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tv   Today  NBC  July 28, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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and we're back with more of "today" on this tuesday morning. the 28th day of july, 2009. day two of "today takes a vacation." with a cast of colorful characters here in key west, florida. we're at the westin key west resort next to mallory square with some pirates and the silverman and other street performers. this is a typical tuesday in key we west. >> that's right. >> they aren't here for us. >> every day is mardi gras here. >> absolutely. i'm matt lauer along with al roker. this is a place known for its laidback lifestyle. it's been a stomping ground for pirates and presidents and great literary figures, as well. and we are about 130 miles to the south of miami. only about 90 miles to the north of cuba. so closer to cuba than we are to miami, florida. and we've been having a good time throughout the morning. >> absolutely. all the folks who were born here are called kavrnlgs.
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>> right. >> and then if you're a tourist or you move here you're a fresh water conch. >> so we are? >> we are toast. >> we will be very careful. we need these jobs. >> that's right. just ahead we've got ann curry and natalie morales back in new york telling us what's going on there. >> hey, guys. you're looking like you're having so much fun. we're kind of worried you might not come back home. >> well, no, we have to to shower. >> you can leave the shirts there, though. >> yeah. >> you can leave the shirts behind. it's so loud the colors are so loud our ears are starting to bleed, matt. >> well, by the way, i've done some sunken -- duncan. >> dunkin doughnuts, some sunken treasure, we've sampled the local fare, and it's amazing. that's why 2 million people come to key west every year. >> that's right. we're going to show you our shopping excursion. also if you're thinking flipper?
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think again, these are dolphins, working as predators and working in cooperation with one another. we're going to show you that coming up as well. >> we're looking forward to that. also from here we're going to introduce you to a woman who went after the cash. an incredible story. two weeks ago she was on the verge of foreclosure. but now she's become a national sensation. we're going to tell you how she baked her way out of potential financial ruin coming up. it's a great story. >> it is a great story. >> before we get to all of that, you've got a check of the top stories. >> as usual i do. here's some news. seven men, all but one of them u.s. citizens, are in federal custody this morning charged with plotting supporting terrorism and plotting violent jihad aproud. the fbi arrested 39-year-old daniel patrick boyd on monday in north carolina, along with his two sons and four other men. prosecutors say that boyd trained the terrorist camps in pakistan and afghanistan in the 1990s. the coast guard is searching for as many as 85 haitian migrants who are missing after their boat capsized and sank off
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the turks and caicos islands. more than 100 others survived. president obama takes his push for health care reform to older americans today. he will answer questions during a town hall meeting at the aarp headquarters in washington. meanwhile, a bipartisan group of senators says it is making progress on a health care plan. as congress debates the rising cost of health care, new research is finding that medical expenses for obese people average $1400 more a year than for someone of normal weight. the study shows that nearly 10% of all medical funding is to treat obesity-related conditions. today defense secretary robert gates is in iraq where he's praised security gains there. he is meeting with u.s. troops and commanders, as well as with iraqi and kurdish leaders. a harvard professor and the cambridge police officer who arrested him will meet with president obama on thursday at the white house. 911 tapes, meantime, released on monday reveal that the woman who called to report the possible break-in at the house of henry
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lee gates made no mention of race until she was asked by the dispatcher. she said she thought one of the men was hispanic but that she hasn't sure. a new study finds texting while driving dramatically increases the risk of a crash. the virginia tech transportation institute found that the risk goes up by 23 times when drivers take their eyes off the road to send text messages. the institute recommends that texting be banned for all drivers. and here's some stunning images from florence, kentucky, where a home explosion was caught on a nearby security camera. the home was vacant at the time. officials suspect it was caused by a gas leak. oh, gosh. look at that. you're up to date at four minutes past. let's go back outside -- actually back down to key west to matt and al. >> all right, ann, thank you very much. >> that's right. and joining us right now, the mayor of the florida keys, george noonan, and the mayor of key west, morgan macpherson, who have findly offered to make matt and myself honorary conchs.
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>> you're no longer toast. >> we're very honored. >> you joined that great fraternity of honorary conchs like myself, of course morgan. morgan macpherson was born here so he is a true conch. and you now are honorary conchs. >> does this come with any -- that's al roker. does it come with any special privileges? can we run red lights? >> you can run key west and do anything and everything you want. >> whoa! >> all right. there you go. >> all right. >> got the official plaque for you. >> oh, i love it. thank you mr. mayor. >> the conch republic. >> the conch republic. >> and we saw a couple of babies who had been born here, even though their parents aren't conchs, can the babies then because they're conchs transfer their powers to their parents. >> it takes a certain freedom. that's what the conch republic is all about. >> you don't make things disappear. >> you don't have superpowers? >> you can't become invisible or anything like that. this is really an honor.
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thank you very much. >> as my first official act. it's tequila tuesday. >> mayor, thank you both very much. there is so much to do down here. we got here yesterday. i got here yesterday. one of the first things we did >> we are going to see a high of about 90 degrees in central maryland. muggy conditions as well. 83 on the shores of ocean city. 83 on the shores of ocean city. "today takes a vacation" is
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brought to you by as this nice lady would say, there's so much to do around here. >> yes. >> if you got here yesterday, one of the first things she did was she went shopping. >> that's right. but as this lady will tell you, here in this town, it's easy to get sidetracked. >> hi, everybody. >> hey, there. >> hi. >> ready to run some red lights. >> here we go. >> where are your hats? we kicked off our shopping spree hitching a ride on an old town trolley, got some pointer on key west's best buys as we look for presents for meredith and ann. >> how much did you pay for that? >> $3.99. >> i'll give you five. >> no, no, on sale. >> who wants some mist? >> come on. let's go, let's go! is that living?
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that didn't work so well. >> seemed like a good idea. >> everybody come on. >> thank you very much. >> i think we got one. >> that cuts our shopping trip in half. >> there you go. this says meredith. >> oh, yeah. where you going? >> can i have one of the small cigars, please? >> $2. >> thank you very much. >> and a cigar for ann. enjoy, ann! >> the hottest spot for all your island booty? bass buck's. >> mullet shampoo. you know anybody with a mullet? >> not offhand. >> okay.
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>> even i wouldn't do that to meredith. >> that has you written all over it. >> yeah. >> are we a team? >> huh? >> woo-hoo! >> we're getting the pens. >> and the coconut bra. you know what? >> i got the last one. >> good idea. >> savvy tourists forego taxis and opt for pedicabs. >> seems much better for you in the front there. >> pedaling? >> yeah, why not. >> this thing have gears? >> doesn't look like it. but you're doing fine. really. we should be going a little faster, i think. >> oh, nobody likes a critic. you know, it's actually a nice way to see town. >> yeah, it's great. >> how about from your point of view? >> it's a great way to see town. >> how are you? >> this in like a 60-degree climate would be a lot of fun. 90, humid, not so much. >> yeah, you know, with the misery index, it's about 105. >> thanks, weatherman.
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>> you might really feel horrible. >> next stop, peppers, for a hot sauce showdown. >> do you like hot sauce? >> sure. >> it's like a cartoon with smoke coming out our ears. sauce number two is our green lava. sauce number three is called orange crush. go ahead, shoot that one. >> huh-uh. >> oh, come on. >> that's pretty good. >> and we are jumping up a level. so if you need any milk, it's right here. >> we've gone to toothpicks. >> applesauce right away. >> oh! >> matt? kind of manly. maybe around macho.
9:11 am
i'm pretty impressed. you did a pretty good job. al, definitely macho. >> if we got one last sauce. >> oh, my god. >> whoo! >> woo-hoo! >> the winner of our hot sauce contest is al. mr. roker. >> woo-hoo. >> all right, al. this time you drive. >> all right. >> a little bleary eyed we continue to prove our manliness in this hot rod. >> how you doing? >> last stop the pelican poop shop. out back a secret garden under the apartment where hemingway wrote "for whom the bell tolls" with his favorite drink in hand, mojito. >> drink to the conch republic. >> that's right.
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may she live forever. >> how's your mouth? i mean that in only the most legitimate way. >> it's great. i'm going to figure out how i'm going to talk without a tongue. >> oh, yeah. >> can't believe i drank milk out of a sippy cup on national tv. and how long did you sweat profusely for after that? >> i'm just kind of stopping right now. >> for about a half hour. diamond dave gonzalez, the events director at the ernest hemingway home and museum. good to see you. >> good to see you guys. >> how long have you been here? >> i was born here. >> what makes this place special? judge is it so quirky and fun? >> it's a very laid-back lifestyle. anything goes. you come down here, let your hair hang down, do whatever you like to do. that phrase for las vegas, what happens in key west -- >> they ripped you off? >> oh, no. >> a lot of people don't know. but for a brief time in 1982,
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you were your own country. >> we were, we seceded from the union. we feel they violated our constitutional right for searching us without cause. we deseeded from the union, declared war on the united states. surrendered immediately and asked for financial aid. >> very smart man. >> and formed the conch republic. >> do a lot of people come here to get lost? is this kind of a place where you get that almost that hippie lifestyle? would that be fair? >> yeah. i'd say people come down here to get lost. some people come down here to find themselves. >> and stay forever. >> they do. >> and one of the things that people really come down here for is something in a sense environmental. they come for the sunsets. >> they do. it's a great sunset celebration. it's daily. rain or sun we come out here to mallory square and watch the sun go down. >> did tennessee williams start that? >> i think it caught on right from there. >> and when you ever -- do you ever feel isolated down here? i mean you're 130 miles from miami. but you've got a lot of bridges to cross before you get here.
9:14 am
do you ever feel like you've lost touch with the rest of the world? >> we're never isolated here. we are the center of the universe. >> tell us about hemingway and his legacy here. >> hemingway lived here in 1931 to 1940, the most prolific period of his life. he wrote 70% of his lifetime work in that nine-year period. a lot of writers have caught on that same energy. 27 prize winning novelists have called key west home. >> so have presidents. harry truman came down here eleven times during his presidency. >> he spent 175 days here. almost half a year. >> is there a major effort under way to lure the obamas here for at least a family vacation. >> the obamas are more than welcome. love to see them here. >> all right, dave. thanks for your hospitality. to all the people of the keys, it's been great. >> thank you. >> we're going to be back right after these messages with more of "today takes a vacation." >> tiki barber looking for dolphins. kellogg's has always made...
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all right, and we're back live on the island of key west, florida. and let's just take a quick shot. we've got a new anchor working for us. matt louer? yes, matt louer. i love matt louer. one of the biggest draws to this island are the pods of dolphins that come here. tourists flock to see them by the thousands. however, tiki barber came down here, and he got to see them a whole different way. with a team of researchers that get a view that very few people do. ♪ >> reporter: they captivate with their acrobatic feats and charm us with the perpetual grin. but the seemingly innocent dolphins are not what most expect. they are, in fact, top predators, turning tricks to hunt and snatch their prey.
9:19 am
>> they're strong. they're fast. they've so many amazing ways that they seek and catch fish. >> might be the worst job in the world. >> it's not bad. >> reporter: biologist laura studied marine mammals for over two decades. she agreed to take me deep into the florida bay at the edge of the everglades to witness a unique hunting tactic called mud ring feeding. >> it's kind of a rare opportunity to see this. dolphins are in a very remote area. often they're in, you know, less than three feet of water. and it only occurs here. >> reporter: it's white knuckle driving through shallow depths as we maneuver to track the animals. >> this is prime mud ring feeding habitat. in fact, sometimes we'll even see them hydro plane across the bay. >> reporter: after an hour of searching, a few curious guys come to meet us. left, left, left, left, left. oh. hello there.
9:20 am
researchers are just beginning to understand the ingenious ways dolphins have adapted to hunt. in australia they've been spotted using sponges as tools to clear away debris. and dolphins in the caribbean burrow into the sand to nab their food. some chase their dinner. others force their prey ashore and then strike. they've even been known to bite fish from some unlucky fishermen. >> oh, no, no! >> mud ring straight ahead. they're rushing in. see the one. there you go. you're going to see the ring, the white water and all the dolphins are going to line up. shoulder to shoulder. the ring's closing. dolphin flips around, joins them. >> reporter: so they get around the edge and wait? >> definitely, just like that. >> reporter: in precisely coordinated attack one dolphin swims in a circle kicking up a ring of blinding mud. you see the ring start to form.
9:21 am
you actually see the mud corpsing up. while the others line up, poised for the kill. oh, man. that's awesome. as soon as the first dolphin joins the ring, they jump out of the water and the dolphins grab them. catching popcorn in midair. easy feeding. the osprey up here is hanging, waiting for his take. this is like an extended family getting together for a meal. and someone setting it down and everybody just digs in. >> what impresses me about mud ring feeding is how coordinated it is. how do they synchronize that behavior? >> reporter: a spectacular sight that answers some questions but raises many more about one of the most intelligent and cunning creatures of the sea. >> that's pretty cool, i'll tell you. i think they're trying to threaten us. hey, get out of here! get out of here! out of here! get out of here! oh! whoa! whoa!
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9:27 am
the murder should call baltimore city police. >> hope you are doing well today. it will be another hot one. typical late july whether for us. finally we will see the humidity. " we are seeing with the service, it is basically washed out over the area. basically hide. it is not doing much to change our weather. tomorrow, a 50% coverage of the late-day showers and storms. slight chance for isolated activity through friday, saturday, sunday, monday even. brief break and humidity by the weekend. >> don't forget to vote for center to coast for a day on "live with regis & kelly." she has made it to the finals and she needs your road. we have created a link on the
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you are a mighty fancy lady. >> well, thank you. >> but i've got news for you. >> huh? >> we're going to work the fancy right out of you. >> that's gonna hurt. >> i'm scared of you. ♪ on the road again >> oh, my goodness. hoda, kathie lee and a cowboy. and that is the beginning. >> on monday meredith and i were in lake george. today matt and al are in key west. tomorrow on "today takes a vacation," those two wild and crazy women take on a wild west day in san antonio. and then, on thursday, it's going to be natalie and amy robach's turn to hit the road. they're going to be heading to the las vegas strip. so that's all what's going on, as "today takes a vacation". meantime, al is here to wrap things up in key west. are you sorry to say good-bye? >> oh, i am. i've been having a great time now that i've been made an honorary conch. it's not over yet. we have a little something special for all the hemingway fans out there. >> good, it's about time. >> what does that mean?
9:31 am
>> hmm. >> well, only you will tell us, i'm sure. there we go. >> hmm. >> in fact he looks a lot -- they both look a lot like him. >> really? >> yeah. i think. >> you think they look like hemingway? >> i just noticed that. >> yeah. >> i look a lot like hemingway. don't have a beard, bald and a lot younger. yeah, i look exactly like hemingway. >> you're a literary genius. just like him. >> i look like hemingway! >> all right. >> we'll explain it all later. >> and for all of your fashionistas from here, we've got something for you. coming up in "today's style," breaking the rules. yes, it is okay now to break the rules, ladies, from chipped nail polish to mixing patterns, fashions get easier. we're going to show you all the latest trends. >> also coming up this morning, we're meeting a really terrific woman, a nursing student, a mother of three, who two weeks ago did not know how she was going to pay her mortgage. but she knew she could bake and actually encouraged by her
9:32 am
children she went into business and with the help also of a bakery, this story has a sweet ending. and hopefully it will inspire all of you. now let's get back to key west where al has got some doings. >> hey, guys, this past weekend more than 100 men with fluffy white beards invaded key west. no, not a santa claus convention, but the annual ernest hemingway look gentleman l.e.i. contest. this year's winner is david douglas. he's here with former hemingway look-alike winner rick cushion. congratulations. this is your eighth attempt? >> this is my eighth attempt. >> what is it this year that did it for you? >> i think the sweater. >> you had the sweater? >> i had the sweater. what was that thing called besides uncomfortable? >> very uncomfortable. the oven. >> especially down here. now, david, is this your regular look, or did you grow the beard -- >> it's my regular look. >> do people stop you and go,
9:33 am
you look like hemingway? >> all the time. it used to be kenny rogers and as i got older, he got a face-lift, now it's hemingway. >> wow, out of nowhere a kenny rogers shot! nicely done, david. rick, you won back in 1999. you've been judging ever since. what was it about david this year that put him over the top? >> well, one thing that david did appear eight times. he couldn't win it in the first year. even hemingway would not win it in the first year. after that, then you have to have a good presence. good people standing in front of him. we have a lot of things that the hemingway society does in addition to the contest. >> there's school areship money involved. >> yeah, we have given over $100,000 of college school areships at a local community college. >> and you don't have to be a key west resident to enter, right? >> i'm the only one who's ever won it who lives in key west. >> so start growing those beards, kids.
9:34 am
>> we are going to see a very mild high, between 87 and 92. downright hot when you factor in all humidity, making it feel a lot worse out there. lot worse out there. i love the slogan on the t-shirt, guys. who's your papa? papa hemingway. >> then we have a real contest on our hands. all right, al, thank you so much. coming up next, how to stay in style by breaking the fashion rules. i like it. >> yea, finally. no more rules. announcer: it gives the world
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this morning on "today's style," i love this, breaking the rules. this season, it is okay to stand out from the crowd and to shake up your fashion and beauty routine. lisa arbiter is the deputy managing editor of "in style." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> this is fantastic news for a lot of people because we've been following the trend and usually trying to be on trend. now the trend is to be off trend. >> it is. it's all about personal styles. adds what makes you look like you. >> there are a lot of a-list celebrities who are doing this, rihanna, jennifer goodwin, they also break the rules of fashion. >> what they have in common is great personal style. >> you see that look on tilda swinton, she is ort of the iconic look. let's take a look at some of the styles or some of the rules you say you can break. the first is when it comes to jewelry. now it seems more is more, and glittery jewelry, the rule was it was usually left for the evening. but now you say, wear it during the day. and wear it all. >> that's right. right?
9:39 am
as nikki is showing us here, the statement necklace is perfect for day, if you wear it with something that's just understated and subdued. the way that she has it worn, it actually looks like it's part -- >> i thought it was part of her t-shirt. >> it's just the focus of the outfit to give you a little sparkle during the day. >> the other rule was take off one accessory before leaving the house. >> right. >> so take a look at her arm and all the bracelets. >> the armful of bracelets. accessories are really the most personal part of a woman's wardrobe. when you put them on together you get something totally unique in your own. she's mixed high and low prices. there's a piece on here, this piece is $5.95 and h&m. and she's mixed metals. it's totally her own thing. no one else will be wearing that. >> gold, silver, whatever jewel the. >> anything goes. >> doesn't matter. >> day, night. yes. gems with metals. whatever you want. >> i love that. okay, let's talk about the next rule that you can break and that's mixing patterns or clashing colors. used to be a no-no.
9:40 am
but now, if you look at all the fashion magazines, including "in style" it's all over the pages. >> it's no longer a loud, obnoxious trend. as you can see on amanda, she's mixed a floral dress with a jacket that has a plaid piping. to unify the look, she picked up colors from one pattern and put it into the other. and just keeps everything sort of looking very tidy. >> are there certain rules, though, when it comes to breaking this rule that you should be aware of? >> you should pick up at least two colors from the pattern. >> okay. >> this is an easy way to do it, to have part of the outfit be solid and just have a detail have some pattern on it. >> yeah. >> and you do have more of the solid looking blazer, even though it has the little piping. it pulls it all to the and it looks great. okay now here's one that i love, because not all of us get to a manicure or pedicure regularly, and you say to our nails, chipped polish used to be the rule was you had to remove it immediately. now it's actually okay to let it be chipped. >> we have a tip that's going to
9:41 am
let you extend the manicure for a couple of days. i wear dark nail polish all the time. >> this is good for the economy, too. >> you just take your color and do a very light sideways stroke over whatever chip you have, then cover the entire nail with a topcoat and let it dry, and you've got another couple days. it's especially good, you know, for when it starts to wear at the end. >> and the dark colors, too, you notice immediately if you have a chipped nail. >> yes. you've got a couple more days. gives it new life. >> and then the other rule, when it came to your lips, red, the color red, you only used to wear it on your lips or your nails. >> you're going to see it on your eyes. >> it's very dramatic. >> i know it sounds a little weird, red eye shadow is going to be big for fall. >> i thought that was blush. >> it's eye shadow. it's a bold, modern look. not something you're going to be wearing to work. you put it on your lid, a little bit over the crease, but on some black eyeliner and black mascara and keep the rest of the face nude and it's a really cool
9:42 am
statement. so the rule is to accentuate the eyes, though, with that and keep the rest pale and nude? >> right. so this should remain on the eyes. >> there is still a little rule there with that one. the rule used to be couldn't pair denim with denim, but look how we've done it here. and it looks great. >> alexandra is wearing a light chambray shirt with dark jeans. the key here is contrast. you don't want to be matchy-matchy about it. you don't want the two pieces to be the exact same color. >> it looks fantastic. >> especially when you pair it with scrappy 1450us and a great bag. it's a really fun outfit. >> finally over here. this is hot for fall, i've seen already. used to be you couldn't wear open-toed shoes except in the summertime. now in the fall with the tights. this is the new trend. >> sandals with tights are going to be huge for fall. interesting one of the questions we get most at "in style" is can i wear hose with open toed shoes. if the hose are tight and the shoes are chunky with a thick strap and platform here, it's a resounding yes. the types that you see are
9:43 am
great. they come in all these beautiful autumnal colors, great patterns. >> i love that look. >> it's an easy way to add personality into your look. >> lisa arbiter "in style" magazine. still to coming, a looming forecloesh europe of this new jersey house forced the owner to find fame. you're going to meet her coming up. ♪ mmm... hot fudge sundae. ♪ ooh! frosted blueberry?!? ♪ over 25 flavors of kellogg's pop-tarts®. and they're all for fun and fun for all. pop-tarts®. made for fun.
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9:47 am
foreclosure and with just days to come up with the $2500 she needed to keep her home, she had a plan to bake herself out of financial ruin. it turns out her cakes, now known as the mortgage apple cake, has created a sensation. she's had trouble keeping up. so enter josh kay and bake me a wish, the owner of the new york bakery stepped in to help fill the orders and fulfill angela's dream. and both of us now join us this morning. angela logan, thank you so much for joining us. so first of all, tell us about what happened that put you in this spot? because i know that everybody around you, including your sons, were trying to help you make this payment. >> yes. well, it started with a construction fiasco, thousands of dollars that started to put us in debt. and then one of my agencies closed and took several contracts, thousands of dollars, and that sort of thrust us into foreclosure. my son had been trying to help, and it just got overwhelming, and so we worked with mortgage counselors to help us get the making home affordable program.
9:48 am
and it took a long time for this particular bank to come up with their program, so we were in limbo for a long time. then all of a sudden, bam, you have to have this amount of money, and three months in a row, in order to have your mortgage. and i did not want to miss out on this opportunity to come out of foreclosure. >> right. >> so i went to family and friends, and i -- i -- i had this cake that i used to bake for the kids and for organizations, for events, and i asked the kids, i said what do you think about me selling this cake to pay the mortgage? and the kids will usually say, no, that's a bad idea because mom said it. but they said yeah, we love your cake. i think it will be a great idea. so the kids, we said what will we call it? we'll call it mortgage apple cake, because it's going to pay the mortgage. and so, i set out to ask family and friends, i stood up in class and asked my classmates, and they just -- i told them about the situation and they just gave me money for cakes and they
9:49 am
bought cakes. i went to my church, they gave me money for cakes. then my friends from organizations i had worked for doing nonprofit, you know, nonprofit fund-raising events, they told all their friends, and between the thursday that i started and the wednesday, or the next thursday i had 42 cakes from my home, with two -- four pans. one bowl, and one mixer. >> and then they got a hold of it and that's how you found out about it, josh. what made you -- bottom line is you ran out of space in your kitchen to do it. so it was just in time that you showed up. how did you make the connection? >> bake me a wish dotcom is a company that gives back, its whole mission is to give back. we saw angela, i read the story and i said to myself, this is a person who really is in need, and we showed up at her house and said we're there. and she was staying up all hours of the night trying to bake cakes. i said we're going to come here and bail you out. we're going to help you pay your mortgage and we started to bake cakes, we started to bake cakes
9:50 am
for her. >> so now what's happened is that you've got how many cakes would you say that you're doing? >> well, we got about 500 people called us for cakes. that was the problem. so, we had -- there was no way i could bake 500 cakes in my kitchen. so they came in and gave us their kitchen to bake in. then we said how are we going to distribute all of these cakes? that's when bake me a wish said we will distribute the cakes for you and we will take over the massive baking for you. >> can you believe this has happened? because now you get to keep your home. >> it's all so fast. i cannot believe it. it's just like a dream come true. it's like i'm in a surreal -- it's just surreal in other words. >> what do you say to people in life who are in -- by the way we're going to have some of this cake because i can't stand waiting any longer. i'm going to go for it. what do you say to those people? >> well, i -- i -- first of all i thought of something that i could do. and it was a bad time and the first thing i did was say, well,
9:51 am
what can i -- the hardest part, i think, was to admit i had a problem. and to admit it to friends. >> so that's the first. >> yes. >> angela logan the cake is fantastic. >> oh, thank you. thank you. >> and i think people will get the message there are other things they can do. >> we're going to be giving back, we're going to be giving a portion of all the sales we have to giving back to other people in need. and we're looking in negotiating with a charity right now to enable that to do that. >> thank you so much. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and best wishes to you. >> thank you. >> and this is a sweet "today" on nbc.
9:52 am
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9:54 am
for helping us out. arrgh! >> yee-haw! >> arrgh. >> yee-haw! >> hoda and kathie lee, you're doing it tomorrow. your turn. >> we're going to texas. >> we'e' >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. new details on the shooting and baltimore, that left 12 people injured. investigators believe that the shooting was the result of a longstanding and gang feud. sunday night's gathering was a party at a member of the two of the man's associates. police believe the shooting and another in southeast baltimore are connected to the cookout. a columbia couple to file a
9:55 am
multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the howard county police department claiming that officers injured them and killed their dog. they say that the police used excessive force while conducting a drug raid on their house. they say that swat teams stormed the house unannounced, interrupting -- injuring cavan, who had just undergone surgery. howard county police say they cannot comment on current litigation.
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> let's look at the forecast with sandra shaw. >> hi between 87 and 92 degrees. slight chance of isolated thunderstorm. a thunderstorm chance tonight. mostly cloudy skies, with the approach of a front. not a lot of relief tonight. if from 67 to 72 for the temperature range. decent shot of scattered showers and storms tomorrow at about 50% it stalls out and keeps us in the humidity at least through friday. 87 on saturday and sunday. but start of the next work week, we surged to 92. >> we will see you back here for 11 n
9:58 am
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