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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  July 28, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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a $6,000 check. bolten's lawyers said the councilwoman is innocent end plans to -- holton's lawyers said the councilman is innocent. a maximum penalty is a year in jail. >> police have baltimore city's east side in a tight grip of the investigation gets under way. the department has redeployed dozens of officers to an area after an eruption of violence sunday night. live with the details. >> no arrests have been made in the massive shootout sunday, but police dulles they have an idea who they are looking for, and the goal is to stop the cycle before more violence occurs. these are the officers you can see, foot patrol officers, part of the police presence on the
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east side, but more than half of those deployed our undercover. >> 18 people shot and one day is unacceptable. we're going to be working hard to really make this authority. -- a priority. >> 12 of 18 people were shot. investigators searching for a lone gunman who started firing, hitting a man police call the initial target, stephen black while we did blackwell. >> we know there were witnesses that know who shot with -- the snow who shot him. >> police say reshuffling resources made this possible, but help is on the way. announced by the vice
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president, the attorney general, and maryland's governor. >> today is a great day for public safety, the most fundamental that any government has. >> the grant will allow baltimore city to put 50 new officers on the beat. a grateful mayor said police could not do it alone. >> people love to say, are they going to allow this to happen? -- people have to say, are we going to allow this to happen? >> we tried to get a firsthand look, but police declined, saying it was too dangerous. >> the recent violence prompted face-based community leaders to expand -- faith-based community leaders to expand their initiative. brian is also leading an effort
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with operation safe streets. he is looking to get more through the initiative. >> it is important to give people encouragement and let them know they're security is in safe hands. it is a great encouragement to the people. we hope to see it expand. >> archbishop segments the need is much greater than resources allow now regard -- the archbishop admits the need as much greater than resources allow. >> a man was struck by a pickup truck last night. investigators say kevin fluker was crossing the highway when he was hit by the truck. he was announced dead on the scene. the driver was taken to hospital for examination. police say drugs or alcohol may have been a contributing factor. >> 2200 customers are without power, but that is a dramatic
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reduction from the height of sunday's storm. live from green spring station with the latest. >> green spring valley sits right in the middle of the damaged area. big hills torn apart sunday night. did out on garrison forest road, bob was doing what dozens of cruise are still doing, trying to dig out the big piles of trees and tree limbs. >> a lot of stuff happen. a lot of people have not been injured. a lot of trees should have been knocked down in this wind that were not knocked down, so people were lucky. >> there's an added hazard -- ps. >> -- bees. >> we are going to have to let them settle down. >> you're not worried about it?
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>> you have got to do what you got to do. we try to give them their place. >> for homeowners, the power is now on, but there's still a lot more to be done. >> let's get down stairs. it is like a movie. we got to know our neighbors, such as the positive side. everybody has come together and is helping each other. we are very grateful they kept their word, and we're very happy, so we hope insurance will fix it. >> hartford county sustained the most damage -- baltimore county the most. >> crews have restored power to more than 45,000 customers, but about 2000 remain without power now.
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>> in a few areas, more showers and thunderstorms will be tracking through this evening, most areas staying dry. there are only a few isolated storms, but it could become quite strong as we had through the evening. there is a thunderstorm coming up from the southwest of baltimore city and moving to parts of eastern howard, approaching baltimore from the southwest. a possibility of heavy downpours and dangerous lightning as the storm slowly drifts to the north and east. we will keep an eye and let you know if any additional storms start. >> breaking news right now. let's go to sky team 11 and roid taylor. >> we are between al very road -- elsbury road. they have westbound shut down in
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the process of removing the victim. we understand the victim will be transported to sinai, but the problem is going to be traffic. >> the name of the game on capitol hill for health care reform is compromise reaching compromises that will not make president obama happy. as lawmakers were to hammer out a plan, members of key committees are close to eliminating two parts of reform the president demanded rigid government insurance and the so- called employer mandate, that would force the companies but do not insure their companies to do so. >> provide for health insurance on an individual basis, so we do not ruin small business by an employer mandate. >> the president continues to stump for health care reform in virginia and north carolina. he addressed dhunna aarp -- the aarp earlier today.
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>> the senate judiciary committee has voted to approve sonia sotomayor. south carolina senator lindsey graham was the only republican who voted for her. if they confirm her, she will become the first hispanic to serve on the supreme court. >> it is the first day of training camp for the baltimore ravens. >> sherry joya those live with more -- he joins us with more. >> it brings heat and humidity. players are just wrapping up the practice veterans do not report until tomorrow afternoon. we're going to hold him out because they do not want his need to swell up.
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all eyes are on show today. last year he said he did not know mark from eric mason. this year he is in arguably the leader of this offense. he is not afraid to make changes. i am kind of laid-back guy, and as for not having much star value, joe cool is not sweating it. >> you can criticize, but i am not worried about it, nobody else should be worried about it. we had great says catching the ball, and we're going to have great s as long it -- great gum guys as long -- great guys as long as they're running around saying healthy. >> the ravens have assigned another new wide receiver today.
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more on that tonight and 6:00, and we will introduce you to the new coordinator. >> thank you, and we're going to be alive at training camp every day this week, and that leads to our special. jury will have interviews with your favorite ravens. the special airs this saturday night at 7:00 right here and your raven's broadcast station. >> retailers hope consumers will loosen their tight grip on wallace. why bargains may be better than ever. >> of plan holy war from the u.s.? people accused of planning a series of attacks abroad. >> getting a divorce may be bad for your help, even if you remarry later. how the virus can cause future health problems. >> some first day of school
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problems. coming up, what you need to do to make a smooth transition. >> drumming up support for sandrit hard to breathe.
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>> the baltimore mayor throwing out the first circuit sean. the baltimore all stars play a group of young men from japan. the mayor says the game was a great learning experience for those involved three of the baltimore orioles traded their baths and gloves for pots and pans. brian roberts and the catcher tried to out cookies and other of the cookoff. a panel of judges critiqued the creations that were based on taste, creativity. it all benefits the food bank. >> tonight's medical alert, a panel of experts is deciding who should be the first in line to get the h1n1 swine flu vaccine when it is ready, and because otherwise healthy pregnant womaen have been impacted, it
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looks like there will be first are over to trigger a >> young healthy women are succumbing to the -- will be there first. >> young healthy women are succumbing to the virus because they are pregnant. at least 15 victims were pregnant, like this woman who passed away in may. >> she could not get enough oxygen. she could not leave -- breathe enough. >> pregnant women have rates of complication of influenza -- hospitalization, pneumonia, even death. >> it is expected pregnant women will be high of list to get the vaccine when it becomes available, possibly november. >> there will not be enough for everyone. some will be asked to go first. some will be asked to hold back.
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>> meanwhile, it is not only flu strain that will circulate this winter to regard most doctors recommend pregnant women get the seasonal flu vaccine, which is in production -- now. historically, there have been no reports of it affecting the unborn baby. studies show that women who get the test while pregnant pass their immunity on to the baby's. a clinical trial involving viagra have been stopped because it is unsafe. compared to people on a placebo, patients who have been taking a generic version of viagra were more likely to have serious medical problems, the most common would be severe pain. patients have to be
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hospitalized, but no deaths were associated with the drug. people who suffer from spinal cord injuries may someday be protected from additional chairman if they are treated quickly with blue food coloring. scientists at the university of rochester discovered a compound that stops secondary damage in lab rats after they have suffered a spinal cord injury. they regained the ability to watch. divorce is bad for your health, even if you remarry happily. a study of more than 8600 adults finds those who are divorced or widowed have more than 20% more chronic health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease than married people. those who got married again were still more susceptible to mobility problems and chronic health problems as they got older. >> now your weather forecast
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with tom castle mire -- tasslemeyer. >> a few pot of thunderstorms develop on the western shore of the day, and we can save one of those showers across baltimore city and moving across the southwestern part of the city. it appears to be the only storm in our office and is seen now, but we cannot rule out another one or two thunderstorm's popping up. it is so weak little line that kicks of these storms along 5-95 corridor, and you can see much more activity to the north. around here, the front is not changing the temperature much. temperatures around the region are looking at 91 degrees of frederick. it is 90 at reagan national.
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mid 80's at baltimore. clouds and showers and thunderstorms in the area. that dropped the temperature a little bit. 77 in oakland and the beautiful western maryland mountains. we will see partly cloudy skies heading into wednesday morning. note the showers in western maryland tomorrow morning there is actually a better chance that your area gets wet tomorrow as a stronger front tries to move in, but tonight is partly cloudy. a slight risk of an isolated storm. the bermuda high which has been way over the of land it has allowed cool fronts to come racing through our region. it is back of a little did, but this area of low pressure is sitting north of the canadian border. that cool air drives affronts to the atlantic.
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it stalled in the mid-atlantic, and that produces our chance for showers and thunderstorms in the region, so as long as this weather pattern is in place, the persistent threat will be without the next few days. there is one front. here comes the next one. it is a stronger front. it is going to move in tomorrow afternoon with more widespread showers and storms, but it will likely stall out. temperatures are going to be warm. who could have widespread area of showers from pittsburgh to baltimore to norfolk tomorrow afternoon, so more clouds and showers tomorrow. that might drop the temperature of it, but it is going to stay monday. friday of more widespread area of storms, and again from the western maryland mountains.
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the pattern is the same. it will depend on one we have far better chance for storms. thunderstorm chances go up to about 70% to marlowe. a small craft a advisory for gusts up to 25 knots. warm and muggy through friday. 70% chance of storms tomorrow. isolated activity thursday, of popping up to a 50% chance of service on friday. the thunderstorm chances drop to about 20%. >> of next, remember the judge who sued his dry cleaner for losing his favorite pair of 10th? he loses in court yet again. >> users of facebook could end up seeing personal pictures in advertisements. how you could stop that from happening. >> hours of community service with the evidence of michael jackson outside of los angeles. we will have the latest on the
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investigation coming up.
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>> families of the virginia tech shooting want to reopen the investigation. they issued a statement calling for the government to reopen the
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review. the counseling center found the missing mental-health records for cho at his home. he committed suicide after killing dozens of students and faculty are police are conducting the pieces to determine what happened the day michael jackson died. sources say the dr. murray administered the anesthetic to help him sleep. j. gray has the latest. >> as investigators gathered at his office, officers also visited dr. conrad mary's home at the gated community. today's search apparently similar to one in houston last week. >> this d.e.a. office does not want another o.j. moment, and they are working very high it -- very hard behind the scenes to make sure before they bring the charges they have all the evidence because they have gotten hurt before.
5:26 pm
>> charges could include manslaughter. police sources say murray did administer the powerful sedative the morning jackson died. >> it certainly would indicate it is of primary drug involved in the deaths. it does not say the drug by itself cause of death. >> the lawyer considers to insists his client did nothing wrong and issued a statement we will not be commenting on monday and sources. things tend to shake out, and i am sure they will hear there is apparently a public picture of jackson's private life before his death. the pop star demanded the the temperature in his bedroom remain very hot according to reports, with gas fireplaces and a heating systems said to the highest levels. the living quarters were said to
5:27 pm
be a mess with colds scattered everywhere and dozens of hand written messages on post-it notes on the walls. all pieces of a postal investigators have been working on since his death. the biggest pieces of the puzzle are the autopsy reports and toxicology reports, which should be released sometime this week. >> up next, a disappointing performance by olympic champion michael phelps. where he finished at the world championships, and what does his swimming suits have to do with it? >> officers say he should have known better. a name they gave to a missing man is causing controversy. >> and the way to prove you are a legal resident. why you might be affected. >> ravens football is back. training camp is in full swing.
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>> baltimore county is in its back-to-school mode, and parents may have some homework to do. baltimore county is making an appeal to try to get parents to register their students, not just for first-time students, but for those starting middle school and high school. there are things the parents may want to take with them. tim is live in a newsroom with more. >> the first day of school is august 31 in baltimore county, but the district is pushing students to take care of registration and residency issues right now. >> it is a good school system.
5:30 pm
>> he wanted to make sure administrators had his home address. >> we need to bring in documents for where we live. our paperwork, bills. >> how important is it to get it done today? >> in the school she misses it falls behind in her grave, and she is a good student, and we're trying to keep her grades up here. >> baltimore county is hoping more parents, especially those whose children will start fifth and ninth grades to update their records three of course we want to make sure everybody is where they need to be, so this is the way to make sure they have the students attending and where they need to be. >> here is what the district is looking for, the child bosphorus certificate, immunization
5:31 pm
record, and the most recent report card. parents must cover a photo id. school are saying they want to avoid panic. >> i love the programs and athletics. >> this means you will be able to come back. with the five main? >> second play as a senior. i want to try my best and do my best. >> parents and guardians must show up at the school. >> to find out more, logon to our website and click on education. >> thank you. here is a look of some of our top stories. the state of california may find a vehicle to stop trading ious. gov. shorts never signed the bill into law today, and it comes with a lot of cuts.
5:32 pm
the governor says the plan forces california to live within its means. baltimore city firefighters recovering after being injured in baltimore. crews responded last night, and they found smoke coming from the first floor of a two-story home. michael phelps has been handed his first major individual loss in four years. if-in the world champions. -- it happened in the world championships. peterman was feeding record set last year by michael phelps of the beijing olympics triggered he is wearing the highest speed bodysuit that will be events next year, so did the suit because michael phelps to lose the race? we will examine the question tonight at 6:30. >> raven is alive and well. training camp started today, and
5:33 pm
ravens fans were in town as well as the team. jennifer has the part of the story. >> to hear those sweet words in july can only mean one thing. >> we await the whole season for this. >> training camp is bringing of ravens fans from all over, providing the first opportunity to get checked out in their colors. over the next month, close to 90,000 fans will come, because this is where it begins. you can get a front row seat. >> i love the ravens. i cannot afford the tickets, but this is the closest i can get. >> the redskins have to pay to see their team, but we still got a free, so that is good. >> this is my first time down here i finally got my license and one to come down here. >> i always wanted to come.
5:34 pm
>> how far do think you will go. >> it is a very experienced a period -- a good experience. >> parents and kids get to bond. >> kids find out it is harder than it looks. >> it is a lot better idea. >> for fans, the best part is the contact you cannot get anywhere else. rx there are a bunch of people already out here today. you can hear the cheers. >> those that make your day? >> it makes my day. >> friday is the first day of practice. more than 10,000 people are expected, so get there early. >> the excitement is building. many students and their parents think about taking out student loans, but to four -- before you
5:35 pm
except one, a few things you should know about taking on more debt. >> seven of us in this house in the united states. the suspects are accused of planning a series of terrorist attacks overseas. details when we cover the nation. >> roid taylor is over the scene. -- roy taylor is on the scene. >> 38-year-old male fell from the window. when the victim fell and landed, he was pronounced dead at the scene. the investigation continues. we will of faith. we will of faith.
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>> 7 north carolina men are accused of committing a series of terror attacks abroad. the duties say they plan the attacks in pakistan and afghanistan. fehr also accused of plotting a holy war. the indictment does not lay out specific plans or a list of
5:39 pm
targets overseas, but they could face life in prison very good >> of missing persons case in india -- a missing persons case in indiana has shed some light on how some people are misidentified. a recent asian refugee with disabilities was arrested for public intoxication but the man they were looking for was actually in custody. the sheriff's department said the officer made the name of an unsolicited on an internal report, but they would have expected john doe. >> i could not thinks making of that name is very discriminatory. >> now that the fifi chief of the arresting officer is a two- year ritchie rigid two-year rookie who should have known better. >> remember the judge who lost his job for suing a dry cleaner
5:40 pm
for losing his favorite fence. a federal judge has thrown -- losing his favorite pair of pants? a federal judge has thrown of the case again. he claimed the dry cleaners lost if the favorite pens and that the satisfaction guarantee policy was false advertising. >> we have lots of stories. still to come, as parents and students get ready to go back- to-school shopping, retailers have won three concern. why they are worried shoppers may be too frugal, even though there are plenty of good deals out there. >> new technology that lets you stand in with your cellphone to find the best price. >> and south of baltimore city, we will look of the storm. 85 degrees
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>> here is a look of what we are working on for 11:00. baltimore city councilwoman helen hold an is to be indicted, and a major developer is named. plus, the baltimore county councilman enters a plea in court. details of the unusual punishment oliver will face looked rigid for misappropriation of funds, and the new attraction. find out who is being honored with a water fountain. those
5:43 pm
>> retailers are worried shoppers will continue their frugal ways. this means there are douville for those who hit the stores before going back to school. >> school has not even started yet, and already, there is a test, but this time, retailers
5:44 pm
are cramming for the pass or fail graves. back-to-school shopping is the second-largest time of the year, but the fragile economy could raise any profits, especially for clothing and department stores for your >> the economy has rolled over a year to year and a half ago. >> in retail sales for clothing and electronics have been off the past few months, and unemployment continues to climb. it is estimated consumers will spend $550 on back-to-school items, $50 left the last year. >> just getting what is on the list and nothing else. i am still shopping at the same places to reflect retailers take note of the frugal mine said. to compete, office supply chains are slashing prices and focusing on the basics. >> savings on everything for back to school. >> there is a new concern for
5:45 pm
retailers selling big-ticket items, college students who will be living at home, up 20% in the past two years to reflect the retailer's we're really expecting to be infected are those selling -- >> the retailers we expect to be affected are those selling the core code of >> new role for back-to-school shopping and a crash course on how retail sales could stackup. >> now your forecast with tom. >> numerous lightning strikes showing up south of baltimore city in the past 45 minutes to an hour or so. some pretty heavy thunderstorm activity there was a lot of lightning. we turn on the precipitation, and there is quite a bit of rain associated with a core of the storm, making its way to
5:46 pm
baltimore harbor, and we should move over the day -- over the bay, and that appears to be the one main thunderstorm in our vicinity right now. mora activity in northern delaware and southeastern pennsylvania, all associated with a weak front not having much success as for us cooling things off. we hit 88 degrees, and that is definitely one degree above normal, but the night time was monday. a heavy shower when through baltimore city, took down a half an inch of rain. the record high is 103, but it is monday. 86 of cambridge. the storms that are developing are really having moisture. the dew points indicate a lot of moisture and a fine that the
5:47 pm
search for a thunderstorm activity. look how much drier in western maryland was less of a chance of a storm, and it certainly is more comfortable. you combined the moisture, and this is what it feels like. not quite as monday in western maryland. 77 the current index. if you get showers moving through your area, if they produce problems tonight. it tracks across the bay and takes of a couple of isolated storms. another stronger from clearing the chicago area right now, and that will roll into our region tomorrow afternoon with a better chance of storm statewide tomorrow. you concede that wednesday afternoon. most of the state has shower
5:48 pm
activity moving through. a couple of thunderstorms often the afternoon, and friday, a chance for a thunderstorm, as this is warm and muggy. south wins increase of 50 to 15 miles per hour, and on the day, the winds will be strong enough for a small craft a advisory. western maryland, hit and miss thunderstorms and temperatures in the '70s costs. around the bay a little more human and a good chance for a thunderstorm around the vague. tomorrow a high temperature of around 83. need to avert a chief cause and near 90's. our best chances of storms come tomorrow afternoon and friday evening. a little less humid and only a slight risk over the weekend, so saturday and sunday look like nice days to kick off the month
5:49 pm
of august. >> it is nearly time for college students to head back to campus and for families to start making some really tough decisions when it comes to paying for college. tuition and fees increased 439%. student loan advice for both students and parents. >> everybody from recent grads to parents and everyone in between are faced with student loans. on july 1, the payment program went into affect, which covers all student loans and makes student loan payments for 15% of to 25 years, after which your loans are forgiven, the student loans are serious steps that did not disappear, even in bankruptcy, so what is the tipping point, when do they go from being an investment to an
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anchor? before you think going to graduate school is their answer to the job market common do some -- to the job market, do so math. is it realistic to get a job but will cover the loans, and parents please do not take on the debt yourself. you need to make sure your retirement is secure first. >> last-minute changes in the cash for clunkers program. vehicles can get no more than 18 miles a gallon. the epa says the changes were made after double checking fuel efficiency ratings on more than 30,000 vehicles the program -- 30,000 vehicles the program allows $30,000 off the purchase price of a new car. saving money my feet easier with software for your cellphone. you use the camera on your phone
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to scan the bar code of what ever you are thinking of buying. the program that searches for different stores. that information is sent to you. >> you will find the best prices on the internet and nearby stores. >> we can tell you where they have it in stock. >> that program give you directions to the store. the money-saving application is free. you might want to check your privacy settings on facebook if you are concerned about your pictures showing of finance. five-foot -- facebook give permission to show pictures. you can stop them from using your information, but you could show up on third-party adds that take your data without your or facebook's permission. you should report the ad company. >> that was a lot of clicks.
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>> on our website, more proof of why you should not text message while driving, and you might be surprised to learn that headset's do not help much either. if you want to save on household expenses, all you need is a telephone, phone numbers, and patients. you can get cash saving tips by clicking on projects the economy. also, a link to the september employment guide career fair. if you're looking for work, it might be a good idea to register now. >> and pleading guilty to campaign financing. >> what a council member told a judge in court, plus the punishment. the details are coming out of 6:00. >> will sandra shaw be able to be a guest host on
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>> sandra shaw can get really enthusiastic of her assignment, and now she is excited about another potential a son and -- getting a chance to co-host live with regis and kelly. >> we ask to nominate from the stations were you watch to guest co-host with kelly and myself. >> sandra is a finalist in a
5:56 pm
contest she would love to win. a chance to co-host the regions and kelly show. >> they said to submit somebody would like to coast. a couple people sent in my information. then they had this process, and a couple weeks ago, i was out to submit two tapes. >> to vote, all you have to do is go on to our website and click on "vote for sandra. this will take you to the web site, where you can vote she is one of 20 finalists, and she is hoping to make it to the top 10. arthur 10 then and 10 when then -- there are 10 men and 10 women, so vote for me. >> to help stir up some votes, i went to the evergreen cafe in hopes of getting some computer
5:57 pm
users to vote for her. >> that is sandra. >> nice to meet you. where am i voting? >> do we know why she would be fabulous? >> kiko she says she was -- because she says she would. >> that is nice of you. >> i am a nice guy, and i get nothing out of it. >> i want to do what kelly is doing. i want to zoom to new york and ask you to take the plunge to vote for me. >> the contest ends tonight, and the winners will be named tomorrow. >> you want to do it. >> i really do. this is so up my alley. regis would be so unbelievable.
5:58 pm
>> rounding up some votes. you can vote for her until 10:00 tonight. logon to our website. that is all for 5:00. here is look of what is coming up by 6:00. >> a grand terry issued new charges to get a baltimore -- a grand jury issued new charges to get the baltimore councilwoman. >> a councilwoman is sentenced to community service. details new at 6:00. >> most of the power is back on, but problems remain, next. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> two baltimore politicians find themselves in a political predicament. one pleads guilty to misappropriation of funds 3 and the other is 3 indicted. we have two feet stories
5:59 pm
tonight a fifth of god. can oliver flav guilty to misappropriation of campaign funds. >> we did with the story first broke online. helen hold and is now facing new charges along with -- helen hold and is now facing new charges along with others. >> the new charges also involve campaign funds, and the new case involves a new name kerrigan the 80-year-old bakery king best known for turning one section of baltimore into inner harbour east. no. this was her comment to months ago. >> i am elated. >> they came after a judge dismissed bribery charges, ruling she enjoyed legislative community and could not be prosecuted in the bribery case. now she faces new criminal


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