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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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neighbors who didn't want to speak on camera say they saw the most activity at this home. which stands at the corner of elm avenue and fillmore street. affidavits unsealed show the mounting evidence against the corna sto boys gang. charles battle stood in court wednesday accused of buying cocaine from a wholsesale supplier in norfolk. then reselling it to members of the gang and on the street. lacharles "boogie" hodges also in court . his role in the conspiracy was to sell crack cocaine on the corner of elm avenue and fillmore street. documents allege hodges and others also distrubted to other dealers in the area. a vast network that investigators put together using confessions from other co-conspirators. but the true light on the case comes from the plea deal by norman stephenson. in those documents, its revealed that he paid lookouts in cocaine to watch for police. he kept a pistol nearby by to protect quote" his block." now a month after the last round of arrests, neighbors said its night and day. the once highly trafficked street, now just like another road in portsmouth. but not normal enough to have
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lacharles hodges, charles battle, and number of other named conspirators will be back in court later this month. matt gregory 10 on your side. now to a follow up on a story we've been covering for months. the family of a woman killed by virginia beach police want the federal government to get involved in the case. india kager and angelo perry were shot and killed by police in september. it happened at a 7-eleven on lynnhaven parkway. kager's family wants surveillance video from the 7-eleven released. they are also calling for the justice department to investigate. 10 on your side's brandi cummings joins us now in the newsroom with their plea. anita, stephanie- according to the website change-dot- org, 25-hundred people have signed a peition that was taken to the department of justice today. this comes on the heels of a very emotional video posted on social media by india kager's mother. that video led to another one - from the family of a murder victim who beleives the police shooting was justified.
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you do this? 1:33 an emotional mom pleading for answers. sot from fb video - gina best, india kager's minute video, gina best describes her pain after losing her daughter. its been seen nearly 2 million times and led to national attention. a go fund me page was even created. sot from fb video - gina best, india kager's mother 1:55 i cant even tell you how bad this hurts 1:58 kager and angelo perry were shot and killed by virginia beach police in september. officers said perry fired first. (board here) police later connected perry to several other crimes including an armed robbery in june, a shooting in july, and the murder of guy cuffee in august. police say cuffee was shot and killed in the green run neighborhood when he went to pick up his daughter for work. like that. he wasnt supposed to get shot in the chest and he wasnt supposed to get shot in the head. two days after best's facebook post, guy cuffee's daugher lera jackson posted a video of her own. taking up for
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sot from fb video lera jackson, guy cuffee's daughter 7:28 blame angelo. blame angelo for putting his child as well and his girlfriend, fiance or whoever she was to him in danger. you can't blame the police, they did they're job. but a group led by india kager's mother says they want surveillance video of the shooting released. several demonstrations are planned in virginia beach tomorrow . sot from fb video - gina best, india kager's mother 2:05 i wont stop fighting for india. (((( i wont stop fighting for roman, i wont stop fighting for evan. and)))) i wont stop guy cuffee's daughter 11:25 i didn't want that to happen to him. i didn't plan for that to happen to him but when it happened it kind of gave us some kind of relief demonstrations planned for tomorrow. live in the newsroom im brandi cummings 10 on your side. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders -- taking a break from the campaign trail today --to sit down with civil rights leaders in washington d-c. sanders met with the reverend al sharpton - n-double-a-c-p president cornell brooks and chief
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urban league marc morial. sanders message to them today -- he understands the struggles of the african american community. s/ bernie sanders, (d) presidential candidate :18 "i understand that the african-american community has been harder hit than any other community in america. i understand that it is unacceptable that 35 percent of black children in america are living in poverty. this is the united states of america." he also criticized his republican colleagues in the senate for not honoring the constitution and calling on president obama to not nominate someone for the supreme court. the military announced late last year it was opening all combat posts to women. a decision that came after years of public push-back from some with-in the military. now -- some are asking another question? should women have to register for the selective service? all men must register when they turn 18. it's a topic that has come up repeatedly on the campaign trail - and again at a town hall last night in south carolina.
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do not see eye to eye on: cnn po-189we 14-29 trt 15 ted cruz if i'm elected president, we will not be drafting our daughters into combat on the frontlines. i was astonished two debates ago when three different republican candidates running for president stood up and supported drafting women into combat. i think that doesn't make any sense. tied to cnn po-201we 32-40 trt 8 marco rubio so for me, commander in chief, i will not lower standards in order to acheive some societal aim." florida governor jeb bush is also a supporter of having women register for the draft. pope francis is weighing in on another hot topic - immigration. returning to the vatican after a five day trip to mexico -- he says anyone who wants to build a wall along the u-s mexican border -- is not a christian. he made the comments just hours after visitng the u-s mexico border - where he prayed for migrants who died trying to reach the u-s. donald trump has vowed -- if he's elected president -- he'll build a wall
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quickly to the pope's comments. 25-42 for a religious leader to questions a persons faith is disgrace i'm proud to be a christian and as president i will not allow christianty to be attacked and weakened unlike what is happening now with our current president. trump went on to claim the mexican government is using pope francis as a pawn. and -- he says they should be ashamed for doing so -- when so many lives are at stake. 9-12 (si se puede - si se puede) immigration also on the minds of thousands of protesters in wisconsin today. they gathered for the "day without latinos" rally in madison. they are protesting two bills currently being debated in the state legislature. one would ban sanctuary cities for immigrants living in the u-s illegally. the other would stall efforts in one city to provide local photo i-d's for people having a hard time
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president obama is planning a trip to cuba. it will be his first since the u-s restored ties with the communist nation. and the first trip by any sitting u-s president in nearly 90 years. the white house says obama will discuss human rights and political freedom with cuban president raul castro. the visit is set for late march. coming up on wavy news ten at five- thirty - his patients called him doctor love. a teenager posing as a doctor gets put in jail. have you been using the same credit card for years? what you may be missing out on for being -- loyal too long. my full forecast is coming up in just a few
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bidding will start at 99 cents and is sure to go way up. all proceeds will go to the oprah winfrey leadership academy for girls. all of the items up for grabs come from oprah's closet at her harpo studios in chicago, which is closing after 25 years. coming up on wavy news ten at five- thirty - bad medicine. what a florida teen is saying after he was caught practicing medicine without a license. plus - the search for answers in the sinking of an american cargo ship. what the captain knew -- and when? the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done.
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...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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a follow up to a story we first told you about yesterday about a florida teenager caught faking it as a doctor. tonight - we're hearing his side of the story. 18 year old malachi love-robinson was
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performing an exam on an undercover agent. he's facing charges of practicing medicine without a license. a business prosecutors say he ran out of a west palm beach office building. he says the business was never officially open -- and the people who came to see him weren't technially patients. 1:24-31 trt 7 "it's pretty much like a friend to friend conversation that's very one on one based. there really is no treatment per so involved." tied to 1:36-43 trt 7 the goal of the business was just to operate as a doctor would but just with holistic medicine the teen is out of jail on a 21-thousand dollar bond and says he has hired an attorney. we're also keeping an eye on hderwri in jacksonville florida where the u-s coast guard investigating the sinking of the el faro. today we learned before the cargo ship sank back in october - the captain was warned about the storm looming offshore. second mate charles baird
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the ships captain a text message. he was on vacation when el faro sailed into the path of hurricane joaquin. baird testified today -- captain michael davidson did respond -- saying he planned to go near -- but south of the hurricane. investigators want to know why he sailed so close to the hurricane. all 33 crew members on board were killed in the sinking. tonight: mainly clear. cold. lows: upper-20s. winds: n 5-10 mph. friday: mostly sunny.
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50. winds: s 5-10 mph. saturday: plenty of sunshine. nice and warm! highs: mid-60s. winds: sw 10-15 mph. even though we have seen plenty of sunshine today, temperatures were stuck in the low to mid-40s thanks to a northerly breeze. that will all change heading into friday and the weekend. this evening, expect mainly clear skies with the mercury dropping into the mid-30s by 9 pm. overnight, we'll be tracking mainly clear skies, so as a result,
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expect a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow with highs back near 50. our average high is 51, so not a bad way to end the week. the weekend is looking..w ell.....awesome! with winds turning out of the southwest, we'll see mostly sunny skies on saturday with temperatures topping out in the mid-60s! a few more clouds expected on sunday, but highs will still be in the 60s. rain will be back in the forecast early next week, tonight: mainly clear. cold. lows: upper-20s. winds: n 5-10 mph. friday: mostly sunny. highs: mid-60s. winds: sw 10-15 mph. even though we have seen plenty of breeze. that will all the mercury dropping into the mid-30s by 9 pm. overnight, we'll be expect a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow with highs back near 50. our average high is 51, so winds turning out of the southwest, we'll see
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sunday, but highs will still be in the 60s. rain will be back in the forecast early next week,
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so enjoy the sun and the warmth while we have it! know it's important to get a good night's sleep. how much is enough - and why anything less could mean trouble. and i'm tom schaad. next on wavy news 10 at 6-- (52:09 21) (9a norfolk police officer is accused of exposing himself to here in the walmart parking lot to a woman who was sitting here i'll have that story coming up)) and it's a beautiful place where few people live-- and few have visited. tonight-- a look inside tangier island. the peril it faces in global warming-- the incredible history unearthed by rising sea
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people have there to stop it-- that something from. please don't miss that story next on wavy news
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breaking news in newport news - here's a look at the wavy jamcams on i-64 at the bland boulevard overpass near jefferson avenue. you can see some back - due to a traffic
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bound lanes are stopped on jefferson ave. police tell us there are injuries. if you're headed to that area - police suggest you find another route. more than a third of turning - when they should be getting a good night's sleep experts generally recommend adults sleep at least 7 hours a night. has been linked to a variety of diabetes, obesity and heart disease. based on a review of data - the centers for disease control reports 1 in 3 adults does not get enough sleep. this was especially true among african americans and people living in the southeastern region of the united states. coming up on wavy news ten at five- thirty - a mans desperate search to find his four-legged best friend. how he found his answer at the bottom of a hole. then at 6-- the search for a shooter after a dangerous crime on the interstate. the latest on what police
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geico for your boat. see how much you could save. the story of a missing dog in pennsylvania has a happy ending. the 7 year old golden retriever disappeared on monday. his owner posted photos on facebook -- but there was not a single sighting reported. then -- two days later -- the owner found his four legged friend -- at the bottom of a 15 foot hole. emergency crews helped pull the dog out. it was checked out by the vet --
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stay with us... wavy news 10 at 6 is next. it's the job of police to uphold the law-- but there are serious accusations against one local officer. only on 10-- his alleged victim's account of being violated in a very public place. tonight-- two police departments are looking into the incident. that's because the officer accused works for the department in norfolk. and the victim said it happened in the parking lot of the walmart on frederick boulevard-- it's one of the busiest places in town. she says the off-duty officer exposed himself to her in broad daylight. 10 on your side's andy fox has the details
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((when he shut the door and turned around his zipper was undone)) runs:04 the victim doesn't want to be identified but a man parked next to her exposed himself-full frontal nudity. he went up to outdoor living area. she was mad, and felt violated (26:39 1) ((so i pulled vehicle in i had no other defense but my vehicle )) runs:06 she admits she did not see his face she called police, and they drive her around the parking lot (33:05 1) ((i picked him out of stance and height his demeanor walking an pacing he was in dark clothing)) runs:11 portsmouth police determine the alleged suspect is actually an off duty norfolk police officer- norfolk police reach out (39:09 2) ((then all of a sudden you get a call from norfolk internal affairs what did you think about that)) runs: 05 (i just started crying this was a norfolk police officer that did this to me)) runs: 06 norfolk police told us
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allegations that were made in portsmouth regarding an off-duty norfolk police officer." the victim said both portsmouth and norfolk police asked could she be mistaken by what the 34:38) ((this is why women don't say anything cause i was afraid i didn't know what to do the man saw my license place coming an doing i had no idea until yesterday that he was a cop )) runs:07 norfolk police also told us department's office of professional standards have contacted the parties involved, and are investigating the
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needless to say-- a lot more is still to happen with this story. check wavy dot com often for the latest updates between newscasts. also tonight-- a dangerous ride on interstate 64 in newport news. 2 men got shot-- after a car pulled up to them on the highway-- and someone started firing. there are still a lot of unanswered questions. 10 on your side's erin kelly joins us with what she's learned so far. erin? we have a lot of questions tonight about what took place early this morning. what led up to this shooting and were the victims targeted? virginia state police say two men were in a car headed west on i-64 near harpersville road, when something went wrong. police say another vehicle pulled up next to them around 2 am and someone started shooting. it's not clear where the suspect's car went. troopers shut down two lanes on the highway as they checked out this car -- it appears the be the victims' vehicle. both men went to riverside


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