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tv   Today  NBC  March 2, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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good morning. something for everyone. donald trump and hillary clinton each win seven super tuesday states, tightening their grips on their party's nomination. >> once we get all of this finished, i'm going to go after one person, that's hillary clinton. >> instead of building walls, barriers. >> cruz, rubio and sanders, will they be well enough to stay in the race? a new piece of debris has been found that could be from malaysia air flight 370. missing fer inging for nearly two years. could it help solve one of the world's biggest mysteries? scott kelly returns to earth after spending more time in space than any other american. what he's saying about being back home. the shocking sight. the moment a toddler falls out of a moving van, caught on camera. the child getting up and chasing
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how a good samaritan helped that boy find his family today, wednesday, march 2nd, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today" on a wen wednesday morning. grab tooth sticks and stick them in savannah's eyes. she has a late night. >> the glasses are there to hide it. i was surprised you said it's wednesday morning because it's still tuesday night for me. >> late night but it was interesting. let's get to the results. start with the republicans. donald trump scored seven victories. vermont, massachusetts, virginia, tennessee, alabama, georgia and arkansas. ted cruz notched three wins, including the big prize of texas. that is his home state.
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oklahoma and alaska. marco rubio took minnesota, his first win of this race. here's how the delegate count stacks up this morning. trump with 292. 188 for cruz. 98 for marco rubio. >> on the democratic side, it was a big night for hillary clinton. virginia, tennessee, alabama, georgia, arkansas, texas and massachusetts. bernie sanders is vowing he's not going anywhere. he won in his home state of vermont, as well as in oklahoma, minnesota and colorado. take a look at the delegate count. hilarylary clinton with a commanding lead, 979 to 382 for bernie sanders. >> we have complete coverage from our decision 2016 team. let's start with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. peter, good morning to you. >> hey, matt, good morning to you. it was definitely a super tuesday for donald trump, demonstrating wide appeal from the deep south to the northeast. all said, donald trump has won
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delegates than marco rubio and ted cruz combined. >> reporter: donald trump tallying up another impressive night. >> we could win six or seven or eight or nine. >> reporter: the billionaire boasting lopsided victories from alabama to massachusetts, and narrower ones from arkansas to virginia. >> your critics would suggest you're dividing the country and your party. >> i am a unifier. once we get all this finished, i'll go after one person, hillary clinton. >> reporter: naysayers insisting he's toxic to the brand. chris christie toned it down, trying to bring together a broken party. >> the republican party has become more dynamic and diverse. we're taking from the democrats, taking from the independents. we have more people. >> god bless the lone star state. >> reporter: by locking up wins in his delegate-rich home state of texas and oklahoma next door,
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alaska, ted cruz strengthened his case as the best equipped to challenge trump. >> for the candidates who haven't won a state, who haven't wrapped up significant delegates, prayerfully consider coming together. uniting. that is the only way to beat donald trump. >> i love you, miami! >> reporter: marco rubio with his sights set on florida in two weeks captured a desperately needed win in minnesota. once again, targeted trump. >> the party of lincoln and reagan and the presidency of the united states will never be held by a con artist. i will campaign as long as it takes and wherever it takes to ensure that i am the next president of the united states. >> one of the biggest take aways from last night should be the turnout. consider this, 15 states have voted. 15 republican states have now had numbers, record turnouts, except for vermont.
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swept to victory in the white house to 2016. here's how they compare. the parties effectively trading places. on the right, 2008. democrats with 8.2 million voters in the states that voted in primaries on super tuesday. the republicans with 5 million. this time around, the almost exact opposite. the republicans with 8.3 million voters turning out. the democrats with 5.5 million. matt and savannah? >> peter, thank you very much. donald trump says he deserves a lot of the credit for that. >> it's a telling number we just showed. with wins in seven states last night, hillary clinton has taken full command of the democratic race this morning. with victory in her sights, her campaign is increasingly focusing on donald trump. nbc's kristen welker is following that part of the story this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you. hillary clinton has major momentum this morning after resounding victories all across the south. fueled in large part by huge african-american support.
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can stop her, but it's going to be a lot tougher now. >> reporter: clinton securing her front runner status tuesday, sweeping the south, winning seven states in all. >> now this campaign moves forward to the motor city and beyond. >> reporter: even pulling off a victory in massachusetts, defeating the vermont senator in his own backyard. >> this country belongs to all of us, not just those at the top. >> reporter: as clinton marchs smarches forward, sanders' chances are narrowing. >> i am proud to bring vermont values all across this country. >> reporter: tuesday, he claimed victory in his home state of vermont and wins in oklahoma, colorado and minnesota. >> thank you, bernie. >> reporter: vowing to fight on. >> by the end of tonight, we are
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>> reporter: still, clinton is setting her sights on the battle that may lie ahead. a face-off with donald trump in november. >> america never stopped being great. we have to make america whole. >> reporter: painting herself as the anti-trump. >> i believe what we need in america today is more love and kindness. >> reporter: the republican front runner returning fire, signaling, if nominated, he'll use the controversy over her e-mails as one of his biggest weapons. >> what she did was a criminal act. if she's allowed to run, i would be very, very surprised. >> the rhetoric we're hearing on the other side has never been lower. >> while clinton is leading by hundreds of delegates this morning, her aides don't think she can put the race out of reach until mid to late march. she holds a rally in new york tonight, while sanders will hold a breakfast and lay out the path
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intention of getting out any time soon. savannah? >> kristen welker, thank you. let's take a closer look at the super tuesday results. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press," also up all night. >> yes, ma'am. >> any other election cycle, if anybody did this well on super tuesday, having won the early states, you'd be saying, the race is over. you'd be taking a nap. >> the party leaders would be falling all over themselves, excited about this leader who is bringing enthusiasm and new voters and doing all this winning. but it's not the case with donald trump. >> instead, we're seeing the remaining in the race looking at an increasingly difficult path to the nomination. what could they do at this point? >> he has over a hundred delegate lead and we haven't assigned all the delegates from super tuesday. he'll likely get over 300. even though a hundred, you think, it can't be much, but it is significant in the way the process works. they basically have 13 days. there's a lot of primaries and
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obviously, we're spending a lot of time. we'll be talking about florida and ohio. why? marco rubio and john kasich. the game now, they can't get the nomination of their own. ted cruz, marco rubio. >> they can't get to the magic number. >> without a contested convention. donald trump is the only one to get the contested number. they have to beat them. i don't know where marco rubio can win before florida. i don't know where john kasich can win before ohio. cruz might get a few victories, but trump is going to win most of the states. starting perhaps with michigan six days from now. >> we'll continue this conversation in a moment, but let's look at the democrats. people need to look at the delegates and see why pundits like yourself are saying this is a tougher road for bernie sanders. >> few things. first of all, there's that gap. a 600 delegate gap there, number one. if you take out the super delegates, which people know
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have endorsed her, she'd have a 200 delegate lead. but i want to focus here. the orange are the states clinton won. this is a lot of african-american voters that dominated these primaries last night. bernie sanders did pathetic with these voters. if you can't win these voters -- oh, here we go. you know what, roker? finally, this machine is getting use. >> he's sensitive about the map. >> good-bye. >> lick it while we come over here and let nicolle and matt in on this. >> that's something you don't hear every day. >> nicolle wallace is joining us. trump has a great night. cruz had a better than expected night, and not a great night for marco rubeio. play the role of rubio, staying in the race? >> there is still an animated
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reaching the magic number of 1,200 plus delegates. that is all that rubio can hope for, in terms of the results and the delegate count in the primaries. he no longer has a path of getting 1,200 himself. >> chuck, we watched as donald trump took to the stage. who was that guy? it was not the donald trump that we've seen over the last six months. he was restrained. he complimented ted cruz. didn't call him a liar. couple shots at marco rubio. is that the trump of the future, and how long can he stay in that character? >> i don't know. we just had this conversation, and i singled her out with this conversation. >> three hours ago. >> yesterday, she's going, you know, if he could get act like a statesman -- >> for a minute. >> well, he did it for a few minutes yesterday. the problem with trump, one step forward and two steps back. if that trump can sustain this temperament for 13 more days, it's all he has to do, until march 13th.
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and they won't be able to stop him at the convention. but the trump we've seen has never been able to sustain temperamentally that persona. >> remember when we interviewed trump that one time? he said, i'm trying to be statesmanlike, then he was dropping a world at thedrop ing that word at the rally. can a third-party candidate emerge? last night, we coined a term, establishment fantasy. is that what it is or is there a possibility? >> it is a possibility because in the cycle, everything is possible. everything is on the table. you would have called a contested convention an impossibility three months ago but it's also on the table. >> maybe i'm slow on the uptake, but if the plan is to stop donald trump at the convention, wouldn't the republican establishment want all of these guys to stay in the race, to keep dividing up the delegates? >> absolutely.
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not only that, hope you get mitt romney to file late in the california primary. will there be a non-aggression pact between cruz, rubio and kasich? kasich, you're on your own in ohio. good luck. we endorse you. we want our voters to vote for you. john kasich says, i want my supporters to vote for marco rubio. if that is the plan, i just don't think these three campaigns can work together like that. >> no evidence of that cooperation. >> it's also really, really hard. it's really difficult to deprive trump of the nomination. not because of the masses and numbers, but because of the frosty of his-- ferocity of his supporters. >> rubio almost won virginia mostly from democrats trying to help him out, but it didn't work. >> matt asked for a quick answer. >> that was like two and a half minutes. i don't know how that went. >> guys, thanks. >> i'm going to go mess around
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>> thank you very much. hallie jackson spent the night covering ted cruz's campaign. she caught up with him after he houston. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. ted cruz is already looking today. after cheering the results of the oklahoma primary backstage at his party, he did what he had to do in texas, won, and bought himself more time to try to make his case that republicans, including his rivals, should unite around him as the best chance of stopping trump. >> where you go from here, how do you get the republican nomination? >> at this point, there have been 15 states that have voted. only one candidate has beaten donald trump. that's been us. >> should somebody drop out? >> i think all of them love this country and are putting this country first. if it becomes clear to a candidate that that candidate does not have a path to the nomination, has not been able to
7:15 am
hasn't been able to rack up considerable delegates, there comes a point, do you want donald trump to be the nominee? if trump is the nominee, republicans get clobbered. i think people are going to look at the numbers, look at the results, and consider what to do. it is my hope that as a party, we come together and say, stop this madness. do not nominate a candidate who will drive the party off a cliff. >> how do you beat donald trump when he has performed as well as he's performed tonight? >> we have to get one on one. head to head. i don't just beat donald trump, i beat him resoundingly. where he benefits now, he has everyone else being fractured and divided. it's my hope the party will say, it is reckless. at a time when the stakes have never been higher, it's reckless to roll the dice and nominate donald trump. donald trump may be the one candidate on the face of the planet that hillary clinton can beat.
7:16 am
we can't let it happen. don't think republicans want the general election to consist of two rich new york liberals, one republican and one democrat, running against each other. we should nominate a real conserve tiff andative and i hope that's what we're going to do. >> cruz is not well-liked by colleagues in the senate, but he seems to be getting reluctant backup from lindsey graham, who says the establishment may be in a position where they have to rally around cruz to stop trump. the senator telling me, senator cruz, that is, that he'd welcome the support. >> the establishment rallying around one of the ultimate outsiders? >> apparently. we'll see how this shapes up. >> hallie, thank you very much. we'll have more on the impact of super tuesday and the races moving forward in a little while. breaking news in the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. nbc news learned investigators believe another piece of debris
7:17 am
coast of africa. tom costello has been on this story for two years and has the breaking news. good morning. >> nbc news learned a piece of debris was discovered on a sand bank off the mossambiqub coast. an early analysis suggests it could have come from mh-370. words were seen on the piece and the locals think it could have been in the water for two years. the debris found by an american man who has been blogging about the search for mh-370. you callmay recall the first piece of debris washed on the other side of madagascar, reunion island last july. the ocean currents would have carried the new piece of debris to the african coast. it's thought the debris may also be from the plane's tail section, from the horizontal stabilizer.
7:18 am
australia and the u.s. have looked at the photographs of the debris debris. close sources close to the investigation says it looks like a piece from a bowing inging inging -- boeing 777. mh-370 was a boeing 777. 239 people on board. it disappears two years ago next week on a flight from malaysia to beijing. ever since, the search has been focused on the indian ocean. the underwater search teams team. the command center tells nbc news it's aware a piece of debris has been found and it's trying to determine what it might be, arranging for a thorough investigation. sources say engineers who looked at the debris say there is a good chance it came from mh-370. >> tom, i know you'll keep an thank you. it was raining here a little while ago. >> our temperatures are going to start to drop. part of the same system, look
7:19 am
we had strong storms move through. jackson county, a little east of huntsville, alabama. they start to pick up the pieces. the good news, the worst is now done. we've got warm air, and it has been a warm winter. warmest on record for over 20 spots from december 1st to february 29th. you can see the northeast and new england. look, it goes to north dakota,al sand -- alexandria and virginia. 51 in new york city right now. by the time we get into this afternoon, we'll be down to the 30s. the temperatures in the 20s making their way to the east. that's what's going on around the country. we're going to get plants may have their limits. imagination...doesn't with the right nourishment...
7:20 am day... have you seen your garden?'ll blossom. find low prices on the things that make easter fun and delicious. walmart. >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you so much. coming up, just this morning, the anthem of the seas arriving back in port after cutting yet another cruise
7:21 am
we'll hear from passengers about the ill-fated voyage from the controversy surrounding the end of the voyage. emotional new testimony from erin andrews. the extreme pruecautions she now takes at hotels after being secretly recorded by her stalker. we'll have the later report.
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good morning hampton roads. time now is xx-xx. we're following breaking news in upstate new york where a norfolk souther train derailed carrying hazardous materials. this happed around 11:30 last night. officials evacuated 55 homes in the area after at least one of the cars started leaking ethanol. no one was hurt. crews are working to clean up the accident, and figure out how it happened. happening today, jesse matthew, junior is expected
7:28 am
connection to the deaths of two virginia college students. prosecutors say he was involved in the murders of hannah graham and morgan harrington. 10 on your side's erin kelly will be in charlottesville. look for her reports starting at 4:00. good morning, hampton roads. let's check traffic now. today: a few showers this morning. then partly cloudy and breezy. highs nw 10-20mph with gusts up to 30mph.
7:29 am
lows will be in the low 30s. winds north 8-12mph. thursday: partly cloudy. chilly. highs will be in the region this morning. they will move out later this morning. then we'll see partly cloudy skies and chilly conditions. afternoon. winds will be strong out of the northwest. we'll be dry and chilly tomorrow with highs in the 40s. thursday night a weak system will move through the region. it will bring us a rain/snow mix. some light accumulations on grassy areas just north and west of our region. stay tuned for updates as the forecast may change. we'l dry out warmer on sunday. there may be an isolated shower
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7:30 now on this wednesday morning. march 2nd, 2016. nice crowd on our corner of rockefeller plaza. good morning to them. little rainy this morning. >> a lot of people talking about politics. it is the big story. the presidential race and all the super tuesday results. donald trump dominated the states. marco rubio picked up his first caucus. but bolstered by three victories of his own, ted cruz is calling on his rivals to drop out and let him go one on one against trump. >> so long as the field remains divided, donald trump's path to the nomination remains more likely. republicans. for conservatives. and for the nation. >> over on the democratic side, hillary clinton added to her
7:31 am
she won seven states, with a strong showing in the south. she started to sound like a candidate, looking ahead to the general election. >> the stakes in this election have never been higher. and the rhetoric we're hearing on the other side has never been lower. trying to divide america between us and them is wrong, and we're not going to let it work. >> bernie sanders won four states last night and vowed to take his fight against clinton to the end. all the way to the convention. let's get more from peter alexander. good morning. >> hey, matt and savannah. we want to break down some of the numbers from last night. these are things that stuck out to us at nbc's exhibit polls. donald trump bringing out huge numbers of republicans. look at this. when you consider how well he did among republicans without
7:32 am
he has a narrow advantage among those who have college degrees. those who don't have a college degree, donald trump trounced his opponents, winning 54% of the vote. he faces challenges. this is from ted cruz's home state, the biggest prize last night in texas. 25% of voters in texas said that they were dissatisfied with donald trump. only 25% said they were satisfied. 75% said they were dissatisfied. hillary clinton with another strong showing last night. to win this fall, she's going to have to bring together young democratic voters. look what we witnessed again last evening. among the democratic voters under the age of 30, hillary clinton won barely 1/3 of them. among those between 30 and 59, she won 62%. those 60 years of age and older, 72% of them sided with hillary clinton. couple things to watch as we go forward. back to you.
7:33 am
in other news, this morning, royal caribbean's anthem of the seas has arrived back in its home port of new jersey after the second ill-fated voyage in a month. we'll go to bayonne, new jersey. some of the passenger janet shamlian spoke to some of the passengers. >> some are very angry. they're telling stories of honeymoons, vacations, anniversary trips cut short. many of them, by some accounts, more than 150 are also sick with the norovirus. that's leading to conflicting reports about why this vessel returned early. >> reporter: it's happened again. another ill-fated voyage for one of the world's largest cruise ships. anthem of the seas cut short its
7:34 am
says, because of a severe forecasted storm. >> disappointed. i wanted to cry. you wait so long and pay so much money. >> reporter: is that the reason? ports indicate dozens of passengers and crew are sick with norovirus. on board, frustration. one passenger tweeting, no one to clean. staff in garn teen and told not to talk to the press. another tweeting, wish royal caribbean and rclcorp were honest about why we turned back. my honeymoon was cut short. the cruise line tweeted the norovirus didn't affect the decision to return. a few weeks ago, hurricane force winds, pounding sea and angry passengers. >> i think you find out people's lives are at risk. >> reporter: this morning, another trip to paradise cut short. >> royal caribbean is facing a
7:35 am
cruise that came back early. royal caribbean says the suit is without merit and it turned back this time because it was following the new storm avoidance policy that it put into place after the last incident in february. matt and savannah, back to you. >> janet, thank you. erin andrews' $75 million civil trial is one step closer to going to the jury after she took the stand for a second straight day. she faced tough questions from defense attorneys. nbc's morgan radford is at the courthouse courthouse. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. in fact, four new witnesses are scheduled to testify here in the courtroom today. that's as the defense scrambles to make its case as to why the marriott shouldn't get stuck with a $75 million tab. >> reporter: the jury in the erin andrews' case will hear from more witnesses today. the two days of emotional
7:36 am
likely made the biggest impact. she broke down in tears when talking about her boyfriend, the hockey star. >> i think he would have loved the girl more. that was there before this happened. >> reporter: she described her new routine when he stays in a hotel. at check-in, she asks for a different room. she doesn't let anyone deliver food and sets b to,o ss booby traps to know if there were intruders. >> i put a paper there. if it's moved, i can tell. >> reporter: the lawyer questioned her from the national marriott. >> i don't know. can you repeat your question, please? >> reporter: the defense tried to show she hasn't been seriously damaged by the secretly recorded viral video. >> you also got an endorsement from reebok? >> yes. >> diet mountain dew? >> florida orange juice? >> yes. >> reporter: the jury heard from
7:37 am
>> did you see her performance suffer in any way as a result of the events involving mr. barrett? >> no. >> reporter: andrews said monday the network made her give an interview about the ordeal. >> my boss said, before you go on-air for college football, we need you to give a sit-down interview. >> reporter: prompting the company to release a statement. developments in the case have been interpreted by some to mean espn was unsupportive of erin. that isn't true. for erin, the video will always be there. >> it'll be a reminder every day. >> andrews says she's been in theory the rest of her life. a jury will decide how much that pain is worth in dollars, if any. >> morgan, thank you. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> we're looking at a big change coming, as far as the west coast. we've been talking about el nino. it's about to really fuel some wet weather in southern california.
7:38 am
pacific coast. we've had a big ridge of high pressure pushing the jet stream up to the north, keeping california dry for the last month or so. look out, the ridge breaks down. we're seeing all this moisture streaming into central and southern california, especially saturday into sunday. here's what we're looking for. urban roadway flooding on the weekend. mud and debris flow in recent burn areas. 1 to 3 inches in southern california.
7:39 am
7 inches of >> that's your latest weather. >> thanks. coming up, how did this happen? the shocking moment a toddler falls out of a moving van. that boy's emotional reunion with his family. first, the end of a record-setting advantage. american astronaut scott kelly's return to earth overnight, as he
7:40 am
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we're back at 7:44. this is really cool. a triumphant return for american astronaut scott kelly. >> he landed safely in kazakhstan overnight after setting the record for the longest any american has spent in space. tom costello has covered kelly's mission for the last year. good morning again. >> scott kelly and his russian roommate for the last year landed in frozen kazakhstan early this morning. now, kelly begins a very long journey to the other side of the planet, making his way back to houston, where he'll arrive last tonight. >> reporter: it was just before 10:30 a.m. local time when the space capsule carrying scott kelly touched down in kazakhstan. >> scott kelly, back on mother earth after 340 days in space. >> reporter: for kelly and the russian astronaut, the end of a
7:45 am
>> we want to say good-bye and thank you. >> reporter: six hours earlier, hugs and good-byes on the international space station, as all three men climbed into the space capsule. >> closed at 3:43 p.m. central time. >> reporter: and closed the hatch for the return trip home. kelly had been on board since march 27th of last year. tweeting stunning photographs along the way. >> having no running water, you know, it's kind of like, i've been in the woods camping for a year. with regards to like hygiene. >> reporter: nasa is hoping to learn the long-term effects on the human body in space. scott's brother also subjecting himself to tests. while a 340-day space mission may be an american record, it's not a world record. that's held by another russian cosmonaut.
7:46 am
back on terra firma. >> he'll undergo more medical tests tonight, but a big celebration is awaiting him. among those on the ground, his twin brother mark, the nasa administrator and joe biden's wife, dr. jill biden. >> it's a cool story. in part, scott kelly and others like him are responsible -- didn't nasa have a record application class for people who want to become astronauts? >> they'd get more if they had the landing site, say, in cancun. >> good news, you're home. bad news, you're in kazakhstan. >> good times! >> tom, thank you. where parents are being threatened with prison time if they post pictures of their children online. >> this one is a doozy. carson will explain why
7:47 am
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the washes with the shampoos, the shampoos with the lotions. a combination designed to help improve your baby's skin barrier while you stimulate his senses. with johnson's, the more you put in, the more they get out. johnson's . so much more carson is in the orange room with the lighter side of super tuesday. for that reason, no tie this morning. >> that's right, guys. thank you. super tuesday made for an eventful night online. over 1 million tweets came in on the topic. this one moment in particular went viral. as trump was delivering his speech, supporter chris christie was in the wings. social media quickly became wrapped up in the expression on christie's face. let's go through some. david posting, chris christie
7:51 am
if he turn td stoveed the stove off before he left for work. elizabeth, when you realize you're sitting in the wrong uber but it's too late to say anything. then ryan posted, i genuinely believe chris christie is being held hostage right now. rosie writes, governor christie, blink twice if you're in trouble. here was the other message that was clear online. throughout the night, google searches for the phrase, how can i move to canada, skyrocketed. it was 1,500% higher than usual. the canadian government website still holding this banner this morning that reads, you may experience delays while using the website. we are working to resolve this issue. thank you for your patience. we're not saying the canadian government website crash has to do with the google search but it is a coincidence. >> one of the google searches was from chris christie. >> if it weren't so serious,
7:52 am
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good morning hampton roads. time now is xx-xx. the big winners in super tuesday were the frontrunners democrat hillary clinton and republican donald trump let's start with a look at the democratic numbers. clinton overwhelmingly won virginia over bernie sanders, 64 to 35- percent. now to the republicans, where donald trump won virginia with 35- percent of the vote. marco rubio was a close second at 32- percent, and ted cruz was third with 17- percent. there was one city where the frontrunners did not win the most votes. we'll have that coming up in just a few minutes over on fox43. good morning, hampton roads. let's check
7:58 am
today: a few showers this morning. then partly 40s this afternoon. winds nw 10-20mph with gusts up to 30mph. tonight: mostly clear. lows will be in the low 30s. winds north 8-12mph. thursday: partly cloudy. chilly. highs will be in the mid 40s. winds var. 5-10mph. a weak disturbance is bringing a few showers to the region this morning. temps will start out mild, but will fall to the upper 40s later this afternoon. winds will be
7:59 am
northwest. we'll be dr chris: next time -- we are cooking with the folks at grey goose. luana: we will discuss early
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today". coming up, super night for hillary clinton and donald trump. >> thank you all, so much. what a super tuesday! >> when we unify, there's nobody, nobody that's going to beat up. thank you very much, everybody. >> both candidates moving closer to securing their party's nominations. their competition vowing to fight on. darling, hold my hand is cait ready to date? caitlyn jenner opens up after life after her transition and answers the question everyone is asking. >> there is a revelation in the first episode that you may be ready to start dating? >> i know people are always interested in that. i'm on top of the world taking her in for landing. >> clear to land. >> there you go. you did it. >> it's not down yet. >> definitely half the job.
8:01 am
>> we'll see if i could handle the pressure on my internship inside jfk's air traffic control tower. today, wednesday, march 2nd, 2016. we'll have a house party >> good morning, raleigh, north carolina. >> good morning, washington! >> i'm at the "today" show. >> spending my 40th birthday. >> celebrating my birthday with all my friends. welcome back to "today" on this wednesday morning. nice crowd of people outside. we'll get out and say hi to them in the beginning of our next half hour. >> as soon as the rain clears, we're there. >> done. >> lot to get to this in half hour, beginning with the results from super tuesday.
8:02 am
hillary clinton building steam with seven wins each yesterday. was it enough to seal the deal for either of them? hallie jackson is in houston where she spent the evening with ted cruz's campaign. >> hey, matt. good morning. ted cruz is arguing that he can be the one to bring the party together to try to slow down donald trump. but trump looks tough to stop, making the case, he can unify the party and taking a more measured, thoughtful tone after his big night. >> reporter: from the northeast to the deep south, dominance from donald trump. racking up seven wins and, more importantly, racking up delegates. >> i think it's awfully hard to say, that's not the person we want to lead the party, right? >> reporter: skipping ingping ingping the victory laps for a news conference, trump sounding gracious. >> i want to congratulate ted on the win in texas. i know how hard he worked.
8:03 am
establishment revolt against him. >> they'll just lose everything and that would be the work of a loser. >> reporter: he couldn't resist a dig at marco rubio. >> he had a tough night. >> reporter: who is notching his first and only win in minnesota. >> we've only had five days now to explain to people what a con artist donald trump is and you're already seeing the impact across the country. i never said we were going to win or close out the campaign on super tuesday. ted cruz did. >> reporter: cruz winning his home state, texas, and picking up two more victories in oklahoma and alaska. to his campaign, a sign this is becoming a two-man race. >> should somebody drop out? >> it is my hope that as a party, we come together and say, stop this madness. do not nominate a candidate who will drive the party off a cliff. >> reporter: on the democratic side -- >> what a super tuesday! >> reporter: hillary clinton sweeping the south.
8:04 am
sanders' backyard. the front runner barely mentioningcompetitor. instead, clinton is aiming at her potential republican rival. >> america never stopped being great. [ applause ] we have to make america whole. >> make america great again is going to be much better than making america whole again. >> clinton seeming to solidify the front runner status. on the republican side, a big story line, turnout. the number of republicans voting or caucusing on super tuesday broke records in every single state except for vermont. it's what we've seen so far through the primary season, too. >> hallie jackson, thank you so with natalie out in los angeles angeles, we have tamron here for a check of the top stories. >> breaking news this morning to report in the search for malaysia airlines flight 370
8:05 am
next week. nbc news learned that investigators believe another piece of debris may have been found off the coast of africa. it was reportedly found between moezambique and madagascar. the first piece of the plane washed ashore on the other side of madagascar last july. the flight was traveling from malaysia to china when it board. police in los angeles caught the fugitive who escaped after an hour-long chase and standoff. the 35-year-old had been on the run since monday. he was arrested near a bus stop tuesday. police say he's the hummer driver who led them on a slow-speed pursuit with his kidnapped girlfriend and two young people in the vehicle. they were not hurt. he ran off into the thick brush after the dramatic standoff. a terrifying scene caught on camera ended without any serious injuries. this is unbelievable. a toddler -- look at the video -- tumbles from the back of his grandfather's van on a
8:06 am
you see the child running after the van. a good samaritan rescued the little boy, reunited him with his family. the grandfather said he'd been rear ended a few days ago in an accident and it must have loosened his rear latch. >> but the kid shouldn't have been in that section without a seat belt. >> so many questions. the little boy is okay. i have one more story. when you're at a sporting event, the best seats in the house have many perks but there are risks involved. this happened at madison square garden during the knicks-blazers game. a pass makes its way to the front row. the man sitting court side tries to block the ball with his arm, but it sends his beer into the air and cascading on top of him. other than needing a refill, he seemed to be in good spirits. wet t-shirt contest at madison kwar square.
8:07 am
beer in the zone of damage?nger? >> that's your priority? >> the guy behind him might have taken the worst shot. thank you, tamron. how kris jenner reveals how he found out about the murder of her friend nicole brown simpson. then matt's internship at jfk control tower. why he won't look at flying the now ... a breakthrough from aveeno absolutely ageless night cream
8:08 am
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8:11 am
siri, open maps. she gets me. wow. it also has teen driver technology. it even mutes the radio until the seat belts are buckled. i'm very curious what it is. this is the 2016 chevy malibu. and it sells for? it starts at twenty-two five. what? oh wow. i mean with all this technology. that's a game changer. this is not a job for me, this is, this is my life. this is my family. being a part of helping people in need is who i am. working at brookdale for me is not just a job, it's a life for me. i love it. i formed many connections with the residents. i feel like i am part of their family and they're part of mine. if you can get up in the morning, ya know, shake the dust and go up there and make somebody happy, when i go to sleep, i did my job.
8:12 am
you know what that means? >> time to trend. >> okay. here is a provocative question for parents in the social media age. raise your hand if you have ever posted a picture of your young child online. >> yeah. hello. >> not just the identity, but yeah, i'm in it. >> the question is, are you violating your child's privacy by posting the photos online? french authorities say, yes, you are. they're urging parents to stop it. warning that under the country's laws, when your children grow up, they could later sue you for violating their privacy. >> wow. >> or even jeopardizing their security. penalties could include a year in prison. or a fine of nearly $50,000. >> seems excessive. i mean, most parents would have their which i would's best interest at heart and not want to do something that invaded their privacy, right? >> you cannot predict how your
8:13 am
>> i don't think we should overdo it. >> we should hold on to the photos of kids naked when they were young, because later, it'll be an embarrassment. you're going to sue me? oh, yeah. tub time. >> we decided to talk about this with someone other than carson and asked you on twitter, should parents be penalized for posting photos of kids online. 86% said no. 14% say yes. it's a violation of privacy. >> kids should take pictures of their parents and post it online. see how you like it. >> my 1-year-old could post. she sent pictures to you the other day. >> she did. >> you know throwing the coins in the public fountains? >> for good luck. >> psychologists say it feels good. it gives life to our hopes, dreams and wishes. do you want to know how much the coins get?
8:14 am
>> the lake at the bellagio in las vegas gets $12,000. the mall of america fountain, $24,000. both of those donate to charity. buckingham fountain only gets $200 a year. they say it's too big and people can't see where the coins land. the park district seems that money. >> makes sense though. >> raise your hand if you reached in if you needed spare change. >> feed your meters. >> need the coins. >> people who eat at chick-fil-a are not just getting a side order of fries, they're also getting a good helping of family time. this is a good idea. the fast food chain unveiled a new challenge. at every table in the restaurant, there is a little box called a cell phone coupe. when you walk into the restaurant, put your cell phone in the little box and place it on silent. then you're supposed to enjoy
8:15 am
distractions. do something like talk to your children and your family members. families successfully complete the challenge, they get a free ice cream cone later. one owner has noticed more chatter in the restaurant. >> this is the best chicken in the game. >> incredible. >> it's a good sandwich. the bun especially. >> the warm bun is very good. >> that's the only reason we did this story, to get the free chicken chicken. >> these have been in your pocket since yesterday. that's why they're warm. >> i got two hours of sleep. just a disclaimer. so the rolling stones set to make history again. carson, there's a mighty pop start. >> we'll start with kris jenner and more of her interview with ellen, reflecting on the mini series about the o.j. simpson murder trial. we showed you some of the
8:16 am
in the new clip, kris explains why she feels she failed nicole brown simpson. >> we were supposed to have lunch the day after she was murdered. she said she wanted to show me some things and talk about what was in her safe. now, unfortunately, it all makes sense, that that's probably what she wanted to reveal to me that next day. which broke my heart because i'll always feel horrible that i didn't pay enough attention. >> important stuff. you're talking about crick fillhick-fil-a during the sound bite. >> no, it was an important interview. >> kris also talked about caitlyn jenner who said she was going to date men. kris finds it confusing. in the next half hour, natalie sits down with caitlyn herself. roller stones are heading to perform a concert in havana. they'll be the biggest act to play since the 1959 ref lugsvolution.
8:17 am
cuba four days after president and mrs. obama make their own historic visit. finally, the "voice." the coaches pulling out all the stops. one particular artist. christina and oklahoma singer. she rocked the house with her take on "red neck woman." >> one of my favorite. let me get a big hell ya for the red neck girls like me i said hell yeah oh >> getting three chairs to turn around. at the last minute, christina tried to lure her to her team. with a big kiss right on the lips. pharrell was in shock. she's now a proud member of team christina. there's your pop start. >> a lot going on on the "voice." >> sounded like joplin.
8:18 am
one of my karaoke numbers. go-to. al, how's the weather looking? >> first pop start where we've all been thrown under the bus. thanks, carson. i don't mind because you worked all night and you deserve it. >> thank you. >> we have a little bit of a clipper that's going to be coming across the next few days. thursday, fast-moving storm dumps down to the south. accumulating snow for des moines. chicago. south bend, indiana. friday, heavy rain for the mid-atlantic coast. it makes its way up the coast a little, bringing snow to the northeast. how much? here's what we're looking for between thursday and friday. cedar rapids, chicago, columbus, maybe 2 to 4 inches. new york city, 1 to 3. heavier snow as you get down
8:19 am
southward of wa >> that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you so much. this morning, we have more of our series, up for the job today. we became interns. matt, you had a good job. >> it was cool. for my internship, i was lucky enough to work at jfk airport here in new york in one of the most pressure-packed offices around. it's air traffic control tower. >> reporter: jfk is one of the busiest airports in the world, with more than 1,000 flights each day. 90 airlines moving 150,000
8:20 am
city skies. so i head to work in the control tower, 17 stories up. >> it's my first day as an intern. they gave me a security pass. watch. control tower up here. crazy. >> reporter: my boss for the day, dave, jfk's air traffic manager. >> good to have you here. >> reporter: he manages a team of controllers that run a high wire balancing act. moving planes along jfk's 50 miles of runways and taxi ways. >> jet blue on the runway now. another two behind him. >> landing plane has the right away over a departing plane. >> still on the ground and able to stop. >> reporter: controllers have eyes across 5,000 acres and rely on radar, too. >> there are times when the tower is up in the clouds. when you look out, all you can see the white. >> is it nerve rackwracking, knowing
8:21 am
>> is it for you, will? >> a lot of weather out there, you get stressed a little bit but you can't let it get to you. >> reporter: this is one cool group under control.pressure. controllers can be talking to ten pilots at once. as many as 60 in bad weather. with this job, one mistake means no reset button. >> because the stress is so high, if they work 90 minutes, then they'll get a fairly good chunk of time off, is that right? >> correct. we never want them working more than two hours at one time without a break. >> it's also a bit of a young man's job, isn't it? i mean, i read that 65, you're done in here. you realize i'm an intern for a job i've already aged out on? >> yes. >> great. >> reporter: they put me to work anyway, starting with stuffing strips. a computer prints out flight details from pilots with requests to depart or land. will works clearance. >> information below it is the type of airplane, 737 they fly.
8:22 am
when they get to the cruising altitude. this is the route they'll fly from jfk to minneapolis. >> reporter: next, it's time for training from the simulator. what they call the sim. my instructor, tom. >> we're going to be landing on runway 31 right, right out the window over here. >> these are planes waiting to land on 31 right? >> this one is this one. >> reporter: it doesn't take long for me to understand the intensity of the job. >> delta 6270, this is kennedy tower. >> wind. >> wind is 310. >> at 9. >> at 9. >> runway? >> 31 right. >> clear to land. >> and you're clear to land. >> you did it. >> he's not down yet. >> that's only half the job. now, this whole line is over here, matt. if you look at the radar, we about eight miles out. we have to make sure this departure is airborne before
8:23 am
>> in reading my homework, is that what they call shooting the gap? >> this is shooting the gap. >> reporter: two planes in, one plane out. imanage to shoot ageage ageage ageage -- manage to shoot the gap. this takes focus to a new level. >> american 1515 this is kennedy tower. 31 left. turn left on victor. winds 310 at 9. taxi left alpha. >> reporter: it's a huge adrenaline rush. >> first one away. got them off the runway. >> reporter: when i think i'm getting a feel for it, this happens. >> can i get some rain and lightning lightning? now you lost visibility. >> i can't see any plane landing now. i don't even see the end of 31 left, where i know i've got three or four planes waiting to take off. >> you can see it over here on your ground radar. >> things have gone from bad to worse here at kennedy. it was raining, which was bad enough for me. couldn't see a thing. now it's snowing.
8:24 am
make sure things don't get worse. we have an arrival five miles out, and we have somebody sitting on the runway that has to depart. >> i manage to leave the simulator without causing major accidents. controllers say the view doesn't get old. it's spectacular on the ground, too. >> where the rubber meets the road. clear for takeoff and clear to land. it's all about that. >> reporter: so as a fitting end to my internship, i sign off. >> hope you enjoyed interning here today. >> are you kidding? i loved it. >> thank you for helping with the strip. >> least i could do. >> interesting. >> it was really cool. >> felt the pressure? >> you only hear about those people when something goes wrong. on a daily basis, they do the job so well. day in and day out. >> what's amazing, the little strips of paper in such a high-tech world. that's what they use. >> it's part of it. others are on computer.
8:25 am
you see every plane moving on the runways, on this piece of radar. >> wow. >> united used to have on channel 9, you could listen to the chatter from the tower. i listened to it on the plane, ready to take off. it's amazing how much these people have to keep in check. >> in the simulator when you clear a plane to takeoff or land, they talk back to you. you're like, now what do i do? i practiced my part. >> is this matt lauer? love the show. >> want to thank them for their cooperation. >> that was awesome. just ahead, caitlyn jenner
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
girl squad and good morning. time now is 8-28. happening today, a possible opportunity for you if you're looking for a job. discount grocery store aldi is looking to hire. if you're interested, stop by the hilton garden inn on richmond road in williamsburg during the times on your screen. for details, head on over to wavy-dot- com. good morning, hampton roads. let's check
8:29 am
today: a few showers this morning. then partly 40s this afternoon. winds nw 10-20mph with gusts up to 30mph. chilly. highs will be in the region this morning. they will move out later this morning. then we'll the upper 40s later this highs in the 40s. most of this will be rain some light accumulations on grassy areas just north and west of our highs in the 40s. we'll
8:30 am
good morning, everybody. great crowd on the plaza. wednesday, march 2nd, 2016. happy birthday. we have a lot of great folks on our plaza this morning. it was raining. >> temperatures are going to start dropping. >> getting a little chilly. good morning, everybody. nice to have you on a super wednesday. >> speaking of super, jill is inside with a super special steals and deals. trying to make every day essentials more affordable, including an unbelievable bar gain, gain, ladyies, on a handbag. >> it's nice.
8:31 am
combine cinnamon roll with a rich pound cake. you get heaven. that's what you get. we're about to learn the recipe for a match made in heaven. that's like the handbag, must-have of the day. >> that's my segment! >> lucky. >> love it. al, check of the weather? >> don't do the weather. go back to the pound cake. anyway, let's show you what's going on. >> i love pound cake. >> who doesn't? for today, windy conditions, snow in northern new england. rain moving into the pacific northwest. snow showers through the great lakes. sunny skies in the gulf coast. tomorrow, we have a mix through the mid mississippi and ohio river valley. snow across the great lakes. little clipper. we have more wet weather in your central and northern california, pacific northwest with the snow. plenty of sunshine through texas. warm as you get to the southwest, 90 degrees tomorrow in phoenix. sunny and 81 in miami.
8:32 am
the country. >> we have got nice friends here. it's your birthday. what's your name? >> mckenzie. >> where are you from? >> knoxville, tennessee. >> we have another birthday. hold on a minute. cola, south carolina. >> yes. >> fantastic. right next to pepsi. >> yeah. >> let's head back inside to the gang. >> al, thank you. after covering the oscars
8:33 am
stayed out in california. she got an interview with kaitlyn caitlyn jenner. good morning. we miss you. >> miss you, too. i needed to find new friends and visited caitlyn jenner. after her much-talked about trants sigs, caitlynkate transition, i we talked about everything from dating to politics. >> hello, ladies. >> i've been around women all my life, and they would have girls nights. they'd say, you can't come. i always thought, well, that's just not fair. >> reporter: that's all changed. hanging out with the girls is now part of caitlyn's new world. >> i woke up the other morning, and i thought to myself, it has been so long in my life when i woke up happy. >> reporter: it's been a whirlwind nine months. she's not only revealed her
8:34 am
faced public scrutiny and strong criticism from even within her new transgender community. >> yours is a place of privilege. how you came into this was being able to afford the best of the best doctors. the best therapists to help you transition. >> most trans people, okay, have -- can deal with their issues in private. mine was being publicly displayed around the world. >> reporter: in season two of "i am cait" on our sister channel e, the 66-year-old is seen developing friendships with and learning from other transgender women, who she calls her girl squad. >> there is a revelation in the very first episode that you may be ready to start dating. not just dating, but dating men? >> yes, there is a revelation in that. i know people are always interested in that. right now, i am just so busy,
8:35 am
but it would be nice to kind of share your life with somebody. >> yeah. >> but, hey, i'm open. >> reporter: something that hasn't changed, caitlyn is still a staunch republican, which led to heated exchanges during the group's bus travels across the country. >> i'm not blaming it on republicans or conservatives. >> i sat on the republican side of the bus. when we do get a candidate, i certainly be talk lyly will talk to them. i admit the democrats, as far as trans issues, are better than the republicans. >> i've grown up in a democratic party. we've never been one to listen to republicans. but having that conversation with cait actually did open up my eyes to some things. vice versa, like she was open to listen to some things. >> since caitlyn told her story and came forward and transitioned in front of the
8:36 am
>> it has allowed the kids to come out at a much younger age. a lot of doors have been opened, courtesy of ms. caitlyn jenner. >> i can't describe how much it changed, you know, when caitlyn came out. it was a different, more respectful, tookay, this is something real. >> i think what we should do, since it is an official girls night, i think what we should do is we should have a vote. for a new member. >> what? >> are you kidding me? that is such an honor. >> a vote right here. hands up for in. i'll throw her in. >> okay. >> you're officially into girls night. here's your official girls night bracelet. we all got them. >> amazing. >> guys, i have a new set of friends out here. check it out. i'm still wearing my girls night bracelet this morning.
8:37 am
conversation with all of the ladies, and i really do feel honored that they wanted to talk to me and share some of the issues that affect them. >> it was fascinating, natalie. thank you very much. really appreciate that. >> you got it. the new season of "i am cait" premieres on e. when counting calleories becomes a dangerous obsession. one man's struggle with extreme dieting.
8:38 am
8:39 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. we are back now. 8:39. we've got part three of our week-long series called compelling compulsions. >> eating disorders are thought a problem that only impacts women. but you're about to meet a young man from texas whose obsession drove himself to lose half his body weight. here is today's nbc
8:40 am
>> reporter: bo is busy counting deductions as he studies to be an accountant, but there was a time he was obsessed with counting calories. bo is healthy now, but not long ago, he forced himself on to a starvation diet to get what he thought was the ideal physique. the reality was unhealthy and horrifying to family and friends. as a boy, bo was always one of the heaviest kids in his class. in high school, he bulked to nearly 300 pounds to play football. but he was never happy with how he looked. >> i was in choir, and i had done a show on stage and saw a picture of myself. i said, once football is done, i'm not going to be that big next year. >> reporter: he lost 45 pounds before heading off to college. >> the fear of getting big again really took me to an extreme. that's when i started doing like 700 calories a day. >> reporter: that's right. while many first-year college students go on a diet of pizza and chicken wings, bo started eating between 600 and 700
8:41 am
>> what does 700 calories look like? >> breakfast would be an apple, banana, blueberries. lunch was 3 ounces of chicken and a cup of green beans. dinner would be the same amount of chicken, 3 ounces, aaparagus and maybe broccoli. >> reporter: bo got down to 160 pounds on his 6'4" frame. his family witnessed the changes each time he came home on break. >> it literally scared me. i could see his spine, i've been in the mission field and i've been to africa, and i have not seen that kind of child. >> reporter: bo's father bruce worried his son was seriously ill. >> i went back in my bedroom and i wept because i thought my son is dying right in front of me. he won't listen to me. >> i was miserable but i thought i looked good. the scary thing is, i thought i
8:42 am
>> reporter: bo wouldn't listen to his dad but he began having doubts when his grandfather, a doctor, told him he needed help. that's where trainer justin came? >> how did he look? >> if you can imagine somebody that doesn't eat and all they do is exercise, that's what he looked like. >> looked sick. >> sick. >> reporter: justin gave bo workouts and a game plan to get healthy. >> you have to eat properly. if you're not planning out your nutrition, like you would plan out your finances, then you're going to fail. >> reporter: bo is 1 of 10 million american men who have eating disorders. >> because these illnesses are still very misunderstood as girls and women's issues, it's that much harder for boys and men to reach out for help. because there is this stigma. >> reporter: bo's message to other guys struggling in silence, don't carry the weight all on your own. >> when you look in the mirror
8:43 am
>> now, i see someone that's happy. and healthy. really is having a great time. this is probably the happiest i've been in my life. >> reporter: for "today", craig melvin, nbc news. >> takes a lot of courage to tell that story, as well. >> it does. >> if you want to get a closer look at eating disorders and if you're looking for help, head to shifting gears, we have steals and deals. jill martin has big bargains.
8:44 am
8:45 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. hey, that's what i like about you we're back with a steals and deals. jill martin is going back to the basics with discounts on what we're calling everyday essentials. good morning. >> good morning. >> today, these are essentials, as you said, basics that you need for your wardrobe. they're meant to better your
8:46 am
>> you need to replace them. we start with bras. shouldn't be wearing the bra from seventh grade? >> right. every nine to twelve months, replenish your bras because they stretch out and give less support. these are one size fits all which is random but they stretch to you. they really do work. the retail is $74 to $86. there's four different sets. if you go on, you could see the difference. the pads are removable, so versatile and super supportive. the deal, $24. up to 72% off. >> for one bra? >> for a set of two. >> okay, nice. colors. >> you can pick. >> we're not walking. the set moving because i have this medical boot. >> i want to correct myself. it's a set of four. my fault. >> that's a screaming deal. what about these clothes? >> when you dress up during the
8:47 am
feel good about yourself, you're more productive throughout the day. it's a fact. when you're hope if you wear sweats you feel cozy, comfy and cute, you'll be more productive at home. this is sweats and tees. retail, $136. this is a classic set. you can actually mix and match the sweatpants and the t-shirts. we're calling this chic casual wear to boost productivity. the celebrity tans include jennifer bealsjen jessica beal and mila kunis. i wear these and they really are comfortable. >> i'm still wearing my sweats. >> wouldn't be steals and deals without jewels. >> i'm impressed by the spinning and the boot. >> i hope we have a steal on a medical boot. >> bedazzled. the new statement necklace is layering. you do this with your charm necklace.
8:48 am
all letters are available. if you look really close, there's a diamond there. >> super sweet. >> either 22 karat gold dipped or with a satin $48, 79% off. >> really cute. anything i need to know about you wearing mj? >> jm. >> jill martin. >> i have it on backwards. >> who is mj? >> mystery man that i don't know about. >> okay. makeup. >> you really are supposed to replenish anything with a wand in your makeup. mascara, lip gloss, every three to six months because of bacteria. concealer and foundation, six months to a year, depending how often you use it. the retail, $130. it's your choice of two beauty collections. go on to see the different sets you can get. comes with a bag. each come with three shade
8:49 am
depending on your skin tone. it's really spelled out on the website, as to your tone. the deal, $39, 70% off. >> great. last but not least, the handbag you've been telling us about all week. >> yeah. you can wear it this way. >> cute. >> i will wear it as the >> okay. >> if you're going to buy a statement bag, it's great for it to be versatile. you really only need one bag a season. for some, one bag a year. make sure it goes with the wardrobe so you can wear it all the time. so the retail, $385. again, it's a foldover. if you don't have a lot of things in your bag, you can wear it like this. removable strap, six colors. the brand's best-selling tote. the deal, 82$82, 79% off. >> nice leather. you'll go to the orange room and i'll go through the deals.
8:50 am
will make you more productive. ella poe necklaces. makeup and handbag from the brand, not rational. fwo to the go to the steals and deals page on carson and jill? we teached up edteemed up with qvc for inventions. jill, in addition to a "today" contributor, fan of michael jordan, you also have a fashion line with qvc. you're on the lookout for another great idea. >> if anybody is named michael james. >> there we go. >> this time around, there's a twist. we're looking specifically for mom inventors or what we call mom mompreneurs. head to to enter. you'll have a chance to appear looifr in live in our studio.
8:51 am
live on qvc with me. enter entries are due by friday. up next, how does a cinnamon roll pound cake sound right now? delicious.
8:52 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. >> announcer: today's food baking basics is sponsored by brookdale.
8:53 am
living. showing everybody what i'm crazy about >> been waiting for this an hour and 55 minutes. today, our week of basics, baking rolls on. on our menu, we've got a sweet treat combining two classics. pound cake and cinnamon rolls. jocelyn, the author of "grandbaby cakes," good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> look downstairs. we have these people at the table. they're going to chase down the chick-fil-a sandwich we just devoured with your cinnamon cake. look at the ingredients. >> great ingredients. these are sort of typical but we have butter, lots of butter for a good pound cake. we've also got two types of flour. i love to use a cake flour so it makes it nice and tender. then we use the all-purpose flour. >> this is big mama's recipe. >> yeah, my grandmother. i love her so much. she's my inspiration for baking. i added a modern twist.
8:54 am
>> let's get started with the mixing. first of all, you have buttered that pan. >> you also always have to prepare your pan. i also added flour to make sure it doesn't stick. together. >> this goes inside of the cake. we've got some melted butter, a little vanilla. we've got also some cinnamon and flour. mix it all together until it's smooth. it's going to be your inside. >> we're going to abbreviate the process. i know you go wet and dry ingredients. >> absolutely. here, we've been creaming our butter until it's nice and fluffy. getting as much air as possible. we'll add the eggs in one at a time. make sure it's totally incorporated. once you've got that in, that's when we get to adding our flour. beautiful batter. see how beautiful it is? >> great consistency. >> then you add in sour cream. super moist cake. add that in. along with a little oil, too.
8:55 am
like overbake it a little, it'll thank you so much. >> vanilla. >> absolutely. great vanilla. you also make sure you do not overbake this or overmix. in. then what, another layer? >> right here, we're going to actually add in the swirl. i'll put this, ladle this over the top, a little bit, and then we are going to take our swirls >> mess it up. >> another layer of the batter on top of that. >> then you're going to bake it. long? >> for about 85 minutes. brown. >> you don't have to be careful with the icing because that's the best part. >> the best part. everyone loves the cream cheese icing. got to put this on top. >> yummy.
8:56 am
>> big mama is like, oh, yeah. >> the ladies were admiring your rings. >> we were. >> thank you. >> pretty. >> gorgeous. >> and she can cook.
8:57 am
we have good morning, hampton
8:58 am
today: a few showers this will drop to the upper lows will be in the low 5-10mph. a weak disturbance is and chilly conditions. join us for our next newscast that starts at noon. you can also gets updates on all your local headlines at any
8:59 am
com. this morning on "today's take," decision 2016. trump and clinton win big.
9:00 am
other candidates? ben affleck's batman surprise that left fans in disbelief. and your first listen to ariana grande's yet to be released single "dangerous woman." all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today". it's wednesday morning, a beautiful one at that. 2nd day of march, 2016. beautiful crowd on the plaza. i'm willie with tamron and al. natalie is on assignment. i can't get myself out of the "hamilton" soundtrack. this is "wait for it," and this is my current "hamilton" song. >> i love you went back a second time. we've all been fortunate enough
9:01 am
how many friends i call and say, can you get me tickets? i'm like, who -- >> no. are waiting. >> i got to go months and months ago with my dad. i took my parents. christina, my wife. she hasn't seen it and heard me talk about it for six months. she's like, you need to take me. we finally got in. now my kids are like, can i go? i went on stubhub for fun yesterday, oh, my. >> they can see it or they go to college. i'm telling you. >> they're little kids. >> they'll appreciate it. >> i'm saying they have time to wait on the wait list for the tickets. the wait list is like four years. sweet 16, lucy, you get to go. george, 2030, you get to go. >> and she's in a wheelchair.
9:02 am
>> willie, it won't be "hamilton" then it'll be trump. >> somebody has been on the trail. big wins for donald trump and hilarylary clinton. the rest are staying strong, and they'll be in the race at least another couple weeks. donald trump wins massachusetts, virginia, tennessee, alabama, georgia, arkansas, vermont. winning a couple others up in the northeast, as well. ted cruz, three wins, home state of texas. a lot of people thought he could pull it off. also oklahoma, neighboring state, and the alaska caucuses broke for ted cruz. marco rubio got his first win of the primary campaign, taking minnesota. here's how the delegate count stacks up. this is what matters in the end. trump with 292. cruz with 188. 98 for marco rubio. the magic number to get a majority and take the nomination, 1,237. let's take a look at the democrats. big night for hillary clinton.
9:03 am
georgia, tennessee, alabama, arkansas, texas and massachusetts. bernie sanders got vermont, oklahoma, minnesota and colorado also broke for him. the magic number for the democrats, 2,383 delegates. hillary clinton seems to be looking ahead. especially last night to a potential face-off with donald trump. >> we know we've got work to do. but that work, that work is not to make america great again. america never stopped being great. [ applause ] we have to make america whole. i believe what we need in america today is more love and kindness. [ applause ]
9:04 am
going to break down barriers and build -- >> there's the core of her contrast with donald trump. love and kindness. we're going to wrap you up. this is not a confrontation. donald trump, celebrating in florida at his home, setting his sights as well on a matchup with secretary clinton. >> make america great again is going to be much better than making america whole again. i am a unifier. once we get all of this finished, i'm going to go after one person. that's hillary clinton. >> we haven't talked about the staging of that event. a lot of people are saying -- >> but chris christie, boy, that's all anybody was talking about. >> he may have, if you look at social media traffic, he may have upstaged donald trump, in the theater that was supposed to look like the east room of the white house. it was trending, chris christie, hostage. it's incredible. now, you have, on a more serious note, i believe six newspapers
9:05 am
christie to resign. >> get back to new jersey and do your job instead of being out on the trail. >> fascinating. >> ted cruz is still fighting. did pretty well last night, winning three states. believes he is the conservative who can challenge donald trump. >> america shouldn't have a president whose words would make you embarrassed if your children repeated them. our president should make us all proud, should inspire hope in all of us. we can nominate a washington deal maker, profane and vulgar, who has the life-long pattern of using government power for personal gain. or we can nominate a proven conservative who has fought consistently for working men and women.
9:06 am
>> kind of interesting about that, donald trump went first because he won. he was very gracious about ted cruz, anyway. he said, excellent win tonight for ted. congrats for him. >> took a shot at marco rubio. >> as he's been doing. marco rubio said despite the one win last night and overall in the primary, he's staying in the race and looking ahead to florida on march 15th. he believes if he wins there, it'll change everything. >> the party of lincoln and reagan and the presidency of the united states will never be held by a con artist. i will campaign as long as it takes and wherever it takes to ensure that i am the next president of the united states. >> he's got about 13 days now until that vote in florida on march the 15th. he's still trailing big in the polls to donald trump, but it could change in the next two weeks. >> super tuesday, when you look at the voters who decided late, in many cases, they side with marco rubio. >> almost won virginia. >> some say john kasich kept him
9:07 am
kasich might say no. in reality, he closed some of the gap. you do wonder if that last week of heated rhetoric that wasn't necessarily about policy, more personal back and forth with donald trump. in reality, as willie pointed out, he just has one win. >> reading some of this stuff, it looks like the super paktcks are going to go after trump now. >> they are predicting millions now in florida alone will be spent on attack ads, going after trump, for the trump university, the lawsuit still pending. and other including, you heard ted cruz last night refer to some alleged secret recording with the "new york times," off the record conversation, that he's calling on donald trump to release -- tell the "times" to release the tape. if people think it's cooling down, it is not. >> they're going to do that in ohio, too.
9:08 am
>> it's like a superhero battle almost. like superman versus batman. speaking of which, tourists on the warning brothers studio tour got a little surprise when batman versus superman star, ben affleck, surprised them in the new bat mobile. >> the car you see behind me is going to be featured very heavily in "batman versus superman." ben affleck drove this around. who do you think would win, batman or superman? >> superman. >> batman. >> who do you think would win in a fight, batman or superman? >> superman. >> unbelievable. >> how ya doing? >> everyone that said superman, change it to batman. >> are you real? >> i am real. dummies. i love it. >> hilarious. >> ben did it to announce the
9:09 am
to win a spin in the batmobile. theaters march 25th. fan boys across america are all excited about this. >> batman and superman really get into it, right? >> it's based on the frank miller trilogy. >> one has an ego out of control? >> a little more complicated than that. batman is tired of this super-powered alien who helps destroy the city in a big fight. batman decides to come out of retirement and go after him. >> wow. >> today's would you wednesday. before that, we have some business we have to tend to. >> what would that be? >> want to discuss it publicly or in private? >> we're family here. >> we'll take it to the streets? >> what's happening? >> i've been on the road for the last -- >> you've been busy. >> -- 14, 21 days. >> working really hard. >> not to cry a river here, but
9:10 am
antibiotics. >> horrible. >> in charleston, willie knows, i had to go to the hospital, keister. >> do they make that noise? i was very, very sick. couldn't get out of bed. so i'm on my last round of my antibiotics. thank you, dr. dave. >> coming out of it feeling good. >> better? >> better. sunday, i am supposed to -- it was my idea, and i own it -- take the polar plunge in the city of chicago. >> you can't do that. you're not feeling well. don't do that. >> no. >> you can't do that. that is not good. >> i was originally on zithromax. then something with an "l."
9:11 am
>> it's from a doctor. does he have a record? anyway, al roker and i have been discussing this. >> you know what? i feel so badly for you. we've actually got the great dylan dreyer to step in for you because you're not feeling well. we would never want you to put yourself in harm's way. >> i've on levaquin. al seems to believe despite being on levaquin, i should do the polar plunge. >> no, no, who would think that? not me. >> willie, what do you think? >> which i will gochicago, i feel horrible about this. i'm being 100% seriousness. advisable. dr. dave says no. >> let's go to another doctor. dr. seuss. >> are we done? >> dr. seuss day. it's a day to celebrate reading and, hey, green eggs and ham. that's what the doctor will -- >> al roker!
9:12 am
>> you know what? >> "oh, the places you'll go." >> al, don't guilt me subconsciously. >> dr. seuss, "green eggs and ham." i do not like green eggs and ham. i do not like them, sam i am. let's look at -- see if you can -- look at the low pressure system pushing down. on thursday, it's a fast mover. it'll bring rain to the south. snow to the north. des moines, chicago, sound bend seeing accumulating snow. on friday, moving east of east-northeast, brings snow, accumulating in washington, d.c. and into the new york area. how much snow? cedar rapids, chicago, columbus, 2 to 4 inches. you get to the south of washington, dover, delaware, could see 6 to 8 inches of snow. new york area, maybe 1 to 2 inches.
9:13 am
the country. >> in any event, there was a scheduling conflict. willie couldn't come. >> very supporting. >> willie making a donation. >> you're making me feel bad. dylan dreyer and i will be in chicago on sunday. >> you think i should jump? >> you're not feeling well. don't risk relapse. >> this is a jedi mind trick. >> these are not the eggs you're looking for. >> al roker, that's why you're a great dad. you know how to do it, man. >> this is supposed to be a confrontation and al threw his arms around you.
9:14 am
>> you hugged me. man. >> let's make the polar plunge the best. come down to chicago and see us, chicago. >> i feel horrible. >> no, you do feel horrible. that's why you'd do it. >> speaking of symptoms, if you've been having strange ones, like a weird craving or tingling in your hands and feet, what it could what body aches? what knee pain? what sore elbow? advil liqui-gels make pain a distant memory
9:15 am
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9:17 am
machines, capable of producing strange symptoms. some serious and some not. >> instead of heading to the internet to figure them out and probably make mistakes, we azar. >> hey, natalie. >> good morning. discoloration. should you be concerned? >> okay. so nail -- this is what i want to say at the outset. any dramatic change in your nail, whether it's a change in the color, change in the quality or consistency,en suddenly you have new pits or ridges, it's probably a good idea to see our health care provider. we say the eyes are the windows into your soul. you can learn a lot in nails in terms of your nailhealth. blue nails can be associated with not getting enough oxygen. if you have liver disease and
9:18 am
but changes in your body is a good time to see your provider. >> these are nice for screen savers. what about cracks on the side of your mouth? >> this happens to people if you lip your lip lick your lips a lot. but cracked, red, inflamed looking, can be a sign of infection but also nutritional deficiency. one of the most common would be b b b12 deficiency. we see it a lot in people who are vegan because b12 comes from animal products. >> what foods help? >> animal products. meat, fish, poultry, eggs and milk. otherwise, also supplement. >> next one, this is a little uncomfortable for people. if you have an unusual odor from urine. >> sometimes just from being dehydrated, the scent coming from the urine can be a little strong. if it's a very pungent odor, it
9:19 am
bladder infection or inflammation. one we commonly associate is a fruity smell. this is in people who have diabetes. the sugars get very, very high and spill sugar into the urine and you can smell that. >> my son asked me, what's the asparagus thing. i don't know the answer. >> half of people have the gene that metabolizes this compound that contains sulfur. if you're smelling your asparagus, you have the gene. >> half people don't possess compound. it's a sulfur-containing compound. >> tingling in hands and feet. how serious? >> if you know you have sciatica, a certainherniated disk, tingling in one toe on one foot, is it an immediate medical emergency? probably not. if you suddenly have pins and
9:20 am
feet, it could be a cause of concern. underlying infections. inflammatory and auto immune disorders. toxins can cause this. you should seek a consultation with a health care provider, yes. >> okay. folks who suck on ice. if you're anemic, that -- >> it's 100% correct. there's this condition we in the medical profession say when people chew on something for more than one month. clay or dirt when you're anemic. people used to do this way, way back in the day. apparently, chewing on ice is an example. it can signify iron deficiency anemia and should be evaluated. >> thanks so much. still ahead, the movie stirring up controversy. we've got an when i grow up,
9:21 am
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taking a look at the headlines. astronaut scott kelly returned
9:30 am
unprecedented year in space. the capsule ended in kazakhstan, ending a mission at the international space station that was deemed a stepping stone to mars. it was a triumphant homecoming for kelly after 340 days in space. by the way, follow his twitter account. some of the most amazing pictures you'll ever see. a new study reveals the link of occupations of older adults and cardiovascular disease. people over the age of 45 showed sales, office and service workers has more risk for heart disease and stroke than those in management and other professional jobs. while unhealthy eating habits was a problem across all professions, sales, office and food service workers had the lowest quality diet. having trouble sleeping? the street you live on may have something to do with it. stanford university researchers studied the outdoor light exposure of more than 15,000 people. people living in the well-lit
9:31 am
less than six hours a night. and suffer from fatigue than those on low-light exposed areas. some news for women expecting a baby or those hoping to get pregnant, taking vitamin d supplements during pregnancy could improve the bone health of babies born during the winter. 1,000 pregnant women took units of vitamin d or a placebo for the last two trimesters. babies born in the winter months to women who had taken vitamin d had a greater bone mass than babies born to moms in the placebo group. interesting. last up, as food favorite, chick-fil-a has an idea to get families talking. a box called a cell phone coupe is on the table at some of the restaurants. set your phone to silent and put them in the box and eat and chat without distractions. families who complete the challenge get free ice cream cones. win-win.
9:32 am
forecast from my bestie, mr. roker. >> thank you so much, tamron. a little clipper coming across will bring rain and snow to the northern plains. showers down around hawaii. beautiful day in alaska. sunshine through the gulf coast. windy and cooler in the northeast. tomorrow, a little more snow across the great lakes on into the northeast. heavier rain as you get to the gulf. plenty of showers in the pacific northwest. sunshine hanging around in southern california. they'll be looking at wet weather coming up later this weekend.
9:33 am
>> go to our facebook page."today's take." we're trying to get a lot of folks to like us. how many of you so far? 326,000. thanks so much. tamron, those numbers are going up. >> we've got to get the numbers up. come on, gang. it's party time. water with our antibiotics. you can't drink on antibiotics, my doctor said. let's get to our list of things we have. an exclusive at a movie that has a lot of people talking. "nina" tells the story of the legendary singer but it's generated controversy. ever since the actress was cast for the title role, people were saying an actress with a darker
9:34 am
here's your first look at "nina." it's the color of my true pain >> do you know who i am? >> yeah. >> nina. >> she's responded saying, quote, i know who i am and i know what nina means to me. that is my truth, and that set me free. the studio behind the film responded to the criticism. saying, it was not altered in any way. the studio used a still image from the film. watch the full trailer at "nina" hits theaters april 22nd. fans should check out the netflix doc.
9:35 am
which was nominated for an oscar. it'll blow your mind. phenomenal. first look to first listen, ariana grande is teasing fans with a snippet of her new single "dangerous woman." check it out. makes me wanna do things >> fans will be treated to a debut performance of the full song when ariana takes the stage at "snl" march 12th. she's hosting and she's the musical guest. impressive. britney spears is sizzling on a cover.
9:36 am
gracing multiple versions of "v." magazine. she reflects on her career. she said, people are quick to judge. justin bieber is huge and experiences that. she said she no longer cares what most people think. the biebs is celebrating his 22nd birthday yesterday. happy birthday, justin. the singer hit up a california ski resort, posting this video of him vaghaving fun in the snow. happy belated birthday, justin. the movie of steven spiel burg's adaptation. matthew mcconaughey got in. twitter humor, you have one more follower.
9:37 am
king spoke about getting his series to the screen, saying he started these stories as a senior in college. for the record, he's 68 years old. further proof that we can hold on to our dreams and maybe one day, we can be a knock off of stephen king? i don't know. we'll show you how to repurpose household items. i love this. turn them into crafts and decor. look at those cutis. you don't want now you can create your own tour of italy
9:38 am
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in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. spring is almost here which means there will be a lot of rainy days when you'll need to stay indoors and think of ways to entertain the kids. >> we'll put old household items to good use with the founder of brit and company. good to see you. >> happy march. it's actually spring. >> this is a great idea. my kids outgrow their boots every three months.
9:42 am
boots away, put them as front door decor. put a little hole in the bottom to water the boots and add flowers in them. april showers bring may flowers. for the repurposed umbrellas, any umbrella with a took goes great on the front door. tuck in flowers. >> great for broken umbrellas. you're tying it anyway, instead of crashing it. >> with the floral theme, you can repurpose the christmas lights by adding flowers on them. we used crate paper, cut them into petals. wrap them around a floral wire and wire them straight on to the christmas lights. >> so cute. >> if you don't want to make the flowers, al, because sometimes you're not into the flowers, use silk flowers and put them on, as well. >> there you go. >> cute way to decorate a girl's room, too. >> you have egg cartons lying around. >> easter is coming up in three weeks. you'll have a lot of egg cartons
9:43 am
this is an egg carton wreath, alternative to the umbrella. get your kids involved. have them paint the cartons, cut out shapes and you can hot glue them on. >> how do you cut that? >> with scissors. it's not rocket science. >> apparently, it is. i couldn't figure it out. >> she's doing it. >> a 6-year-old can do it. >> glue them on to it. you can use an embroidery hoop, cardboard, whatever you want to do. 6-year-olds can do it. i promise you can do it. >> you can come to my house. i'm not creepy. >> not much. >> we also are repurposing your coffee filters at home. these are papier-mache lanterns. he's mod podging over a balloon and will cover it with a coffee filter. mod podge over the top. one of you, pop this, please. >> go ahead, 6-year-old.
9:44 am
>> cool. >> this turns into a lantern. hang it outside for outdoor parties. >> you can put a candle in there? >> sure because it's only made out of paper. >> exactly. >> no, we use l.e.d. candles. technology at its finest. >> how about food and making nice things? >> food can also be crafty for spring. these are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. sometimes moms tell you not to play with your food, but henry is playing with his. he's made cool sandwich faces. use strawberries for the pet dahl s -- petals. pretzels. pipe frostings. >> and fruit kabobs. >> miles is down here.
9:45 am
can use the cookie cutter to cut pineapple pineapple, hollow out the middle, and layer it on the ka kabob kabob. >> in the next segment, tamron will show how to make party favors with explosives. thank you so much. brit will be taking over today's pinterest page. willie, what's next? >> we love brit. we'll separate fact from fiction on healthy eating. weight? i think i have an answer. question. we'll hear from you and get the answer right after this. i thought activia wasn't for me. until i realized how much our digestive systems handle during winter. 90 stressful days juggling hectic schedules. over 40 meals of heavy comfort foods like baked mac & cheese. no wonder after all that our digestive systems can act up. so try the activia two week challenge! enjoying activia twice a day for two weeks may help reduce
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try new kellogg's mini-wheats harvest delights with sweet drizzle and bits made with real fruit. why am i a fan of applebee's fan favorites burbon st. chicken and shrimp? it's so smokey and mysterious... then that cajun spice. i almost forgot i could feel this way. she used to talk about me like that. everyone's a fan with applebee's 2 for $20 fan favorites. when you walk into a grocery store you're bombarded by choices. gluten free, fat free, am i supposed to be drinking almond milk? are these healthy for you and your family? here to separate fact from fiction, our good friend, madelyn. good to see you. >> good morning. >> let's start with bread. does eating bread make you gain weight? we asked the viewers and 55% of them believe that that is, in fact, a myth. more than half believe it's a myth. what say you?
9:50 am
bread does not automatically cause you to gain weight. but what is important is the calories. if you get extra calories and excess bread, it's easy to consume, it'll promote weight gain, like any other calories. the kind of bread you'll choose is really important. >> we're talking about whole wheat versus whole grain. what's the difference? >> key word is whole. whole means when you take grains, it's not something you find in nature. it has to be processed somehow. the good way is to leave the good stuff that has a lot of fiber on the outside. that's whole. or process it and it disappears. look for whole wheat, whole grain. whole grain is something in addition to wheat. wheat isn't the only whole grain. there's also corn, oats, all these things. >> okay. >> if you have white bread occasionally that looks like, it's okay. don't be fooled by anything that
9:51 am
>> do you like whole grain over whole wheat? does it matter? >> depends on the flavor. whole wheat is great. if you don't like gluten, because that'll be in there. whole is the key word, whatever you choose. >> let's move on to milk. so many kinds now. the question we're posing is, is organic milk, does it have more nutrients than non-organic? our viewers said, 82% say, it's a myth. are they right? >> it is a myth. nutrient for nutrient, organic and traditional milk are the same. there are several differences. because people get confused, organic milk never had added hormones or antibiotics. this is true. conventional milk, few have added hormones. all milk has a cow growth hormone. the thing that is important is when an animal is sick if they're on antibiotics, the milk is thrown away. it's government approved and safe to drink. they're the safe.
9:52 am
milk. >> do you like one over the other? >> it's best to stick with reduced fat or skim milk. dairy products, down regulating the fat is better. if you want whole milk, it's good for a treat in coffee or used to substitute for light cream. on day to day drinking, reduced fat 2% or skim is a good choice. >> to the aldo the almond milk and cashews give you an advantage? >> they are fortified the there's no protein. >> last question of the morning. brown eggs are healthier for you than white eggs, we asked the viewers. 74% say it's a myth. >> owur viewers got it right. there is no nutritional difference. the funny thing is, different chickens lay different eggs. right? >> because you want to keep them in the coldest part of the >> great.
9:53 am
you, the viewers, were right, three for three. >> smart viewers. >> for more on the food myths,
9:54 am
9:55 am
this is "today" on nbc. we were just reminiscing about our j.lo day. >> fantastic. >> she loves us. >> why wouldn't she? >> that's right. >> why wouldn't dave collier, too? >> or jill martin. how to organize your life. >> all after your loc this winter, you have the power to heal. because your purchase of vaseline intensive care lotion, supports the vaseline healing project.
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is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> oh, yeah. all right. we're justlapping for one of our camera men, tommy, who does that every day and makes us happy. it is winesday wednesday. that is "thing of you." >> chris young we know and c a rks ssadee pope we know from "the voice." look who's cleaning up in the kitchen. works. >> from "fuller house." uncle joey is going to visit with us. >> also actor stephen baldwin is here. we're going to talk to him about his new cast.


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