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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  March 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:33pm EST

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currituck county -- 9-1-1 dispatchers tell us crews are on the scene of this fire. gidget condon set us this video from caratoke highway near south currituck road. we'll let you know as soon as we have more information. breaking news -- norfolk police tell us they're investigating an undetermined death on west ocean view avenue just past 10th view street. they say they got a call around seven tonight for medical assistance, but they're still not sure how that person died. we have a crew on the way to the scene, and we'll let you know it's been a week since a tornado hit the tiny town of waverly. the e-f-one killed three people, including a toddler, as it ripped through homes and businesses. recovery efforts started almost right away, but tonight neighbors are especially focused on the family that lost their loved ones. 10 on your side's liz kilmer is outside suffolk's olive branch baptist
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gathered for a benefit there. liz -- what is their connection to this family? several of the victims' loved ones attend the church here. they came out tonight for a special fundraiser -- a concert - that raised 26-hundred dollars to importantly, tonight helped to uplift their spirits. during a tragic time - trenika stringfield is able to smile - as friends, family, community members - offer their hugs, and support. c72 21:03 this is what i need right now my spirit really needed that it's been one week since a deadly tornado took trenika's 2-year-old son, ian lewis. her 26-year-old brother, devine stringfield and her 50-year-old boyfriend, larry turner. c72 trenika 01:22:32 "it's still hard but it's, strength in the lord" nats c24 09:47 "tonight god is gonna help restore this young lady
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packed pews for this special benefit concert at the olive branch baptist church in suffolk - where trenika's father is a minister. c72 dad 01:23:52 its gonna take time its a process but god is able singers - musicians - and pastor 03:53 "the lord allowing things to happen together sometimes it takes things to happen, that we might come together." c72 24:48 my heart is just joyful you never know until it happen that people love e achother like they do tonight -- it wasn't just members from this church who came out, but several others -- many folks wanting to help. if you'd like to donate to trenika - there's a link where you can do so one wavy dot com on your side 10 on your side returned to waverly, to show you how the clean-up is going. the streets - once covered in debris, are now clear-- as crews pick up the last of the
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beginning to rebuild - one business owner tells us: the process with insurance process is the next hudle. "13:40:23 im losing business, i'm probably losing customers i might lose my employees13:40:27 13:40:33 starting over again is going to be hard.13:40:36 governor mcaulliffe said last week-- it will take about a month before the state can file for fema reimbursement. it's too early to tell if the damages will meet the threshold for that aide. follow our week's worth of coverage from waverly, follow our week's worth of coverage from waverly, by looking for this story on wavy dot com. all new at 11 -- a local congressman has explained his scathing letter about republican front runner donald trump. right before super tuesday, representative scott rigell fired off an email saying voters should pick anyone but. the soon-to-be-retired lawmaker tried to slow trump's momentum -- saying he was a bully, unworthy of our
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rigell says his love of country eclipsed his loyalty to the republican party. trump still managed to win virginia -- including voters in rigell's district. a fact rigell discussed with c-n-n's anderson cooper tonight. 21;03;40 trump still won most of our country what does that say to you? i'd say our country is really in stress i was making the case to my fellow republicans donald trump is truly not the solution. 21;04;15 outcue: i flat out can't support him rigell says he will vote for another candidate if trump wins the nomination. he says a vote for trump would put u-s foreign policy and the military at risk. a big decision 2016 -- doctor ben carson has effectively ended his campaign for president. after disappointing results on super tuesday, carson said he "sees no path forward" to the republican nomination. he says he will not
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debate in michigan. the retired neurosurgeon's campaign promised more information later this week. many of you have been thinking about your next move -- depending on the outcome of decision 2016. a google data editor says searches for "how can i move to canada" increased more than 350-percent yesterday. the last time that question trended was november 2004, when voters re-elected george w bush. google could not link the spike in canada searches to any particular candidate. a shake-up in portsmouth's race for mayor. sources tell 10 on your side, john rowe will challenge mayor kenny wright in november. back in january we told you the former portsmouth city manager was considering the run rowe resigned from his roll as interim city manager last year, the same night council fired then city attorney george willson. as expected -- jesse matthew junior admitted he abducted and killed
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students. it's been a long time coming for the families of hannah graham and morgan harrington. c0029- john graham - victim's father "his evil deprived the world of a great talent, but hannah's enduring gift to us all is that she enabled this wicked man to be apprehended and convicted. she did change the world, but at a terrible price." (butt) gil harrington - victim's mother 1344 "the finality and accountability that has been achieved today with this plea agreement, will allow our family to redirect energy into healing and recovery 1400 both families spoke outside albemarle county court today. police arrested matthew after 18- year-old u-v-a student hannah graham disappeared in 20-14. investigators found her body a month later. from there police connected him to the murder of morgan harrington -- the virginia tech student who vanished in 2009. he was also convicted of a sexual assault in fairfax county -- for
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he's currently serving life in prison. today's deal helped him avoid the death penalty. he will serve four consecutive life sentences. one year ago tonight -- a family apart. chesapeake police have collected their evidence, but there's still no one to blame. all we know is someone shot two people on rivercreek road, year-old levi frederick who died. doctors treated and released the second person. while those wounds healed, frederick's mother says hers have not. she held a vigil for her son tonight. 10 on your side's matt gregory was there. matt, what did she have to say? you can imagine a mother's pain. one year after her son died in a drive by shooting and still no closure, no suspects, just his memory. levi frederick's final resting place. a restless space for his mother. chanda frederick / mother of levi frederick c0027 14:12:18 "for the last year i just come out to him and let him know
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die." 14:12:27 in the early morning hours on march 2nd 2015, somone gunned down levi frederick. chesapeake police say he and another man stood outside a home on river creek road. a car drove by and shot more than 8 times at them. the 2nd man went to the hospital. frederick died at the scene. chanda frederick / mother of levi frederick c0027 14:11:18 "and i was going crazy, i just couldnt believ it somebody killed my baby.: 14:11:23 a year later and still no answers. chanda frederick / mother of levi frederick c0027 14:13:00 "they dont have no leads or they dont have anything. i just called the detective i said do you have anything and he i don't have nothing." 14:13:09 that's one reason frederick's family and friends gathered by his grave to pray. (nats) to heal and to hope. amid the sadness a bright spot. chanda frederick / there she'll never know, she'll never know her father 14:11:36 levi frederick's daughter born after he died. as much a reason chanda frederick to keep fighting to keep his memory alive. chanda frederick / mother of levi frederick c0027
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justice for me, his brother, his sisters, his grandparents and i need justice for my through the pain for justice. i spoke with chesapeake police today. they said this is an open case, but did not have any new details on suspects or evidence. if you have any infromation call police. matt gregory 10 on your side. all new tonight -- police near charlotte, north carolina are asking for your help in a cold case. they sent us these renderings of a woman they found in march, 2011. they say she could be hispanic or white, between 20 or 30 years old. the reason they put out the call for help in this area is right here. police say they found a shirt with "virginia beach" on it. they also sent us this picture of her shoes. if you can help identify
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new tonight -- loved ones gathered in norfolk to remember a woman who died in a fire. last week, 65-year-old claudia ridley was killed when her home on kingston avenue in the ocean view area burned down. ridleys' brother says she helped save the life of her roommate and two children after the fire started. firefighters rescued her, but she didn't survive. new tonight -- demolition crews will start ripping down the old norfolk circuit courthouse tomorrow. razing the 50-year-old building is another step towards building a new civic plaza. last summer crews tore down the old general district courthouse. in its place, the city plans to put a juvenile and domestic relations court and a law library. it expects the project to be finished next year. this high rise in hampton now has a date with dynamite. next sunday crews will implode the lincoln park apartment tower. the 46-year-old apartment building has been closed for about two years. the city plans to put up a new housing community
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reports of a sexual asault aboard a cruise ship docked in local waters. see where it happened. sot tez c 30 27:12 i'm chris horne. trampoline parks - they're the latest craze, and we've had several open in
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all new at 11. the kids are bouncing off the walls at home, and they want to go bouncing somewhere else - a trampoline park. but is it safe? investigative reporter chris horne is looking into the parks and what doctors are saying about this growing trend. since the beginning of the year, two more trampoline parks have opened in hampton roads. but there's controversy over just how safe they really are. a leading local pediatrician is warning against trampoline parks. a park
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his first priority. and then there's the thirteen-year-old with a severe fracture. jonathan allen is hoping to rebound. in late december he couldn't wait to get through the doors at cloud9 trampoline park in chesapeake. c 1 7:48 jonathan allen trampoline park visitor -- i was like come on, let's jump let's jump! after he and his church group tried the foam pit, an obstacle course, and dodge ball, it was time for a relay race. but just moments into the competition, jonathan's world came crashing down. c 1 2:57 jonathan allen trampoline park visitor -- all i just heard was a crack and i looked at my leg and i was like, oh my god instead of landing on a trampoline, he had landed on the padded steel framework between the trampolines. c 19 26;33 martina allen older sister -- once i got to him i was just trying the back of an ambulance, with fractures to his tibia and fibula, on the way to chkd. dr. faiqa qureshi is the head of the er at
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the king's daughters. her children are grown, but if they were younger and wanting to go jump... c 1 8:01 dr faiqa qureshi chkd emergency medicine -- i wouldn't. qureshi says jonathan's leg fracture is typical of what she sees from trampoline injuries. c 1 00:55 dr faiqa qureshi chkd emergency c 1 1;37 dr faiqa qureshi chkd emergency medicine -- it might be better than sitting and playing a video game for three and four hours, but there are other safer things to do c 1 3:03 gavin grissom general manager cloud9 trampoline park -- let me tell you safety is absolutely our highest priority gavin grissom manages cloud9. he say his staff is focused on safe jumping and safe equipment. c 1 3:21 gavin grissom general manager cloud9 trampoline park -- they know the rules. they know the things to look for when they're working out on the jump floor trampoline parks have an association, but they regulate themselves. association guidelines for staff supervision call for a ratio of one staff member to every 32 participants. grissom says cloud9 strives for one to 20.
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parks are soaring in popularity, but grissom declined to give actual visitor totals since cloud9 opened in the fall of 2013... c 1 6:51 gavin grissom general manager cloud9 the door grissom says his injury rate is less than one half of one percent. we showed qureshi the ambulance reports from cloud9. the month. some involve injuries to children as young as two and three. average of two ambulance calls to the park each month. some involve injuries to children as young as two and three. the american academy of pediatrics says they're the ones at greatest risk. c 1 7:30 dr faiqa qureshi chkd emergency medicine -- trampolines should not be used for kids under six. that is one of their recommendations. so already the twos and three should not be on it. cloud9 told us in general that minimum age requirement has not applied to the indoor trampoline industry, and says its own rule requires children 6 &
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with them at all times. grissom says his staff inspects the equipment additional inspections weekly, monthly and quarterly. if participants are reckless, they get bounced. c 1 10:56 gavin grissom general manager cloud9 trampoline park -- we have the authority to necessary.because the hoping for a full recovery so he can get back into martial arts and drumming for the church band. he and his sister say they aren't trying to keep people away from trampoline parks. c 19 29:50 martina allen older sister -- we don't want you to be put out of business, we want you to have more business, but we don't want people to cause anything could happen we want to thank cloud9 management, it was the only park we contacted that was willing to answer our questions. nine weeks after the fracture, jonathan allen still has that bracket on his leg, and his family is still deciding whether to sue. chris horne 10 on your
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overnight: mainly clear. lows: low-30s. winds: n 5-15 mph. sunshine, afternoon clouds. rain developing late..a wintry mix is possible north and west of the metro. highs:mid- 40s. winds: e 5-10 mph. friday: morning rain showers. drying up through the afternoon. windy. highs: mid-40s. winds: n 15-25, gusting to 35 mph. we have enjoyed nice, mild temperatures through the first half of the week, now the cooler air will settle into the region. expect mainly clear skies overnight with temperatures dropping back into the low-30s along the
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inland. a chilly start will give way to a cool afternoon on thursday. we'll start with some sunshine, but clouds will fill in by midday. expect cloudy skies by your evening commute. after 7 pm, rain will start to spread across the region. the metro and northeast north carolina will just see rain showers. farther north and west, there could be a wintry mix of rain and wet snow, i.e surry co, sussex co, williamsburg, the middle peninsula, northern neck, and accomack co. after midnight, expect just rain showers all across our viewing area. the showers will linger through the first half of your friday. friday will be a windy and cool day - expect a northerly breeze at 15 to 25 mph, gusting
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a result, highs will only be in the mid-40s. saturday will be nice and dry. slight chance of isolated showers sunday morning, but it'll be warmer with temperatures back in the mid-50s. we'll be tracking 60s and 70s
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new tonight -- norfolk police are are looking for a man they say abducted his co-worker on a cruise ship. 25-year-old brandon smith faces a number of charges. court documents say a woman told police smith held a gun to her, groped her, and exposed himself on the spirit of new jersey. they were allegedly working onboard while it
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william and mary fans are ready for march madness, as the tribe heads to baltimore hoping to finally earn a trip to the nc- double a tournament. i'm bruce rader, backed by some incredible fan support this year, william and mary opens the caa basketball tournament saturday in baltimore taking on jmu. william and mary finished the regular season right in the middle, the tribe is the 5th seed in the 10-team league. given the close competition--this tournament is up for grabs, and coach tony shaver is confident his team can bounce back after a couple of tough weeks and win it all. i've said this all year
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good enough to beat us, 2 weeks ago my team made an honest man, we beat the top seed wilmington on thursday and lost to the bottom team drexel on saturday they made me an honest man, it's a great league and it's all about playing at a high level every ngiht. william and mary against james madison saturday afternoon to open up the caa tournament in baltimore. eighteen boys and girls high school basketball teams from our area are involved in the state high school quarterfinals this week. the public school tournament begins on friday, and lake taylor, normally considered a football school, has a chance to bring home basketball gold. brian parsons joins us tonight with that story. 1983, that's the last time lake taylor made it with the basketball program, the lake taylor alumni and the community." riding a 12 game winning streak, and a 22-4
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this friday night at the ted constant center in the 4a state quarterfinals. "to play at home in front of your home fans after 33 years is a testament to the hard work that these guys put in." one word that describes lake taylor....chemistry....a lot of the team has been playing together since middle school, and they're as close on the court as they are off it. "we're like a family. other teams say they are family but everybody knows everybody. we go out and do different things hang that's our thing that we connect with and through that we learn life skills" the titans won their conference, and as a higher seed, got to play on their home court as they brought home a regional crown for the first time in decades. "after we won all the alumni ran out on the court and took pictures, it was an emotional night. we were so
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30 minutes to get off the court because we took so many pictures, celebrating, getting trophies, it was the best feeling i just can't wait for states" with a conference and regional title in the bag, the attention is now turned to the biggest prize of all, a state championship "if we go all the way and basketball city and i
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norfolk, brian [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- tina fey, rachel maddow, musical guest santigold, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 429! woo! >> steve: and now, here he is,


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