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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  July 25, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm sarah caldwell in for kate amara. first we want to take a look at the weather. >> feeling like july finally. although, i didn't hear a lot of complaints. if you like the hot, sticky stuff, today will be the day for you. let's look outside on our radar picture. still seeing some scattered thunderstorms pushing their way through ohio. they are actually picking up a little speed, which could be a
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problem for us later this evening. most of this rain will not arrive here until late tomorrow afternoon. so that certainly is good news. let's look at temperatures right now. we're sitting at 72 in downtown baltimore. 74 in annapolis. 80 degrees in ocean city. 72 in salisbury. 60's in most locations out in maryland. satellite picture showing high clouds moving in and out, and a few people woke up to early morning fog. for the rest of today, just a few clouds. 86 to 90 degrees. a slight chance for pop-up thunder storms. more stomples are on the way. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> we're learning about what may have led to a helicopter crash that killed four people on interstate 70 thursday night. >> the group was returning from a charity event when the chopper went down in washington county.
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john sherman spoke to an aviation expert and has this report. >> you have four souls on board so it is the pilot's obligation to be extremely cautious. >> attorney keith franz says what happened at the scene of this firey crash thursday night may be traced to impatience. the pilot waited two hours for bad weather then took off before the storm had fully moved on. >> always you have to be as cautious as possible. here we have a vehicle with four passengers. it was at its maximum weight. >> but it wasn't just weather. the pilot was following the interstate below for guidance but at only 70 feet above the ground. >> unfortunately there is a rise of 1,000 feet in topography from where he took off to where the crash occurred. >> he says the pilot failed to account for that rise in topography. >> he got too low.
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he crashed into these high-intensity power lines. these helicopters are not very survivable, so it was a catastrophic event. >> the ntsb says he didn't lack experience. >> he had over 600 hours of commercial flight experience. he was also a helicopter -- flight instructor for advanced helicopter concepts. >> it appears there were no mechanical problems. >> it is the most popular helicopter made. i believe that the robinson fleet sells more than all other manufacturers combined. >> john sherman, wwbal-tv 11 news. >> three of the four victims worked for advanced helicopter concepts. the fourth was a friend of theirs. >> family members were too distraught to talk on camera, but they did speak to our i-team about their loved ones. here's david collins. >> 39-year-old george tutor of
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westminister began working for advanced helicopter concepts two weeks ago. according to his mother nancy, george wanted to fly since he was 7 years old. she said he had a pilot's license and last week finished a training program. after high school, george did a stint in the navy. his mom describes him as a risk taker who loved hanggliding but liked flying better. he is survived by a 14-year-old daughter. he would call her four times a day to say he loved her. >> jeffrey nordaas has three older brothers who say he was i fantastic individual. the statement reads, in part, "he made everyone around him want to be a better person. this is a devastating loss to everyone who knew him." 43-year-old niall booth of new
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market was the c.e.o. of the sales bridge solutions consulting firm of new market. he was a native of england and moved to the u.s. in 197 with his wife and family. he was a master swimmer who competed in the 2006 world championships. mr. booth was the director of flights for hope 2000, a charity for youth helicopter association. kim felix was the regional sales manager for teleplus corporation. she had been active with girl scouts and the p.t.a. funeral arrangements are incomplete. >> we have continuing coverage of the helicopter crash on our web site -- there you will find a photo gallery, video from the scene, as well as video from yesterday's teleconference. >> according to baltimore city
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police sam moxley was taken into custody around 1:30 friday morning. police say he was involved in a four-car accident. officials say he failed a field sobriety test. this is not the first time he's been in trouble like this. he was charged with d.u.i. in 2005. >> a former anne arundel county police officer in jail. dane hall was involved in a deadly accident involving hall. police say he left the scene. here's i-team reporter barry simms. >> this has been a devastating, horrible thing for the family. >> 28-year-old antonio martinez died in a wreck in harford county. he and two passengers were on their way to a construction job in delaware. former police officer dane hall plead guilty to negligent homicide and failure to stop at the scene of an accident resulting in death.
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prosecutors wanted a seven-year sentence. they asked, what is the value of a life? >> i think the responsibilities that comes along with being a police officer and, you know, leaving the scene of the accident and someone being killed in the accident was worth more than 18 months. >> the question is not, what is the value of the life of a poor soul that's been killed, as much as it is, how do you punish somebody that has killed someone whose life is invaluable? >> hall resigned from his police job in april, was off duty, and had just left a party at an officer's home. more than five hours after the crash, hall's blood alcohol level was slightly higher than the legal limit. in court, hall apologized to the victim's family telling them, i don't know what happened.
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i doesed off before impact and it was a huge mistake not to investigate further. in pronouncing sentencing, the judge seemed to take into account hall's police work. >> he is immensely grateful the judge did not include a period of incarceration in the department of correction. as a former police officer, that would have been the third tragedy in the case. >> naturally, a police officer going to the division of correction, very bad things can happen to him there. i'm sure that weighed heavily on the judge's mind. >> barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> officials are searching for an 11-year-old girl who fell in the river at ordinary point. the search went out around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. when she fell, she ended up being hit by that same boat. the coast guard is working with local agencies in the search.
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>> "project economy." according to our partners, baltimore's hilton hotel will not generate a profit this year. the taxpayer-funded hotel reported a $7 million loss for 2008. the city-owned hotel which is managed by the hilton opened last october. it featured a first-class view of camden yard. officials hoped it would generate revenue from event bookings and tourism. >> this morning anger, frustration, and outrage from families hoping the courts would keep towson catholic high school open. two families filed a lawsuit in the hopes of keeping the 87-year-old institution open. attorneys argued for a restraining order to keep the school open for one more year, but the judge denied that order. >> it was as a matter of law whether this relief we were
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seeking could be given, could be provided to us. >> families say they will explore legal option to keep towson catholic open. >> the number of baby boomers is searching, which means a lot of people are ending up in nursing homes. many wonder how they will pay for it. that's why elder care will be the subject of our "q & a" segment tomorrow. if you have a question send it to >> still ahead, the baltimore county police department is celebrating 100 years. find out what events they have planned for their celebration. >> writing your resume. in this economy, it is hard to get a job, so we brought in an expert to make the process go better. >> and we'll talk about your forecast after the break.
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it's july 14th and i'm donna
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with a look at the past 24 hours on royal caribbean's liberty of the seas. chris and his dad vic took in the sights, at 400 feet above sea level. olive mae lewis checked one off her bucket list. water bike gangs roamed the high seas. and finally, carissa marasco did nothing at all. that's the news. i'm donna, cruising with royal caribbean, why aren't you?
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>> happy saturday morning to you. it is a great start to our saturday outside. if you have anything that needs to be done outside, you need to get it done today, because today is going to be the winner of the weekend. i'll explain why in just a minute. a look outside. gorgeous start. 75 in the harbor. humidity at 76%. an excellent opportunity to have your coffee on the patio early this morning. it is going to be heating up a lot today, especially with that humidity on the rise. it will feel july-like. if you are the kind of person that likes the hot and humid july weather, you haven't seen it a lot, you'll be a fan of today's forecast. you can see a little rain trying to push its way through. now it is starting to make its way through ohio. this is a cold front that's a cold mover at this point. this is going to become our problem tomorrow. so we don't have to worry about
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this today, but tomorrow will be a soggy day. that's why it is important, if you have anything that needs to be dun done outside, you do it today. a few high clouds move closer to maryland. a few clouds continue to move in throughout the day today. with all this heat and humidity, you can't rule out a pop-up shower late in the afternoon. typical summer-like weather we will leave for later on today. in annapolis, 72. 73 along the eastern shore. 60 out toward the mountains. 80 degrees in ocean city. a great start to what will be a great day. the rip currents are high down on the shore. make sure you swim near the lifeguards if you swim today. heat and humidity is nice for today, but it will add in extra fuel for thunderstorms later tomorrow when this cold front
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very slowly inches its way through the state. as it continues to stall out, we're going to to -- continue to look for those scattered rain showers. there is that line of cloud cover. this is about midnight. as you see, it doesn't move very far under the next 24 hours. 9:00 sunday it is just on our doorstep. then it starts to spell itself out by the evening. even as we get into monday, it is lingering. the cold front is going to be a bit of a problem in the next 48 hours. for today, just a few clouds. can't rule out a pop-up storm late in the day, especially with this much heat and humidity. 86 to 93 degrees. we'll add in a bit of that humidity. it will feel like summer outside. cold front starting to inch its way closer. a beautiful day down at the shore. rip currents are very high,
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though. so you have to be careful as you go -- if you go out into the water. use s.p.f. of 30 or higher or you are going to get a burn. thunderstorms with temperatures in the upper 80's and low 90's. sunday will be the wettest day. 88 degrees on monday with more scattered thunderstorms. tuesday we get stuck in a pattern that is more summer-like. upper 80's and the slight chance for pop-up thunderstorms late in the evening. >> baltimore city fire department is celebrating 150 years of service this weekend. >> and to mark the celebration, they are hosting an event at war memorial plaza today. joining us to talk about this today is chief cartwright. thank you for being with us. >> great. >> tell us more about what this event entails. >> today marks a very
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significant event in the history of the baltimore city fire department as we will be hosting a ceremony to commemorate 150 years of service of the baltimore city fire department. we'll have many visitors from the fire service attending this event. we'll have many retired apparatus, antique apparatus, some of our late-model apparatus converged on the scene here. we'll have remarks by fire service individuals talking about the changes that have taken place over the many years of the baltimore city fire department. >> this kicks off at 4:00 p.m. at war memorial plaza. tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. there will be the fire service parade, right? >> absolutely. tomorrow we will be hosting the 26 annual fire house parade. it will actually come around key highway to conway street and end on charles street. >> all right.
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thanks, chief, for checking in with us. >> great. >> it looks like you will have pretty good weather today. a little hot and humid. >> yes. >> coming up next, max weiss, our movie reviewer is here. >> and dr. hammond is here. you can e-mail your pet questions toú
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>> welcome back. as all of you know, we're in a tough job market. here to join us is robert -- anything we can do to get an advantage? that's right. you want to do anything you can
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to get a job interview. >> the first thing you talk about, we've all been in the situations. -- situation where there are gaps. >> if you have breaks in your work history, you talk about your supervisory experience and at the bottom, have your work experience listed. >> how about resolving the situation where you have had a lot of jobs in a short period of time? >> if you have had a lot of jobs, talk about it in your cover letter. maybe you were involved in a lot of start-ups that didn't make it. talk about that in your cover letter. if, however, you are changing jobs because you wanted more pay, be prepared to explain yourself. you should list everything you
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have done. you don't want to hide things. that may create a situation where they don't trust what you've got. >> you work for only one company. can that be a problem? >> it creates great visions of loyalty, but let's say you put i worked for abc company at the top, but show the different jobs you have held so you can show a career progression. >> you don't want to be stuck in one particular area there? >> right. >> temporary positions but few full-time positions. >> the last 60% of the individuals that we surveyed said a lot of the temporary work is consistent with full time work. be prepared to list what you accomplished. list that firm and the different jobs you held under it. it can create a good picture. >> what about college graduates.
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they are out there sort of blind in some ways. what should they do? >> one thing is, you may not have a lot of work experience, you think. but look at some of those volunteer jobs and internships and list those things you've done. you may find out you have more work experience than you believe. >> not too long ago a report came out that said a lot of people were keeping the year they graduated through high school and college dates off of resumes. is that a good idea for people to do? >> i think it is. that's not relevant to anything. the degree is relevant. you know, if you are a new college grad, maybe the g.p.a. is relevant, but i don't know that you need to have dates on there. >> that's not going to raise any red flags? >> no. >> all right. if you said it, we're going to trust it. thanks for coming in. >> pla my pleasure. >> don't go away. when we come back, dr. kim hammond answers your pet
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questions. first, a look at the events going on around town. to help avoid dental problems
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my dentist gives me act restoring mouthwash. act kills germs, restores minerals strengthens enamel. act restoring-- for strong teeth act now. >> welcome back. joining us now to answer your pet questions, dr. kim hammond.
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we also have jackson, who is a sheep dog, here with us today. >> jackson is a beautiful little year-old sheep dog. >> he's only a year old? >> yeah, a year old. >> and look how tall he is. >> this is an interesting situation. this is a dog that has a ton of energy. jackson's mom puts jackson in day care every day or several times a week to kind of run some of that energy out. a lot of times, if you don't have a dog like this if you don't have a method of exercising your dog there's a lot of destruction in the house, they tear up the furniture and the art and so forth. the other interesting thing is this. jackson's coat is cut back but she wants to cut it back further. really, the hair can be helpful in the summer. it keeps some of the sunburn tendencies away. >> you don't think of sunburn
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for animals. >> they don't have sweat glands, so the hair isn't as significant in terms of making them hot, as you might think, but it is easier with a long-haired dog to keep the mats away and keep the fleas off. >> that is a good answer to a good question, but we have a few more questions. i have a 3-year-old cocker spable spaniel that will not touch his toys unless i play with them first. why would this be? >> that's really very simple. i can tell you, sometimes if you take some of these toys and you put them in a drawer and you don't bring them out all the time, and the trainers i work with in hollywood, they work with food, and they would make that cocker hungry and then
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maybe soak it in a beef bullion. >> we have a 2-year-old male cat and a 3-year-old cat who is the mother. the male has always been the alpha cat but now is very paranoid. any idea why? >> could be an idea. make sure both of them are spayed or neutered. the other thing is, again, some of the trainers in hollywood who have to work with 60 or 70 cats in a picture to try to get them to get along will take a fabric soft ner and rub it over their bodies so they all sort of have the same smell. it fools them. you may try that. >> the chemical won't hurt them? >> no. it is just a perfume. >> here's our third question. what is the best way to deal with a 150 oh, 10-year-old poodle who pulls his hair out from his back and paws? >> i had a cocapoo who used to
9:30 am
do this. when you see the outcome of this, it can start l you. >> you first want to make sure there are no metabolic problems. there are certain metabolic problems in poodles that will manifest itself in hair loss. jackson! >> he is rambunctious, right? >> the other thing, it could be allergies. so let your veterinarian illuminate what the origin of the hair-pulling is and attack that cause. there are so many different reasons. this time a year, allergies. they bite their paws, they scratch all over. >> you better get going. >> all right. good-bye. >> run-off some of that energy. does he come with a saddle? >> he comes with a saddle and a flock of sheep. >> might have found a new way to
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>> hi there, welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." >> our top stories in just a moment, but first, jim is here with a look at the weather outside. >> we've been good in july so far. we've had a lot of humidity. we haven't had a lot of heat.
9:33 am
people that like the heat and humidity, you are going to get your day. your day is going to be today. and if you have to do anything outside, today will be the day to do it. because we are expecting those rain showers and thunderstorms. you see them out there in the midwest, and that's going to be heading our way by tomorrow. that rain in ohio and west virginia will become our problem tomorrow. let's get a look at some temperatures. it is warming up nicely. 83 degrees already in ocean city. 73 at b.w.i. 75 in downtown baltimore. yes, it is feeling summer-like outside. satellite picture showing a few clouds are starting to move into the western maryland mountains. we will expect to see a few clouds late in the day this afternoon. you can't rule out a pop-up thunderstorm late in the afternoon with this much heat and humidity.
9:34 am
temperature is 86. we'll talk to you about the details of your seven day in just a bit. >> thank you, vim victim. >> president obama made a surprise appearance at the white house daily briefing. >> that was the president's attempt to deescalate the arrest of a black professor by a white police officer. >> the surprise visit at the briefing by the president follows his remarks earlier this week that cambridge massachusetts police sergeant james crowley acted stupidly in the arrest of harvard professor gates. >> i just had a conversation with sergeant crowley. >> saying he contributed to the uproar, he said he could have calibrated his statements differently and put some of the
9:35 am
blame on both sides. >> professor gates probably over-reacted as well. >> at an earlier news conference, crowley didn't speak but his supporters did saying crowley went by the book in arresting gates. >> after its own investigation the cambridge police department also expressed its support of sergeant crowley clearing him of wrongdoing. >> crowley said gates was immediately confrontational when he and another officer responded to a daul call about two black males breaking into the house. >> i said, i'm sergeant crowley from the cambridge police department investigating a break in progress. and he responded why? because i'm a black man? >> and crowley's version is at odds with what gates told cnn. >> i demanded to know his name and badge number, and he wouldn't say anything. i asked, why are you not
9:36 am
responding to me? are you not responding to me because you're a white police officer and i'm a black man? >> the disorderly conduct charge gates faced was dropped, although he is said to be contemplating a lawsuit, while president obama said he's hoping for something else. >> my hope is that as a consequence of this event, this ends up being what's called a teachable moment. >> wbal-tv 11 news. >> the president even suggested that the two of them get together at the white house to smoolingt things over, over a beer, perhaps. >> ugly truth and 500 days of summer. movie critic max is here with what you should know before spending your money on a movie. >> we're also here to talk about a disord
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>> good saturday morning to you. a gorgeous start to our saturday. temperatures are starting to heat up just a bit. let's look outside. we have a beautiful shot of downtown baltimore. 73 degrees at the airport. 75 at the harbor. the humidity is at 65%. the winds are going to start to shift out of the south. they are still calm right now, but a gorgeous morning. maybe take coffee outside on the patio. maybe a take a walk outside. if you have anything that needs to be done, you have to get it done today, because we are expecting this line of showers and thunderstorms now moving through ohio to be our problem tomorrow, and most of sunday, at this point, looks like it has the potential to be wet. so if u have anything that needs to be done outside, today will be the winner of the weekend to try to get it done outside. let's look at our satellite picture. a few high clouds moving in and
9:40 am
out of maryland now. clouds will move in later leaving the forecast dry for the most part for today, but adding in a few clouds, and even the potential for a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. when we have this much heat and humidity together, we'll run the restriction of an afternoon thunderstorm. 73 right now. 76 in annapolis. down toward the south, look at ocean city, already 83 degrees. it's going to be a nice day at the beach. but rip currents are going to be very high. so if you're going near the water anywhere along the eastern shore, you really have to stay near a lifeguard and take extra precautions. we have a bermuda high in effect right now, which is pumping in some of that heat and humidity aup all up and down the -- all up and down the east coast, and today it will provide a bit of a steamy day outside. tomorrow this will work as fuel for some of these thunderstorms in what will be a slow-moving cold front. it will be lumbering through
9:41 am
here throughout most of sunday and even monday morning, and its slow motion will give us the potential for rain showers on the day sunday. just at our doorstep early sunday morning, then starting to move into the maryland mountains sunday evening. 9:00 it is just over us and it will continue to make its way off the shore as we go into monday. 86 to 93. a pop-up storm late is possible. winds out of the south starting to feed in extra humidity. for tonight, clouds 68 to 70 degrees. a chance of rain late. mostly sunny down the shore. u.v. index an 8 on a scale of 1 to 12 which means s.p.f. 30 or higher is necessary. if you don't use it, you will get a burn in 15or 20 minutes. upper 80's and low 90's. your seven-day forecast shows
9:42 am
saturday the winner out of the next seven days. a chance for rain on our sunday and even monday as well. after that, we get into a summer pattern with evening and afternoon pop-up isolated thunderstorms possible. they are not wash-outs tuesday through friday with temperatures in the upper 80's. >> you made may have heard of a addition called atrial fibrillation. it is quite common. now it has a connection to demensha. -- dimentia. >> 134 heart beats a minute. this e.k.g. shows a patient with atrial fibrillation. >> the heartbeat is irregular. some individuals complain of rapid heartbeat.
9:43 am
they have chest pains. they don't feel good. others don't feel anything. >> mercy medical center cardiologist dr. brian kahns says one of the dangers of ate relevant fibrillation is clots forming in that portion of the heart, and they could go to the brain causing a stroke. they say atrial fibrillation up 's the chances of dimentia. if you are 70 other younger when you have atrial fibrillation your chances of having dimenfia are 140% higher than one who does not. >> there are procedures. >> it is a long, involved procedure. it can take hours to figure out where the short-circuit is. >> donna hamilton. >> dr. brian kahn joins us now from mercy medical center.
9:44 am
let's go into these symptoms a little more for people just hearing about this and perhaps may be experiencing them. >> atrial fibrillation occurs when the top chamber beats fast and eradic. unfortunately some people have no symptoms at all. >> how do you make the distinction? a lot of people with anxiety have hart pal -- heart palpatations. how do you know the difference? >> l atrial fibrillation usually persists and includes lightheadedness and sortness of breath. both conditions are common. it is estimated five million people have atrial fibrillation and about that many have dimentia. so the question is, is there a link between those two conditions. >> can you tell us more about
9:45 am
how it's treated? >> sure. one of the biggest dangers is blood clots forming in the top chamber of the heart. so oftentimes you put patients on cumadin so small clots don't go to the brain and cause mini strokes. >> and what are the risks of cumadin? >> the biggest risk of cumadin is bleeding. especially an older person, if they fall or hit their head, it can be catastrophic. >> so if you are feeling any of those symptoms, get to your doctor. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. if you have any other questions, call 1-800-md-mercy for a referral. >> are this week's movies worth the price of admission? max is here with her movie reviews. first, the winning lottery numbers. @÷@÷@h
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>> time to take a look at what's new in theaters. you have been a busy bee? >> yes, i have. we have two romantic comedies, ok? one more traditional and one kind of quirky. the first one is "the ugly truth" starring -- boy i wanted to like this movie. i knew from the trailers that it would be predictable. he's the sort of sexist pig and she's the uptight career woman, and she runs a morning show, a television morning show as the
9:49 am
producer, and he's their weekly commentateor and gives women vice at what men really want. it was sort of an opposite's attract kind of thing. a movie like this, it is all in the details, ok? unfortunately the details in this movie they just don't get them right. i mean, there is chemistry between these two actors, i have to say that. that's a good thing. but i just wanted they to transplant these two actors into a different movie, basically. one of the baseic problems is you don't like him, and you don't really like her, and that's really key to liking a romantic comedy. and the movie is extremely crude which you just don't expect in a movie like this. a lot of dirty language and a lot of sexual references and sort of blue humor that feels out of place and almost kind of duress desperate in a certain way. it seems like when they don't know what to do they throw in a dirty joke.
9:50 am
really, i wanted to like this, the chick flick you would go with your gal pals and enjoy. 1.5 stars for "the ugly truth. " it's that movey. on the other hand, the "days of summer" shows you can inject new life into the romantic comedy. this is almost like an anti-romantic movey. they say right at the beginning, this couple is not going to make it. and then they show their romance out of order. so you see the middle of their romance, the beginning, and the end. you have these two completely delightful young actors, a rising star and so cute and the indi pesm sweetheart, and i love athe proach to the material. it is fresh, romantic, funny, it
9:51 am
reminds you of the times when you were in love and first fell in love. i loved this one. 3 1/2 big stars for "500 days of summer." now with the time we have remaining, it is called "the hurt locker." it is about iraq. it is about those soldiers that diffused those bombs. the person that wrote it was actually imbedded with the troop that did this. it is directed by catherine bigelow you really get inside the head of how scary and intense it has to be. when everyone else is running away, you're running in to diffuse this bomb. it is a stunning, excite, and very interesting war movie. so four big stars for "the hurt locker." >> all right, max, thank you. >> we'll look at your weekend forecast when we come back. >> world delast class soccer comes to baltimore, and baltimore comes away the big
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> it seemed like a little more than a novelty when we first heard of world class soccer coming to baltimore, but it looked bigger than a novelty last night when chelsea took on a.c. milan with baltimore kim coming away as the biggest winner in chelsea's 2-1 win. chelsea held the lead until late in the second. it is all tied at one at m&t bank stadium. at times it looked like scenes from a world cup. body paint, bare chests everywhere.
9:55 am
second half. watch this one. no! no! goal! and just like that, chelsea had regained the lead 2-1. then in the closing minutes, a.c. milan trying to tie. what a save! a save that not only holds the lead but secures the win. not too sure about the head gear, but who is counting? chelsea wins it. in baltimore on the world stage. >> it is very special for me today. we are talking about two of the best teams in the world, and for me, it is very, very special. we worked together. so many years and today i think was very, very exciting. >> from futbol to football. former tennessee tightal and st.
9:56 am
louis ram. a workout yesterday in owings mills. last year only had one catch with the rams. he believes his foot has completely healed. a sizeable target for joe flacco, the -- he could, if he pans out, give the ravens one of those ideal targets in the red zone where they have struggled for the last several years in a row. i'm gerry sandusky. hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start. >> or a hot one. >> it is. i think that that was you have been complaining a lot about the weather the last few weeks. >> it has been good. the weather has been good. hot, humid now. >> if you like the hot and humid weather, then this is going to be the day for you. we are expecting those temperatures to get back into
9:57 am
the 90's, and that humidity will be rising as well. i'm looking for isolated thunderstorms. whenever you see this much heat and humidity put together, they will run the risk of thunderstorms. after that, it looks worse in the seven-day than it really is. what we're doing is getting into a pattern where it is summer-like. we start off with a pattern of sunshine and with the heat and humidity we see those thunderstorms brew up. it is almost kind of like a south florida kind of pattern where they see those thunderstorms late in the afternoon and evening each day. it looks worse than the seven-day. >> if it gets worse, we know where to find you. >> yes, and i'm sure you will. >> if it is going to rain, rain. don't keep pretending. >> i know. and that's the kind of pattern we're stuck in. it's that time of year. >> thank you for watching,
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everybody. they have alzheimer's and heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and they've heard that biomedical research offers hope -- that it could control, maybe even cure, their disease. senator barbara mikulski understands the importance of innovative biomedical research for patients, their families, and our economy here in maryland. call senator mikulski today. tell her thanks for protecting the promise of biomedical research and the maryland jobs it provides. it's not just the future. it's life.
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