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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  July 8, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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third party help, including the ntsb. there have been a number of questions concerning the two 17- year-old teenagers that were hit. investigators are reviewing audiotapes and videotapes during the time of the incident, interviewing witnesses, and seeking third-party help. one of the biggest concerns is that the mta says that the driver that hit the boy is never stop. the train was traveling around a sharp curve and they are checking to see if the driver was texting or on a cell phone. >> all the information [inaudible] this is an active investigation. i can't comment on any of the details on that.
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>> this investigation is expected to take 30 days. it is standard procedure to hand information over to the state's attorney office. the driver that hit the two boys and the second driver that noticed the bodies have both been taken out of service until this investigation is completed. >> a washington metro train operator has been suspended after a video showed up on land of ham texting while on the job. a passenger on the blue line recorded the video. this video comes just a month after nine people were killed during an accident on the red line. >> there are new developments tonight in the criminal case against mayor sheila dixon. the state prosecutor is calling
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witnesses before a new grand jury. according to paperwork, three witnesses are being called to testify about the use of cards, including those intended for needy families. lawyers are asking a judge to quash the subpoenas. >> we are following breaking news out of pikesville. about an hour ago, a fire broke out at a popular restaurant we will send it out to captain roy taylor to give us the latest. >> this is what the suburban house looks like right now in pikesville. we have video to show you what it looked like when fire crews first arrived on the scene. from what we understand, a co- worker noticed smoke in a store room. he called for help. they ended up calling the fire department.
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there were 35 people and employees inside the restaurant. fortunately, everyone was able to get out. there were 26 pieces of equipment here at the scene. the good news is, the fire has been knocked. they are starting to cut some equipment lose from the same. >> also tonight, there are late breaking details in the investigation in the death of former ravens quarterback steve mcnair. an investigator said test results indicate that his girlfriend, 20- 20 sahel kazemi -- 20-year-old sahel kazemi, shot statement there and then herself. >> we have reason to believe that sahel kazemi recently learned that she believed steve mcnair was involved with another
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woman. >> stick with their leaves behind his wife and four sons. a public memorial is set for thursday in nashville, tennessee. we have continuing coverage with pete gilbert and live coverage beginning tomorrow night. >> our i-team raises more questions about the 17-year-old accused in the shooting of a five-year old girl. he never completed a program intended to keep him out of trouble. jayne miller is in the newsroom and joins us with the very latest. >> the governor now wants a full accounting of the juvenile system's involvement with lamont davis. it is riddled with questions. earlier this year, this was the site in west baltimore of a group home for the most troubled
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juvenile offenders. 17-year-old lamont davis was sent there earlier in the year. he is now accused in last week's shooting in southwest baltimore. police say he fired at another teenager and in the process shot a five-year old in the head. the governor has asked for a full review in davis' history. his placement in the group home should have kept him out of the community for the rest of this year. but on march 31, the state closed the group home on four days' notice. a special report cited the problem that is created, with staff funding to find -- with the staff trying to find
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replacements. davis was placed in a prince george's county group home last year but failed to return after leaving one weekend on a home pass. at the time of the shooting, he was under gps monitoring. he clipped off the device shortly before the shooting. >> reality is starting to set in for students and parents at towson catholic high school in baltimore county. this is following the stunning news that the archdiocese is shutting down the school because of financial problems. tim tooten has the story. >> it all came down to the numbers. the school was losing too many students, too fast.
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students came back to protest. it began as a sort of a vigil on the grounds of the school but later turned into a rally in support of keeping the school opened. >> i can't believe it is happening. this is a family. >> a family shattered by the news that its beloved school was now on the chopping block. >> this place has been my home for the past three years and now it is all gone. i have worked so hard to be here and now is all gone. everything is done. >> the archdiocese said there were no easy answers. then came word that more than 80 students cannot afford to come back. >> this is the first time that we have heard that we are $650,000 in debt. we could have raised money.
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>> i was not expecting it. i thought it was a joke or something. >> in may not be that easy for students to pick up and move out, which is why the archdiocese has promised to help out. >> they are working with a number of schools to get the students placed as well as the faculty. >> is a shame that this is happening to the seniors and the teachers, and the incoming freshmen. it was a shock to everybody yesterday. >> everyone is close, teachers and everything. i have a great relationship with all of my teachers. >> towson catholic high school is the fourth school to shut down this year is due to money problems and low enrollment. >> baltimore city is the first jurisdiction in the nation to
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create a task force with the purpose of ending the animal cruelty, stemming from the burning of a pit bull. kate amara has details. >> it is everybody's problem. most children that abuse animals grow up to be adults that commit violent acts against other adults. >> when she came in, she was very and they see it. >> she is on the front lines on animal abuse at this shelter. including phoenix, the pit bull back in may that had to be euthanize. >> we have had animals that people decided that they did not want any more that threw into dumpsters or left them and vacant buildings to starve to death. >> that is why she jumped at the chance to be on the new task
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force with a heavy focus on legislation and prosecution. the mayor says the story compelled her to create the force. >> it is a stark reminder that preventing animal cruelty is more than a legal issue, it is a community issue. >> a steady found 70% of all animal abusers have committed at least one other criminal offense and over a 20-year period, people that abused animals as children or five times more likely to commit violent crimes. >> those people that injured a dog, the next thing they know they are going to be beating their son. the next thing you know, they are going to be beating their wife. >> jennifer believes that baltimore can stop it if laws are strengthened and enforced, and if suspects are prosecutor. >> it will give us hope for
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everything that we see every day. >> the task force begins its work on july 15 and will present its recommendations in one year. >> there is more ahead on 11 news at 6:00, including the conservation of a west baltimore church teaming up with a jewish synagogue. >> details on a plan after a church was damaged by lightning. >> the orioles cannot wait to get out of seattle, but they have one more piece of business. >> the possibility of a record low tonight, see how long the cool weather will hang around. in baltimore, a mix of clouds and sun, temperatures in the u'.
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>> there is word of another confirmation that will open its doors for the faithful.
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last wednesday, lightning struck a steeple, striking a fire. construction plans are already underway. the church is undeterred. >> in times of trial and trouble, instead of turning on each other, if we turn to each other, we can make a difference. >> they have been partners since 2002. the synagogue offered its building to another church when a lightning strikes sparked a fire there two years ago. >> donna hamilton was anchoring the 5:00 p.m. news like she always does, but she was not feeling herself. she did not know then, but she had lyme disease. >> text that cause lyme disease are as small as a -- ticks that
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cause lyme disease are as small as a period on a page. >> i had stuff to do, people to see, places to go. >> when she started feeling a key and tired, she chalked it up to a busy schedule. she did not realize it was symptoms of something very serious. her dermatologist made the diagnosis. >> she said, "line disease." i was like, "really?" >> tonight at 11, how the donna found out she had it. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> a beautiful weather pattern
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across the mid atlantic region, with even the pollen count cooperating in the low levels. there you go. a total of just 9. temperatures are running below normal. 81 degrees at bwi marshall. the normal high today is supposed to be in the upper 80's. nowhere near that today. 100 is the record high. tomorrow morning, the record low is 54, and that is within shot. this airmass up here is transporting south and east might result in and near record lows tomorrow morning. we will see what happened. the only thing that would prevent it would be a little bit of cloud cover tracking through
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time to time. with late afternoon readings in the 60's of west, 70's around baltimore, the stage is set for the possibility of a near record low. a little hint of some serious clouds to our south. we will see a low ranging from below 50's in the northwest suburbs along the pennsylvania border to the low 60's along the inner harbor along the chesapeake bay. insta-weather plus satellite imagery shows the storm off the long island coast moving further away, along high pressure to settle in from the northern lakes. the next front is taking shape out by the northern plains states. a chance for a thunderstorm as the moisture feet up in the mountains.
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a chance for a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon or evening. friday will be a little bit warmer before the storms we see in the lakes will make a run itself for east. tomorrow, 75 to 82 degrees, a cooler than normal day. western maryland, that is where we have the possibility of a thunderstorm, about 73 degrees. look for partly cloudy skies and 82 degrees around the chesapeake bay. sunshine and comfortable 76 degrees at ocean city. 81 on friday, so a couple more days with comfortable temperatures. a chance for a thunderstorm on saturday. 85 on sunday, a couple of showers on monday, and hot weather developing around the middle of next week. >> now, 11 sports. >> after nearly four days of
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intensive investigation that includes laboratory test results, the police department has concluded that steve mcnair was murdered by sahel kazemi, and in turn, sahel kazemi killed herself with a single gunshot wound to her head. >> that was the word from the police today. police started filling in the blanks in this tragedy, saying that the but there was asleep on a sofa when he was killed sahel kazem. sahel kazemi was apparently distraught over financial problems and the possibility of the mcnair seeing another woman. in addition, an associate said his wife michelle did not know who sahel kazemi was. a terrible call by the umpire
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caused a toss out last night. oh, my gosh, he threw his hat. how could he do that? lopez with the homerun off the foul pole. two men on, adam jones strikes out. right now, it is 2-0 in the fourth inning. remember how upset you work when -- now it is in toronto that it is crying, and it is $47 million. today, they cut ryan even though they owe him another $15 million. that is an r.o.i. that will get
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you unemployed. michael phelps is competing in did usa swimming championships. tonight, we will have highlights at 11:00. races started yesterday. katie hoff did not fare too well. coming off -- she struggled and finished sixth last night. she is only expected to swim in one more event, the 200 meter freestyle. she is coming off of an illness. she is not well for this. >> timing is everything for athletes.
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>> low on humidity. >> how about that?
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we may see the first sign of that at the end of seven days. a hint of some heat coming in. a chance for a thunderstorms saturday evening going into early morning sunday, and then the rest of the weekend looks pretty decent. there are some indications we could top the 90 degree mark wednesday or thursday next week. until then, enjoy. >> we will. have a good evening. america, whattaya say to big cheesy-steaky-ness!
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