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tv   Today  NBC  July 27, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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"today" on this monday morning, july 27th, 2009. you are listening to the music of the stoney creek band in lake george, new york where meredit and ann have been kicking off our week-long visit to some of the most popular vacation get-aways in america as "today takes a vacation." oh, dear, there they are. holding down the fort here in studio 1a, i'm natalie morales. matt already on his way to key west to join al. meredith and ann, you guys are having a lot of fun. looks like you've been taking advantage of every minute. >> we are having such a great time here. the stoney creek band making it even better for us. they've been playing since 1973, earned the title best area band from the local paper. they've certainly not disappointed this morning. the crowd has been great -- thank you! >> we're having a lot of fun
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here. i can't stop watching you dance, meredith. great music and great food. there's also a lot to do on the lake. we went fly fishing, did a lot of biking, a lot of stuff. we'll show you about what's possible to do on your next vacation. there you go! natalie, back to you. >> i just wonder if they can play a faster tune just so we can see you dance even faster, meredith and ann. meredith has clearly had a long weeke weekend. all right, we're going to catch up with them in a couple of minutes. still to come from here, with all of the time that we
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spend away from home during the summer, we have some ways to keep your kids safe first though another check of our top stories this morning, out of office with a fiery farewell. today sarah palin is a private citizen. now alaska's former governor, she left office sunday after taking parting shots at her opponents and the media and hollywood. we get more from nbc's norah o'donnell. >> reporter: sarah palin said she's stepping down to avoid what she calls petty politics like the ethics charges that have dogged her time in office. >> with this decision now, i will be able to fight even harder for you for what is right and for truth. and i have never felt that you need a title to do that. >> reporter: before more than 5,000 people at fairbanks pioneer park, she scolded her opoen noents in alaska and beyond. she also lashed out at hollywood liberals. >> you're going to see antihunting, antisecond amendment circuses from hollywood, and here's how they do it. they use these delicate, tiny,
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very talented celebrity starlets. by the way, hollywood needs to know, we eat, therefore we hunt. where but she saves her toughest attack for the media. >> democracy depends on you, and that is why our troops are willing to die for you, so how about in honor of the american soldier, you quit making things up. >> reporter: palin has always believed there is a double standard for her family with children of other political families off-limits. >> one other thing for the media -- our new governor has a very nice family, too, so leave his kids alone. >> reporter: as for her political future, she's raised over $1 million for her political action committee. advisors say more than $300,000 since she announced her decision to step down.
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>> remember i promised to steadfastly and doggedly guard the interests of this great state, like that grizzly guards her cubs. as a mother naturally guards her own. and i will keep that vow wherever the road may lead. >> reporter: that road leads first to the ronald reagan presidential library in california. that's right, she's going to give her first political speech in two weeks. she's also been invited, but has not accepted an invitation, to iowa, site of the first in the nation's presidential caucuses. norah o'donnell, nbc news, fairbanks, alaska. defense secretary robert gates says the u.s.' offer to engage iran is not open-ended. he made the comments this morning while meeting with israeli defense minister in jerusalem. ba d . police today are trying to find out why a family mini-van was traveling in the wrong
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direction crashing into an oncoming suv killing four young girls and four kids. french president collapsed while jogging sunday, was airlifted to a military hospital and was kept overnight for testing. he was released today. the health scare was blamed on heat and being overworked. severe weather hit parts of the northeast over the weekend. two tornadoes were confirmed in western new york state. one near buffalo left a jumble of fallen trees, utility poles and power lines. there were no serious injuries. you're up to date rye now at five minutes past the hour. now let's get another check of the weather from al. he's already in key west where matt is on his way, looking like a nice day there, al. >> we're warming things up for matt. it is going to get to 90, 92 with humidity. of course it feels like 100. but it is a dry heat -- not. let's see what's going on, show you for today, we are looking at beautiful day here along the shores of florida.
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however, we've got strong storms working their way up through texas, into oklahoma. we've also got some heavy thunderstorms later today along the -- up into the upper mississippi river valley, into parts of minnesota. record heat will continue in the pacific northwest. portland getting up to 100 degrees today. almost a a >> hot in humid today. partly cloudy skies, 88. it will feel worse than that, with high levels of moisture in the air. some could be strong to severe,
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>> that's your latest weather. natalie? "today takes a vacation" is brought to you by >> and welcome back to the first stop of our week-long road trip, "today takes a vacation." this morning in beautiful lake george, new york. >> that's right. we should probably mention to history buffs, this is the scene of william henry's great battle, french and indian war. >> it is from a book called "the last of the mohicans." you can do a lot of canoeing, biking, boating. a lot of things. >> but our favorite, fly fishing. around here, fish something not just a hobby, it is a fundamental right. we were treated to a private lesson. the team meets up dock side ready to learn fly fishing,
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eager to catch some fish. >> tell us again where we're going. >> four miles down the lake and there's a picnic island. >> reporter: with the rind in o wind in our air, ann is ready for some fun. >> i'm kink of the world! >> reporter: before we take our skills to the water, john, our instructor and guide, teaches us technique an strategy. >> i have no idea what i'm doing but it is fun. >> i need to be more relaxed and zen-like. >> you've got to because you let the rod do the work. what i'd like you to do is watch the line go behind your head. >> reporter: but it doesn't take long for a pair of crack journalists to figure out the real story behind fly fishing. >> a good caster can present the fly right on the water and make that settle on the service just like an insect would. >> wow. >> yeah. >> so that's the secret to fly fishing. to act like a bug. >> bugs. >> reporter: we are now ready for fish point where the fish are allegedly biting.
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or not. there is a famous saying in this sport, that's why they call it fishing, not catching. and so, we move on. we love the folks who liver on lake george. >> are they paying you for this? >> they're after us. i think they're getting paid. >> reporter: it's now time for fly fishing up river. >> i just met you, i'm not sure i should let you dress me. >> they're liberating. >> we're going to scare the fish out of the water! >> reporter: wading through the river is a challenge. so are the fish in these waters. hey! there! we got company! hi! going on? >> reporter: within but one of us lands something. unfortunately, it's not a fish. it's our cameraman, craig.
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>> i'm so sorry! >> meredith! >> oh, my god. >> hey, meredith -- i know he's cute, but come on! >> reporter: fishing time is up. lucky for some. no fish for us this day. ann and meredith, 0. fish, 2. >> reporter: angling for a better view of the river, we load the paddling and get into the canoe. >> what are you doing? sit down. this is no time to be shifting seats. >> this river's been going longer than we've been alive. that's a long time. >> yes, it is, ann curry. yes, it is. >> reporter: out great fishing adventure ends with a perfect bike ride. >> there we go, annie. >> reporter: down a perfect lane and the chance to appreciate the beauty of life's simple pleasures. >> this is a great day. what did we do? fly fishing.
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we went out on the lake. went to a river. drove a jeep. rode a bike. >> very relaxed. >> cheers. >> to girl time. >> to girl time. >> okay. we didn't catch any fish but we did catch two more cute guys, steve and john representing fort william henry, the american soldiers who actually tried to defend it from the french and indians in 1737. why should tourists go there? >> we have a motto -- history done fun. we fire cannons, muskets, grenades. we'll even sign the kids up for the army if they're brave enough. every night there is a ghost tour, takes you around haunted lake george. >> it is haunted and there is a lake george monster. >> yes. >> very good. guys, thank you very much. we'll have a lot more of "today takes a vacation" from lake george, new york right after this. >> i love america. with natural. it's the healthier way to blend away gray and give you color that shines on.
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and welcome back to lake george in new york. safe to say, we have had a wonderful time here. people are so lovely and the place spectacular. >> how lucky do we feel about being here? >> the best way to learn about a place is to talk to one of the locals. one of our very own locals is here to tell us about lake george, sara gore host of lxtv's "open house" and "first look." >> good morning, ladies. >> do you get back here very often? >> i'm here almost every other weekend. i can't get enough of it. >> since you're all about food and you're from here, you probably have a lot to say about how great the food is here. >> i'm so glad you guys have been able to come and enjoy what i love about it so much. we also have a joke here.
9:16 am
we don't like to get the secret out but i'm going to share it with you ladies. hopefully you've been able to discover what we love about it so much. i'm going to show you what i have been up to all weekend. ♪ >> reporter: well, it's another beautiful day in lake george but to really enjoy it you have to -- we have this great boat. let's go. plk ♪
9:17 am
>> reporter: boating really is the number one activity here on the lake. as you can see, we are not alone. actually, there are over 200 islands here. but on a day like this, one of my faft things to do is just get together with my family and my friends and have a picnic right here on the boat. ♪ these are the days that i've been missing ♪ ♪ give it the taste ♪ give it the joy of summer wine ♪ ♪ these are the days that bring you meaning ♪ ♪ i feel the sun and i feel fine ♪ >> reporter: okay. this is where all the local kids go and apparently the big kids like me go for a little adventure. i couldn't come to lake george and not jump myself. so here goes nothing.
9:18 am
all right, here goes nothing! if you prefer an adventure on land, i've got something for that, too. >> we're in bold landing, new york. today sara's going to be getting harnessed up. we're going to take her to the course. shoal's have a blast. >> i'm ready to go. i feel like peter pan flying through the forest. okay, it's been a really long day and i'm exhausted.
9:19 am
but no day is complete on lake george without my martha's. everybody loves martha's in lake george. i'm going to find out why, what their secret is. i've been coming here for years, since i was wee high. and i keep coming back for more. obviously everyone does because there's something in your ice cream that is nowhere else to be found. what is the secret? >> it's just family, it's creamy, it's a real good ice cream. lot of happiness put into it and a lot of love. >> it's made with a lot of love. i taste the love every time. oh, shoot. oh, look how pretty that is. not too bad! >> that is awesome. >> it's going to -- >> your first cone ever? >> yeah. >> that's great. >> hi, there. "today" show.
9:20 am
>> reporter: oh, you got to try this. it is a little bit early in the morning but it is never too early for martha's. tell me that's not the best ice cream you've ever had. >> that's amazing. >> look at you. >> it is a hot day. it's all melting. >> that is blackberry. black raspberry. >> chocolate anyone? it's so good. you just have to come try martha's. >> bottom line, homemade ice cream, no matter where in the country, it is fantastic. there are so many places people can go this summer or even throughout the year when they want a little time off -- >> absolutely. >> that's a great way to get time off. just get an ice cream maker. that's a great way and not spend a lot of money. >> or come to martha's. >> hello! did we not learn nothing? anybody? we'll be right back with much more from new york and also from lake george. announcer: what if we could use the sun...
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with meredith, matt, ann and al traveling for "today takes a vacation," it is a little bit lonely here in studio 1a. but you know what hopes when you feel alone? the taste of an old family recipe. al, what are your favorites? >> my mom used to make these fantastic black-eyed peas and rice. unbelievable. >> meredith and ann? >> it's always mom's recipe. to me it is my mom's apple pie which i've never been able to quite duplicate. but it is the best. >> i guess it would be fried rice. because my mom was from japan. she would just -- everybody in the neighborhood, whenever she'd go next door, she would make a big plate of fried rice with vegetables and meat in it and all kinds of stuff. i guess that's what it would be. >> i think my mom's beef stew
9:25 am
was probably my favorite. i know i make it and my husband loves it, too. but whether it is your grandmother, your mother's apple pie, beef stew, fried rice or the way your mom's chocolate chip cookies just melt into your mouth, we want to know about it. we are kicking off a new series called "america's best hand-me-down recipes." go to and maybe you'll be chosen to be live with your recipe on "today." ♪ mmm... hot fudge sundae. ♪ ooh! frosted blueberry?!? ♪ over 25 flavors of kellogg's pop-tarts®. and they're all for fun and fun for all. pop-tarts®. made for fun. - hello! - ha! why don't you try a home cooked meal... with yummy hamburger helper? oh! tada! fantastically tasty, huh? ummm, it's good. what would you guys like? hamburger helper. what?! one pound... one pan... one tasty meal!
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wiggle your day with jell-o sugar-free gelatin. ♪ ooh, yeah it's 10 tasty calories... loved by lips and hips alike. ♪ shake it, shake it, ooh, yeah ♪ jell-o. because every diet needs a little wiggle room. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. here's a look at what about top stories. police in anne arundel county are searching for the person or persons who broke into a brooklyn heights hair salon, covered it in racist graffiti, and tried to burn the place down. investigators were called just before 1:30 saturday morning. officers discovered four swastikas and racist comments
9:27 am
aimed at the black and asian communities. computer and other equipment was stolen and gasoline was poured all over the furniture and floors. the owner says that she is confident that justice will be served. >> what goes around comes around. i cannot wait until they get theirs back. if the law does not get them, god will. >> let's look of the forecast with sandra shaw. >> very humid, and that trend will continue through the rest of the week. '87 to '92. we may be contending with strong thunderstorms this afternoon yet again. pickel tried to our west will be slowly -- a coldthroughout the e slowly making the right to the 95 corridor. though between 66 and 70. tomorrow, back up into the upper 80s.
9:28 am
better chance for showers and storms late in the day on wednesday and thursday. >> thank you for joiningwe willt >> thank you for joiningwe willt 9:55.
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and you are once again looking live at lucky folks having fun in sun here in lake george, new york, and the gorgeous adirondack mountains. that was cannon fire from fort william henry, a historical spot here on lake george. this is day one after series all week we are having called "today takes a vacation." al? >> hey, guys. >> al, what do you have coming up? >> well, coming up, we're getting ready for matt's arrival. we'll be in key west, show you all the sights and sound and activities, the food. this is the southern-most tip of the united states. the 48 states. the lower 48. we're going to have a great time and, of course, after we're done with this, natalie and the
9:31 am
beautiful amy robach and the beautiful natalie morales will be in las vegas. we're counting on what happens to vegas doesn't stay in vegas, natalie. >> oh, yeah -- don't worry, we got it all on videotape. it's pretty tame. hoda and kathie lee are going to san antonio wednesday. and then, yeah, amy and i in las vegas, baby. you're going to see why so many people are drawn to the glittering lights in the desert there. really biz week f lly business . i think we need air traffic control to help keep track of everyone. that cannon fire is crazy! >> every time one of those cannons are fired, we jump. but actually i think they're so happy that we mention them. it was a major war, major battle. so more of that coming up. be prepared. >> we'll get back to meredith
9:32 am
and ann in a little bit as well. more from lake george. also, summer presents new concerns for your children's safety. we're going to tell you how to choose the best sitter possible to handle those summer dangers. we also have your checklist of the best products available to protect your kids as well. plus "today's kitchen" goes mexican. we have some delicious recipes, fresh from the los angeles farmer's market. there they go. first though let's get another check of the weather from al who's already getting nice and hot there in key west. al? >> that's right, it's 87 degrees right now, natalie, with the humidity feels like 99. but it could be worse. could feel like 100. let's show you what's happening as far as the week ahead. we are looking at -- as far as the week's temperatures, normal along the eastern seaboard. much below normal temperatures in the plains and on into the western great lakes. much above normal in the pacific northwest. precipitation, we're going to have a real wet week ahead stretching through the red river valley on into the mid mississippi river valley.
9:33 am
out to the west, it is going to >> 87 to 92 is the temperature range. good chance for showers and storms. this will remain with us each and every day this week. we would keep >> and that's your latest weather from key west. >> al, thank you. coming up next, important information when you're in charge of the kids this summer right after this. welcome to chili's. start your three-course meals with a shared appetizer. for a second course, choose two entrees from over 15 chili's favorites, like our big mouth bites --
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this morning on "today's family," summer sitter safety. this summer comes a new set of concerns for children and safety. if you're parents, you know making sure that you have the right sitter and supplies needed to prevent emergencies is imperative. the ceo and founder of ivillage's baby-sitting expert. you first form of protection is making sure you have the best baby-sitter for your children. first, what are some of the things you should be looking for and asking a person who is coming for the job? >> first make sure your sitter has a lot of energy. they should be asking you more questions than you're asking them and a general sense of responsibility, they should show up, be on time and look presentable. i usually recommend parents ask do you know cpr, first aid and the heimlich maneuver. that's really the basics. >> tell me first how you chose
9:38 am
these safety products. >> i've had over 2,500 baby-sitting jobs in my life -- >> wow! and you kept your sanity. >> i'm still here. these are products parent really need to transmit to their sitters to be safe this summer. >> we have a lot to get to here. the first being sun protection. you like -- i use these as mom, too, with a young child these are great to help with the spf. >> they're great. they're baby silk sunscreen towelettes. it's almost like a diaper wipe, you can just apply it to the area you're interested in. i think these travel incredibly well. it is not a spray, it doesn't get in eyes or noses. >> you don't have to worry about dripping. >> you can take them through the airport as well. the other thing about these is they're dermatologi dermatologist-recommended. they've got aloe and vitamins in them. i think they're really nice. >> if your child's getting
9:39 am
exposed to too much sun, these stickers can help. >> this is a sun uv sensor. you can put it on a hat or on skin. the idea is it changes from yellow to a dark orange when the kids need to be taken inside or taken out of the sun. really useful. >> first aid, always have one on hand. but you should know how to use it. this tells you all the information you need. >> this is baby med basics. i love this kit, it covers cpr, burns, bleeding. if you're a sitter you can get to the information really quickly. you just flip through the tab and it has lots of illustrations. >> minor emergencies, this is the kit for you. this comes with just about everything in it you would need. >> i absolutely love this kit. it's not scary like a lot of first aid kits but it has over 117 different pieces in it, everything from these great cran band-aids to cold packs. it's really got what you need. >> now to stop the bleeding, i think that's what scarce kids the most.
9:40 am
tell me about these gauze pads. >> abc gauze is really need. you take a piece of the gauze, put it on a cut. what it does is forms a protective gel over the cut. it decreases infection. in the end you just rub it off with water. it is like not you have to pull a band-aid off, which no one likes. >> perfect. bug repellants. >> these are like the towelettes we just looked at. i love again that this is not a spray. there are a lot of chemicals in bug spray, gets in the eyes and nose. these you apply directly to the skin. i also like that these are based on a natural plant insect repellant so they're a little more natural and green than other kinds of bug sprays. >> now water safety. this cannot be stressed enough. you actually have an alarm, this is sort of like a watch or safety band that your child can wear. what happens if your child gets in the water?
9:41 am
>> this is a safety turtle pool alarm. this you place within 100 feet of the sensor which you place around your child's wrist. if a child falls into a body of water, this is what you hear. >> that will keep going. >> absolutely. >> you know exactly when your kids get into the water. i think that's just fantastic. it means they're in trouble. another thing that i think is great for water is the original confidence jacket. kind of like swimmies almost but it is a little more intense, it has eight different floats that you can add or take away depending on the buoyancy. >> you can help them build their confidence. >> teach to swim. absolutely. finally, this is a great example of a pool lock. you should have a pool lock. with any pool, make sure it is up out of the kid's reach. make sure the sitter checks it before she begins her job so it was closed properly. >> i'm to this phase now with
9:42 am
the baby gates. great information. find out more on our website at and visit our i aleage community. turning mexican street food gourmet. 'for a ride.taken us community. turning mexican street food gourmet. which naturally comes with vitamins, minerals and fiber. all we did was make it spoon size. did we go too far?
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kitch kitchen," a farmer's market fit for the ages. "today" it is more successful than ever. the author of l.a.'s original farmer's market cookbook and the executive chef of the restaurant located right in the farmer's market, good to have you both here. jo ann, i know you're from new york and you went to l.a. you didn't have a lot of friend so you started hanking around the farmer's market. that's what inspired this? >> yeah, i was like a fish out of water. exactly. i fell in love with the nostalgic charm that you could eat around the world and sit and people watch and walk around, which for a new yorker is so key. so i fell in love with it. as i got to hang out there and meet the cast of characters i was like, this would be a great book. >> you say it is a food lover's storybook. you really wanted to give us a sense of some of the faces behind some of the stands and the produce and the food that you see there on a daily basis. >> yeah. i think a lot of cultures tell their story through food. so it was really important to
9:47 am
reach not just showcase the signature recipes of course but really capture the personality of the market. >> and for seven years now, jimmy's been one of those people. you have like a mexican food stand there called lotteria. >> named after a children's game like bingo. >> nobody's taking their chances when they try your food. >> we'll make something today. >> these are the ultimate breakfast food in mexico. what you do with yesterday's tortilla. as many towns or cities there are in mexico there are recipes. it's made with green tomatoes. >> this is very easy. >> this is a simple sauce, a two-stage sauce. we brought fresh tomatoes. we cook these with a little bit of water. >> you can buy at your grocery
9:48 am
store or farmer's market. >> they're not like southern green tomatoes. but they're so available nowadays everywhere. >> this sauce is -- you put the tomatoes in a pot, little bit of onion, chile jalapeno and garlic. just cover with water. then you bring that to a simmer. let that cook 10 or 15 minutes. then once it's ready, put it in the blender, then fry the sauce. put a little bit of oil in the bottom of a pan, then cook the sauce. when the sauce is ready, then we're ready to make it. this is really simple. you get tortilla chips. we've made our chips -- >> you've actually fried your own tortillas. >> yes. >> you can probably use store-bought stuff. >> you can. basically you get a sauce, it's very much like a pasta dish. we'll put the chips in there. >> we're starting to run out of time. >> we'll do this quickly. that's the good thing about this, it is a quick little dish.
9:49 am
little bit of onions. toss them. >> that could be a mess. >> i'm standing back. >> good thing you know what you're doing. i know you say this is a great hangover cure. >> the ultimate. >> like pafter a wedding? once it cooks, plate them up. just like this. they're so good. finish them off -- >> top it off with black beans, cheese. tiny bit of onion, cilantro. jo ann and jimmy, thank you so much. the book is called "l.a.'s original farmer's market cookbook." we're going to be back with more from lake george, new york coming up. but first this is "today" on nbc. and this is your movies on demand screen.
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hey, meredith and ann in lake george, tomorrow al and matt in key west. al, what do have you coming up? >> we've got -- we're going to do some shopping here on the streets of key west where you can get some of the best tchotchkes ever. matt and i will have a hot sauce-off to see who can do a little bit better. i'm actually going treasure hunting with a group of treasure hunters. mel fisher treasures. diving for buried treasure. >> have a great time. we want to take one quick second to thank all the wonderful folks here at lake george. they've been so tremendous. thank you guys for everything. the folks at the sagamore hotel, we've had a great time. >> we wanted to show you all the highlights. we put together a little tape for you. ladies and gentlemen, take a look.
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. 12 people are recovering this morning after they were shot at a cookout. the shooting happened just before 9:00 last night at ashland ave. among the evidence for a pregnant woman and a 2-year-old child the injuries range from zero shots to the shoulder and back and arms, but mostly leg wounds. it is becoming an all too familiar sight. crews responding to another carbon monoxide scare. three people had to be taken to
9:55 am
hospital. >> we are not exactly sure where it came from. bge came down and shut off the gas to the home. >> over the last two months, fire crews have been called the complex several times. property managers have been working with the state to correct problems in the unit.
9:56 am
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9:57 am
>> this team is will continue through the day and the rest of the week. good shot of showers and storms today. this front will be advancing towards the i-95 corridor all day long and stall out tonight. partly cloudy, 88 the forecast high. there will be a few hanging around overnight tonight as well. not much relief whatsoever. hard-pressed to find relief all week long. the humidity will be a factor throughout. showers and storms possible each and every afternoon. >> we will see back here for 11 news at noon. oh cool. (cable guy) so what are you going to do next?
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announcer: it's "live with regis and kelly." today, academy award-winning actress holly hunter. and record breaking pooches a


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