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tv   Today  NBC  July 25, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning president obama tries to diffuse tensions over an arrest. admitting that his own words only added to the drama. >> unfortunately, it gave an impression that i was maligning the cambridge police department, and i could have calibrated those words specially. >> sarah palin prepares for her final hours as governor of alaska. >> and free fall, a base jumper lands hard. he is alive and telling the tale to us today, saturday july 25, 2009.
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>> and welcome to "today" on his saturday morning. >> good morning, i'm tamaran hall sitting in for lester holts. >> amy mentioned to me, this guy escaped without a single broken bone. hard to believe. we'll find out his lottery picks as well, because he is one liucy fellow in this world. >> investigators are focusing in on michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray. >> and then, a wedding celebration that more than four million people have clicked onto see. coming up, we'll meet the bride,gram abride, groom and get an encore
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performance. >> that is all coming up. but first, president obama puts himself back in the center of a controversy. >> reporter: in an unannounced visit to the white house bri briefing room, president obama spoke. >> the cambridge police acted stupidly. >> reporter: those words about the arrest of his friend, harvard professor henry gates, pitted him against his friend and against the entire cambridge police department. >> there was nothing stupid about what happened. what happened was under the control of professor gates. >> reporter: the local police unions demanded a presidential apology. hours later, the president
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responded. >> i know fortunately, gave an impression that i was maligning the cambridge police department against sergeant crowley specifically. i could have calibrated those words differently. my impression of him was that he was an outstanding police officer, and a good man. and that was confirmed in the conversation and i told him that. >> reporter: the president stood by some of this statement from wednesday, but also cast some blame for the incident on gates, whom he telephoned after he spoke to the press. >> i continue to believe, based on what i have heard, that there was an overreaction in pulling professor gates out of his home to the station. i also continue to believe based on what i heard, that professor gates probably overreacted as
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well. >> reporter: the president then tried to refocus attention on the bigger issue of racial profiling. >> my hope is that as a consequence of this event, this endsp s up beingsy teachable moment. >> reporter: a meeting aliis li i. >> there was a discussion about he and i and the professor having a beer here in the white house. we may put that together. >> reporter: the president sympathized with crowley over the media. >> sergeant crowley would be happy for you to stop tramling his grass. >> and now here is tamaran. >> now to massachusetts where the controversy started and where law enforcement officials are reacting. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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tamaran. as you might imagine, the reaction here has been positive to the president's comments. officials say they are optimistic about moving forward and resolving the dispute. sergeant crowley took that call at a pub. as you heard, there was a lot of banter about having a beer and how to keep the press off of his lawn. the dynamic of the story started to change when sergeant crowley started to tell his side of the story. >> the union representing sergeant crowley rallied to his defense. crowley told about the arrest of professor gates. >> i asked him if he would step outside and speak with me, and he said no, i will not. >> reporter: sergeant crowley
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insists that professor gates provoked the confrontation. >> he responded why, because i'm a black man in america ain think agitated tone. again, i thought that was a little strange. >> reporter: crowley said he is tired of being called a veter v. he is a father of three and has trained officers of how to avoid racial pro friling. >> he was the one who was being provocative. this was one-sided. >> reporter: an african-american sergeant seen in the foreground of the photograph of the arrest said he never heard the professor call anyone a racist. >> i support what he did, 100%. >> reporter: professor gates remains in his vacation home in martha's vineyard speaking out. >> just because a black man
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answers the door and you are responding to a 911 charge, treat him with respect. don't do anything else. protect me. >> gates has threatened to sue. his lawyer told cnn there are witnesses that have had similar instances with sergeant crowley. >> professor gates needs to sit down with sergeant crowley and they need to bury the hackett for the country and the community. >> reporter: in a statement he said that he was pleased the president had called, pleased with the suggestion to meet with sergeant crowley. the climate now has change and perhaps that meeting will be able to take place some time soon. amy, back to you. >> all right, ron allen thank you very much.
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and michael eric dyson is an author and commentator. good morning to you and thank you for joining us. >> the cambridge police commissioner and city mayor both said they were pleased with president obama's remarks yesterday. did he say enough to diffuse the situation? >> yes, i think he did. i'm comfortable with what he said. i think he is sorry that he framed it the way he did the first time. there are too many variables to make a determination of what happened. so i'm comfortable. >> michael, did the president need to express his committees and necessary for him to move forward? >> probably. given the climate that had been produced by his committents. the larger issue here, beyond the burying of the hatchet,
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racial profiling is a problem that has to be addressed. it has been a lethal exchange often at the expense of black and brown men. that must not be obscured by this most recent development. president obama is a prince of a man. for him to do what he did was extraordinary. this was a good gesture toward that image. >> in this book, "the audacity of hope", the president wrote. >> he heard the president yesterday say that this was a
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teachable moment. do you think that he was successful imparting that may have an impact on this discussion? >> i think he was successful. one of the most troubling parts of being a black man in america is when you are approached by a white person. you are always having to wonder, is this person reacting to my skin rather than to me as a person? black men have to do that every day of their lives in america. but i would suggest, the officer could very well be aggressive toward everybody. there are some cops, a black might say you are a racist and he has the same attitude toward whites. i think we need to look at the power structure in america. we have the police have his in ordernant amount of power. in canada they are called peace
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officers, in the united states they are called police officers. you could say we are a police state based on the fact that we have more people locked upper c capita than any other lotion ca in the world. >> do you think that that would be the right course of action, or should he let it lie and have beer with the sergeant involved with the president at the white house? what do you think should happen next? >> president obama himself said r, "this is a teachable moment". he also ill illuminated the broader landscape of aggression. it is those small gious teestur
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prevail. if professor gates chooses to take that action i think that would be appropriate. that means sometimes the lessons are tough, difficult, they must not be shunned or shied away from. it is necessary for us to understand this is an opportune moment to talk about the real aggression that is often directed toward african-american or latino people. in many other cases there is not a harvard professor. imagine if this was henry kissinger and this was george bush's friend arresting henry kissinger. i think we need to be honest and open. it is often hard to admit the legal legry of tacy of the past.
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>> all right, michael eric dyson, mansfield frazier, thank you. >> sarah palin is stepping down as governor of alaska. the question remains what is next for her. nora, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. sarah palin may be ending her role as governor, but she is beginning the next chapter of her life. what she does next, well that is still a mystery. of course yesterday she spent the day in her home town of wasilla with her red shirt on. today is her last full day in office. she is going to be serving the people of alaska by dishing up some food at the annual governor's picnic in anchorage. and then she heads north for her
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final farewell. some people are calling her a quitter, some calling her courageous. but what is clear, if she wants to run for president in 2012, they must take a look at the new poll that says 53% of americans now view her negatively. that is her lowest approval rating since they became john mccain's running mate a year ago. she has money she can use to travel on be half of republican candidates. next asked if she was going to run for president, she won't take the bait. she won't hunker down and go with the flow because she said, "only dead fish go with the flow". >> let's get a check now of the morning's top scotories.
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>> good morning everyone. there is major damage in floridatifloridorid florida. the storm damaged more than 160 homes. luckily, there appears to be only minor injuries. top lawyer says the obama administration is considering transferring guantanamo detainees to the u.s. guantanamo bay is scheduled to be closed early next year. and the cdc is estimating that 40% of americans could get swine flu this year and the next. the vaccine is expected in the fall. the h1n1 virus has killed more than one million americans. we'll have move coming up in the next hour of "today."
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and the new yo"new york times" reporting that the rush administration, strongly urgedi. but the president rejected it. new york yankees took time to recognize people off the field. they surprised the two workers at a new york city law office. they have overcome developmental disabilities. the yankees honored them as well as the companies that hired them. back to you guys. >> melissa francis, thank you so much. good to see you here with the forecast. >> can you believe this is our last july weekend? >> it is starting to get warm here, though. >> i know. today will be great. tomorrow -- that is an official
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term. let's talk about what we are going to deal with. one of the dig stories is how hot and dry it has been in the mid-west. possibly near 100 on monday. the pacific northwest is getting all of the heat. big story today chance of severe weather right now we have a line of strong storms rolling through ohio and kentucky. it will be a sunny and warm day from d.c. to new york city. the heat continues, one of the >> temperatures in the 60's and 70's in a few locations. can't rule out awest.
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denver not bad today. florida, your typical afternoon storms. that's a look at your weekend forecast. >> friday the dow closed above 9,000 for the second day in the row. it's highest by the way, since january. but was the news good for inv t investo investors? >> two days in a row, i was there with the news at the closing bell. >> we're up about 40% on the two major averages since the lows we saw back in march. the nasdaq is up more than 50%. the real question in everyone's mind is how resilient is the market. microsoft was disappointing and invest tors didn't run for the
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hill and take cover. some people think that means there is some staying power in the rally. >> you have a lot of companies beating expectations of wall street. analysts say that is because they are cutting back. are these false profits? >> it depepends on how you lookt it. we're seeing the revenues not so great, but the profits look really strong. that is why we see unemployment so high right now. on one hand these companies are poised to be more productive. on the other hand, it means that they are doing more with fewer workers. >> if you happen to have a bit of cash and want to dip your toe back in with some of this good news, is that wise right now? >> oh boy, that is a tough question. that is the $50 million question i think. i think investors will be
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looking to see if this will continue to hang on. we have seen a move up, but at the same time, this is really a time when investors will be looking to see if we can continue higher from here. so next week, we get some important numbers out. more news on gdp and more home sale s news. >> and can you tell us about the battle brewing between treasury secretary, tim geithner and ben bernanke. >> that is right. they are trying to figure out what went wrong. the treasury secretary wants to set up a special group that would go in and regulate this. that vote has been put off by barney frank until september. but this is a battle that is getting bogged down. the further we get away from the crisis, the less likely we will
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see something happen. >> what went wrong could be fixed with whom ever wipnds up watching over consumer protection. >> still to come, important information about social security that you cannot afford to miss. but fifi
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still to come on "today," the questions surrounding michael jackson's personal doctor and what some employees were seen doing hours before they called 9 # 1. >> and a man who survived a base jump gone wrong. but first, these messages.
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute good morning. here is a look at some of our top stories. four people are dead after a helicopter crash that happened around 10:30 thursday night. police have identified those as jeffrey from columbia, george tudor, and two others. the crashes still under investigation. sam bosely faces charges for driving under the influence.
7:26 am
-- sam moxley faces charges for a dui. he was in an accident in which one person was injured. he refused to take a breathalyzer. breathalyzer. stay with us, a look at announcer: during the autobahn for all event, you can get great lease deals. i love it! i just want to know it's the right move. me? thirteen days in the future. you get a deal on the car you always wanted. scheduled maintenance is included, it's all good. what's the future like? you love your new jetta. and the suit? you like it? no...i love it!
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here is a look at your forecast. >> it is a great start two hours saturday. we will be dealing with lots of sunshine in the afternoon and a few clouds with storms that will arrive here tomorrow. we could see a shower pop up tried to move through in the late afternoon, but that is only because we have so much humidity. if you have anything to do outside today, today will be the
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day to do it. 70 in baltimore and 64 at bwi. for the rest of today, just a few clouds. 86-93 degrees will be the temperatures, and a potential for storms in the late afternoon. it does not look like any of those should impacter plants outside. as we look at your seven-day forecast, we see the potential for scattered thunderstorms developing on sunday at 89 degrees, and that sunday will be the best bet for any rain. by monday we are looking for 88 degrees. we could see a few lingering rainshowers, but we are dealing with plenty of humidity over the next few days. 88 on tuesday with a lot more humidity, so they could feel like it is warmer outside. we are looking for some garden variety late afternoon thunderstorms to develop on tuesday. it looks a lot worse than they
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actually is. we are expecting sunshine to start most of these days, but the heat and humidity in the later afternoon will bring the potential for showers. 894 wednesday and 874 thursday. -- 89 for wednesday. >> we will see you back here in 25 minutes.
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we are back on this saturday morning, the 25th of july, 2009. looking at some fine people taking time to hang out with us this morning. from studio 1 a, i'm tamaran hall sitting in for lester. coming up, one of the most important retirement decisions you can make. >> millions of baby boomers are deciding when to take social security checks. do you take the pay out at 62 or wait? we'll have the answers and new information you won't want to miss. >> also, if you thought cds and ipods have changed the way we think about music. think about lp's. well tell you about it coming up. >> coming up a base jumper who falls hundreds of feet off a
7:31 am
cliff and hits the ground before this parachute can help him. we were commenting, when you hear the end of the tape he goes uh. it is amazing that he walked away with basically no injuries. >> and of course he will do it again or has already done it again. >> right loves the excitement of it all. but first, we'll have the latest on the investigation into the death of michael jackson. this morning, new questions are emerging about the focus of the criminal probe, nbc's michael oku has the latest. >> reporter: as investigators intensified their focus on conrad murray, questions surrounding the timing of key events on the day michael jackson died. that unit and the doctor's
7:32 am
office were searched by lapd this week. lion says, on the day jackson died, two women who identified themselves as the doctor's employees removed five boxes from the unit. >> they brought out boxes and put them in the vehicle and got in their car and left. >> reporter: until that moment, no one had checked into the doct doctor's storage unit in over a month. it was 9:22 pacific, just three hours before the 911 call. >> it raises serious questions. we don't know exactly when michael jackson died, we don't know exactly when dr. murray realized there was a problem. we don't know whether dr. murray called his staff and asked them to remove records before he called 911. >> reporter: the search warrant issued this week,
7:33 am
investigators seized dos own ed items but they are still not calling murray a suspect. his lawyer maintains his client did nothing wrong. >> the singer's autopsy results could be released next week. court filings show jackson's estate has recovered $5.5 million from a former financial adviser. and administrationer eistrator e estate will be settled. >> good morning. we heard michael oku reporting there, police are starting to investigate man lawsuit charges potentially against this doctor. what evidence have they been able to uncover? >> they were able to execute a
7:34 am
search warrant. not only did they find the normal things, and recorded taking things from a roladex and comput computers, but also medicines that cast a new light on this. it connects if the autopsy shows that michael jackson died of a mixture of drugs, if that autopsy says these are the types, and they connect to this office in houston, it is really bad for dr. murray. you don't want to be dr. murray right now is essentially what all of this mean. >> will we know the cause of death? >> there will be an indication. i think we are going to see that it was sudden cardiac arrest of some sort and then related to. that will be interesting, related to a cocktail of prescription drugs, or he was taking them incorrectly or they are drugs that they found that
7:35 am
michael jackson might have gotten on his own say through the internet. that changes the game too. this has been difficult to track. every time you get one answer, it seems to bring up three more questions. >> if katherine jackson is aw d awarded custody, it has been said that his sister, rebbie, may take custody. >> she lives with katherine jackson. r rebbie's kids, they are courthouse s courthouse cousins, but considered family. if katherine doesn't dote custody. she has been already. >> where does deb debbie rowe
7:36 am
into this? >> i was told that a family memberges yesterday, that every they are still trying to hammer out the concern that debbie rowe has. i'm told she wants to make sure that her arrangements that she made with michael prior to his death are up held. there was an agreement that they had and she want to make sure it all stays the same. >> katherine is expected to get 40% of the money? >> 40% of the money, but that is 40 % of the money after the estate has been paid. >> it will be revisited on august 3rd when they do go to court over the will again. >> time now for another check of
7:37 am
the wewe
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nation, getting smart about social security. the big question, when to start collecting and your decision will have a big impact on now much social security money you get over your life time. here to crunch the numbers is carmen wong ulrich. good morning. do people understand what it is? is it life insurance for your rainy day? >> it is, actually. more like insurance than a savings account. all of that money goes into a pool that people are drawing off of now for the social security money. this is build 1935 to ensure the
7:42 am
poverty level with the elderly was really cut down. it is medicare, unemployment, disability and spouseal benefits. >> the idea was for you to collect later in life. >> it depends on your age now. for folks who are over 50 or 60 it is 66. if you are under 40 it will be 67. that is your full retirement age when you are fully retired. >> but you can collect as early at 62. what is the negative impact if someone says, i want to do this now. >> if you collect before your full retirement age, you will get a smaller check. >> you wait longer, you get more. >> exactly. and the amount of the check will increase up until the age of 70. if you start collecting at age 62. if you live to 85 you will get
7:43 am
$11,000 more. if you wait until you are 70 to collect, you can get $30,000 more. that number stays lower than you would get if you waited. >> to wait until you are 70 to collect and you have put together some things we should think about. >> here is the thing, if you are going to wait until full retirement. if you are a higher earning spouse you want to wait. if you know that you are not going to deplete your savings, that it is okay to wait. >> but it seems like the variables, we all want to live longer, and to have enough savings in this day and age, who can guarantee something like that. it depoend pends on how comfort you feel. >> right. of course, if thank you want to take and collect early, your health is not good, you don't think you are going to live a
7:44 am
very long time. if you don't start collecting that check it will damage your finances. if you are the lower earning spouse, collect early. >> you say there is a loop hole, file and spuspend. >> here is the deal. there are two types of benefits when you are a spouse. survivor benefits you get when your spouse passes away. if you make less than your spouse, you get a spouseal ben fet benefit of 50% of their check. the higher earning spouse can suspend but you as the spouse can get that 50% check. >> it is on the up and up and allowed? >> it is. however you may have to call them and talk to them directly. it does exist and it can happen. >> great information. thank you. >> if you want for,
7:45 am
>> and still to come, a new spin on an old way to listen to music. after these messages.
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7:47 am
they say everything old is new again. and that applies to music or rather, how we listen to it. we have more on a new trend in music that looks awfully familiar. >> reporter: he is into music,
7:48 am
but not listening to it the way you might expect. >> i prefer vinyl 100%. >> reporter: you are 25, i think a lot of people would think you are listening to a cd. why are you listening to reco records? >> because they sound better. >> reporter: people have been listening to records for more an a century. now they are getting another spin at the main stream. sales were up 89% in 2008. and on pace to be better this year. >> the value owning something. you know, how it feels. >> so retailers are stepping up. even large chains like best buy
7:49 am
have been putting vinyls on the shelf. pink floyd, the dark side of the moon. and labels are putting out old music and new releases on vinyl. ♪ >> rock super stars, green day are rereleasing their entire catalog on vinyl. >> little less pristine, it is . >> reporter: for "today," mara gumable, nbc news, new york. >> the good old day. i still have, michael "thriller". >> sugar hill gang, putting on the rits.
7:50 am
we were cool and didn't know it. >> we'll be right back but first, this is "today" on nbc.. they have alzheimer's and heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and they've heard that biomedical research offers hope -- that it could control, maybe even cure, their disease. senator barbara mikulski understands the importance of innovative biomedical research for patients, their families, and our economy here in maryland. call senator mikulski today. tell her thanks for protecting the promise of biomedical research and the maryland jobs it provides.
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specially formulated to promote hairball control and healthy weight. friskies indoor wet cat food. feed the senses. good morning. here is a look at some of our top stories. authorities are expected to continue their search for a girl who fell into a river. we were over the scene as rescuers searched the waters. the girl fell off a boat around 4:30 friday afternoon. it appears the girl was struck by the same boat she fell from. the coast guard is working with agencies in that search. the search for a teenager at a south carolina beach has turned into a recovery mission.
7:56 am
a large group of volunteers line the shore looking for a boy. he went swimming with friends and he went under water and never resurface. he was in south carolina to play with teammates in myrtle beach. four people are dead after a helicopter crash on interstate 70. it happened at 10:30 on thursday night. they have been identified as jeffrey nordaas, george tutor, niall booth, and kim felix. authorities say the group was returning from a charity event when the helicopter went down. in baltimore county congressman faces charges for driving under the influence. he was taken into custody around 1:30 friday morning after an accident in which one person was injured. he failed a field sobriety test and refuse to take a
7:57 am
breathalyzer. he was also charged with a dui in 2005. stay with us, a look
7:58 am
we are here with a look at the forecast. >> we are dealing with a gorgeous start two hours saturday. a few scattered rain showers are of torts ohio. that rain will live here by tomorrow. -- rain showers are out towards homohio. some rain we are anticipating tomorrow. it is clear along the interstate 95 corridor. some high clients trying to
7:59 am
move in, but other clowns off to the west. -- somehow i clouds moving in, but other clouds of to the west. temperatures in the 60's down towards the maryland mountains. 86 to 93 degrees today. you cannot rule out a pot of schroer late in the day. it will feel very much like july. -- you cannot rule out a pop up shower late in the day. we will be dealing with the potential for pop up showers and storms in the late afternoon from tuesday through friday. thanks for joining us. we will see you back here in 25 minutes.
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8:01 am
thoughts. president oba president obama tries to diffusion tensions. >> fortunately, it gave an that is a great, white shark apparently. are going to bring you the details on the siting coming up. that is all i would need to see tuesday on the beach. and later. less frightening video of what we showed you. a wetting party, getting down. >> and coming up. we will get the entire, bridal party, they are the stars of the
8:02 am
internet, we will reunite them. an encore performance. but first, president obama puts himself back in the center of a controversy. >> mike, the president yesterday stopped short of that apology that the police unions were asking for. here is what he did say. let's take a listen. >> i think, i know founfortunate an impression that i was maligning the came ridbridge po department specifically. i could have calibrated those words differently. >> the president called sergeant crowley and also called professor gates. what did the president accomplish yesterday truly mike?
8:03 am
>> reporter: he took this off the front page after today perhaps. it was the last question when he uttered those words that have gotten him into trouble. that the police acted stupidly. he is revising that comment although not apologizing as you point out, amy. he said yes, the police probably overreacted but his friend, professor gates, probably overreacted as well. >> he felt there was something that americans could take from what happened what was that? >> reporter: the president spent the two days between wednesday and yesterday saying this wasn't a big deal. this was a medial generated story, he came out and said this was a teachable moment. when he was a state legislator in illinois, he sponsored racial
8:04 am
profiling legislation and has worked during his career to do something about racial profiling. this incident has struck a cord deep within american society, he thinks it is better to talk about now out in the open. perhaps, when all the parties get involved, that is just what will happen. >> perhaps, i'm sure the white house is hoping that the american public can move past this. and move toward the agenda he was working on, of course health carry form. >> reporter: it is happens a paradox. the health carry form in congress was absolutely going nowhere. as a matter of fact, the day after the news conference, it was announced in the senate that they would actually not be voting before the august recess as the president wanted them to do.
8:05 am
yesterday in the house, negotiations broke down and now there is a serious question whether the how can meet that dead lane line as well. the president's initiative is severely stalled in congress, amy. >> thank you so much. >> amy thanks, now to cambridge, massachusetts where the controversy began. ron allen is in cambridge this morning, ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamaran. the police community here is obviously pleased that the president has recalibrated his remarks. they were angry and taken back about that comment about the police department acting stupidly. it was an insult to their pride. the press conference yesterday was a full endorsement also of sergeant kroully a crowley and did. there will be an investigation
8:06 am
over this to look at what happened. they have cleared sergeant crowley. a lot of people have the question still, there had to be a time when the officer realized that this was not a brieaking a entering and that professor gates did live in that house and why they didn't back away at that point. yesterday they said it was difficult to define this charge of disorderly conduct. so there are still questions remaining about this whole case. but the tension level seems to be a lot calmer today. >> all right, ron allen, thank you very much. >> all right, it is six past the hour. it is time to check on the led ins. >> good morning. >> we begin with sarah palin who begins her last full day in office as governor of alaska.
8:07 am
>> nor ra is live with more. good morning, nora. >> good morning, yes, it is a crisp cool morning here as sarah palin begins her last full day in office. he has been attending picnics all over the state. today he is going to be in anchorage and then she will head north here to fairbanks and she will step down as the first female governor of this state because she has been fed up with the ethics complaints and she believes she can affect change outside the office. she has not said whether she will run for president in 2012. she is only 45 years old, and still be younger than when john mccain ran for president. she says she is going to be campaign ago cross the country
8:08 am
for republican candidates. >> othen he retreated back to nicoraguan territory. >> i'm on the border and today exiled president says that he will return to this border and once again, cross from nicaragua into honduras. this will be the second time. yesterday he symbolically entered honduras and reached his hand up and touched the, "welcome to honduras" sign. while he is recognized as the official president of this country, secretary of state clinton says what he is doing now is reckless.
8:09 am
he said he is trying to recapture his proper authority in this country. yesterday tear gas was fired as supporters on the honduran side tried to welcome their president home. he says he will make this way across the border again. >> nbc's carry sanders, thank you so much. it was a scary sight off the waters of california. a great white shark was spotted paroling the water on thursday. it was 500 feet from the beach. i think it was trying to get its own reality show you guys, i'm told it had eight babies. >> oh gosh. thank you. >> let's turn to bill out on the
8:10 am
8:11 am
du here there is a good looking boy with a cowboy hat out here today? that is you. let's send it inside to amy. >> now to that base jump that went wrong. ted tried some aerial maneuvers. he waited too long to release his parachute. he is here to talk about what happened. ted, good morning. >> good morning amy how are you? >> i'm probably doing better than you are this is the amazing part, you didn't break any bones. >> yeah, i did not have any broken bones. i'm very, very sore. got a couple of bruced lungs and bib ribs, but i was extremely lucky. >> given how hard you hit the ground, you have been base jumping for four years, more
8:12 am
than 280 jumps to date. what happened with his jump? what went wrong? >> well, i was doing an aerial maneuver, i set the rotation too hard and so when i came out of the second flip, i was put in a head-down position. which is a very unsafe body position to deploy your parachute. i quickly made the decision to flip back over and turn away from the wall and deployed my parachute hoping that i would have enough time to fly away from the cliff. and i was just too close to the ground. >> how scared were you. you new you had to try to correct what had gone wrong. were you thinking this was it?
8:13 am
>> um, you know, of course that thought ran through my mind, but you know, all your -- every single thought is triggering in your head, what you are trying to do is surveef. and you know make it out of there in the best shape you can. i was -- >> we hear you grunting there, you were in significant pain i imagine. >> yes, absolutely. i did hit hard. fortunately i was wearing full body armor and a helmet which definitely helped in the outcome of no broken bones. >> you had two people with you. how long before the rescue team got to you when you new everything was going to be okay and be back at your home talking to me? >> yeah, the search and rescue team was just so on it. they were on lotion in under a half an hour and you know, we always jump with radios, cell
8:14 am
phones as well as a spot gps locater. we were able to get a fix of my lotio location. there for the team was able to know exactly where i was and get to me safely and also call in the helicopters. >> that is a certain testament to the preparation and having all the right gear with you. ted davenport, we are so glad you were here today to share your story. thank you. >> we'll be right back after these messages. fibromyalgia muscle painas and then he recommended lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of over-active nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is fda-approved to help relieve the unique pain of fibromyalgia. and with less pain, i can do more during my day. how sweet is that? lyrica is not for everyone. tell you doctor about any serious allergic reaction
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that causes swelling or affects breathing or skin, or changes eyesight including blurry vision or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. lyrica may cause suicidal thoughts or actions in a very small number of people. some of the most common side effects of lyrica are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands and feet. do not drink alcohol while taking lyrica. you should never drive or operate machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. if you think you might have fibromyalgia, ask your doctor about lyrica. was about 30 seconds after i woke up. still not smoking! seven days. nicorette takes just enough of the edge off the need. i still want to light up, but i don't have to. (announcer) you can do it. nicorette can help. the center for disease
8:16 am
control estimates that 40% of americans could get the swine flu this year. meanwhile children are congregating this summer at camp. summer camp is the rite of passage for millions of kids each year. while kids are taking the summer off, the swine flu isn't. >> reporter: >> we are seeing a lot of it in the summer at sleep-away camps. there is a lot of chance tore diseases to spread. >> reporter: summer camps across the country have stepped up their efforts to protect against the h1n1 virus. good hygiene is practiced at summer camps like this one. >> we have install ed sinks at the entrance to the dining hall.
8:17 am
and we have hand san advertisers throughout camp. >> staff members are required to wear rubber gloves and the salad bar has undergone a makeover. >> we bought 500 sets of prongs. you pick up your own and then put it in the bucket. >> the bags at frost valley's well nes center have remained empty. >> both the american lung association and the muscular distrophy association were forced to shut down their camps due to the swine flu. >> knowing that this flu targets the lungs, therefore had to make the difficult decision to cancel the remainder of our samp sessions for 2009. >> meanwhile, there have been reports of campers coming down
8:18 am
with the virus. >> my stomach was hurting. >> the pandemic has pred across the world faster than any previous outbreak. health officials are now looking ahead to the fall and hoping a new vaccine will be ready by mid-october. >> we are expecting the fall to be challenging. we are expecting to see a rise in cases. >> dr. cohn aprice joins us now morning. >> we know that a vaccine has been started. how would likely be first in line to get this vaccine? >> well, there still needs to be some discussion on that. the experts and some government officials will be meeting on that topic on july 29th, it is
8:19 am
likely they will decide that children will be priority specifically ages 0-4 followed by school children, pregnant women and health care workers will likely be targeted as the first group. >> what are the major concerns if this vaccine is not ready by what we consider the start of the flu season? >> we will have to prioritize those at highest risk. we are seeing this affecting those groups that i mentioned before. we will need to first start with prioritizing and then continue the measures we always emphasize which include hand hygiene and staying with a from others when you are sick. >> tell me about the new guidelines that the cdc is recommending. six months through 18 years of
8:20 am
age should be immunised now? >> yes, that is correct. >> why should ears perk up when you hear that there has been a change? >> yeah, right, well, you though ha isthat is a new recommendati. we are emphasizing the rax seen in school-aged children. and that is because of the likelihood of spread that we may see in schools this fall. >> i imagine that what we saw in those camps, kids in masks and cleaning their hands, we'll see that when school starts in a few week. >> i hope see it has been effective. >> thank you, we'll be right back but f f@÷p
8:21 am
8:22 am
still to come on "today,"
8:23 am
eat this, not that. author will show us how foods are full of hidden fat and calories. >> plus, it is the wedding video that is making millions of people smile and laugh. coming up, we'll recreate their big moment right there. can't wait for that. but first, these messages.
8:24 am
8:25 am
good morning everyone. here is a look and some of our top stories. a helicopter crash on interstate 70 kills all four on board. it happened around 10:30 thursday night. the victims were identified as jeffrey nordaas, george tutor, niall booth, and kim felix. authorities say they were returning from a charity event when the helicopter went down.
8:26 am
baltimore county council and faces charges for driving under the influence. he was taken into custody around 1:30 friday morning following an accident in which one person was injured. authorities say he failed a field sobriety test and refuse to take a breathalyzer. he was also charged with a deal lie in 2005. authorities -- he was also charged with a dui in 2005. authorities are searching the waters for a girl who fell off a boat on friday afternoon. it appears the girl was struck by the same boat she fell from. the coast guard is working with agencies in that search. the search for a teenager at a south carolina beach has turned into a recovery effort. a large group of volunteers lined the short looking for a
8:27 am
boy. he went swimming with friends in the ocean and he went under water but never resurfaced. the boy was in south carolina with teammates to play in a tournament in myrtle beach. stay with us, we will look at your
8:28 am
we are here with a look at your weekend for past. -- your weekend forecast. >> we are seeing plenty of rain now well out to the west towards the ohio, but we will not worry about that today. that will become our problem by tomorrow. that is why saturday will be the better day of the weekend. a few clouds will arrive here
8:29 am
during the late afternoon hours and could even see a an isolated showers. 72 in baltimore and 74 in annapolis. 72 in salisbury. we are already at 80 degrees at ocean city. 86 to 93 with a few clouds and pop of storms late. it is a stormy sunday ahead, temperatures in the upper 80's. a few storms lingering into monday. after that come that we get into a pattern where we start with sunshine and afternoon thunderstorms with temperatures in the upper 80's. thank you for joining us. we will be back in 25 minutes with the news.
8:30 am
we are back on this saturday morning, july 25th, 2009 with a look at the lovely people on this beautiful morning on the plaza. we want to thank them and thank you at home. i'm tamaran hall sitting in today for lester holt. >> we have a video that i think everyone has seen by now. it is the bridal dance party. we have them here and they are going to do the actual dance. recreate it. look at that. they have their sun glasses on. the group is getting ready and they will perform it live in minutes. >> also coming up. when it comes to technology you wonder when you should splurge or when the less expensive model will do. we'll look at cameras to the video flip phones. when should you pocket your cash and buy the one that is less?
8:31 am
>> also, what should you eat? is author of "eat this not ntha" is going to look at the foods we love to eat. look at those fries. i think that is going to be not to eat. we'll have all of that coming up. >> i'm routing for the fries. let's check in with bill for the forecast, bill? >> good morning,
8:32 am
now these newlyweds just got married. was your first dance anything like what we are going to see?
8:33 am
>> not at all. >> let's send it back there to aim a universimy and tamaran. >> there are hundreds of weddings on youtube. but this one has become an instant hit. they decided to get creative with their march down the aisle. it is a too tubesentation. check the numbers, 4.5 million people have viewed their wedding celebration on youtube. >> are you blown away by this? 4.5 million people? >> it is unbelievable. >> how did you come up with the idea? >> i had been dancing most of my life. and then kevin and our friends jumped onboard. >> it wasn't that hard to convince. as soon as she brought the idea up i was onboard. >> let me ask you this, what are the odds you would find your
8:34 am
friends would do it at well? >> it is pretty good chance actually. as you will see in a little bit. >> how long did it take to get it out down? >> we did one reaphearsal for about an hour. it was that fast. >> did you expect this reaction though? is. >> never in a million year. >> we want to get this going live. and you guys are going to do it as you did it down the aisle right? >> we'll let you take it away. [ applause ] ♪ ♪
8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
♪ ♪ forever on the dance floor ♪ come on ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ applause ]
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don't have to. nick is here this morning, good morning. >> good morning. >> i can't tell you how many times i have spent looking for cheap laptops. >> that is why we have tested them all. we have tested lots of them. >> let's start with the smartphones. the idea is hopefully you can find something that works well, is that the case from the research? >> absolutely. this right here is the htc, it is an android based phone. what it means to you, is that it can do everything you want it to do and other cool stuff. you can put an application on it that allows you to take a picture of a bar code and then it tells you what it costs online and stores near you. >> can it text message? >> yes.
8:43 am
this phone just does e-mail. let's say you have a phone that you like, but you want to be able to e-mail on the subway, this is very cheap and will let you e-mail. >> and it is $60. >> and a $20 service plan, yes great. >> you don't have to splurge for the phone. let's look at digital cameras, can less expensive cameras take the same picture. >> yes. if i go like this, or spend a year studying digital photography and take this and line it up you will get the same picture. the point is this, almost everything you take with this camera will look beautiful. >> but it is $2400. >> these right. way, way cheaper, 8 megapixels. >> okay let's talk about video cameras. this is all the rage. these mini recorders, but can
8:44 am
you choose to save your cash and buy something like that? >> i use it to satisfy vtake viy son and granny doesn't care, that is perfect for that. if you want something better you want to get something more expensive. >> the quality in this one, on youtube? >> it would be great on youtube. >> and here you have mp3 players, this revolutionized the way we listen to music. >> they are not created equal. if you want to listen to music while i jog, we recommend this $60 device. if you want to have lots and lots of videos and videos and applications, then you want the ipod touch. >> in this case i have the cheap one at home. i have the expensive one. >> laptops, i spent oall night
8:45 am
looking for the best, cheap l lapt laptop. >> there it is. can you find a laptop? >> niss one is great lenovo $350. if you are going to go more expensive, we recommend the apple mac book. this is $2,000. >> what if i'm really into it? >> this one. >> if i have a kid going off to college and i'm on a budget. >> i may want this one. >> we did an experiment this week. we said let's get the best video camera for $170. we went on craigs list and ebay and got these devices in 12 hours for $170. we have a ipod shuffle and a kodak camera.
8:46 am
>> so $50 each they are secondhand, but great. >> thank you. great information. up next, which of these have more calories than a whole day's worth of meals. but first, this@÷p
8:47 am
8:48 am
this morning on, "eat this not that". a look at your favorite foods and drinks. >> david good morning, i love all of your examples, do they surprise you when you find out how many calories that we are talking about? >> what is stunning, there are foods that you think or healthy that aren't. it is possible that you are eating extra calories when you
8:49 am
eat out. the point of this book is to show you easy way to lose wait fast. i'm going to show you how to lose 20 pounds in six week. >> okay. let's start with drinks. people go out to dinner and want to get a cocktail. this one is from red lobster, it is fat free. >> the problem is it has 900 calories. it is half of your daily calories. it is like eating dinner before dinner. >> it is not that philly probably. >> it is the equivalent of three snickers bars. instead, what you do, is you get this malibu drink, it has 200 calories. if you make a simple swap like that every day for six weeks, you just lost nine pounds. >> what is it about this drink? >> it is the alcohol, it is some
8:50 am
of the sugar, the cashecarbs. it is a heavy drink. >> another drink people reach for is a milk shake. this one is from where? >> this is from cold stone peanut butter and chocolate. this is a day's worth of calories. we're talking about a 2,000 calorie shake. it has 68 grams of fat. that is the equivalent of 20 orders of french fries. it is the equivalent of a dozen ice scre ice cream sandwiches. you would have to jump rope for four hours. but if you drink this instead, which is a shake. it is only 490 calories. you have saved 1500 calories.
8:51 am
a swam like thkwap like that ea is six pounds. >> this is interesting too, you say a lot of times you don't realize you are making a bad choice. this is from california pizza kitchen. >> imagine how bad you would feel if you get the salad instead of the pizza and you think you are doing your body a favor and it has 2100 calories. it is the equivalent of 70 onion rings. it is the same as eight slices of their cheese burger pizza. instead, if you go with the original barbecue chicken pizza three slices, and you have lost 18 pound. >> what would we do without you? >> thank you. >> thanks amy. >> we'll be right back but first, these messages. no surprises.
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like nature intended. dulcolax stool softener. feeling free to be. singers: feelin' free. all right that is going to do it for us on this saturday morning. >> i guess we are going to end it on a dancing note. we have the music on. ♪
8:55 am
[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good morning, and welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm kate amara. >> and i'm sarah caldwell. we'll check the weather first, and then we'll go to top stories. >> we can't check the weather enough. especially on a day like today. we're starting off with plenty of sunshine. we're looking for temperatures to heat up in the next few hours.
8:56 am
69 at b.w.i. 68 at westminister. 80 degrees in ocean city. it will be an awfully nice beach day. if we can go to the machine and look at live h.d. doppler radar. storms pushing their way into ohio. we don't have to worry about that today, but that will become tomorrow's problem for us. we can see on the satellite picture. an idea of the cloud cover trying to make its way through. portions of the state will see mostly sunny skies. to the west, just a few clouds. when we see this much heat and humidity, we can't rule out the possibility of a pop-up thunderstorm late in the afternoon. if you have anything to do outside, today will be the day to do it, whether it be yard work, mow the lawn, or whatever, because there will be some big storms coming up.
8:57 am
we'll talk about the full seven-day forecast in just a bit. >> thank you, jim. >> four people are dead after a helicopter crash thursday night. maryland state police have identified those on board as 24-year-old jeffrey nordaas of columbia, 39-year-old george tutor of westminister, 43-year-old niall snoo booth of new market, and kim felix, 48 years old from new marked. >> sam moxley, council member, was involved in a four-car accident which injured one person. he failed a field sobriety test and refused to take a breathalyzer. he was also charged with d.u.i. in june of 2005. >> the literary world is mourning the death of international renown officer elin harris.
8:58 am
the cause of death has not yet been determined. harris was a pioneer of gay african-american fiction and a littri -- litterary pioneer. >> he's been on the show several times. we're sorry to hear that. >> up next, dr. kim hammond has answers to your pet questions. >> and a blow to parents hoping the courts would keep towson high school open. >> tips for those on a job search. we'll show you how to craft a winning resume. >> plus weather and sports when "11 news saturday morning"
8:59 am


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