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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  July 9, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> i am so sorry to see a man leave as such a young age. >> i was feeling for his wife, i really was. the things that she had to go through. but he still does not deserve to die for it. he is human. >> the ravens will be well represented at the memorial service. derrick mason will go to the podium and talk about his friend, steve mcnair. >> you can watch tonight's tribute tuesday but they're beginning at 8:00 -- tribute to stephen there live -- to steve
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mcnair live at 8:00. >> charles friedel solicited sex from a sister from one of his players. lowell melser has details. >> police have arrested a youth soccer coach with ties to a school in essex. 32-year-old charles friedel sent sexually explicit text messages to what he thought was a 14- year-old girl but was actually police. a volunteer soccer coach of his daughters' soccer team, and for a 11-year-old girls, arrested for trying to get a 14-year-old girl to have sex with him. it was back in june when charles friedel defended the girl that
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was a sister to one of the girls that he coached on the soccer team. >> she began feeling very on karbala and the messages became sexually explicit. >> the girl complain to her parents, who called police. a detective continued conversations with charles friedel, using her cell phone. he sent her pictures of his private area and asked her to send them the pictures of her spread it on july 7, a meeting was arranged at this store. charles friedel thought he was meeting the girl but was instead met by police. no one was home at his house. court documents say police confiscated various computer equipment from it. representatives tell us that he coached during the spring league, but as far as we know,
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he was not scheduled to coach this fall. he had been removed from their soccer program recently and that he previously passed a full background check. >> he passed all the necessary background checks and was complied with coaching and the training that we provide. it is unfortunate but we are doing everything we can to make sure that no one was harmed. >> court documents reveal that he admitted to police about the texting and the pictures, but said he was only kidding. he has since been released on $250,000 bond. police say there may be -- there may be more victims out there. >> student attending summer school got out early after a
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suspect ran into the school. detectives were asking the man questions in east baltimore, but that is when the man suddenly turned off, running into william paca elementary school. detectives are unraveling details about a bizarre shooting. the suspect was taken into police custody but so was the woman that made the call for help. >> maryland state police say the suspect in this case is at shock trauma at this hour, waiting to be charged and is facing two charges of first and second- degree assault. this is after they say that a police officer was trying to help a woman when he himself almost became a victim.
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this quiet service road off of a baltimore street became a bustling crime scene on wednesday night. >> a 911 call was received, indicating an altercation between a man and woman. >> an officer arrived and found a woman lying in the middle of a nearby street. >> witnesses saw a man pulling this woman out of the vehicle into the street. she was thrown into the street and lying there. >> the officer tried to help the woman when he noticed a car coming straight at him and her. >> the officer was in full uniform. he ordered the vehicle to stop, the driver continued to accelerate toward him and the woman in the roadway. in fear of his life, the corporal fired his department issued pistol at the vehicle.
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>> the 37-year-old suspect was shot in the arm. >> it was scary for a while because it was almost in my backyard. >the girl and a guy on the ground were saying one word after another. >> sarah henry was the woman in this case. she was arrested on a warrant of first-degree burglary in howard county. the officer is on administrative leave pending an investigation. that is routine. >> the maryland transit administration is adopting a zero tolerance policy when it comes to operators using cell phones or sending text messages while on the job. any bus or train operator found to be using a cell phone will be fired even for a first offense.
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mta says it took the action shortly after the washington metro system made a similar change yesterday. a spokeswoman said they will inform them about the change. >in a case against baltimore sheila dixon, subpoenas have been dismissed. they argue the state prosecutor's office was abusing the grand jury process. dixon is accused of stealing gift cards intended for needy families. the city solicitor says his office was informed late yesterday that the subpoenas for the city employees have been withdrawn. >> the closing of towson catholic high school may cause some to question the stability of other campuses throughout the state. tim tooten says there may be a different set of school challenges outside of the baltimore region. he has the story.
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>> baltimore's population has declined almost 30% over the past 30 years, and it is reflected in part of a number of catholic schools that have been shut down. there is a different story outside of the beltway. st. mary's school of annapolis has made a commitment to pour more money into its aging buildings, all in response to a growing student body. the principal says he is close to 1000 students. with that growth has come a steady show of support. >> we are we doing our cafeteria and doing some work in our gym. >> the archdiocese says it is not surprised that schools are expanding. >> it begs for another look at
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what do you need, where do you need them, really just a matter of seeing how best you can continue to deliver the same product but maybe in a different way. that is what we are doing. >> catholic schools outside of baltimore city say they are feeling the financial squeeze, but it does not force them to cut services, at least for now. >> with the economy, choosing a catholic education has become a struggle for every one because you have to make the decision that that is where you want to invest money. >> it is an investment that is becoming harder to maintain. almost 33,000 students are enrolled in 86 catholic schools in baltimore. >> stay with us, there is more news ahead. >> a fire closes a landmark. a live report is coming up. >> michael phelps hoped to cross
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something off of his to do list tonight. plus, a play that you have to see to believe. >> thunderstorms in the mountains this evening. will any of that rain and up in baltimore?
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>> we have an update of the story that we first brought you yesterday. a popular restaurant has been damaged by fire. >> both employers -- both employees and customers were able to get out safely. >> because of the fire, the suburban house restaurant is closed now, but the owners say they will definitely reopened. >> we are going to reopen. >> yesterday's fire was
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devastating. the restaurant is an icon, an integral part of a pikesville. >> everybody enjoys coming here and sitting and talking with their friends. they have the best soup in the world. >> the owners say they will reopen. they say they have to, that is their responsibility. >> we see the same people, two or three times a day. either they are too old or too sick to cook for themselves. they eat a lot of meals here. we love these people. >> the owners said they hope to have the catering and carry out part of the business up and running soon. >> we will rebuild. we will move the catering operation to a different
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location. we will come back. >> this restaurant has been here for 50 years. fire investigators are still trying to determine what caused the blaze. >> it isn't easy rescuing injured swimmers even if they are heard and water just a few feet deep. kerry cavanaugh went to ocean city. >> some of the most serious injuries at ocean city happened right here in shallow water. a wave slammed kelly headfirst. >> i was probably 6 feet in the air, and it broke. >> he went into cardiac arrest and suffered a serious neck injury. how did the beach patrol do it? tonight at 11:00, that
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demonstration, plus the beach patrol gives advice on how to stay safe in shallow water. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> across the region today, the temperatures are running below what you would expect for july. most locations peaking in the upper 70's and 80's. it looks like it is going to hold that way as we head into friday. low amounts of tree, grass, adn weed pollen. the 56 degree temperature was the official low this morning, only two degrees of tying the record low. 60's and 70's all across the
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eastern seaboard. that is unusual for july. 79 degrees downtown baltimore this hour. 77 degrees at the bay bridge. a few high clouds coming off of storms out to the south and west. it looks like the showers will be staying way off to our south and west. the futurecast indicates we will start off friday with mainly clear skies, along temperatures to drop in the suburbs. there is an area of high pressure that is pushing down into upstate new york and new england, which should dominate the weather tomorrow. temperatures are going to try to warm up a little bit, but tomorrow should be another very comfortable day. partly cloudy conditions on the saturday.
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probably into the midday, late afternoon, evening, the storms start pushing through baltimore. 78 to 82 degrees on friday. east to southeast winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. on the chesapeake bay on friday, waves around 1 foot. western maryland, a chance for a thunderstorm. high temperatures will be in the low 70's. at ocean city, if you are getting your weekend off to an early start, sunshine and 79 degrees tomorrow. there is a moderate risk of recurrence at the beach through the day tomorrow. -- of a recurrerip currents at e
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beach to the day tomorrow. 81 are run baltimore tomorrow and then a chance for a thunderstorm on saturday evening. more storms moved in here on monday. >> now, 11 sports. >> michael phelps is not a happy guy these days. he had the fastest time in the 100 meter butterfly this morning at the national championships, but wants to set a new world record at the finals tonight. so far, he is 2 for 2 at the championships. last night, he won the 200 meter freestyle and butterfly by swimming the fastest time in the world this year in both events, but that is not good enough. check out his reaction afterwards. he glances at the scoreboard. remember, he won.
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the orioles' shortstop will return from the disabled list tomorrow. they are expected to get rid of possibly one of two players. they choked last night. this could of been a double play, but it was butchered. the mariners with a poster children of how not to play defense. -- were the poster children of how not to play defense. one of my great thrills was getting a chance to play
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against the harlem globetrotters and actually hitting a shot, no joke. they did not destroy all the video from that night. if i was going against lebron james, the story might have been different. the basketball camp on monday night, a college player dunked on lebron james. the video has been confiscated. according to the photographer, they took his tape after lebron james discussed it with nike. six days of the tour de france today, 130 miles to barcelona. lance armstrong finished with the rest of the pack, remaining in second place, only one second behind the leader. actually, it is less than a second.
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>> investigators are sorting through a story at a cemetery, three workers and a manager accused of digging up graves and reselling the plots. former ravens quarterback steve mcnair, we are live in nashville as thousands gathered to remember his life and legacy. students kicked out of a swim club because of their race? fios guy! where ya headed?
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>> we want to remind you to watch tonight's tribute to steve mcnair beginning at 8:00 p.m. live on wbal plus. we are going to livestream the memorial on our website as well. >> let's check in with tom tasselmyer. >> temperatures continue relatively comfortable for this time of year. tomorrow is the anniversary of the hottest day in baltimore. we will miss that 170 -- we will
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miss that 107 degrees by about 20 degrees. no 90's inside until the middle of next week. >> wow. >> thank you for joining us. >> we will see you back here at 11:00. thank you for joining us.
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