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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  August 23, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> welcome to "11 news sunday morning." i'm kate amara. >> and i'm lisa robinson here for -- i'm jennifer franciotti here for lisa robinson. >> we're seeing more sun than we have seen for a day or stew. the presence of bill kept us murky yesterday. why and finally the humidity is going to go away. >> it is still there, but we will make progress by the end of the day, and it will take 24 hours to work through all these issues. we don't have as many issues as we had yesterday morning because most of the rain is off shore. a few showers out to the west. the actual rain falls more out over the atlantic at this time. the clouds are a bit more scattered. the front is still trying to move away. this stalled front-moving front
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which was here yesterday is still here this morning. so we'll talk about how quickly this thing will get out of our hair coming up with the insta-weather plus forecast. >> and remember, you can follow the storm on our web site. you can pin point wet weather down to your very own street. go to you'll find it on the home page. >> hurricane bill passed the u.s. yesterday. >> and even though it did not make landfall, many on the east coast are still feeling the effects. >> on the island of bermuda hurricane bill whipped up winds and surf. hundreds of miles away, huge dangerous waves were making their way to the mainland from mass to florida. this week the swells are high and potentially deadly. >> with this storm we're worried about high waves. we don't think winds will exceed 35 miles per hour. >> while parts of the new england coast could see tropical
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storm winds from bill, the biggest issue is likely to be rip currents -- rushing surf that can quickly pull swimmers away from shore. >> more water coming into the beach, stronger rip currents going out. >> so many beaches are closed to swimmers today. >> we are advising people to stay out of the water until the weekend is over. >> while lifeguards couldn't keep everyone out of the water, they tried hard to get the warnings out. one of summer's last weekends, one many are now forced to spend out of the water. >> baltimore city police investigating an accident that left a pedestrian dead. a woman was hit in the 3100 block of north calvert street around 9:00 friday night. she was taken to johns hopkins hospital where she was pronounced dead. it appears the woman was crossing against the light when
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a 71-year-old female driver hit her. police believe weather could have been a factor. no charges have been filed so far. >> unclear whether weather played a role in a deadly hit-and-run accident with a pedestrian in glen burnie. it happened on oak lane before 7:00 last night. the victim was taken to baltimore medical center where she was later pronounced dead. officials were unable to provide a description of the vehicle. >> baltimore city's 143rd homicide of 2009 has broke yn -- broken the city's longest stretch without a murder this year, it was nine days. now police are searching for a murder. >> i ducked. i looked outside and saw a truck go by. i thought it was a truck. apparently it was gun shots. >> three loud blasts thursday afternoon ended baltimore's longest stretch without a homicide, nine days. and the death of donte gunther
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became baltimore's 144th homicide. plaste police say someone knocked on his window -- police say someone knocked on his window and when he looked outside, he was shot three times. >> his friend was here. he was devastated. >> a man was shot here on collington avenue. the victim is in critical condition. >> less than five hours later, another man shot in southwest baltimore. police say they found the man in front of a home just after mnt in the 600 block of yale avenue, but they say they believe the man was shot in a near nearby park after a trail of blood led them there. three shootings in three days
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has some fearing this violence is the beginning of a trend in the wrong direction. >> everything was good for a while and it is just starting back up. >> melissa carlson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> melissa tells us police are looking for suspects in all of those cases. if you information you are asked to call 866-7-lock-up. >> the time right now is 9:06 on tv hill. >> and we're talking business in baltimore from slots to the ideal slots low cages. -- locations. >> and it is almost time for our "sunday q & a." judge katie o'malley is here. you can send your questions to >> the atmosphere should be >> the atmosphere should be becoming a little less tro
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>> let's look at our live h.d. doppler radar. we have the wide view because there is no shower activity around our area. there is some off shore. spinning off the coast of novep nofe -- nova scotia. the heaviest rain showers are in southeast maine east of bangor or in nova scotia itself. hurricane bill will eventually decrease and become a tropical storm as it moves toward nova scotia and newfoundland. along the easter seaboard is related to a cold front. can't move through because bill has been in the way. with bill moving out, that means a cold front eventually will go away. that's the good news.
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eventually things will straighten up. today is the transition day. >> let's look at the situation as we have it rainfall-wise. the last couple days it took a couple days to work through. so far this month we have 3 and a quarter inches of rain. that leaves us in the plus category for august, and we have a surplus of over four inches for the year so far. it takes these frop tropical storms and hurricanes and the environment around them to keep our weather situation and rain situation -- keep the bucket full so to speak to they don't get too dry during the summer. and there is nothing else going on out there in the turbopropic except for bill. at national airport, reagan national, 73. dull yess 72. 72 in gaithersburg. downdown 76. at the airport officially 74 degrees. here's a look at dd -- we lost
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the satellite imaginary. we can show you the front stalled by bill. the front will move out with hurricane bill pulling out of the picture and this area of high pressure will move in and make for nice weather over the neck couple days. maybe a thundershower in the afternoon. we're not free of the moisture yet, so something could well up this afternoon. light north winds 82 to 87 the high. the ocean city forecast a better chance for a thundershower. rain chances go down on monday, but we can't totally take them out of the forecast for monday either. temperatures will be in the 80's for highs. rip current risk is still high. surf tsms are in the 70's. and the surf has been running four to six feet or so. insta-weather futurecast shows spotty rain showers for a day or
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so but then drying out. it looks like we have a dry forecast after today or tonight. here's the insta-weather plus seven-day forecast. it's calling for temperatures in the 80's and less humidity over the next seven days. no rain monday, tuesday, wednesday, or thursday. but friday and saturday, just in time for next weekend, rain comes back in the picture and temperatures bump just a little bit. >> in "project economy" it appears the housing market may be bouncing back. the national association of realtors reports resales of houses, townhomes, and condos jumped 4% last month. foreclosures accounted for about a third of those numbers. >> people are recognizing the housing market has reached bottom and now they are just entering the market with little fear of further price declines. >> first-time home buyers are taking advantage of bargain
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prices, low interest rates, and a 10% home buyer tax credit that expires this fall. >> has hundreds of athletes compete in aberdeen, the local economy is feeling an impact. jim richardson says anywhere between 30,000 and 60,000 visitors are expected at the tournament. that means lots of business for local restaurants and hotels. in 2006 the competition brought $1.6 million to aberdeen and $2.6 million to maryland. richardson says they expect more people to attend this year which means more money for the local economy. >> still ahead, will there really be a lots par lower in baltimore city. the baltimore business journal is here with that story. >> and just a little later, struggling with the high cost of textbooks. our fed ex expert is here with online solutions. >> first a look at the events going on around town.
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>> welcome back. time for this morning's business news. good morning. >> good morning, jen. >> thanks for coming in today. we are talking slots. is it really going to happen? >> it will happen but maybe not in the time frame we originally thought. what is happening here is there is contamination on the site they had originally planned. we're talking about m&t bank stadium off russell street in an 11-acre site known as gateway
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south. it used to be home to maryland chemical. there is contamination. arsenic and other things. how long will it take to clear up? how long? some places have been on sites like this -- harbor place, harbor point. a friend of mine who works for urban green said this is into where near like the harbor point. >> we're not talking a browns field area? >> it is a browns field, but it is not to the level of a seven-year clean-up. it could take longer though. we're not going to see that speedy amount of money we expected. >> so a delay there. >> yes. >> offices are changing on a daily basis, the shape and scope of morelyoffs, the changing awork -- scope of more layoffs, the changing workplace. >> we're going to see more
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people doing the job of two or three people because of cuts. this isn't going to cheney time soon. a couple tips -- number one, keep a positive attitude, don't complain. number two, use this as an opportunity to show your boss what you've got, and it could lead to a promotion when things loosen up. certainly, number three, if you are not in a revenue producing position, what's the ways you could help a company generate some money? >> i hear all that is being appreciated. >> yes, and if you are that reasonable, start looking around on the side. certainly don't do it on company time. and watch what you say on facebook and social media sites because let me tell you, perspective employers are checking. >> what a roller coaster. and speaking of roller coasters, there's something to talk about there. >> we'll leave you with a positive thought. from miller's world to baltimore
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city, and they are hiring. there is your tip for the day. premiere rides. you might want to check out their web site. they are hiring. >> what could be more fun, huh? why yes. >> happy positive thoughts. stay with us. coming, "sunday gardener". >> i look behind us and i see a native or natural garden, kind of wild. i wish i could get my flowers to perform like this. >> and to think, you don't have to do a darn thing, it is just hang. we will go from woodland to meadow. >> all coming up on y
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>> good morning. i'm john collins along with carrie engel. welcome to your "sunday gardener". >> i would love to see this view in my back yard. >> i would love to see it in the snow. we could go sledding. >> today we'll talk to the marketing director. come on over christina. >> we want to talk about before we leave irvine here how can relate what they can learn here back to their home. >> we are an environmental organization and our mission is to encourage education about the environment.
9:24 am
we do that in a variety of ways. we talked about special events, nature camps, and all kinds of programming for children including doodle bugs nature and art. so we are providing environmental literacy tools that they can take back with them. children can reply to -- apply this in their back yard and begin the process of plant identification and tree identification. we are in maryland's piedmont region so all of what you can see here, you know, all of the plants and an als malls -- animals are native to this region. that includes an amazing exhibit hall that is interactive and has all kinds of things like terrapin turtles and honey bee hifes and -- hives and things -- >> a lot of things i've been ip impressed with is the age of the
9:25 am
kids here. we've seen some really little kids, older kids and kids walking through with their families that are getting a kick out of the experience. >> nature exploration applies to everyone. we have adults who have come here on field trips and fallen in love with nature and are so in love with irvine they bring their kids back and encourage teachers to bring the kids out for field trips. and we want to build a life-long relationship with the consumer who comes to observe nature here at irvine. >> also i noticed walking through the place, that would be nice in my back yard. i wonder how i could make that work. because if it is native to this area -- >> and you will get along with the deer and possoms and whatever else may be running around your back yard. we've been watching birds at the bird feeder here. it is really cool. >> how can folks get information? where are you? >> we are located in owings
9:26 am
mills on garrison forest mills. we encourage people to go to our web site at we encourage the public to come and walk our nature trails, enjoy our exhibit hall. we're open monday through friday 9:00 to 5:00. all year round. >> and if i want to book a special event? >> we have weddings here, the availability for rental space. we want the community to own this place because this is really their place to come and explore. >> the past few weeks we've been exploring. it's been a lot of fun. >> it's great, but i want to find my turtle friend. he was cute. >> that was a couple weeks ago. i wonder where he's wandered off to. we are halfway through august. what should we be doing?
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>> start cleaning up a bit, but also, start to think about what fall colors you want to add to your yard. as we get into fall, we have usually cooler nights, it will be a great time to replant and get stuff going for the fall. >> we'll be back next stunned with more about your garden on your "sunday gardener," and we'll see you then. >> all right. if you have a garden question, send it to sunday gardener 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore maryland 21211. or send us an e-mail at >> 71 degrees on tv hill. >> not too late to get questions in for maryland's first lady. if you have a question for judge o'malley send it to >> and too cool toys. the best gadgets to get for school. >> and some comfortable weather coming our way. forecast ahead.
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>> welcome back to "11 news sunday morning." thanks for joining us. >> let's check with john for another look outside. >> i just got back from the weather ver andia.
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-- veranda. we do have a few clouds out there. i'm giving you the wide view of our live h.d. doppler radar here. bill spinning around off the maritime provinces of canada. the rains of new york are related to a stalled out front which eventually will move out now that bill is moving away. everything has to be moving into the atmosphere, and today is the transition day. i'll have details on how all that will come about coming up with the insta-weather plus forecast, not only for sunday but for the week ahead. stick around. i'll be back in a few minutes. >> time for "sunday morning q & a." joining us is judge katie o'malley. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> we have a lot of questions from viewers.
9:31 am
the first question says, like first lady michelle obama you planted a garden. do you draw inspiration from mrs. obama or anyone else? >> i do draw insfragsepration from mrs. obama. we do the victory garden. during the second world war there was a victory garden at victory house. we put our garden in the same place. we are having some issue with water and shade, so we haven't done so well with the tomatoes. we had cucumbers harvested last week. so i did get inspiration from mrs. obama. >> i recently heard his office is trying to sith set up a farmer's market in front of the white house on pennsylvania avenue. any chance we'll see something like that in annapolis? >> there is a farmer's market in annapolis. i think every county in the
9:32 am
state of maryland has a farmer's market. >> next question. any back-to-school advice for this fellow working mom? how are you handling it? >> it's hectic because i have four kids and they are all going to different schools this year. >> and your oldest is going off to college? >> that's correct. she's close by, so if we want to stalk her, we can get there in 30 minutes. >> any advice on how -- i think people like to see that you may be the first lady but you are experiencing the same thing they are. over the years, have you found anything that's been helpful when you've had to send the kids off? >> i think you have to be organized. martin actually took grace for her back-to-school dorm room shopping, and he was shocked at the price it costs. you have to be organized. with four kids, four of them going to separate schools, you
9:33 am
have to keep separate files. there are forms you have to have filled out by certain dates. it is very hectic, so the only thing i can say is keeping it organized as best as you can. >> that's a good tip. that leads us to our next viewer question which asks, how do you juggle your jobs, kids, and duties as first lady. please tell us is at any time as easy as it looks. >> i think my 10-year-old son was saying that westbound one of his questions he would send in. the key to that is i have a lot of help from my family. my mother is a huge help. even my sister in florida finds time to help me. if i have time off, the kids go to see her sometimes, if she has time off. the staff at the government house is wonderful. >> in talking about your duties as first lady this summer you tried to push to get kids outside more. every time i turned around you
9:34 am
were hosting another event, there is one in living classrooms. why is this a particularly important issue for you, and do you feel like you've gotten that message out there? >> i hope i have gotten the message out there. martin's office started an initiative kids in nailt with secretary griffin, and they co-opted with the school superintendent so we can teach kids how important it is to be outside, to get involved in nature and the environment, to learn about the bay. you know, seeing the beautiful nature is around maryland and seeing it. it is more healthy to be outside as well. >> speaking of nature, i know solar panels were or have been installed in the gornor's mansion. is it working? >> i am not sure what this power will do yet. i saw the panels and the big tanks. it's there, and hopefully it is
9:35 am
working. we did have a lot of rain this week though. >> that's true. finally, the budget process, we keep hearing about it, but i'm curious about it from your perspective as the wife of the governor and the leader during this economic downturn, how has the governor been handling if? is it something he brings home? >> he does bring home a lot of issues, especially the budget. it's such awe huge -- such a huge issue now. guiding maryland through this recession has been difficult. the governor's office set up a web site that asked citizens to send in suggestions on what they think they could, you know, give suggests on how we could handle the budget crisis. he has a huge book. he was leafing threw oh, through it and he said, it is the suggestions that have come in, and they want to get back to everybody by i believe september
9:36 am
15 or around that time to let them know if they are going to use their ideas. i know he was telling the leaders there that this is a tough time. no governor, no public official likes to have to cut services. it's just not a good job. it's not a good thing to have to do. it's been a tough time for him. >> judge o'malley, thank you so much for coming in. we appreciate your time. >> thank you, kate. >> and come back, please. >> a week from today will be the president of the baltimore chapter of the naacp. e-mail your questions to we'll be back in a moment. first here's nbc's david gregory with a look at what's coming up on "meet the press." >> coming up this morning elections in afghanistan amid fresh screptsism about the u.s. military role there. we'll be joined by two men at the center of the u.s. military and diplomatic mission in that
9:37 am
area. a general and the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan. then the fight over health care here at home. a debate. two members of the senate finance committee republican hatch and democratic senator shoe man. shoe
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>> a medium live view of our live h.d. doppler radar to give you an idea of what's going on there. we have partly cloudy skies over baltimore. a couple sprinkles out in west virginia. you can see outer rain bands from hurricane bill. the rains you see in new york state reaching over new jersey and if you look at the bottom of the screen in the coastal areas of north carolina, that's all associated with a stalled out
9:40 am
front sitting east of the bay right now. hasn't been able to move further east because bill has been hogging the situation, but bill has been moving out south of nova scotia, the canadian maritime provinces, and that will kind of unplug things and allow this stigsri front to become a cool front and allow drier air west of the mountains to get in here, and that's what we're working on today. let's look outside and see what progress we have made. there's the sunshine with the clouds, too. it is kind of a mix too. 74 at the airport. 69 degrees. a couple of degrees here. 82% the humidity. we still have moisture in the area. barometer rising though. winds are northwesterly, not southerly at 7 miles per hour. that's the indication that the wind is set up to bring in that
9:41 am
less humid air, but that front has to get further away. that's the progress we have made. today is a transition. not totally dry. 84 the high at the airport and inner harbor. yesterday a lot of clouds and off and on rain situations. that held temperatures down. today we will be in the same range but because cooler air is moving in. yesterday's rain half an inch to a quarter of an inch, but saturday and friday's rain almost three inches of rain. that is good. we could use some of that. at the airport we mention 74, 76 downtown. now 72 in allegany. satellite picture showing thundershower activity off the jersey coast. but way off the coast now. and a couple sprinkles out in west virginia, pennsylvania, and ohio. here is that stalled front. bill still a marginal hurricane
9:42 am
moving out over the atlantic, skipping out across the maritime coastline. high pressure moves in, dries us out. gives us better weather. today partly cloudy skies. a mix of sun and clouds. 82 to 87 the high. thundershower chance still there but much smaller than yesterday. one foot or less chop on the open waters of the bay. the insta-weather plus seven-day forecast nice dry weather. monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday the humidity will be down. temperatures in the seasonal range here. it looks nice. but next friday and saturday we put rain back in the forecast. >> going high-tech for back to school. mario armstrong is here with great new tools that go far beyond the three-ring binders. >> do you remember those, the notebooks and all that stuff? >> they still have them, but now there is no need for them.
9:43 am
you are blowing my mind away. you have to start with what you just showed me. too cool for school. >> we first showed this on wbal-tv months ago but now we have time to know that students are using and loving this technology. it is kide the pulse smart pen. -- called the pulse smart pen. it is a mini computer. it actually records the audio that you can hear in the classroom and then as you are writing on the notebook it syncs what you are writing to what's being heard. >> because there is a camera in that little thing. >> that's right. there is a camera on the inside, a microphone on the outside, and you can plug in head phones to listen to this later. once you start to write your nolets on your notebook you can go months or -- months later and touch on a certain line you want to hear, and then you can hear what the teacher was saying. >> so it is all right there?
9:44 am
it syncs your notes? >> and it sinks up to your computer. >> say you are a visual learn, someone -- learner, someone who likes to learn by drawing, there is a graph on here, a chart. you could have been listening to what the teacher was saying, so maybe you are a more visual learner so you would touch this graph to hear what the teacher was saying at that time. students are saying they are better at writing notes and can listen better in class knowing they have another set of ears listening to the lecture for them. you -- $179. you can get it at live or at target. netbooks are smaller than your average laptop. they are very cute, very light. easy to carry. easy to move around on campus.
9:45 am
this one actually is the h.p. mini and this has wireless built in from verizon. you can get high-speed internet access anywhere on the go you get a signal. these are 10 inches in screen size. they weigh less than three pounds. this verizon one is only $200. that's all. >> what else do you have here? >> the amazon kindles. a lot of people have been talking about am zpon and whether this can replace notebooks. this is another way you can get content or keep your notes or textbooks with you on the go. >> speaking of detection books let's talk about it. we ran a story about the high price of textbooks these days, and you say there is -- >>, and you can save 15 to 75% renting
9:46 am
textbooks. >> 50% to 75% off textbooks? >> yes. students can save thousands by renting not buying. it is free to go online and rent them. >> these are the textbooks that they need? >> yes, and good quality. i had them send me books so i could see. am i going to see a bunch of notes in there? is there going to be water damage? they took care to make sure you are getting good quality books you can read and ship back to them. do you remember at the end of the semester you can never get money for your books. >> quick tips? >> if you are buying back to school tech the number one thing is to check with the school university or campus because they have manufactured discounts set up with them. buy from manufacturers' web sites, you can find better deals online. then lastly think about buying
9:47 am
with educational discounts. if you are going to buy software make sure you say this is for a student or teacher. or buying for a teacher look for refurbished dealers. squ for more information check mario's web site at see you soon.
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>> time once again for "sunday
9:50 am
brunch." turkish has a dsh trish has a book called "entertain dish." >> i have a cook book called "dish" and a cook book called "dish entertains." >> we'll be preparing one of the dishes from the book, and we wanted to mention you are going to be at towson town center this afternoon. >> doing democrat owes and giving a-- doing demos and giving away free things. >> so you can learn more about this in a few hours up in towson. >> today i'm going to prepare a tuscam herb style -- tuss can herb style chicken. >> and tuscany brings all kinds of images to the mind.
9:51 am
>> you will see we have bread crumbs that are already seasonned. >> this is all in the package? >> this is all in the kit in the freezer section. anytime gore may has everything in the bock. all we have to do is assemble. a little bit of prep and maximum enjoyment. >> if you are in a pinch, this is where to go. >> i'm always in a pinch. a quarter cup of melted butter. so far very easy. everything prepared for us. sliced mushrooms. an earthier mellow flavor is added in. this is harkening back to grandmother's sunday turkey stuffing. and this is going on top of our all natural chicken breast. the chicken breast has been thawed overnight. and you know for at home we're going to roll up oir sleeves and do this with -- our sleeves and do this with our hands. when you are at home, roll up
9:52 am
your sleeves and do it yourself. it goes on top of the chicken. you can smell the pressure herbs, the thyme and grated cheese. and then our cheese is going to go on top of that. this is also in the culinary kit. it is a nice blend of mozerlla. >> the kids love that. >> you got it. you can see how plentiful it is. this is going in the oven for 22 minds. >> we're going to do some tv magic here. >> 22 minutes have passed and see the nice golden crust, nice chunky bread crumbs and the cheese binds it all together. so let's do our plate. let's plate it up. the other thing i love about this is how there are very few dishes. so it is all about maximum enjoyment and not a lot of dishes. on the plate it goes.
9:53 am
the kit also comes with a balsamic reduction. this is what we pay the top prices in restaurants is for the sauces, so anytime gore may has done -- gorm. -- goremt has done that for us. the vegetables all been prepared. we have green beans have have been blan muched and slow oven-roasted potatos with the skin still on there. so this meal feeds two people generously. there is yours and here is mine, and bon apetit. >> if you would like more information, of course a lot of it is in the box, but if you would like recipes 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore maryland 21211. click on "recipes." don't forget now, trish megwood
9:54 am
has this great book out. "dish." and trish will be up in towso
9:55 am
cash for clunkers is available at your chevy dealer. with more eligible models to choose from than anyone.
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if your clunker qualifies to be recycled, you can get a $3500 or $4500 government rebate. and just announced! if you qualify for the clunker rebate, you may also qualify for 0% apr for 72 months. that means you can buy this silverado half-ton for $228 a month after a $3500 government rebate and no down payment. go to for details. >> we still have a rain chance today, but sun breaking through. 85 the high. we'll be in the 80's all week long. trish, thank you for joining us this morning. i think we're ready to chow down. that's it for this morning. thanks for joining
9:57 am
>> another sharp increase in animal abuse has brought headlines and discussion as to whether penalties for animal abuse are strong enough. in this most recent incident in baltimore county police report three men participated in the repeated abuse of a cat eventually killing a family pet. prosecutors say the maximum penalty for this crime is 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. while justice will be dispensed in this case, animal activists warn incidents of animal abuse may be a precuresor to future violence. research shows that people who commit acts of animal cruelty don't stap stop there. a study conducted by northeast
9:58 am
university and the massachusetts chapter of the aspca reported that people that abuse animals are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against humans. simply, violence against helpless animals can be a indicator of future behavior. as lawmakers continue to review our justice system from prevention to punishment we think we must consider the link between animal cruelty and potential violence. the justice dispensed for animal cruelty must be appropriately severe and memorable so it serves in the best interests of the victim, the convicted, and as a future deterrent.
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