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tv   11 News Today  NBC  July 30, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> let's check the forecast with sandra shaw and congratulate her. we are like proud parents. >> thank you everybody who voted. felt like i was running a campaign. >> how did your parents react? >> they went cuckoo. what is your best regis impersonation? >> i know he does a lot of screaming at his co-hosts so get prepared for that. >> joined the crowd. as far as the weather, really, really muggy. we will be hot and humid and the question we posed earlier will we see the same strong to severe weather we saw yesterday? not today. potentially tomorrow. but today hot and humidity als the area of low pressure is up in the new england area dumping rain on them. we are seeing patchy fog. 73 downtown. 82 in ocean city. today the forecast high 88 to 92
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but when you factor in the moisture it will feel much more uncomfortable. the real-feel will be in the mid to upper 90's. prepare yourselves. it is almost the beginning of august. but we get a brief break in the humidity by saturday. more on that but let's say hey to sandra. >> whatever you do don't throw big weather words at regis. >> he takes about the weather all the time. i know that. >> maybe he will be with you on that. we will see. as far as the traffic, let's see what is going on. we have an accident southbound 95 at 295 to the left so not having a major impact but as volume picks up we will monitor . white marsh southbound just past tapping the brakes. downed trees. garrison forest and park heights in owings mills all lanes closed. take park heights and downed tree in free malanfreeland.
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york blocked toward freeland. harrisburg expressway is the alternate. 11 minutes on outer loop, nine minutes on 895 from the harbor tunnel tolls to the 95 on the southwest side. 10 minutes on 95 south through howard county. back to you. >> our big story, mayor dixon it is a case of deja vu. the grand jury reindicts her on charges that were tossed out last may. jennifer franciotti live at city hall with more on how and why the charges are resurfacing. >> something interesting, these new indictments offer much more detail. the mayor's ex-boyfriend ronald lipscomb cut a plea deal last month and right now it is speculated this is where much of the new information is coming from. dixon faces a laundry list of charges including they counts of theft and misappropriation frngs two perjury and one misconduct.
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they involved items lip come gave to dixon. she never reported the gifts because the indictment says lipscomb was doing business with the city at the time. >> right now as i have said and i'm going to continually say it i'm focused on serving the citizens of baltimore. >> coming up at 6:30 what the mayor's attorneys believe will happen with the new charges. jennifer franciotti, wbal tv 11 news. >> there is continuing coverage of the city hall ethics probe on you can see past reports on the charges and investigation that helen holt ten. >> no arrest in the case of a stabbing. skyteam 11 was over the scene yesterday moments after a 19-year-old was stabbed five
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times. the victim's condition is unknown this morning. meanwhile, a little farther to the south a judge in washington has found a woman guilty of killing her four daughters. bonita jackson is convicted on three counts of first degree murder. the bodies of the four girls from five to 16 were found in january of 2008 when marshals arrived to evict jacks from her home. she could face a life sentence. >> most of the days of highways that connects to a busy park and ride parking lot but late weekend part of i-70 is an illegal drag strip. starting today road crews will close off part of the highway. the change in the paper will not affect the normal flow of traffic but will discourage the illegal racing. it has been a few weeks since the city started the one plus one trash program changing pickup and recycling to one day a week but it is upsetting some
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residents. many say they are unhappy with the recycling pickup a. one wishes ears would jump in -- wishes others would recycle. >> i was the only one recycling up until this started and i'm still what, three people? >> you tried to be an example, didn't you? >> tried. didn't do any good. >> why won't they do it? >> you tell me and we will both know. >> the department of public works says it believes the program is going well except a few missed pickups. they say when trash or recycling is missed it is usually because it was put in the wrong place, put out late or the crews just missed it. >> trials are under way for the h1n1 vaccine. the c.d.c. is working to see who will get it first. among them those considered most at risk.
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pregnant women, healthcare workers and children and adults with medical conditions. >> they will look at those populations in which the virus has been most active. where is it causing the most damage? >> baltimore city health officials have confirmed an outbreak of the h1n1 virus at a b.a. training conference held here. there are 11 confirmed cases and three suspected cases of the virus. that conference wraps up this afternoon. >> after a deal between house leaders and fiscally conservative democrats house lawmakers indicate they are moving ahead on their version of a healthcare overhaul plan. president obama will have continued town hall meetings. >> this is about people's lives. this is about people's businesses. this is about the future. i want our children, our grandchildren, to look back and say this is when we decided to take the politics out of it and
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start doing something for the future of this country. >> the president says while he can accept waiting for the fall for the vote he won't remain patient if congress isn't showing signs of moving forward. >> it is being called a beer summit or beer diplomacy. president obama has invited the two men at the center of the controversial arrest of a harvard professor over for a beer. brooke hart has more on what they might talk about. >> before and after harvard professor skip gates of handcuffed many saw one questionable call after another. >> the cambridge police acted stupidly. >> president obama said later he didn't quite mean that. >> i could have calibrated my words different le. >> his reaction fired up right wing commentators who called him rash and racist. tonight it is beer on a white house picnic table for the three involved. the president, professor gates and cambridge sergeant james
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crowley whose response was backed up by witnesses. >> i support what he did 100%. >> charges against gates were dropped. his supporters took a stand last night. and the naacp backs up the president's first comments. >> the president was right in his first analysis. we commend him for having the courage to raise issues about racial profiling and relationships within the united states. >> no apologies are expected from anyone though many say blame is shared. >> i think that the cop might have overreacted. i think that gates, the homeowner, definitely overreacted. and i think obama spoke his opinion before all the facts were in. >> will the divide extend to beer? >> all i can see is one party saying less filling and the other saying more taste. >> no indication that beer will soften the first instincts in the latest image of race and police. sergeant crowley and gates say it was the other who made the
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arrest about race. aides say president obama hopes to open a dialogue and put an end to what supporters admit has been a distraction from his agenda. >> that brings us to the water cooler question of the day. what do you think of the president's decision to host a meeting between professor gates and sergeant crowley at the white house? e-mail your response to >> it now 6:09. coming up the morning financial news. >> and a shocking crime out of new hampshire where a pregnant woman is murdered, her baby ripped from her womb. >> an olympic superstar michael phelps is not letting the earlier loss in the pool slow him down. how he got back on track. >> as far as our scans, nothing happening which is a contrast to late yesterday afternoon. i will let you know if we are in store for more.
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>> fairly calm on most of the major roads although we have an accident on southbound 95 in the city. we will update that and check a couple of downed trees in the area, next.
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>> a very good morning. 75 degrees. patchy fog around the area, one of those days where you can almost see the moisture in the air. we are dealing with the aftermath of the system that went through triggering several torn warnings. radar indicated tornadoes rolling through on the eastern shore. you can see it right there. it has moved north and the low is dumping rain up there. and we are seeing the aftermath. to very muggy. won't see a lot of break in the humidity until saturday. so that is something to look forward to as saturday will feel more comfortable. meantime, no relief last night. we were 72 starting out.
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70 at the airport. 75 at pax river naval station. not as tropical as yesterday so today not as decent a chance because there is not the mechanism for showers and storms but it will be hot and humid. in the mountsains a chance of scattered storm activity. in baltimore really not what you would call a comfortable day. 91 the forecast high which is above normal for july 30 which is 87 but it will feel worse because we have so much moisture out there. so the heat index, the combination of heat and mument will be upper -- humidity will be upper 90's. 88 at ocean city, good day to go to the beach. not a lot of cool temperatures in the water on the chesapeake. they are in the 80's. weekends out of west-northwest at 10 knots.
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almanac information. record high this date 98 july 30, 1940. record low 56 degrees set in 1977. the benchmark 66 for the overnight low, still stuck in the lower 70's downtown. maybe 68 or so in outlying suburbs. mostly cloudy, isolated thunderstorms possible. the front stalled out still stalled to the west. not influencing our weather other than it is trapping the humidity in here. nice flow from the deep south. another front is out west will roll through late tomorrow. as it does, enhanced chance of showers and storms some which could be strong. then we will clear out for saturday. a little less humid. 87, mostly sunny to partly cloudy. sunday another system rolls through, scattered showers and storms. next week upper 80's where we should be for the first full week of august. let's check with sarah. >> let's check out a couple of problems. downed trees in a couple of place. garrison forest at park heights
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blocked. take park heights as the alternate. freeland, york at old york blocked due to a downed tree. take the harrisburg expressway. let's check speeds. not picking up delays but just starting to get a bit sluggish on southbound 95 approaching fort mchenry and live view this problem 90 at 295 not a major problem. off to the left shoulder. but just letting you know that it is there. and a live view of traffic near 95 south of 152, mountain road, not a delay but a frozen shot. everything is moving well out of harford county. that is the latest. >> looking at some of the top stories, some good news to report in the midst of a shocking crime where a mother to be is murdered in new hampshire. the child she was carrying has been found alive and in good condition. the body of darlene hanes who
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was eight months pregnant was found stuffed in the closet of her apartment with the child ripped from her womb. yesterday the child was found when a pair of suspects were arrested. a federal grand jury indicted the shooter in the holocaust museum. james von brunn faces first degree murder. the 89-year-old fired a rifle after walking in the museum killing guard steven johns. von brunn was shot and rams hospitalized -- remains hospitalized. this appears to an tornado that rips through a new jersey neighborhood. this was computer -- captured as it apparently touched down leaving more than 25,000 without pair and caused delays at airports and train stations.
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>> in our consumer alert after a year-long break g.m. is getting back that the leasing business saying it stopped leasing cars in august of 2008 because of a steady decline in vehicle vee sale values. they are working out the details but plans to offer various models in the four brands as they aim to restart it on august 1. a southwest florida couple says they may be the greenest family in the state. they have converted almost everything they use on a daily basis to an eco-friendly process. everything from the water to the cars are green. they rely on underground rain barrels to collect the water think use which is heat bid solar panelless. they say while they have spend thousands their average power bill runs about $10 a month. let's get the latest from wall street where some of the richest americans are flocking to the i.r.s. checkbooks in hand and
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cash for clunkers may soon be running on empty. michelle steele has more in the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. the government's $1 billion cash for clunkers program my need a fill-up. the incentive is meeting strong demand such that money may run out by the end of next month. it is scheduled to continue until the 1st of november. the latest trend among the super rich. tax confession als. taxpayers are applying to the i.r.s. in large numbers to disclose past tax evasion according to the "wall street journal." an i.r.s. clemency program offers them the possibility of facing civil charges as opposed to criminal ones if found guilty of tax fraud. it ends september 23. on to the markets, u.s. stocks fell a third day as flunging chinese shares and commodities fueled speculation that the
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recent realally has outpaced th recovery. nintendo's wii finding it difficult to stay fit. reporting a 61% drop in quarterly drops. sales of consoles. diminish nintendo facing stiff competition has kachd its share price fall 21%. that is business news at the new york stock exchange. i'm michelle steele, bloomberg news, reporting for wbal tv 11 news. >> one day after being upset by germany's paul biedermann, michael phelps was back in the pool on a mission at the world swimming championships in rome breaking his own world record in the 200-meter butterfly. he set a new mark with his 34th
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career world record surpassing mark spitz for the most all time. >> one of baseball as most enduring and familiar voices has announced his retirement. >> little roller up along firps, behind the bag. it gets through buckner. here comes knight and the mets win it. >> he called some of baof baseb most memorable baseball games. vin scully says he will retire at the end of the 2010 season. the 81-year-old has had a long and storied career having been the voice of the dodgers ever since 1950 when they were still playing in brooklyn and he was the voice of the l.a. lakers for decades as well. >> quite a run. >> one of the best in the business. >> 6:20, 69 degrees. another check of weather and traffic straight ahead. after a long and windy chase police are responding to
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discover behind the wheel. the pint sized thief decided to go on a joy ride. >> don't forget to e-mail your answer to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think of the president's decision to host a meeting between professor henry louis gates and sergeant james crowley at the white house? e-mail us at
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>> good morning to you. sarah caldwell checking the morning commute. dealing with downed trees. garrison forest at park heights shut down. stick to park heights as the alternate. freeland same problem, york road closed at old york near freeland. take the harrisburg expressway
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as the alternate. running smoothly on harrisburg from pennsylvania line to the beltway. 11 minutes on the northeast outer loop. nine minutes on 895 to harbor tunnel tolls to 95 south. 95 at maryland 290 b.w. parkway an accident clearing from the left shoulder. but really not causing any delay. live view in harford county and toward us is southbound traffic you can see it is getting a little crowded in the southbound lanes at mountain road but so far still running smoothly here. maybe white marsh you will tap the breaks so you can see sunshine may be a factor. >> we will see more sun in the forecast today but there is patchy fog. so be aware of that. cloud cover visible satellite imagery not showing much but a lot of times in won't show the low-level fog situation we are in. we will burn off quickly because the sun has been up about 20
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minutes. 73 downtown now. 75 at b.w.i. 81 in ocean city. a balmy start like we have seen all week long and not only dealing with that today but the aftermath of the storms yesterday. going to be up to 92 it son som locations. >> a dallas man says he is tired of being ripped off. first a thief stole his car now the state wants him to pay up for what happened while the thief was behind the wheel. he says why one man refuses to be a victim any more. >> you get a call 3:30 in the morning from the police. somebody has broken in. >> four months ago bandits s w stole joe redman's car. >> next day i notify the insurance company of the loss of the automobile to let them know it was stolen. >> last month joe got a bill from the tollway authority for
6:26 am
$3.79. apparently the crooks drove the car on the toll road and naturally didn't top to pay the toll. >> i'm thinking send a fax, this will take care of it. >> he sent the mtta insurance documents and copies of the police paperwork. >> this is a letter i received. >> they sent a letter back saying pay up. joe couldn't believe it. and says he is not sending them a penny. >> i'm not beating them out of the money. the car was stolen. i provided the information. >> on tuesday he got another letter from the ntta saying the new fine is now $6.29. >> i'm not going to send them 629 pennies. it the association wants to come after me for $6.29 they are welcome to do that. >> trying to make that point. utah police were taken on a ride as they chased down a car thief
6:27 am
but they were more surprised when it ended. after following the erratic driver at pediatrics speeds up an hour they found him as he tried to run away. he was a seven-year-old. 7 years old. >> my goodness. >> when police caught up with him he said he didn't want to go to church because it was too hot so he decided to drivew away. >> that is one spunky 7-year-old. >> fleet of foot, too. >> there is much more ahead in the next half hour of "11 news today." >> mayor sheila dixon is reindicted by a grand jury. >> temperatures already in the 70's. feels like some 80's in some locations with the humidity. it will be a hot one. >> one man's unusual personal grooming habits have put him in
6:28 am
a position for one of the strangest records you have ever heard of. this is a story you won't forget. >> oh, my. here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to news. i'm stan stovall. >> i'm mindy basara. thanks for joining us. sandra shaw has a quick look at the forecast and congratulations. you will be co-hosting with regis. >> ayea. he won't know what hit him. looks like it may be august 19 ch. that 10:00 a.m. right here. that is my spiel. on to more important things. low 70's to start. muggy, feels like the last couple of days of july or early august. 88 to 90 the forecast today. warm and humid and it will feel worse tan the temperature, more
6:31 am
like the mid to upper 90's because there is so much moisture over the mid-atlantic. more on the seven-day forecast at the end of the news block. >> it is a case of deja vu for mayor dixon. when she thought that she put some of the charges in an ethics probe behind her a grand jury brings them back. jennifer franciotti is live at city hall to explain how this revolving door of charges came to be. >> her ex-boyfriend cut a plea deal with prosecutors and it is speculated that he provided some of the new evidence against her. the indictment gives very specific details concerning items develop are ron lipscomb gave to dixon when they were dating. we asked the mayor if she was concerned that lipscomb, who cut a deal with prosecutors to avoid bribery charges, may have provided prosecutors with this information. >> do you feel any different
6:32 am
this time around considering the circumstances and where the prosecution supposedly is getting information from? >> i feel no different. again, i'm just staying focused. >> the indictment says that dixon never reported the gifts that lipscomb gave her in ethics filings because lip coscomb was doing business with the city at the time. it claims the mayor stole gift cards that were meant for poor families. >> do you feel you did anything wrong, is it a misunderstanding? can you give any explanation? >> you know the answer to that. >> dixon face as list of previous and new charges including three counts of theft and misappropriation, two counts of perjury and one count of misconduct. dixon's attorney said in a statement they believe these charges are just as flawed as the first and will be dismissed. live at city hall, jennifer franciotti, wbal tv 11 news. >> a pair of young men from
6:33 am
pennsylvania were arrested for an armed robbery of a hotel in ocean city. they were charged withholding up the americana motor inn on atlantic avenue. both are being held in leesport, pennsylvania. the natural resources defense council has different ocean city a five star rating. the organization helps protect public health and the environment. it is based on beach water quality, monitoring frequency and notification of contamination. other beaches are gulf shores, alabama, laguna in california and hampton beach in new hampshire. >> the national federation of blind is taking baltimore's public cools to task saying -- schools to task saying they are not meeting the needs of blinds students. a complaint filed with the state department of education alleges blind and low vision students
6:34 am
are not instructed sufficiently on braille skills, don't learn how to get around independently and don't have access to technology that would let them use printed materials. a spokesperson says the office of legal counsel is reviewing the complaint. >> the job of principal is year round. in maryland more is being done to help them sharpen skills. tim tooten explains how the principals academy helps them stay on the cutting edge. >> they are close to 1,000 principals patrolling the hallways of maryland schools. they work some 80 to 90 hours a week. that is why this is in place to help reconnect with their purpose and peers. >> we take this seriously. this is an opportunity for you as principals to learn. we all can grow. >> dr. ira thomas is a first-year at kent county high
6:35 am
school on the eastern shore. a job he started to just a few weeks ago. >> i have been out in the community trying to connect with students and faculty. of course, you know, any first-time principal coming into a high school you are going to talk with everybody to get a lay of the land of what has been happening. so, i have been in a listening mode. >> he will have an ear and mentor had help guide him. his name is joe freed a former principal and now top state department of education administrator. >> i'm not an evaluator. i'm a colleague, i'm a coach. we can talk about issues that he has, talk about it honestly that he is not worried that something will show up in a report later on. >> the state school superintendent will be among the first to tell you students to better academically when principals and administrators are on the same team. >> it is a huge responsibility. every principal really determines the success of the school. i often say never seen a great
6:36 am
school that didn't have a great principal. >> school officials say it is still hard to recruit and cope experienced principals on the job. >> looking at a few problems but delays are not one of them. downed trees owings mills garrison forest blocked at park heights and york road in freeland. looking pretty good as far as the sensors. accident scene southbound 95 at 295 traffic flowing ok beyond it. no delays prior to that. not a lot going on. 95 looking good in the white marsh area. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." >> not the most comfortable morning but we are not contending with the strong showers and storms like yesterday. 88 to 92 today, partly cloudy.
6:37 am
humidity. winds out of the northwest to southwest 10 miles an hour. sun not setting until 8:20. overnight a few more clouds will roll in. the seven-day forecast says 68 to 73 low tonight. we will be 87 to 92. for seven-day we will get a break saturday. my computer is messing up a little on the seven days but it will be 87 saturday, a little less humid. >> it is 6:37, 69 degrees on tv hill. coming up, everybody enjoys a day at the beach, right? that includes elephants. we will have the details on that. >> i'm nikole killion in washington. the president, professor and police officer share a beer at the white house. i will tell you what is on tap coming up. >> we are still taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think of the president's decision to host a meeting between professor henry
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>> two very special beachgoers didn't have to pack their trufrpgs to take a dip. they were carrying them. zookeepers near tokyo treated a pair of female elephants to the beach. they bathed in the water, enjoyed the sand and snacked on carrots and bananas. it certain the trip was something the crowds and elephants will never forget. they love it. >> looks like a good time. a washington, d.c. man has his eye set on a record that will raise a few eyebrows.
6:41 am
he is trying to take home the do you know cru -- dubious honor o longest eyebrow hair. he says it takes a lot of effort to maintain them. >> i lose sleep over it. i will be in bed tossing and turning and you have to be careful we toss because at the could get pulled. working in the garden, doing like this or hair gets in your face, you have to push it away and that my eyebrow. >> looks like a klingon. they are nearly 6 1/2 inches and his nearest competitor is not andy rooney. the record hold certify a woman from japan. hers measured seven inches so he has a half inch to catch up. >> i wonder what his wife thinks. i'm thinking perhaps he is not married. >> 50-50 on that.
6:42 am
>> 6:41. we will look at the morning headlines coming up. >> i was thinking he is popular with the ladies. a few problem spots. downed trees an issue. >> we are looking at hot conditions today but not an enhanced chance of showers and storms. stay tuned for the
6:43 am
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women should not take or handle avodart due to risk of a specific birth defect. do not donate blood until 6 months after stopping avodart. tell your doctor if you have liver disease. rarely sexual side effects, swelling or tenderness of the breasts can occur. only your health care provider can tell if symptoms are from an enlarged prostate and not a more serious condition like prostate cancer. so have regular exams. call your doctor today. avodart. help take care of your growing problem >> welcome back. it is 6:44. still no arrests in the case of a stabbing at a howard county basketball court. skyteam 11 was over the scene yesterday moments after a 19-year-old was stabbed five times on this court center running brook elementary school in columbia. the victim's condition is unknown this morning. a judge in washington, d.c. has found a woman guilty of killing her four daughters. bonita jacks has opinion convicted on three counts of first degree murder but not the fourth. the bodies of the four girls
6:45 am
from five to 16 were found in january of 2008 when marshals arrived to evict the woman. she could face life at her sentencing. dog owners and baltimore city parkgoers will meet to begin discussions on possible off-leash hours. the meeting to discuss allowing pets to run free at designated morning and evening periods will begin at 7:00 at general wolf middle school. patterson park is the main focus of the meeting but three other parks are under consideration. they are riverside, herring return and wyman park. >> bonding over beer at the white house is what the president will do today with harvard professor henry gates and sergeant james crowley after crowley arrested gates sparking a national debate over race. nikole killion has the preview. >> the beer will be flowing but so will be dialogue as the
6:46 am
president aims to improve race relations. beer and blunt talk about race today at the white house. >> my hope is as a consequence of this event, this ends up being what is called a teachable moment. >> it will take place at a picnic table seen here outside the oval office weather permitting. president obama will drink bud lite. gates red stripe and blue moon for crowley. >> we will have the gamut covered. >> the meeting is two weeks after gates was arrested outside his home by sergeant crowley. gates accused crowley of racial profiling. the controversy intensified after the president put it this way. >> the cambridge police acted stupidly. >> now mr. obama says it was a bad choice of words. >> i could have calibrated the words differently. >> the 911 caller who made the initial report is also trying to clear the record.
6:47 am
>> people called me racist and said i caused all the turmoil that followed. some even said threatening things that made me fear for my safety. >> she says she never mentioned race in the call although it was in the police report. she is not expected to attend the beerfest. >> that brings us to the answers to the water cooler question of the day. we asked what do you think of the president's decision to host a meeting between professor gates and sergeant crowley at the white house. >> richard says i back law enforcement. i do believe all sides did overreact to the situation but the officer did what they had to do to defuse the situation. i think that president obama should be concentrating on the affairs of the country instead of having a beer summit. >> bridgett says i commend him for bringing them together but i support his initial comments regarding the matter. the officer established that the professor did live at the
6:48 am
residence, there was no need to arrest him. >> rod says i think everyone is acting stupidly. the professor acted stupidly when he told police they didn't know who they were dealing works the police acted stupidly when they arrested him after he proved it was his host. the talk radio hosts acted stupidly calling obama a racist and i think it is a big waste of time to invite everyone to the white house for beer. we will post more answers on the front of >> sarah caldwell checking the commute. starting to develop west side delays. 40 miles an hour according to the sensor in the outer loop at liberty. otherwise doing well. j.f.x. looks good south of the beltway. no problems on 95 yet. even in the white marsh area. but we have a problem in owings mills. garrison forest shut down at park heights due to a downed tree. freeland york closed do you to a do you know do you knowed -- downed tree.
6:49 am
95 and 295 clearing this accident at 95 but it is off to the left shoulder. so, no delay with that. live view at liberty road where we are seeing those delays on the west side outer loop beginning at liberty down toward 40. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." >> nothing really happening in the way of precipitation over the mid-atlantic right now. certainly that wasn't the case yesterday afternoon. we had several tornado warnings on the eastern shore. today a low pressure that triggered them is moving up into the new england area and that is where we are getting the heavy downpours this morning. we are just dealing with patchy fog. the sun is starting to burn off the fog but we have the steamy conditions. muggy, 73 the temperature. 70 at b.w.i. warmer on the eastern shore with the dew points higher closer to the water. intense amount of moisture here. that has been the case and we won't get a break until saturday. it will be a brief break.
6:50 am
enjoy saturday because then we are back into the august heat and humidity. as far as the forecast high, upper elevations of the mountains the most comfortable location at 76. slight chance of scattered showers and storms as the next front starts to make way in the area and it will hesitate western maryland first. 91 it looks like for the daytime high here today. but combine that with the humidity it will feel like upper 90's. winds out of northwest shifting southwest by this afternoon. at ocean city 88 the forecast high, a little more of a breeze there but a pretty decent beach day. water temperatures in the chesapeake chesapeake won't cool you down. they are in the 80's. waves a foot or less. weekends out of the west-northwest 10 knots. 98 the record set in 1940 july 30 and on july 30, 1997, a 56-degree record set. 10 degrees cooler than the normal low. it will be five or so above that
6:51 am
tonight. 3 73 in the down locations. clouds rolling through in the night. then tomorrow partly sunny and clouds thickening with another chance of showers and storms. of bottom line, very humid, tropical feel. all the deep south moisture from the bermuda high wendelled in from a -- wedged in from a front. it will be pushed out as a stronger front will come through tomorrow. that will bring us a good chance of showers, mainly showers, maybe isolated storms confined to the late afternoon it locks like after a little morning sun. 89 then. 87 but feels better, less humid on saturday. so, a great start to the weekend. as we look at sunday, 40% chance of late-day showers and storms. typical start to august with the temperatures where they should be in the upper 70's -- upper 80's for next week. >> recapping the top story, months after a judge dismissed
6:52 am
part of the ethics case against mayor dixon, a grand jury reinstates the earlier indictment. jennifer franciotti joins us live from city hall with more on the story. >> these new indictments offer more detail. the ex-boyfriend ronald lipscomb cut a deal with prosecutors and it is speculated that that is where some of the new information is coming from. now the mayor face as laundry list of previous and new charges including three counts of theft and fraudulent misappropriation, two counts of perjury and one count of misconduct. the indictment gives details involving items that lipscomb gave to dixon from fur coats to thousands of dollars in cash. dixon never reported the gifts in ethics filings because lipscomb was doing business with the city at the time. in a statement dixon's attorney says the charges are just as flawed as the old ones and they believe the charges will be dropped as well. reporting live at city hall,
6:53 am
jennifer franciotti, wbal tv 11 news. >> later today on oprah celebrity chefs move in with families. they move it to save you money. the must-have grocery list, over 50 easy recipes and more at 4:00. first with a look at what is on "today" here is meredith vieira. >> coming up on a thursday morning on "today" an exclusive. for the first someone in michael jackson's home when paramedics arrived speaks out. we will have a live exclusive interview with his personal chef. then the latest on the murder of a pregnant woman whose baby was cut from her woman. that baby was found alive. we will tack with the victim's great aunt and important information regarding swine flu vaccinations. and natalie and amy are in las vegas for day four when we start thursday morning right here on "today." >> it is 6:53, 70 degrees.
6:54 am
>> just ahead we will look at the weather and traffic before you head out to start your pa
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6:56 am
>> how is it shaping up? >> kind of busy with two new accidents. southbound harrisburg expressway at shawan road. not sure what roads are blocked but there may be a couple. in terms of other problems, towsontown at charles an accident there. and downed tree in garrison forest at park heights and freeland add york road and old york. take the harrisburg expressway. but we have the problem at shawan now. on the west side that is the biggest delay, 15 minutes there from 795 to 95. look at an earlier accident gone now southbound 95 at 295 running
6:57 am
better. >> heat and humidity continue. >> it does. no great surprise. just that this is an interesting. one of the coolest julys on record. seventh coolest. we are just seeing the comeback at the end of the month. 90 today. humid. feels worse than the actual high. tomorrow we have a late afternoon shot of scattered showers and storms. could see heavy downpours and a little relief saturday. 87, a little less humid. that is something to look forward to as we start august. >> thanks for journeying us for news -- joining us for "11 news today".
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good morning, breaking news. nbc news has learn


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