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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  August 15, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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tears and his family asking why, after returning home to find their kin had been killed, police say tortured to death. >> tonight the family is speaking out. they went on vacation and thought they left a kitten in the hands of a cable house sitter, until they got a call saying something went terribly wrong. i understand some of the details are pretty disturbing. >> some of what happened to the skin is really pretty gruesome. three men were charged with animal abuse for the killing of the hooper family pet. it has been almost a week, but the pain is still very fresh for the kids. >> the people that did it were like my brothers to me. they always helped me out. i did not know why they did that. >> 10 year-old dylan hooper is mourning the loss of his pet kitten, diamond.
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bob dylan and his family were away on vacation, diamond was tortured and killed. andrea who persist their house sitter, kevin abel was a friend. she says he invited two men over while they were gone. police say rioux put the kitten in the washer and dryer and tied hurt to a ceiling fan, and put her in a bag with rocks and through her in a creek. >> you could see where the cat renner wound -- ran around, and blood was everywhere. >> they are heartbroken and still struggle to understand why the three men charged killed the cat. it is hard to get over the loss of the four month old kitten, who had become part of the family. >> that cat was the nicest cat
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in the world. she always played with me. i would have a little toy and she would chase it everywhere. >> i help it out alive and nursed it with a bottle. i was there for that cat all the way. >> entry and her husband adopted a new cat and three new kittens. dillon says they cannot replace diamond. he says he will never forget her. >> every time i go to the park and walk on that wall, i always think of her. >> to of the three men arrested or released on their own recognizance, and the third, richard rioux, the man who allegedly carried out the torture on the kitten was bailed out of jail to the tune of $50,000. >> if the suspects are convicted, they face a maximum
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sentence of 90 days in jail and $1,000 fine. the baltimore and a rescue shelter says this crime should be used as a lesson to others. the group says that punishment is too lenient. >> there definitely needs to be counseling on top of more jail time. people need to know that this is unacceptable. i think that everyone needs to recognize that. all lot of people say it is just a cat, or just an animal, but it is a living being, and we need to all show some compassion. we need to recognize that if they could do that to an animal, they could do that to a human being, too. >> police say that is the sixth case of animal abuse in the past few months. >> lisa found 74 dead cats in her columbia home back in 2006 predict police found 74 dead cats. neighbors complained about an
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odor coming from the town house that she shared with her mother. for people recovering after an accident involving an ambulance in southwest baltimore. fire officials say there was a collision around what 30 this afternoon. to paramedics were taken to mercy medical center. the two people in the suv were treated at the university of maryland medical center. >> exactly how this accident occurred has not yet been determined. an investigation is happening all location to determine what happened. >> the patient in the ambulance was unhurt and was taken by another ambulance to the hospital. tonight, the howard county sheriff's department is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the rest of a prisoner who escaped custody earlier this week. officials say 20-year-old devon champagne was being transported when he used his handcuffs to
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choke ensure a steady before fleeing the facility. officials say he visited his home yesterday morning but did not stay long. if you have any information on his whereabouts, you are asked to call howard county sheriff's office. callers can remain anonymous. efforts to close the state's $700 million budget shortfall could mean less money for local governments. today maryland governor martin o'malley announced a recommendation to cut $250 million in state aid to local governments. the governor says the cuts will affect local health, police, community colleges, roads. he is scheduled to bring more than $400 million in cuts later this month. the governor made the announcement this morning at the maryland association of counties conference in ocean city. if you have budget questions or any other questions for the o'malley administration, be sure to send them our way. we will pass them along to lt.
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governor anthony brown, who is the guest for tomorrow's sunday morning "q&a". send them to a set tonight the president answered critics of his health care reform plan. he hosted another town hall in colorado. >> at a town hall meeting in colorado, president obama offered up a dose of reality in the health care reform debate. >> there is no perfect, payless silver bullet out there. >> he asked his critics to do the same. >> the only thing i want to make sure is that you make an honest argument. nobody is talking about a government takeover. >> it was another in a series of events that looked a lot like his election campaign, but opponents are running a pretty
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good campaign of their own. >> welcome to the rumble. >> democrats have been on the defensive all week. >> it is my opinion, what we are seeing right now is the intentional, systematic dismantling of the american republic. >> republicans say it is righteous indignation. >> there is nothing un-american of disagreement. >> while the president will continue his campaign, trying to convince america that health care reform is not about politics. >> in a nutshell, he is trying to steer this debate from a screaming match back to a cold discussion of the facts. >> some maryland residents are prepared for the winter heating season now. we will show you how. and back to school. tonight, the message from e nba star rudy day.
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not the seasonal flu but or the swine flu, but the dog flu. a new virus is affecting canines, but what is the impact on humans? >> a great day outside today, and we will talk about how long this comfortable weather patt
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>> from morgan state university to downtown, that is how far they walked for homeless men. the goal was to raise money while promoting a positive change for their lives. money raised from today's march will support baltimore's helping up mission. a positive message and a backpack full of supplies is how ready date is sending kids back to school. he hosted a special back-to- school party. the maryland native encouraged children to get a healthy start back to school. gay says that means maintaining
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good hygiene and be responsible. of course, you cannot forget the school supplies. the students also had the chance to win laptops, ipod, and other special prizes. and young people from three different countries gathered in northeast baltimore today to celebrate service and 30 years of u.s.-china relations. 120 participants marked the occasion by cleaning a part. transportation officials now want to know more about traveling the friendly skies. coming up, the information you will now have to give, new york officials say it will keep american's sabre and more secure. >> clears got tonight with the clear skies tonight, and the potential for some patchy fog.
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>> 8 local group is teaching new environmentally friendly ways to save energy this winter. once a month during the summer, the group teaches locals how to use it biomass. participants learn how to make their own electricity, how to
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use solar power, in different ways to conserve water. >> we will show people now prior to the heating season how can easily heat their house with corn that is grown right here in maryland. >> during the winter months, the group will continue to hold a free workshops, teaching energy conservation. starting today, if you want to book a flight, do not be surprised if the airline asked you for your gender and date of birth and the name under id will need to match the name of your boarding pass, including a middle initial. is all part of the transportation security administration's new secure flight program. it says the rules are designed to help them cut down on the number of passengers it identified as terrorists. and you flew is hitting dogs, and it can be deadly. the latest outbreak isn't fairfax, virginia. the fairfax county animal shelter temporary closed after it found to dogs in the shelter had the virus, and 28 dogs are
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showing symptoms. the dog that died was not from the shelter. workers say they are not taking any chances. >> we will definitely be on a quarantine here for at least probably two more weeks, just to be safe, so that we do not further in fact the animals in the community. >> the new dog who is called h3n8, and is highly fatal, but only present a small percentage of dogs. humans cannot get the dull blue. it was slow going -- humans cannot get the dog flu. residents are keeping close watch on a stronger storm named ana. it is spinning out in the atlantic, and forecasters say she could hit florida by thursday. >> ana could be in south florida
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by thursday, and we are all so watching tropical storm bill just behind ana. generally it is clear from the tip of maine down to the carolinas. clear skies tonight mean we are looking for a cooler night and the potential for some patchy fog to develop in the late afternoon. a typical august night on tap, 80 degrees in baltimore. it's typical that we see the warmer temperatures in the cities with all the concrete there. 72 in ocean city. we managed to top out at 86 out atbwi. for the rest of tonight, just a few clouds with some patchy fog, and most winced will be light and variable. temperatures reached down to about 68 degrees.
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a pleasant night on tap for the rest of this evening. high pressure in control, allowing for the clear skies and calm winds. tomorrow is looking pretty nice, and monday is looking like another winter as well, with the exception of some of the -- looking like another winner as well. out towards the atlantic we are watching ana and the much larger bill. both of them are just barely tropical storms. the need to get above 39 miles an hour. both of them are sitting at 40, so just by the skin of their teeth, their broad considered tropical storms. we are watching ana closely right now. out towards the gulf, we need to watch that closely.
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behind that, bill right now is targeted to be a category two by thursday. at this point, there's a lot they can go wrong with the forecast for both of them. there's a lot of speculation about where bill is going to go. we will have to see if it goes a little further south. for the day tomorrow, a gorgeous day to get outside. a 6-93 degrees. humidity will start to rise a little bit. if you are headed out to the cal ripken world series, these vs. hartford county, their time is at noon. a follow-up game at about 87 degrees. a beautiful day at the beach. very nice to be outside. across the state we are dealing with a partly cloudy day. a little bit of the humidity trying to creep up. the 7-day forecast shows a nice day again on monday. the coal from arrives late
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tuesday, bringing the risk of thunderstorms. -- the cold front arrives late tuesday. >> we would talk about the orioles now, but you say if we did that -- >> an interesting story about tiger tonight. the claws are sharpening. checking on his third round of the pga championship, coming up next. >> i am with maryland lottery official bob diamond. 3.6 $5 billion. the match for this saturday are 26, 35, 30, 14, 6, and 42.
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if no one that is all six numbers on one lot of the ticket, the jackpot climbs to 37.5 million dollars. 37.5 million dollars.
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>> the reagans returned to the practice field for the first time since their impressive preseason debut on thursday -- the ravens returned. joe flateau did not suit up, nor will he anytime soon. in the cold, hard world of the nfl, his loss is another's gain. kelly washington also fighting for his job. washington grabbed a pair of passes against the redskins. >> he is taking it on himself to fill the void as far as receiver wise. he is a very special teams player. that is the position we will be losing, but i feel like i want to pick up the slack and fill
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the void. >> no doubt at some point last night they said to someone in the dugout, save some of these runs for tomorrow. after piling on 16 against one of the best teams in baseball. the umpire says it was in retaliation for the over exuberance last night. the former draft pick for the angels belize they made a mistake in letting him go years ago in 2005. angels play five in the inning. a double off-the-wall brings in adam jones easily. from that point forward in the game, really nothing happened. back to a little football, where one of the top of season soap operas turn another chapter
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today. taking the pill for the first time. bears in buffalo retaking the field for the first time. an awful first quarter. next time, cutler makes an even worse decision. he was fortunate there. the bills get the victory, 27- 20. tiger woods, two rounds down, says the tournament is over. the third round of the pga championship, tiger watch is a bunch of guys making a move. the three-time major champion -- the chip is good. he finished with three straight
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bogeys. one of the few to be tighter head to head ever. at that point, tiger was 7 under. using his what -- his way as a putter, it was the moment of the tournament. eight under, still in front is tighter, but not by much. he will play with yang in the final pairing on sunday. tiger has never lost a major and is leading after 54 holes. stay with us. we will check the forecast coming up right after this.
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>> i will see him in the parking lot. let's take a look at the 7-day forecast. 90 degrees again tomorrow, partly cloudy, and we will do it again on monday. a few scattered storms tuesday and wednesday in the evening. the temperatures are pretty much the same all we can, over 80's, load 90's. we are getting into the mid august doldrums. >> i am feeling it already. the carrier is very distorting. thank you for joining us. next on road to the white house. earlier today democratic vice presidential candidate joe biden and congressman john murtha spoke at a rally in johnow


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