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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  August 10, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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all around the baltimore area. the downtown urban area cranks up the heat another notch. you can get some relief, but the temperatures are well into the '90s and 96 degrees in downtown baltimore. a 100 to reading in easton and 110 is our bills on the beach at ocean city. >> thank you. the latest forecast is always at your fingertips at just log onto click on whether. >> people on both sides of the health-care debate are headed to a town hall meeting. more than 1000 people are expected to show up tonight. kerry cavanaugh brings us team coverage. >> they have still not begun to let people into the auditorium,
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yet. your best bet is to stay at home. this is a ticketed events and we will let you know what happens at 11. all these people have been waiting, some of to an hour. it is quite a cross-section. you can see senior citizens, young parents, union workers, people who have good health care in people who do not. the turnout is so strong because this is such a personal issue that goes against it are afraid it will lose control over their doctors. meanwhile, reporters are tired of paying huge premiums. my son's prescriptions went sky
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high overnight. >> we will let you know -- it is real simple. you wanted to be more efficient and you want to be cheaper. so you want the government to do it? come on. >> the auditorium holds about 500 people. it is a ticketed events. we will bring you all the information at 11. >> baltimore is not alone. it is an board budget reporters on both sides of that issue that are -- reporters on both sides of that issue are encouraged to attend. jayne miller continues.
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>> is the policy of health care reform really the main attraction? >> this is what democratic congressman dealt with. the discuss the proposals in washington. he got an angry earful. stop givin>> stop giving my taxs to illegal aliens. what's the number who have responded are two-three times more than the center can hold. >> people have all lot of strong views. i think people will be respectful of the other people in the room. let everybody have a chance to get their points across the weekend at the maximum number of questions and answers. >> the maryland from
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organization is asking their members to go. a conservative republican twice ran unsuccessfully for governor will be there. another key party group is pushing its followers to show tonight. does ask that protesters be respectful. on the other side, progress of maryland plans to protest the protesters tonight. >> these are not want to be town halls. and they will be shouting matches. >> anchor from those that did not support barack obama will be involved. >> is a continuation or a real irruption of something that has been there all along. some political scientists call anti-government nationalism. people who are proud american patriots but hate the government. >> one of the cable news network is expected to cover the meeting tonight.
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one indication is a debate that is anticipated. >> we want to know what you think about here -- health-care reform. go to click on local news. >> the leaders of mexico and canada and president of bonner are working to create -- a vaccine. >> the university of maryland's school of medicine is the lead center in this national swine's loop -- swine flu boxing. >> 1, 2, 3, take a deep breath. >> the first clinical trials began at the university of maryland school of medicine.
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>> this one flu seems more unpredictable because it seems to strike young people bettethae relatively healthy. >> anything that we can do to stop the flow would be an advantage. >> researchers tried to figure out if the vaccine is safe. >> basically, we will come away with this understanding how much vaccine, how many doses and how quickly. what happens in here will determine when the general public will be recognized. >> the vaccinations will start
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with an estimated 2.5 million americans most at risk. >> this vaccine changes the way people are being treated. it will save hundreds of thousands of lives all the world and i can say i was part of that. " baltimore is one of -- >> 2200 people have signed up to take part in three different studies. reporting live, wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore city police continued to search for a list one suspect who attacked a gas station owner of this morning. the chaos caused police to shut down the road after reports that they were holed up inside a nearby home. >> the situation was intense and it lasted several hours police and equipment blocked the road.
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the neighborhood was a lot down until after 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. one suspect is in custody and the other is on a loose. the former hostages ok. >> this is how police into the hostage situation. they shot tear gas into the home. at one point, neighbors saw as many as 10 officers into the house where the robbers were holed up. five officers brought out the resident. >> we did issued gas into the house which is one of the reasons we took a hostage to the hospital. it was just as a precaution. >> it is said to be ok. according to police, this all began around 930 this morning. it was a standard robbery and
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they ask for money. it led to the attention being pistol whip. they say he has no air- conditioning. neighbors say that at one point, police began communicating with one of the suspects the route open window. that suspect is in police custody. >> be sure to stay with us. much more news ahead. >> you think you felt the heat today, try it with a helmet and shoulder pads on. >> staying cool of help from baltimore city. that is coming up. >> triple digits all across the region. we have the insta-weather + 7 the forecast for the head. we're down to 93 degrees and a west wind at 10 m.p.h..
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>> we want to make a correction to report we made earlier. tonight's health care town hall is not a ticketed events as we reported. in fact, it is on a first-come first-served basis. that is what people are waiting right now. >> you have to feel that extreme heat. today could turn out to be the hottest day of the entire summer. baltimore city is ready to help out residents. >> there is a business that has a sign on his door that says that it is cool inside. people have been trying to find a place that is cool. baltimore city has been trying
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to help. >> we have had hours. >> this makes his job tougher. he and a co-worker try to find a ghastly. >> we have to drink plenty of water. you know, stay hydrated. >> hot enough to trigger a code red alert to help keep people cool. this disaster truck headed to four different locations offering cold bottles of water. >> with a code red, that says to everybody that the weather is too hot for people to be out. obviously, homeless, the matter how old they are, they are going to dehydrate. you'll dehydrate within a half- hour to 45 minutes. bonnie rose grab bottles for herself and their one-year-old daughter. >> you don't wanna know how many
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diapers i go through. >> cooling centers offer an air- conditioned place to stay. >> we had around a 45-30 people today come through here. that has been a great success. people want to come in and said alan cool off. they leave and they go to other bodies and then they come in. it has been a great success thus far. >> code red bus passes have been issued to get out of the heat. the cooling centers and firehouses are destinations. >> and they are encouraged to go to the cooling centers, the senior center, community action centers and we have some of our rec centers open. people do not know where the locations are and we encourage them to call 311. >> of course we want to tell you where they are located.
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the 5200 block of york road, the 600 block of cherry hill road, the 3300 of airedale avenue, the 1100 block of pennsylvania avenue, the 3400 block of bank street, and for 200 east federal street. those centers open at 9 and will close at 7:00 p.m.. reporting live, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecasts. >> it is only the ninth time this summer that we hit the 90 degree mark. only nine losses so far it feels hot out there there he
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advisory's up until 8:00 tonight it is a heat warning there is a heated by azeri. it is 88. we were close to ocean city. when you factor in the humidity, that is the tough thing. it feels like 106. it is still tough for a couple more hours. it will be muggy. we have a better chance.
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outlying suburbs can drop back. it is a little cooler. the front is sliding in and the humidity is true in a line of thunderstorms a severe thunderstorm watch is here. the storms over the heat wave that will finally pushed it away. many areas on the eastern shore will get as high as 95 tomorrow. if you are heading out on the day, you're getting the cooling effect of the water. even the water is warming up.
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there will have another round tomorrow they will be noticeably cooler around 78 tomorrow. 93 with afternoon storms. another hot one. low 90s and money with scattered thunderstorms tomorrow. it will be cooler and less humid. bucs now, 11 sports. >> the ravens had plenty of it, the heat at training camp. the players stood up to the he without any obvious meltdown. having the preseason start this week, it carries them through the stretch of training camp.
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they thought the ravens held a good training camp. all of the ravens players have the conditioning down. it does to him for bodies. >> >> your want to get these games for it will be tough. that is what training camp is for. you have to fight. >> after the weather cools off significantly, on the champions tour return. it returned to the country club today. of course, he could certainly use more of the same.
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his focus his energy -- he is focusing his energy on his daughter. it gives them a rare opportunity to compete with friends. >> we have a variety of guises. it is their first time out there. they did not feel like they accomplished what they intended to on the pga tour. maybe they want to do a little better. the throw the mall and the mix and find out who really wants it. the environment is a very supportive one but it is very competitive. >> uc nasty accidents all the time, but sometimes you ask how the driver walked away from that. jeff gordon survived a crash today that will make you believe in angels or engineers.
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he bounced off the barrier and then here comes gordon he was debone that full speed and both drivers walked away uninsured. he won for a record fifth time. he took the checkered flag a day after schedule. of course, the orioles are back,. they should have short sleeve shirts tonight and softball pads. >> it is so hot. >> we will have the 74 test run after this. after this.
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>> coming about 11, a warning for scanners that are causing people to sell all 1 systems. a debate over the health care reform. tonight, the discussion lands right here in maryland. you'll hear from lawmakers and constituents on both sides of the issue. an
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polo sweater just immature and did not get cold. >> jerry is always telling us, it depends on where we go. 92 tomorrow, we started downward trend tomorrow. the storms are good news. of the developed along a cold front and it is a summer cold fronts a little from the 90's to the '80s, but it will feel better i think. especially when the humidity comes down. expect some thunderstorms again on saturday and sunday. what's i cannot even imagine football practice. >> 20 pounds of equipment. >> a lot of but high schools of those two days. those two days. >> we will see you at they have alzheimer's and heart disease,
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