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tv   11 News Today  NBC  July 31, 2009 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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in a moment but first check the forecast with meteorologist john collins. how is it looking? >> a little mushttle murky. there is so much moisture in the air and we have not really changed in the past week or so. mostly cloudy, some rain passed to the south but there is a lot of rain to the west. here is a wide view of the radar and i have drawn a spinning low over tennessee and kentucky. you can see the rotation in the rain echos in that part of the storm. that means the low pressure is moving along the front and it is like sticking a mix master in this moist stir. it is bound to stirring this u. we will talk about that in the insta-weather forecast. >> good morning, everyone.
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howard county is the only area we are seeing problems. we have an accident in columbia, route 175 and tamar drive. police are there. and report of an accident at route 32 at 108. that is clarksville road. we will give you some live drive times. we are not looking bad on the major roads. northbound 895 to the harbor tunnel toll plaza we have eight minutes. inner loop of the beltway between 83 and 95, 11 minutes and we are moving just fine on the major roads. the beltway at wilkins avenue on the west side not much volume at this time of morning. and 95 just south of maryland 100 things moving just fine north and southbound. 83's ok as well. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." back to you.
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>> our big story, it is one of the most popular incentive programs to buy a new car but the cash for clunkers program may be a victim of its own success. so many are taking advantage of the rebate that funding has run out and the future is up in the air. melissa carlson is live with this story. >> it only took a week and already there are rumble beings that the -- rumblings that the government has run through the budget. the benefits were slated to be available until november but it may have ended last night at midnight. here they stayed open late until midnight to get the last-minute customers. the program has been quite a hit as of wednesday with an estimated 23,000 new cars sold and nearly $96 million spent. in allows people to bring in gas guzzlers and trade for a credit up to $4,500 to a new fuel efficient car. the general manager here said
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they had no idea how much the cars would be in demand and says it has been a win-win situation for everyone involved. >> it is good for the green, good for the economy, naturally it is good for the automobile business and it is good for the customer. >> some dealerships had expressed concern that they were actually selling cars faster than the government could keep up. the white house said last night they plan on making sure they will pay for all of the transactions that are done so far. live on tv hill, melissa carlson. wbal tv 11 news. >> that brings us to the water cooler question of the day. should the federal government increase the funding of the cash for clunkers program? e-mail your response to >> some disheartening news for people looking for work. the number of people joining them is growing. the labor department says new claims for unemployment insurance jumped by 25,000 to almost 600,000.
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they attribute it to seasonable work. an analyst says the increase is after claims were artificially lowered earlier by auto factory shutdowns which were earlier than usual. constellation will have to wait a little longer before regulators rule on the proposed sale of half of its nuclear energy business to a french company. the maryland public service commission initially planned to make the decision on the sale by september 17. now that ruling has been pushed back to october 16 after the maryland energy administration argued it had not received enough information from constellation to make a thorough review. constellation officials say they are disappointed by the delay and they have provided all the information necessary for a review. >> new this morning the slumping economy is causing members of the baltimore symphony orchestra to take a salary cut. they agreed to a 12.5% salary cut in addition to $1 million they have given back in raises
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an benefits and a furlough. next season's budget has been cut by $3.7 million. new details from the indictment against mayor dixon indicate a stronger case is being built based on information from a former boyfriend. the reinstated charges allege mrs. dixon asked ron lipscomb for money to pay expenses on a trip to chicago with him. the indictment claims he gave her thousands of dollars in two separate payments. lipscomb has pleaded guilty to violations of campaign finance laws and is cooperating with prosecutors in their case against the mayor. >> he's probably given them a lot of information. it is probably his information that has been very helpful in making the new indictment much richer. >> the indictment as is that the mayor mis uzbekistused gift car. one legal expert says if convicted on all counts the mayor could face up to 70 years in prison but adds it is
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unlikely she would get any jail time. city homicide detectives are looking are to answers into a murder. just before 1:00 this morning police found a man shot in the head near the intersection of east lynn and lehmann avenues. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> police in baltimore county have a warning for bike and minivan owners. be alert for thieves. in the last two weeks six motorcycles and 12 minivans were stolen or an attempt. you wouldn't think bikes and minivans have much in common but police explain the connection. >> criminals with a stolen minivan will go cruising and see a street bike. if they can't defeat the security right away and get the chains off they put it in the van and off they go. >> if you have information on the thefts you are urged to call baltimore county police. elsewhere in the county police are looking for whoever is behind a recent rash of
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burglaries at area churches. they say there have been at least nine break-ins since the end of june. one was saint stevens episcopal church. the thief got money, wine and a lunch box. in most cases little is taken. authorities say they have no suspects in any of the cases. >> anne arundel county police need your help finding a man responsible for a burglary at a gas station. this man seen in the picture broke into the sunoco in the 1400 block of annapolis road last wednesday. the suspect caused extensive damage to the business. if you have information on who he is or where he may be you can calm the metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7-lockup. you may be eligible for a $2,000 reward. >> new charges this morning against the harford county mill school teacher accused of sending sexy messages to a 14-year-old boy. authorities are filing new charges involving an incident with a 14-year-old boy between
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march of 2007 and april of 2008. dick, who taught phys-ed their is behind bars. >> the man accused of killing a guard at the holocaust museum will not be arraigned until september. the hearing yesterday was postponed. the white supremiacist remains hospitalized. earlier this week von brunn was indicted on seven counts including first agree murder. four could make him eligible for the death penalty. >> it is called beer diplomacy. a white house meeting between a black harvard counselor aschola -- scholar and the officer who arrested him. we have more on the meeting from washington. >> president obama had a beer in the rose garden with his friend harvard scholar henry louis gates, sergeant james crowley and vice president biden.
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after ward the officer said no one apologized and the two agreed to disagree. but the discussion was productive. >> professor gates and i bring different perspectives to the issues and we agreed that both perspectives should be addressed in an effort to provide a constructive outcome to the oents of the past month. >> gates called the national attention on his arrest rowdy and unruly but added it evokes greater sympathy for the daily perils of policing and the genuine fears about racial profiling. >> the president who backtracked after first saying crowley acted stupidly called this a friendly, thoughtful conversation. some analysts say mr. obama has some making up to do. >> he played badly because it was the obama that he tried to avoid showing during his campaign, that of taking sides, that of being perceived as taking sides especially with block americans. >> up next, crowley says he will have more public discussions with gates. as for the arrest itself, gates
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says it is time to move on. that is what the white house is hoping, too, that this meeting will close the door on the president's comments and allow him to move on to more pressing issues like health reform. from washington, i'm tracy potts, wbal tv 11 news. >> the time is 6:10, 74 degrees on tv hill. coming up, the morning financial news. >> and drivers be aware the zombies are back. where that's unusual roadside warnings are appearing this time. >> one of the oriole star pitchers is not an oriole any more. we will tell you about the 11th hour trade the birds made. >> the weather is quiet right now. with the front coming it could get stormy. we will talk about the forecast in a few minutes. >> things picking up a bit on the roads now. police activity in harford county and accident in columbia
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>> good morning. 13 minutes past 6:00. 77 degrees. we have some clouds this morning and it is humid. that explains a lot of the haze in the atmosphere. it looks like we will have a sticky day today. not as sunny as yesterday but a little different element. we have a cold front approaching from the west back in ohio and kentucky right now. and we can see on the radar a little spinning in here in the atmosphere. that is an area of low pressure. a pretty strong jetstream as the stuff comes into our area and bumps into this tropical moistu moisture, and we are apt to get some explosive weather that. could mean severe thunderstorm activity this afternoon and evening. right now there is no thunder and lightning in this but pretty good rain falling in northeast kentucky. the rains in maryland at the moment are from hagerstown westward. let's show you some of the temperatures. we are in the 70's all around
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the bay, eastern shore, almost 80 at ocean city, high humidity. hagerstown at 75. west of hagerstown the temperatures drop off a bit because of the rain shower activity. but it is is just adding to the humidity they have out there. here is the satellite picture and i have drawn a map feature in. this dashed line is what we call a trough, half front. it is helping stir things up west of maryland to this point and kind of combined and attached to this cool front which is moving through the ohio river valley out of the great lakes and toward texas. here is the area of low pressure spinning around. that will be the ingredient that really stirs up the atmosphere, runs into all of this tropical moisture we have in the area and that is what is likely to cause a few problems this afternoon. we could use the rain. we are an inch and 2/3 down in july. a slight risk of severe weather from new england to the mid-atlantic to north carolina today. that will be primarily this afternoon and this evening.
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the primary threat is from wind, but because of the jet stream along the front it could stir up an isolated area of tornadic activity or hail. mid to upper 80's twoday. around the state the rain chance here exists in western maryland around deep creek where the temperatures will be around 70 today. around the bay temperatures in the 80's today. thunderstorm activity developing later on. then even a little later at ocean city thunderstorm activity with temperatures in the upper 80's. here are the storms on the future cast coming in this afternoon and evening. then moving out of the area overnight. saturday looks leak a dry day but there is a -- looks like a dry day but sun back under the cloud cover. more humidity and rain chances. the seven-day forecast, rain today, no rain saturday. less humid. rain back sunday then the middle of next week.
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>> we have a couple of things going on in howard county as far as traffic is concerned. we have an accident in colombum at 175 and tamar and 32 and 108 clarksville pike. in harford county there is activity in aberdeen. but that is about all we are looking at on the roads. no delays yet. a live look at harrisburg expressway at mount carmel road shows it is moving fine in both directions. 95 north of caton avenue ok there as well. no delays on 95 and the beltway checking out ok as well. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." >> looking at some of the top stories, the massachusetts woman accused of cutting the fetus out of her friend's womb is held on $2 million bail after being found with the child. julie corey is not charged with the murder of radar loan hanes but is charged with kidnapping
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the child who was still a month from being delivered. the child was found alive and in good health. police have not revealed a motive behind the crime. weather permitting the crew of the space shuttle endeavour should be back on solid ground today. it has been carrying out an installation mission at the international space station. the astronauts are expected to land this morning. and like the string of popular movies proves you can't keep a good zombie down somebody is hacking that road science creating the warnings cautioning travelers of zombie stripers. this was spotted just outside of portland, oregon. officials feel confident that there was no zombie emergency so they turned the sign off. >> in our consumer alert texting concerns for iphone users
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because of of a virus. is reporting iphones could receive a square text character today and that could start a viral infection. experts say the only sure way to avoid it is turn off the iphone. there is no word of a patch from apple yet. mortgage companies may not be finding much incentive to alter troubled loans. the reason is they are finding delinquent loan fees lucrative. when borrowers stop paying companies that take care of the loans collect fees out of the foreclosure. that means more money. banks say that not renegotiating loans works against their best interests. a sobering day may be ahead for the happiest place on earth and investors are looking at the late latest developments in the defense industry. we have that in the bloomberg business report. >> surprise, theme park sales are down because of the recession and that is hurting profit at walt disney. it is posting a 26% decline in
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quarterly profit. the discounts it has been offering with tumbling ad sales and d.v.d. revenue cutting into profits. excluding some items profit still beat estimates. bethesda based lockheed martin a stock to watch today. the house yesterday approved a defense bill including $485 million to buy the first five lockheed martin presidential helicopters. the white house is opposed to it and voted to block funding for more of the f-22 jets. the next step is the senate. higher close for stocks yesterday. and gains as well for the blog maryland index with ninth therapeutics leading the way. retailers like wal-mart and best buy and staples slashing prices on lap taps and expanding the sloe selection. but bloomberg news says the customers spend big bucks on
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accessories and services. one analyst says consumers spent almost as much on extras like the external hard drivers and warranties as on the hardware. i'm michelle steele reporting for wbal tv 11 news. >> despite his wish to stay with the ball club george sherill is headed west. sherill, one of the few stars in the bullpen has been traded to the l.a. dodgers for minor le league they're baseman josh bell and pitcher steve johnson. sherill, who notched 20 service this year, goes from a team at the bottom of the a.l. east to a team that is seven up in the national league west. more leaks in the supposedly confidential list of players that tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs during 2003. the latest names david ortiz and manny ramirez. ortiz says he didn't know he tested positive and he wants to know what substances the test
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reported before commenting. ramirez, you may recall, just finished serving a 50-game suspension for violating the drug policy. >> interesting to see the names coming out. 6:21, 74 degrees. another check of weather and traffic is straight ahead. >> talk about catching lightning in the bottle a photographer catch as photo while snapping shots of a dramatic thunderstorm. >> don't forget to e-mail your answer to the water cooler question of the day. should the federal government increase the funding for the cash for clunkers program? through august 16th, if the green ball comes up, there will be an additional pick 3 drawing! so far over $420,000 in extra prize money has been paid to our
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>> we have a few more things going on. howard county in columbia and accident at 175 and tamar and a report at 32 and 108 in clarksville pike and ellicott city an accident at frederick road at papillon drive. in harford county route 40 between route 7 and report of an accident in belair. we will give you a live look outside at 95 near white marsh. you can see things picking up southbound but no delays yet. 95 north of caton avenue on the other side of the beltway looking just fine as well. the beltway checking out ok as well. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." >> it is cloudy out there, low clouds. a little humid this morning with temperatures in the mid 70's. we look at h.d. doppler radar. all clear as far as rain is
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concerned. a little activity in the northeast corner over cecil county that is birds taking off from the aberdeen proving ground. that is rain west of hagerstown, part of a bigger system coming into the forecast calling for an increase in clouds. we could see sun breaks this morning and this afternoon. but once we are past 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon thunderstorms in the forecast. speaking of that, stan? >> how about that. a florida man taking pictures of a storm captured a shocking photo. as he started taking the pictures, the weather turned with a lightning strike landing right in front of him. take a look. >> it just knocked me way back. that was crazy. the light was just so loud and all i saw was white and the sou sound, because it was right in
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front of me. >> that would be scary. can't wait to see the still picture. the violent strike scared his dog but neither she more tory was injured. >> a texas woman got kicked out of a building and she is asking for answers. rachel evans brought her knitting while she was taking care of errands but a guard approached her as she sat knitting socks telling her the needles were a dangerous stabbing tool and had to go. she calls it ridiculous noting that the building doesn't even have metal detectors. >> anybody could come in with a gun and nobody would no. >> homeland security officials say if an officer determines an object carried by a visitor could pose a safety risk or could be used as a weapon the visitor may be asked to remove it. one of the most disturbing fe s
6:27 am
festivals you may see and india's ritual baby tossing event. adults drop babies from the s d second floor of a shrine. it is popular because of the belief it good for the health of the infants. to coin a phrase, we simply report the story, we don't make the routes that drive the bus. >> 6:27, 74 degrees on tv hill. much more to come this morning in the next half hour of "11 news today." >> the cash for clunkers program may be running out of gas. ville that story come -- i will have that story. >> storms moving east. we will talk about the thunderstorm forecast just ahead. >> city officials and dog owners meet to give man's best friend a place to run free in area parks. what plans are being discussed. >> here are last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. @÷p
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>> good morning and welcome back
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it "11 news today." >> thanks for joining us. john collins has a quick look at the forecast. >> cloudy this morning, humid, temperatures in the mid 70's and a storm out west. lots of rain. the storm center is in kentucky and ohio river valley and moving this way. we will have a forecast that includes rain for today. >> is the government's cash for clu clunkers program a victim of its own success. a lot of people want to take advantage, so many have taken advantage of the trade-in offer that the funding is running dry. melissa carlson has more on what is next for the program. >> the program was actually aimed at helping out struggling auto makers but the boost is possibly busting the government pocketbook and they are looking at suspending the program altogether. from florida to california the cash for clunkers program has been a hit. >> a program like this is heaven
6:31 am
sent. >> increases business about 30%. >> it allows people to bring in gas guzzlers for a credit for up to $4,500 toward a new fuel efficient car. in catonsville this dealer stayed open for fear it was about to end. >> we had no idea how much pent-up demand there was for the automobile until this program was started. >> even the government seems surprised at the speed in which the program took off. there are rumblings that in less than a week it may have gone through its $1 billion budget. benefits were slated to be available until november. as of wednesday an estimated 23,000 cars were sold and nearly $96 million spent. some dealerships have expressed concern that the government may not have the cash to pay them back for their quick sales. others say they are not worried. >> we are reimbursed by the government. so, all we really want is the government to keep giving us the money, the customers will keep
6:32 am
coming and we will keep selling cars. >> a white house spokesperson said yesterday they will honor all sales. as to when this will come to an end they said that right now they are just looking at all of their options. >> more than 100 city residents and pet owners met with city leaders to work out a plan. the meeting at general wolf middle school was the first step to craft a policy to allow pet owners let their pets run free during parts of the day without putting the public at risk. >> there is a place for everyone in our parks, dogs, children. we want to make sure they are safe so we want to establish areas that are not close to playgrounds and courts so that everyone can have a good time in the park and. safe in the park. >> they are working out an off-leash permit to cost owners $20 a year.
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>> is pestity identify pollution making -- pesticide pollution making it worse in the chesapeake bay. researchers say pesticides were elected to intersex fish. the project says farming is responsible for most pesticide use but lawns and golf courses are sources as are household items such as antibacterial soaps. they urge the shift in focus to increase efforts to prevent pesticide pollution. >> students across maryland will head back to school in a few weeks and one police department wants to make sure students head back to class with a few needed supplies. jennifer franciotti takes us to shop with the cop. >> at the carroll springs school students are going to shop with the members of the westminster police department. the shop with a cop program is
6:34 am
made possible thanks to community donations of school supplies. here it is one-stop shop as police hold hands with their new partners for the day and they are answering all sorts of questions. >> we don't carry night sticks any more. >> we like to get to know them when they are young and let them know us so if they have interaction with the police and the public they will know they can trust us and we are not there to harm them. >> it is a building block of trust and honesty and i think they need that in the beginning. >> at carroll springs teachers deal with medically fragile students along with behavioral issues. this is great for kids like monica. >> i was scared of police all my life. but now i'm like close to one and i'm like he is not really that bad. >> when we get a call we are the first to be there. so i enjoyed this.
6:35 am
>> it gives them a positive image of the police department and how the police can be their friends and they can be positive role models. >> he was very efficient. it seems this is not the first time she has done this. >> they will do an expanded version helping needy families have a wonderful holiday season. >> kim dacey with the latest on the "traffic pulse 11" report. let's start in columbia. we have that accident at route 175 at tamar drive and in ellicott city frederick road and papillon drive. an accident in owings mills. reisterstown and mcdonough road. you see things are moving fine. harford county police activity in aberdeen route 40 between
6:36 am
route 7 and maryland boulevard and report of an accident in belair at 543 at hickory bypass. top side of the beltway there at harford road moving just fine. very light traffic for this time of morning on inner and outer loops. white marsh area looks like we may be working on a delay but not seeing anything yet. we will see if anything develops. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." how is it looking outside? >> cloudy, humidity, 77 downtown. 75 on tv hill. on wednesday some severe storms moved through western mapped tornado did to -- western maryland and a tornado. today we have a similar set-up with a storm system working over the ohio river valley. a spin with a low pressure area in kentucky and we can see there is quite a bit of rain out there. at the moment wore cloudy here but -- we are cloudy here but there is rain activity west of
6:37 am
hagerstown. we will talk about what that will do to us this afternoon and how the weekend is in a minute. >> 6:37, 75 degrees on tv hill. for some stairs are so overrated. this man seems to think so. we will introduce you to the monkey king. >> i'm nikole killion in washington. the beer summit is over. what lessons were learned? that story is coming up. >> we are taking answers to the water cooler question of the day. should the federal government increase the funding for the cash for clunkers program? e-mail your response to
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( sighs ) ( music throughout ) hey bets, can i borrow a quarter?
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sure, still not dry? i'm trying to shrink them. i lost weight and now some clothes are too big. how did you do it? simple stuff. eating right and i switched to whole grain. whole grain... studies show that people who eat more whole grain tend to have a healthier body weight. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains... and 110 calories per lightly sweetened serving. more grains. less you. multigrain cheerios. >> we don't exactly have all of their ducks in a row along the
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chicago river. tens of thousands of them were dropped in the river as part of the rubber duck derby. for a $5 donation you can sponsor a duck to float down the river. the one a makes it to the finish line first wins a seven-night trip for two to the dominican republic. this is a beautiful spectacle in the midst of one of the world's most war-torn regions. thousands in the gaza strip attempted to set a world record by flying home made kites. thousands of them dotted the sky but officials from guinness were unable to send a judge to verify it because of the travel restrictions. >> who needs an elevator or stairs? we have a couple of stories about alternative means of getting to the top of a building. we start with the london inventor and apparent fan of spied areman. he invented a pair of vacuum
6:41 am
gloves. he fashioned the hoses to allow him to stick to the wall as he climb the bbc building. he had a harness and safety cable in kiss tcase it didn't w. but he mcanaged to scale the building. this is the monkey king. he entertains visitors at a place with his acrobatics. they are similar to the core an ancient martial arts that incorporates acrobatics. he says when he is not watching monkeys he watches spiderman come up with new stunts and maneuvers and i would say that is whacky. >> i have tried to tell john collins to use the door but he has to climb the side of the wall. 6:41, 55 degrees on tv hill. we will look at the morning headlines coming up.
6:42 am
>> there is not many a.c.-- acrobatics object tn the road. >> you give me way too much credit for my athletic ability. we have stormy weather coming in today. we will talk about it in a minute. cloudy and humid right now. 74 at th
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>> in the headlines, city homicide detectives are looking for answers to an overnight murder in southwest baltimore. just before 1:00 this morning police found the body of a man shot in the head near the intersection of east lynn and leeman avenue. no word on a novembmotive or su. police have a warning for bike
6:45 am
and minivan owners. be on alert for thieves. in the last two weeks six motorcycles were stolen and 12 minivans were stolen enstolen attempt to steal them. despite his wish to stay with the esteem. george sherill is headed west. sherill has been traded to the l.a. dodgers for a pair of minor leaguers. he notched 20 saves this career and goes from a team at the bottom of the a.l. east to a team that is seven up in the national league west. a government plan to boost the auto industry might have been just a little too successful. melissa carlson explains why the cash for clunkers program may be out of gas. >> the cash for clunkers program may have already burned through the government's billion-dollar budget. it was allowing people to bring their gas guzzlers and trade them for a credit up to $4,500
6:46 am
toward a new fuel efficient car. as of wednesday an estimated 23,000 new cars were sold. some believe the benefit ended last night at midnight. some dealers have said they sold more cars than the government has cash and the white house said that they are going to be honoring all of the transactions. now, if you are wondering maybe if you could still get the deal the white house says they are assessing all of the options and if you wonder if you qualify your car must get less than 18 miles per gallon or less than that i should say. back to you. >> that brings us to the answers could the water cooler question of the day. we asked should the federal government increase the funding of the cash for clunkers program. mike says this is the only program that is producing results and stimulating the economy. so it would be better to keep it going than pouring money that the corporations which reward
6:47 am
their unproductive executives. reggie writes no, i do not think the clufrpgers for cash program should continue. what was done was enough to jump start the auto industry. we should go back to the table and come up with new ideas to jump start other areas of the economy. craig says i think the federal government should increase the funding but it should be limited to the purchase of domestic automobiles. this would help increase their sales and hopefully stimulate their repayment of the federal bailout dollars. >> g.w. writes i believe that the program has run its course. i would have rather see the money go to health to put people in housing. some will buy a new car just to have one where a home is a long-term investment. we will post more answers on the front page of >> the brouhaha may be over for now. the beer summit wrapped up last night and all sides pledge to manufacture forwa
6:48 am
move forward following the racially charged incident. nikole killion has the last call on the event. >> the president thanked professor gates and sergeant crowley for coming to the white house and says we hope we can draw a positive lesson. >> this is not a summit. this is three folks having a drink at the end of the day. >> actually, four guys. but at the end of the day there was no apology. only this. >> what you had was two gentlemen agreed to disagree on a particular issue. >> sergeant crowley said later that there was a sense of resolution. >> professor gates and i had meaningful conversations and i think we very much both want to move forward. >> gates, who returned to massachusetts last night said it is incumbent on sergeant crowley and me to utilize the great opportunity to foster sympathy among the american public for the daily perils of polices and genuine fears of racial profiling on the other. a teachable moment according to the president with lessons that
6:49 am
will continue in a future meeting between gates and crowley. >> i would like to listen to proffer gates's -- proffessor gates and perhaps as he expressed to me he has a willingness to listen to my perspective. >> i think that meeting at a bar for a beer on a second occasion will send out the wrong message. >> no word on a time or place. as for what they drank crowley had a blue moon, gates sam adams light a light. in washington, nikole killion. >> kim dacey with the latest "traffic pulse 11" update. columbia dealing with a accident at 175 at tamar. ellicott city frederick road and papillon drive a crash.
6:50 am
report of accident in owings mills at reisterstown and mcdonough. in harford county at belair at 543 and hickory bypass and police activity in aberdeen between route 7 and maryland boulevard. a live look at 95 in the white marsh area you may see a slight tap of brakes on the way to the beltway but no major delays. beltway and liberty road the west side moving just fine both inner and outer loops top side and 83's looking ok as well. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." >> cloudy skies out there. humid this morning and rain to the west from hagerstown we have shower activity. not particularly heavy right now. the stormy iier weather it movi out of kentucky and you can see to kind of spin. there is an area of low pressure in kentucky and the spin is coming from the circulation around the low. there is a jetstream out there.
6:51 am
all of of that will chiollide a move into this tropical area and that could be an explosive situation this afternoon. and temperatures will heat up. so, we are talking about some possibly strong storms. let's look at the current situation. ocean city temperatures jumped up to 81, 76 salisbury. cambridge 79. annapolis 77. same in town, downtown. 72 frederick and westminster at 73. cooler in western maryland. upper 60's. because they have had some of that rain shower activity. here is the front. there is the area of low pressure moving in from the west. and this thing, the jetstream, all of the things are coming together and moving into this tropical air mass so you could really bring up some strong weather from that this afternoon. possibly even some severe weather. so, the severe storms forecast center out in oklahoma has declared there is a chance of
6:52 am
severe weather from new england to the north carolina seaboard. that would be this afternoon and evening. there is also a threat in the plains states for severe weather. for us the primary threat is wind with the storm. but with the jetstream involved there is an outside thachance t you could see a tornado spin one this, the brief type that occurred out in western maryland, allegany county wednesday. it is a similar situation. we will see what happens. mostly cloudy, thunderstorms like likely. southwest wins 10 to 15. 83 to 90 the high and humid. en comfortable day -- uncomfortable day. rain chances increase by 4:00 to 5:00 for a line of storms to move into the area. when the front moves through drier air comes in and we will drop the humidity for saturday for a while. but the front doesn't go too far south and saturday afternoon
6:53 am
still rain south of baltimore then it comes back north. so, sunday not necessarily a great day as far as the forecast is concerned. but if you want to do something outside saturday is the day because it will be less humid. fairly comfortable. upper 80's. higher rain chance today and sunday although it looks like today would be the stormier of the two. then an isolated storm tuesday or wednesday with a better chance of general thunderstorm activity by next thursday. >> coming up today on oprah lisa ling goes with police on a ride-along on a major pornography bust. after three years in prison you will follow a mom's journey home that. is 4:00 on oprah. for a look at what is next on "the today show" here is meredith vieira. >> many cis the cash for clunk program out of cash? the latest on that is what is being done. what the key players had to say after the white house beer summit over that controversial arrest of a harvard scholar.
6:54 am
also ahead, the send-year-old driver who took his parents' car for a joy ride will join with us his family. we will have that plus a live concert on the plaza when we get started on a friday morning. >> can't wait to hear from that. >> people are laughing about that all day yesterday. >> 6:54, 76 degrees on tv hill. just ahead we will look at weather and traffic before you weather and traffic before you head out it's quiet on the home front--
6:55 am
not a lot of activity. you read the news. and yet, some people need to sell and other people want to buy. this is a moment of challenge and opportunity. fortunately, re/max agents have the experience to help you meet the one and recognize the other. thanks. because the future's counting on us. nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
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stor county seem to be the problems this morning. howard county in columbia we have the accident on route 175 at tamar and ellicott city frederick road and papillon drive. harford county police activity in aberdeen is clear but we have
6:57 am
the accident confirmed there in belair route 543 and hickory bypass. a little slowdown on 95 in the white marsh area but nothing as bad as what we normally see. moving pretty good southbound. beltway and liberty road west side ok. top side looking good. >> international festival over the weekend they will have nice weather for it? >> saturday it looks good. sunday maybe not too good. saturday will be the better of the weekend. today could be stormy this afternoon and possible severe weather. murky and muggy now and it will be when that moves in. >> thanks for joining us for
6:58 am
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