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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 21, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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handcuff the boys. >> this has triggered an outcry, and yours we have heard from agree if you're old enough to commit a crime, you are old enough to be treated like a criminal. a pig in a neighbor's yard prove irresistible 43 north of some -- of peat in a neighbor's yard proved irresistible for three boys. n/a-year-old, 7-year-old and a 11-year-old who were arrested, handcuffed, and kept in a holding cell. the mothers believed the police went too far, given the boys ages. >> i cannot count the number of drug dealers in the neighborhood. when a 7-year-old was put in handcuffs, for two and a half hours. >> mayor dixon agrees the rest may have been excessive. >> police were following their policy. if you ask me, i might have handled it a little differently. >> the law is clear. police can arrest someone as young as seven, and all
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arrestees are handcuffed. >> the police department has an obligation to old people accountable for their actions. police officers arrested the juvenile and followed everything by the book. the owner says he would prefer to see the parents charge. a psychiatrist says the parents need thrust themselves why the boys broke the laws in the first place. >> the question would be to the parents. where are they when their children are out of sight? what are they doing? which group of friends there associating with. >> it will install a healthy sense of responsibility if their parents start second-guessing the police. >> if you look at it as a positive experience, it was a mistake. we need to learn from this and walk away from it and not steal again, that is the proper use of
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it. >> what lessons did you learn? >> never steal. >> the mayor believes the boys also need to learn how to make amends with their neighbor. >> if anything, the parents are the gentleman an apology. >> there will have an opportunity to offer one if they attend mediation with the victim. the mothers told us their sons have offered to participate in a program rather than face charges in this case. >> we want to know if you agree with officers' actions in this case. it up your cellphone. text not a word yes or no to this number. standard texts mess -- text messaging fees apply. we have heard for more than 1000, and 84% said they agree with how police handled this. there's still time to weigh in. you can also leave more detailed comments on our website. you'll find a link on the front
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page. >> our team is raising new questions about the reliability of the gps system the state uses to keep track of juvenile offenders. this after a father asked the question why no one knew his daughter had left. jane miller has details. >> the questions start with 17- year-old lamont davis, accused well under the system of shooting and critically wounding a 5-year-old girl, but they do not stop there. sterling bought the decision to put her under monitoring might of least keeper at home. the 15-rove was put under juvenile arrest after she had been arrested twice for shoplifting. one involved the from a grocery store. sterling said she was put on the system involving and anklet. >> i am feeling ok.
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i know when i get home this afternoon, my child will be in the house. >> when he returned home that afternoon -- >> my child was nowhere to be found. >> he called juvenile services, where workers seemed surprised by his news. >> did they know? >> they had no idea she was gone. >> the system is supposed to send out of flag when the defendant leaves the house. >> no red flags went up. >> she did have the gps tracker with her, so juvenile workers were able to pick up her trail, but they wanted him to go and look for her. >> the battery died, so they have no way of tracing her. we did not know where she was for almost a month or a month and a half. >> if you were to math where our children die -- >> governor o'malley led the charge to spend $1 million to use the system as a means of better tracking juvenile
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offenders in the community. according to public filings, the company cut the number of employees or almost 20% last year in an attempt to improve its bottom line. the company also disclosed the introduction of the system was delayed by engineering and design issues in 2007. maryland officials said they did not know about it until we brought it up. they said they had been assured the problems were fixed before the state started using the system. we have also come across the memo washington, d.c., officials said of last august to officers from telling them to keep close tabs on offenders under gps monitoring. offenders have learned that wrapping a gps device in aluminum foil can make a gps tracking. untraceable and disappear. >> for wonder she is gone. -- in one day, she is gone.
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>> he is anxious to hear from his daughter. >> we all love you and want the best for you. >> a state official says the juvenile system did seek a warrant the day she left her house but had to wait for days until it was signed to try to pick her up. she has been in court since then but is currently listed as a runaway. a company official in nebraska said she could not answer our questions, citing ongoing investigation of the monitoring of lamont davis. >> the man is recovering tonight after he was hit by baltimore city police car. just after 4:00 this morning, 3011 was over the scene. but as for police say an unmarked police car as he crossed the street. the victim suffered minor injuries, including a cut to the hand. authorities say it was the case of a pedestrian ever. fire officials are trying to determine what sparked a two- alarm blaze that the germans
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found homes for regan the fire broke out in the 2400 block. fire crews say the flame started in an empty units and spread, causing smoke and water damage. the heat actually melted deciding on an adjacent unit. fortunately, no one was hurt. >> gov. martin o'malley is preparing to present a massive $280 million in budget cuts to the board of public works tomorrow, and it will not end there. even with massive cuts, something maryland is not as bad as other states. kim is live with details. >> with more state budget cuts on the horizon and now we are well into july, so it is a good time to take a look and see just how we are doing so far this year, and that check of his place tonight in annapolis. the economy is not doing so well, but maryland is doing better than most states.
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>> meron lenders have not felt the pinch as much as other states and -- marylanders have not felt the pinch as much as other states, but their accounts are down. >> the former governor assess the situation. he says much of the problem is overspending and problems with a special session of the general assembly. >> the problem is in 2007 we saw this looming recession. we new revenue would be a problem. we knew there would be short of, yet additional dollars were spent, and additional dollars to pay off the bill. >> he would not comment on governor o'malley is proposed $280 million budget cut except to say it needs to be done since the end of last fiscal year with a deficit. he also sees a bigger problems at the end of 2010 when federal stimulus money runs out. he called that money of band- aid. >> there is a lesson. you do not overspend in a
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recession. you do not raise taxes on the eve of a recession, and you do not use stimulus power -- stimulus money to pave over expenditures, because once the expenditures stop you will have a budget hole. >> financial experts say the economy could still tip once again before things turnaround for dead. -- turnaround for good. >> for more details from the governor's budget plan or the planned budget cuts, you can go to our website and then click on the project the economy killian -- project economy. >> the state education department has released its annual list of danger schools. eight schools in baltimore city made that list. here they are on your screen. the schools are designated consistently dangerous because of a number of students who were suspended or expelled for serious offenses, including arson, firearms, or sexual
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assaults. students attending any of the schools designated dangerous will have a chance to transfer to another school that is deemed safe. maryland elementary and middle school students received high marks in reading and math according to the test results. the data was released today and showed how elementary school math scores rose by 25 points over the last five years. middle school reading scores jumped by 22 points. math increase by 32 points, but state school leaders still say more needs to be done to close the achievement gap between minorities, special education, and white students. >> they will have challenges getting students receiving services, especially those that might receive full-service this, too proficient levels, especially ones in middle school. >> more than 365,000 students took the exam this spring. to get a closer look of the results, you can log on to our
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website at and click on "education." >> the watergate hotel was part of a conflict made famous in the nixon scandal. it was on the auction block with a hefty price tag. >> a three-day old baby drag to the woods by a family dog is now recovering. what infants father had to say about the attack. >> interactions between the police department -- >> we're learning about the rest of a prominent harvard professor. city leaders in cambridge take action. >> details of the president's reform system and why one medical heavyweight is saying "not so 5." >> some heavy winds. we will tell you where that is going in just a minute.
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>> president obama will address
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the nation to run night, and one issue he is sure to addresses health care reform. the president says the system would include coverage, choice, and it would limit out-of-pocket costs, but house democrats so it a hit from health-care heavyweight, the mayo clinic. on its blood, it boasted the current version of how health care plan to lower the quality of care and raise costs. >> in the current version of the house bill, we stand by that statement. even though we are moving in the right direction, we do not think they have gone far enough. >> senate democrats are looking for ways to pay for wider coverage rigger the president is encouraging house and senate lawmakers to pass the bill before they leave for the recess. president obama will address the nation tomorrow. you can watch it live beginning at 8:00 p.m. >> the associated press obtained a new report that suggests
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ethics complaints have been filed against gov. halepalin. the claim is that she received money from a trust fund. she knows more than $500,000 in legal fees. she recently cited the mounting toll of those as one reason she is leaving office. prominent harvard scholar henry gates jr. was cleared today of a charge of disorderly conduct. he was arrested at his massachusetts home while trying to force his own front door open. it has them. a neighbor called police for what she thought was a break-in. today the city called the rest regrettable and unfortunate but not an incident of racial programming. >> in kentucky, after he was triedfs? 150 yards into the woos by the family dog, debi say the dog and gathered a three-day old
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infant from his crib, held onto them for about 10 minutes before running outside. that is when the father saw what happened. he chased the dog. after a 10 minute surge, the father found a newborn's scarred body. >> he looked a lot better than i thought he was going to look, but since he was so small, i scooped him up with both hands and ran to the house. >> the baby suffered two collapsed lungs, broken ribs, a skull fracture, and various cuts. he is expected to be in a hospital for several weeks. the father said the dog was treating the baby like a puppy and was not fishes, but he thinks the dog should be put down. >> talking on the cell phone while driving is much more dangerous than you know. two consumer advocacy groups released documents. they were not disclosed for six years. the data is pretty straightforward. people who drive and talk on the
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phone put themselves and others around them in dangerous situations. >> whether they are doing that on my hands free device orrin cellphone, the destruction of the conversation causes the increased likelihood of a car crash. >> the new york times says the former national highway safety head was urged not to release the data to antagonize members of congress. >> now your forecast with john collins. >> we want to go into some stellar whether or something out of the ordinary, and we're going to talk about the solar eclipse, and we have to go halfway around the world to india and china. the area of the path of a total solar eclipse. not many of them occur. here are pictures over india and china, where its totality.
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here you see a picture that goes under total darkness. the area when for over six minutes in total darkness, which is unusually long. you see a time lapse picture going dark. this is where you see the corona of the sun. and he did atmosphere off the -- the heated atmosphere. it is rare incident tuesday a total eclipse, but you see a pretty good view. we're giving you a good chance to see what is going on. we have fireworks this evening. thunderstorms cropped up. this is radar imagery, and the line of thunderstorms develop into carroll county and baltimore county. it is still there but diminished in intensity. it was a severe thunderstorm which hail and strong winds, and it did not move particularly rapidly, so if you were under it, you got a considerable
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amount of rain. rain estimates were in baltimore county. up to 2.5 inches, so a narrow area of north of us. they got a generous rain out of this, and there is more in the forecast, not necessarily tonight, but over the next several days. only a trace of rain measured today, and that was this evening. 82 degrees the high. 88 for the high this time of year. the humidity was relatively comfortable. right now it is 72 degrees. college park is 73 degrees. because of the rain at carroll county, it cooled down a bit. it is only 64 degrees. the satellite pictures showing the clouds. that is the storm system that is moving from frederick county across carroll county, baltimore county, in the southern pennsylvania. it is not very impressive. we have a stalled storm off
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shore and some stores out west better gradually moving to the east. the high-pressure is giving as good weather through the weekend. it will give way to more humidity, higher temperatures, and i dare chance of rain eventually, and it will take a couple days -- and a higher chance of rain eventually, and it will take a couple days. we have a bigger shot of getting more rain. partly cloudy with scattered storms overnight. 62 degrees to 66 for a low. mid to upper 80's tomorrow. more afternoon and evening scattered storms. south wins at seven to 12 miles per hour. futurecast shows storms developing tomorrow. more or less like today, but a cold front approaches us on thursday, and the rain chance will be a lot higher until the fun goes through. friday morning that moves to the east. to our forecast puts us in the mid 80's for the next couple days. the highest rain chances
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thursday, a good chance for showers and thunderstorms. a morning shower on friday, and hot and humid on saturday. rain back in the forecast sunday. >> the historic theater is said to be auctioned tomorrow. find out which colleges interested in buying it. >> $25 million. >> it was a chance of a lifetime to on a piece of american history. tonight, why the infamous watergate hotel did not make it off the auction block.
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>> the senator theatre is said to go on auction block tomorrow. we have learned the college could bid on the property. loyola college officials said they are committed to improving the surrounding neighborhood. if no one bid the minimum, all of our officials will begin a nationwide search. >> the watergate hotel is on for auction today, but it did not get any takers. the landmark is part of the complexly to the scandal. it led to president nixon's resignation. a company bought the hotel portion with plans to renovate it, but a capital bank wound of foreclosing on the building. >> watergate broke a presidency. the only president who has had to resign office, and it all started there. >> the bidding opened at $25 million and with not one
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matching bid, the bank took the hotel by. some say the price may have been too high. >> the second half of this season already has the markings for a long summer for the orioles, but springtime seems like a cause for
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>> now sports. >> the new yankee stadium, five tries, no winds.
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in all, nothing demented about the record. just depressing as if all 11 games under 500, following the 6-4 loss. they might as well start considering more tryouts for young arms because it only lasted three innings. they loaded the bases. dave did not see them stay loaded for long. the next batter is alex rodriguez. new york took the lead 3-2. bottom of the fourth, robinson has home-run numbers at yankee stadium. a two-run shot ends tonight 5-2. just thinking about the future, here is the guy you have to like. he comes up with a 10th assist of the year, nails the that the plate. there is talent on this team,
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but it is not showing up in the final results. 6-4. focus on the future. it looks a lot better than the present. they could end of the sea. the orioles have a tentative deal to end. the orioles would sign a 30-year lease to base their spring operation in sarasota, -- the former spring home of the chicago white sox. they would use twin lakes part of their minor league home. officials declined to comment, saying they want to wait and see an outcome of tomorrow's vote before discussing a possible move to sarasota. just as a commissioner appeared ready to focus his attention on michael vick, tina has to consider allegations levied against another quarterback. a woman claims he raped her last
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summer in the penthouse hotel room of a casino in lake tahoe. she has never filed legal charges against the steelers quarterback. the woman, an employee at the time, said she chose not to contact the police because she feared harris would fire her if she did. the lawyer aggressively denies the allegations. the nfl commissioner sophism distillers say they know about the allegation and have begun to look into it. -- the nfl commissioners say they know about the allegation and have begun to look into it. gloria estefan and joins the owner group, and marc anthony has bought a mature -- a minority stake as well. anthony says he has had the itch to buy into the franchise for the past few years. the new majority owner, steven ross, wants to expand and an -- to expand the image into entertainment.
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anthony also brought out his wife, jennifer lopez, gave her a jersey to symbolize the date of her birthday. i am not sure what that is, probably the $16 million but fell out of his pocket into the miami dolphins. anthony will sing the national anthem on october 12. and they extended an offer to jimmy buffett, too. >> he is quite a unique -- it is quite a unique situation, and i want to thank stephen everyone involved in this. i am excited and a little nervous. i would rather sing. it comes much easier to me. >> he will sing plenty of the new owner. john will not sing, but he will they have alzheimer's and heart disease, diabetes and cancer,
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and they've heard that biomedical research offers hope -- that it could control, maybe even cure, their disease. senator barbara mikulski understands the importance of innovative biomedical research for patients, their families, and our economy here in maryland. call senator mikulski today. tell her thanks for protecting the promise of biomedical research and the maryland jobs it provides. it's not just the future. it's life.
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