need paying customers. yes. todd? yes, sir? is this... a raffle ticket? yeah, it is. it's mine. unbelievable! get off of facebook! [ indistinct conversations ] look at this. there's no way he's making money. well, prices are only part of it. he's got a new salesperson who's unstoppable. who? wait. i know her. yeah. she was at the track.
11:45 pm
look. she's going after mr. carey now. sophie: hi, there. that ought to cool her off. before you say anything, i don't need any help. i'm just looking. of course. i'm not gonna bother you. i just -- i just have one little question, huh? atkins or south beach? what? what diet are you on? 'cause i can see your, uh, your belt is cinched too tight and your shirt is a size too big. you've lost what, five, six pounds recently? seven, actually. [ gasps ] seven! wow! congratulations. that is quite an achievement. thank you. that requires so much discipline, you know? ooh. denying yourself all that sweet food, all those tasty treats -- nate: now, you see her touch the car when she says "sweet" and "tasty"? she's making him link those values to the car. neurolinguistic programming. sophie: mnh-mnh. no. i couldn't do it.
11:46 pm
[ gulps ] you know, for me, life is about seizing opportunities, you know? live life to the fullest. drink too much wine. skinny-dip in the ocean. make love in a hammock. do you know why -- just as an example -- why driving this car is like making love to a beautiful woman? because i've never done either before in my life? what? a cute guy like you? well, now is your chance. just -- just take a look. who knows where it might lead? i tell you, if sophie did this full time, the auto industry's troubles would disappear. duke: is he signing a contract? i think he is. i think he's crying. [ groans ] hey! there -- there's the stall-out king himself. how you doing? whatever. i came back here to buy veronica.
11:47 pm
i'm sorry. i'm not gonna get rid of my trophy. i'll give you $150,000 for her. please. how about $300,000? $300,000?! that's ridiculous! be reasonable. bueno. claro que s^. uno momento, por favor. perd_n. what is it, skeeter? mr. lucas, i think you should take this call. it's our... foreign friends. all right. uno momento. come here, come here, come here. s^? a.j., i need you to sign off on this paperwork. not now, hon. i'm busy. no, no, no. the customer's ready to write the check. now, did i hire you to look pretty or ask stupid questions? [ chuckles ] [ smack ] come on, now. move on. s^. s^. he stole my baby. i think i know how to steal his. [ normal voice ] could've done without the ass slap. yeah, just trying to sell the bit. [ clears throat ] sorry. hardison, parker, ball's in your court. hardison: so, you stole this car?
11:48 pm
exactly how is this gonna get us lefty's attention? well, car thieves are territorial, all right? you bring a car like this to a local chop shop, every boost in town knows there's a new player. also...this is lefty's car. [ rock music playing ] hardison: yo, my man. hey! heard you're the man to see about chopping a car. maybe. you jacked this car? this car? yeah. how much? give me a minute. hello, lefty. okay. shouldn't be long now. so... car thief -- how'd that happen? started when i was about 12. met this kid -- kelly -- in the foster system. he was about four or five years older.
11:49 pm
how to use a jiggler key, you know. what happened to kelly? we boosted a bait car. he saw the cops coming and ran. i never saw it coming. he left you behind? never looked back. spent six months in juvie and never saw kelly again. all right. here we go. so, how is this going down? okay, they're gonna want us off their turf. we're gonna have to convince them they need us. it's not gonna be easy, and they might shoot you a little. you are spectacular. [ american accent ] i beg your pardon. as a salesman. 20 years in this business, i've never seen a better closer, miss... bacich. katie bacich. thank you, mr. penzer. please, call me duke. yes. spectacular. why don't you let me buy you a drink? i know the best spot in town.
11:50 pm
duke, do me a favor, huh? don't sell a salesman. i know when i'm being set up for a pitch. maybe so. but don't you want to know what i'm selling? you picked the wrong car to boost. no, we didn't...lefty. who are you? i'm danielle. this is major. 'sup? we want to join your crew. we're full up. you need us. we stole your car, didn't we? that? anybody can steal that. but nobody's dumb enough to do it. oh. well, can anyone steal a car that uses a laser-cut rolling-code transponder key? impossible. those systems are unboostable. we can do it -- in under two minutes. all right.
11:51 pm
two minutes, or else. two minutes. don't break the window or crack the steering column. all right. do your thing. oh, i have no idea how to break into this car. w-what? it's new tech. screwdriver and a coat hanger ain't gonna cut it. i mean, once we get in, i could probably start it, but we got to get in. and what, we get -- h-how are we gonna get in, parker? mnh-mnh. no. mnh-mnh. me? mnh-mnh, no. you can hack anything with a battery, right?
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again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care.
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and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. [ breathing heavily ] okay. what's the hardware behind this door? the latch mechanism is connected to an actuator. send an electrical signal to the actuator, door unlocks. so the chip controls the electrical signal. yeah. that's what you need the remote code for. okay. i can send an rf signal, but you said rolling code, so that means billions of combinations. hardison, just ignore the distractions. work the problem. it's the first rule of the boost. all right, look, i can't crack the code, but i may be able to confuse the receiver. [ beeping ] i got it! [ trunk opens ] hardison... i-i got it. i got it. [ beeps, locks clicks ]
11:56 pm
okay, transponder-equipped cars have backdoor startup sequences -- an override. so it's like a cheat code for a video game, so it should work. assuming they haven't changed the sequence since i last did this. [ engine turns over ] i forgot how much fun this is. not bad. all right. bring this to my shop, and we'll talk. shorty! keep an eye on them. so this is the best spot in town, huh? absolutely. this is the winner's circle. which is why i want you to come to work for me. i've already got a job. i'll double your salary.
11:57 pm
that's very generous, but i'm not looking -- you know you're a tool to him. me? i'm looking to build something. and for that, i need a partner. oh. once he's gone, i'll let you run that shop. but you got to do something for me. tell me about his setup. how can he offer those deals? nate: okay, now, don't get too specific. let him fill in the blanks. he works with... alternative suppliers. what do you mean? fleet sales? no. suppliers with... minimal costs. he's selling hot cars. all right. good. he's figured out the first part of the equation. all right, eliot, give him the rest. eliot: yeah, making the call now. hello, officer? yes, ma'am. i'd like to report some unsavory characters wandering around downtown. yeah, i -- they -- they had tattoos,
11:58 pm
and, uh -- and i'm pretty sure they were speaking spanish. yeah, i-i saw them walking around down by penzer's auto. yes, ma'am. o-okay. [ cellphone beeps ] parker: all right. chop shops are a quick-and-dirty setup. there's probably gonna be one, maybe two guys in here cutting up their latest catch. [ machinery buzzing, indistinct conversations ] we're gonna need a bigger boat. parker, hardison, what's going on?
11:59 pm
[ scanner whistling ] got to scan for alarm tracking systems. don't want cops zeroing in on a radio signal we miss. it's clean. follow me. you see, selling cars doesn't have to be some grubby little -- [ glass shattering, car alarms blaring ] oh, son of a... what the... well, this is terrible. let me get my phone. i'll call the police. no! don't call the police. i don't need a bunch of deputy dawgs snooping around here. what?! [ gasps ] [ alarms continue ] you're working the same scam as a.j. you're just like him. no. i am nothing like him!
12:00 am
hey, it's duke. get me lefty. lefty! phone! um... over here is your traditional chop shop. we can strip a car and get its parts to anywhere in the country in 24 hours. they do vin cloning over here. clean a hot car and get it a full set of papers in an hour. what's that over there? you know how everyone keeps their registration and insurance in the glove box? well, we take those and use them for identity theft. girls don't boost cars. at least that's what these guys keep telling me. but you -- you kicked ass. that thing you did with your phone? can you teach me that? yeah. y-yeah. uh, let's just go by the computers -- okay. nate, did you get all that? yes, i did. it's a mall of crime. yes, i know. but the plan does not change. look, why don't we just call the cops, huh?


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