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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  July 6, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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handling the investigation. >> bell is the net for the teenager accused of shooting a 05-year-old girl in the head. >> the david collins is live with the latest on the story. >> the shooting happened here. there is still a lot of police presence even though this happened last thursday. surprisingly, the bail was denied at the request of the defense attorney. in connection with wounding a five-year old girl and the head. according to police, davis and hicks engaged in an altercation. >> mr. davis was fighting with
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another 17-year-old teenager. mr. davis seemed to have decided to take it to another level and went and secured a semi- automatic handgun. >> davis began firing at hicks. a stray bullets hit a 5-year-old girl in the head. it seemed almost as if davis was placed in the witness protection program. davis was allowed to remain seated. davis's current family situation or his criminal history was revealed. the i-team has learned that davis has a lengthy criminal record. most recently back in may, police charged him with robbery. sources tell us he punched and kicked a teenage girl and took
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herself fun. he was in a juvenile court the day before the shooting. >> this comes down to criminal, thugs, maniacs on our streets with little to no parental supervision or meaningful adult contact in their lives. >> we will have much more on his lengthy criminal history when it jayne miller joins our coverage at 6:00. >> a stepping down them has left a man in critical condition and his accused attacker behind bars. the 19-old victim was stabbed around 10:30 saturday night. it happened just after the fourth of july celebrations. he is charged in the attack and we have been told that a 14- year-old suffered from multiple stab wounds.
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another murder is on the books in baltimore city. a shooting victim from back in 2006 died of his injuries on friday. he was shot on christmas eve the three years ago. an autopsy revealed he died from that gun shot wound. >> the baltimore man plans to plead guilty after police found more than 91 pounds of cocaine in his pickup truck. attorneys say his client will enter that plea tomorrow. the plea agreement contains an unusual provision. he will be allowed to appeal the denial of a motion to suppress the evidence recovered from the truck. he argued that police misled a judge in granting a search warrant after they had already searched it. police are investigating the death of a teenager found lying near light rail tracks. another teenager lying nearby is
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in shock trauma tonight. john sherman is live at shock trauma with the latest. >> inside shock trauma, that one teenager is battling for his life. another died yesterday following this incident that is baffling investigators. an impact mark has been found on a light rail train. >> we have just determined that one train appears to have made contact. we are trying to determine and piece together what happened. >> yesterday afternoon and evening, investigators combed through the scene, looking for clues about what happened. and inspectors spotted two bodies on the tracks going southbound yesterday. >> we are baffled right now. it is a tragedy. one young man did it die. the other is in critical condition.
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it is a tragedy. >> mta has not released the names of the victims. the cause of death in one of the teenager's appears to be blunt force trauma. >> we are looking at all of the video and audio on several of the trains. we are asking for the public's assistance if there were any witnesses or if anyone on the train saw anything. we have interviewed the operator. we are just trying to determine what happened. >> one teenager remains fighting for his life. the c>> we have more breaking n. let's go back out live to captain roy taylor. >> this is south baltimore south
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of the reagan stadium. they have an abandoned warehouse that is on fire. a lot of flames and smoke. there are a lot of walls that are collapsing but firefighters do have a good handle on this fire, and it is not impacting any traffic at the present time. >> and unusually comfortable fourth of july weekend in the mid atlantic region. temperatures are running below normal. we are seeing some comparable readings across most of maryland. 84 degrees up around aberdeen. you can see the entire eastern seaboard enjoying a reprieve from the heat and humidity in july. even down in the carolinas, temperatures down in the 80's.
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we will see if that pattern holds, check the forecast and a little bit. >> was there a meteor shower earlier this morning? that is what officials are trying to figure out. the 911 center received multiple calls about a possible meteor shower. the calls originated from several residents in the northern end of the county around 1:00 this morning. officials contacted a number of agencies for confirmation but the national weather service, norad, and the weather management agency were unsuccessful in determining what people saw. >> new decals and the death of steve mcnair. he was found shot to death on saturday alongside his 20-year- old girlfriend. steve davis has more. >> police have confirmed that the gun that was found at the scene of the death of steve mcnair was purchased by his girlfriend sahel kazemi days
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before the shooting. investigators are still working on results. another question still to be answered is how sahel kazemi was able to buy the gun and questions regarding steve mcnair's reputation. voters have surfaced. -- photos have surfaced. >> steve mcnair that i knew would want me to say sorry, not perfect. we all make decisions sometimes that are not in the best interest.
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please forgive me. the steve mcnair that i knew would want me to say, celebrate my life for what i did on the field, for what i did in the community. >> there will be a public memorial in tennessee on thursday. the funeral will be on saturday and mississippi. >> there was an important court ruling today over who will control michael jackson's estate. a judge gave temporary control to the two executors' named in his will. the city of los angeles is getting ready for tomorrow's public tribute honoring the music ledge -- the music legend. >> a loss angeles judge has
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ruled that michael jackson's longtime attorney and family friend will have temporary control over his estate. >> we believe the judge did the appropriate thing. >> his mother applied to oversee the estate but that was before a will was read. >> it is our obligation and our responsibility and our desire to do everything we can to help carry out michael jackson's wishes. >> hanging in the balance is a fortune worth at least $500 million. >> no agreement can be fully entered into without presenting them to the court without mrs. jackson involvement. >> the legal fight is not over. a judge has scheduled another hearing for august 3 to discuss permanent control. another nasty legal battle could be brewing over custody of jackson's children.
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>> are you ready to fight for your children? >> rowe has indicated she may seek custody of her children. his will call for his mother to take care of the kids and currently has temporary guardianship. a fleet of satellite news trucks is evidence that the world is watching as his family and thousands prepared to say goodbye. >fans who will be part of a public memorial began picking up tickets and wristbands today. >> i got the e-mail yesterday and i was blown away. >> more than 17,000 free tickets will be given to winners in an on-line lottery. as they began to walk down the area, the concern for police is that tens of thousands of fans that don't have tickets feel the same way.
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there are still no solid details about the program tomorrow nor do we have information about a private funeral that many believe will take place before that public memorial. >> one person we have heard will not be at the memorial, jackson's ex-wife debbie rowe. you can watch the tribute live at 1:00 tomorrow here on wbal 11. >> that should be quite a program. up next, many of us are looking for ways to save money. >> preventing tooth decay and cavities in baby teeth could be as simple as a sugar substitute. >> are you tired? just not feeling yourself these days? getting to the bottom of it might be difficult.
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>> new requirement for lenders are designed to prevent mortgage fraud. >> how baltimore is bucking the economic downturn by predicting the future. ♪ (announcer) worst-case scenario. so i'm thinking we need a better way to save money. better than subleasing office space?
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>> senator barbara mikulski is asking for funds to help. the center once $720,000 to cover costs of the program that employs people with mental
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illnesses. it has helped 500 people find jobs since last september. the state has committed about $6.5 million and a foundation another $2 million. >> could a sugar substitute help prevent cavities in young children? studies have shown the naturally occurring sweetener does attack organisms that cause cavities. researchers gave nearly 100 young children during doses of the sweetener in syrup form. over 50% of those who received the lowest dose once a day had cavities. giving the syrup to children twice a day could prevent up to 70% of that the k. of teeth.
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-- decay of teeth. long distance travel is now linked to a three times greater risk of blood clots. any form of transportation that requires you to sit for long periods of time. for each additional two hours spent in a cramped airline or car, the risk goes up 18%. staying hydrated in moving your legs as much as possible are simple ways to lower your risk. there can be many reasons why you are fatigue and sometimes getting to the bottom of it is complicated. some of the reasons is tonight's doctor. >> mercy medical center doctor says he first has to figure out what someone means by fatigue. >> there is sleepiness, which is
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not fatigue. whereas someone that is fatigue may still asleep and have a regular sleeping pattern or may have access sleep but they still feel low on energy. >> beckon the many causes -- depression, anemia, thyroid problems, heart disease, lyme disease, a vitamin deficiency, diabetes, or medication. it is important to talk to the patient. >> i look at what is going on in their lives. i look at their medications. including over-the-counter medications. then i take a very thorough history. >> here is an example of a case of fatigue. someone i know was extremely fatigued recently. a simple blood test showed anemia. if you are chronically tired, you really should see your
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doctor. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> a check of temperatures shows an unusually cool weather pattern for this time of year. triple digit heat can only be found in the desert but even for phoenix, 104 degrees is not that bad for this time of year. 80's through the upper midwest. down to the gulf coast, 83 degrees. some clouds are helping to keep temperatures cool. this weather cools up in caribou where it is 60 degrees. 82 around louisville in kentucky. temperatures are expected to stay comfortable throughout the night. a relatively cool 70 degrees.
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a few fair weather clouds that have developed in the afternoon will dissipate as the night wears on it. a clear night ahead of us. temperatures will settle back in the 50's. los 60's downtown. the sun sets at 8:36. the cool air and steers through the mid-atlantic and the northeast. carved out to the mid atlantic and parts of carolina as temperatures run below normal. some tropical moisture seeping up into the rockies. other than that, not a whole lot of stormy weather nationwide. as that front slices through new england, may be reaching as far south as baltimore with an isolated thunderstorm possible tomorrow afternoon or evening,
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week at -- week as it is might stall to the south. the front remains kind of active even on thursday. once they get here and stalls, the moisture may feed along it. i think we will see quite a bit of sunshine to the first half of the day tomorrow. right now, it looks like the best chance of an isolated thunderstorm will be in northern baltimore. on the bay tomorrow, southwest winds averaging 10 knots. bay water temperatures remain in the mid 70's. the insta-weather plus seven-day forecast, this looks wetter than it will probably turn out to be paid these are his promise scattered thunderstorms possibilities. tuesday, wednesday, most of the day stays dry and you will be able to enjoy some sunshine.
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some spots may get close to 90 degrees before storms break out. a little more clout in this as we go through thursday and friday, keeping the temperature down a bit. >> still i had, the gm plant in white marsh has been silent for about two months -- the gm plant in white marsh has been silent for about two months. >> booking hotel rooms, the good news and the bad news coming up. >> there might soon be a way to say no to all of these fliers ie fios guy! where ya headed?
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whoa! [ sniffs ] hey mrs. weber. [ sniffs ] hey, it smells nice in here. you know, i like to keep things fresh. helps me concentrate. [ male announcer ] for all the things that you can't wash, wash it with febreze. >> after being out of work for almost eight weeks, workers are getting ready for a return to full production. employees return to work today to get the plant ready to start up. the white marsh plant makes pontiac six speed transmissions. the plant was closed for about two months because of the factories that it supplied were down. >> baltimore and never looked so good, those words from mayor sheila dixon this morning as an association announced they bought the economic tide and
5:26 pm
broken a record with hotel bookings, but not all of the news was so good. >> while the current state of baltimore's hotel industry is a gloomy, the future outlook is actually quite bright. with one of the city's best sales tools as a backdrop, the baltimore area convention and visitors association announced it has surpassed its sales goal and set a new record. >> 522,541 future nights here in baltimore. >> the rooms are booked for group business meetings in baltimore to the year 2019. it is a more than 15% jump from the previous year. it represents more than $725 million in future economic impact. >> we have so many great
5:27 pm
amenities all over the city, great restaurants, institutions, museums. >> city leadership and improved inventory is being credited. >> we are seeing 5000 rooms on peak nights and they don't have to run a shuttle bus. that is a huge advantage. >> increased inventory and the current economic slump have pushed the hotel occupancy rate down, way down. right 80 canceled its conference this summer -- rite aid canceled its conference this summer. they have tapped into a $2 million reserve fund to make up the difference. >> no pension contributions, hiring freezes, and we won't rule out positions being eliminated. we may leave some empty until our budget recovers. >> it is all about doing more
5:28 pm
with less, said the mayor is set to announce some creative marketing strategies. she will be leaving baltimore to try to drum up convention business, including a trip to new york later this summer. >> he played a pivotal role in the vietnam war. >> a warning tonight about work at home advertisements using twitter. >> it is a code of conduct that lenders agreed to follow but critics claim it is reducing the values of homes and harming consumers. >> president obama is in russia, announcing some big agreements.
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>> of the latest requirements for selling or refinancing homes helping or hurting homeowners? the home and valuation code of conduct went into effect in may, supposed to enhance the integrity of the home appraisal process in the industry. two months later, homeowners want it revised if not gone altogether. barry simms has that story. >> the purpose is to eliminate mortgage and appraisal from but one homeowner says instead of helping, and it hindered the refinancing. >> it is in a great neighborhood, there are great schools, and it provided me the ability to have everything here for my daughter. >> interest rates were down,
5:31 pm
opening the door for refinancing. homes [inaudible] the appraisal showed the house lost about 30% of the value. he blamed lending requirement. >> there is definitely a flaw in the system. it is not allowing homeowners to do what they need to do in an economic downturn. the code of conduct and about after a yearlong investigation of mortgage fraud by andrew cuomo, which led to an agreement by fannie mae and freddie mac two only buy mortgages from banks that followed the code. in part, the code prohibits mortgage brokers from selecting appraisers and prohibits lenders from using appraisal management companies that they own or control. a nationwide petition calls for revisions.
5:32 pm
>> real-estate agents are being hurt. smaller appraisers are being hurt. mortgage brokers are being heard. and consumers are being hurt. >> he says in many cases, the appraiser is not familiar with the prices of homes in the neighborhood where the appraisal was taking place. he thinks the code of conduct is misguided. >> i think it needs to be eliminated. i think they are barking up the wrong tree. >> a congressional bill calls for an 18-month moratorium. the buyers and homeowners can demand that lenders hire qualified appraisers and appeal it. if not satisfied, they can get a second appraisal. >> we have breaking news right
5:33 pm
now in baltimore county. >> this is up by dover road, no. baltimore county. an accident involving personal injury. only one lane is able to get through the north and southbound route 30 which has started a major backup for people heading home. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories. lamont davis, the 17-year-old accused of shooting and critically injuring a 5-year-old girl is not out on bail today. he is now charged as an adult. the girl was walking friday when she was caught in the crossfire after a fight and shot in the head. the child remains on life support. former defense secretary robert
5:34 pm
mcnamara has died. the unpopular conflict was sometimes called robert mcnamara's war. he later admitted that the administration was terribly wrong to have pursued military action beyond 1963. before joining the kennedy administration, he was the president of the ford motor company. robert mcnamara it was 93 years old. >> president barack obama and his russian counterpart announced a series of important agreements. they have reached a preliminary deal to reduce nuclear weapons and are setting up a commission to work on issues from the economy to terrorism. brian morris has the story. >> as the presidents of the net states and russia met in moscow, the iciness seemed to be melting a bit. >> we agreed that the relationship between russia and the united states has suffered
5:35 pm
from a sense of drift. we resolved to reset relations. >> despite the fact that in several hours we cannot remove the burden of all of the problems, we have agreed that we will go forward. >> they signed an agreement on cutting back nuclear arms. the u.s. military receive permission [unintelligible] and both agree to work together on middle east peace. >> we addressed the top priorities. >> there is still plenty of areas of contention but the president says there is room for compromise, even on a u.s. missile system. >> i think we can arrive at those kinds of understandings but it is going to take some hard work because it requires breaking down longstanding suspicions. >> it could be an incentive for russia to get tougher on nuclear
5:36 pm
programs. >> we can perhaps were quarterly together to make sure that none of us are exposed to either a renegade or rogue attack or an accidental launch. >> president obama sidestepped questions about who was in charge in russia. >> prime minister putin is the prime minister. >> two former rival countries standing toe to toe, together. it is now expects meeting is with prime minister putin, the former russian president that many believe is running the country. >> and attorneys for d.c. council man and former mayor marion barry says he is confident that stalking charges against barry will be dropped. he denies the allegation by a former girlfriend of marion
5:37 pm
barry. there were on their way to a beach on saturday when she changed her mind. they then returned to washington and barry was arrested on the way home from her house. >> we believe the charge is faceless. we believe the charge stems from a personal relationship that has gone horribly wrong in a lot of ways and has resulted in one party striking out at mr. marion barry. >> barry is scheduled to appear in court on saturday. >> a banking on-line could be a way to save more money. i>> residents of a south carolia town are on edge tonight. five people have been murdered and police believe the same killer is responsible for all of them. >> two teenagers are now dead
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quarks sheriff's deputies are still on the hunt for a serial killer they believe has killed
5:41 pm
five people. so far, three separate shootings are linked through evidence. the sheriff said that leads continue to pour in by the hour. >> the physical evidence, the evidence that we have, the eye witnesses, puts the same person and we think the same vehicle at all three locations. >> a peach farmer was the first victim killed. an elderly woman and her daughter were killed last wednesday. a father and a 15-year-old also were shot and killed. >> disney's a monorail system is being reopened. officials say two trains collided in the magic kingdom section of the park around 2:00 sunday morning. one of the operators was killed. five passengers were treated at the scene. disney officials say they have
5:42 pm
performed a test runs on the system and deemed it safe. >> even though we are in a recession, now may be a good time to find some bargains. >> the 10 things you might want to consider buying before the recession ends. >> democrats get their 60th vote. with the arrival of all forget what that means for health reform. >> how long can we hold off the typical mid atlantic heat and humidity? right now, some sunshine, 85 at the airport and 83 at
5:43 pm
>> here is a look at what we are working on for 6:00. >> police have arrested a juvenile who they say is responsible for gunning down a 5-year-old girl. fighting frequent fliers, one maryland county is doing something about all of those
5:44 pm
solicitations left off at your home and on your cars. many surfaces that seem smooth and strong... ...are actually susceptible to irreversible damage. your teeth are no different. everyday acids can cause irreversible loss of enamel. new crest pro-health enamel shield protects against... ...enamel loss by forming a micro-thin shield against acid attack. only crest pro-health toothpastes... ...protect all these areas dentists check most. save your enamel.
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once it's gone, it can be gone for good. new crest pro-health enamel shield. also shield with the rinse. >> al franken is on capitol hill tonight and says he is ready to get to work. he met with majority leader harry reid and will be sworn in tomorrow. last november's election was finally resolved just last week by the state supreme court. tracy potts has more. >> his name is on the office now, so it is almost official. after an eight-month court battle, al franken arrived to be sworn in tomorrow as minnesota's junior senator. and there is plenty of work waiting. he brings the democrats all important 60th vote, providing a solid majority to pass health reform in the next month. >> a lot has been made on this
5:46 pm
number, 60. the number i am focused on is the no. 2. i see myself as the second senator from the state of minnesota. >> he has promised he will not just be a rubber stamp for the democrats. >> a guy that became famous for writing books does not sound like an independent thinker. he is a party line liberal democrat. >> harry reid promised he will not use his vote to crowd them out. >> we have and will continue to offer senate republicans a seat in any negotiating table. >> he will be key in confirming sonia sotomayor in the supreme court. he may end up being only the 58th vote because two key
5:47 pm
democrats have been out ill, forcing the party to recruit moderate republicans to their side. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> temperatures in baltimore today almost got to the normal level. with lower humidity, 86 degrees today is feeling quite comfortable. 58 degrees today at the airport in the morning, seven below the average for the day. a record high way, triple digit heat can show up on the sixth of july in 1999. you can see it all across the mideast -- across the northeast and the mid atlantic, 83 in
5:48 pm
atlanta, at 80 degrees in charlotte right now. we are at 85 in downtown baltimore. 50's and 60's in the northern great lakes. a couple of showers moving east of the lakes into new england. showers will to the south in the carolinas. generally clear skies are expected. 79 on the beach at ocean city. insta-weather plus futurecast continuing to show dry weather. it should be comfortable again in the suburbs. 60's in downtown baltimore, mostly clear, light winds. there is an area of low pressure in eastern canada that is funneling in a comfortable temperatures. it is the system that is driving the cool air south into the mid atlantic.
5:49 pm
we see clouds and showers down here. it looks like generally dry weather continues through most of tomorrow. late afternoon early evening tamara stretching from new england almost down to baltimore, the possibility of a thunderstorm tomorrow, especially north of town. other than that, a pretty nice looking tuesday shaping up. clouds will start to build up, maybe a shower popping up again. same thing on thursday and friday. the chance for a thunderstorm will linger. a slight 20% chance of a thunderstorm in the evening. temperatures will remain rather cool, highs in the 70's with minimal thunderstorm activity. near the chesapeake bay tomorrow, a slight risk of a thunderstorm.
5:50 pm
cecil county has the best chance for a scattered storm. sunshine and 79 at the beach. a seven-day forecast. 20% chance on tuesday and wednesday. temperatures cool off midweek on thursday and friday with temperatures only in the 70's and 80's. >> be wary eye of work at home sites on twitter. the better business bureau says the e-mail is usually link you to another website and offers for instructional cd-roms. the where because buried in the fine print are details that the trial offer begins on the day the cd is ordered and not received. if the consumer does not cancel
5:51 pm
it in seven days, they will be charged $47 every month. prices for goods and services that have fallen over the last few months will go back up. >> economists predict the recession will be over by the year's end. >> right now is a great place to be if you are buying and you got money in your pocket. >> among the top 10 deals, homes are at the top of the list. >> we have seen the prices of homes decline since they haven't declined since the great depression. >> the second is cars. the country when from selling nearly 70 million cars a year to below 10 million. at toyota in manhattan, incentives are helping to clear the showroom floor. one sign that these incentives are working is that cars are
5:52 pm
actually selling again and the fear is that these incentives will disappear with the recession. >> they did not last as long. >> diamonds are a girl's best friend but they are also more wallet-friendly than ever. while high and jewels that cost $5 million has been dropped in price, investing in the finest duels can be a better bet than putting your money in stocks. >> -- jewels can be a better bet than putting your money in stocks. >> in the past five years, it has gone up 300%. >> other bargains include vacation, children's toys, flat screen tvs, women's clothing, furniture, and high dividend stocks. >> if it is something that you can buy now and use for 10
5:53 pm
years, it is probably a good time to get in. >> are you trying to find ways to save money? online banking may be just what you are looking for. they often have lower fees and smaller minimum balance requirements. interest rates can be hired especially on internet-only banks. a branch bank, you could only earn about 0.5%. you should check to see if the online bank you choose is covered by the fdic. >> the baltimore county council wants to ban businesses from leaving fliers on your car or at your house. the legislation comes with a big penalty for violators. >> take a look at these guys. it is the states environmentally friendly a way to clear away unwanted vegetation.
5:54 pm
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>> the route 30 bypass is almost done and traffic is expected to speed up. >> some longtime endangered residents can maintain their slow lifestyle. jennifer franciotti has the story. >> highway crews are hard at work finishing up the route 30 bypassed. not everyone associated with this project has two legs. on wetlands, 35 goats are doing their job, eating away on wanted
5:57 pm
vegetation. >> we are gracing some goats and sheep on the property. >> it is all because of this little guy and his friends. this turtle is an endangered species. >> they are really rare and they are declining. we discovered a 50% decline. >> this ecologists says lots of habitat is to blame for the endangerment. the state moved the location and began an environment friendly way to maintain the property. >> we were concerned about pesticide use, traditional mauling and equipment. >> the state contract with a farmer that supplies and takes care of the animals. it is really a win-win situation for everyone -- the president's, the state, and the turtle. >> it is a win-win situation.
5:58 pm
it is really kind of neat. >> the goats and sheep will be here for the next few years, and the project should be completed by july. >> now that is an innovative program, using coats to help the turtles. th>> here is a look at what is coming up. >> a mysterious incident kills and two teenagers. >> the bailout is denied for the teenager accused of shooting a five-year old girl in the head. >> there may soon be a way to say no to all of those fliers. that story is coming up. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00. >> good evening, everyone.
5:59 pm
new developments in the death investigation of the two teenagers founder the tracks of a light rail station. >> one died at the scene and the other died at shock trauma today. john sherman has the details. >> within the past hour, we have learned that both teenagers have died. there are both 17 and are both from luther del. -- lutherville. >> we are baffled right now. it is just a tragedy. >> what were two teenage boys doing out near the tracks yesterday afternoon? we now know that one died from blunt force trauma and that a train hit at least one of them. >> we have determined that one train appears to have made contact with one of them. contact with one of them. we are trying to determine and


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