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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  August 12, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for "11 news today. >> we will take a check on the forecast with sandra shaw. >> it will be cooler. we will see mostly cloudy skies. it will not be the prettiest days. bosome showers in west virginia right now. it is associated with an upper level trough. we will be unsettled today. no major rainfall right now. maybe this afternoon some isolated thunderstorms. let's take a look of the temperatures. 77 degrees downtown carried 72 degrees of the airport.
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more on what the best of the week looks like in the seven- day. let's check out traffic. >> good morning. traffic is looking good at the moment. no delays. everything is an well. -- flowing well. overall we are looking good. 11 minutes your outer loop drive time from i-95. 11 minute ride on the west side. here is a lot of you. 95 and the white marsh area is looking good this morning. no problems on any of the area roadways. that is the latest on traffic. >> our big story this morning, a lawyer for 17 year-old lamont davis accused of shooting a 5 year-old girl says his client is
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innocent. >> he has camera footage that caught the shooting. our reporter is live outside of the courthouse to explain the video. >> he pleaded not guilty on court on tuesday. they have a video evidence that proves he is innocent. the video was recorded on july 2 and from the crime cameras on the corner of pulaski street. you will see the shooting and pulled on camera. the suspect runs from the scene. neighbors gathered around the five year-old reagan white who was injured in the crossfire. -- raven wyatt. police said that davis was wearing a mouth functional gps monitoring device. the video shows the suspect was not wearing one. a law professor says this is a strategy that could work given the amount of media coverage on the case.
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>> he has gotten very frustrated in the past several weeks having his client being found guilty in the media as he would probably put it. >> according to court documents, several witnesses identified davis as the shooter. police are not commenting on the release of the video. it is going to be up to the jury. reporting live, wbal tv 11 news. >> thank you. police are searching for the people who shot a woman while she was sitting in her home. it happened shortly after 9:00 last night. she was watching television when she was hit by a stray bullet. she was taken to the hospital was non-life threatening injuries. >> it abominably guilty to a starving her taller to death while she was a member of a cult will get out of jail soon. she will enroll in a counseling program in maryland. it is not a correctional
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facility. she will have a job and responsibilities. she pled guilty to starving her son because he would not say amen at mealtime. a twin year-old man -- a 28 year-old man was arrested as police believe he struck two people with a baseball bat. both of the people were taken to shock trauma with head injuries. they are in stable condition. >> more than $25,000 worth of property was stolen from a home. the residents did not have to look far to find the belongings. the female victim was traveling down the road when she noticed a yard sale with her belongings up for grabs. police arrested the man. he is charged with first-degree robbery and burglary and theft. >> three people are recovering in hospital after high levels of
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carbon monoxide was discovered in the ocean city hotel room. police say the hotel lacked co detectors even though they are required by law. the source of the problem is still under investigation. several explosions at home occurred which destroyed it. it occurred around 3 yesterday afternoon. it took more than 100 firefighters to control the blaze. no one was injured. the damage was about $1 million. >> more town hall meetings on health care. president obama had an event yesterday in new hampshire. is it working? we have more from washington. >> more venting from all sides of the health-care debate. >> i have to wait in line at a free clinic. >> we have had it with the
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government. but earlier, president obama tried to counter what she -- what he called misrepresentations are bringing. >> i am not in favor of pulling the plug on granma. we are not about cutting medicare benefits. we are not putting the government in charge of your health insurance. >> protesters dug in. >> under a bonus plan, she along with millions of other elderly people will not get the care they givneed. they will be made comfortable while they die. >> it is filled with anxiety. their retirement is not what it was.
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their home is not worth what it was. i want to keep my health care. it least that is working. >> many people do not have insurance. >> i am grateful to be here today. >> they packed the l.a. forum to get here yesterday for free. private insurers agree that getting coverage is the goal and would bring down premiums. there is no agreement among them on how to pay for it. in washington, nbc news. >> a new electric car is gearing up to take over the roads. the chef de volevy volt gets 23. it relies solely on a batteries. it is expected in showrooms late next year with a suggested price
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of $40,000. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. would you pay $40,000 for a car that gets 230 mpg? email us your response to 71 degrees on tv hill. a search for the remaining victims in a deadly crashed on the hudson is over. >> the killer makes a chilling confession to a 911 operator. >> here is a live look at traffic. this is the beltway over liberty road. i will have an update
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>> 72 degrees. some more calls are around today. take a look at the satellite imagery. some clouds are filtering into the state of maryland. that will continue to route today.
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there is an upper level -- that will continue throughout the day. there is an upper level pressure hanging around today. only 20% of isolated thunderstorms. more on your seven-day forecast coming up in a bit. >> covering the nation this morning, the airplane involved in the deadly mid-air collision over the hudson river has been pulled out of the waters. it was located on monday. there were able to retrieve it yesterday. the plane was on its side in 60 feet of water. two bodies were recovered. all nine victims have now been found. >> an ohio man commits a series of crimes and calls 911 and confesses. he killed his girlfriend and set the house on fire. he told them where they could find him after he called 911.
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>> i shot my back -- i shot my girlfriend in the back of the head. i set my house on fire as well as hers. >> you set your own house on fire? >> her body is there. >> he was dead from a self- inflicted gunshot wound when he was found. >> those who were involved in special olympics maryland reflect on and eunice kennedy shriver. >> some good news for credit card holders. >> if you are getting ready to go out there on area roads, it is looking good so far. will u
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>> so far so good. >> we do a great job. >> we are happy to report it is looking good out there. no delays yet. no incidents to report. 54 miles per hour is your average speed on the northeast corner. overall, running smoothly on the roadways. here is a live view outside checking the white marsh area. this is a spot we like to check. we normally see early morning delays. it is moving well.
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fort mchenry tunnel is checking out fine. no problems to report. here is a live look at traffic on the northeast corner near hartford world. -- rep hartford road. -- near hartford road. >> we are looking pretty good. no delays to report right now. the light rail is on time along with the metro subway. a few construction diversions. the 36 bus diverting. 21 bus with a diversion on a pennsylvania and the dolphin. organizations are sitting with the commuter program.
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now back to sandra shaw. >> take a look at ht doppler. we saw some showers and storms last night. -- take a look at age the doppler. at age the dopplhd doppler. we saw some showers and storms last night. the cloud cover is being channeled into our area. we will be in the mid 80's today. quite a turnaround from where we were yesterday. 76 degrees downtown. los 7's. -- los 70's. -- ow y70's. -- low 70's.
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a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms. not the best beach state on ocean city. the slight chance of showers and storms. it will be cooler on the shores of the atlantic. 87 is the forecast i there. -- a forecast high there. 65 degrees is our general overnight a=low. -- low. we are sitting one batch of klaus skirting through here. -- we are seeing one batch of clouds skirting through here.
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this is tropical depression number two. it is expected to be tropical storm anna. mid 80's. some storms this afternoon. >>two credit card companies will ditch their over the limit fees. american express and discover have got some criticism for this. this an express and discover have got some criticism for this. this will affect how customers are charged for fees. they were previously charged $35 for going over their limits. the summer restaurant week has been extended in baltimore.
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you can find great deals that some of the best hot spots in the city. you could get a three course lunch for $20. or dinner for $30. to find a complete list of participating restaurants, go to our web sites at >> let's get the latest from wall street. we have the bloomberg business report now. >> more signs that consumers and businesses are opening up their wallets as the recession eases. thanks in part to climb in oil prices. the trade deficit probably widened in june from the lowest level in decades. exports are expected to expand as u.s. lead other nations out of the global recession. caterpillar and is posting its
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quarterly earnings. banks dragging stocks lower yesterday. the s&p 500 is now back below the 1000 level. the federal reserve could lift the markets today. the economy is growing faster than they expected. aig has a new ceo that has been on the job a couple of days. he is already leaving for a two week vacation. his vacation will not hurt aig, but it is probably not the wisest decision. that is the latest. back to you. >> he has to rest up before he starts the job. >> the worst pr possible.
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>> timing is everything. >> see you back here at 6:15 for your next report. >> we will get a look at your morning commute with traffic and weather together coming up. weather together coming up. >> the orioles some people buy a car based on the deal they get. - others buy the car of their dreams. - ( beeps ) during the lexus golden opportunity sales event, you can do both. introducing our best offers of the year on the vehicles intellichoice calls "the best overall value of all luxury brands."
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it's an opportunity today. it's a lexus forever.
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>> the country is still mourning the loss of eunice kennedy shriver. >> she founded the special olympics and touched many lives. our reporter has more. >> it was her sister rosemary
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that inspired her to have camp shriver at her home for people with disabilities. it eventually became special olympics. her family was at her side when she passed away at the age of 88. she dedicated her life to the idea that people with disabilities could achieve more than anyone thought. >> this is a primary example of a person who grew up with great privilege and access and wealth but focused that wealth on reaching out to the most marginalized citizens for generations they have been ignored. she was a force of nature. >> at special olympics maryland, there are pictures of eunice shriver throughout the building. she celebrated her birthday here in maryland at one time. her dedication to special olympics has made a big difference in the lives of many
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people. >> i have gotten to do so much being involved with special olympics. i am able to do the best i can in all that i have been able to achieve. >> the special olympics has grown to 3 million athletes competing in 150 countries. >> each time you run and jump, you will say to others everywhere, come to our world where we are freein, free to choose our sport. >> wbal 11 news. >> you have to stop and savor a great performance like last night with the orioles with a rookie pitcher. he picked up his fourth witn
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season. the orioles got the in 1-0 lead. striking out tommy. the o's played catch-up in the fifth. adam jones would follow with an rbi fielder's choice. the bullpen shut the door. the o's take it over the ace 3-2 the final last night. hope your day is off to begin testing start. >> coming up in the next half- hour of 11"news today" >> a lawyer is hoping the video will prove that his client did not shoot a five year-old girl.
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>> i believe in me. do you believe in me? >> so cute. a meeting of baltimore's top educators inspired some motivational words from students. >> it you are motivated by cooler temperatures, things are looking pretty good today. i have the full
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