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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  July 9, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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kyle wankmiller feel like they have been getting the run-around from the m.t.a. since their son and his stepbrother connor peterson were struck and killed sunday. since the incident there's been one question that keeps running through their minds. >> why couldn't the conductor have seen them? he's supposed to have big windows around, eight-foot, 10-foot windows. what was he doing that he didn't see the boys? >> m.t.a. administrator paul weidefeld made it clear he would get an answer. >> any idea how the driver could not possibly know that he hit two people? amtrak trains hit people all the time and stop people immediately. >> we are taking all the details of the event and that is the answer we are looking for. >> not only has weidefeld asked baltimore county police to take the lead he has called on other federal agencies to offer expert consultation. weidefeld says police will
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re-review video and audit toe tapes from the trains involved and re-interview witnesses. they will also look for evidence to see if the driver was on a cell phone or texting at the time. the victims' families just want the truth. >> i just want closure. that's all. >> the investigation is expected to take 30 days. as for the driver, he has been taken out of service until the investigation is complete. live in lutherville, kim dacey, wbal tv 11 news. >> new this morning baltimore county police are investigating an recall morning stabbing in middle river. officers were called it the 300 block of shag bark road this morning and they found a female suffering from a stab wound. she was taken it bayview medical. a suspect or motive in the case has not been found. >> amtrak is back to normal after a natural gas leak halted trains several hours.
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skyteam 11 was over the scene around 4:30 as fumes shot from the ground near the 500 block of north point boulevard. officials say the leak happened when construction workers hit a six-inch gas lien. fortunately no homes were affected and no one was injured. about 30 minutes later skyteam 11 was diverted to a fire at the suburban house restaurant in pikesville. crews say it started in an adjacent storage area. about 35 workers and pay trons had to be evacuated. no one was hurt. the cause remains under investigation. >> new developments in the criminal case against mayor sheila dixon as the state prosecutor called witnesses before a new grand jury. three witnesses are being called to testify about the mayor's alleged use of gift cards chug those solicited from a holly trolley tour. dixon is accused of stealing them.
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the mayor's attorneys are asking them to quash the subpoenas saying procedures are improperly trying to shore up their case. >> in our medical alert maryland health officials say the state is recorded its second death due to the h1n1 flu virus. health officials say the person is an adult from the baltimore metro area and had serious underlaying conditions. the state as first death was in of an elderly baltimore resident with significant issues before contracting the virus. health officials say if you have flu symptoms, fever, cough, sore throat, see your doctor immediately especially if you are at high risk. >> young children under five, people over the age of 65 and those with chronic conditions that affect their immune system and response. >> state health leaders say a total of 686 h1n1 flu virus cases have been confirmed in maryland. it is not easy rescuing injured
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swimmers even when the water they are in is only a few feet deep. kerry cavanaugh went down to see how the beach patrol is saving lives. >> some of the most serious injuries are right here in shallow water when body surfers and boogie borders violently hit bottom. ask kelly ward had went headfirst while body surfing. >> i was probably six feet in the air and it just broke and did a missile nosedive hitting my head on the bottom. >> he went into cardiac arrest and suffered a serious neck injury. just getting him out of the water could have left him pair listed. how did they do it? tonight at 11:00 how kelly ward is doing and the beach patrol gives advice on how to stay safe in shallow water. >> speed cameras appear to be getting the green light in baltimore city. tuesday night the city council
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approved a proposal to target areas for the cameras that leaders say data captured by speed detectors reveal a major speeding problem. to combat the problem transportation officials have proposed converting red late cameras in speed cameras and want to add minister in problem areas. by law speed cameras must be within a quarter mile of a school zone. officials say that presents greater challenges. >> because 86% of the city is within a school zone we want to make sure there is a nexus between where we put the camera and where the problems are occurring. >> a final vote from the council is still need boulevard the cameras can be activated. that brings us to the water cooler question of the day. how do you feel about the idea of speed cameras being set up in baltimore city? e-mail us your response to >> president obama spends a
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second day at the g-78 summit in lit today where he is trying to forge consensus on climb change. at home he faces increasing criticism over the economy. brooke hart has more from washington. >> president obama puts climate change front and center at the g-8 leading a meeting of the top polluters. yesterday nations pledged to limit global warming to 3.6 degrees with little talk of how. the president's challenge as he toured damage from l'aquila's earthquake in april is diplomatic. developing nations china and india balk at specific goals to cut emissions. they want freedom to grow and blame richer countries for forecasts of damage. >> climate change cannot be addressed by perpetuating poverty of the developing countries. >> it is the leading issue for angry g-8 protesters in italy. >> we want them to set strong targets for climate change.
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we want strong emission reductions. >> on the global economy leaders called stimulus plans still necessary. on capitol hill republicans called the president's a failure. >> every american has the right to ask where are the jobs that were patrolled. >> democratic governors testified it is working. >> the increase in taxes, cuts in services, would be infin fitly greater were it in the for the aid the stimulus program has given to the states. >> economists say the funds have yet to fully kick in. >> patience. the stimulus is just now getting going and i think we will see the benefits of it more clearly later this year. >> despite the signs, no one predicts the stimulus will revive the number of jobs lost by the recession. worries about jobs are costing the president support. in ohio where joe biden travels today unemployment has topped 10%. as of this week more people disapprove than approve of his
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handling of the economy. in washington, brooke hart, nbc news. >> 5:38, 57 degrees on tv hill. coming up a medical breakthrough in stem cell research. where it may provide includes that male infertile it. >> migraines can cut down the risk of a particular cancer in a certain gender. details in the medical alert. >> if you are going to head out soon on the southwest corner of the beltway expect delays in the outer loop. we have a tractor-trailer accident. we will update that and more.
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>> welcome back to "11 news today." sunrise official time 5:48. looks like already a bright start with clear skies overnight. warmest location is the
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metropolitan area downtown but if you head to the airport we are 58 there. to the west it is 55 in frederick, 63 in hagerstown and 51 in york. dealing with a couple of 59's on the eastern shore. we should be 66, a cool start, up to 78 for a high. partly cloudy skies, light easterly wind. what about change in the seven-day? i will delve into that coming up. >> in this morning's medical alert researchers in the u.k. say they have been able to create human sperm from embryonic stem cells. the sperm are not identical to normal sperm and are not mature enough to fertilize an egg but they hope it will reveal the causes of male infertility and how genetic diseases are passed on. for example, how young boys who must undergo chemotherapy can become inin fertile. >> although they may be
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frequent women who suffer from migraines appear to have a reduced risk for breast cancer that from a research program where more than 4,500 were researched. those diagnosed with migraine had a 26% reduced risk of developing breast cancer regard also of age and when first diagnosed with migraine or used prescription drugs for headaches. doctors don't know why migraines might protect against breast cancer all they hormones affect both conditions. coming up, when you think about obedience school for dogs you don't think of barbed wires and bars. we have some does that owe their training to prison inmates. >> this is a live picture of the downtown area. we will update weather and we will update weather and traffic for the
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>> still dealing with the accident on the southwest side. the tractor-trailer was carrying
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mineral water so it could have been chickens or something. >> at least the road is clean. >> exactly and it is not like bottles of water all over the road. southwest corner of the beltway. here is a live view. we have some lanes closed just past wilkins avenue in the outer loop. a couple of, three left lanes squeezing by but causing delays back to frederick road. watch for this to affect the morning commute. this is our one big problem. we switch to the northwest corner at green spring, looking pretty good. barely any traffic on the inner loop away from us toward the j.f.x. j.f.x. good in town. no problems on the harrisburg expressway. another issue on the inner loop ramp that takes you from camp mead to the inner loop is blocked due to a sinkhole. 12 minutes on the outer loop west side, four on southbound 95 from 100 to 32 and about 11 minutes on the northeast outer loop.
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that is the latest. now let's get another check of buses and trains with kurt kroncke. >> good morning, sarah. we have a few delays right now on the marc train. penn 50310 minutes late. camden 841, 30 minutes. brunswick on time. light rail metro on time. on the buses 22 and 64 buses running 15 to 20 minutes late. 22 bus diverted at university and 40th due to construction. for the m.t.a. i'm kurt kroncke. back to sandra shaw. good morning, sandra. >> it is a fabulous morning, nice crisp temperatures when you consider it is july. this is one of the coolest julys on record and tense. today will likely be the coolest day of the week. high only upper 70's. right now a clear scan as far as the radar and satellite imagery over maryland. high pressure continues to build over new england today so with that wraparound flow we will get a light easterly wind.
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temperature-wise right now 57 in west minutes to 58 at the airport, 68 in baltimore and 69 in indianapolis. on the eastern shore both 59's in easton and st. michaels. dew points low to mid 50's. this is incredible for this time of year. that is the measure of the moisture in the environment and the bottom line is it is incredibly dry for july. that trend will continue the next two days. the next shot of showers is not until late in the afternoon or evening on saturday. 73 in the mountains of western maryland nice at the higher elevations. 80 in the lower elevations. 81 for baltimore. charm city looking nice today. no problems. very lit wind. as you cross the bay to the eastern shore it looks like ocean city a high of 80. it has been a spectacular beach week. on the bay an east-northeast flow 10 to 15 knots.
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103 the record high set july 9, 1936, 1984, 54 was the record low. so far not threaten being the record. 58 outlying areas, 66 downtown tonight. what we have in play is a nice stability with high pressure to the north. we will call the temperatures mild. we should be up to 87 degrees. potentially we're about nine or 10 grows below that today with a lack of humidity. the seven-day forecast brings more of the same tomorrow. a couple of degrees warmer. saturday a return of heat and humidity. 40% chance of scattered evening showers and storms as the front comes through saturday night. partly cloudy sunday, 55. slight chance of afternoon sorles monday. by next wednesday we are surging back up into the 90's. do downright hot. >> can you imagine sending it beautiful black lab puppies to pitcher? >> i would never do it. >> something has landed them in jessup.
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they are trained and loved 24-7 while in prison. meantime the inmates carrying for them learn in responsibility. rob roblin has more on this skrek relationshi-- unique relationship. queenie and mcgee were on their way inside the maryland correctional institute for women. queenie didn't like the idea of going to prison. queenie and mcgee are part of the program where inmates train service dogs. >> the value is companionship number one. it teaches the inmates how to take care of something else, someone else. it teaches them also to give back to the community. >> the dogs live with the inmates. they are with them 24-7. the program started in 2001 and since then 22 service dogs have been trained here. >> they can detect a seizure up to an who are before it takes place. other dogs will be a wheelchair dog and retrieve open doors and so forth. the other ones will go with people that have difficulties
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walking but it gives them support and they are able to walk without a cane or crutch, which is more important to them that they have a dog for their companion. >> for the inmates taking care of the dogs this program is a very special privilege. >> these teach you how to be more mature and respectful and dedicated and patient. they teach you a lot of patience. i had no patience when i got here. once i got into the program about a year and a half patience because you know it is like a child. >> i love the program. i'm so happen that they have it. when i got here i didn't know about it. when i seen a dog walking on the compound i asked about it. and i just love it. it is just structured and keeps your mind in a positive place. >> it didn't take long for mcgee and queenie to get close to their new partners. this is a happy but also a sad day because container a blue poodle is getting out to soon
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begin his career of helping people. >> he is ready to go. this is time to go. it will hurt to see him go but that is what we do. we train them to give them out to somebody who needs the help. >> what a great program. >> beautiful dogs. >> so good for everybody. 5:51, 57 degrees. we will look at one of your water cooler answers. >> and move over venus and serena. there is a budding tennis star ready to take the spotlight and she is only 4 years old. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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>> time to get to one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. how to you feel about the idea of speed cameras being set up in baltimore city. tommy says how many more do we want. we are opening a pandora's box that lead to more intrusive surveillance. they do nothing more than to line the pockets of the people that manage this. keep e-mailing responses to we will read more the next hour and post all of them on the front page of our website. >> even as a child tiger woods really showed off his golfing prowess. now there's a young girl from australia who shows signs of making noise on the tennis tour. she is visiting florida to get
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tips from the man that coached the williams sisters. we have more on this 4-year-old sensation. >>he's a proud papa. >> i have never seen anybody with feet like this. and she has very good hand-eye coordination. for four it is uncanny. this is the scariest little creature i have ever seen. >> she is four and a four-year tennis veteran. >> the first thing she ever saw was a tennis ball. i used to hold it above her head and put little ping upon bats in her hand and work on the motion. >> they flu in from australia. although young she sees herself in the future. >> she sees her name on several trophies. >> wimbledon. >> the adults are falling in
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lane. it is her year but they think it is bright. >> at the end of the day she is going professional. if they won wimbledon i would love that, too but she drives the bus. >> i don't have a chrrystal bal but i know there is a place for her on the pro tour, whether it is 50, 40, number 10 or winning grand slams. >> for now she will settle on south florida. >> how cool. >> i wonder if she practices the advocates first or got the little ha first. >> she has the outfit down. here is a look ahead to the next hour of "11 news today" the. >> mayor diop barry in the all clear this morning. the federal charges against him prosecutors dropped. that is 6:16. >> talk about taking matters into your own hands. a person builds his car to ease the pain at the pump. >> the police pursuit in michigan ends with the car airborne. >> nothing but pleasant conditions right now. low humidity and cooler than
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normal temperatures. the trend continues at least about 48 more hours. then i will tell but some change for the weekend. >> the delays are growing on the southwest corner of the beltway due to a tractor-trailer accident. that is not the only problem. we will update you coming up.
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good morning, i'm jennifer franciotti for mindy basara. >> i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for news news. let's check outside with sandra shaw. couldn't be any better. >> our anthem is prolonged this morning. >> it was kind of chilly. did you break out sweaters? >> i had a jacket on. >> it is still summer though doesn't feel like it. but you definitely would not be doing yourself any harm if you had a light sweater or jacket because we are dealing with some 50's around the area. 58 right now at the airport to the west only 55 in frederick. 59 around easton and st. michaels


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