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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  July 31, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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pretty much just blown down. this damage goes pretty much a straight line from the west towards the east, so we're still going to try to get more information and video of the storm damage that we've been able to find. right now, reporting live, i'm captain roy taylor. >> you can follow the forecast by using our interactive radar. just log on to our website. >> protects for baltimore's mayor. why do other cities do it for less? >> as cities everywhere struggle with budget problems, it goes with the job for most big city mayors. around the clock police protection and use of taxpayer vehicles. we haven't cut back, where mayor
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dixon's benefits are at the top june it's a typical setup as the mayor moves around town, arriving in a city-owned s.u.v. driven by a police officer. her path gets cleared by police officers assigned full time to her security detail. often, there's a retired police officer as a city aide keeping people moving. >> it all adds up to a substantial investment by taxpayers, and puts baltimore in the top tier in protection and perks for the mayor compared to other cities of similar sized population. her protection unit has eight police officers assigned to it. she has three city-owned vehicles, the s.u.v. aba crown victoria, and a jeep cherokee. the cherokee sits in the mayor's driveway just in case she needs
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to get somewhere in a hurry. in atlanta, mayor shirley franklin has seven officers assigned to her protection unit, she has two city-owned cars, ford tauruses. seattle mayor has fewer officers in his protection unit, just two. he has the use of one city-owned car, a toyota highlander. in washington, the mayor has use of a lincoln favor gator, and a smart car. he made news by cutting back on his protection unit. he goes without it much of the time, and prefers to drive the cars himself. >> one other perk that seems to set baltimore apart, the mayor's two personal aides, the retired police officers who make $60,000 each. one of them, howard dixon shows up twice in the new indictments from the mayor.
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in 2006, the indictment says he used five gift cards, allegedly stolen by the mayor, to buy a play station. howard dixon is not accused of any crime, and is a witness in the criminal case. >> dixon benefits from 24-how are police protection at her home. her unit of officers is the same size as the one used by martin o'malley. asked if she will cut back, a spokesman says everything is on the table as city agencies look at an across the bored 5% cut. >> the battle to lower your electric rates heated up this morning. the administration wants constellation energy to give details of its compensation
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package. we have details on the proposal. >> in the war of words battle over electric rate relief there is one agreement, having an open and direct dialogue. the two sides haven't done that. sources say no face-to-face meetings are planned. >> the costs have gone up. >> details regarding the $80 million departure package remains a key sticking point. the government wants the funds to be used for electric rate relief, believing the company has millions stashed. the administration contends that would be the case if constellations deal with e.d.f., a french nuclear power company goes through. >> there is no $87 million stashed or line items or budgeted earmarked. >> a decision will be issued next monthly, but state
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regulators complain they have not received all requested information from constellation. they say they submitted 15,000 pages of document and provided unprecedented access to senior corporation officers. >> last month an attorney general's opinion was asked whether any state allows were being violated by constellations compensation packages. the o'malley administration's latest letter to constellations repeats earlier demands and wants disclosure on the nuclear power fat silt, and impact on lower term electric rates. the e.d.f. deal will provide the state with a one time amount of corporate income taxes, plus generate money in income and property taxes. if the deal falls through,
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electric rates will go up. >> that cost to borrow will go up. obviously, we won't be eating those costs. they would be passed on over time. >> the o'malley administration wants a one time pen% break for customers and hikes capped at 2.5%. >> during an investors meeting this morning with constellations officials, they expressed concern about the business climate in maryland, referring to the state as the people's republican of maryland. another was struggling to understand why constellations is even negotiating with maryland. they are expected to rule on the deal by october 16th. >> you may have heard the cash for clunkers program was running out of money early, a victim of its own popularity.
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the move for more house funding is good news for local dealerships. we are live in the studio with more. >> local dealers say this program has been great for business, but has had its hiccups, mainly slow approvals or deals. they wonder how long the program will be around for pending deals and new business over the weekend. >> well, it's time for a new car, and when we saw the promotion about the cash for clunkers, it was a good day to get rid of my car. >> it's worth the headaches and the waiting. he is hoping with combined rebates and cash for clunkers program, to save $10,000 object a new car. when asked about concerns, he didn't seem phased. >> if it's that successful, they're not going to let it die.
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if it's helping me, the dealers, and getting more gas guzzlers off the road, how can they not continue it? >> we're calling our customers now that we weren't sure and telling them it's on, and you better come in while it's on, i juice for bob bell, he tells 11 news it's been a roller coaster ride dealing with the cash for clunkers program with long delays from the federal government getting contracts approved. >> it's frustrating when you're trying to send in one deal, and it's taking two or three hours, and the computer shuts you out all of a sudden. >> now as inventory of clunkers pile up, word about the uncertainty of the future of the program. company cover the bases, contracts have been drafted up that he has customers sign so if the program is discontinued, then the deal is null and void. he's been told through emails from industry leaders that the
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program is on until further notice, so his motto, buy away. >> i mean, it's a once in a lifetime deal. >> another headache for the dealers might be collecting the money. dealers have been told that they will get their funds 7-10 days after the deal is put through. still, word is that the program is at least good through the weekend. if you've got a clunker, you could be in for a great deal. >> stay with us, there's much more news ahead on 11 news at 6:00. >> cats, kittens and dogs coming into our shelters at an alarming rate. >> severe thunderstorms and reports of possible tornadoes. we're checking h.d. doplar and the weekend forecast up next. @p@
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>> since the baltimore animal rescue took over the shelter, it's gone down. >> putting animals down is a daily struggle. we have the details. >> barks or baltimore animal rescue and care shelter at the limit with cats and dogs everywhere from the front door to everyone's desk. they're asking the public to please help them out. before the doors even opened, jennifer has 18 cats lined up at the door, waiting to be placed in a new home. >> overwhelming. we have way too many animals. it's devastating to see this many animals come in. we are desperate. >> in the last year, the she willer has received 8% more
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animals. this month alone, 751 cats and kittens, they only have about 390 cages. unfortunately, despite their best efforts, they are having to euthanize far too often. these cats and dogs can be adopted for a minimal fee, and there are costless options. >> if two cats come in together, we wave the fees if they go home together. >> if you don't want to make the long-term commitment to an animal, you can still be a part of the solution. >> another way people can help is they can have an animal long term, or help foster animals, taking them into their home and help raise them for a couple of weeks, and bring them back to the shelter. we get a lot that are too young. people can come in and volunteer. >> there are low cost spay and neuter programs. >> if you'd like more
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information, you can go to our website at >> a rather stormy day with heavy downpours, reports of damage from thunderstorms and by what could be a tornado up in the finksburgh area. we've got reports from hearts ford county to the east shore. the storm approached at noon. most of western maryland were dealing with it. between the 2:00, three ok, 4:00 hours, the worst of the weather tracked through central area with a possible tornado in finksburgh. heavy storms rolled through baltimore city with heavy damage to trees. by 4:00, it raced on to the eastern shore, and we were getting reports of heavy whether
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there, as well. not a whole lot of lightning. there was some with the thunderstorms, but mostly strong wind coming down, and torrential amounts of rain. the skies cleared quickly. we see the heavy weather isolated on the eastern shore. heavy rains occurred in baltimore. you'll see we've had over an inch of rain at b.w.i. marshal as of the 6:00 hour, and only 2/10 of an inch at the harbor. some areas get griffinned, and others miss out. just a little warmer than normal for the last day of july. most of the storms leave us for the owning, but there may be one last line of showers. after that, we'll see a clearing trend, and slightly dryer air
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will try to come in for the first part of the weekend. >> what a huge contrast in temperatures. a cool 72 at easton. the humidity levels will try to drop a little bit. don't want to get your hopes up too much for a comfortable air mass, but it might feel drier tomorrow. we've had a steady moisture coming up, and that would trigger a thunderstorm. with an area of low pressure on the front, and a strong jetstream, combine the elements, and you've got the stage set for severe storms that we saw today. tomorrow, high pressure builds into the region with sunshine, and maybe a little less humid, but as early as sunday morning, the winds are turning back to the south with muggy air returning, and thunderstorms are likely. august has slightly less humid
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air. on the bay, northwest winds at 5-10 knots, should be a nice day on the chesapeake tomorrow. beautiful weather to start the weekend, highs in the mid to upper 70s with sunshine. around the bay warmer, high temperatures in the upper 80's. ocean city, on saturday, temperatures reach the upper 80's with more shroud cover on the beach tomorrow. the showers and storms return to the ocean city area on sunday with south winds at 10-15 miles per hour. 87 tomorrow, very pleasant saturday, a chance for showers and storms on sunday. partly cloudy skies on monday, a chance for isolated thunderstorms tuesday and wednesday with temperatures staying warm for the early part of august. >> >> more than 11,000 fans packed the sidelines at mcdaniel college today, arriving well before the players even got out of bed.
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the draw of the ravens proved that strong. lets look at the first day of training camp. >> what a a start today. sports illustrated and n.b.c. was here. they will cover 19 different training camps and don't expect to see anything like today. every rear, ray said something that raises your eye brows. he says he's better than he was five years ago, because he's wiser. ray's quote of the day, talent mades, wisdom gross. the more things change around ray lewis, the more he says he needs to remain the constant. >> the way we play is whoever comes and goes, it was good
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playing with you, but time to go home. >> first day of envelope training camp, the ravens number one draft pick michael orr, number 74. unique experience for orr calling pro bowlers like ray lewis, having a block ray lewis, especially since orr was in grade school when ray lewis played the role of the number one draft pick on day one of training camp. >> i can't even remember. i don't know. 1995? this was a long time ago. it's unbelievable going through 14 years of this. >> and there are your benchmarks for ravens training camp, ray lewis from day one of the ravens history, michael orr, the new number one this year. training camp continues to unfold. tomorrow morning, 8:45 begins
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practice. >> as for the orioles, the month of july can't end soon enough. they loft their best starting witcher as brad ferguson heads to the d.l. that is off his shin. credit him or acknowledging the play when he rumbles his way off the field, suffering what he called the worst pain of his life. fortunately, x-rays proved negative. it's just a bad bruise. the orioles bring chris ray back from the minors to take his spot. the orioles hope to knock around john shmullets one more time. victor mar tenancy was added to the roster, just beating the trade deadline today. >> tiger woods might miss the cut. a round of 71 thursday, but
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tiger bounces back strong today with 12 holes, par three. pretty darn tight. tiger not looking like the guy we saw. here, his little shot with a par four drops in to eagle. tiger, a round of 63 today, nine under par, although the course is pretty easy. after that, he's still four shots back, but nice to see tiger playing again. >> he's still got it. >> still up, a look at our seven-day forecast. stay with us.
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>> a 17-year-old olympic hopeful
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injured. tonight at 11:00, why he says three city police officers are responsible. severe weather rolled through our area, taking down trees. we're live with the damage. we'll have these stories and more when you join us tonight
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try the new subway big chipotle cheesesteak. an updated all-time favorite: juicy steak layered with zesty chipotle sauce, melted cheese, piled high with only... the toppings you love on freshly baked bread. only at subway. subway. eat fresh. >> we've got heavy weather rolling through. >> there was rough weather going through with high winds and possible tornadoes in parts of
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carroll county. the good news is that severe weather that moved out of our area. it's a little bit of a wet start heading into the weekend around ocean city, but those storms should move off as the evening goes on. there is a last shower approaching. i don't think that will have a major impact on our weather. the forecast looks nice. seven-day forecast calls for less humid air form with a comfortable 87. people should enjoy a nice cleanup tomorrow. it will turn warm and muggy, and temperatures into the 90's going into tuesday and wednesday. >> the dog days. >> yep. >> not bad. >> not bad at all. >> that's our news, thank you very much for joining us. fund fund captioned by the national captioning institute -- --
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they have alzheimer's and heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and they've heard that biomedical research offers hope --
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that it could control, maybe even cure, their disease. senator barbara mikulski understands the importance of innovative biomedical research for patients, their families, and our economy here in maryland. call senator mikulski today. tell her thanks for protecting the promise of biomedical research and the maryland jobs it provides. it's not just the future. it's life.


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