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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  August 18, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> thank you for joining us. we will get a check on traffic and weather together. the morning commute may be better than the evening commute as far as the weather is concerned. >> yes. we are starting off with clear skies. we will have some thunderstorms this evening. let's take a look at our satellite picture right now. some heavier clouds are out to the west. 72 degrees at bwi. 77 degrees at ocean city. waking up to 75 degrees. 85 degrees by lunchtime. by dinner time, those rain showers and thunderstorms start to roll in. they start off isolated. then there will increase in their coverage. tomorrow, we will do it all over again.
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>> of canada. -- ok. >> the morning commute is looking pretty good so far. we have an accident in glen burnie. an alternate is ritchie highway or 97. they hope to have that cleaned up by 7:00 today. both plans to shut down. we will see if that happens. the water main break at bellaire road at plummer avenue. the alternate is going to be hartford road. northbound 83, the harrisburg expressway, an accident involving a car and a dump truck. a few things to watch out for their. there is a disabled tractor- trailer blocking the right lane of the bridge there. be aware of that. it does not look like it is affecting traffic to much. things are moving great that the toll plaza.
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that is the latest on traffic polls 11. back over to you. >> recent violence at the city's inner harbor has some concern about the safety in the area. some are concerned to the violence could scare people away. our reporter has more on the details. >> we have been here over one hour this morning. people live and work in the area seem pretty safe. they are walking around, exercising, and walking their dog. some are concerned about tourism dollars. patrons must feel safe. >> dense crowd descended on the harborplace. a place designed to lure in locals tourists and others. one man watched the vision and
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fold. they discovered that you did not have to sit inside a restaurant. if you are working downtown, you could eat outside a cafe. it is a great place to jog in the evening. >> recent incidences' are endangering the feeling of security. some people were shot inside of the pavilion. >> we have always had incidents at the harbor. they do happen occasionally. this was not the first time, and it will not be the last. >> some are concerned about the long-term impact visitors to not feel safe at the harbor. >> things have gotten better, but this weekend has brought this situation to a head. we need to make sure that we address it very seriously and forcefully as we move forward. >> police have stepped up their presence. the violence plank out at the harbor is symptomatic of a larger problem. >> this is a spillover of what
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happens each and every day throughout the city of baltimore. >> i like to see a return of more events to the inner harbor did bring a mass of people down to the waterfront. >> officials estimate that over 14 million people come to the harbor every year. the mayor is urging the police department to crack down on troublemakers. the mayor is planning to make spot safety checks herself. reporting live, wbal tv 11 news. >> thank you. baltimore county delegate says he plans to reimburse the city police debarment for help provided in his marriage proposal. >> baltimore county delegate jon reimburse the state of for the costs that were made for his wedding proposal. he used a helicopter to a proposed to his fiancee. he popped the question. now city police are investigating whether the incident was a misuse of resources. better judgment.
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>> prosecutors say one man broke his own record for identity theft by hacking into 130 million accounts. he attacked -- he targeted 7- eleven customers. if convicted on the new charges, he faces up to 20 years in prison. he was a former informant for the u.s. secret service. a new poll out today shows growing concerns about health care. our washington bureau reporter has more information on this. >> the poll shows more americans are losing confidence in the health-care reform especially among seniors. >> non-partisan parties found that confidence in insurance coverage and affordability has dropped more than five points
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in july and mainly among seniors eligible for medicare. health care may be raising alarm bells fort seniors. >> i cannot afford to have it taken from me. >> it is not measured opinions for or against the plan of the president. there are concerns over whether the president might be changing course over a public auction. >> says there has been so much misinformation about health insurance reform, let me say this. one thing that reform will not change is veteran health care. >> he mentioned it during his speech to veterans on monday. he says the white house has not shifted position. some democrats say a reform plan is doomed to fail. >> which cannot bring down the course -- cost unless there is a public auction that will create competition. >> house speaker nancy pelosi
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issued a statement saying there is still strong support for a public auction, but the bill faces numerous obstacles. lawmakers return to capitol hill next month. wbal tv 11 news. >> the streets of baltimore could soon see cars whizzing by over 100 miles per hour. the city council is backing a plan to have any in the style car race. it would have major roads on russell street. other cities are competing for the bid.
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then breezes to our watercooler question of the day. -- that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. what do you think of the idea to bring an irl indy car race through the streets of downtown baltimore? email us your response to >> i think that would be lots of fun. >> better you than me. >> coming up, a routine visit to the dermatologist may be beneficial to you. >> and video games could take a toll on your health if you are an adult. >> which are not seeing any delays just yet but a few hot spots in one dimension. we will >> good morning.
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a mall start today. 76 degrees as we look at the inner harbor there. or he'd and humidity is expected today. it will leave us with some thunderstorms later on this afternoon and evening. here is our satellite picture. overall, we should start with a mostly clear day. an increase in plows today. you will see them later on this afternoon. some afternoon rain showers and thunderstorms will occur. we will talk about this storm pattern more in your seven-day forecast. that is coming up later. >> in this morning's medical alert, playing video games is
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associated with various help risks. it is affecting adults more than teenagers. more symptoms of depression were found among those that play the games than those that did not. the more frequent video game players relied more on online social networking. >> many skin cancers are found on pages to go to the dermatologist for other reasons. that is according to a new study from doctors in jacksonville florida. suspicious moles are one of the reasons patients visit the clinic in the first place. the cancerous cells were found at an early stage. >> a baltimore family gets the gift of a lifetime when a local company restores a house that was destroyed by fire. >> you're looking at a live
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picture right now. this is liberty road. your tr
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>> good morning. here is the latest on traffic. we have been talking about the accident in glen burnie on crain highway. it is shut down in both directions. the alternate is ritchie highway or 97. a water main break on bel air road. it is close at plummer avenue because of the water main break. the alternate is going to be harford road. things are moving just fine around the major roadways. that is some good news. here is a lot of upside at the
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beltway. things are moving just fine. a 95 around the harbor tunnel, things of looking good -- 895 a around the harbor tunnel, things are looking good there. >> we have a delay on one bus running 20 minutes late. metro subway is on schedule along with light rail. no delays to report. back to you. >> good morning. we are dealing with a few passing clouds out there this morning. white clouds further off to the west. the temperature is mild if you go outside now. on average futurecast, we are watching this line of cloth cover.
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the cloud cover will start to move in the afternoon hours with some scattered rain showers and thunderstorms. a lot of that is leftover moisture from the tropical storm that was in affect yesterday in south florida. wednesday will also have some scattered rain showers. lunchtime will be 85 degrees. 91 degrees around the second game of the cal ripken world series. a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms. scattered rain showers and thunderstorms today as we get into the late afternoon and early evening hours. did not expect the storms to be severe. you will need an umbrella as you go outside. the maryland mountains, about --
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your seven-day forecast has storms developing wednesday at 90 degrees. 91 degrees as get stuck into this pattern for the next three days. temperatures will begin to cool down as we move into saturday and sunday. 84 degrees for your monday with mostly sunny skies. >> thank you. just a reminder, sandra shaw is on her way to new york city to closed with regis philbin. that'll be 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. she will provide us with behind- the-scenes details. stay tuned for the latest updates on our web sites at
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and you can follow her on twitter. >> i have no idea how to tweak. -- tweet. >> one family is moving into a home address destroyed by a fire last year. >> our reporter was there for the return home. >> monday was moving day for the family. it is the day they have been waiting for for nearly one year and a half. >> when we first came here, she started class. the house is a home now. >> they lived here until march of last year. she came home and saw smoke coming out of the weather. >> [unintelligible]
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>> i wrapped the baby and i grabbed her. >> everyone was ok, but the home was not. the second floor was completely burned down. they had to find another place to live. one organization decided to make their home the first in a renovation project to revitalize neighborhoods on the east side. >> this is what stabilizes neighborhoods in baltimore and other cities. we need to help the middle class prize. we need to help them be safe. we want to make sure their investment in the neighborhood is secure and safe. >> they helped the williams family make their home new again. it was renovated top to bottom. even the front door is a novelty. they used to have to enter and exit through the side door. now she is very excited to have a proper front door.
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>> i give all of them my thanks and appreciation. >> there is no place like home. >> there is more to come. 65 more homes are planned to be renovated starting next month. wbal tv 11 news. >> that is a beautiful house. >> there is much more ahead on 11 news today. >> we will take a ledger answers to our watercooler question of the day. >> here is a look at the winning lottery numbers from yesterday. the lot.
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>> baltimore city is trying to get into the world spot spotlight. this time with racing. they want to host and in the style of racing event -- indystyl style racing event. >> once i got here to look at where the track is going to be going, it is a win-win situation. >> that is the champion who is putting in full support for having a car race in downtown baltimore. if anybody knows racing, it is him. it comes one week after baltimore city council approved a resolution giving a reason development team to take years to pursue the race which is
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expected to bring in almost $100 million of economic impact. one person says it would be a stellar yvette. >> -- yvette. -- event. >> the plan is to run by the inner harbor a major staight aways on conrad, pratt, and russell streets. >> imagine saying the cars race on the waterfront. people are recognizing that we could have this great international event. >> the organization is still reeling from the soccer match.
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>> the number of restaurants, hotels, the people who want to see the game in the backdrop. >> the bba ltv. -- wbal-tv. >> that brings us to your water cooler in answers of the day. one man writes the plan [unintelligible] the beltway and the eyes of the five already resemble a racetrack. -- i 75-75 already resemble a racetrack. >> see what doctors are using to treat stomach cancer. >> and more than 9000 homeowners are left in limbo by a mortgage
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company. >> and adoption. you have to see this. >> another hot and humid day. we will talk about the chance of thunderstorms later on this afternoon. >> we have a downed tree causing some problems in owings mills. and we have some more on the water main break on bel air roa.
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quest said people are shot over the weekend at the inner harbor and safety concerns are rising. >> and what reform should look like. i will have that story coming up. >> what do you think about this? a grand prix car race here. that is the watercooler question of the day. >> the f


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