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tv   11 News Today  NBC  July 9, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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downtown no worries, 68 as is typical this time of year. 78 to 82 today it looks like. partly cloudy. absolutely beautiful. no major humidity yet. the question is how long will it last? i will break that down with the seven-day forecast but right now let's go to sarah. >> i hate to admit it but i had the heat on in the car this morning. that is really bad. let's check the morning commute. it is busy on the southwest corner of the beltway. live view in the outer loop past wilkins a tractor-trailer accident. the fire has been put out but another vehicle still being cleared from the scene with the tractor-trailer. so, the three left lanes getting by and it will be a while before they clear it. back to frederick road are delays. no delays in the white marsh area southbound toward the beltway. a problem spot with a sinkhole on the inner loop at camp mead. the ram from camp mead to the
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inner loop blocked. otherwise doing well. we have a bit of a delay on the west side due to the accident. drive times on sound 95 about 10 minutes from the beltway southwest to 32. 11 minutes northeast side. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." back to you. >> our big story, fresh eyes are being brought in the investigation of the deaths of two teens struck by a light rail train. kim dacey is live in lutherville with more on who is being brought in the investigation and why. >> what we know is an m.t.a. light rail train hilt two teens from behind as they were walking down the tracks sunday night and killed them. what we don't know is why that train operator didn't see them. that is why m.t.a. administrator paul weidefeld has asked baltimore county police to take the lead in the investigation and he is calling on the ntsb, federal transit authority and american public transit association to offer expert
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consultation. weidefeld also says police will re-review video and audiotapes from the trains involved and re-interview witnesses. they will also look for evidence to see if the driver was on his cell phone or text messaging at the time of the accident. the families of 17-year-old step brothers kyle wankmiller and connor peterson are hoping to get some answers. >> why couldn't the conductor have seen them? he's supposed to have big windows, eight-foot, 10-foot windows. what was he doing that he didn't see the boys? >> out of respect for the family i have asked baltimore county to take the lead on case. >> the investigation is expected to take 30 days and then will be turned over to the state attorney's office for review. that is the standard procedure in a death case. as far as the driver, he has been taken out of service until this investigation is complete. reporting live in lutherville, kim dacey, wbal tv 11 news.
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>> new this morning a carroll county man is recovering after being shot while allegedly trying to run over a police officer and a woman the officer was trying to protect. they were called to investigate a disturbance on east baltimore street in tawneytown last night. they found a woman in the roadway between a grocery store and strip mall. moments later a car began accelerating toward the woman and officer. the officer wounded the driver. the driver is recovering at shock trauma right now. charges are pending against him. meanwhile, the woman was also arrested on outstanding warrants in harford county. one person is dead and another injured as city police are investigating a double shooting overnight in southeast baltimore. police say shots were fired this morning in the 2900 block of cooley street. they have not uncovered a motive or identified a suspect. in southwest baltimore people in carrollton ridge are upset that
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their neighbors have allowed what they call a culture of apathy to overcome their community. walking to reclaim their streets after the open air shooting that wounded raven wyatt citizens hope this latest veents will force people to say enough is enough to criminals. >> we lost what we had because of the cancer in the community with the drugs and violence. i strongly believe that people have lost self-respect. so if you can't respect yourself how can you respect anyone else? >> you need to say that guy is no good. i'm turning him in. that is the gun i'm going to get off the street and maybe this will not help to the next raven. >> family members tell us that raven remains in critical but stable condition. >> thousands of fans are expected at l.p. field in nashville for public member rely honoring steve mcnair. investigators say they now know what led to the former ravens' death.
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his girlfriend shot him four times while he slept in his nashville condo. recent statements kazemi made to friends portray her at a financial and emotional breaking point. >> we believe she was paying payments on the escalade and payments on a kia and her roommate was about to leave and she had become very distraught and on two occasions told friends and associates that her life was all messed up and that she was going to end it all. >> police also say kazemi believed mcnair was getting a divorce from his wife but also suspected him of seeing another woman. >> steve mcnair fans flocked to the field yesterday where he led the teents r toepts to so many thrilling victories. instead of focusing on the seshgs of his death they those to celebrate his live. pete gilbert has more from nashville. >> all day long steve mcnair
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fans here at l.p. stadium have waited in long lines to sign their personal tribute to leave a message for steve and the family and to watch a video tribute as well inside. unfortunately it is also the day we learn of the particulars. according to police it was a murder-suicide. i was killed by his 20-year-old lover. very hard to come to grips with but what fans choose to do here is remember what they saw, the greatness on the field and as well as they saw to the community from steve mcnair. >> you have to try to put that out of your mind and think about his family. and hope they can deal with it. because it is hard for us. >> the titans opened their doors unsure of of what the reaction from fans would be. quickly they learned it was the right thing to do. >> had a chance to reflect on the great career that steve mcnair had and so many people have remarked how much they have meant to him, not just as a player in the nfl for tennessee
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or baltimore ravens, but for what he has done f philanthropically. the camps, groups of kids off school buses to pay their respects to a gentleman that they look up to. it is truly an emotional and remarkable day. >> steve air mcnair. >> i'm just taking it real hard and i pray for his family right now. but -- and i know it is hard for his football players, jeff fisher. but we love steve. >> more than 5,000 fans at the stadium wednesday. they expect the same thursday. also thursday afternoon a memorial service for the 5,000 that are expected. derrick mason from the ravens and ozzie newsome will be in attendance. we will have live coverage at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00.
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>> you can watch the tribute to steve mcnair beginning at 8:00 live on wbal plus. comcast digital 208 and verizon fios 860. we will live stream the memorial on >> new developments in the criminal case against mayor dixon as the state prosecutor calls witnesses before a new grand jury. according to court documents three witnesses are being called it testify about the mayor's use of gift cards including toes solicited for the holly trolley tour. the mayor is accused of stealing gift cards intended for needy false. the mayor's judges ask to quash the spps saying the prosecutors are trying to shore up case. amtrak is back to normal after a natural gas main break in north baltimore brought trains to a shuttle halt. fumes shot up from the ground shaking tree limbs above the braeak near the leak.
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it was when construction workers hit a gas line under bridge. fortunately no homes were affected by the gas leak and no one was injured. there is still no word as to what caused a two-alarm fire at the suburban house restaurant in pikesville. skyteam 11 captured these images as firefighters worked to put out the fire. none of the 35 people inside the building were hurt. the source of the fire has been traced to a storage area next to the restaurant but it is not known what sparked it. >> attention baltimore drivers. speed cameras appear to be getting a green light in the city. this week the city council approved a proposal to begin targeting areas for the cameras. city leaders say data captured by detectors and red light cameras reveal a major speeding problem in many neighborhoods. to combat the problem transportation officials have proposed converting red light cameras in speed cameras. they want to add more cameras in problem areas. by law speed crams must be within a quarter mile of a
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school zone. that present greater challenges. >> 86% of the city is within a school zone we want to make sure will is a nexus between where we put the camera and where the problems are occurring. >> a final vote is needed before the cameras are activated. that brings us to the water cooler question of the day. how to you feel about the idea of speed cameras being set pickup baltimore city? you can e-mail your response to >> the time is 6:10, 57 degrees on tv hill. the morning financial news and bloomberg business report coming up. >> a sudden turn in the case of d.c. councilmember marion barry recently accused of stalking a woman. we will tell you what happened. >> not exactly the finale of north by northwest but there was some drama on top of mount rushmore. what it is all about when we cover the nation next. >> how many times can you say you are comfortable wearing a sweater in july? this morning may be one of them. i have the full seven-day dad, could you help me build a sand castle?
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>> top of the morning, 68 degrees downtown. if you are in any of the outlying areas we are in the 50's. you almost could call it a chilly start when consider it is july 9. the sun is up. it will be gorgeous today. a few clouds this afternoon but this morning you are hard-pressed to find any clouds. nice clear scan as far as the radar goes. strong storms over south carolina off the shore but nothing where we are. high pressure will build in to the north today. it will generate a light easterly wind. it will be pleasant with low humidity. 68 downtown but only 51 in york. 58 at the airport and 59 when you head to eastern shore. in the mountains low 70's in the high elevations. gorgeous. far 81 is the forecast high and we
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could see some 78's. we hit 81 yesterday for a high. at ocean city great day to get sun, mostly sunny and 80 degrees. east-northeast flow on the chesapeake. 103 is the potential temperature we could see this time of year. the record there set in 1936. the record low was 54 set in 1984. we thought we might be close to it but we have remained in the upper 50's. yesterday we began the day with a low of 57. partly cloudy tonight. 58 outlying areas, 66 downtown. mild day upper 70's to low 80's. high pressure to the north is dominating things and it will hold up the next two days then move offshore by saturday. another frontal system will approach saturday so by saturday evening we are bringing in a chance of showers and storms. meantime, a little soupier saturday with a high of 87. feign sunday, slight chance of
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showers monday. next wednesday we are back this the 90's. looks like 90or a forecast high. >> good morning, everyone. un fortunate unfortunately still dealing with problems on the southwest corner. you are going to deal with details in the outer loop past wilkins, tractor-trailer accident. you can see they are letting they lanes by so only the right lane and shoulder are being taken up by the accident. still as volume picks up having a big impact there. now live view of the harrisburg expressway north of the beltway looking good from the pennsylvania line to the beltway. j.f.x. equally smooth. other problem spots, columbia, washington boulevard at route 175 we have an accident there. and we are dealing with a problem on the ramp from camp mead to the inner loop of the beltway a sinkhole blocking the ramp. otherwise pretty good. we will keep you posted on the outer loop accident. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." >> taking a look at some of the
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top stories, former washington, d.c. mayor marion barry will not face stalking charges. he was arrested saturday after a former girlfriend claimed he was following her in a d.c. area park. his attorney say the case was nothing more than a vindictive ex-girlfriend turning on him. prosecutors say after reviewing the evidence they have opted not to pursue the case. members of the house intelligence committee are joining speaker nancy pelosi in saying the c.i.a. misled lawmakers in intelligence briefings. in a letter sent to the c.i.a. june 26 obtained by the a.p., seven members of house panel call on lee on panetta to revise earlier statements that the agency had not misled congress. they are even accused of lying to the committee on one unspecified occasion. panetta says agents have been truthful. a dozen members of green peace were arrested after using the
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famed mount rushmore monument to make a political statement. they scaled down the face of the mountain to unfurl a banner calling for action to stop global warming. it took park officials about an hour to pull it off. >> in our consumer alert about a million play yards known as play pens are recalled after it is found they pose a fall hazard. the consumer product safety commission has received 347 reports that the side rail latch is popping open causing them to collapse. at least 21 children have been hurt one with a concussion. cold craft is offering free repair kits. those details are on click on consumer. the social security number may be easier for thieves to figure out than you once thought. just by using public data such as birth dates and place of
6:18 am
residence identity thieves could guess the number within 1,000 guesses. luckily researchers discovered the code before the hackers did and now the social security administration is assuring people there is no exact method to get the person's social security number but they say it will change the way the numbers are selected next year. general motors is closer to putting bankruptcy in its rearview mirror. michelle steele has that and more in the bloomberg business report. >> u.s. bankruptcy judge saying general motors could sell the majority of its business to a treasury funded buyer possibly as soon as this afternoon. according to the judge g.m. would exit bankruptcy with $48 billion in debt. it entered with about $176 billion in debt. when it emerges the a.p. reports g.m.'s iconic logo may turn green to showcase g.m.'s environmental initiatives. alcoa announcing second quarter losses smaller than estimated and now saying it expects
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government economic stimulus spending in china to boost metal demand to help it start generating cash again. u.s. stocks mixed as investors fear disappointing earnings season overshadowed plans to remove up to $40 in toxic assets from financial firms. the bloomberg maryland index falling as well. losses led by osiris therapeutics. peeps check marshmallows opening a retail store. good news for you in maryland. it will be a at national harbor according to the peeps maker. that is the news at the new york stock exchange. bloomberg news reporting for wbal tv 11 news. >> it isn't easy rescuing injured swimmers even we they are hurt in water only a few feet deep. kerry cavanaugh went to ocean
6:20 am
city to find out why. >> some of the most serious injuries at ocean city are right here in shallow water when body surfers and boogie borders violently hit water. can kelly award who went headfirst. >> i was probably six feet in the air and it just broke, did a missile nosedive hitting my head on the bottom of the water. >> he went that cardiac arrest and suffered a serious neck injury just getting him out of the water could have left him paralyzed. how did the beach patrol do it? tonight at 11:00 that xhon demonstration, how he is doing and how to stay safe in sal water. >> it is 6:21, 57 degrees. another check of wefrt and traffic straight ahead. >> is your 4-year-old prodigy -- or i should say is this 4-year-old prodigy the tiger woods of women's tennis? >> don't forget to e-mail us
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your answer to our water cooler question of the day. how did you feel about the idea of speed cameras being set pickup baltimore city? e-mail us your response t]phñ
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>> good morning, sarah caldwell check i checking the commute. good news on the outer loop. delays but no longer the accident there. it is out of there just past wilkins. we have delays from frederick to wilkins avenue. pretty soon they will couple with the other delays around liberty. so we are looshing at a pretty
6:24 am
heavy ride there. but at least the accident is gone. we will check what else is going on. 95 at white marsh some delays starting to form as people are tapping the brakes there. a couple of problem spots, accident in elkridge at 175 and ramp from camp mead to the inner loop on the south sied side blo with a sinkhole. you have a look at the forecast? >> the sun is up and we are in store for another awesome today. today the high only upper 70's to low 80's. water vapor showing a little activity in southern maryland. a few more clouds expected there but over the heart of the state we are under the influence of high pressure to the north. 60 at the airport, 59 on the eastern shore in easton. 64 in ocean city. we are aiming for a high of 77 to 82. partly cloudy, quite pleasant. a great day to play tennis. >> how about that segue?
6:25 am
very nice. he's coached the likes of andy roddick, jennifer capriati and the williams sisters before they made their names as some of the greatest competitors. but chances are you have never seen a at that moment as young as this. jay gillmor introduces to the latest prodigy. >> glen is a proud papa so he found rick macy to coach his daughter. >> she has very good hand-eye coordination. this is the scariest little creature i have ever seen. >> mia is four and already a four-year veteran. >> the first thing mia ever saw coming out of her mother was a tennis ball. i used to raise it above her head and put little ping upon bats in her hands and work on her motion. >> the lyons flew in from australia to spend a month with macy. she already sees herself in the
6:26 am
fort. >> i'm gg oing to -- >> she sees her name on self trophies. >> wimbledon. french open. and u.s. open. >> the adults are falling in line. it is her career but they think it bright. >> if she went professional i would love that. if she won wimbledon i would love that. but she drives the bus. >> i don't have a crystal ball and i have been wrong but i know there is a place for this kid on the pro tour whether 50, 40, number 10 or winning grand slams. >> for now she will settle on south florida. >> so cute. one kansas teen has taken his frustration over rising gas prices and turned it into an opportunity for himself. he has built his own street legal electric car. he bought a ford escort. headed for the scrap heap and pulling together materials that he fashioned he made a gas-free
6:27 am
vehicle. >> didn't take an ought massive close or electrician class? >> no. i can't even change my own oil. that is where i bought it. i'm like what part, the motor, they don't believe i converted the whole thing. >> too cool. it only has a top speed of 38 miles an hour and can only go 11 miles per charge but he says it has helped him avoid fueling the family pickup. >> excuse me, g.m., are you watching? i hope. wow! that is impressive. 6:27, 57 degrees. much more to come in the next half hour of "11 news today." >> big questions remain after two teens are hit and killed by a light rail train. i'm kim dacey. i will let you know how they are stepping up the investigation. >> the one accident is cleared on the outer loop southwest side but we're dealing with a few new problems and delays on the west side. >> it has certainly been a confidential start to july and today may be the coolest day of the week.
6:28 am
i have the full insta-weather forecast seven day just ahead. >> in italy today president obama runs into resistance on climate change. here at home he faces criticism on the economy. i will have that story coming up. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. whee! happy days are here again. whee! ooh. celebrate summer with giant and enjoy mouthwatering fruits and vegetables at prices you can handle. like sweet cherries, just $1.57 a pound. only at giant. steak, chicken, ribs, and burgers on the grill. people: oh! at giant, you'll find fresh, delicious, quality meats
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at prices that sizzle. like super g split chicken breast, just 99 cents a pound. only at giant.
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>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to "11 news today." i'm stan stovall. >> i'm jennifer franciotti for mindy basara. thanks for joining us. sandra shaw has a look at the beautiful forecast. >> it is beautiful. gives you a reason to smile. this week has been incredible. yesterday the high was 81. today a few more clouds, fair weather clouds. we will say 78 at the airport. it is 68 downtown, 60 at the
6:31 am
airport and 51 in york. there you see it. partly cloudy and pleasant. that is the rule of the day. the seven-day forecast at the end of the news log. >> our big story, the investigation into the deaths of two teens hit by an m.t.a. is heating up. >> the m.t.a. is asking police and federal agencies to get involved. kim dacey joins us live from the light rail station in lutherville with more. >> good morning. what we do know is an m.t.a. light rail train hit the boys from behind as they were walk long the tracks sunday and killed them. what we don't know is how the train driver didn't see them and that is what the agencies who are now involved are hoping to find out. >> there is something wrong with this whole thing from the beginning. >> the parents of 17-year-old kyle wankmiller feel like they have been getting the run-around from the m.t.a. since he and his stepbrother were killed by a
6:32 am
light rail train sunday. since the incident there's been one question that keeps running through their minds. >> why couldn't the conductor have seen them? he's supposed to have big windows around, eight-foot, 10-foot windows. what was he doing that he didn't see the boys? >> at a wednesday news conference m.t.a. administrator paul weidefeld made it clear he would get an answer to the question. >> any idea how the driver could not possibly know that he hit two people? amtrak trains hit people all the time and stop immediately and they are much heavier than literal. vishgs we are taking all the details of the event and that is answer we are looking for. >> not only has he asked baltimore county police to take the lead he called on the ntsb, federal transit authority and american public transit association to offer expert consultation. he says police will re-review video and audiotapes from the trains involved and re-interview witnesses. they will also look for evidence to see if the driver was on a cell phone or texting at the
6:33 am
time of the accident. the victims' families say they just want the truth. >> i just want closure. that's all. >> the investigation is expected to take 30 days and will be turned over to the state's attorney's office. that is the standard procedure in a death case. as for the driver, he has been taken out of service until the investigation is complete. >> the h1n1 virus has claimed its second life in maryland. health officials say the second victim is an adult from the baltimore metro area and like in the other case had serious underlying medical conditions. health officials say if you have flu symptoms like fever, cough, sore throat see your doctor immediately see personally if you fall that the girl of those at high risk. vishgs young children under age of five, people over the age of 65 and those with chronic
6:34 am
conditions that affect their immune system and response. >> state health leaders say a total of 686 h1n1 flu virus cases have been confirmed in maryland. >> a first of its kind task force is being set up to baltimore city to curb a rise in animal cruelty cases. spurn of spurred by the deadly burning of a pit bull it will recommend laws and guidelines they hope will stop abuse. experts say stopping animal abuse may end a pattern of behavior before it escalates. >> those people who injure a dog next thing you know they will be beating their son, next thing i say he because they will be beating their wife then violence begets violence. >> the task force begins its work on july 16 and will present the recommendations in about a year. president obama spends a second day at the g-8 summit in italy where he tries to push action on
6:35 am
climate change. back here at home he faces more criticism over the economy. brooke hart has more from washington. >> president obama puts climate change front and sphecenter at g-8. yesterday nations pledged to limit global warming to 3.6 degrees with little talk of how. the president's challenge as he toured damage from earthquake damage is diplomatic. developing nations china and india balked at specific goals to cut emissions. they want freedom to grow and blame richer countries for forecasts of damage. >> climate change cannot be addressed by perpetuating poverty of the developing countries. >> it is the leading issue for angry g-8 protesters in italy. >> we want them to set strong targets for climate change. we want strong emission reductions.
6:36 am
>> g-8 ladders called stimulus plans still necessary. on capitol hill republicans called the president's a failure. >> every american has the right to ask where are the jobs that were promised. >> democratic governors testified it is working. >> the increase in taxes and cuts in services would be infin fitly greater were in not for the aid the stimulus has given to the states. >> economists say the fund have yet to fully kick in. >> we need patience. the thrust is just now getting going and i think we will see the benefits of it more clearly later this your. >> despite the signs, no one predicts the stimulus will revive the number of jobs lost by the recession. worries about jobs are costing the president support. in o'where joe biden travels today unemployment has topped 10% and as of this week more people disapprove than approve of his handling of the economy.
6:37 am
good morning. looking at a few problems on the roads. not as bad as earlier with the accident on the southwest side. now we've a closure of the ramp of camp mead to the inner loop because of a sink hole. 12 minutes on the west side, a little slower because of the earlier accident. 11 on the northeast side. you can see doing welch better on the west side in the area of i-70 but a little slow beyond that. tapping the brakes at white marsh on 95. >> we are blessed with more great weather. wore looking at a high today only about 78 out at the airport. you see the range from 77 to 82. partly cloudy, a few fair weather cumulus clouds will develop this afternoon but it feels lake spring t. tomorrow more from where that came. 81 the forecast high but back up to 87 saturday and humid before
6:38 am
some showers and storms associated with the front saturday night. next week we go back up to 90's so even joy this. >> it is 6:38. 58 degrees. the question is would you willingly put yourself in the line of these charming bulls? some choose to defy common sense and one of the most unfathomable traditions. we will brin
6:39 am
6:40 am
>> this is a high-speed chase. they followed this s.u.v.
6:41 am
through the streets of howell township at speeds exceeding 100 miles an hour. after becoming airborne police found the fleeing suspect was just 14 years old and driving with a 12-year-old cousin and 10-year-old brother in the car. when asked he said he was taking them out for ice cream. charges are pending. now running from angry bulls it is that time again the annual running of the bulls in spain. this tradition has sent five people to the hospital this year. one of the injured was stabbed in the head by a bull who were. so far no one has been killed. >> amazing. for newborn tiger cubs to the the german zoo they are not as deadly as the bulls. they are cute now and adorable. they were born a little over a month ago and are making their media debut it week. all of them were delivered by their mother without the help of
6:42 am
the zoo veterinarians. all four are girls and the father is said to be very affectionate. >> he has been ganged up. >> girl power. >> 6:42, 58 degrees. coming up we will look at the morning headlines. >> we continue to have a lack of high humidity but i'm not sure we miss it. we will see probably the coolest day of the week this week. we may not hit 80 in some locations. 68 at the inner harbor. winds very
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> in the hd lines investigators say had he now know the reasons behind the death of steve mcnair over the weekend. police say his girlfriend shot mcnair four times while he slept in his condo then turned the gun on herself. recent statement portrayed her at a financial and emotional
6:45 am
breaking point. a public memorial service in mcnair's honor will be held tonight in nashville and we will carry it live on wbal plus and wbal tv 11 news. new developments in the case against mayor dixon as the straight proper culls wilts before a new grand jury. according to court documents three witnesses are being called to testify about the mayor's use of gift cards including those solicited from the holly trolley tour. the mayor is accused of stealing them. attention baltimore drivers pediatric cameras are getting a green light in baltimore city. the city council approved a proposal to target areas for the cameras. to combat the city's problem with speeders transportation officials have proposed converting many existing red light cameras into speed cameras of a final vote is still needed before the cameras are converted. that brings us to the answers to our water cooler question of the day. we asked how do you feel about
6:46 am
the idea of speed cameras being set pickup baltimore city. cindy writes the only people who are against them are the people speeding. they will cease to work in a few months like the red late cameras and not be repaired. >> gil says i don't agree with them in baltimore or anywhere in maryland. ask montgomery county how much money they raked in with the speed cameras. if you need money just raise taxes. this is not a safety issue. it is a money issue. >> paul writes speed cameras one more reason to avoid visiting baltimore city. >> james writes i agree with the cameras and hope their use will be expanded. anyone who cares and lives in the city should degree. with nearly a murder a day in the city our police officers should be handling more serious crimes not trying to catch speeders. funds could be used to make baltimore minister productive and a safe are place it live. we will post more answers on the front page of the website.
6:47 am
>> sarah caldwell checking the commute. there are a few problems to deal with. we start with elkridge along washington boulevard at 175. we have an accident wrapping up there. another problem camp mead the ramp from there to the inner loop is blocked due to a sinkhole. on the outer loop you are looking at about 11 minutes drive time on the outer loop northeast and five minutes on southbound 95 from the 895 split to the fort mchenry tolls. we will give you a look outside in the west side we did have heavier delays due to an earlier accident but looking better on the outer loop at i-70. no problems there. but we're looking at a delay southbound i-95 out of the white marsh area. that is the latest. over to sandra. >> we are blessed with another decorate morning and it will be a fabulous afternoon. temperature high today forecast only upper 70's. not a lot happening right over
6:48 am
maryland. there are showers off the shore of south carolina. there was activity up in new england earlier but high pressure is building in and it will extend its reach to stabilize things further. 68 downtown. 60 at b.w.i.-marshall. only that the low 70's in the higher elevations of the mountains. 73, partly cloudy. zooming over to the heart of central maryland, charm city forecast 78 a few minister clouds this afternoon and mostly sunny on the shores of ocean city and only 80 degrees. as far as the bay goes east near northeast waves a foot or less. we should be 87 degrees. we have not hit it the last couple of days. we will probably be up there by saturday. nowhere near today that 103-degree record set in 1936 on july 9.
6:49 am
on this date in then 84 a 54-degree record low. at one point we were thinking we might get near that but we have only been 57 or 58. tonight partly cloudy, similar range, 58, upper 50's outlying areas. 66 or so downtown and winds maintaining the easterly flow. we have high pressure in control well to the north. with that clockwise motion we get more of an easterly flow with strong shower and activity over the florida range. they expect another line and potential flooding from strong storms later today. that i-75 to i-95 corridor. but we're just going to see the continuance of minister spring lik weather through tomorrow. then for saturday a summer up to 87 degrees. a chance of showers and storms saturday evening mainly at about 40%. that may linger in sunday morning but 85 on sunday and monday slight chance of showers and storms in the afternoon. high of 81 so cooler than
6:50 am
normal. we start to see a comeback with the heat by tuesday, up to 86. then we jump to 90 for wednesday. downright hot and the humidity will be back by next wednesday as well. >> time for a last look at our big story as m.t.a. officials turn over the investigation of the deaths of two teens to the police. kim dacey joins us live with more. >> an m.t.a. light rail train hit two boys from behind as they were walking along the tracks sunday night and killed them. the big question is why the driver didn't see them. that is why m.t.a. administrator paul weidefeld has asked baltimore county police to take the lead in the investigation and he's called upon the ntsb, federal transit authority and american public transit association to offer conceexper consultation. they will re-review video and audio and re-interview witnesses
6:51 am
and look for evidence to see if the driver was on a cell phone or texting at the time of the accident. the investigation is expected to take 30 days. as for the driver, he's been taken out of service until the investigation is complete. reporting live in lutherville, kim dacey, wbal tv 11 news. >> coming up today on oprah a tv exclusive the little girl found living like an animal at the aim of six couldn't speak a word. can she ever recover? meet the family that believes she can. but first with a look at what is coming up on "the today show" here matt lauer. >> coming up on a thursday here where is the body of michael jackson and where will he be laid to rest including infighting within the jackson family. plus who has the heal upper hand when it companies to custody of his children? his family or deb ydebby rowe. are you wasting money on bottled water? the new questions raised about
6:52 am
purity and safety. he says he wants to be uber famous. bruno. he will join us for a life interview later in the program when we get started on a thursday morning right here on "today." >> that should be a lively interview. >> 6:51. just ahead another look at just ahead another look at weather and traffic before you when it feels like a bazillion degrees, i just take a sip of my coffee coolatta from dunkin' donuts. and suddenly i'm invigorated with a burst of icy refreshment. chill yourself with a coolatta for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> things moving better on the beltway? >> yes. we had the early morning accident that is gone. we have not been dealing with a lot in the way of volume now that we are in the summertime
6:55 am
pattern. delays are not an issue but we have an accident in elkridge at washed boulevard and route 175 and the sinkhole from camp meade to the inner loop of the beltway. accident in the city at gay and exeter but you can see a lot of green. a bit of that i at white marsh and live view at harford where it is looking very good. easy ride on the top side. >> the hits keep happening on the weather. >> it is so clear out there and incredible. there is usually hazy humid conditions in july. not today. 78 the forecast high partly cloudy. same thing for tomorrow but 81 degrees. we surge to 87 by saturday and we hear a little crescendo in the back. that is the heat coming back. enjoy this stretch because our next shot of seeing the heat is on wednesday. back up to 90. >> i feel like i'm a dog. >> thanks for joining us for "11 news today".
6:56 am
>> steve mcnair's death captured people by surprise. while the tragic details are being untangled my add a sordid nature they should not turnish the legacy of his career. but he instantly became a baltimore favorite when he joined the ravens in 2006. he brought confident, leadership and victory. leading the team to a 13-3 record starting all 16 games during that season. steve mcnair's football career started had his home state of mississippi and gained national attention while at alcorn state
6:57 am
as he still holds the division records for career yards passing and offense. he was known as one of the most physically resilient quarterbacks of all time. fighting the effects much injury each week, who was sacked 254 times, missed two games or less nine of the 11 seasons since becoming a starting quarterback in 1997. he started all 16 games five times over that span. he's one of three quarterbacks in nfl history to throw for 30,000 yards and rsh for 3,000. he appeared in they pro bowls and was a second african-american quarterback to start in the super bowl. on the field he was a role model for many ready for work each week without fail. on the field his body of work is clearly worthy of the nfl hall of fame. football has always borrowed its vernacular from military history. the battle of the trenches, air attack, bomb and more. while details of mcnair's death will offer more clarity about his life off the field his
6:58 am
character flaws and mistakes we prefer to remember him on the field described by many as a warrior, one who was as tough as the game he played.
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