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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  March 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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about the most recent shooting. an unsettling wake up call at the the virginia
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in the early morning hours. brian sloggie / woken by gunshots c0025 6:56 "when you hear it it sounds like firecrackers you know 'pop pop pop pop.' 7:01 brian sloggie says the shooting near his room at the super 8 motel woke him from his sleep. brian sloggie shots fired." 6:22 you know who is gonna do anything? youre gonna stay where you are at. im not gonna go investigate whats going on. "6:27 in this case, police arrested a suspect nearby and in a short amount of time. but still its another victim sent to the hospital with life threatening injuries. brian sloggie / woken by gunshots c0025 7:30 " well its everyday. you look at the news somebody is getting shot somewhere. portsmouth whatever. it's scary
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speak for all people this weekend. in a 48 hour span,,, 6 shootings. the most recent in portsmouth, the most deadly, the murder on kingston avenue saturday afternoon. where neighbors say the violence is too common. vanessa carter-west / neighbor c0032 1:27:41 "god only knows what happened here today, but its just like over and over again the stupidity of others, putting everyone else in danger, everyone else in fear." 1:27:49 at least on kingston avenue people feel like the fight against violence can start in their backyard. vanessa carter-west / neighbor c0032 1:28:15 "its not just this street, i mean i live in of people coming together." 1:28:24 too many shootings, too close for comfort brian sloggie / woken by gunshots c0025 8:34 "i went to the window like crazy thinking is it outside. i wasn't gonna go outside. i just looked out the window like you saw me out the balcony and that was enough." 8:45 a weekend in hampton roads marked by gun violence. matt gregory 10 on your side.
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hour... firefighters are at an apartment fire in matt gregory 10 on your side. we're following even more breaking news at this hour... firefighters are at an apartment fire in norfolk. we've learned the fire is on chesapeake boulevard near norview avenue. crews saw heavy smoke coming from the top of the building. we're working to get more information - as soon as we get it, we'll pass it along to you both on-air and online at wavy dot com. let's take a look at the weather. chances are - you'll be pretty happy about the forecast... but first, here's a live look from towercam 10 over downtown norfolk meteorologist ashley baylor is in the super doppler weather center to let us know what we can expect to start off your work week. overnight: mainly clear. chilly. lows: low-30s.
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and mild! highs: low-60s. winds: sw 5-10 mph. tuesday: mostly sunny. warmer! highs: low-70s. winds: sw 5-10 mph. this discussion will be a struggle - we don't have much to talk about in the weather department! overnight, with mainly clear skies, temperatures will tumble back into the a bit of a chilly start to your monday. you'll need a warm jacket as you head out the door, but you won't need one as you're heading home! high pressure will take control tomorrow, so we'll be treated to plenty of sunshine with highs back in the low-60s! it'll be even warmer as we continue through the week - low-70s on tuesday, then mid-70s expected all won't see any rain until next sunday! don't forget to always stay connected through
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app. it's free for all apple and android users. an icon - and former first lady - nancy reagan is dead at the age of 94. a spokesperson says she died from congestive heart failure... the news broke earlier today... nancy reagan is being remembered today for her strength, her intelligence and as a woman who changed the role of first lady. nbc's dan scheneman has reaction to mrs. reagan's death. across the country nancy reagan was honored and remembered. president and mrs. obama said they are fortunate to benefit from her "proud example" and said the former first lady "redefined the role in her time here." biographer lou cannon said as first lady, she protected president reagan. (lou cannon/ reagan biographer:17-:23) "she wanted to make sure that people who were around her husband were advancing his agenda and not their own and she was outspoken about it privately...very much so... publicly too and
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played a very important role in the reagan administration." at the democratic presidential debate in flint, michigan....a moment of silence.... (nats of moment of silence) on the campaign trail, republican presidential hopeful john kasich, who served in congress during the reagan years, paid tribute to mrs. reagan. (gov. john kasich / (r) presidential candidate :50-:55) "she was an incredible lady....she was very strong and a class act...." marco rubio fondly recalled meeting the former first lady. (sen. marco rubio/ (r) presidential candidate 1:01-1:08) "i had been invited to speak at the reagan library which was an incredible honor for me because i grew up and i am a child of the reagan revolution." in southern california....mourner s brought flowers to the reagan library. (donna ferguson1:13-1:17) "it's like the end of an's sad it's bitter sweet." mrs. reagan will be buried at the to her husband. dan scheneman nbc news. still ahead - rising gas
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how much you can expect to pay at the pump. and - clean drinking water - the amount of americans who think what's coming out of
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sergeant woody slate. slate was badly hurt
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afghanistan. he did a series of dives in the euphrates and tigris rivers - where he got several injuries. he ended up getting compartment syndrome - which caused him to lose both of his legs. the new home features special adaptations to help with wheelchair access. his wife is very grateful for the new home. sandra slate/wife 15.19.28 its amazing gift, there are no words to describe how thankful we are. 32 homes for troops gave the family their new home - they work with injured soldiers from across the country. we're on your side with the latest news, weather, and traffic as you get ready for work every morning. tune into wavy news 10 today - beginning at 4:30. and we're on the
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we have a follow-up to a story we've been following for more than a week. last saturday rookie police officer, ashley guindon was shot to death in prince william county.
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day of the job - when she was shot to death while responding to a domestic argument in woodbridge. people in springfield, massaschusetts are honoring guindon. this is video from a wake earlier this afternoon - her funeral is tomorrow in west springfield. she was 28 years old. the attorney for former taliban prisoner, army sergeant bowe bergdahl, wants to meet with donald trump. on the campaign trail, trump has been calling bergdahl a traitor. bergdahl was held captive for five years before his release in 20-14 -- the u-s released five taliban prisoners in return. but bergdahl is now facing desertion charges... for leaving his unit in afghanistan before his capture. bergdahl's attorney sent a letter to trump yesterday, saying he wants to interview trump about those statements. (voice of: eugene fidell/bowe bergdahl's raises serious questions as to whether my client can get a fair trial, which he's entitled to under the do process clause of the u.s. constitution.
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trump doesn't meet - he will try toget a deposition. we have new information about people and their drinking water. a recent poll says only about half of americans are very confident their drinking water is safe to drink. more than half of people say contaminated water - like the water in flint, michigan - is a sign of a widespread problem in the country. only 33-percent of people say they're moderately confident with their water. one person is dead, another hurt after they were hit yesterday by a norfolk southern train in winston- salem, north carolina. investigators say five people, including a child, were walking along a bridge when the train came along. three of them were able to get out of the path of the train. a 51-year-old woman died at the scene, and a 37-year-old man had to get surgery after being hit. we have a time saver traffic alert for you tonight - the midtown tunnel is
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tomorrow morning. your detour is the downtown tunnel while the midtown tunnel is closed. the midtown tunnel will reopen monday morning at 5. expect some lane closures along interstate 64 this week. single lane closures between the colonial williamsburg exit and jefferson avenue will happen between 8 each night until 5 the following morning. these closures will go through thursday. this is part of the i-64 widening process. speaking of cars - gas prices are up over the past two weeks... the first significant rise since june last year. the national average is now $1.84... still 70- the bump in crude oil prices-- the jump was two times as much as the rise in retail gasoline. because of this... prices at the pump may be pushed up even more... unless oil costs drop quickly. an increased demand for american gasoline also influenced the price hike.
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roads is about 1- dollar-57 cents a gallon - the lowest price is 1-42. overnight: mainly clear. chilly. lows: low-30s. winds: calm. monday: high, thin clouds. nice and mild! highs: low-60s. winds: sw 5-10 mph. tuesday: mostly sunny. warmer! highs: low-70s. winds: sw 5-10 mph. this discussion will be a struggle - we don't have will tumble back into the a bit of a chilly start to your
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warm jacket as you head out the door, but you won't need one as you're heading home! high pressure will take control tomorrow, so we'll be treated to plenty of sunshine with highs back in the low-60s! it'll be even warmer as we continue through the week - low-70s on tuesday, then mid-70s expected all the way through friday! i've dropped the chance of showers for thursday night....instead, we won't see any rain until next
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up next---uva's malcolm brogdon makes acc
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william and mary---again---falls just short in the caa tournament--- and what was the wind whipping up on the sprint cup circuit----racing in las vegas---next on the sportswrap.
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welcome to the if you're a ufc fan---it was a wild night in vegas-------miecha tate upsetting holly holm--- and nate diaz
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over previously unbeaten connor mcgregor--- so what would the sprint cup have in store--- first of all---a lot of wind--- gusts up to 40 miles an hour and even a sand storm---delayed things for a while--- and there's tate---fresh off the big win--- 43 laps to go--- kyle busch---the hometown kid with the lead----matt kenseth spins out--- and then gets hit from behind by chase elliot---- that's two of his first three races---elliot has to head to the garage--- he finished 38th right behind kenseth---- 6 laps to go--- kyle busch with the lead--- and here comes brad keselowsk--- busch said something was tight---and keselowski takes advantage--- on to victory lane-- his second win in las vegas over the last three years--- "it's hard to believe it's been 34 races, but we've led a lot of races in that time span and probably deserved to win a few there. but that's how racing goes. thrilled to be back in victory lane,
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into the chase this early in the season, which is a tremendous feeling for our team. final results----joey logano is second right ahead of jimmie johnson--who tied dale earnhardt with 76 all-time wins last week---kyle busch settles for fourth ahead of austin dillon--- ryan blaney is sixth ahead of kevin harvick---dale junior, pole-winner kurt busch and kasey kahne---sprint cup at pheonix next weekend. it's tournament time---march madness is just about here---is this the year for tony shaver and william & mary---one of only five original programs never to have made the ncaa tournament----they were two wins away--- today---the caa tournament semi final against the top-seed hofstra--- winner of the tournament gets the automatic bid-- william & mary wearing green---flying in the first half--- greg molinowski---puts his man on the floor--drains the three--- then on the fast break--- terry tarpy--behind the back to connor burchfield tribe led 34-30 at the half-- late second
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hofstra takes the lead--- juanye green---caa player of the year---3 pointer goes---he had 14--- ameed tanksley--right past daniel dixon---game high 23 points for tanksley--- the pride have a 6-point lead--- tribe erase it in the blink of an eye--- molinowski---3 of his career high 22 ties it--- last 20 seconds--- game tied at 67--- jaun-ye green on the drive----to denton koon---pride take the lead--- last chance for the tribe--- cohn has a great look from three---- off the rim--- and that's it--- hofstra wins it 70 to 67---- for the third straight year---heartbreak in the caa tournament for coach tony shaver--- ""i thought our competitive spirit was at a really high level long, we really battled
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really meant a lot to us. i would say secondly our execution was really not quite good enough. it really wasn't. i would've liked to have seen a little more ball movement from our guys tonight. we played hard. we really played hard. they finish 20 and 11 and could still be looking at a bid to the nit--- uva's malcolm brogdon made acc history today----named the atlantic coast conference player of the year---and defensive player of the year----first time that's ever happened in the acc---- leading uva to a 13 and 5 conference record---24 and 6 overall---the senior guard averaged over 18 points, 4 rebounds and nearly 3 assists a game--- he took home 38 votes for player of the year---ahead of north carolina's brice johnson who received 9---north carolina state guard anthony cat barber out of hampton high school got 3 votes---while duke's grayson allen got one--- the other acc awards---miami's jim larranaga---named the acc coach of the year----duke forward
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acc freshman of the year---brogdon, barber johnson and allen were all named acc first team---along with clemson's jaron blossomgame----the acc
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you know, you were my favorite player. god's honest. and when i read that story in forbes, how you taught yourself stock trading and then you made a fortune, i knew i had to invest in your fund. this money was my retirement money. it's gone. let me tell you something, mr. weibe. you remember me from my playing days, you know one thing -- nobody -- nobody sucker-punches me. [ gasps ] [ both grunting ] the rich and powerful take what they want. we steal it back for you. sometimes, bad guys make the best good guys. we provide... weibe: i got a broken orbital bone


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