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tv   11 News Today  NBC  August 3, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> if you like to drive a little fast, you might want to slow down in baltimore county. the count is i council is considering speed -- county council is considering speed cameras. >> confirmation that a navy downed pilot from the first gulf war has been found. what happened? i'll have that story. >> derrick mason's retirement from football didn't last long. we'll have more on the receiver's welcomed return to training camp. >> and welcome to august in baltimore. the insta-weather plus forecast as 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we'll get to the big story. first a check of the forecast. some severe weather over the weekend. >> yes. there were unconfirmed tornado reports yesterday, lower eastern shore. and water spout spotted on the
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chesapeake bay. heavy downpours. today things are going to calm down. that's the good side of the story. the bad side is, if you don't like the heat, well, this isn't first half of the week for you. today probably 89 or 90. mostly sunny by this afternoon. this morning a little patchy fog in some locations. a few clouds around. 74 downtown. 71 out at the airport. 75 in ocean city. we're going to surge today with the heating up to 89 in central maryland with that heating of the day we can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm. but all in all the best chances of rain aren't until midweek. more on your extended forecast coming up. right now let's say hay to sarah and -- hey to sarah and find out what's going on with traffic. >> word of an accident northbound 95 in harford county at exit 543. one of the tractor-trailers involved, off to the side in, blocking that ramp in the northbound direction. doesn't appear to be causing a major delay.
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as we switch over to the west side, not dealing with any delays here yet. pretty nice ride on the entire beltway so far. we have some other problems to mention. let's deal with this one in parkville. rock raven at joppa, an accident. speed sensors looking pretty good as we look around the area. we have a problem to mention, downed wires in pasadena, bedford at granada. watch for that cloash you're. closure. i-70 is moving very well. five minutes from the 895 split to the ft. mchenry. that's it for now. we will keep you posted on all of those problems. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. over to you, stan and mindy. >> thank you. our big story, the first step towards putting speed camera can baltimore county gets underway tonight. >> while police are stressing the cameras will make roads safer, many will voice their opposition. 11 news reporter jennifer
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franciotti live with that story. >> under state law speed cameras can only be placed in school zones. in baltimore county there are over 200 that apply. 214 school zones are being assessed right now. baltimore county police are preparing for speed camera installations if the measure passes down the road. a private vendor runs the camera and collects a portion of the ticket but the county also gets part of the cut. >> the police department's focus is on public safety. i have not been part of any conversation or gatherings discussing what revenues may be generated from this. in fact, if our motorists abide by the law, we'll generate nothing. >> and not everyone thinks speed camera is the way to go. baltimore county police are working on these possible installations. they say if the speed cameras get up and running, there will be a 30-day warning period so that motorists can get used to the idea of speed cameras in the school zones. that will take place before tickets are issued. reporting live, jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you.
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a police officer is on routine desk duty and a team of medics are under investigation after a police-involved shooting over the weekend. responding to a burglary call overnight saturday morning, an officer shot a suspect in the head after police say the masked attacker rushed the officer with a screwdriver. first responderses declared the suspect dead on the scene. but a half-hour later that declaration proved a little premature. >> after being observed moving or taking a breath or a sigh, not exactly sure, they returned to that location, treated the victim and transported him to a nearby hospital. >> this morning the suspect is alive, listed in critical condition. >> that was far from the only case of gunfire over the weekend. in northwest baltimore one man was killed, another wounded. the shots were fired by someone in a white conversion minivan with blue stripes and tintded -- tinted windows. one victim, an 18-year-old, was
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killed while an unidentified 47-year-old man is expected to survive. no word on the suspect or a motive. a few hours earlier in south baltimore, a man was wounded in a shooting in the 2700 block of spellman road in cherry hill. he was taken to shock trauma. the search for a suspect continues. and inside a tire shop, a victim was shot several times in the back at a business on edmonton avenue. anyone with information on the case should call baltimore county police. >> a boating accident has cost a man his life. baltimore county police say a man in his 20's was struck by the boat's motor just after 5:00 yesterday evening near the 1200 block of bayside drive. the investigation into the incident continues. >> a silver spring neighborhood is in shock after a pair of robbers burst into a 99-year-old woman's apartment and attacked her. investigators say two men called the woman, asked her to come to the door to fill out a survey. it was then the police say they pushed their way into the home,
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stealing money and other items. while the woman was not seriously injured, the attack has the neighborhood on edge. #. >> very bad. especially for the neighborhood. being that old, i don't think it's right for them to target somebody that age. >> police say the woman was traumatized and had to be hospitalized overnight. >> in this morning's "project economy" report, some good news for a qhaing. it appears the economy is showing some early signs of recovery. economists report the gross domestic product is improving with white house advisors forecasting a turnaround and potential job growth expected to follow shortly after that, the white house remains optimistic. >> the best that can be said so far is the rate at which we're losing jobs is declining. but there, too, the picture is improving. >> the white house says it's
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hoping for an economic bounce right around the holidays. meanwhile, the president is urging the senate to continue its support of one of the most popular economic recovery programs of the last few months. in his weekly address, the president said without an infusion of an additional $2 billion, so-called cash for clunkers program that's invigorated the sagging auto industry will disappear. republicans say enough federal money has been spent already. >> the democrats who control congress have been spending money and racking up debt at an unprecedented pace. >> the house has already approved an extension of the cars program. the senate has one week to vote on funding before going on its august recess. >> some 175 jobs are being cut from the roles of the university system of maryland. as administrators are forced to cut nearly $38 million from the budget, the chancellor says 24 jobs will be cut or 151 positions currently opened will remain vacant. that should save the system an
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estimated $12 million. other reductions will come in maintenance expenses, travel expenses, library budgets, computer support and financial aid. >> this morning there is information about a nearly 20-year-old war mystery. the u.s. military says remains found in iraq have now been positively identified as those of michael "scott" speicher, a navy pilot who was shot down in the start of the first gulf war. his family says learning of speicher's fate was difficult. it was also a long battle in washington. nbc's brook hart has more. >> after return from camp david president obama called finding scott speicher's remains a reminder of his selfless service. it was 18 years ago on day one of the first gulf war that speicher's navy jet was shot down. then defense secretary dick cheney declared him the war's first fatality. >> as of 0900 this morning washington time, there's been a single american aircraft lost. >> but with no proof ofxd speicher's death, no remains, his family has lived with the mystery of what happened.
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the military says iraqi civilians just last week led marines to the crash site and his buried remains. what about claims speicher had been seen in captivity or his initials scratched in the wall of an iraqi prison cell? >> all of that evidence turned up not to be accurate. >> senator bill nelson of florida said the pentagon should have ordered a search and rescue mission at the time and would now. >> once captain speicher had been declared dead by the secretary of defense and no search and rescue mission sent, then it just got lost in the beaurocracy. >> in florida a wall was erected to keep up the search for speicher. >> we owe a duty to the person who puts himself in danger for defense the country. you just do it. >> never give up. >> never give up. >> almost two decades later an
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end to the most prominent mystery of that war. questions do remain about exactly how and when speicher died. the pentagon says an iraqi citizen claims he was there years ago when tribal iraqis buried speicher's remains as required by muslim law. in washington, brook hart, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a sweet treat is striking a sour note with advocates for the mentally ill. protesters lined up outside the shop called psycho donut saying the name of the store and the menu offer ings are insensitive and play on stereotypes. the shop which sells donuts with names like massive head trauma, split personality, and bipolar has a bulletin board in the shape of a padded wall for photos. the store owner says he only wanted to create a place that was fun and unusual. did the store owner go too far or was it all just harmless fun? email your response to
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>> 6:10. 70 degrees on tv hill. coming up, the financial news in the "bloomberg business report." >> also ahead, the engineers who designed a controlled building implosion may want to take a second look at their math. uh-oh. it didn't go off quite as planned. i'll say. details next. >> and it was a topic that brought the nation's attention to the subject of race relations. now the harvard professor who was arrested and put in handcuffs outside his own home is starting to laugh about the incident. >> and we're taking a look at a clear scan on h.d. doppler. mostly sunny skies this afternoon. details just ahead. >> and we have a few accidents to watch for as you head out this morning. one affecting traffic on 95. and another problem coming in. we'll tell
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>> a very good morning. 73 degrees. the sun is up and it will continue to warm us up to august-type levels. normal high for this date is 87. we're going to be about 89 or 90 today. all the showers and storms that rumbled through yesterday are well offshore this morning because the front that advance throws is still advancing offshore. that's going to allow for high pressure to build in behind it. we're going to see winds out of the west-northwest, then shift later to the south this afternoon. what does that mean? temperatures currently in the low 70's which is pretty normal for this time of the year. 73 downtown. 70 at b.w.i. marshall. we're calling for a high today in the mountains of western maryland in the upper 70's. higher elevations feeling quite nice. the sky conditions are going to be absolutely brilliant. really nice in the mountains anyway. plenty of blue for sure today. in central maryland, really not too bad either. 89 degrees. mostly sunny to partly cloudy. the sun will overcome any sort
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of cloud cover this morning as the day progresses. and on the beaches today, it looks like a nice sea breeze will get us a cooler rating. a high today of about 85. we're still in the low 80's as far as the chesapeake bay water temperatures. 81 at the harbor in thomas point no. issues whatsoever with the wind today. just variable at five to 10 knots. record books, 100 greers. record high set back in 2006. it's secure for yet another year. and as far as a record low goes, 55. we're well off that mark tonight. it was set way back in 1998. we should be 66 for the overnight. at best, some of our outlying areas may be about 67 or 68. it looks like around the baltimore city area probably into the low 70's. maybe even mid 70's. partly cloudy skies for the most part. a few clouds going to keep that insulation in place and all the hot air is not going to be able to depart tonight. so the front is moving through. high pressure will lower the humidity levels there today. we'll feel a little bit less sticky here today but still pretty humid all in all. the front that's well to our
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west will change our weather pattern, meaning a better shot of scattered showers and storms. in the meantime a dry first half of the week. a hot first half of the week. 91 tomorrow. looks like 9 # on wednesday. a 30% chance of scattered, late-day storms. en that front is a good thing. it will cool us down to the mid 80's for thursday and friday. thursday looking really quite nice. mostly sunny and 85. friday, we're 84. we stay in the mid 80's for the weekend. >> thank you. let's check your morning commute. a little bit busier since last check on i-95. we have a better view of this accident in the area of 543. can you see the ramp that takes to you 543 from northbound 95 is blocked. you can also see there isn't a delay. that is good news. we'll keep you posted on that. we'll switch over to a live view at park heights. it's moving very well on the beltway. the entire beltway delay-free still this morning. we have a few other things to watch for as you travel. at greenspring in the druid hill park, an accident being cleared
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there. fire location coming in at the north point diner at north point and norris lane. and we're also dealing with downed wires at bedford and granada. all lanes are closed as a result of that. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now we check in. >> taking a look at our top stories, 22 people were arrested when police conducted a drug raid at a concert held by a controversial pennsylvania church. during an undercover raid of a concert held by the church of universal love and music, police confiscated tables full of marijuana, l.s.d. and hallucinogenic mushrooms. police say they saw previous activity -- similar activity at previous concerts which the church describes as religious services. quite a scare in minneapolis yesterday. an airport spokesperson said the pilot reported his breaks were overheating. fortunately the fact that each of the plane's landing gear had duel wheels, allow the plane to
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land safely. the plane was a private chatter flight carrying northwest employees no civilian passengers no. one was injured. a poorly executed building demolition in turkey created some scary moments when the building tipped over on its side instead of collapsing on itself. workers spent 15 days weakening the main structure hoping it would implode when the charges went off. but as you saw it didn't quite go as planned. the demolition went wrong when the building did not crumble but rolled on to its side. nort in ally -- fortunately no reports of any injuries. >> in this morning's "consumer alert," honda is expanding a recall that initially began in november because of an air bag risk. the japanese auto maker is recalling 440,000 accords, civics, and acuras from 2001 to
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2003. one person has died and others have been injured due to the detect. honda says owners of the vehicles will receive a recall notice. airlines are profiting off your emergencies. last year the industry pulled in about $2 billion from change and cancellation fees. for some carriers, that's more than ha they made charging for additional baggage. the charges add up to 3.2% of passenger revenue. let's get the latest from wall street where detroit may give investors one reason to celebrate today. 11 news reporter michelle steele has that story and more in the "bloomberg business report." >> good morning. vehicle sales from july being released throughout the day. and some big numbers expected from the only u.s. auto make tore turn down government aid. for first anytime two years ford will post its first monthly sales increase in a year i've over-year basis -- year-over-year basis. but the outlook is not so bright for competitors. nissan, toyota, honda, g.m. and chrysler are reported to report
6:20 am
sales have declined. even kaz the cash for clunker programs boosts purchases to the highest levels of the year. carmakers are all watching washington. unless the senate acts to extend the cash for cash for clunkers, it will be forced to pull the plug on the popular program after tuesday. stocks ending mimped friday. -- ending mixed friday. the commerce department said gross domestic product contracted less than expected. bloomberg maryland index fell. we're also watching shares of bethesda-based usec, incorporated today. withdrawing its forecast citing the demobilization of the american centrifuge project. shares did rise on friday. at the new york stock schairntion i'm michelle steele -- exchange, i'm michelle
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steele. >> he was reportedly outraged after his arrest in an incident that sparked a national controversy on racial profiling. but now harvard professor gates seems to be ready to laugh the matter off. at a book signing event over the weekend, the author and scholar talked about his white house meeting with president obama and sergeant james crowley, the officer who arrested him while trying to break into his own home. >> i offered to get his kids into harvard. [laughing] if he doesn't arrest me ever again. >> on a more serious side, though, professor gates said he did have to change his phone numbers after receiving death threats. >> that's a shame. 6:21. 70 degrees. another check on weather is straight ahead. >> the ravens welcome their top veteran receiver back to the nest. find out what derrick mason has to say about his short-lived
6:22 am
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food was always my comfort for whatever happened to be going on in my life. i have been taking alli for ten months and i have lost 75 pounds so far. it doesn't do it for you. it works with you to take some of the fat you eat out of your system. you can still eat all of your favorite foods, but you can learn how to eat them. it's been a really long time since i actually looked into the mirror and liked what i saw. it really, truly has changed my entire life. (announcer) start losing weight today. alli. >> good morning. a handful of problems coming in to us. we have a downed tree in the pikesville region. greenspring avenue, all lanes are closed due to that problem. north point at north lane we have a closure of north point boulevard in dundalk due to fire department activity. anne arundel county and pasadena, watch for the closure of bedford at granada due to
6:25 am
downed wires. a lot of this from yesterday's storms. watch for closures this morning. as far as delays, not seeing anything significant. a nice ride at the ft. mchenry. a northbound accident at the toll plaza just cleared up. this accident still working, northbound 95. exit ramp of riverside park subway blocked in harford county. sandra, you have a look at the forecast. >> no storms this morning but still some low-level clouds hanging on, patchy fog as well. we're going to see the sun overtake that this afternoon and see a pretty typical august high, in the upper 80's today. right now you can barely detect those low-level clouds that are filtering in. so burnoff probably about midday or so. then yielding to mostly sunny skies. 73 downtown. 70, b.w.i. marshall. we're going to surge to a high of about 89 in baltimore. more rain in the forecast. more on that in a little bit. back to you.
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>> as far as retirement dramas go, i don't even think brett favre would read for the part. derrick mason, after reevaluating his desire to play football, figured out he still had business to which to attend. took the field saturday after ending a brief two and a half-week retirement. pretty javy to do so. take the field for the excitement of a rookie, displaying the precision and drills. it showed he didn't sit on the couch sucking down cheetos while contemplating his career. mason wants to play, reach the super bowl and that his brief retirement had nothing to do with angling for a new contract. >> when i decide or if i decide to come back, it's going to be because my heart is in it. i don't want to hear anything about contracts. i don't want that to be a carrot hathing over my head. people saying, well, he just came back for the contract. no. i didn't get an extension. hadn't been talking about an extension. i'm coming back to play football. and i'm coming back to try to win a super bowl. that's basically it.
6:27 am
>> the preseason begins 10 days from now. mason and the ravens taking the field on the 13th, hosting the washington redskins. a game you can see right here on wbal-tv 11. >> good to have derrick mason back. and more gold to michael phelps' trophy case. at the final day of the world swimming championships in rome michael swam the butterfly leg of the 400-meter medley relay. that helped give team u.s.a. a gold in the event, his fifth of this week. in all, the 14-time olympic gold medalist took home five golds and one silver in that controversial race that raised concerns over his opponent's swimsuit. >> i still say that's not fair. >> i think michael more than made up for that. >> 6:26. 69 degrees on tv hill. there's much more to come in the next half-hour of 11 news today. >> if you like to drive in baltimore county, a little too fast, you might want to consider slowing down. the county council is considering speed cameras.
6:28 am
>> and as far as your morning commute, looking pretty good overall on the major roadways. we have a few accidents to watch for. >> and a clear scan on h.d. doppler this morning. so not the issue today, rain. but the sheet what you're probably going to be feeling. >> and it's a question that's been swirling ever since his death in june. who will get custody of michael jackson's three children? finally a judge will decide the matter today. we'll have a preview. >> and here's a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you so much for joining us. sandra shaw has a quick look at the forecast for us. >> good morning. hope you're doing well for the first monday of august. the weather is going to follow suit. we're not going to be contending with any severe weather like the last couple of days. we had a severe weather outbreak friday and followed it up yesterday. but things are pretty calm this morning. we're in the low 70's.
6:31 am
going to surge to a high of about 89 degrees with mostly sunny skies by this afternoon. details on that seven-day at the end of the news block. >> the first steps in bring controversial speed cameras to baltimore county will be taken tonight. >> but it's not a process that's expected to go without a fight. 11 news reporter jennifer franciotti joins us with more on the story. good morning, jen. >> good morning. under state law speed cameras can only be placed in school zones in baltimore county there are over 200 that apply. residents near rodgers forge elementary school know speeding throughout the neighborhood is a problem. >> as i come down here with the dogs every day and i see traffic on this road, and many times cars are going way beyond the speed limit. >> the school buses are the worst offenders. >> school zones are being assessed. police are preparing for speed camera installation. >> the baltimore county speed program is focused at enhancing the safety our citizens in baltimore county. the safety of children and
6:32 am
adults who use access to properties surrounding baltimore county schools. >> i think it's an excellent idea. >> if they do what they say they're going to do which i doubt, maybe it's a good idea. but the way it stands now, i feel like something like speed humps would slow the traffic down where as the cameras, in my opinion, are more of a revenue generator than a safety measure. >> a private-run company runs the collection and of the cameras and tickets but the department gets part of the cut. >> the police department focus on public safety. i have not been a part of any conversation or gatherings discussing revenues. in fact, if our motorists abide by the law, we'll generate nothing. >> in the end speed cameras are a ways away from become a reality. tonight is only a hearing on the issue a first consideration by the baltimore county council. reporting live, jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and the national weather service confirms what folks in frederick and carroll county have been saying all weekend. it was a tornado that ripped
6:33 am
through their neighborhoods friday. official saiz a tornado -- say a tornado touched down. while it's the lowest classification, it sustained winds up to 80 miles an hour and was 100 yards wild and a mile long. it snapped trees and left homes without roofs. fortunately there were no injuries or deaths reported. >> a teen convicted of firebombing a home will spend the rest of the summer in juvenile detention, order to be held at the children's center until august 20. he'll be forced to pay $1,800 in restitution. authorities say the teen admitted to participating in a firebombing of a tiny orchard home in june. fortunately no one was hurt. authorities say while the attack was meant to be retaliation for the killing of 14-year-old crofton teen christopher jones, the teen firebombed the wrong home. >> they may have been barred from a philadelphia swim club, but 65 children are being treated like v.i.p.'s at the happiest place on earth,
6:34 am
courtesy of a hollywood big wig. actor-director tyler per ji footing the bill for a trip to disney world to the group of mostly african-american children, rejected by the valley swim club earlier this year. many said race was the reason for the restrictions. the club says it was because of safety concerns. >> a los angeles judge is expected to hear and possibly decide some key issues this morning, having to do with singer michael jackson's legal affairs. we have more from the los angeles superior court building. >> at this morning's court hearing in los angeles, the judge is expected to rule on a custody agreement already reached between michael jackson's mother and his ex-wife. the deal struck last week gives 79-year-old katherine jackson full custody of jackson's three young children while debbie rowe, the mother of the two oldest children, will get visitation and legal parental rights. legal experts say it appears to be a win-win arrangement. >> i think it's excellent. it's a 10.
6:35 am
they seemed to have done it quickly, without publicity. they seemed to have done it without apparently money changing hands. >> the judge will also consider arguments about who should have bigger say over jackson's estate, his mother or the two men named by jackson in his will as administrators of his financial empire. >> this is a music lawyer who knows michael's particular assets and his business. that's invaluable. you couldn't pay to replace him. there's probably nobody who could replace him that has the same amount of knowledge about this asset base and how to handle it for the benefit of everybody. >> meanwhile, the los angeles coroner's office delayed the release of jackson's autopsy results indefinitely, even as police and district attorney investigators continue to seize evidence from jackson's personal physician, dr. conrad murray. search warrants filed at the court indicate the focus is still on propofol, the powerful surgery anesthetic that detectives allegedly found in jackson's home.
6:36 am
dr. conrad murray's attorney maintains his client is innocent and that he never gave jackson any drugs that, quote, should have caused his death. again, a court hearing about michael jackson's estate and children scheduled to begin this morning. in los angeles, wbal-tv 11 news. >> here's what's going on traffic wise. we have a few problem spots, but overall a light ride on the major roadways. one problem in pikesville, hillside shut down at greenspring due to a downed tree. a fire location at north point and north lane with lane closures as a result. liberty road, obviously not bad heading towards he ha edmondson. a live view, 95 at 543. the ramp to 543 is blocked. that's latest on traffic pulse 11. over to you. >> thanks. we're going to see a hot high today of about 89 to 90 in central maryland. clouds around this morning, but
6:37 am
they'll be overtaken by the sun this afternoon. winds out of the north. then by this afternoon, shifting to the south as well. there you see the temperature range. partly cloudy to mostly sunny. 86 to 89. the sunsetting at 8:16 tonight. tomorrow, 91. just a slight chance for an isolated thunderstorm. then the weather pattern will somewhat change late in the day an wednesday. we hit 90. scattered showers and storms roll through. thursday, more refreshing. only about 85. more on that forecast in a little bit. >> crushing 85. >> coming up, they weren't afraid to make a little noise in order to win a very unusual competition in thailand. we'll show you more. >> did she pass out there? >> i'm nikole killion in washington. will the cash for clunkers program get a fillup from congress? that story is coming up. >> and we're still taking your answers to our "watercooler question of the day." did a store owner go too far with his psycho donut offerings or was it all in harmless fun?
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>> contestants were getting hysterical to win a contest in thailand. but then again, that was all part of the plan. [screaming] >> notice how you have to put your body into it? 11 contestants were pitted against each other in a screamoff. the winner screeched in at
6:41 am
116.8decibles, well short of the world record of 129. but still plenty loud. he went home with a check for $882 and probably a splitting headache, too. >> my 2-year-old could beat that no problem. hundreds of chihuahuas were making a run this weekend in california this time it wasn't for the nearest taco bell. an anaheim petco was the host of the national chihuahua races. spectators cheered as the chihuahuas scammerred toward their owners. the winning dog got an all-expense paid trip to new york stoi compete in the -- city to compete in the national finals. the cheetahs stealing hearts at the san diego zoo. three of the cubs were born and abandoned. the other was born to an inexperienced mother. cheetahs often walk away from their cubs because the chance surviving is low. all four cubs were moved to the
6:42 am
care center where keepers are raising them. >> all together now. awe. they were cute. 6:41. 70 degrees. coming up, the morning headlines. >> and we're looking at your morning commute. a couple of problem spots. >> and the dog days are here. it's the third day of august and we're going to feel like it. let's look at our current conditions. we are in the 70's. 70 at the airport. 73 downtown. a little patchy fog. it will be burning off and replaced by sun by this afternoon. stay tuned for your full insta-weather plus forecast.
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>> welcome back. in the headlines, a police officer is on routine desk duty today. and a team of medics are under investigation after a
6:45 am
police-involved shooting. responding to a burglary call overnight saturday morning on goorieson boulevard -- garrison boulevard, an officer shot the suspect in the head after the suspect rushed the officer with a screwdriver. medics declared the suspect dead on the scene but a half an hour later was found breathing. he is now listed in critical condition. shots were fired by someone in a white conversion minivan with blue stripes and tinted window yesterday on allendale street. one victim, an 18-year-old, was killed while an unidentified 47-year-old man is expected to survive. no word on a suspect or motive. a sweet treat is striking a sour note with advocates for the mentally ill. protesters lined up outside the shop called psycho donut saying the name of the store and the menu offerings are insensitive and play on stereotypes. the shop, which sells donuts with names like massive head trauma, split personality, and bipolar also has a bulletin board in the shape of a padded wall for photos.
6:46 am
the store owner said he only wanted to create a place that was fun and uniewcialt and never meant to hurt anyone's feelings. >> that brings us to our "watercooler question of the day." >> did the store owner go too far with his psycho donut offerings? or was it all just harmless fun? >> nick writes --
6:47 am
>> we'll post more answers on the front page of >> the cash for clunkers program is running out of fuel. the house voted friday to pump more money into the very popular program that gives consumers up to $4,500 in credit for their gas guzzlers. now the senate is expected to take up the measure this week. 11 news washington bureau reporter nikole killion joins us live this morning with more on the story. good morning. >> good morning. senate aides say they hope to take up this bill this week, but transportation secretary lahood warns if they don't act soon, this program could be suspended. >> dealers and customers remain in limbo. >> you're so scared. you're not sure exactly what to do. >> after word last week the program is running out of cash. >> give it a fillup and let's get cash for clunkers back on the road. >> before they recessed friday the house approved $2 billion for the program.
6:48 am
but in the senate it could face a bumpy road. >> we have agreed that we're going to work to try to continue this program. >> the white house is also trying to give assurances. >> we're not working with congress on a bipartisan solution to ensure that the program continue for everyone out there who's still looking to make a trade. >> and administration officials guaranteed the program through this past weekend. and starting today the government will make a good faith effort to honor transactions. buyer jeff hague traded in his van just in the nick of time. >> it concerns me a lot because it's $4,500 to me. >> the automobile dealers association is also concerned and being cautious, warning its members in an e-mail not to close any more deals until the fate of the clunkers program is clearer. >> any specifics as to why the cash for clunkers road is more uncertain in the senate than it was in the house last week? >> actually, when this original bill passed the senate originally it was by a very
6:49 am
close vote so in this case it just comes down to two issues. one is cost. some senators don't want to pump more taxpayer money into this. and the second issue is fuel efficiency. other lawmakers want to see the fuel efficiency standards up for qualifying for this program so they can be even more environmentally friendly. >> gotcha. nikole killion from washington. thanks. >> good morning. sarah caldwell here with a look at your morning commute. let's see what's going on. thankfully not a whole lot. a downed tree in pikesville block hillside in the area of greenspring avenue. our speed sensors still faring pretty well. light volume around the area, dealing with a fire location in dundalk at north point and norris lane. watch for lane closures there. a live view of traffic in the area of harford road. north side very light. and a look here at this accident
6:50 am
scene. it's on the ramp from northbound 95 no. delays as a result but the ramp remains blocked. southbound traffic looking good through to the ft. mchenry. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. over to you. >> there are few clouds this morning. a little bit of patchy fog. but that's going to burn off pretty quickly and be replaced by mostly sunny skies which will warm us up. as far as rainfall goes, good news. all the showers and storms, some of them, reason to shall. well offshore this morning. that's because the front that swept through here and triggered that activity is offshore. and as a result, high pressure will build in and stabilize our forecast for not only today but the first half of this week. right now temperature-wise not too far off what is normal. 73 downtown. 70, b.w.i. marshall. low to mid 70's on the beaches this morning as well. we're only going to reach the upper 70's in the mountains of western maryland today. beautiful blue sky there's. refreshing air. looks really nice with mostly
6:51 am
sunny conditions. in baltimore, mostly sunny but it's going to feel more like august. 89 the forecast high. partly cloudy to mostly sunny on the shores of ocean city today with the sea breeze of about 85 by this afternoon which is still warm for this time of the year. there's not going to be a lot of breeze in contrast on the bay today. just variable at five to 10 knots. water temperatures in the chesapeake, 81 at baltimore harbor at thomas point. rather like a bathtub, if you will. as far as the record high, 100 greers. 2006 is when that was set. it's going to hold steady for another year. 55, the record low in 1998. 1e6 what we should be overnight tonight. 87 is our normal high. in both instances, above that, you can see clouds around will insulate us and keep us anywhere from 67 in our northern and western suburbs, to the lower to maybe mid 70's downtown. very balmy. an isolated thunderstorm is possible tonight.
6:52 am
the front still moving offshore throughout today. high pressure into ohio valley will drop the humidity there. we'll see things a little bit less sticky today but not a big difference. high pressure going to build in tomorrow. another dry day then. we're keeping our eyes on the front that's out to the west. that will be changing our weather pattern by the middle part of the week. and namely, the best chance of showers and storms associated with that front comes in late in the die on wednesday. so ahead of that, we're in the 90's tomorrow and wednesday. showers and storms late in the day. then thursday we drop it a few degrees. mid 80's persisting through sunday. next best shot after the middle part of the week of showers and storms late in the day on friday. >> thank you. baltimore county takes its first steps toward placing speed cameras around the area. 11 news reporter jennifer franciotti joins us live with more on that. good morning, jen. >> good morning. it's something the county council will consider tonight. they're going to be talking about this issue. under state law state cameras can only be placed in school
6:53 am
zones. in baltimore county, there are 214 location that apply. they're being assessed right now. baltimore county are in the process of preparing for speed camera installations if the measure eventually passes. # a private vendor runs the cameras and collects a portion of the ticket. but the county also gets part of the cut. if this measure does pass and it will not be voted on tonight, once the cameras are in place, 30 days worth of warnings will be given to allow motorists to get used to the idea before tickets are actually issued. live in towson, jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. coming up today at 4:00 on "oprah," meet the 900-pound mom. at 914 she was once one of the heaviest women in the world. then meet a high school senior who weighed 800 pounds. plus ruby takes us inside obesity rehab. bus for a look at what's coming up on "the today show," here's matt lauer. >> good morning. coming up on a monday here on "today," some break news out of miami. a continental airlines flight
6:54 am
makes an emergency landing after several passengers were injured as that plane encountered turbulence. we'll have the latest on that story. then a court hearing today over michael jackson's estate and custody of his children. we'll have the latest on that. plus we'll go live to an operating room to see first-hand what the powerful anesthetic prop follow, that jackson allegedly used to sleep at night, does to a patient. those stories and an exclusive interview with a florida woman who police allegedly tried to frame for an accident they caused. all caught on tape. we'll talk to her when we get started on a monday morning here on "today." >> 6:54. it's 70 degrees on o tv hill. >> just ahead, another look at traffic and weather together before you start your day. dad, d a sand castle? sure, pal. let's just find a good spot. [ dramatic music plays ]
6:55 am
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6:57 am
>> we have traffic delays. sarah going to look at that weather situation. >> i am sorry. that was not graceful of me. i was trying to run in heels. >> i'm always impressed. >> now i'm out of breath. let me see what's going on out there. we have this downed tree on hillside at green spring. that is blocking some lanes in the pikesville area. the north point, closed at north lane due to fire activity in dundalk. traffic on the north side, fortunately volume is not too heavy this morning on the area roadways. looking good at harford. still dealing with an accident
6:58 am
northbound 95 blocking the ramp to 5:43. totally out of breath. over to you. >> no problem. things are very calm in contrast to yesterday. high pressure is building in. mostly sunny to partly cloudy today. just the slightest chance at about 10 % to 20% isolated thunderstorms due to the heating of the day. the heat intense, 89 and into the 90's the next few days. >> thanks for joining us. >> h
6:59 am
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