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tv   11 News Today  NBC  July 16, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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in to the debt of two teenagers who were hit by the light rail train. details of that. just sonia sotomayor wraps up her testimony and witnesses will testify for and against her confirmation. i will have that story coming up. several cameras test positive for the flu. is it going to change you -- as a point to cause you to change your vacation plans? that is the water cooler question of the day. -- is it going to cause you to change your vacation plans? that is the water cooler question of the day. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute good morning. >> thank you for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will get to the big story in just a minute. first we will get a check on today's weather and traffic. >> i am calling it in honor
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unprovoked suggs and his new contract. it is going to be hot today. it will be very steamy and moist and humid. we have had a cooler than normal start to the month. we are seeing some stores out there around ocean city. things are pretty active right now. nothing over baltimore. current temperatures, we are in the 70's. we are going to be near 90 degrees before it is all over today. the back to keep your cool in traffic. we will find out the latest on that. >> let's check on your commit if you are heading out this morning. just one issue to contend with if you're heading to the west side. there is a disabled vehicle. no problems to report on 795.
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you may find a bit of a delay traveling in the mt. royal cultural district because they are preparing for art escape through the weekend. the closures in that area. here is a live view of traffic. the inner lupus problem free. -- the inner loop this problem free. that is the latest. back to you. our big story this morning, did someone witness the light rail train trekking in killing two teenage boys earlier this month? >> re-- strikingl and killing to teenage boys earlier this month?
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>> it happened july 5 what the what contracts near the light rail station. it is in a week as the mta asked baltimore county police to take over the investigation. they want to talk to the witness because of where he was sitting. because of the investigation, they will not reveal where that was. >> when but that he was sitting in such a position that he may have seen in your experience something in the area he was sitting that could help give us some information that will help us continue our investigation. >> police are commenting on whether the driver of -- they are not commenting on whether the driver is a suspect in the killing. anyone recognizes the suspect is asked to call the baltimore county police department. >> they keep. another incident involving a light rail train. a woman was struck at a light rail crossing yesterday. she went to the hospital. police say the woman was struck at the mount washington station.
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she has non-life threatening injuries. it was a baltimore county night filled with violence. several people were wounded during a shooting. one was in woodlawn. it was a double shooting. one was shot in the chest. the other was treated for a shot in the arm. of police were looking at a double shooting in essex. one victim was found in an apartment building there. another was found in a car not far from the scene. police are trying to piece together details that led to a deadly shooting in another area. one person was shot and killed just after 7:00 a.m.. two nearby schools holding summer sessions were locked down while police were looking for the suspect. the neighbors are unsettled.
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>> we are very concerned. the school is right here. the students walk this way when they get out of summer camp. it is very sad. we want to know why. >> if you have any information about this case, crimestoppers would like to hear from you. here is their number. baltimore city police say crime camera helped them make an arrest in the case earlier this week. one man was charged with shooting and killing a person early tuesday morning. police have not announced a possible motive for the killing. recent violence linked to cell phones in prison causing people to consider legislation that will jam the cell phones. some inmates have been courting drug activity and ordering hits on witnesses on the street.
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one person is serving time for setting up a drive-by shooting from behind bars. >> we have not had an opportunity to use this technology and demonstrate how can be used because it is against the law to use it. >> critics are concerned that phone jamming could interfere with emergency communications and other legitimate uses. sonia sotomayor will share the spotlight general of russian hearing today. witnesses will testify for and against your. -- share the spotlight during her confirmation hearing today. witnesses will testify for and against her. >> two firefighters from connecticut will testify against sonia sotomayor. >> we want people to know our
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story and why it was wrong. >> she was on the court panel that throughout a promotions test. white firefighters past but their black counterparts failed. last month the supreme court reversed the ruling. republicans talk about it tuesday. sonia sotomayor sat on that case and another one of holding a weapons ban in new york. she says she was following high court president at the time. >she said she saw no litmus test for nomination on any issue including abortion. >> i was asked no questions including anyone about my views on any specific. >> one person asked a question
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about abortion law. >> all i am asking is shouldn't have any bearing. >> i cannot answer that. >> some republicans collar answers they. others said sheet -- called her answers and bake. -- vagues. -- vague. a third person has died from swine flu virus. so far all people have had some serious underlying medical conditions. flu fears are forcing one summer camp to close early. students have been sent home
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after more than one dozen children have come down with flu like symptoms. two kits tested positive for the flu. >> we are st. -- we are seeing across the state children coming down with a swine flu. it is happening at camps and that children and home and in this community. >> the state held a permit is working with local state health officials and school districts to prepare for a possible outbreak this fall. wash your hands really good to keep from catching the flu. that comes -- that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. are flu concerns causing you to change any of your summer vacationing plans? email us your response to it is 69 degrees on tv hill. we will have financial news for you coming up. a spectacular fire in detroit shuts down a highway for
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several malls. imagine shagging a bank statement in finding out you are overdrawn by a huge number. find out what went wrong. hot and humid weather making a comeback across the mid- atlantic. i will let you know how hot we are going to get when we come back. we are taking a look at your morning commuters. we will tell you about any delays and any new problems coming inĂș
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it is july 16. 74 degrees downtown. we are in for a steamy forecast today. that is in contrast to the nice try air pattern we have been in the past couple of days. there are some light storms on the west. nothing really major. down in ocean city, a little
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more action. to the south, there is a little bit of precipitation. this is due to a moisture ahead of a fraud. it is a week moving front that is drifting across the state of maryland today. quite a change from yesterday where we started out in the upper 50 cookies -- 50's @ b.w.i. 79 degrees in ocean city right now. in the mountains of western maryland, and high of 75 degrees. when they're out of the west. some slight chance of thunderstorms at higher elevations. it will publish -- it will probably be around the 80's around the land. 88 degrees today. a nice southwesterly flow.
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it looks like today we will feel a lot of heat and humidity. it's like chance of isolated thunderstorms in some areas. small craft advisory is going on at the chesapeake. it is picking up to foot waves. the record low was the the seven degrees said back in 1954. we will not say that today. -- the record low was 57 degrees set back in 1954. we will not see that today. tomorrow, an area of low pressure will develop. it will give us a good chance of showers and storms into the evening. we will be: this weekend as the reinforcing front gets here
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saturday. the upper level low could develop more storms. probing cloudy and drying out of it on sunday and monday. an unsettled trend for the next several days. >> i am glad you did that shows that -- show that holographic again -- hot graphic again with the flames shooting up. we have a track fire being reported right now. possible lang closures sen that area -- lane closures in that area. we are still up to speed as far as our speed sensors go. there are some road closures due to the art escape show this weekend. no delays on your way to the harrisburg express.
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that is the latest. over to you. >> thank you. an incredible explosion on a detroit highway injured a few people and sent a fireball 200 feet in the air. a tanker got into a collision with two other vehicles. it was carrying gasoline. it was shut down for several miles on the road. the overpass collapsed as a result of the fire. there are only minor injuries. police in florida have arrested some suspects in relation to the couple that was murdered with 16 kids. new evidence is being collected in the murders including a vehicle that is believed to be involved in the crime. a safe was taken from the home. more arrests could come. the space shuttle endeavor
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had a successful left off. after five failed attempts, it finally got into court. it is going to the international space station. in the consumer alert, airlines continue to slash fares. iran and southwest are cutting fares again, providing tickets as low as $39.40 $9 one-way. other airlines are following suit offering consumers flights at cheaper rates during the third quarter part of the year during the fall season. traders if you find yourself overdrawn by 23 quadrillion
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dollars. two people got the surprise of their lives when they purchase cigarettes at the local gas station. a bill for 23 quadrillion dollars occurred. both used bank of america debit cards. each were building the exact same amount. a $15 overdraft the. they did not have the money to cover it. bank of america has corrected it and refunded the overdraft fee. i guess smoking could be an expensive habit. one company is forced to go biggest -- bankrupt. we have that story in our business report. federal regulators decided not to grant one bank a bailout. it is looking for alternatives. they are trying to avoid
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bankruptcy. it is running short on cash. they are trying to see if it will collapse. and some are turning to other debt holders telling them to hand over billions of dollars to avoid bankruptcy. u.s. stocks are searching because of the better than expected report from intel. figure bloomberg marilyn index -- your bloomberg maryland index is changing. we're also watching the bethesda based marriott hotel chain. their earnings are increasing.
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we will be watching the travel industry. that is business news this morning. i met the new york stock exchange reporting for wbal tv 11 news. 40 years ago today, all ears -- eyes looked to the stars as apollo 11 was going to the moon. neil armstrong and others blasted off on this date many years ago. four days later, neil armstrong became one of the first man -- men to set foot on the moon. i am sure you remember that. >> yes. it is 69 degrees on tv hill. we will have another check on weather and traffic straight ahead. the latest harry potter movie made millions of dollars at the box office. we will tell you how much money it make coming up.
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>> here is our watercooler question of the day. are flu concerns causing you to change any of your summer vacationing plans? email us your response to
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the morning. let's check in on the morning commute. it is looking nice so far this morning. speed sensors, everything is moving well. the art scape closures are along mount royal. they are preparing for the event this weekend. otherwise, doing great. 11 minutes on the west side. here is a live view of your white marsh commute. so far so good. hopefully we will not see a delay any time soon. will it without delay towards edmundston. it is going to be a lot hotter than what we have been
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accustomed to this july. 88 degrees is where we should be. we are calling for a high today of 90 degrees in baltimore. some clouds are moving in. we have more water vapor which means it will be more timid. a few isolated thunderstorms right now around ocean city. nothing in baltimore. we have a slight chance to see some activity today. most of it will be to our north and south. 87 degrees-90 degrees today. some showers later on today and tomorrow. we will have more coming up. fans of the harry potter mill being were lined up to see the movie for the first time for
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the latest edition. the sixth installment of the franchise topped the midnight record of this year which was transformers, revenge of the pollen. or robert redford is a married man. the 72 year-old actor america's long-term girlfriend -- married his long-term girlfriend. it is about time. he tied the knot. we will hear a made the cut of the nominees for the emmy awards. 30 rock has won best comedy for the last 10 years. lester was a good year 14 faa -- last year was a good year for tina fey.
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the awards will be held later on this year. many of us do not exercise enough or eat fast food like there is no tomorrow. we may be misinformed about what is really healthy. our reporter has more. >> most of us want to be healthy. we try to take a good care of our hearts. many of the things we think are healthy may not be. one cardiologists says the answer is often no when it comes to sodium. >> we are trying to get people to eat less sodium because it raises blood pressure and that leads to heart disease. >> which would you think is a higher soda content? bread or potato chips? >> i think the answer will surprise you. >> that answer in other surprising information about your lifestyle and the foods you think you know in a special
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medical alert tonight at 11. it may help you get healthier and help you lose weight. wbal tv 11 news. my money is on the corn flakes. >> i think it is the bread. you're on for $5. >> there is much more to come in the next half hour of 11 news today. baltimore county police are looking for a witness that was on the train that killed two people. we are welcoming some will july weather. i have the details in our forecast. im nikole killion in washington. de four of the confirmation hearings for judge sonia sotomayor. i will have more coming up. take a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. we hope you had them.
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the morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thank you for joining us. we have a look at today's forecast. the heat is on. the nights cool days -- a nice cold days are a thing of the past. 74 degrees downtown. 71 degrees at the airport. we were 59 degrees at this point yesterday. there are chances for isolated storms later today. our big story this morning, baltimore county police say there may be an eye witness to the deadly incident on the light will track the claimed the lives of two teenagers. >> our reporter has more on this story. >> good morning. they are looking for a witness that was on board of the train when it hit the two teenagers.
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the one to talk to the man because of where he was sitting on the train. they are hoping these images from a video surveillance camera will help them find who they are looking for. it was taken on the train that killed two teenage boys as they were walking on the track on july 5. >> we would like for the person to come forward and talk to our detectives about what he saw and what he experienced that day. >> they are one week into their investigation after taking over from the mta. they are anxious to talk to the man because of where he was sitting. >> he was sitting in a position where he may have seen or experienced something in the area he was sitting that can help provide us with information to continue our investigation. >> they are not saying what kind of information they are looking for from the witness. >> we cannot comment on anybody
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here. our focus at this time in the investigation -- we are still reviewing a lot of stuff -- is to find the witness. we need someone to identify him so we can talk to him. >> anyone when information is asked to call baltimore county police. wbal tv 11 news. four people accused of starting child to that part of a religious cult will go to trial. the two women said they will represent themselves instead of finding lawyers to represent them. we have a note trash collection program. it is taking time for residents to adjust to the new schedule. they started their new program on tuesday. recycling is collected on a separate day of the week and
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trash is collected on a different day of the week. >> people are beginning to realize the new system. i did not have to remind my son to put it out. that was his job last night. hopefully people will make these changes. >> the new changes include employees working four, 10-hr days. is the fourth day for confirmation hearings for sonia sotomayor. our washington bureau reporter nikole killion has more on this story. they finish up the questioning today. then they will hear from witnesses. after days in the hot seat -- >> can you give us an answer?
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>> of the number latina comment. >> it was a bad choice of words. >> to abortion rights. >> i cannot answer that question. >> sonia sotomayor returns to listening mode as witnesses will come and testify for and against her nomination. >> the witnesses will be for or against her. beck's listening to what her said, some key witnesses from connecticut, firefighters, will be testifying. >> now that the supreme court has changed, it opens up a different result. >> other notable witnesses include former fbi director, new york city mayor michael bloomberg, and a baseball pitcher who was a union rep for players during the baseball strike that sonia sotomayor helped to end.
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after the confirmation hearings, lawmakers hope to hold the vote for her position in august. back to you. good morning. we are checking monday morning commute. we are off to extort visit we are off to a the start. as you approached 95 the left lane is closed because of an accident. there is a delay on by march of this time. not much is going on elsewhere. our speed sensors look good. there are still some road closures related to art scape as a kick off tomorrow. volume is building up on my march. -- on white marsh. we are not seeing any delays on the beltway. that is the latest on traffic so
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far. we will see a mix of sun and clouds today. we may see some thunderstorms pop up. they will be isolated storms. it will probably be to the south or to our north. we have a weak front approaching us. a lot of moisture and humidity is making a comeback. 90 is your forecast high court today. 86 degrees for tomorrow. we will have a slight chance of seeing some scattered showers tomorrow. we will have another upper level an acting as a saturday. we will have more on this turbulent forecast in just a bit. is 6:36 a.m.. this team is playing a sport against another team that is several years younger. our watercooler question of
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the day. are flu concerns causing you to change any of your summer vacationing plans? email us your response to
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amazing accomplishments of the young and old. we begin with a 70 year-old sailor who is making history this morning as the and this person to sail solo around the world. he set out on his global journey in june 2008. now he has a lifetime of experience. >> i look at all the different places i been to. i have friends in every part of
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the world now. >> he is expected to arrive at the same place where he set out in his journey in marina del rey later today. he says his next trip will not be nearly as adventurists. he is looking forward to the cooking of his mother. he was doing enough for the rest of the summer. most people are taking it easy. but these grandmothers are truly stepping up to the plate and embracing a challenge. they are about 75 years old. they are ready to play the field. they walked onto the field of dreams about half a century ago. they decided to form the all grandmothers team. it meets every friday morning for an hour a practice followed by a game against a much younger women men's team. that is impressive. speaking of staying fit in
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your senior years. this woman is 108 years old today. she looks great. she was honored guest today with a cake disappeared she got in some exercise at the local ymca. they gave her a free lifetime membership. that was her birthday present. the time now is 6:41. we will take a look at the morning headlines. traffic is looking pretty good so far. we will get you up-to-date on a few delays coming up. we are having a steamy start to the morning. i will let you know how hot when we come back. it is 71 degrees at the airport.
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welcome back. but mock run a police are looking for the suspect of a deadly -- baltimore county police looking for the suspect of a deadly shooting in woodlawn. two man were found at the scene. one suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest. he was rushed to shop, where he is in serious condition this morning. the other person had a gunshot in the arm. the use of cell phones in prison as some people wanting to use legislation to jim cell phones. critics are concerned that phone
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jamming could interfere with emergency communications and other legitimate uses. clue fears are forcing one summer camp to close up -- follow fears -- flu fears are forcing one summer camp to close early. two children have tested positive for the flu. there were local officials and school districts to prepare for a possible outbreak this fall. that brings us to your answers to our watercooler question today. we asked if flow conditions are causing any of you to change your vacation plans? >> one person says no. we are heading on vacation next week. we should be fine and will stay healthy. >> this person says not at this time. we should have a handle on any associated flow concerns and the public would be advised accordingly. have not heard much lately.
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>> we have not changed our vacation plans. we are being more cautious however. we will limit our hands shucking -- shaking. >> you can post your answers on our web site at good morning. let's check the roadways if you are heading out. there is a problem as you approach i-95. otherwise we are dealing with the art scape closures in the city. not saying much as far as the lace. five times are up to speed. 11 minutes on the outer loop. a 10 minute ride on southbound 95. the white marsh a wrea is
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picking up volume. that is the latest. over to you. is a little hazy out there. you can tell from the traffic cameras. nothing right now over baltimore. there are some spotty patches of showers. more bad showers are around ocean city. most of the mass has moved offshore. this is indicative of a moist air mass and more humidity making a comeback. it is feeling more like july. there is a big turnaround from yesterday's in the temperatures. is today we were only one degree above tying a record. 79 degrees in ocean city right now. they will have a nice seabreeze later on today. we were at 88 degrees yesterday. it was not very humid. today it will be topping 90
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degrees with the humid which will make it still a lot worse. for the month of july, we are quite drive around the state of maryland. for the year, remain a few inches above normal. the mountains may get a few showers and storms today. it looks like the mid '70s and the upper elevations. a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms. southwest winds at 12 m.p.h.. the southwesterly floor is near the deep south. ocean city promises to beat around the mid 80's today. on the chesapeake bay, there is a small profit by three in effect. 10-15 knots. not a good day to be out on the water. and a good day to do a intense exercise outside in the city of baltimore. we have poor air quality today.
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it is unhealthy out there. with a lot of humanity, the pollutants in the environment will not be going anywhere. one take a look at the almanac and affirmation. is pretty interesting. we had a record high of 104. 66 degrees is our average flow which will likely be kidding tonight. mostly cloudy tonight. by chance of showers and storms. it will take a while for that to get here. 65 degrees tonight. here is a look at the front. we see some shower activity flirting with us this morning. the pressure areas will develop and move through the state tomorrow evening with some showers and storms. and reinforcing front will come saturday. it will close down into the low
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80's. we will say more scattered activity around saturday or sunday. >> thank you. time for a last look at our big story this morning. baltimore county police are looking for a witness in the light rail accident. our report addresses live with more on this story. >> good morning. police say they have surveillance footage of the witness they are looking for. their issues captured on the train -- they are images captured on the train when it hit and the teenage boys. the mta asked the police the apartment to take over the investigation. the witness was sitting in a certain spot that will give them more information in their investigation. wbal tv 11 news new.
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she was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. this woman explains why she killed her father. to amazing stories are coming up today on the "oprah" show. good morning, coming up thursday here on "today. " in other arrests connected to the murders of the parents of the 17 children in florida. the woman was taken in custody on a yacht in alabama. the share of leading the investigation will explain her connection to the case. than the infamous pepsi commercial showed that changed the life of michael jackson. we will show you never before seen video of the accident. we will also have information on the prime-time emmy nominations. amazing grace will be with us live to show us her stuff when we start our show right here on "today."
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i would buy tickets. i am easily entertained. will take another look at weather and traffic when we come back.
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how was it looking this morning? it is kind of hot outside. >> yes. it is not that bad. we are seeing some delays in the white marsh area. other than that, it is looking
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okay. we had an accident was bound by march and should approach i-95. ours click closures business card scanner closures remain in effect. we as an ongoing will work around am ok. -- mlk. if you're heading towards the bay bridge, we have a right lane closure ease down on the bay bridge. it is alive. i do not know what you are complaining about. >> it is. we have a couple of days of this and then we are back in the mid 80's. >> it is. to fill a little bit like a sauna. it will be 90 degrees this afternoon. we will have some isolated thunderstorms. tomorrow 86 degrees. a chance of evening showers. another reenforcing front it's here which will close down.
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an at&t for the weekend. best shot of showers -- -- and other reenforcing front is going to, -- colas down. -- cool us down. best shot of showers will be saturday. >> have a good week.
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