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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  July 12, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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live, local, late breaking. this is wbal news in high- definition. >> there is more fallout over the announcement that towson high school will not be open in the fall. demonstrators gathered today to say they will not give up on the
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87-year-old school. melissa is live with the details. >> a large group of students protested outside the church earlier today. they say they are here to raise awareness and they are trying to raise money as well. last tuesday, the baltimore archdiocese made the announcement that the high school will be closing. it will displace more than 200 students and 20 faculty members. they blame the decline in enrollment and quickly growing debt. students and supporters gathered to say they are questioning the decision of the archdiocese. they are also hoping to raise money and support to save the school. >> this organization has not given them the chance to speak. it has not given them a chance to save their own school. they are left with transcripts
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and good luck. that is what they have left them with. that is what we're here to fight against. >> the school was going to face more than $600,000 in debt. the archdiocese says they will try to place the students and staff at other catholic schools by the fall. the congregation of the baltimore church worshiped in the temporary home this sunday. the temple opened the sanctuary doors to the church. they were forced to move after a lightning strike. the pastor says the members cannot return to the church until the bell tower has been secured. state police believe that speed may have led to a deadly crash earlier this morning. they say that christopher long was traveling west when he lost control and hit a tree. he was pronounced dead at the
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scene. no one else was injured. a woman accused of killing her four daughters and living with their decomposing bodies for nearly seven months is set to go on trial tomorrow. the case led to changes in how washington, d.c., agencies deal with social work cases. the bodies were found in january of 2008. the marshals arrived to carry out an eviction notice. they say the girls had been dead since the previous summer. an f.b.i. profile has concluded that unusual double murders are not connected. in january, the woman and her mother were found shot to death inside their home. in march, the bodies of another woman and her 20-year old daughter were found in a burning car. both killings occurred on mondays within half a mile of each other. police have no suspects in either case.
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city police are trying to find out who shot a man in east baltimore. police said the man was shot in the chest near north clinton street earlier this morning. there is no word on the condition tonight. police do not have a suspect or a possible motive. this week marks major changes to the trash pick-up schedule. the waste collection program kicks off on tuesday. they will continue to collect waste twice a week. trash will be collected one day. recycling will be collected on the second day. someone from the department of public works appeared to explain the new system. >> recycling was twice a month. we're making it easier. trash will be picked up once a week. >> there will be no trash pickup in baltimore city
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tomorrow. collection will reseume on tuesday. you can go to our web site for more information confirmation hearings begin tomorrow for sonia sotomayor. according to the white house, president obama called her from the oval office this morning to wish her good luck. he said he was confident she would be confirmed and would serve on the supreme court for many years to come. senator john mccain expressed his thoughts on the confirmation hearings and other topics on "meet the press" this morning. >> the hearings are a critical part. she is a great american success story. we all respect and admire that. i would like to see the hearings and watched closely starting on monday. >> would you support a second stimulus plan? >> i think that would be the
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biggest mistake we could make. we should focus on tax cuts and small businesses. >> he also reacted to the resignation of the alaska governor. he said he was surprised but not shocked. former vice president reportedly ordered the f.b.i. to keep the program secret from congress. some members of congress say it may have broken the law and they're calling for an investigation. >> we were kept in the dark. that should never happen again. >> for eight years, congress was told nothing about a secret c.i.a. counter-terrorism program, reportedly on the orders of dick cheney. >> to have a massive program concealed from the leaders in congress is not only inappropriate. it could be illegal. >> "the new york times" first reported that panetta found out
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about the program last month. he immediately pulled the plug and reported to congress. >> we will find out what was said and what happened. it is disturbing. >> republican senator john mccain called for clarity. >> i think we should hear from the vice-president of the accusations. >> other gop lawmakers say this seems more like politics than justice. >> this comes on the heels of the unproven statement of speaker nancy policelosi about lies about the enhanced interrogation techniques. this sounds like the same thing. >> they are considering an independent investigation into c.i.a. invest -- interrogation techniques during the bush a ministration.
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in washington, i am brand new for wbal. parents are complaining about the company that encouraged them to buy educational software. on monday, our reporter exposes the alleged scheme. >> every parent wants their child to do well on standardized tests. some parents claim an unscrupulous company is taking advantage of that. when a telemarketer called and promised to improve her son's s.a.t. scores, she was interested. >> as soon as he mentioned by sun and education, that was the key to get me to purchase it. i tried to return it but have not gotten a refund. >> she says the salesman implied the company was affiliated with his school. other parents are having trouble getting their money back. on monday, find out why the
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owner of the company is facing criminal charges and what you should do if you get a telephone call. could the orioles win the series against the blue jays? sports is coming up next. >> a prominent civil-rights activist speaks out about the cemetery scheme. >> police make a gruesome discovery. they believe it could provide clues to a missing disappearance. it is a beautiful day outside. we will]phtpññ
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new york investigators say an autopsy is being performed on the body found in an air-
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conditioning unit in an office tower. police are assuming it is the body of the missing woman last seen in the building five days ago. police have not named any suspects. the rev. jesse jackson is calling for more regulation of the cemetery industry. chicago uncovered a gravesite reselling scheme. workers have been charged with digging up graves and reselling the plots over and over again. close to 300 graves were desecrated at the historic african-american cemetery. they say the scheme netted the workers more than $300,000. reverend jackson says he does not believe this is the first time it has happened, it is just the first time someone has been caught. >> it takes practice to exhume those things and dragged them across the cemetery.
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they resold them for cash money. >> the center rate is the final resting place of the lynching victim during the civil rights era. firefighting crews were called in to help put out the flames. we will have the details on the fire investigation. we saw thunderstorms to the south. we have clear skies in baltimore. it is a gorgeous afternoon. it is 88 degrees in the harbor. humidity is low. it will get lower. i will have the gorgeous forecast
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baltimore city fire crews are investigating a fire that broke out around 2:00 on quarantine road. that is an industrial area. they say the fire consumed up to 5 acres. it took the fire crews from surrounding counties close to
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two hours to bring the fire under control. here is your weather forecast. >> it was a great day to be outside sunday. we did see some scattered thunderstorms to the south. most of that is staying out of maryland. ocean city saw some clouds earlier. we could see a few showers or thunderstorms in the next few hours. that one is starting to pop up. other than that, we expect things to dry out later tonight. things should be nice for monday. let's take a look at a satellite picture. it is mainly clear to the north. there are a few clouds to the west. i am not concerned about that at this point. the big story is the break we are seeing in the humidity. these numbers give us an idea of how much humidity is in the atmosphere.
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it feels the presence in the 60's and 70's. it was just beautiful today. that is unusual for this time of year. the humidity is very low. this is a cold front. to the south of that, the humidity is high. it will be humid towards ocean city. it is beautiful in baltimore. temperatures are mainly in the upper 80's across the region. the low temperatures were only in the low to mid 70's. it will be pleasant tonight. the wins will be variable and white. there is a stationary front to the south. that will keep most of the precipitation to the south. we will have low committee for monday. if you like today, you will love tomorrow. we will see a repeat of that. the high pressure will come down
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from the northwest. it will be bright and comfortable for tuesday. there could be some clouds for the early morning travel. we could see a shower to the south across the peninsula. by tuesday, we are starting to clear out. that is excellent news. tomorrow, there will be forms and clouds to the south. the wind will be out of the west and northwest. ocean city will be 82 degrees. across the state, there is a slight chance of scattered thunderstorms to the south. temperatures will be in the 80's. the humidity will be low. that is good news. temperatures will start to heat up in the middle of the week. pete is here to talk about the orioles. >> it is a fabulous day for baseball.
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how great is the all-star playing center field? playing center field?
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a dull metal clanking sound. bear groans. ♪ ominous music ferocious growling. roaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!
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♪ whistling bluegrass tune it is time for sports with pete gilbert. the orioles are leading. they're going for the series victory against the blue jays. jones is an all-star. he shows how he got there. that goes into the gap. he is back after an appendectomy surgery. the score was 1-0. jones has his radar locked on. he leaped up only as a great athlete can. jones was over three at the plate. this was the best start of the
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first half. he gives up two runs. this is bottom of the sixth. he was batting cleanup for the first time this year. it was not a home onrun swing, but it resulted in a home run. the final score was 4-2. >> if our pitching holds up and weaken its and production out of the guys that should be hitting, i think we will be better. >> the orioles will play again on friday in chicago. >> it was a brutal golf course forcing the best from the best and, for the rest. it was a spectacular finish. kirk started the day with a lead. this was the 14th hole from 50 feet. it is too far to tell. that was perfect.
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he misses the pot. this one was for the victory. this has to be a dream come true. that bertie was perfect. it is her second career victory. it is one to remember for a lifetime. she finishes in second. she was warming up for a playoff that never came. she will have a hard time sleeping tonight. she had three under par finishes at + 2 yesterday. >> he is resurrecting his career past his prime. it is a remarkable run for march and. -- is a remarkable run for martin. he has had more spring cup victories than anyone else this year. he restarts his ride to victory.
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they are all battling wonderfully. a clean restart it gives him the lead again. jeff gordon came in second. it is the same finish as last week. that is significant because of a lifetime promotion. one couple in the crowd got $1 million. please stay with us for a
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it will b this is a wbal editorial. >> the news of the death of steve mcnair captured attention. the tragic details at assorted nature to the story. they should never tarnished his legacy of professionalism on the field. steve mcnair instantly became the favorite in baltimore when he joined the ravens in 2006. he brought confidence, leadership, and victory. he led team to a record. he started all 16 games in that
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season. his football career started in his home state of mississippi. he gained national attention and still holds the division records for career yards passing and total offense. he was known as one of the most physically resilience quarterbacks of all time. he was sacked 254 times in his career. he missed two games or less out of the nine seasons since becoming starting quarterback in 2007. he is one of three quarterbacks in nfl history to throw for 30,000 yards and rushed for 3000. he appeared in professional goals. he was the second african- american quarterback to start in the super bowl. he was a role model for many. he was ready for work each week without fail. his body of work on the field is clearly where the of the nfl hall of fame. football has always broke its vernacular from military history.
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-- football has always borrowed its vernacular from military history. we prefer to remember him on the field. he was described by many as a warrior, as tough as the game he played. ♪ ♪
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