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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  September 2, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> they discovered one fino that had been shot. they discovered a second female that had been shot. one is the estranged wife of our suspect in this case. the second female is cheryl timmons. >> when police discovered that she had a protective order, they sought him out and when they found him he took off in a car. he was pursued in northeast washington, d.c. when they stopped him he got out of his car and was brandishing a gun. they shot him dead. >> homicide detectives in baltimore city are investigating a shooting in west baltimore that killed one man and left another wounded. we brought you details last night at 5:00.
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police say one of the victims were shot multiple times and died hours later. the other victim remains in critical condition. >> a shooting is under investigation. skype team 11 flew over the scene at about 3:30 this afternoon. a man were shot in the head, no word on his condition. tonight, another case of the city violence that had gotten out of hand. stray bullets from nowhere striking unintended victims. it happened yesterday evening on madison avenue. lisa robinson is live with more on the story. >> police have charged a man with first-degree attempted murder, a man who was already on parole for a 1992 murder case. a close call for two employees tuesday evening as they were
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leaving work. security officers reported shots fired to baltimore police. the president and ceo calls what happened next an avoidable the event. >> at least one of those bullets came down the street and it raised one of our employees just as she had crossed the street. >> the bullet pierced a second female employee's purse, destroying everything in sight but not hurting her physically. >> from what we know, the whole incident stemmed from a fight between two girls that took place moments earlier. the fight then escalated into gunfire. >> police have arrested a 42- year-old. >> there was an intended suspect, one bullet actually
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penetrated his pant but did not go into his body. >> that person was trying to break up the fight. employees have been notified. they will continue to do what they have always done. >> week walk people to the crotch. there is security -- we walk people to the garage. >> we are told the baltimore city police commissioner has plans to meet with the johns hopkins administrators about crime and safety in the area in general. officials plan to have a town hall meeting for its employees so they can answer any questions they may have about crime, safety, and what happened here yesterday evening. >> thank you. at this hour, baltimore county police are investigating a home innovation and robbery in
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pikesville. skype team 11 flew over the scene just before noon today. two male suspects went into the community. the suspects forced their way inside and robbed the president. no word on the identity of the suspect. prosecutors have persuaded a judge to keep james von braun behind bars, saying he is a dangerous man. he is the 89-year-old accused of shooting a guard at the u.s. holocaust museum back in june. he appeared in court today, appearing calm and smiling. the judge also ordered him to undergo a competency evaluation. he objected to that, saying he has a right to a speedy trial. >> a trial date has been set for helen holton. her attorney argued the case should be moved from circuit
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court to district court. the judge said the motion will be considered. she faces bribery charges. those same charges were dismissed earlier this year but prosecutors managed to get a grand jury to read and write her. >-- to re-indyk indict her. >> you can't hear the warnings about seasonal and swine flu enough especially as we enter the season faced with the possibility that the h1n1 virus could returned stronger than before. kate amara joins us live in annapolis where leaders spent the morning getting prepared. >> all the maryland is seeing a lull in cases, state officials say this is not a disease to be complacent about.
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maryland officials met wednesday to coordinate their fight against the swine flu. the meeting was closed to reporters except for these pictures, gov. martin o'malley and his cabinet discussed possible scenarios and the state's response. >> we will be facing the swine flu on top of the seasonal flow. those things together will put a big stress on our hospitals, our emergency rooms, our intensive care unit, and the like. >> the h1n1 virus is with us and is expected to ramp up over the next several months. state leaders are asking people to get a seasonal flu shot now and to get vaccinated against h1n1 when it becomes available. >> you are doing your patriotic duty if you go and take your seasonal flu shot this year even if you have not done it before.
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>> it is not a disease to be complacent about. >> fran phillips says her department has tracked and unusual optic in hospital admissions for influenza-like illnesses. >> we are on top when there are pockets of illness among students or staff that is beginning to develop in something that looks like an outbreak. that is new and is happening now. >> for the last few weeks, the state lab has been researching the veracity and resistance to anti-viral drugs. how can a state in the middle of a budget crisis pay for such a huge response to the swine flu? that is new at 6:00. >> health officials have been warning for months to expect an uptick in swine flu cases.
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schools are reporting a wave of cases across the country. 50 students are suspected of having the virus in atlanta. they voluntarily moved to a separate dorms to avoid spreading the virus. 100 suspected cases in north carolina so far. >> with school starting we will see an uptick in cases, likely before the vaccine is available. >> the swine flu vaccine will be released in mid october. experts warn half of the country could be infected this fall. we want to know, have you changed any of your habits due to the threat of the virus? grab your cellphone and text yes or no to the number on your screen. standard text messaging rates will apply. 75% of people who have taken
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part say they have not changed any of their habits. 25% say they have. >> it was a beautiful day across the region today with comfortable temperatures. some spots were in the 40's. satellite imagery shows clear skies in baltimore north and west. you do see a little bit of cloud cover moving up. that will be the pattern and it will hold for the rest of the workweek. more sunshine in the mountains. only 68 in oakland right now. insta-weather plus futurecast shows cloudiness to our south and east as we head into morning. will this beautiful late summer weather pattern called for the upcoming labor day weekend? >> in southern california,
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firefighters are battling a giant wildfire. they are making some progress. in a national forest, the station fire has been burning since august 26. the blaze was caused by a human. they were trying to figure out if it was an accident or arson. >> fire teams continue to map out a strategy as they began week two of their fight. >> 22% has been contained. it is a great improvement over the 5% that i sought just two days ago. >> the optimism is tempered by the reality that the flames are still under control and growing in many areas. 40 helicopters and a dozen or so tankers are delivering support from the air. more than 40 -- more than 4000
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firefighters are on the ground, joined now by a handful of investigators saying early evidence rules out natural causes for the fire. they now know that human activity sparked the blaze. for the thousands of families whose homes are still in the path of the flames, and the strike team struggling to protect them, how or why this fire started is not nearly as important as the grueling effort to make sure it is stopped. there is growing concern that work could get even more difficult. strong winds could begin to push the fire later this evening. further evidence that the fight is still far from over. >> we have breaking news right now of an accident in west baltimore. >> an accident involving
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personal injuries. police are now just arriving at the same. they are blocking off those east and west bound routes while they deal with the injured. >> thank you. still ahead, millions of dollars of taxpayer money is being wasted. up next, what a new report says. you are going to be surprised. >> over 1 million people in the united states now living with hiv. how patients are getting control of their diagnosis. >> city police get a crime- fighting device that will be the envy of 007. >> are you looking for a job? careers in the health-care industry are expected to skyrocket. the three hot jobs that may not require a four-year college
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degree. >> we are talking about 21st century technology. coming up, something student are learning . it's a revolution in pain relief.
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(announcer) new icy hot medicated roll. for wherever you hurt. icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. the new icy hot medicated roll. with the roll, pain's under control. >> family members say the only man convicted in a bombing has been taken to the intensive care
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unit after his condition worsened. he has terminal prostate cancer. his health has swiftly deteriorated since his release from a scottish prison. he was convicted in the 1989 bombing of a pan am flight. all people on board were killed along with 11 people on the ground. >> we are learning what a huge role our genes play in our house. your genes may determine whether breast cancer may spread to the brain. researchers say they have identified a gene using human tissue samples. it impacts the feel that tumors need to grow. if scientists can figure out how to turn it off, it could help stop the spread of breast cancer. more than 1 million people in
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the united states are living with hiv. thousands of americans are infected but do not know it. it does not have to be a death sentence. >> his life inside of this radio studio is a far cry of what it was two days ago. >> i was a drug user. i was shooting drugs, mainline vain. >> he was serving a 20-year prison sentence when his hiv test came back positive, and thoughts of ending his life began flooding his mind. >> i was in a lot of pain it mentally. >> at that point, he had a choice to lead his diagnosis control him or to take control of the diagnosis and change his life. >> i began to educate myself. i found out a lot about hiv.
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i just decided to live and embrace like to the fullest. >> he says he is now a free man, no longer behind physical bars of a prison or behind the mental bars of a life altering diagnosis. this doctor treats patients who have an hiv or aids diagnosis. >> we are here to provide clinical information as well as advise on what to do. >> at the end of the day, he says the biggest lesson he has learned through the ups and downs with living with hiv comes down to the golden rule. >> this could be you. this could be your brother, your sister. we can beat this thing with education. >> many but not all hiv patients have to take daily medications
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to keep the virus under control. angus takes two pills a day and will have to do it for the rest of his life. the mediterranean diet may be better than low-fat food when it comes to managing type 2 diabetes. researchers compared two groups of diabetics. one diet featured fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and all of oil. another group followed a low-fat diet. four years later, fewer than half of those on the mediterranean diet needed to go on medication compared to three quarters on the low-fat diet. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> another unseasonably cool early september morning with temperatures dropping in the 40's.
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50 this morning was the record and went all the way back to 1892. our official low was 53. 61 at downtown baltimore. how about at the river near oakland, 37 degrees this morning. what a temperature contrast from 37 in the cooler valleys to 72 degrees down at the coast at ocean city. a huge contrast. satellite imagery has picked up on a little bit of cloud cover to our south and east. temperatures are ranging from the 60's in oakland to 78 degrees at ocean city. temperatures may not fall quite as fast tonight especially on the eastern shore. on the western suburbs, right back down to near 50 degrees. a wide temperature range
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tonight. high pressure has tried to come in the strong from the west and will pretty much dominate the weather pattern for the next few days. some of the cloud cover we see out over the atlantic ocean will be pushed onto the eastern shore and maybe a sprinkle of rain across the lower eastern shore tomorrow afternoon and on friday partly cloudy conditions. heading into the labor day weekend, the skies clear out which is good news. partly cloudy tomorrow, 77 to 83 degrees with a light breeze. waves less than 1 foot on the chesapeake. the debate is starting to cool off a little bit. -- the bay is starting to cool off a little bit. a very comfortable day in the mountains tomorrow. at ocean city, windy and maybe a shower passing by especially
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right along the beaches as that area of low pressure moves through. 77 and northeast winds at 20 miles per hour. tropical storm beryl, has been fluctuating in intensity -- tropical storm erika has been fluctuating in intensity. it is expected to remain a fairly weak storm. sunny skies around baltimore tomorrow, partly cloudy on the eastern shore. 80 degrees once we get past a rather cool morning. 81 across the area on friday. comfortable, lower humidity, highs in the low 80's for the weekend. showers do not arrive until next wednesday. >> that is a nice looking for cash. new details in the investigation
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of bernard madoff. what the federal government failed to do despite many warnings of his multibillion- dollar fraud scheme. >> four school bus crashes have been linked to the same cause. traffic officials are calling for new guidelines for heavy vehicles. >> we will find out how local school systems plan to help students make up the school year who have the h1n1
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>> the ntsb has released its final report in a dead the school buckiss crash. >> the ntsb says the bus driver confuse the accelerator for the brake pedal. it is officially known as pedal misapplication. >> the liberty crash spurred an investigation into four similar accidents, and the ntsb has concluded that pedal misapplication caused all of them. >> a school bus went out of control, when the airborne, and into two vehicles. tuesday, the ntsb ruled that the probable cause was pedal
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misapplication, meaning the bus driver accidentally pressed on the accelerator rather than the brake pedal. safety board investigators wanted to know why the driver confuse the paddles to begin with. the board says similarities between the accelerator and brake pedal likely caused the confusion. that was the case in the three other separate school bus crashes and 1 fire truck accident over a four-year period. >> there needs to be a separation between pedals. >> the ntsb says there are millions of heavy vehicles on the road with similar configurations, so the board is asking the highway traffic administration to issue new guidelines for heavy vehicle manufacturers. >> we want them to have different characteristics so the driver will get feedback to know whether they are on the break or
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on the accelerator. >> she says it could have prevented the crash. the ntsb is recommending additional training for bus drivers and is renewing a call for the installation of data recorders on all school buses. >> the ntsb is also recommending that interlock systems be installed in heavy vehicles, requiring that the driver step on the brake before the vehicle can be taken out of park. >> it is the largest health-care fraud case in the united states. >> also, the government is giving flexibility when it comes to investing in your child's college education. >> the future of baltimore city crime-fighting fits in the palm of your hand. oh yea, well for 6 months, customers get all three: fios tv, internet and phone for just $79.99 a month.
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>> baltimore city police get a high-tech upgrade. officers may soon be carrying pocket cops, blackberry's that will allow officers to do instant background checks on suspects. the city is using federal stimulus money to buy them. david collins joins us live from city police headquarters. >> they are pretty impressive. once these devices -- they want these devices to help get police officers out of their vehicles. they do not consider them the magic bullet for foot patrols but rather a gateway into the future of crime fighting.
5:31 pm
they will keep officers on horseback. those on patrol will no longer have to remain in their car. >> we are going to reduce people's fear of crime by having much more personal contact with the community in which we serve. >> the device is a blackberry, and every cop will get one. stimulus money has just become available. options include a gps system. dispatching capabilities, text messaging, and photo exchanges. >> you can have the photo right there and you can hold it up and say this is you or this is not you. it is enormously helpful. >> the devices were tested in the western district.
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they hauled in more offenders on outstanding warrants. >> i think these devices are a gateway into the future. >> the commissioner and visions a time when they take fingerprints on the street and stan license plates. coming up at 6:00, we will hear from officers who are currently using the device. >> thank you. here is a look at some of our other top stories. and man suspected of killing his wife and his sister is now dead. police were forced to shoot him. the investigation started in anne arundel county. no officers were hurt. a 42-year-old is behind bars for shooting an employee. two girls were fighting when the stepfather of one of them pulled a gun and started firing. one employee was shot in the hand, another employee barely escaped unharmed.
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president obama will deliver a major address to congress next wednesday. that is one day after lawmakers return from their august recess. the speech will _ the direct involvement in reforming the health-care system. just last week, some of the president's own allies urged him to be more specific about his plan. >> students in cherry hill are getting a chance to explore the future of medicine. it is all thanks to a mobile health care clinic that is touring the nation. jennifer franciotti has more. >> three days in kindergarten, students are talking about things like shots and doctors because of this. it is a health clinic on wheels outside of their school.
5:34 pm
united healthcare is one of the largest managed health-care organizations in the country. it did show kidding -- it is showcasing the latest. >> is there any diabetes in your family? >> the technology can be installed in schools or workplaces or clinics, drug stores, to give people more opportunity to get the care that they need. >> they are going on a nationwide tour. officials claim non partisanship. >> eventually this technology will connect to any insurance carrier so a physician can use it and not break it apart by the insurance that someone has. >> baltimore is its only stopped at a school.
5:35 pm
officials hope to plant the seeds for health care career. >> we want to get them excited about the technology. >> the world's largest drug maker will pay a record settlement of $2.3 billion for on lawfully promoting prescription drugs. >> pfizer asked the fda if it could promote the sale of an anti-inflammatory drug for certain other uses and in doses higher than the approved maximum. the fda said no, but pfizer marketed the drug for those unapproved uses it anyway. >> the justice department says sales reps greeted phony medical information so they could send unsolicited information to doctors about unapproved uses and dosages. >> the securities and exchange
5:36 pm
commission never did a competent pro of finance year bernard madoff. it found that the agency consistently mishandled its five investigations into his business despite ample warnings of the multibillion-dollar fraud. the report also found no evidence of any improper ties between agency officials and bernard madoff. >> still to come, a suspect would not stop talking in court. >> the hurricane made landfall today in mexico. the storm has been downgraded but it is still packing a punch. >> thanks to a 101-year old lady, there is a new playground.
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>> a robbery suspect who would not stop talking in court was ordered by a judge [unintelligible]
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he kept interrupting the judge. the judge gave him a warning which was repeatedly ignored. the judge ordered the bailiff to duct tape his mouth shut. the judge ended the hearing and sent the case on to a grand jury. the mayor of hartford, conn., is now out of jail after surrendering to police. the mayor and a former state representative turned themselves in at police barracks. prosecutors charged them with trying to extort money from persons trying to build properties. the mayor has said he has done nothing wrong. >> hurricane jimena made landfall today. it has been downgraded to a category one storm but it still pack a punch. there was flooding and power
5:41 pm
outages but no reports of deaths or major damages. >> we are out of power. we got some groceries and some provisions. >> 75% of hotel rooms are vacant because tourists fled ahead of the storm. >> up next, there is still time to take a summer vacation. >> if you don't have children. if you are looking for deals, there is a website that can help you. >> recent audits show the department of energy is wasting energy, millions of dollars worth, and taxpayers are footing the bill. >> a beautiful weather pattern across the mid atlantic but can we hold onto it as we head into the labor day weekend? sunshine in baltimore,
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temperatures in the 70's.
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>> here is a look at what we are working on for 6:00. two women are dead in anne arundel county. the suspect in the case was shot and killed by police. preparing students and teachers who may miss class is because of a swine flu outbreak. what officials are doing to make sure our students can keep up on their studies.
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>> an inspector general says millions of taxpayer dollars are being wasted by the department of energy -- on energy of all
5:45 pm
things. the department acknowledges is not doing all they can to live up to its own standards. sally kidd has details. >> the energy department prides itself on leading the nation toward energy efficiency but recent audits show the department has increased its energy usage and has wasted millions of dollars in the process. the budget watchdogs are howling over the latest energy audits of the department of energy. >> they can't even flip a switch to reduce their energy usage. >> the agency is wasting more than $30 million a year simply by failing to place computers in standby mode when not in use and by failing to adjust thermostats to save energy after hours. >> this is a ridiculous example of wasteful spending and washington.
5:46 pm
-- of wasteful spending in washington. >> the suspects were in place but were not being used. the energy savings from one step along could be enough to power nearly 10,000 homes for a full year. the department declined our request for an interview but released a statement saying what the department has made progress to becoming more energy efficient, we still have significant work to do. the government accountability office says the federal government as a whole has significant work to do. >> we need to make federal buildings more productive in general. >> adjusting thermostats and computer power settings costs nothing. the department has put all of its building managers on notice, that they must use those terms
5:47 pm
that setbacks and take other aggressive steps to save energy. >> breaking news in the newsroom, and apparent emergency situation at bwi thurgood marshall airport. >> this united jet just landed here at b.w.i. airport. it had some type of unknown hydraulic problem. when and handed it was unable to steer. there were 190 people on board the aircraft. no one is injured but it has to sit on the tarmac waiting for a vehicle to toe the aircraft into the gate. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> cool and dry across the region this morning, not quite
5:48 pm
record-setting levels, but at least within the range. 53 for the morning low. it looks like the record will survive another year in the record books. 82 is the normal. 99 on the second of september back in 1953. a weather station in oakland reported 37 degrees. 52 in hagerstown. temperatures in the mid 40's this morning, much warmer are around the shore of the bay. not quite as cold tonight because we will have a little bit of cloud cover. other than the clouds receive moving across parts of the eastern shore, north and west of town is should be clear, cool,
5:49 pm
with calm winds. 60 downtown baltimore short of the day, eastern shore, east wins at about 5 miles per hour. high pressure should control the weather for several more days but an area of low pressure moving along this front will produce clouds and maybe a light shower of rain tomorrow night and going into friday. this area of high pressure should hold through the weekend. there is hurricane jimena. for our region, sunshine and a few clouds tamara. more clouds as you head east. high temperatures around 80 degrees. the waves will be less than a foot. the tropical storm looked like it was going to strengthen. the center of the storm has been pushed off to the west. the center of circulation is
5:50 pm
getting into the northern sections of the caribbean. there is a lot of wind blowing these thunderstorms away from the center of circulation. it is going to be a slow-moving storm that heads through the virgin islands and out through pr. the winds are not a problem, but the heavy rain that is likely to be produced. not really a major threat to the east coast of the united states. it will be a heavy rain maker. for our region, the quiet weather continues. a little bit of cloud cover on the eastern shore. rain possible at ocean city tomorrow night and friday morning. for the labor day weekend,
5:51 pm
partly cloudy, highs in the low 80's. our next chance of any rain does not show up until the middle of next week. >> the irs is allowing parents to adjust their college investment plans twice instead of the usual one time, coming as a response to stock market losses and as a way to recover from any loss. some plans lost as many -- as much as 35%. you might want to look at how the state options for your money. your next hot job may not even require a bachelor's degree. a report says 3 million jobs will be made in the health-care field and many of those require an associate's degree and/or vocational training. among hot jobs are dental
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hygienists, physical therapist assistance, and radiologist assistance. those jobs are also projected to grow more than 10% in just 10 years. there is still time to take a summer vacation. there is a web sites that will do the work for you. >> there are tons of web sites offering great deals on travel. the problem is you have to do countless searches to find the best deals. there is a new site that does all of the work for you. it has great savings for online shopping. it includes deals on just about everything you can imagine. right now is an especially good time to take advantage of travel deals. it has deals on everything the travel-related. there is even deals on the theme
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parks, spas, wedding packages, and luggage. there are dozens of companies listed in the travel section along with other money savers. let's say you want to go on a cruise or get a great deal on a hotel in vegas. just scroll down and you will find what you are looking for. the site is updated on a regular basis so it is not too late to take that last summer vacation. the best part is that you do not have to spend hours of your own time looking for deals. >> you will find a link on our website. >> thank you. retail giant wal-mart is expanding its reach online. to find out how, go to our web site and click on consumer. a judge has barred shake spirit plays from being performed in a local church. -- a judge has barred
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shakespeare plays from being performed in a local church. >> up next, if students get sec, schools want to make sure they are getting their homework while day at home. >> why the internet will be playing a crucial part. >> a brand new state of the art playground.
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karl, don't you have friends coming over? yeah, so? it stinks in here! have you smelled this chair? or these curtains?
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you've gotta wash this whole room! are you kidding? wash it?! let's wash it with febreze! whoa! [ sniffs ] hey mrs. weber. [ sniffs ] hey, it smells nice in here. you know, i like to keep things fresh. helps me concentrate. [ male announcer ] for all the things that you can't wash, wash it with febreze. >> the beginning of school for students is a little bit more
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exciting this year thanks to a generous lady who is over 100 years old. >> that new playground was much needed in greatly appreciated. >> this playground here is not only brand-new, it is state of the art. if it wasn't for this lady, there would not be a playground here at the school. >> without mildred, this would not be here. she has been a faithful supporter. >> the kids love their new playground. the school has 72 students. a provide special education for children from 5 to 21. >> it is a non-graded special education school. the public schools cannot meet their needs. >> now the kids can run and play. >> he has been waiting for this
5:58 pm
play down for over a year. >> it is fun. i love it. >> it is very fun. >> without her, the playground would not be here. seeing the children play and small is what is all about for the 101-year old. >> it makes you happy, doesn't it? >> yes, it does. >> what a great lady. that looks like the nicest school. >> i might have to sneak over there. here is a look at what is coming up new at 6:00. >> three dead including the suspect in a domestic dispute that stretched into three jurisdictions. >> student at home to to the
5:59 pm
h1n1 virus may not miss out on their school work. coming up, what districts are doing to prepare for the worst. >> straight bullets fly near and medical campus. that story is coming up. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00. >> our big story tonight, anne arundel county police are piecing together the circumstances behind a murder. >> a suspect is dead, shot by police in washington, d.c. >> this all started here at this anne arundel county home and then moved into prince george's county before finally ending in northeast washington, d.c. the man shot and killed his estranged wife and her sister to death. death.


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