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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  September 2, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> it was incredible yesterday. we will be up to 75 again. warmer in some locations. 77 in some locations. 54 at the airport right now. 64 downtown. 47 in york, pennsylvania. the school bus of forecast, 55 to 60 degrees. when you get off the bus, 75-77. the winds are light and out of the north east. the sunshine will be up at 6:53. it will set at 7:35. i will give you more about the forecast coming up. >> good morning, everyone. no incidents as far as the major roadways go. if you are heading out in howard county, route 1, washington
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boulevard, an accident was found there. some fired a permit activity in another location. and the water main break near fowler avenue. watch for possible enclosures there. volume is picking up, but no official delay on the major roadways. flashing lights, some construction on the left shoulder on the beltway. everything is going away from the maryland line to the beltway. that is the latest on traffic. back over to you. bu>> a man is accused of robbing two women at bank of america. our reporter is like that a baltimore county police headquarters with the details. >> of, police know what these suspects look like. they are hoping that someone
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will recognize him and come forward before his crimes get too dangerous. they have escalated in nature. police of warwick it will get worse. this is the man -- police are worried it will get worse. this is the man. makes many feel secure even after dark. >> i should have seen something. a lot of people are driving by. customers at night. he jammed a gun into a woman's last saturday. drive to a particular location. >> police drove to pine grove drove her to pine grove elementary school where he sexually assaulted her. >> a black male suspect came around, ordered her to give him money. >> police of very concerned that the man will escalate his violent and in the shooting or killing someone. if anyone has information, they can report to it anonymously. there is an award leading to the capture of the suspect.
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reporting live in baltimore county, wbal tv 11 news. >> thank you. a man is behind bars after u.s. marshals found him in north carolina. he is accused of shooting a pregnant woman in the arm, and a man in the leg. he is charged with two attempts of murder. city police are still searching for the suspect or suspects who opened fire in west baltimore yesterday. just after 4:00 two men were and are in critical condition. one of the victims died. if you have information about the shooting, called crimestoppers. alford plea in juvenile court.
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the lawyer acknowledged there him, but he did not admit to the crime. christopher was riding his bike when he was attacked in may. suspects were accused of face. his mother says although she is angered by her son's death, she has mercy in her heart for the accusers. >> honestly, i know that he killed my son. i know that he played a big part in his death. he is still a child. i feel for him inside. i really do hope that i can forgive him one day. >> a judge is expected to send trey robinson to an out-of- state juvenile facility until he is 21. the other suspect should have his charges reduced to juvenile charges instead of adult. >> congress is headed back to washington d.c. to discuss the health care reform issues. the debate issue continues right here in maryland.
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conservative opponents gathered. congressmen elijah cummings is meeting with those to try to get some change. >> i am concerned that they will on businesses. >> of what people to hear their stories. their voices are often drowned out. >> the allies of the president urging him to give a speech to outline the specific issues of health care reform. >> after a briefing on the swine flu virus, president obama offered this advice.
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>> this program will be completely voluntary, but it will be strongly recommended. >> the vaccine for swine flu will not be ready until mid october. it will not be enough for everyone. >> there will be an opportunity for everyone to have access to the vexing. >> until then, soap and water is the best defense. school officials are being rethought on how to wash their hands. >> some do not put enough so bonn or washed their hands long enough. >> all over the country, educators insist class as it will stay open. >> if your child comes to send -- school bill, we will send them home. school closure is not on the agenda. >> dong children and young adults of the prime target. >> -- a young adults and young children are the prime target. >> it scares me. >> it was freezing.
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>> the death of a sixth grader just hours of being hospitalized as officials were rated. at wake forest university, 80 students are sick in the first week. this virus may be getting started. from washington, wbal tv 11 news. >> child overweight? the report says the nation is struggling with a childhood obesity epidemic. they are trying to keep fast food away from schools and to help reduce obesity. cities should make it easier for residents to walk and exercise. they want families to make healthier decisions. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day.
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do you think local governments need to get involved to help trim down the number of obese children? email us your response to watercooler@wbaltv. com. coming up, wipe your bank may be asking you for money. >> firefighters make some progress overnight on those raging wildfires in california. we will have the latest on their efforts. >> here is a live look at traffic at liberty. more on
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>> 63 degrees downtown. 54 at the airport. the sunshine will be up shortly after 6:00. we have another beautiful day. get out and enjoy it. plenty of sunshine and very pleasant. it will be cooler than normal as the high-pressure moves in and
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is affecting the eastern shore. the winds are light today of the north east of around 5-10 miles per hour. we have more on the hurricane which made landfall last night. erica is in the atlantic. >> thank you. firefighters are making progress in southern california. the buyer is 22% contained which is a huge inflow -- the fire is 22% contained which is a huge improvement from 5% containment. many homes are still threatened by the fire. >> the astronauts had a successful run in space. there was a 6.5 hour workday removing an ammonia tank.
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the astronauts will install a new tank during the next space walk on thursday. >> it is 5:12. severe weather creates more than $100,000 worth of damage to a maryland camp. it is used to keep youths out of trouble. we will have more on that. >> be careful the next time you go to swipe your card. >> an accident in howard county. details coming up.
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>> something happening in howard county. >> yes. if you are traveling along washington boulevard, some lane closures around corridor road. a problem spot in the city. fire department activity. everything looking good of the j.f.x. we have a problem in fowler avenue. there is a water main break closure. watch out for that. 95 running smoothly both north and southbound. they live view of the north side. the northeast corner of the beltway.
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problem free on the inner loop. that is the latest. let's get the latest on the buses and trains. >> good morning. we have a delay on the light rail about 20 minutes late northbound and southbound. metro subway looking good. the brunt declines are operating on time. 15 bus diverting at saratoga in green around water main break repair. for the mta transit team, i am kirt. >> hurricanes jimena hit last night around the bohol peninsula. -- boaja peninsula.
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it is only a category 2. it is moving across the central part of the peninsula later today. the hope is that it would help out with the wild fires in california. it will go more to the northeast. it is a hundred miles south of l.a. no good news coming from that system to help out with the wild fires. our weather is great news. beautiful conditions. a dome of high pressure is going to be hard to break. alas for the next several days. and also labor day weekend is headed our way. 48 in york, pennsylvania. 64 at the airport. a little bit cooler than yesterday morning.
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mostly sunny and 68 in the western mountains of maryland. in baltimore, 77 degrees. a little bit warmer. the winds will be let out of the northeast. 75 in ocean city. a quiet in stable weather pattern. waves at 1 foot on the chesapeake bay. the record high was 99. the record low was 50 degrees. we are not very far from that. 61 is where we will be around our overnight lows. 57 downtown. sun set at 7:35.
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i want to show you this hurricane as it continues to make landfall. it is losing strength as it is moving here. not good news for los angeles. the humidity is not going to make it there. tropical storm erica is a slow mover. it is continuing to move to the northwest. winds are at 45 miles per hour. take a look at the seven-day forecast. pleasant, high and dry, a little bit increase in the temperatures of around 80's by next week. >> free checking, formerly a common purpose of banks is becoming harder to find. chase and bank of america are starting programs that require a monthly fee or other conditions to get free checking.
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resistance to credit-card regulations as having an effect on bank profits. you can expect a slow transition a way from free checking as banks try to figure out how to make money on checks without angering customers. and they are trying to make another feature easier to use. debit card reward programs to encourage the use of a card. debit cards offer banks money on transactions and overdraft fees. >> investors are watching to see if yesterday's concern about bank losses spills over into today's trading. a new study on ceo pay is being conducted. we will take a look get this and the rest of the business news in the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. no big surprise here. and bank executives are getting paid way more than the rest of us.
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the chief executive at 20 banks got paid 27% of more than the industry average for chief executives at s&p 500 companies last year. the millions in pay that they get this for roger 30 times larger than what the typical worker gets paid. -- 430 times larger than what the typical worker gets paid. michael more has a new -- michael moore as a new documentary on capitalism and that is being screened this week. watch for 3d tv. they plan to start selling them worldwide by the end of next year.
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and play station three and blu- ray is also going to start offering that type of technology. >> thank you. coming up, we will get another look at your morning commute. >> the ravens get set for their final preseason game this week. we will let you know what player you will not see in the starting lineup. we will tell you why coming up. >> do not forget to e-mail us your answer to the watercooler question of the day. do you think local governments need to get involved to help trim down the number of obese children? email us your response to watercooler@wbaltv. com. heard you're getting free nights from how? well, funny you should ask.
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>> the ravens wrapped up a preseason. he will not see their full complement of wide receivers. mark place and will sit out the last preseason game as he has said of the previous games because of his hamstring injury. he was to get as much rest as possible. it has given us a chance to get a long look at killing washington. what an impact -- kelly washington, and what an impact he could have. they will find playing time for a guy like that who has a terrific work ethic. >> in other day to get better. we are starting practice. we are going to go up there and be aggressive. there is no slacking off.
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there are guys trying to get jobs and trying to get better and get confidence going into the season. they are serious. >> we will bring you the preseason finale right here on thursday night on tv 11 as well as on wbal radio and 98 rock. their plane in atlanta. the orioles on the short side again. they lose to the yankees again for the ninth consecutive time. they face the yankees for the final time at home. i am gerry sandusky. i hope your day is off to a fantastic start. >> for more than 50 years, the really valley camp has provided help for children. now they need your help. take a look of this video from last friday night.
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destroying others. there is still a lot more work that needs to be done. >> it is intriguing to see something that powerful at work. just to know how much work and what it is going to take to put it all back together and how much money -- it really hits you. >> my grandfather started the camp. he was a minister in the inner city and noticed a lot of kids who did not have a lot to do. he started this camp for kids out in the country. >> 10,000 kids and adults took part in the camp. that was last year. if you want to help rebuild the camp, go to our website at and click on local news. >> it is 5:27. coming up in the next hour of 11 news today. >> baltimore county police are looking for a robbery suspect they say are praying at women at
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atms at night. the details are straight ahead. >> in washington, are we seeing signs of an economic recovery? that story coming up in our project economy report. >> we are seeing more signs of sunshine heading your way today. stay tuned for your forecast.
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