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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  July 21, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> the big story tonight at 5:00, lots of talk about the arrest of three boys in baltimore. the fact of the boys were caught stealing is not really the issue. >> the debate centers around whether the boy should have been handcuffed and carted off to jail. live in northeast baltimore, we have reaction to the story we broke last night at 11:00. >> this has to clear sides. there are those who say the arrests and handcuffs would teach the child who consequences of their actions, but others say this experience would traumatize a kid that age. what did you and your friends decide to do? the kids to admit they got caught stealing, taking bribes from a neighbor's yard. the seven, eight, an 11-year-old boys were arrested. >> they put handcuffs on. i knew there were going to put the handcuffs on me. >> they were handcuffed and taken to jail.
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police are standing by the arrest and the way they were handled. >> the police department has an obligation to old people accountable to their actions, and the police officers arrested the juvenile and followed everything by the book. >> it is about safety for the officers and people they picked up, but the boy's parents say the cops went too far. >> for a 7-year-old, 65 pounds, but in handcuffs. >> they put him in with other children with no shoes, and hardened criminal. >> what is it the reaction or the letter of the law? >> i do not think young kids should be put in handcuffs. i think there should be other ways to handle that. but as a trauma they may have to deal with for the rest of their lives. >> i think the accord was to show them these are the consequences of your actions, also at a life lesson.
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>> no apologies from the mayor. we spoke with her minutes ago, but she was quite clear about who she thinks should be saying sorry to night. hear for yourself tonight of 6:00. >> we would like to know if you agree with officers' actions. you can grab your cellphone and tax to this number. standard text message should charges to apply. 72% of you say they agree with how police handled the rest of the boys. 28% say they do not. you can leave more detailed comments on our website. >> two baltimore city firefighters were taken to the hospital after battling a fire in east baltimore. that broke out just after 7:00 this morning on st. matthew's street. one firefighter was burned on
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his neck. another suffered an elbow injury. residents escaped unharmed three and we are told because of fire was electrical. >> high marks in reading and math according to test results just out today for maryland elementary and middle school students. jim joins us live in northeast baltimore with more on the story. it sounds like good news. >> good news across the stage. there was a big meeting. the secretary of education came here to congratulate baltimore on making some major gains. the mayor and governor were all here to save baltimore city made impressive gains. for the good how maryland students did across the state, we have a story. some were not impressed with the numbers. >> middle school is our weakest area. >> the state school superintendent will be the first to limit the state could do more to improve test scores, but on paper -- the first to admit the
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state could do more to improve the stores. over the past five years, math tests were lower by 25 rigs rose by 25 points. there was progress reported -- over the past five years, math test rose by 25 points. leading school -- reading scores rose by 22%. she is not impressed. >> i am trying to find some indication we should have confidence in what this test is telling us, and i am not finding any, so i am looking for some answers for regan >> 158 maryland schools remain in hot water. >> what is satisfying when you really dig into the results is to see that many systems are achieving a high 80% and 90% so that we are not saying it is the home -- a select group of students. we are saying across the board. >> school systems continue to
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work toward closing the achievement group between minorities, special education, and white students. >> we still have challenges for students receiving services, too proficient levels on our test, especially once they are in middle school. >> the spring, more than 365,000 students took the exams. i am back of the elementary school, where the secretary of education was here. here is what they had to say about the gains in baltimore. [no audio] >> let's get a closer look of those results. we invite you to logon to our website to and click on "education." >> another nice day today, and
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so far it has been tried. we have seen more sunshine today than yesterday at this time. there is some rain in the mountains to the west. the mountains of west virginia, a little bit into far western maryland, and it is thunderstorm activity, but it is isolated. it is drifting to the northeast. later this evening, perhaps leftover shower activity could drifting, but the rain chances remained pretty low tonight, but as we get deeper into the week, rain chances will increase, and we could use some rain. we will talk about it with the forecasted a few minutes. >> governor o'malley announced he is bringing $280 million worth of budget cuts to the board of public works meeting tomorrow. david collins is on of budget reading this afternoon, and he joins us with an overview. >> the $280 million represents round one. the governor is looking for $700
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million in savings. no reductions for k-12 are planned, but the governor is proposing cutting thousands of dollars from every nook and cranny of state government. >> the governor had $280 million in proposed budget cuts. the reduction in spending will impact higher education and health care. they will rely on depressed market five years to save money, and the governor will come on federal funds to back transfers of state tax dollars. >> choices none of us would have liked to have made, but we had to make in order to maintain fiscal responsibility in our state's budget, which is what allows us to make progress. >> the governor proposes cutting $40 million in higher education, abolish 39 jobs in 18 positions, close the state's print shop. he wants to read did energy contracts and eliminate other
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contracts. he will ask the -- he wants tune and the energy contracts and eliminate other contras. >> because of the unemployment numbers, we qualify for additional help from the federal government. >> maryland's unemployment rate jumped to 17%. the state qualifies for $70 million in federal funds. the governor proposes reducing state medicaid payments. he will eliminate $3 billion from samsung research funding and slash the state lottery advertising -- from stem cell research funding and/state lottery advertising funds. >> it will have to include further energy reductions. it will have to include aid to local governments and employee compensation. >> as the governor said, he is looking at reductions in aid to local governments and is eyeing pensions for state workers.
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>> thank you, david. in the high-stakes both the many say president obama needed to win, the senate voted to stop production of the f-22 rector vital -- fighter jets. this will mean a loss of jobs, but republicans sided with the decision, saying it is a signal the the country cannot continue to build over costs weapon systems. they will switch to it smaller single-engine fighters. president obama had threatened the first veto of his presidency if the rapture remained in the defense bill. president obama will be addressing the nation tomorrow. you can watch it live right here. his address will begin at 8:00 p.m. >> congress and the obama administration tried to get the economy on track, and we're hearing huge numbers from washington, trillions being
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spent on thank mortgage programs and more. who is keeping track of the tax dollars spent, and isn't making a difference gunman -- is it making a difference? traci's has more. >> 23.7 trillion dollars. that is enough money to send every child born in the u.s. since 1965 to harvard, and that is with the special inspector general says all these bailouts could add up suit. how much of that money should taxpayers expect to get back? >> the idea of getting a dollar for dollar return is extremely unlikely. >> not all the money is spent. in the tarp program, just half of what was authorized is actually a loan to banks. 80% of those banks said they are lending the money. lawmakers want to know where. >> businesses told me they cannot get credit, and these are excellent businesses. >> ben bernanke told congress
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these investments are working, slowly. he is already talking about an exit strategy, eventually raising interest rates to avoid inflation. bernanke predicts the economy will start pulling out next year. >> we have a long haul here because even though as the economy begins to turn up production, unemployment is going to stay high for quite awhile, so it is not for the feeling the strong economy. >> lawmakers are concerned commercial real estate and shopping malls could be a wild car because housing seems to be stabilizing, but the commercial market appears to be getting worse. chairman bernanke told congress it will be 2011 before we begin to see sustained growth. >> there is a new plan to stop the spread of hiv and aids in baltimore city. up next, who is joining the fight during a >> high blood pressure is common among americans, but the condition may be prevented by adopting kesse.
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>> bad news mostly for president obama and the democrats on health care reform. that story is coming next. >> to anti-abortion protesters have the right to show graphic posters roadside? that is new at 5:30. clark said unfortunately i cannot relive those moments. -- >> unfortunately i cannot -- >> unfortunately i cannot relive those
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>> churches are joining the fight against the spread of hiv and aids in baltimore. today they announced an initiative that will bring together hundreds of volunteers to spread hiv counseling and testing across baltimore. >> we are increasing counseling and testing in our state so testing becomes routine so that everyone will know how not to get infected or infecting others. >> the product will eventually include a synagogue and not superior -- and mosques. >> president obama continues to push for his health care reform bill today and to have it pass before congress recesses on august 2, saying the default in washington is inaction and
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inertia. and talking about a tax on americans making over $250,000 a year, he is being cagey about it. >> in public on the issue again, president obama admitted winning health care reform is proving tough. >> make no mistake. we are closer than ever before to the reforms the american people need, and we're going to get the job done. >> in the battle for medical coverage and health care costs, the democrats are taking a hit. from the mayo clinic said said the current house bill will lower quality and raise costs, republican john mccain to a good vantage, posted a critique on twitter. >> in the current house bill, we stand by that statement. it is still true. even though they are moving in the right direction, we do not think they have gone far enough. >> the legendary expertise has been touted by the president
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himself. >> omao provides -- mayo provides care more cheaply and better. >> now republicans are declaring a new ally. >> is it going to help save money? the mayo clinic came out with the reports but said no. >> senate democrats are working on ways to pay for wider coverage. >> we are making significant headway. >> the president said hiking taxes on the wealthy remains an option. >> the package which will probably include some additional revenue from well-to-do people, including me and you -- >> the president once in a bill to include a panel to oversee health spending -- wants any bill to include a panel to oversee spending. an endorsement from the mayo clinic as the plan evolves. the president is still pushing congress to vote this summer, saying without a deadline in this town nothing happens.
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>> did you know about 1/3 of all americans have high blood pressure, which can make a stroke and heart disease, and a new study shows by adopting six behavior's, your risk of developing high blood pressure can be reduced significantly. researchers studied hypertension risk by tracking lifestyle habits of 84,000 women with normal blood pressure at the beginning of the study. >> we attempted to quantify just how much a woman could lower her risk of developing high blood pressure by following a combination of low risk lifestyle factors. >> what were those factors? keeping a normal body weight, exercise, eating a healthy diet, moderating alcohol consumption, avoiding over-the-counter pain relievers, and taking supplements. over 14 years, the participants who did those lowered their risk
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of developing high blood pressure by 80%. >> now your forecast with john collins. >> another one of those string of nice days we have had so far this issue alive. we have only two days where we have gotten over the 90's. it has not been a difficult july, but if elected our satellite picture. you can say -- but take a look at our satellite picture. you can see the clouds on the eastern shore. we also have clouds out west of us, and those are rain-makers. isolated showers and thunderstorms activity drifting on west virginia, and moving and the general direction. it will not necessarily make it here to baltimore, so i think we have essentially dry forecast for most areas during the evening hours and overnight, but a little could drift in or something else could crop up in the next couple hours, because
5:20 pm
we're still working with us the facts of hitting the atmosphere. rain is what we need. now we only need less than half an inch this month, just over 2 inches short of what would be normal. in 2009, we have only had a surplus of 2 inches. we had over 4 inches in june, so we're using all but generous rain without earlier in the spring, so we go from what weather to really dry weather here. 79 in annapolis today. the airport is 80. lots of an ample sunshine. the clouds are thin enough to allow temperatures to lower to the mid 80's. clouds are heavier of north. out to the west, it is a little cooler because they have a lot more cloud cover and some of the scattered showers activity out there. here is a look at the satellite activity with clouds to the east and thunderstorms to the west.
5:21 pm
there is still a disturbance offshore, but it is not having much effect on our weather. most of the weather is associated with a cool cloud cover to the north or over the atlantic's. we do have an area of high pressure that has been giving us good pressure. -- good weather. with this system of west beginning to get closer, more humid air mass is beginning to come into the area, so in an addition to this weather system approaching, more humid air means more like summer time. partly cloudy tonight. a few showers. east wins at 5 to can. you will notice more humidity. a few scattered storms are possible but mostly a partly cloudy day. temperatures not of a little bit. 88 is the typical high this time of year. futurecast shows the rain chances predominately stay to the west tomorrow, but we could see something coming in to the afternoon or the evening hours
5:22 pm
that would go away again. thursday a better chance for rain coming through and a cool front approaching, and on friday morning, that will be pulling away, setting the stage for a dry approach for the weekend. 86 today and tomorrow. of the storm chances are pretty skimpy tomorrow. a lot healthier on thursday and the morning shower friday. friday and saturday was drive. rain chances go again with the next weather system to come in. >> of february 22 deadline has some teenagers scrambling to put some plastic in their wallets. coming up next, the restrictions that will soon make it tough for them to get credit cards. >> the subject of a lawsuit, what a woman claims he did. >> coming of the 6:00, one father story raises new questions about the state's use questions about the state's use of gps tracking of juveni
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>> in idaho, parents of a u.s. soldier captured in afghanistan said the public support for their son and family is overwhelming, but they continue to ask for privacy. >> he was captured three weeks ago in afghanistan. outside a coffee shop where the soldier work in idaho. >> the ribbons are up as they rallied around their home town
5:26 pm
soldier, now a prisoner of war. >> the community is always together. they are always there for our people and always will be. >> president obama told nbc the u.s. is working for the release of the 22-year-old army private. >> we are doing everything we can. i cannot talk in detail about that. >> have you spoken with the family? >> i have not, simply because we want to make sure before we do we have something to tell them. >> he remains in taliban custody after being taken hostage earlier this month in afghanistan. this propaganda video servers over the weekend, showing the soldier appearing unharmed but underdress. >> i am afraid that i might never see them again and that they will -- i will never be able to tell them i love them again. >> his family remains in seclusion. >> the want to be careful they do not do anything to inflame
5:27 pm
the situation. >> she says she talked to him about joining the military. >> it was not a surprise. it was something we always knew he wanted to do. plans now his unexpected capture and the grueling wait for what is next. >> we do not do gloom and doom. everybody is really positive and upbeat and trying to send a positive message to him and the community. >> cautiously optimistic and positive. there is still no public information about possible release of the american soldier. >> up next, a new-released government documents shows using your cell phone while driving is more dangerous than you thought. >> why the findings were not disclosed to the public for six years. >> free-speech and graphic anti- abortion protest posters. are the police overstepping their bounds, next.
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>> the watergate scandal brought down a president, and today, the watergate hotel hit auction watergate hotel hit auction
5:29 pm
>> a per-live group says they were unfairly targeted by police, but where their rights violated? defense life inc. admits their messages a controversial, but they say state troopers are stepping on their first amendment rights. we have the story. orthographic images used by anti-abortion groups are hard to miss and hard to forget if you have ever driven by them, but the protesters in suspenses the
5:30 pm
point and they have the constitutional right to make it -- insist that is the point and they have the constitutional right to make it. it was august 1 of last year. 18 protesters arrested. moments before, tubers confronted protesters. >> you need to pack up and go or go to jail. i am not getting into it at 5:00. it is your responsibility. you can go and get your permit. >> today in annapolis, more graphic roadside posters. >> we must pay attention to these ugly realities and deal with them. or we are condemned to not feel with the worst kind of human rights disasters that could ever over. >> ferris also warning to the
5:31 pm
town of meler -- there is also warning to the town and the police. they are suing over what happened last year, and they say when they come back next week they expect to not be arrested. >> we are coming back to bell air. we have 15 stops on our juror who, beginning monday, july 27 and going through friday. are very last of will be bell era. >> i was arrested, imprisoned, and shackled, and st. searched twice. i am here today to make sure justice is done and no one else trying to protect an innocent life has to go through what i went through. >> given the current and threat of litigation, maryland state police say they have no comment. >> here is a look at other top stories of this hour.
5:32 pm
a witness in the trial of the d.c. woman accused of killing her four daughters says her boyfriend allowed two of the girls to smoke marijuana. sean is a friend of the boyfriend. she told prosecutors she observed the laughing at the two youngest girls, ages four and 3, smoking marijuana. the girls' bodies were discovered when jackson was evicted in 2008. jackson pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder. elementary and middle school students in maryland have improved scores on standardized tests for the seventh consecutive year. today education officials released the results over the past five years. elementary schools and math and reading scores rose by 25 points each for middle schoolers. leading schools rose 22 points over five years and math by 35 points. coming up, more on what those numbers mean for schools. the senate judiciary committee
5:33 pm
has postponed its vote on supreme crown nominee sotomayor by one week. republicans us for the delay to have more time for debate. the vote is expected to take place on july 28. patrick leahy says he is disappointed about the delay, but he still expects her to be confirmed with bipartisan support in time for the supreme court's first meeting of september night. >> an unexpected outcome to the auction of the famous watergate hotel in washington, d.c. the starting bid was $25 million, and at that price, there were no bids. the lender is taking the building back. selling has the story. -- sally has the story. >> calls came in from around the globe with people interested in owning a piece of political history. the watergate is one of washington's most famous pieces of real estate, considering a historic landmark.
5:34 pm
the watergate hotel went up for auction, to be sold as is to the highest bidder in an all-cash deal. >> i have $25 million. no. what it was the scene of the 1972 break-in that ignited the scandal and brought down president nixon. >> it is a mistake in terms of history. it is not historic property. the break-in occurred at the adjacent building. >> still, the auction attracted widespread interest. >> watergate theus, watergate broke a presidency. the only president who ever had to resign office, and it was all started there. >> the hotel was once a climber showplace of the fallen into disrepair. the owner tried but was not able to sell it. for its $25 million. anymore? marx was nobody willing to bid in the higher they took the
5:35 pm
proper feedback. one of the former managers wants to see done -- to see it restored. it will always be one of washington's most famous addresses. the lender says it plans to sell the property, and some say it will likely be renovated and reopened as a hotel. >> it will be interesting to see what happens to it. up next, the recession is forcing the irs to become more aggressive. why the agency is auditing more tax returns than it usually does. >> more details about the murder of a florida husband and wife. how investigators are now connecting them to one of the suspects in the case. >> i am in the courtyard of the museum, the first in the country, and what has been uncovered over the last few weeks is giving something for kids to enjoy and for the public to really treasure. details are coming out.
5:36 pm
>> three young boys handcuffed, arrested, carted off to jail. their parents are furious. will they get the apology th
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>> the story continues to unfold in the murder of a florida couple. they were shot to death inside their home. investigators say they are not ruling out that someone might have put a hit on them. eight people have been arrested so far enters in connection with the robbery and murders, including the alleged mastermind, gonzales, jr.. >> mr. gonzales worked for an automobile dealership. we are verifying the information but he worked with one of the company's mr. billings had owned and interesting. >> investigators said the group did a test run a month ago, but it was not captured on security cameras. the sheriff says the suspect also stole a briefcase filled with personal papers. both items were recovered. >> chris brown is publicly apologizing for beating his former girlfriend, rihanna.
5:40 pm
he released a video on his website telling friends he was sorry for his behavior. he was arrested for charges that he tried to push her from the car and repeatedly hit and showed her. >> i wish i had a chance to relive those moments again. i cannot. i cannot go into what happened, and i am not going to make any excuses. i take great pride in being able to exercise of control, and what i did was inexcusable. i am very sad and very ashamed of what i have done. >> he pleaded guilty to a charge of felony assault and faces sentencing on august 5. he is expected to face five years of probation and community service. and now accused of sexually assaulting a woman a year ago, the lawsuit was filed on friday. he was one of -- she was one of nine defendants listed on the court report. the lawyer denies the claim incites the absence of criminal complaint for investigation.
5:41 pm
spokesman dave rockets as the team is aware of the lawsuit. >> still to come, why the irs is auditing more income tax returns and it usually does. >> also, the truth about your credit score. what you should know about building your score. >> another day with comfortable temperatures relatively low humidity, and plenty of sun, and we will bring you details on rain in the forecast in a moment. there is but sunshine. there is but sunshine.
5:42 pm
>> maryland senator remains in the hospital after a fall over the weekend. why doctors say they will have to wait before performing surgery. and questions about the devices used to track juvenile offenders in our state. tonight, here from a parent who is concern the state may have
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>> the new study on talking on cellphone and driving was just released. it was conducted six years ago, and it says talking on cellphone degrades a driver's abilities. this information was not released until "the new york times" filed a request. michelle has the story. >> talking and testing while driving is a dangerous distraction, but a consumer watchdog group says americans have seen captain the dark about just how dangerous cellphone use can be, -- americans have been kept in the dark about how dangerous cellphone use can be. >> the destruction of the conversation cosmos the increased likelihood -- causes
5:45 pm
increased likelihood of a car crash triggered >> in 2003, the national safety administration failed to disclose the research. >> a new year's back the hands free devices did not eliminate the risk of talking on -- they knew that years back and for devices did not eliminate the risk of talking on the cellphone. >> the release a statement saying distracted driving causes rashes and we want to stress the best way to avoid accidents of four drivers -- causes wrecks and we want to stress the best way to avoid accidents is to pay attention. many drivers agree. >> you cannot do but one thing a good time. you are either driving or talking on the phone. clarke's novel states banned the use of cellphone while driving. laws -- >> not all states banned the use of cellphone while driving. some even stand drivers 18 and under from using handsfree devices. there are also recent examples
5:46 pm
of experienced drivers distracted on the job. textile and bus drivers drifting across highways or running red lights. in boston, a trolley driver reportedly text in his girlfriend slammed into another trolly, and in los angeles, a commuter rail crash killed 25. the engineer had been taxed in. dangerous distractions on-the- job and on the road can be avoided. >> now, your 11 weather forecast with john collins. >> we have had nice clouds developed this afternoon. our temperatures made it into the low 80's once again. we have found some rain in clouds nearby. this just cropped up in the past 20 minutes or so. a little isolated showers, and it is drifting toward the bay at this point.
5:47 pm
no lightning or thunder related to that at least so far. the more significant storms are isolated in the mountains of west virginia and western maryland as well. some of those storms have been a little stronger this afternoon, but they are not showing any signs of leaving the mountain at this stage. i mentioned the temperatures. we made it into the low 80's 4 highs. 82 at the airport. morning lows were mostly in the 70's. today officially these temperatures were one degree cooler than yesterday, even though we had a little more sunshine, but nat did not pump more warm air. the record high is 104 degrees. we have had only a few days around 90 this month, so that is like a dream state. a lot of the eastern shore locations have been cool today because of the cloud deck they
5:48 pm
experience. these are the dew point readings. 54 at annapolis. 64 in baltimore. when our dew point is in the 60's, a little more humidity we are heading toward 70, so this little higher than yesterday. the west is where the thunderstorm activity is occurring. more moisture in the cloud of the above, and that is why the thunderstorm activity developed. here is the map showing the low pressure center offshore, the relatively dry conditions we have had here, save that one isolated sure that has cropped up southwest of the airport, and with the high pressure giving us cool air, ones that passes to the east, we get on the side that has a southwesterly breeze, dragging in more humidity, and that will raise the discomfort level considerably and rain chances. partly cloudy skies and a few
5:49 pm
showers tonight three of one of those just southwest of the city. 62 degrees to 66. 83 degrees to 88 tomorrow. a few scattered storms, but most of the day is just partly cloudy and rain-free. in the tropics, and tropical waves explode in the afternoon, but the upper atmospheric winds are too strong. they cannot get organized. the tropics remain quiet as far as organized storms are concerned. tomorrow we could see storms crop up. it does not look like a huge outbreak. thursday a much better chance for scattered thunder storm activity, and that should move out of the area by friday morning. our seven-day forecast puts us in the mid 80's on wednesday and thursday with a higher rain chance on thursday rather than tomorrow and-sour friday morning and drive into saturday. -- and a shower on friday morning and try on saturday. -- dry on saturday.
5:50 pm
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5:52 pm
now. >> i am actually going to get a secured credit card this week so i can build credit and have one before the law changes. >> credit cards got out of control, especially when it came to colleges. kids were being solicited for every aspect of credit out there. >> starting february 27, only way for anyone under 21 to give a credit card will be to prove they have adequate income, complete a certified financial literacy course, or have an adult cosigned regan region in -- have an adult's cosign. your chance of being audited will go up because irs believes it does not collect 3000 for under $50 billion in taxes every year, so it is sending -- 3000 $450 billion in taxes every year. the next up point out mistakes
5:53 pm
and tells you how much you owe. >> for more on irs audits, you can log on to our website at also, new technology that some claim gives -- yet speeders' around getting on cameras berrigan and also, if you're traveling this summer, you can get -- on cameras. also, if you're traveling this summer, you can get discounts on hotel bills. we would like to see your raven's photos. submit your pictures by clicking on to "sports." >> new questions about the reliability of the gps system used to attract juvenile offenders in the state of maryland. >> you will hear from a baltimore dad who wants to know why didn't anyone know his daughter left town. >> the summer jobs program is putting kids to work, and what they are unearthing here is something for everyone to enjoy. oh, what's this?
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all are backed with the best coverage in america, including a 5 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty. get some excitement while you still can, during the pontiac summer closeout. visit >> the new restoration project at the kiel museum in baltimore is giving teenagers a chance to use new skills, and they have uncovered interesting pieces of baltimore history. jennifer has the story. >> in the courtyard behind the museum downtown, from baltimore teens are putting their hands to work, many using gardening tools for the first gun. >> you do things you never did before.
5:57 pm
>> i was working on the pond and flowers. right through the summer jobs program for kids c'mon -- for kids, they are restoring the museum. >> they jumped right in and started ripping down fines, replacing tricks on the ground where they were missing, putting in a pond. >> they planted flowers. now they put of sculptures by rembrandt' peal, who was an archaeologist. they have become archaeologists themselves trigger >> they actually found some artifacts. those are probably from his archaeological days. >> i like it a lot. it has given me a chance to create new things and make a difference. >> this is the first in the country to be billed as a
5:58 pm
museum. it is also the first to use gas lighting. it has cut many uses. clark's for the kids, this is an oasis. there are 135 in the program, which involves going door to door to explain the program. >> it is transformational, because we have taken kids that would never get 30, never take off their hats, never pedron bugs, and they are getting 30 from reaching never put on boots, and they are getting dirty from head to toe. >> if you have never visited the museum, it is beautiful. but does offer as of 5:00, and here is a look of what is coming up but six of god -- that is it for us at 5:00, and here's a look of what is coming out of 6:00. >> how young is too young for a
5:59 pm
handcuffed arrest feminist >> one father's experience -- for a handcuffed arrest? >> once father's experience with the juvenile offender. that starts right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> tonight our team raises new questions about the reliability of the gps system the state is using to keep track of juvenile offenders. >> they come from the story of one father who asked why didn't anyone know his daughter left. jane miller is live in our newsroom. she has more on that. >> the questions start with 17- year-old lamont davis, i accuse of shooting a 5-year-old girl, but they do not stop there regan -- do not stop there. he thought the decision to put his daughter under monitoring might of least keeper at home. the 15-year-old


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