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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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super tuesday. presidential candidates have been visiting hampton roads before the primary-- hoping to earn your vote. chopper 10 can show you the line of people waiting to see democratic candidate hillary clinton in norfolk. the former secretary of state held a rally at lake taylor high school. 10 on your side's liz palka is there now. liz -- what was her message to virginians? it was all about her platform. she started with jobs and the economy, small businesses, clean energy. healthcare. gun laws and national security. everything you might expect. hillary clinton - c40 4:49:48 - it is not enough that my granddaughter has opportunities. i want your children and grandchildren to have exactly the same opportunities.. to fulfill their dreams in our great country. and if you help me, that is what i will work on every single day
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clinton was introduced by virginia's governor terry mcauliffe. the first thing he pointed out to the crowd was, clinton is spending the monday before super tuesday in virginia. she made very few references to other presidential candidates. in fact, she only called senator bernie sanders, "my opponent," when talking about paying for higher education and gun laws. and here is how she referenced donald trump when talking about the war on terror. c40 4:48:13 - it's hard putting together a coalition to defeat isis and these other terrorist groups. we need to have a coalition that includes muslim nations, don't we? right? so when you have a leading candidate for president on the republican side who insults every body ,including muslims, that makes the job a little harder. it's not only offensive, it's dangerous. it matters what you say when you run for president. and it really matters if you are a
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the lake taylor gym was told more than 14-hundred people were there. as were a handful of local political leaders. all sharing the same super tuesday. liz palka, 10 on your side. on the republican side, doctor ben carson visited regent university today. he sat down with the school's chancellor and c-e-o pat robertson as part of the presidential candidate forum. carson says he believes the people of america are fed up with washington and looking for a change. 14:30:16 and they are angry because they keep sending people to congress who are supposed to change things who are supposed to change but nothing gets changed at this point, carson doesn't have the numbers to win the g-o-p nomination, but that's not stopping him. over the weekend, he told
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has no plans to drop out because he still has supporters and money to and businessman donald trump was in virginia today. he visited radford university outside blacksburg -- touching on mexican- american relations, his fellow candidates and other issues. according to the latest c-n-n/o-r-c poll -- trump is holding onto that lead with republican voters. he has 49-percent, topping his closest competitor florida senator marco rubio, by more than 30 points. hillary clinton holds a considerable margin over rival bernie sanders. according to the poll, she's ahead 55 to 38-percent. super tuesday is the largest single-day haul of delegates in the presidential race. 595 are up for grabs on the republican side. 859 for the democrats. the newsteam on your side will have the election results tomorrow night on air and on wavy dot com. we'll update you with information at the bottom of the screen-- on wavy news 10 at 10 on fox 43-- and again for wavy news 10 at 11.
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show you video of a coast guard rescue that happened today. the crew says a man ran aground last night north of jamestown island on back river. the man decided to wait until high tide this morning to see if his boat would float again. when it didn't the team, an air team from elizabeth city went in and brought him to williamsburg airport. medics say he was doing well enough to go home. breaking news from raleigh, north carolina -- people are protesting a deadly officer-involved shooting. it happened during a chase this afternoon. a woman- who says she saw everything- claims: the wanted drug suspect started running when he saw police. she says officers followed him over a fence and shot him six times. police say there was a soon as we have an update. police have charged a man following a car and train crash in chesapeake. it happened on yadkin road, between george washington highway and i-64. new tonight -- we can show you the scene from chopper 10. police say the
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vehicle at the time but wasn't badly hurt. the driver told police-- he didn't see the train coming, and officers charged him for driving without a license. investigators say there are no flashing lights or crossing arms at the intersection because it's a feeder rail. new tonight neighbors offer prayers for two people killed in a fire. our sister station sent us this video from the urbanna baptist church they gathered to comfort one another just hours after the arson investigation started. beth justice sent us this video of dozier's port urbanna marina in flames. state police are now looking for the people who started it. the fire destroyed 21 boats, a boat house, storage facility and two cars. we spoke to a woman who was friends with those who died. c0042 - lisa baechler - lost boat in fire 2942 there are a lot of wonderful memories, a lot of beautiful friendships and you look at it and it's surreal to see it all kind of going up in flames and
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2958 she says the victims were wonderful people -- living on their boat while their house was under renovation. investigators have not identified them yet. secure your guns. that's the message portsmouth police have -- if you keep a weapon near family. sot - detective misty wants to knwo hey i found a gun, so they pick up a gun and they begin to mishandling it. 59:38 officers say that curiosity may have lead to two shootings sunday. the first happened on lancer drive, when police say a seven-year-old shot himself in the hand, the second happened on morgate lane-- when officers say one child shot a nine-year-old in the leg. want our chidlren to experince pain or to shoot themselves to learn not to handle a fiream. we want to teach them now. 57:32 police have not yet filed charges. find out how to get a free gun lock by clicking this story on wavy dot com. a driver faces charges, after norfolk police say he hit two children in a crosswalk. it happened this afternoon at the intersection of chesapeake boulevard and dudley
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police say he was trying to make a left onto dudley-- when he hit the seven and nine year old boys. medics took both to c-h-k-d and expect them to survive. new information about dozens of car vandalism cases in hampton. police tell us they're investigating 37 different reports from the past couple days. last night we told you about neighbors who had their windows shot out in the fox hill area. officers say the suspects used a pellet, paintball gun, or slingshot. they say the suspects took off in what may be a pick-up truck. if you can help police find them, call to honor a fallen police officer in virginia. a funeral service for officer ashley guindon is set to begin at noon in woodbridge. police say army staff sergeant ronald hamilton shot and killed his wife, crystal, as well as guindon, saturday. it was guindon's first day on the job. police say hamilton shot the other responding officers as well, but they are expected to recover. he faces murder charges and is in jail without bond.
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matthew junior is expected to plead guilty in the kidnapping and murder cases of two virginia college students. he's due in albemarle county court on wednesday. matthew faces charges in the deaths of 18-year-old u-v-a student hannah graham, and 20-year-old virginia tech student morgan harrington. prosecutors say he will take plea agreements to avoid the death penalty. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell's legal team has filed its opening brief to the u-s supreme court. defense lawyers believe a federal jury convicted him unfairly -- based off an overly broad definition of bribery. in 20-14, it found mcdonnell and his wife, corruption-- because they traded political favors for gifts and loans. both were sentenced to time behind bars-- and both are appealing. the supreme court will argue the case in april. we expect a decision in june. the congressional medal of honor. we rarely learn the identities of the special forces due to the secret nature of
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chief ed byers was front and center at the white house today. in 20-12, he took out a taliban fighter who had killed his teammate. then he threw himself on top of the hostage who he went in to save. byers says he accepted the medal on behalf of the entire seal community. now to a toll patrol story you'll see only on 10. a disagreement in virginia's capitol could mean the end of a toll bill designed to protect you. among other things-- it calls for some lanes that don't get tolled, an improved notification system if you don't pay-- and a cap on fines. it would affect crossings such as the h-r-b-t and the monitor merrimac making sure there are always free lanes that aren't tolled. lawmakers could kill it this week, because not everyone agrees with everything in the bill. state senator bill desteph (10:19 clip 1 or 2) cut down ((we can do that cutting the bill down doing the consumer friendly things there are still a lot of policy issues we need to the bill no negotiating no compromise) . so if there ill bill toll operators
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toll violators )) runs:10 we'll let you know what happens with the bill on wednesday. a community comes together to remember storm victims. we'll take you to a special vigil in honor of the three people who died in the waverly tornado. a sandwich settlement means you could be getting more for your money. the update to the fight over subway's footlongs. nasa astronaut scott kelly has spent a year in space. hear when he'll be returning to earth and what happened aboard the international space station today.
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families, friends and loved ones have come together to remember the victims of a deadly tornado. the e-f one struck the tiny town of waverly. it killed three people-- including a toddler, while ripping homes and businesses to shreds, on wednesday. 10 on your side's liz kilmer was there for tonight's remembrance. liz? around 200 community members came out here tonight - among them, the victims' families - the woman who lost her brother, boyfriend and young son in the tornado - a tragedy that folks here don't understand, but plan to overcome. with candles held high - this small community is uniting in prayer. as their town remains torn up around them - they stand strong. c58 pastor to crowd 29:19 "waverly we have been down before, but we have gotten back up. now it's time to rise back up again." converging outside of the annie b jackson elementary school - hundreds pay respect to the three lives taken by the destructive tornado. and the loved ones left behind. c28 13:13:30 "it's gonna be so hard not seeing my baby run through the house."
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stringfield's face as she remembers her two- year-old son, ian lewis. her 26-year-old brother, devine stringfield. her 50-year-old boyfriend, larry turner. c28 13:10:14 "i just love them all so much, all three of them." trenika's loved ones were together inside a mobile home - in the twister's path. their bodies were thrown by the violent storm. balloons, soaring high, symbolize - faith that they are now somewhere better. c28 12:31 "i feel like they had a relationship with god and i feel like, all i know is god knows best and i know that we serve a wonderful god i do know that." while she'll see her loved ones again. 13:02 "i'm happy to know that because god chose to save my life 'cause he chose to save my life i wanna do my best you know i look forward to doing my best, god's will, so i can see my son again, i really wanna see my son, my friend, my brother again, i really do." tonight's event was coordinated by the incredible women social
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collected for the families during the vigil - you can also donate online, we'll post a link to do so on wavy-dot com. in waverly, i'm liz kilmer, 10 on your side. tonight: mostly clear. lows will be in the low/mid 40s. winds west 5-10mph. tuesday: mostly sunny. highs will be in the low/mid 60s. winds se 5-10mph. tonight: mostly clear. lows will be in the
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5-10mph. tuesday: mostly sunny. highs will be in the low/mid 60s. winds se 5-10mph. tonight: mostly clear. lows will be in the low/mid 40s. winds west 5-10mph. tuesday: mostly sunny. highs will be in the low/mid 60s. winds se
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tonight: mostly clear. lows will be in the low/mid 40s. winds west 5-10mph. tuesday: mostly sunny. highs will be in the low/mid 60s. winds se 5-10mph. tonight: mostly clear. lows will be in the low/mid 40s. winds west 5-10mph. tuesday: mostly sunny. highs will be in the
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after a year in space -- astronaut scott kelly will soon be back on planet earth. hear what he had to say aboard the international space station today. we're on your side with the latest news, weather, and traffic as you get ready to head out the door every morning. tune into wavy news 10 today - beginning at 4:30. and we're on the air
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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breaking news -- we have just learned of another change of date in a was set to start in march orginally. last week a portsmouth judge pushed it to august. tonight 10 on your side has learned it has been moved to sometime in july because some witnesses we unavailble. rankin faces charges for shooting and killing a shoplifting suspect. read into the history of this case on wavy dot com. the next time you order a foot-long at subway -- that's exactly what you'll get. a judge granted final approval to settle a class-action lawsuit against the sandwich company. it ensures the bread is actually 12 inches long. customers filed the suit after one person posted an 11-inch sandwich online in 2013. subway has agreed to monitor the baking
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after a year in space, nasa astronaut scott kelly is headed home. today marked the last day of his mission commanding the international space station. kelly and russian cosmonaut mikhail kornienko have been serving, so scientists could study the effects of space travel on the human body. kelly returns to earth tomorrow, so the team held a change of command. editor 0:13 some of us the guys in the black shirts here are going home tomorrow. it's always bitter sweet when you leave this incredible place. editor 4:43 you've been such a great role-model to us we're very very thakful so thank you. american astronaut tim kopra has assumed control of the i-s-s. kelly served locally at n-a-s oceana during his navy years. he has an identical twin-- who is also an astronaut-- and nasa did a special study on them! we are getting down to the wire, will the redskins be able to sign kirk cousins to a new contract before tomorrow's deadline?
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with a little more than 19 hours left, will the redskins be able to sign quarterback kirk cousins to a long term deal? or will team cough up 20 million dollars to keep cousins around one more season? i'm bruce rader, the clock is ticking on the kirk cousins matter. according to mike jones in the washington post, as of this morning,
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cousins' agent were still talking about a long term deal. but there has been silence throughout the day and it appears "unlikely" that the two sides will reach an agreement by 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. if that is the case, the redskins would likely use the franchise tag to keep cousins around for next season, thus committing to pay him just under 20-million dollars, all of which would immediately count against the salary cap. i'll have the full story for you tomorrow night at 6. the new associated press college basketball top 25 has virginia ranked 4th in the nation this week, behind number one kansas, michigan state, and villanova. virginia's win saturday over north carolina keeps uva just a game out of first place behind unc and miami and helps the hoos' chances at landing a top 4 seed in the acc tournament. virginia plays at clemson
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acc monday night basketball---speaking of 8th ranked north carolina trying to bounce back from their loss at virginia--taking on syracuse---first half---kennedy meeks with the steal---all the way to the bucket---he had 10 points off the bench---and the tar heels led by four at halftime--- second half---2:24 to go-----syracuse down four---michael ben-uh-jay knocks down the three----and the unc lead cut to one, hoos fans were rooting for syracuse--- minute 15, unc up 3---joel berry can't connect from long range---but bryce johnson cleans it up---he had another double double, heels win by five and stay a game ahead of uva and half a game ahead of miami. meac monday. only two games left for both norfolk state and hampton university----both teams at home tonight--- norfolk state 11 and 4 in the meac---hosting howard tonight senior d'shon taylor has the green light from long range and connects--- he finished with a team-high 20 points--- also a big night for big man jordan butler---on the fast
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and under for the nifty layup-- he had 18 points and also grabbed 7 boards--- but we know butler likes to rock the rim--- a little later----butler throws it down--- norfolk state led a 17-point halftime lead dwindle to 3---but still go on for the 84-66 win the wrap up the regular season against their long time rivals hampton university on thursday night-- but that game dosen't as much now that hampton beat delaware state tonight and officially wraps up the regular season conference title----the pirates--- will be your number one seed heading into the meac tournament, which starts on monday at scope in
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test. test. test. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- steve martin and edie brikell. martin freeman. musical guest, the cast of broadway's "bright star." and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 427.


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