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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  August 23, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> we begin with breaking news. a baltimore ravens player arrested. live outside city police headquarters with details. >> 6:40 this evening, a call from harbor place security that
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said they had seen a group of men inside johnny rockets restaurant that passed what looked like a hand gun. an officer approached several men sitting at the counter. one of which is 27-year-old anthony fine, number 45, a rookie linebacker. >> one of the subjects resisted police and the sargent asked him to stand up again. he resisted and stood up and pushed the officer in the chest. other officers took that gentleman into cussed toy. that person also an iraqi war veteran. he has been charged with an assault on an officer. he is being held at central book
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that object was actually a cell phone. the other men at that location at that time fled the scene. police are not looking for them at this point in time. the officer did not need medical attention but is said to have a sore elbow. reporting live for wbal tv 11 news. jo breaking news for some in baltimore. a 40 inch water main break. no customers experienced disruption in service. repairs said to take a while. >> continuing through the night, a couple of days into the week. here's what you should know. closed between mlk boulevard and green street. drivers will only be able to
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access through the franklin street side entrance. university of maryland said the lexington and sar a towinga buildings will not have water tomorrow. an a runned al county police are investigating a hit and run that left a 59-year-old woman dead. she was heading to church. police say they have the driver responsible. >> pieces of a broken car light mark the spot where the 59 old was struck and killed saturday evening. police say they received a call of a hit and run involving a pedestrian just after 7:00 p.m. between oak lane and collins boulevard. she was thrown over this bush. >> it was horrible. it was a tragedy to see her
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laying there helpless. collins was walking to 7:00 mass here. for some unknown reason, the car drove up the curb, struck her and drove off. it's a great tragedy for someone coming to join us for worship and celebrate their spiritual life. it's a later thing. police found nor wood and his vehicle here later. he was detained for questioning. vehicles move quite fast. many know as they come and go, they need to bre very careful. accidents happen very frequency.
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police do not think speed was a factor in the crash. the throw men accused of killing harris are set to go on trial. the suspects have all pled not guilty in the murder. >> police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a man in oweings mill. investigators were called to the home. the man had died. they do say this is now a homicide investigation. police in howard county are searching for a man who was shot at a birthday party.
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call police with information. investigating what lead up to a triple stabbing in east baltimore. the girl, a man and woman were found suffering from stab wounds. >> firefighters are found on the scene. city fire crews are credited with recently installing smoke alarms. in east baltimore, crews new the address. they had just been in that neighborhood hours earlier.
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a home burns hours after a smoke alarm installed here. >> realizing that they were just at this house hours ago installing these smoke alarms. now something to consider. >> success story in a sense we have not reported one fire death where a smoke alarm has been installed. >> investigating what sparked a house fire early this morning
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just before 1:00 this morning. fire fighters arrived. they found flames coming from the first and second floors. crews rescued two people from inside. no word on whether there was any working smoke detake fors. >> allegations of sexual abuse of a mainor dating back to the mid 1970's. the individual said he was abused several times while attending the st. john frederick school. he has denied any wrongdoing. this is the second time now he has been a kugsed of child sex abuse of a minor. those allegations date back to 1974. his duties have been revoked.
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millions of senior citizens and others who get social security checks won't get those cost of living increases next year. this has not happened since the automatic adjustments went into affect. another sign of trouble for healthcare overhaul. we have details. as the first family arrives, they roll out the red carpet.
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the red ink will make the president's job selling healthcare reform even tougher. >> the white house is expected to increase the deficit to $$9 trillion. >> it will have to be less than what we've talked about. >> struggling to strike a deal. they are insisting on these legislation killing approaches that palestinians cannot go along with. one congressmen suggests hitting the reset button.
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questions the president will have to address when he returns to the white house. >> reporting for wbal tv 11 news. >> continuing coverage of the juan going debate on our website wbal click on national news. >> 18 schools will open late because of construction work. officials say construction done over the summer will cause them to delay openings. we have a list of schools opening late. >> you've heard of cash for clunkers but what about guns for
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cars. one dealership hopes it lures in customers. >> a bizarre sdeen from california when a plane makes an emergency landing on a high way. >> how much the first family's vacation costs and who is footing the bill. >> the forecast for the week ahead, just ahead. right now, partly cloudy skies in baltimore. in baltimore. 73 at 9 air
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>> it appears baltimore's new free shuttle won't be starting any time soon. according to the baltimore sun, production is to blame for
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delay. the first route will go from hollands market. the shutter is expected to run every 10 minutes. cash for clunkers program ends 8:00 tomorrow night. people across the country have flooded dealerships looking to make deals. some dealerships claim they haven't been reimbursed by the government quickly. it is tripling the number of workers processing those forms. how about guns and hummers. one dealership in missouri is targeting the customer was something different. his customers are hunters and are interested in hummers. >> i am a gun enthusiast.
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they have a great selection. the 9 mm is getting harder to find because it's so popular. the owner had to do something. the dealership ranked number one in the world for hummer sales. a plane crash on a california freeway. it made an emergency landing gs on us highway 101. it ran out of fuel about 1 mile from the airport. the two occupants were not injured. neither were the people in the vehicle. >> the first family is staying on a private estate loaded with amenities including a swimming
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pool and basketball court. it's a home that includes a barn and swimming pool and basketball court. it is a place the secret service feels that the family can be safe. it's wonderful they will stay here. >> the president is asking reporters and photographers to respect their daughter's privacy. the girls start school next month. the vacation is costing about $30,000 and the president is paying for it out of his own pocket. discovery is in fine shape to fly. 30% chance this will fly. discovery and seven aus row nout
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also deliver space station supplies and equipment. all week long, hurricane bill made land fall. boat hz to be secured to protect them. no casualties reported there. the hurricane is expected or is continuing north and is over land right now. that's what the satellite picture behind me shows. the path moving along coastal provinces. >> our weather here was decidedly better. we have dryer air coming in. spotty sprinkles and showers. started in southeast baltimore county drifting across the bay. these are the only folks being
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picked on with any kind of rain. widening the picture a little bit. there are a few more showers here and there. it is not of many consequence. we may see more activity tomorrow in that region. morning lows mostly in the 70's. right now, 77, 73 at easton, middle river at 72. frederick is also 70. we see easton southward. in the 50's in the mountains.
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this is that dryer air filtering in right now. most of the clouds in the eastern shore. thin and low. the further west we go. this much dryer air moves in. the stationary front moving in. sliping a little further to the east. that allows that dryer air to move into the area. an isolated shower near denton. thundershower tomorrow, maybe. west to northwest winds 5-10. 84-88, the high. winds from the southeast but not very strong. again tomorrow, we may see a little shower activity to the south. northward out to the west. it looks dry.
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dry weather will continue right into wednesday. we do see a hint trying to come in to stay to the north of us. on tuesday and wednesday, we do end up into the low 90's. that chance for an isolated shower south of us on monday. temperatures stay in the 80's. but by late friday and saturday and sunday, we could see some showers and thunderstorms. >> looks good for tomorrow night's game. talking about the orioles playing in chicago. a rookie pitcher getting a
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what's the future like? you love your new jetta. and the suit? you like it? no...i love it! >> if you were to take one series the orioles could claim, it took five weeks and a road trip to chicago. even with some early adversity, knocking off of mark burrly with three hits on the day. jones would have to leave the day with a back spasm. noel an despite having a
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partially attorney a killies. two run shot. subing for adam jones. bird in front 5-1. got to be advanced. not so says the umpire. the outing for birk. bottom line, it was adventure rows. he got the job done. orals get the win 5-4 martinez enjoying the run. second three run shot. in the ninth, 9-7. two run, nobody out. one, two, three. the triple play.
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getting the win 9-7. >> footballpre season terms, it's. 11-day wait between games. during the wait, ravens managed to wind up the longest training camp in the league. first round pick making the ravens brain trust look very smart. he's battled relentless li. joe flacco looking great. maybe distracted by the dog show. snoop dogg stopped by. what r where does it all leave the ravens right now? not for sure, they feel bad.
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we are going into this game. we don't have our legs underneath us yet. we've worked through this. we had the best camp we could have at this stage and have to keep building on that. >> the lpga tour is often krit sdiezed for unemotional play. hoping change that this week, america versus europe. the u.s. was trailing in most matches. the fire came life. playing to the dpalryes all
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week. the feel for her in the cup. 16-12. the tradition and fourth major of the year. a great showing. tied for fifth. never a major on the junior sir cut. back to the 18. a playoff to mike read. staying high left. a 12 footer for the victory. >> now a major champion for the second time. >> across championships, 9 title was decided. men come to baltimore each year. left to host brian reece, top seed facing toronto nationals.
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no chance to run on the third quarter. mike ward with some help. a shot on the break. fourth quarter to toronto. a huge defensive break down. wide open to tie at nine. that's a look at sports. stay with us for more
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>> really nice weather the next few days. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks for joining us. have a good night. geico's been saving people money on car insurance for over 70 years.
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