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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  July 7, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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hectic later on. but outer loop to southbound 95 open so you can use it. just use caution because it is new. everything looking good on the speed sensors. not a lot happening in the live cameras as we look in howard county, 95 south of 100 north and southbound running smoothly and we are problem free across the bay bridge. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." back to you. >> our big story, new details and includclues on two teens wh on a rail. a woman says she may know what happened on sunday afternoon. jennifer franciotti joins us live from the lutherville rail station with more on the story. >> good morning. the teens were found on the southbound tracks not far from this station in lutherville. now the m.t.a. is admitting it is possible the teens were hit by a train. it remains a mystery how
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17-year-old connor peterson and his 17-year-old stepbrother kyle wankmiller ended up on the traction. wankmiller's mother, who didn't want her face shown says she has no answers. >> we are trying to figure it out. we just don't know. >> a fare inspector spotted the bodies sunday. >> we have determined one train appears to have made contact with someone, so we are still trying to determine and piece it together as to what happened. >> the m.t.a. is likely hearing from passengers like stephanie ayers who left b.w.i.-marshall airport about 1:15 sunday afternoon and about an hour later several hundred feet from the station something hit the train. >> it was like a thud, thud, thud. what we saw was either a large dog, a deer or somebody. i thought it was like my gosh, was that a person. >> she says the driver got out,
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looked, got back in, made a phone call and drove the train to the luther station. she said there was a huge piece of metal hanging from the front of the train. officials are reviewing video and audio from trains in the area. as far as the two boys, wankmiller was a junior at dulaney valley high. peterson recently got his ged and was an artist. funeral arrangements are being made. >> the man accused of stabbing his wife to death in the shadow of an east side courthouse is scheduled to stand trial this morning. cleveland williams is accused of killing his wife just minutes after mrs. williams filed a protective order against him at the courthouse. police shot and wounded williams but not before he stabbed her several times. she died from the injuries. baltimore city police have arrested two in connection with a double stabbing near downtown yesterday. authorities say a group of people were leaving a club when
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a fight broke out and somebody pulled a knife, cutting one man in the arm and another in the chest. last check the victim with the chest wound was in critical but stable condition. the other was treated and released. president obama spends a second day in russia today meeting with vladimir putin laying out his foreign policy views at a school in moscow. brooke hart has that report. >> president obama smiles, his body language with russia's putin was relaxed and engaged. >> we may not agree on everything but i think we can have a tone of mutual respect and consultation. >> prime minister putin the former president is seen as russia's power center. >> with you we link all of our hopes for the furtherance of relations between the two countries. >> many of the russian hard line
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stands have putin's name on them. opposition to georgia joining nato. crackdown on the media and political dissent. obama hopes new cooperation will set a new tone with russian president medvedev on day one the two agreeing to seek by year's end to cut nuclear stockpiles up to a third. advisors said final agreement wouldn't hinging on u.s. plans for missile defense. >> this is a point of deep concern and sensitivity. >> his goal is to convince the russians they too could be protected from a missile threat even accidental launch by iran. >> if that were to be the case wouldn't russia, u.s. and everybody else want some limited system in place? >> iran was not mentioned publicly but it dominated talks in private advisors say. president obama plans to meet with gorbachev today. with medvedev and are russian
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opposition leaders as well. brooke hart, wbal tv 11 news. >> police in downtown los angeles are preparing for massive crowds at the public memorial for michael jackson. he will be remembered by friend, dignitaries and entertainers today at the staples center. it is set to start at 1:00 p.m. that brings us to the water cooler question of the day. do you plan to watch today's michael jackson memorial service? you can email us at just a reminder, you can watch the tribute to jackson live at 1:00 p.m. right here on wbal tv 11. we will carry it on also. >> officials in carroll county say the route 30 bypass should be finished by the end of july and will ease congestion in the area but the state made a few congestions for some special residents in the area. about 35 sheep and goats are being used to eat away vegetation on about eight acres
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of wetlands near the site to protect the bog turtle an endangered species. loss of habitat is partly to blame so to keep them safe they moved the road and picked a friendly way to maintain the property. >> light grazing and using animals like sheep and goat is a win-win situation. grazing for conservation. it is kind of neat. >> the state has a contract with a farmer who supplies and takes care of the animals and supplements their feed. the sheep and goats will thereby two years. >> good idea, they work real slow though. >> but they don't take breaks. >> 5:36, 63 degrees on tv hill. it is usually blamed for cavities but could a sweet tooth help fight them why a sugar substitute may be the trick. >> problem free on the roads and a new ramp that is just opening this morning. we will update that and see how things are moving
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>> a very good morning. 70 degrees downtown. july 7, 5:47. official sunrise time. but it is well on its way up and it is a beautiful morning out this. the humidity is low. that one of the saving graces. there is not an immense amount of moisture in the atmosphere. so we will be 87 the forecast high for today, it won't be feeling like july. right now the current radar and satellite imagery a nice clear swath over the area, high pressure built in over the mid-atlantic and the state. all the showers are to the south. a little activity to the north associated with a weak front which will pass through by this evening and during this evening. it looks like meantime today
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just about a 10% chance for an isolated thunderstorm north of baltimore maybe this evening. meantime, partly cloudy. 84 to 88 the forecast high. 58 in the outlying northern and western suburbs. 66 downtown with partly cloudy skies and for tomorrow cooler. that will be remaining cool after tomorrow through the end of the week. 78 to 83 tomorrow. specific high of 80 at the airport. then by thursday only up to 77. so i will explain why that is the case and about a comeback for the heat by the weekend. >> in this morning's medical alert those long summer road or plane trips can increase the risk of a serious health condition. a new harvard study shows it is linked to greater risk for blood clots and the mode of travel doesn't matter. for each additional two hours in a cramped plane or car the risk
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went up 18%. staying hydrated and moving legs are simple ways to lower the risk. >> could a sugar substitute help prevent cavitys in young children? past studies showed zylotol attacks organisms that attack cavities. 24% of kids who received highest doses of it two times a day had some tooth decay but more than 50% who had the lowest dose of once a day actually got cavities. >> the time is 5:41. the recession is changing the care giver role of more families each day. the growing trends of mr. mom. >> here is a live look over downtown baltimore courtesy of the sky cam. we will update weather and "traffic pulse 11" when we come back. stay with us. you are watching "11 news today".
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>> i just noticed fewer peel on
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the roads. yesterday it felt like there was nobody around. >> it seals that way after the 4th of july. few days leading up to it you will have less volume then the week after it is pretty empty. that is what we have been seeing and we have the new ramp opening. did i mention that last time? outer loop ramp to southbound 95 northeast side is now open. our road reporter just road through and said it is a nice ramp. no delays. everybody adjusting pretty well. so giving you the heads up on that. no problems on 95 heading down toward the fort mchenry. looking at a insist ride on the west side. 58 miles an hour and approaching liberty no problems on the harrisburg expressway or j.f.x. so an easy ride. 11 minutes in outer loop west side and northeast side. southbound 95 will take about five minutes from 895 split to the fort mchenry toll. harbor tunnel traffic good as
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well. that is 95 at 395 moving well. really nice shot there this morning. no problems heading into town. west side delay free at this hour at i-70. and on i-70 toward the beltway there are no delays yet in that area either. enjoy it for now. now let's get the latest on buses and trains with vanetta brooks. >> good morning. we continue to show a few bus diversions. 17 at nursery and winterston. 22 at university and 41st street and 77 line continues to be diverted at washington bachld hammond ferry all due to construction. light rail in metro continue to run problem free and we have a delay on brunswick, train 87010 to 15 minutes mind. all others on the camden, penn and brunswick problem free. back to sandra. >> on top of this tuesday morning we are seeing a nice dry
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start. low humidity yet again for the second straight day. consecutive straight day since the month of july began we have been low as far as the moisture. you can see a insist clear path of dry air over the state of maryland. high pressure is the reason for that. meanwhile, there is a front that is trying to move offshore to the south generating massive rainfall in places like which will ming ton, north carolina. in contrast here great weather for july. 70 degrees downtown, 65 at b.w.i., only 56 in york, pennsylvania. so, the forecast for today sounds like yesterday. in the mountains we are mostly sunny, high of about 84. partly cloudy here. some thin clouds building in later this afternoon and 87 is right where we should be for july 7. the only issue we are not dealing with that is good for most is the high humidity levels which we typically see in july.
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heading to ocean city high today of about 84 under mostly sunny skies so awesome beach day. on the chesapeake bay weekends out of the southwest 10 knots today, waves a foot or less, water temperatures resting in the mid 70's which is typical for this time of year. as far as the records go, 99 set as the record on july 7, 1993. in 1980, 53 degrees the record low. typical low for us this time of year is 66. that is the current temperature right now downtown but the issue is our measuring station is the airport and tonight we are expecting a low of about 59. 58 in some other outlying suburbs. 66 potentially downtown. bottom line is that we are going to be cooler than normal tonight and certainly cooler than normal heading through the second half of this week. partly cloudy for tonight, maybe an isolated thunderstorm north of the city of baltimore.
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high pressure in control. weekends out of the southwest generally but variable. the front that is going to come near us is over the great lakes and pretty weak. it will lower the temperatures. but it won't do much in the way of generating precipitation. what will happen is high pressure will hold steady over new england, we will see highs about 80 or below 80 heading toward the end of the week. that will manufacture offshore in time for the weekend so it means a comeback for heat and humidity saturday and sunday. thursday only 77 degrees for a daytime high. 81 on friday. slight chance of thunderstorm. then hot and humid by saturday and sunday. >> fathers are making the best of a bad situation by choosing to stay at home with the kids after being laid off. >> good morning. >> you could call brian berliner a lucky guy. >> there you go. look at you.
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what do you have going on in there? >> i'm sure there are many reasons but the one we are talking about is this. >> ok, mister. >> his decision to be a stay-at-home dad for his new son was voluntary. >> we had the opportunity and decided to take it. >> it just made sense for his family at this time for his wife to continue working and him to stay at home. and that makes him lucky because for many men these days staying at home isn't a choice but it is called being laid off. >> you lose a job and you are losing income and your family's existence is threatened. >> jeremy has just written a book the phenomenon. >> it ournd of turned out to be more -- he says it has been building for years. but the economy has put things in jeff drive. male dominated industries lake cars and construction have been among the hardest hit and 82% of
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all layoffs have been men, forcing many of them into a role they never dreamed of. >> they go that you a battle, a psychological battle with themselves and sometimes the people around them. around that is really tough stuff. >> but smith says society has done them a favor. it is more accepting now of men staying at home with children than ever before. >> this means when a father alsos his job, society says to him you are still valuable to your family. you still have a role to play. and this is something, this is a strength that a lot of fathers are bringing to this economic crisis. >> the shift may be permanent. it may not end when or if the recession ever does. smith says it is a lot like rosy the riveter. she symbolized the women in world war ii who filled factory jobs. when the war was over, the women stopped working?
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of course not. >> while society may make it easier to be accepted as a stay-at-home dad, it doesn't make the job easier. >> absolutely. yes. 20 years ago when berliner had a daughter from a previous marriage neither he nor society he said seemed ready for a stay-at-home dad. but it seems both have changed. lucky for him. >> makes it much more acceptable. so i'm proud of all the guys that have come before me that paved the way. >> he seems happy. i can picture you, stan, with a baby. >> i think any man who has opportunity to spend more time with the children is a big plus. >> i think it depends on the guy. and their nature and personality. >> some guys can't get their brain around that. >> this is true. 5:51. 63 degrees. much more ahead. >> look at last night's winning
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>> time to get to one of the answers to the water cooler question of the day. do you plan to watch today's michael jackson memorial service? >> clark writes it is all nuts. he lived a three ring circus life and looked it. even in death media put hill in the main arena. rest in peace, the curtain is down. keep e-mailing responses to we will read more in the next hour and post all of them on the front page of the website. the city community church in austin, texas is a place where everyone is welcome to worship sunday including four legged
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friends. we have more on the canine connection. >> it may look like your typical sunday service with music, candles and communion but city community church has a few personal members. a few four-legged friends. it is a heavenly haven for people and pets. >> that is just part of our philosophy. we want to an blessing to the community. we want to be part of the better good in austin. so, everyone is definitely welcome so we decided people could bring their dogs. >> this church is truly dog friendly with big and little fido treats. >> good shot. >> it started when members began handing out snacks and dog treats to joggers and their pets. then the pet owners started asking if they could bring the dog to service. >> it is fun to have a church that incorporates your lifestyle and what is important to you. >> members miraculous ly
5:56 am
transform a bar in a church every sunday so it was no problem to bring in the friendly fidos. >> he sits on the couch and like lies there and sometimes he likes to explore when i'm not looking. >> so far the dogs seem to like to go to church. >> we were a little worried about that. >> we always tease one member because he has the big german shepherd but there hasn't been a problem. >> that looks like my dog. >> i guess it could get a little noisy. >> here is a look ahead to the next hour. >> controversy over michael jackson's estate is stirring up debate over having a living will or trust. >> one of the stars of the office prepares for a wedding. who, at 6:26. >> how would you like to sleep over at one of the nation's oldest prisons, by choice, not by force. details on the alcatraz stay at
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6:40. >> another pleasant start to another july day without a lot of humidity. i have the seven-day forecast coming up. >> it looks like you will enjoy this ride as well if you are getting ready to start. we will update "traffic pulse 11" coming up. my two granddaughters are my life. they always ask me, grandma, take me here, grandma, take me there.
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>> we are learning more about the death of two teens on light rail tracks in baltimore county. a live report straight ahead. >> president obama meets with russia's prime minister today and lays out to students his vision of u.s.-russian cooperation. >> millions are expected to watch the final farewell to michael jackson. will you be one of them? that is the subject of our water cooler question of the day. >> it


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