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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  August 16, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> hello, everyone. welcome to "11 news sunday morning." i'm kate amara. >> i'm lisa robinson. our top stories in just a moment. first a look outside with jim nichols who is in for john collins. good stuff, huh? >> great stuff. if you liked yesterday's
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weather, you will be a fan of today's forecast. there aren't any clouds anywhere in maryland. we'll see more clouds, though, later this afternoon. it is still going to be a mostly sunny day, though. temperatures already 76 degrees. 76 in ocean city starting off what will be a nice beach day. a nice day in the mountains, as well. it will be pleasant. the humidity will be there, but it won't be unbearable. we'll talk about how long this pattern will last. plus we'll look at some of the new tropical systems that are brewing out in the atlantic and whether they will have an impact . >> our big story comes out of baltimore city where police are investigating a double shooting at the inner harbor. >> it happened last night around 10:15. shortly before the shooting, officers on patrol in the area were alerted about a man
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carrying a gun. as police searched for that man, shots were fired in front of a restaurant. >> when officers responded, they located two victims. having said that, members of our central district detective unit are investigating this matter. 410-396-2411 is the number to call if you have information. the investigation is in its earling -- early stages. any information would be helpful. >> four people are recovering after an accident involving an ambulance in southwest baltimore. city medic 12 collided with a small s.u.v. at an intersection around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. the two medics were taken to mercy medical center, the two people in the s.u.v. were taken to maryland university medical center.
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>> we will make our determination as to what happened. >> the patient in the ambulance was not hurt and was taken by another ambulance to the hospital. >> a warning. some details in this next story are quite graphic. baltimore county police continue their investigation into a disturbing case of animal abuse. three men have been charged so far accused of killing a family's cat while they were on vacation. here's kim dacey. >> the cat belonged to me and my brothers. they always helped me out. i don't know why they did that to him. >> 10-year-old dillon hooper is mourning the loss of his pet kitten diamond. while he and his family were on vacation, diamond was tortured and killed. andrea hooper, dillon's mom, said kevin abel was a friend. she said he invited scott
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mcdowell and richard rioux over while they were gone. police say richard rioux put the cat in the microwave, in the washingtonner, and in the drier, and tied her to a ceiling fan before putting her in a bag of rocks and throwing her in the lynch point creek. >> i had to come home to burnt hair in the microwave and refrigerator. blood was where the cat had run around. blood was everywhere. >> it was a sad homecoming for the hooper family. the four boys are heartbroken and are struggling to understand why the three men killed their cat. it is hard it to get over the loss of the kitten who had become part of the family. >> that cat was the best cat in the world. she always played with me. we would have a toy, she would chase it everywhere. >> it was a kitten, so i helped it out a lot and nursed it, more or less with the bottle.
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>> they adopted four new cats -- three kitens and their mom -- to help the kids get over their grief. though they have taken to their new pets, dillon says they can't replace diamond. and with the water that serves as her final resting place nearby, he says he'll never forget her. >> every time i walk passed there, i always think of her. >> kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> two of the three men were released on their own reconaissance and richard rioux was released on $50,000 bail. >> efforts to close the state's $700 million budget shortfall could mean less money for local government. yesterday governor o'malley announced a recommendation to cut $250 million in state aid to local government. the governor said the cuts will affect local health, police aid, community colleges, and roads.
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o'malley is scheduled to bring more than $400 million in cuts to the board later this month. the announcement was made at the association of counties conference in ocean city. if you have questions for the o'malley administration, send them our way. we will pass them on to lieutenant governor anthony brown who is the guest for this morning's "sunday q & a" segment. send your questions to >> president obama is out west holding town hall meetings on health reform and answering critics who believe the plan is too ambitious and too expensive. here's brian mooar. >> at a town hall meeting in colorado, president obama offered up a dose of reality in the health care reform debate. >> there is no perfect, painless silver bullet out there. >> and he asked his critics to do the same. >> the only thing i want to make
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sure of is that you make an honest argument, because nobody is talking about government take-over of health care. >> it was the first in a series of events that looked a lot like his election campaign. but reform opponents are running a good campaign of their own. >> thank you very much. welcome to the rumble! >> democrats have been on the defensive all week. >> it is my opinion that what we are seeing right now is the intentional, systematic dismantling of the american republic. and it scares me to death! >> republicans say it is riteous indignation. >> there is nothing unamerican about disagreements. our great nation was founded on speaking our minds. >> the president will continue to try to convince americans that health care reform isn't about politics. in a nutshell the president is trying to steer this debate from a screaming match back to a cold, hard discussion of the facts. brian mooar, nbc news, washington.
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>> 66 degrees on tv hill. coming up, the hottest looks to wear back to school. >> plus, we have ice cream on tap which d.c. residents home -- hope to scoop up. >> and we'll be covering your full seven-day for
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>> good sunday morning to you. a gorgeous start -- [technical difficulties] >> it is going to be a calm, quiet pleasant weather day.
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not a lot to be seen as far as weather is kesh concerned. and right now, temperatures are holding steady across the northeast mainly in the 70's and upper 60's. we're 80 degrees downtown. a pair of seven's in easton and do welcome r. a great -- dover. a great start to a beach day in ocean city already. clear skies and calm winds for today. and that's making for a pleasant sunday today. tomorrow will shift a little bit further down to the south. that will start to kick our winds out of the south and southwest which will bring in a little more humidity. still, another winner of a day on our monday. the cold front moving through here. by tuesday afternoon, with a chance for scattered rain showers and thunderstorms. look at the tropics. over the last 48 hours, things have gotten very busy. right now we're watching tropical storm ana which is a little smaller, tropical storm
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bill, and now about 5:00 a.m. we had to clear tropical depression four which has a good chance of strengthen whying as tropical -- of strengthening as tropical storm claudette. a quick look at some of the tracks. ana at 30 miles per hour, bill at -- 40 miles per hour, bill at 45. ana will find itself in the gulf of mexico by thursday. bill is sprected to strengthen to a category 3. it is way too early to figure out where bill is going to go. most of the evidence is pointing it will head out to the ocean. that's something we want to watch closely. spoketted to make land fall in florida later this evening. so unfortunately not good vacation weather anywhere down the caribbean or down across florida for the next few days. back here at home, a pleasant day. ocean city pleasant day.
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nice in the mountains. across the state we're dealing with weather in the 80's and low 90's. your monday looks nice. thunderstorms roll through here late tuesday afternoon. temperatures still hold steady. upper 80's and 90's across the rest of the work week. >> after the break, the baltimore business journal is here with details on which industry in greater baltimore is looking to fill 1,600 jobs. >> first a look at events going on around town.
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>> it is 9:17 exactly. time for business news with heather harlan from "the balance business journal. " we will begin with a special b.b.j. series on the economy called "embracing change." this weekend you are looking at a group of marylanders who are too young to quit because they don't have enough money for retirement but they are too experienced to just go get another job. >> exactly. here's the situationment they would like -- situation. they would like to retire, but they can't. also, a lot of these people in their 50's and 60's are too young to retire. what are they going to do, go play golf? they feel in many cases they are being discriminated against. i had a discrimination attorney point out one important thing. over-qualified can be a discriminatory statement. also the want ads that show five
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to 10 years of experience, that's like saying, oh, if you have 20 osh more years of experience, no need to reply. a lot of companies in this economy feel like these most experienced workers are expensive. they may have health problems underlying. maybe not serious health problems when they could go out and hire a 20 or 30 year old. >> these people are finding themselves unemployed. are they in their 50's? >> 50's and early 60's. what a lot of them are doing, they are lopping off the bottom half of their experience. they are shielding their resumes so you can't tell how old they are and they are networking like crazy, and they are trying to reposition themselves, and in some cases actually going back to school so they can get another set of training for another field. >> so is this kind of a stay-tuned and see what happens for this group? >> it is. especially with unemployment almost 7.5% in maryland.
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225,000 people looking for jobs in june, a lot of people out there in that group. >> while we talk about people looking for jobs, you have great economic news. greater baltimore looking to fill 1,600 high-paying jobs? where is this happening? >> information technology. the defense contractors are gearing up for that, and the lieutenant governor brown is here, and he'll talk about this more later, i'm sure, but we have a lot of companies, grummond, and we'll leave these up. >> let's put that back up so people can write those tound. we have northrup, lockheed martin, ciphent, and computer sciences. >> i hear the c.s.c., or computer sciences course, i hear them advertising constantly.
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>> they are. they need highly-skilled workers. they said, hey, we need highly skilled workers right now. so we're talking technical writers, security consultants, network engineers, and people who might have security clearance. zoo what maryland is doing, besides looking at this experienced pool, is going outside and looking for people throughout the country that might have these highly technical skills, getting them to move to maryland, advertising quality of life issues. and that, certainly, is a good thing for maryland. >> why are they having such a hard time finding these workers. is it the visa problems? >> it is not eye visa problem, it is just a highly technical skill. for instance, there are a lot of people in our field of journalism who are out there looking for jobs. who have a downturn in newspapers, per say. the issue is, they are not trained in technical writing. however, i can't believe they couldn't get trained in technical writing.
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>> so it is not the -- >> we're going to leave you here with ice cream, we all scream for ice cream. apparently there is a d.c. jare shop. where is it? when is it going in? >> gifford's. try it out. it is in reister town -- for those of you looking to start a fran chice, franchise opportunity. gism fford's. >> i don't do that. >> i'd be aze big as this studio. >> of course you can read more about baltimore in "the baltimore business jou
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>> good morning and welcome to your "sunday gardener. " i'm john collins along with carrie engel. we're here again at the irvine nature center and we're going to talk about things in the back yard and things that belong here. >> we have an event coming up here at the end of august we'd like to let you know about. ann is here representing the irvine nature center to tell us all about native plants. >> i'm on the planning committee fortunative plant seminar. we have a wonderful plant sale coming up saturday. we're having two speakers in the morning and four workshops in the afternoon. a plant sale from 7:30 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. >> and this has been going on a long time. >> this is the 18th annual
9:25 am
native plant seminar. we have been doing this for quite a long time and really enjoy doing it and have had wonderful speakers over the years. >> it is a learning experience and an opportunity to do this in your back yard. >> a great source of native plants for one day, and it's a feeding frenzy if you are interested in native plants. >> next to carrie is a shrub that does well in this time of year. now is the time of year, shrubs, it is the time to put them in. >> it is a good time to put them in. this is an arrowwood viburnam. it is native to this part of the area. it has blooms in the spring that
9:26 am
are good for pollinators and they are good for birds. >> it tolerates the summer heat? >> yes. >> that will work well in my yard. >> this is a black-eyed susan. this will bloom later in the summer. it should be in bloom now. this is one of them. it puts out a yellow bloom. this is false indigo and those turn black like the one on the right. >> i like this. this is one of my favorite blooming plants. >> this is a columbine.
9:27 am
also deer resistant. >> under used. >> yes, under used, the native pacisander. it is -- it will run slowly, it is not invasive, and it puts out a spike of blush pink flowers in the spring early. >> good in shape? >> yes. >> this guy? >> this is the host plant for the baltimore checker spot butterfly. this is the white turtlehead. it is native to this area and it blooms in late august, september. and bumblebees will go in there. >> they go in and you don't see them at first. >> it looks like a pig in a blanket. >> and this? >> this is the native bayberry. you can see the fruits on this female plant, they turn silver
9:28 am
in the fall. they are waxy. this also is deer resistant. >> and that's the debecause the deer population seems to be increasing. >> right. >> listen, ann, thanks a lot. we're just about out of time here, but you've given us some ideas of things that can grow in the yard. >> and people can stock up on plants for fall planting. >> we always try to learn something during these two minutes, don't we? >> and we'll see you next subbed on "your sunday gardener." >> if you have a question send it to our web site at >> 9:28. 66 degrees on tv hill. maryland's lieutenant governor anthony brown is up next for "sunday q & a". >> and our fashion expert takes on back-to-school shopping.
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stories and our "q & a" with the lieutenant governor in just a moment, but first a moment to look outside with jim nichols. >> lots of sunshine to start off our sunday. satellite is showing mainly clear from virginia all the way up through maine, indiana out through the coast. that's good news if you anything planned outside today. 77 out in do welcome r. -- out in dover. 76 in hagerstown. a few clouds today. it will be pleasant. it will feel like an august afternoon. the humidity won't feel oppressive tomorrow. the humidity will raise a little outside, but still a comfortable day to be doing anything outside for your sunday. now, we'll talk about how long we expect this pleasant weather pattern to last, plus a lot for the tropics. we have a lot going on with tropical storm ana, tropical storm bill, and potentially with
9:32 am
tropical storm claudette in your full seven-day forecast in just a bit. >> time for our "sunday q & a". joining us lieutenant governor anthony brown. thanks for coming in. >> it is great to be here this morning. >> the obvious thing to talk about off the bat is the budget. the governor has talked about the recommend shun he's given of cutting -- recommendation he has of cutting $450 million for local governments. what does that mean? >> it means tough decisions for us. the governor has said over $400 million of cuts, he anournsed yesterday that $250 may come from local government. a lot of tough decisions. we're seeing cuts to community colleges, local health department, aid to law enforcement. these are tough times not unique to maryland. it is part of this national recession we're in, a global recession, and so we're going to work with the general assembly. we'll work with governments.
9:33 am
>> and that's something definitely people do not want to hear, more about cuts. >> let's go to something from viewers. during a past conference to discuss budget cuts, governor o'malley said he was not going to cut funds for education. if this is true, i would like to know why funds were cut to national board certified teachers and other teachers at qualified schools? >> let me start off by saying we're qualified -- proud of our qualified teachers. it is our goal that we become the number one system in the world. and in order to do that, a big part of that is to make sure we finance to the record -- continue to make the record investments we make not only in the classrooms but also in construction. that's why the governor as invested over a billion dollars in school construction and we have put a lot of technology in the classrooms. within that category of education, there are some programs that will be increased and some reduced.
9:34 am
typically decisions are made by local boards and trying to achieve fish city and what are -- efficiency and what are the best decisions for the schools. overall we are increasing funding to education because we want to maintain number one schools here in maryland. >> you mention community colleges could take a hit. what do you foresee happening to them? >> sure. that's a tough one. it really is. we have been able to keep tuition flat at our public universities and colleges for four years now. we used to be the sixth most expensive. now we are about 16 or 18. we are trying to move down to 25. those days are going to be difficult to maintain. we have asked the school system, the higher ed system to cut $40 million two weeks ago. we may ask thesm to do more -- them to do more. community colleges are educating more maryland students than any other university or college. they can adopt to the work
9:35 am
force. they provide life-long learning opportunities for marylanders. so we have made record investments in commuent colleges, but it will be tough to maintain that. >> let's get to another one of our viewer questions. >> the question is, how much of the money that the governor wants to withhold from the counties is piggy-back money, and how much of the percentage budget cuts will the executive branch and general assembly have come off their budget? >> sure. of the $700 million that the board of public works will make by labor day, the lion's share of that is the executive branch whether it is the department of public safeties and corrections, juvenile public services, housing and community development, labor regulation. we'll see that across the executive branch. the general assembly and judiciary have also done their share. we have asked them to make budget rucks, and they have agreed to do so. we can't force them to to that. they are independent branches. i think in maryland we realize
9:36 am
this is a shared effort to solve this budget problem, this budget challenge that we have. you are going to see cuts across the board. the lion's share will be in the executive branch. >> let's turn to jobs coming and job loss. the first thing, state workers had to be furloughed. with are we looking ot more -- looking at more furloughs? >> we have made a commitment we will not layoff government employees. unlike california where they are trying to close a 25% deficiency that could result in 25,000 teachers being laid off, you won't see that in maryland. there may be layoffs eliminated, but our goal is to not layoff state government employees. there may be layoffs, and those are decisions we will make in the days and weeks to come, and we will send that to the board of public works. >> barack is -- b.r.a.c. is
9:37 am
bringing jobs to maryland. >> sure. while unemployment is higher than it has been in decades, it is still 25% lower than the national average. a lot of that is prok because of our proximity did washington, d.c., and the jobs created in federal contracting and base ri alignment closing. we are anticipating 40,000 or 50,000 jobs being created. the rating agency has just given us a triple-a rating. we are one of only 11 states that have that. the reason why maryland is good to invest in, one of the reasons they pointed out is b.c. -- b.r.c. not only is it a matter of having workers skilled, they also need a security clearance. we're working on that as well. >> so coming up with programs to
9:38 am
work oned indicating them for those jobs. >> right, the things that you don't want to do in life that prevent you from getting a security clearance. >> what can we look forward to coming out of the governor's office this week? >> this week we will continue looking at our budget options and within the next few days we will make some other announcements as to the direction we are going. the board of public works will meet not this week but next week. >> one week from today, maryland's first lady katey o'malley will be our guest right here. if you have a question for judge o'malley, snd it to we'll be back with more news in just a moment. first here's david gregory with a look at what's coming up on "meet the press." >> coming up this morning a special edition of the program -- "making sense ever health care." as the debate heats up across the country, we'll talk to
9:39 am
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>> good sunday morning to you. a gorgeous start to our sunday out there. temperatures starting to warm up just a bit. let's take a look outside. it is a sunny start to our day. 76 at the airport. 80 at the harbor. humidity at 76%. winds are calm, and "calm" is probably a good way of describing what we expect for today. it is going to be a calm kind of august sunday outside. maybe try to do a little bit of that yard work early, try to take the rest of the afternoon off and try to enjoy it outside. let's look at the satellite picture now where it is generally clear across the
9:42 am
greater northeast. we are sitting at 73 in westminister. 81 in ocean city. nice start to a beach day there. high pressure in control providing the clear and calm winds for us today. the high continues to sneak a little further to the south. the humidity will try to creep up, but still a pleapt day today. lots going on in the tropics now. tropical storm ana, that small little one there. and tropical storm bill, a little stronger there. and we're also watching tropical depression number 4 which was launched about 5:00 a.m. this morning getting ready to soak portions of the florida panhandle. that has a clans of becoming tropical storm claudette. ana and bill up 40 and 41 miles per hour. they are barely tropical storms.
9:43 am
ana will take a track across hispanola and cuba and then expected to hit florida by thursday. bill is expected to strengthen to a category 2 hurricane. it is we think right now most of our data is that bill will continue to check out into the open ocean. something we will watch closely. just outside of tampa strengthening possibly into a tropical storm and then striking the panhandle later this evening. so not great vacation weather. baltimore really is the place to be. just a few clouds for today. 86 and 92 degrees. out in ocean city. maryland mountains, 90 degrees. all across the state we're dealing with temperatures in the upper 80's and low 90's. the exception is down on the beaches. on your monday, 90 degrees. a pleasant day but a little more humid. evening thunderstorms. after that we'll continue
9:44 am
temperatures in the upper 80's and low 90's. >> our focus on back to school continues at this hour with back-to-school fashion. mary travis is here with the scoop. good morning, mary. >> good morning, kate. >> you have a whole bunch of kids all different ages and they go to what school? >> -- and modeling school. >> who is this? >> mia. >> she's wearing a beautiful cardigan. the cute pencil back as well. show us the back. show us the back. >> and so this, as in most of this stuff came from old navy? >> yes, most of it came from old navy at securities square mall. >> who is next? >> we have mya -- maya next.
9:45 am
>> this is really cute clam -- cute! >> this is really cute. >> do they make these in adult sizes? >> they might. we just saw two little girls all in pink. is that what we will see when we walk into the stores? >> you will probably see mostly pink but there are other collars. >> thank you, maya. we have another backpacker here. >> she's sporting a vest. vests are definitely in for the season. turn around and show us your book bag. >> she also has a cute pair of slacks. >> they are from old navy, too. >> are those comfortable? >> yes. >> thank you, hun. >> and joy is next. >> joy. >> this is cute. >> yes. she's showing us the logo old
9:46 am
navy t-shirt. >> and i love that skirt. >> the tennis skirt is definitely in. >> turn back around. >> good to have you, joy. >> thank you, joy. >> now we have a man. >> a man for the men out there. justice is his name. >> justice. what a great name. >> so this is like a track suit? >> he is sporting the athletic look for the season, absolutely. turn around and show us the back. >> is that comfortable? >> show us the front. >> good job. >> we have diamonds. >> more pink and argyle. i like it! >> it is in. it is definitely in. >> show us the back. another one of our dancers. show us the front again. very good. >> so the cardigan, t-shirt, and little skirt. >> and the separates come in
9:47 am
different colors. >> another vest. vest rs definitely in. >> and is this a little sweater she has on? >> yes, a cotton sweater. >> and the cordoroy shirt. you can only wear it for certain months of the year. that makes me hopeful. >> we have one more gal. >> blazing in blue. >> and this is kind of a girly athletic look. >> i would say so. it is definitely layered. show us that bookbag. >> we're out of time. everything here is from old navy at security square mall. >> doesn't this make you excited to go back to school? were all right. thank you for being here. thanks mary for coming in. "sunday brunch" is coming up next in the 11 news kitchen. first a look at last night's
9:48 am
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no...i love it!
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>> welcome back to "sunday brunch." chris becker joins me from the wine market. what are you making here this morning? >> scallops and a beat and mint salad. why get to it. >> these are fresh peas you are using. >> just to show you, we would put our rissoto rice in, give it a stir, and at this point you would toast the rice real well so you get a nutty aroamia out
9:51 am
of it. then you would add your stock. that is a critical point in the rissoto. add your hot stock until it absorbs, constantly stiring. >> this sounds like a lot of work, chris. >> it is, but it is worth it. you are going to put your scallops in. scallops are best medium rare to me. i wouldn't do anything over medium. >> how long would you cook them? >> about three 1/2 minutes on each side. you are going to put your peas in last. finish it with parm san cheese. >> the peas, how long do they
9:52 am
have to cook? >> blan much and shock them, which is just salted hot water, boiling water for five to seven minutes, then strain them out and put them in an ice cold water bath. then you are good. >> wlile you finish some of that up, i'm going to take care of paperwork here. this is summer restaurant week from august 7 through the 16th. 115 restaurants are participating. three-course dinner menus for $30, three-course lunch menus for $20. it is actually $30.09 and $20.09. i understand you guys are extending restaurant week? >> yes. and the scallops is on the menu still and the ben depict addict that -- and the benedict that my executive chef was doing, that is on the menu. we may change a few things around just to have some fun.
9:53 am
i got some finished product right here done medium rare. >> if you want a copy of today's recipe log on to or self-addressed envelope to "sunday brunch" 2800 hooper avenue baltimore maryland. he will continue to plate this up for us, and when we come back, we'll show you the
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> and here is the finished product from chris' recipe from the wine market. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> tell us one more time how great it is going to be. >> it is going to be a great day to be outside or eat outside or barbecue, whatever you want to
9:56 am
do outside. we'll do it again tomorrow, then thunderstorms by the middle of the week. it is typical august. >> thanks everybody for watching this weekend. we had a gre >> democracy and in particular the first amendment were on full display this week as throughout the country the american people have taken the health care debate directly to their leaders in congress. here in maryland this past monday senator ben cardin stood before a large and vocal crowd to discuss the congressman pleckities of the issue to a capacity-filled auditorium. while some chose to characterize the meetings around the country
9:57 am
as staged or unnecessary, we completely disagree. not only are town hall meetings a great forum to get the facts, ask your elected official questions and understand the complexities of the proposed health care bill, they are american government in action. there is simply no substitute for discourse. an exchange of ideas should not be the exception but rather the norm. it seems these past years the conveniences of modern technology have made democracy a spectator sport. it has not. nothing should replace communication with elected officials, and these discussions have raised the debate on health care and on the forum as well. they have created engagement and awareness reminding us all of the importance of being heard, of exercising our right to free speech. unfortunately while those who choose to shout, finger point, and name call will get more attention than perhaps they deserve, the importance of public discourse should not be lost. information is key.
9:58 am
the more accurate information we all have, the more informed decisions we can all make. we think the debate of the future of health care in america has already been a success. it has reminded us all of the foundation of what this country was founded upon -- free speech and debate.
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