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tv   Today  NBC  August 11, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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and we're back with more of "today" on a tuesday morning. the 11th of august, 2009. it is another hot and sticky one out there. according to mr. roker going to get a little warm and a little close this afternoon. but we've got a nice group of people hanging out out there. >> spread out. >> giving each other a little bit of space. >> it's a good idea on a day like today. i'm matt lauer along with al roker and sarah gore, who is from lx tv helping out while natalie is on vacation.
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and we had some sad news out of massachusetts overnight. eunice kennedy shriver, president kennedy's sister and the founder of the special olympics has died overnight at a hospital out on cape cod. she was 88 years old. in just a moment we're going to take a look at a remarkable life and the difference she made for thousands of kids. >> absolutely. and from our health files, the difference between the truth and what you may think you know about your body, and weight loss. from yo-yo dieting's impact on your metabolism to the real source of cellulite and how many calories that margarita is really costing you. we're going to have a reality check. >> important. >> plus, if you have the need of an overall plus you don't have the cash to give you one we'll show you quick changes you can make that are easy on you and your wallet. >> also good information. we appreciate that. but before we go any further let's take a look at the life and the legacy of an outstanding woman, eunice mary kennedy shriver. the fifth of joseph and rose
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kennedy's nine children, she was known as her brother jfk's favorite, because she was the one who could always speak to him bluntly and make him laugh. a champion of the disabled, she was the first to reveal the kennedy family secret, that her older sister rosemary was mentally disabled. later she helped create the special olympics. >> let me win, but if i cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt. >> reporter: what began in 1962 as a camp for mentally disabled athletes in her backyard evolved into the world's largest sports program, reaching over 2 million people in over 150 countries. her husband, sargent shriver, now suffering from alzheimer's, was the first director of the peace corps. he ran for vice president in 1972. her five children were raised and flourished as washingtonians, and were greatly inspired by her call to service. as daughter maria, a former correspondent for nbc news, now married to california governor arnold schwarzenegger, once put
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it, i think my mother put the fear of god in most people. she is a perfectionist. family biographer doris kearns goodwin says shriver was tough-minded and compassionate. >> mrs. shriver came from a well-to-do family with all the privileges and the celebrity that that allowed her to have. and yet she used that celebrity, she used those privileges to benefit people who were at a difficult moment in their lives. >> eunice kennedy shriver has labored on behalf of america's least powerful people, the mentally retarded. >> reporter: in 1984 she received the presidential medal of freedom, america's highest civilian honor. she was a devout roman catholic, and a believer in the power of the possible. >> i think that everywhere there are handicapped people. all over the world. now, where do we stop? and can i find them? i will find them. i will keep going until i find them. >> reporter: despite her pedigree in wealth, she retained a down-to-earth style. her brother bobby's high opinion of her place in the family
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dynasty was clear. he said she should have been president. if you ask most of my brothers, sister and cousins, they say they'd like to be like her. for more on the passi ining eun kennedy shriver let's go to andrea mitchell. i know she was surrounded by her family overnight. 5 children, 19 grandchildren. >> exactly. i think we'd all like to be like eunice shriver, echoing what bobby kennedy said. her death is the latest blow for the kennedy family. the white house has issued a statement today saying that she will be remembered as the founder of the special olympics, as a champion for people with intellectually disabilities, and as an extraordinary woman who, as much as anyone, taught our nation and our world, that no physical or mental barrier can restrain the power of the human spirit. and there was this poignant statement today from her only surviving brother, senator edward kennedy, himself of course battling brain cancer. senator kennedy's statement says my sister gene and i and our entire family will miss her with
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all our hearts. i know our parents and brothers and sisters who have gone before are filled with joy to have her by their side again. from the kennedy family. eunice shriver, matt, started life defined by her role as daughter, sister and wife. she ended up leaving a legacy that far exceeded anything that she could have imagined. and she did it with signature style, warmth, and great intelligence. >> andrea, i mentioned that her husband sargent shriver is battling alzheimer's. do we know anything about his condition? >> oh, we know a great deal. because maria testified to congress, she's done a documentary, we know that he doesn't recognize people. that he really is ailing. but he's still smiles, he still has spirit. i covered his campaign for vice president in 1972, and of course, knew of him as the founder and the big spark behind the peace corps. i come from a peace corps family, my siblings. so it is, of course, a great challenge for the family now, to
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see sarge shriver in this role, this diminished role. but he's surrounded by so much love with all of the grandchildren, with maria and the other children, and the -- so he lived a full life. >> andrea mitchell in washington with her thoughts on this. thanks so much. >> thank you, matt. >> really, there was a point that she was so down-to-earth. i mean, just a wonderful, remarkable person. >> maria shriver was a longtime colleague of ours here at nbc and a good friend for a lot of us. maria, and to the rest of the shriver family, our condolences and our sympathies to you. let's go over to the news desk now. ann is there with a look at the top stories. >> i do. good morning, once again, everybody. president obama gets back to pitching health care reform at a town hall meeting today at new hampshire. following some raucous town halls held by others in recent days the president said he welcomes vigorous debate. the house majority leader nancy pelosi has called the effort by some recent participants to drown out their opponents,
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rather house speaker, as simply un-american. buildings, drinks and roads are being washed away in taiwan where heavy rains unleashed the worst flooding in half a century. at least 50 people are now confirmed dead. soldiers have rescued more than 200 people in a remote dillage buried by mudslide. tokyo is cleaning up after a strong offshore earthquake that rattled buildings, shattered windows, and knocked food from store shelves. at least one person was killed in the magnitude 6.5 quake. more than 80 people have been injured. public lackbarb has grounded plans to buy four new luxury jets, for use by government officials, including members of congress, who once criticized high-flying auto executives. house democrats now say that they will not force the pentagon to buy the aircraft, which would have cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. today, secretary of state hillary clinton is in goma in eastern congo, an area aid workers say is the most dangerous place on earth for women and children. she met with victims of brutal rapes and other atrocities.
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meantime on monday, she spoke with university students who bristled -- and bristled when she was asked, she believed about someone who asked her about her husband, what he would think of a particular financial issue. >> on this situation, thank you very much. >> wait, you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? my husband is not the secretary of state. i am. so you ask my opinion, i will tell you my opinion. i'm not going to be channeling my husband. >> the questioner later said he actually asked what president obama would think but that the translator got it wrong. more than 20 people spent hours stuck on a roler coaster at the great america theme park in santa clara, california, on monday. park officials say the ride was having lift problems and no one was in immediate danger. it is now eight minutes past the hour. now back to matt, al and sarah gore this morning.
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>> all right, ann, thank you very much. you ever been stuck on a ride? >> not intentionally. >> very long ride. >> what did your wife annette think of that story? >> which one? which one? >> never mind. >> oh, gosh. >> you have a check of the weather? >> i do. >> anyway, we'll show you for today, amazingly looking at the strong storms working their way through the plains. we've also got some wet weather moving through northern new england. that's good news. we've got a tropical depression coming off the cape verde islands. could become tropical storm ana later this week. showers in the pacific northwest. risk of those strong storms from texas, oklahoma, on into the >> sun is out and it is already pretty steamy. and 90 to 93 by the afternoon. scattered showers and storms thanks to the advance of a cold front.
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that's your latest weather. ann? >> all right, al, thanks. it's been more than six weeks since farrah fawcett lost her battle with cancer and it was her best friend alana stewart who spent two years videotaping that fight that went on to become an nbc's documentary called "farrah's story." >> the first time she and ryan and i met with dr. jacob she handed me the camera and she said here, you film it. >> what is working against this kind of tumor. >> suddenly i'm filming this whole scene, this first meeting with them. and that's how i started filming. and then every time we would go to a procedure or a surgery or a doctor's meeting, i started filming everything. >> alana stewart continues to pay tribute to her friend in a
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candid minimum our called "my journey with farrah: a story of life, love and friendship." good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about what some people may be immediately asking upon hearing that you've written a book. they may be wondering why so soon, only a month after your best friend's death, would you come out with a book that's so intimate and so revealing? >> well, i had been writing these diaries for a long time. and quite some time ago, when we were at the clinic, i had -- i told a story before, and it's in the book, actually, i had given farrah as a gift this little book that i had bought in the german gift shop. it was about two friends and their journey through life together, and she looked at me and she said, you know, you should write a book like this about us. >> why are you putting out a book now, so quickly? i know a part of the proceeds are going to her foundation. >> well, the book was written, in fact, it was the diaries, and originally i was going to do a memoir of my own, and i realized, after reading over the
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part of the last three years, and my journey with farrah, that it was really a book on its own. and i wanted it to be a tribute to her. you know, and as far as the timing, you know, when farrah died, there was still hope, or at least i had hope right up until near the end, that she was going to live. >> so this book was in planning -- >> this book was already -- >> without realizing -- >> and then suddenly she did die. but she rallied so many times before in the past. and, so we were hoping that this would be another rally. she went into the hospital, and then she kept getting worse, and -- but i had hoped, frankly, that she'd be alive, and i'd be able to give her the first copy of the book. >> you felt your motivation to not just be as a tribute but also to help others. you said i hope i could perhaps give some support and encouragement not only to people fighting the disease but also to loved ones and friends walking the path with them. so in -- in many ways this book is a written version of what
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people saw in the documentary. it gives people a kind of moment-to-moment experience as you chronicled in your diary. but what is it about -- what is it that you can tell us about farrah fawcett that we don't already know? that we've -- we've celebrated, we've enjoyed her talents all of these years. and we've seen in the documentary her tremendous courage. what is it that we don't know, being her friend, being someone who knows her for 30 years, what should we know about farrah fawcett? >> well, i think in a way it's an extension of the documentary, but it goes a lot deeper than the documentary. because it's also a tribute to our friendship. and i believe it's a tribute to friendship in general. and to anyone who has gone along this journey with someone who has a terminal illness. >> they say that having good friends can help you so much. and they're so important. they're good medicine. good friends and good family when you're suffering with this disease. it takes tremendous courage. do you understand fully where
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farrah got her courage? as all people who have cancer have to find it? >> i think all people who have cancer, any other terminal disease, are heroes. because it's an incredible struggle. and i think farrah just reached down deep inside herself, and found that inner strength that we all have, i believe. i found that i had it. because i had never gone through anything like this in my life. >> you don't know where she got it? >> i think she got it from her roots. her texas roots. her deep faith in god. her parents, who were religious, who had a -- had faith. her father still, he's 92, he still prays every day. i know during her illness, particularly, farrah prayed. i have a lot of faith. and i think that might have bonded the two of us together. in that we both believe that she was going to find a cure for this cancer. i mean that's what the documentary was originally about. >> but also bounded you together -- bound you together was -- was your both having
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sons. and one of the most heartbreaking parts of watching farrah's struggle was -- was difficulty for her son redmond. that he's now incarcerated, and is having this difficulty. i can't imagine dying knowing my son is in jail. so what i want to know is what was your prayer for redmond? if he could really hear her today, what would he be hearing about what her wish is for him still? >> i think she just wished for him to have a happy life. a happy, normal life. and you know the good news is that he is doing so well. i can say that ryan goes and visits him every weekend and he's really doing well. he's in a rehab part of a jail. and he's going to go to a regular rehab after this. and he's just doing amazingly well. and he feels like this mother's with him. he feels her presence very strongly, and he promised her in a phone call just before she died that she would never do
9:16 am
drugs again. so -- i hope he's able to keep that promise. >> you're saying this experience of losing her and her death may actually be the spark -- a spark that may help him in his future journey? >> it could possibly change his life. yeah. he's a very wonderful young man. he just had a drug problem. >> well, there are a lot of kids who have drug problems and who recover. let's hope that that's true for redmond, especially after all of his losses. alana stewart, thank you so much. the book is called "my journey with farrah." and coming up next, some very common diet myths exposed. we'll be right back after this. fact: life today calls for more than an ordinary wipe. that's why there's lysol dual action disinfecting wipes. they go beyond ordinary wipes because they have two different sides. a scrubbing side with powerful built in fibers that easily lifts tough messes and a wiping side that cleans and kills 99.9% of germs.
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sweet! has progress taken us to a better place? i'd say it's taken us for a ride. honestly, what thanks do we owe progress? we're up to our necks in landfill, and down to the wire in resources and climate change is out to get us. that's why progress plays no role inside post shredded wheat. here, we put the "no" in innovation. post original shredded wheat is still just the one simple, honest ingredient which naturally comes with vitamins, minerals and fiber. all we did was make it spoon size. did we go too far? this morning on "take it off today," diet myths that will shock you. does fat really cause cellulite and is yo-yo dieting forever damage your metabolism.
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joy bauer is here to set the record straight with shocking diet myth busters. joy. >> good morning. >> are you ready to shock us? >> i am ready. >> all right. first of all, let's get the record straight here. prewashed ready to eat carrots are soaked with a toxic chemical unsafe to eat. >> this is ridiculous! and i'm not sure where this rumor came from. but people have been bombarded with -- >> on the internet. >> it's all overed place. listen, while it's true that baby carrots that are ready to eat, like the bag of other produce that's ready to eat have been rinsed in a diluted chlorine solution, that's highly regulated by the fda, it's there -- >> of course they've done a great job so far. >> it's there to protect our health, because it prevents the spread of food-borne illness. the other thing is that white blush that we see on our carrots, it's not from the chlorine. it's a natural discoloration that just happens when carrots lose their moisture. when you think about baby carrots, we peel them, we put
9:21 am
them, so that protected outer layer is gone. that's the layer that locks in the moisture. so although that white blush is ugly, it's not harmful. and it's not due to the chlorine. it's absolutely fine. >> all righty. now, next myth. high fat and high sugar foods cause cellulite. true or false? >> it's false. it's false. there is -- >> shocking! >> there is no one food. as high fat as it may be, as full of sugar as it may be, that can directly cause cellulite. cellulite is a pocket of fat that's located underneath the skin. >> so you could be not everyweight and have cellulite? >> absolutely. there's a survey and shows more than 85% of women, whether they're thin or whether they're overweight, claim they have some type of cellulite around their body. there's a huge genetic predisposition. but at the same time, weight gain certainly increases the incidence of cellulite, as well. so one doughnut is not going to equate to cellulite. but if you eat a couple of doughnuts day after day after day you increase the calories,
9:22 am
you pack on the pounds, and if you have a genetic predisposition, you can start to see cellulite. but the good news is you can minimize it by eating less, by moving more. >> and wearing pants. >> thank god for clothes. >> next miss, dairy causes bloating. >> dairy does not cause -- >> i hope that was a buzzer from the audio department. >> thank you for that. dairy does not cause bloating. unless you have a lactose intolerance and that means that you're lacking an enzyme that helps your body to digest milk. and even people with a lactose intolerance can often handle aged cheeses or yogurt. because yogurt has active cultures in it. which helps your body to break down the milk. the other thing is irritable bowel syndrome. some people have ibf and you may be sensitive to milk. not all people with ibf -- >> the rule is just not -- >> no, if you notice a couple of days, if your symptoms minimize -- >> out in the field --
9:23 am
>> oh. >> yo-yo dieting kills your metabolism? >> not true. and this gives hope to so many people who have lost weight and gained it back time and time again. it's never too late to watch your calories, get out there and exercise, slow and steady, a plan that you can sustain. >> but make it steady. >> absolutely. >> and the last one we have to get to for our director. alcohol turns to sugar in the body. >> not true. alcohol is so misunderstood. alcohol -- >> not by joe michaels. >> is it's own entity. we have carbohydrates, protein, fat, and alcohol. alcohol is separate entity. it's metabolized in the liver. the problem with alcohol and why it spikes your blood sugar is when you take vodka and rim and gin and you douse it with all of these mixers, that's the sugar end. >> all right. joe doesn't do that. joy bauer, thanks so much. still to come, hoda and kathie
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this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. hundreds of people for and against the president's health care reform plan to gather outside towson university last night for a health-care town hall. senator ben cardin that listen to concerns and answered questions, but was interrupted many times as he tried to clear up rumors about the proposal. >> we are not putting in terminating people scare at the end of life. that is not going to be in the bill. we are not good to include those who are undocumented in the system. >> you wanted to be more efficient and cheaper, so you want the government to do it? , on. >> another town hall meeting is going to be held in hagerstown. the senate is considering holding another meeting after last night's turnout. >> we will see another above- normal high temperature range, between 90 and 93.
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a fund is on the move. it is the same kind that will bring more cloud cover this afternoon. position to our northwest, it will make it through the state of maryland and into tonight. it will be completely through but install two hours out by tomorrow. -- installed to our south by tomorrow. 85 on thursday and friday. we remain in the 80's for the weekend. >> we will have another update at 9:55. the sparkly flakes. the honey-baked bunches! the magic's in the mix. my favorite part? eating it.
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9:31 am
visit us tomorrow here on "today." it's so romantic. >> it starts tomorrow. >> eric bana, he is adorable. the two of them will be here tomorrow. meantime today we've got sarah gore in for natalie, as well as mr. al. and you're going to be talking about a subject you know a lot about. >> yes, i'll be partnering up, teaming up with my tv partner in crime, george oliphant. she's going to show us cost effective ways to update the room of any room in your home from splashes of color to how to add some light and a sense of space. and you don't have to spend a lot to make a big impact. so he's going to be here showing us how to do that. >> oh, and also ahead, they say in oklahoma the corn is as high as an elephant's eye. if you've been in our newsroom you know what that means. we're talking corn this morning. our hot chef john shenk is here to show you how to pick it, strip it, and cream it. >> mm-mmm.
9:32 am
>> all coming up in the next half hour or the next hour, hoda and kathie lee are going to be talking to a bunch of kids. a panel of kids exploring the challenging world of step families. before all that a check of the weather. >> absolutely. for today, we're looking at sunshine here in the east. going to be a little on the steamy side. strong storms from the mid-mississippi river valley through texas and oklahoma. showers in the pacific northwest. hot in the southwest. tomorrow, rain in new england, slight risk of strong storms along the mid-atlantic coast. record highs in the plains all the way down to the southwest. >> us steamy high of 90 degrees. still heatwave. scattered showers and storms this afternoon with the advance of a cold front. same scenario on the shores of
9:33 am
that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you. coming up next, the four elements that promise to change the look of any room. that's coming up right after this.
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that can nourish deep down. it's the most effective natural nourishment ever. new dove deep moisture with nutriummoisture. superior natural nourishment for your skin. this morning on "today's home," giving your house a new feel with some little changes. all it takes is a little patience and a little creativity. george oliphant, my could host on lxtv open house is here with some easy steps to updating any room in your home. >> good morning. so good to see you. congratulations on being on the "today" show. >> well, thank you. okay, so you've got some great tips for us. i always want to update my house. but you don't always want to spend that kind of money because you don't want to switch it out. >> exactly. i've done so many rescues. everything you've got here you can do on a budget. you can do it in an afternoon. and it really tabs four elements. you want to add life, you want
9:38 am
to add color, you want to add light and you want to clear the clutter. >> of course. >> okay. and you can do this to any room. this isn't just for the bathroom. bathroom, kitchen, loving room, bedroom. we even did it in the garage. >> where do we start? >> let's start with life. >> greenery. >> bring the outside in. exactly. bring in plants. bring in flowers. display them with vases or interesting pots. you'd be surprised at just the zest that it fills a room with. and the aroma of fresh cut flowers. plus it gives us a nice pop of color. >> i love bringing flowers in. and it's good for the oxygen in the air. >> it's great for the oxygen. any room that's full of plants, it's just so nice to be in. >> it is. >> and it's an easy change. something really easy. >> really easy change. but then, you bring in life. >> right, we bring in color. so obviously we have colored flowers. change out your pillows. that's really easy. you can go to any store and pick
9:39 am
up some new pillows. swap them out, add some color. one of my favorites, we did this in a garage. the picture all. is where you go. >> the picture wall is very, very intimidating. >> you would think. is it going to be level? is it going to be cockeyed. >> we don't know. >> but, with, let me just show you this. you go online and they send you this stencil right here. >> oh, wow. >> and basically it already has a level spot on it. you hang it on your wall. you can put this right down, and you see, everything right here is perfectly level. it takes all of the guesswork out of it. you don't have to be a mathematician. it's simple. it looks nice. it adds character to the room. >> so you can go online -- >> get that out of the way. >> go online to >> and you can design your wall and the pictures you have and they'll send you a template and everything you need? >> the frame, the stencils. they know how big your wall is.
9:40 am
like i said, takes all the guesswork out of it. >> it's fool proof. i'm going to start hanging pictures now. >> we did it in the garage. >> so next. >> speaking of hanging things on the wall, hang a mirror on a wall adjacent to a window. that is going to add not only open the room up, but it's going to capture all that natural light and fill the room with it. >> right. so makes the room look bigger and brighter. >> also if you don't have windows, lamps. or even if you have windows, lamps are perfect. i highly recommend using a cfl bulb, because as we say here at nbc, green is universal. lamps are a great way to add light to a room. you can also change up your lampshades. >> an easy, quick fix, too. if you can change the room by changing the lampshade. >> changing the light. you want to add light. you want to add light, color, life and last, certainly not least. clear the clutter. >> clear the clutter. >> i'm not talking about stuff that has been, you know, and
9:41 am
forever. i'm talking about your everyday clutter. >> like your magazines. >> or your cell phone, your your keys. you come home and empty your pockets. this is an ottoman. >> it's functional furniture. >> exactly. dual purpose furniture. multipurpose furniture. you throw your magazines in there. out of sight, out of mind. >> right. >> you come home, you sit down. you're like oh, man, we've got guests coming over. let's get all this stuff put away. >> george, that's not changing the clutter, it's just hiding the clutter. >> it's hiding and clearing. give me a hard time. that way, when you know where everything is, but it's not all out there. it's not an eye sore. you have those clean lines. everything looks nice. i'm a huge fan of multipurpose furniture. >> me, too. now i have to ask you to come over to my house. life, light, clutter and -- >> clear that clutter. >> perfect, george.
9:42 am
thank you so much. and my office. up next, it's prime for the picking. we'll show you what to do with the season's freshest vegetable right after this. [ female announcer ] give your eyes the attention they deserve with covergirl exact eyelights. mascara with light reflecting metallics and a hint of tint that brightens eye color while defining lashes. turn up the light in your eyes. [ female announcer ] with exact eyelights from easy breezy beautiful covergirl. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm, flaky, pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two bonus
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into soyjoy. learn more at this morning in "today's kitchen" our hot chef is cooking with corn. the best of the crop is in. what can you do besides boil it or grill it? john shenk is the imperative schiff of strip house restaurant. he's here with some ideas. good to see you again. they've written i'm all ears. >> oh. >> oh. >> oh. >> a little bit of a kernel of a joke in that one. oh, shucks i've got to stop this, really. thank you. >> that's it, i'm out of here. >> all right. >> i can't compete. >> so this is the time of year that corn lovers have to enjoy. >> absolutely. you know, i just actually had corn on the cob in buffalo. >> when you're looking for corn,
9:47 am
what should you be looking for? >> a nice shine, the kernels are really just filled with water. you really don't want to see any the fungus or worm holes. >> that's not good. >> unless you like fungus and worm holes. >> and when you're buying corn, i've always wondered if the shop keepers or the farmer's market, should you pull back the shuck a little bit. >> i think they don't mind. if people pull it back and put it back, i'm sure it has its moments. >> what are we making sheer? >> cream corn. >> how hard is it to get the corn off the cob? >> there's several ways. when you do it with a knife you want to make sure you chop it a little bit. this is actually a creamer. you can buy this at sur la table, and it takes the corn off, runs the cob over here and
9:48 am
scrapes the milk. for cream corn you get the nice milkyness off the cob. this takes two quarts. this is regular pancetta, italian bacon. >> why not regular bacon? >> you can use it. but i like to use a very mild, regular bacon. i don't like that heavy smoke. kind of overpowers the sweetness of the corn. >> if you use bacon it kind of changes the flavor a little bit. >> you can. the pancetta, but if you don't have access, bacon will work. there's nothing wrong with bacon. some onions. put knows in there, and just take them until a little bit translucent. >> until they absorb some of that bacon grease? >> absolutely. you want to make sure you've poured off a little bit of the bacon grease. >> that smells so good. >> if you don't it's going to be a nice, oily dish. you want that translucent and you just add your nice, shucked corn. and you just want to get this starting to get a little bit tender. you really don't want to cook it all the because you really want
9:49 am
to get some of that juice out of there. it's going to take a longer process to cook through the whole dish so you don't want to start with it already cooked. it's got to be partially there. then once that is, it's going to be a little bit longer than this, but we don't have the time. then you add your cream. >> of course you do. >> because you add. >> bacon and cream is better than just bacon. >> there you go. >> and just -- all you want to do is bring this up to a simmer. okay. and then at that point, you slowly add what we have instant polenta. you want to add a little bit of body. of course it's corn. >> corn on corn. >> exactly. so you put a little bit on, sprinkle. you slowly incorporate it. and then you sprinkle some more. >> it's almost like you're making a corn risotto. >> it's a little bit like that. it has that texture to it. has that nice kind of airiness, but little bit of starchiness to it. even that polenta. >> it's already thickening up. >> exactly.
9:50 am
>> and because as the corn cooks, more water is going to come out of it. so it's going to be an agent. then we have this right here. now we have the consistency where you can see almost like lightness, we're going to have some parmesan cheese because, again, corn and cheese and cream. >> bacon. >> and -- >> does this come with a defibrillator. >> no. but it does come with a disclaimer. and then just a little bit of parsley. we like to use parsley, again we want to keep the flavors kind of neutral. and then this is what we have. we have a nice creamed corn. what we're going to do is take our -- now this can be done ahead of time, or just put it right on top. let it sit there. and then we take our -- we're going to put a little bit of our reserved fat. fat is flavor. that's what i keep saying. >> of course, fat is flavor. put our bread croups in there.
9:51 am
toss them over high heat just a little bit. and add just a pinch of parsley. a little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper. >> oh, man. >> and when this browns, we're just going to put it right over the top and we put it in the oven. >> how long do you bake that for? >> just to warm up. because it's already hot. >> let's come back here. >> okay, great. >> oh, you're good. >> grab that. >> okay. you got it? here we go. straight there. and what we have is a taste. >> oh. >> and now this is really good for home dish, for home cooks who are serving it for like a party. because you really don't want to serve corn on the cob is everyone's wearing a suit. >> we've got more. thanks so much. more to come on "today."
9:52 am
9:53 am
we want to eat this. before we get to that.
9:54 am
find out what's coming up in the next hour, you too. >> we've got neil coming up. >> so adorable. >> and nancy grace, as well. >> cool. >> first we're going to have a little northern. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. baltimore city police are
9:55 am
investigating the gas station robbery that led to an elderly man being held hostage. the robbery happened around 9:30 yesterday morning. police said that the two suspects fled the store and entered a home in the 4200 block of mary avenue, where police held a 92-year-old man hostage. it was not until police fired gas into the home that they're able to rescue the man. >> we saw a suspect, out the back and he was escorted to the paddy wagon here because it to come up to the paramedics and we saw an ambulance go by. >> police say the 93-year-old man is doing fine and the search continues for the second suspect. a federal judge has thrown the book at a man convicted of killing a witness. he will serve three consecutive life sentences for the murder that happened in 2006. he she is said to have worked
9:56 am
with other men to carry out the murder. the other men r
9:57 am
>> now let's take a look at the forecast with sandra shaw. >> we will be pretty warm again today. intense humidity out there, making the heat index feel much higher. more clouds this afternoon, a good chance of scattered showers and storms, thanks to the move of a cold front. it will be moving through overnight tonight as well.
9:58 am
67 to 72 is the temperature range. relief is in sight. 85 on thursday and friday. mid-to-upper 80s saturday >>
9:59 am
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