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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  August 28, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> we begin tonight with the weather alert. parts of maryland have been under a flash flood warning for the afternoon. we will check at the weather center. >> we see some heavy rain moving through parts of the area, especially on the eastern shore. the entire baltimore metro area is under a flood watch until 2:00 in the morning. conditions are favorable to cause flooding of small streams and low-lying areas. this is south of baltimore, down to annapolis. on up in the caroline and queen anne's county. all the way back to frederick county and eastern shore, there is a flood warning in effect.
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tropical storm danny is holding together and moving to the mid- atlantic coast. we will talk about that with a complete forecast in just a little bit. >> last night's severe weather caused damage around maryland, including the church in baltimore county. there are fears that floodwaters my cause even more problems. >> we are here, and just to give you an idea, this is because of the storms we had late last night and early this morning. fire officials are saying that with more storms on the way, they are warning people to be aware of where you go to night. -- go tonight. >> the congregation will move forward in the name of jesus christ. >> now rain is pouring into the building, ruining what is left inside. the rev. believes that early
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morning storms are to blame. >> it occurred during the storm last night when the lightning was going on. we know that it was electrical. we have to wait for the fire department to give their final assessment. >> the same assessment is being felt that this song, less than 5 miles away and 20 minutes after the church fire. >> it was lightning strike after lightning strike. my husband woke up at 4:00, to a big crash. >> you heard this loud boom. apparently, something blow up. -- blew up. >> a they have to deal with flooded roads and stranded vehicles. it could be the beginning of a very tough weekend. >> do not try to drive through
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it. be especially careful at night. if you are driving through an area that you're not familiar with, it is easy to drive into that kind of water. >> in all of these cases, nobody was injured. fire officials would like to keep it that way, so just be aware that flood watch expires late tonight. >> remember, you can always follow storms on our website using the interactive radar. you can find a link on the home page. tonight, city officials are sorting out how the baltimore's mayor made to look like she stepped in the middle of british politics. the investigative reporter is live in the newsroom with that story. >> this involves the city's web
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site. it is quite a story when a british politician used "the wire" and baltimore as a point of reference. the story starts here. >> knives, guns, drug violence. >> the british parliament member bemoans that some parts of the country are now like "the wire. the gritty series set in baltimore focused on poverty, drug trafficking, and violence. his comments drew criticism, but the story got bigger when the british press reported that baltimore mayor sheila dixon joined the critics. they say the mayor calls the comments pointless. the website was fake.
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the perpetrator of the hopes simply copied the city's site to make it appear she had made the statement. >> he copied the source code of the web site which is basically impossible to prevent. >> it has cost the city time and money. the lawyers are investigating whether copyright rules are violated. he has apologized to the city, saying he only intended it as a joke. reporting live tonight, jane miller, wbal tv 11 news. >> police are interviewing witnesses after a man was found stabbed inside his car. it was just after 5:30. andrew from pasadena died from his injuries at harbor hospital.
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anyone with information is urged the couch -- urged to call the police. and a woman led them on a 7 mile chase and rammed a police cruiser. the woman refused to stop for the officer's siren. when the cruiser got in front of her car, she went off road and hit the cruiser getting back on. police are now planning a medical condition that may have affected the woman's judgment. >> the school year is starting off on a sat out after one of their classmates was hit by an alleged drug driver. >> 16-year-old ben was supposed to be a junior at long reach high-school. he is being kept alive on life support. his father tells me his son is an organ donor. for all intents and purposes, he died this morning from his injuries. family members and friends say
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that 60-year-old ban was one of the kind. -- a 16 year-old ben was one of a kind. they snuck out for a late-night bike ride and did not make it home. it was on columbia when he was struck from behind by a nissan altima driven by a 26-year- old. >> police did not believe he was wearing a helmet when he was struck, but he did not have a front light on the front. >> the driver of the car was slurring his speech and had a strong odor of alcohol. police searched him and found ziploc bags with suspected heroin inside.
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friday afternoon, we tried to reach someone at his home for comment, but nobody answered the door. his family still tried to come to grips with the tragedy, his father saying that his son always knew how to make him laugh. he loved him and will miss him very much. the father also tells us that because his son is an organ donor, his heart might be needed right here in baltimore. the driver is charged with the why and possession of heroin. more charges are pending. >> a baltimore county man narrowly escaped being crushed under the weight of his own garage. he had just arrived, seconds before his carport suddenly came crashing down onto the driveway. he heard a creaking sound and a loud crash.
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>> i feel real lucky. i have done a lot of things in my life, but i came within 2 seconds of not being here. >> authorities say the weight of items in his attic was so overwhelming, the cardboard just could not hold it. >> a horrible discovery was made in the house. close to two dozen dogs, and officials at the call out the has back through -- hazmat crew. >> the 21 dogs are now with a rescue group getting the medical care that neighbors said they desperately needed. >> when they pulled those dogs, there was 21 of them including puppies. the puppies did not have any further, and they were so swollen. >> she says she could hear dogs
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howling, and the smell was terrible. 21 dogs taken from the horrible conditions. feces were ankle deep on the floor, and no medical care for the sick animals. >> luckily, none of them were dead. hopefully, they will survive once they clean them up. maybe someone can adopt them. >> neighbors said they had no idea there were that many animals and the house. the couple that live there was nice enough. >> they were very nice people. i do not know what they're going to do. i am sorry to see them go, they were very nice. >> the police brought in a crisis management team. they're waiting to see if charges will be filed. >> stay with us, there's more
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ahead. >> i am at arlington national cemetery. the nation prepares to say farewell to senator ted kennedy. >> a lot of fans wanted certain denver bronco to relocate to baltimore. is it more or less likely? we will explain in sports. >> heavy rain continues as a flood watch remains in effect for tonight. tropical storm danny still moves toward the united states. temperatures are in the 70's. for all event, you can get great lease deals. i love it! i just want to know it's the right move. me? thirteen days in the future. you get a deal on the car you always wanted. scheduled maintenance is included, it's all good. what's the future like? you love your new jetta. and the suit? you like it? no...i love it!
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v today. but we are over an accident in baltimore county. >> an accident involving three vehicles, fire crews are just now getting here to try to get
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the person out of the car. you can see up on its side. southbound is pretty much shut down. >> senator ted kennedy's body will be flown to washington tomorrow afternoon. he will be laid to rest with military honors at arlington national cemetery. >> we have more tonight from arlington. >> before senator kennedy is laid to rest at arlington national cemetery, his motorcade will make a final farewell tour of the nation's capitol. the hearse carrying senator ted kennedy will pass by the capital and pause for prayer in front of the senate where kennedy served for nearly 50 years.
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friday, cruise wrap up preparation for kennedy's final visit. the motorcade travels to arlington national cemetery where kennedy will be honored with a military funeral. >> the military will render a volley of three salutes. then taps, the folding of the flag, and the presentation of the flag to mrs. kennedy penn. it will be about 200 yards from president john f. kennedy and the eternal flame. the stake marks the spot where a simple white wooden cross will be great -- will be placed. >> in the three brothers stand alone in american history. >> they will rest in peace together. it was a familiar place to senator kennedy. he came here often to visit his
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brothers. >> and you can watch the funeral live at 10:00 on saturday morning. at 5:30, nbc news will carry his burial. and don "meet the press," a special tribute. that is sunday morning at 10:00. >> now, your 11 instaweather plus forecast. >> rain will probably continue late tonight. the national weather service has issued a flood watches. there are some pretty heavy shower activities through the county into southern maryland and on to the eastern shore. the red and orange and purple indicate the heavy rains with
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lightning. the on the lookout for flooding of low-lying areas. there is also an area of heavy showers cutting across northern carroll county. most of the baltimore area will be dealing with showers and storms through tonight and probably the first half of tomorrow. a flash flood watch is in effect, and you can see where it covers from frederick county into cecil county and northern virginia. that is where flooding of the low-lying areas in the queen anne's and caroline -- the temperatures have been much cooler for most of the afternoon. the wind is shifting to the southeast. one weather disturbances coming up with tropical storm danny
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sitting off the coast. that is converting on the mid- atlantic region. low pressure is dropping into the great lakes. it pushes the storm away from the mid-atlantic coast. it may be our protection from possible storm -- from tropical storm danny. tomorrow morning, is scraping just passed north carolina. by early afternoon, it will be southeast of ocean city. if that track colds, cape cod will get harder hit. the eastern maritime mckenna will be harder hit. -- of canada will be harder hit. it will be in that southern sections of new england. scattered showers tomorrow and off to the west on sunday.
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our forecast for deep creek lake, met the upper 80's around the bay. if you are headed to the beach, tomorrow is a bit of a crowded a with a good chance for showers and storms. the surface temperature is 78 with partly cloudy and storms possible on sunday. if you venture down the beach, be careful getting near the water. we will see some sunshine in the area on sunday, 84. a bit cooler monday with a full preview -- with a full preview on tuesday with highs in the 70's and lows in the 50's. >> the ravens are sneaking into the starting lineup. you're running out of time. it is one of the most important preseason games. mason is only the sure thing -- is the only sure thing.
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clayton is starting to work his way on the the field. williams will be a big part of things as long as he figures out a way to stay healthy. only the coach knows for sure. >> we probably need that extra -- we will see how it holds out after the carolina game. if i only played two quarters, then so be it. >> the post-game will be afterwards. you can also hear the game on wbal. first, the stimulus package, that health care reform. the latest thing and no one can seem to agree on is if the reagans should be trading marshall and not. good a player, bad guy.
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he said he wants to be traded. does this hurt or help his chances? the broncos just want to get rid of marshall. on the flip side, you could argue, who wants a guy who can't stay out of trouble on or off the field? >> it is in the best interest -- interest of the team and the organization. we will make the decision together. the decision we are making is that he will be a part of this team. he is under contract and is under roster. we're going to try to make that work. that is it. >> it may be hard to say that the orioles suffered a loss last night. it might imply that their heart is still in it. my daughter thought the world had just ended. i think heartbreaking still applies. two outs, two strikes. it are you kidding me?
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8 to run home run. just like that, is 5-4 indians. oh, man. that is strike three. your ball game. it concludes in stunning fashion. a terrible way to go down.
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>> new details about a girl kidnapped 18 years ago. why the father of the convicted sex offender says that he is absolutely out of his mind. a father lashes out at a group of tv photographers covering a high-profile case in pennsylvania. what authorities believe is that that man off. and tonight, $333 million are up for grabs. it is the only place to watch
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that drawing. it is at 11:22 tonight. join us right
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go to for more details. >> flood watches, warnings, tropical storm danny. we have to deal with some heavy downpours tonight and tomorrow morning. after that, a clearing trend. if you're heading to ocean city, some rough surf and showers. >> and then cool?
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>> yes.
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