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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  September 6, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> live, local, late-breaking this is wbal-tv 11 news sunday morning in hd. >> welcome to 11 news sunday morning, i'm lisa robinson. >> i'm jennifer franciotti in for kate amara. top stories in a moment, but a look outside with john collins. it has been a beautiful weekend. >> absolutely. this morning is nice. remember the poster with the cat
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ha hanging. there are things coming. more computer models coming in, indicating rain chances. i'm not sure tell wreck the weekend. tomorrow is a better chance for rain today. the rain tomorrow i don't think will interfere with much all. it won't be sunny, bright, blue the rest of the weekend. right now, hd doppler radar, it is sunny, nice out. beautiful morning. you notice around charlottesville, south of there, in dansville. couple of sprinkles popped up, clouds, more rain activity in tennessee, kentucky, wind turns east, we tend to get clouds. i'll tell you the whole story, coming up. stick around. >> the big story this morning, shocking discovery out of anne arundel county.
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a homeowner discovered began to follow the victim parts. >> >> he is feeling differently about cocky creek. >> gruesome, different. you know, in it's own way, it is fairly quiet in this neck of the woods. good old passa den -- pasadena. >> anne arundel county police responded and found what appears to be a human foot. >> speedy, who was watching this unfold near his back dock discovered he would become an integral part in the scene. >> in the water is what appeared to be a severed body part. as i found out later, it was a human foot. >> a short and later natural resources on the boot near cramer road, across the way from
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the first two locations. and made yet another discovery. >> it was about a foot on this side and a corner of that wall. >> this time next to his leg. >> i thought it was the underside of the jawbone. when it flipped over, the meat was shredded. >> police say there are a lot of unanswered questions. >> we're investigating this as a possible homicide. no further indication as to the race or sex of the victim, age of the victim. the feet appear, they could be adult size. >> melissa carlson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore county police believe they put an end to a series of increasingly violent assaults at a parkville bank atm with the arrest of calvin butler of parkville. he is said to have confessed of
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the crime after being arrested at their home. he used a pair of robberies and sexual assault at a bank of america last july and august. he's been denied bail. >> a baltimore city firefighter is recovering this morning after being injured in a blaze in south baltimore. fire officials say a propane tank exploded during efforts to contain the fire at sixth street and washington. the cause is still under investigation. >> a motorcycle wire seriously injured following a crash in baltimore. it happened around 6:30. the rider was rushed to sinai hospital. the city investigation unit was called to the scene because of the seriousness of the scene. >> president obama is at camp david getting ready for the health care fight. some in his own party are pressuring him not to surrender on the public option, but others are wanting him to compromise
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before it is too late. >> the fight over health care is shifting from the home front. >> we need affordable health care. >> back to the trenches in washington as lawmakers wind down the summer break. president obama is getting ready for the new public offensive, leading up to the address with a joint session of congress on wednesday. >> white house defense secretary tells cnbc john har win, a chance to sell his plan to the house, the senate and the american people. >> we will use wednesday to pull together all the different parts of the plans that are out there and start this final push to get something done this year. >> the president is facing immense pressure from both sides. democrats demanding a public option and republicans who insist his plans are dangerously expensive. >> it's complicated, convoluted and quite simply not going to work. it is time to press the reset
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button. >> the bipartisan gang of six ended the week with a 90-minute conference call and couldn't break the log jam. >> afterward, sherman bockus said he is committed to getting health reform done, done soon and done right. hinting he's ready to move on with or without republican help. brian mooar news. >> 9:07. 64 degrees. the baltimore business journal has details. >> if you are looking to change your lifestyle to become more eco friendly we will get you started with the products to make your home and house an eco house. >> change in the wind and the weather. talk about ist.
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>> now your insta-weather plus forecast. >> a wide view with the
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dorchester -- hd doppler radar to show what is going on with the atlanta -- d offshore you see rain in eastern kentucky, and tennessee and ohio river valley. this is rain running around the outer edging of the big area of high pressure over the great lakes and northeast, mid-atlantic region. and eastern canada. the high is kind of pulling away a bit, backing off. the rain is beginning to get closer to us, so to speak. in the process, we pick up an east wind, which will drug moisture in off theat lant ing to bring in clouds eventually, too. a change in the flavor of the weather. we will see that happen today and tomorrow. more on that in a minute. look at the sun we have this morning. it is beautiful out there this morning. temperatures now in the 70's
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after morning low's in the upper 50's and low 60's. b.w.i. marshall 71 is the temperature, 73 downtown. humidity 66%. it was 100% earlier. as the atmosphere is warming up, the dryer air is making itself more evident. 30.27, the barometer continues to rise. at the moment, the strong high pressure is giving good conditions. the wind has now become northeasterly, picking up about 8:00. deeper into the day, it will swing more easterly. eventually start to adding up moisture that will pop clouds in the area. we started the week in the 70's. temperatures peaked out in the 80's, which was 81, 82 degrees or so. with the east wind, more unsettled weather, more clouds, we will bump around in the 70's to near 80 degrees as we go into the coming week. we're seeing a pattern, kind of stabilize at or below the average for the season.
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that is cooler because the days are shorter. temperatures this morning, salisbury 64. easton 64. york, 67, 63 at frederick right now. the current weather, here we see our weather situation with this area of high pressure overhead. that northeast wind, beginning to come into the picture. that changes the way things will be happening here. forecast, increasing clouds, partly cloudy, seasonably warm. east winds, five to 10. 80 to 84 for the high temperature. only in the 70's tomorrow. more clouds. that keeps the temperatures down. late in the day, a shower chance, here and ocean city. a little better chance for rain tuesday. at the end of the week, we stay cool all week long. >> well, it is hip three times. a local battle in the independent is a center for attention. >> at the fort mchenry, a free
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event. >> temporary duty at fort howard park, for the biggest battle ever fought in baltimore county. signature event for the 350th anniversary of this county. >> tell us about your uniform there, ben. >> a major of the war of 1812. so what we're doing is keeping the independence we won. big battle. we have stuff all day long. >> tell us why it is so important. >> what does it mean for for the mchenry and the star spangled battle. >> it is one by land, two by sea. this is land part where the british try to take the city by land, slowed down at the battle of north point. 350 british soldiers killed and wounded, the biggest battle in baltimore county. later, the british try to take it buy sea.
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they had no better luck there either. we sent them packing. scott keith saw the flag and we had an anthem. >> when you talk to the kids about the day, what will you tell them? >> it is about how the past affects the present. part of the culture where we are today. it is where the anthem came from. all the things how the past affects the present. a pride of place. this is important for the dundalk and edgemere community. this is part of the new st"star spangled banner" trail that will come through here at fort mchenry and north point. >> you are fired up. >> we're ready ma'am. we're prepared. all afternoon. cannons fired. food, stuff for the kids, come on down here fort howard park all day today.
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that weather will hold off. we will send the clouds packing like we sent the british packing. >> thank you so much. >> vince at fort mchenry. thank you so much. a good ambassador. >> it is sunday, time for the q and a segment. stephanie rollins is our guest. >> and who is fighting for survival. >> and a look at events going on around town.
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>> welcome back. it is 9:18. time for the business news with the baltimore business journal. good morning, what is going on? is development happening or not? >> good question. we think it is another delay. they have taken what was expected to be a large development for commercial and retail and they're going to turn it into a parking lot. >> what? >> baltimore development corporation officials say this is a step in the right direction. however, a lot of the proponents -- those who are very against it are saying this is the wrong way to go. look at other sites around the city that have been redeveloped into parking lots, they never got to where they wanted to be. look at old news american site.
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the site on light street is that was southern hotel. preservationists have a real issue. they say, these were wonderful buildings. you razed them for now rain. this would require razing 16 buildings. >> so it is still up in the air? >> it is up in the air. it is going to be a parking lot. the 16 buildings will be razed. how far away it is, good question. >> all right. move on to dairy farming. i don't think that is a big industry here. >> it was a huge industry here. now it is down to a $208,000 industry. it is a huge drop off. the issue here with the poor people is that production costs are soaring and prices are low. consumers aren't feeling the pinch because what is happening is the grocers are jacking the prices up so they don't know this is going on. >> right. so we will continue to pay more
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for our dairy products. >> exactly. as more farms disappear, essentially what will happen is local grocers would be forced to use milk from far away like kansas and places like that in the midwest. you have number one, a spoilage issue, number two, fuel issue, they will jack up the cost more. >> fighting for education dollars. >> on a positive note, this is a great upside to the downturn. a lot of people are out of the job, they go back to school. university of maryland and university of baltimore are realizing this. they're hiring a group for marketing campaigns inspect is 10 million into the local advertising industry which has been suffering. you heard us say before that advertising and food are among the first to be cut in budgets.
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big corporations. this is tremendous news for the firms to go to the advertising industry. >> thank you, heather for coming. >> thanks, lisa. >> up next is john and carrie with the sunday gardener. >> making some holes in the yard. what are we doing that for? >> need air in the grass to make it more healthy. >> it is your lawn and time to work on it. we'll talk about it
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♪ >> well, good morning, welcome to sunday gardener. we're at valley view farms. we have tools. time to talk the lawn. we're at the other end of the season. getting into ah, testimoutumn.
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that is just to aerate, let air into the soil. some of those heavy clay compacted soils. your tool is the corator. you can create a hole in the ground. >> if there are a couple of acres. there are machines that do the same thing. >> it is cool, went home, had it done. all the holes all over the place. but my lawn did a lot better, fast. >> you aerate the lawn, especially if it is compact and it will let it breathe and let the moisture get in there. when you fertilize, it will get in the soil. >> another thing we talk about often is get ph meters to use or bring your soils into a place like valley few.
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>> most of the time, for a good lawn, you have to add lime. >> this is pulverized. one bag goes a long way. you are honestly looking at next spring before you get benefit from that. there are faster acting things, it may or may not have fertilizer in it. they do it faster. >> and work better on a windy day. >> there you go. we tried go easy on that. >> when you have a lawn, if you have a lot of weeds, best to get rid of them first. >> there are a lot of different ways. corn gluten products, which is benign. it is natural. it inhibits any new weeds from germinating. or go after other organically controlled chemically based fertilizers. >> that is what you have. the least amount of broadcasting to do, the better off the yard in the concentrated areas. watch what you are broadcasting out, near your vegetable garden,
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you want to check the label, make sure it is ok to use in the areas. >> now is a great time to receive. >> i have crab grass again, i will dig up that area, put in new seed to get that going. >> if you put the seed in now or in the next month, then next summer, you can take care or spring you can take care of the crab grass. you can prevent the crab grass seed next spring from growing. >> the state of maryland, home and garden information center, they will say fall is the best time to reseed. the air is cooler. you have to keep it wet, you have to go out there several times a day and make sure it stays moist. >> to repeat, if you have a serious weed problem take care of that first. prepare the ground. can you just throw seed over
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thin spots to make it work? >> scratch it up with a rake. you want the seed to come in contact with soil. throw something on it. something to keep the seed from drying out. water it several times a day. >> doesn't need fertilizer right away. >> you can use fertilizer. >> if you're not seeding, at least fertilizing, this is the best time of year for that. >> you got that right. >> thanks for joining us, carrie. we'll get the tools. maybe get the machine. >> we'll see you next sunday. see then. if you have a gardening question, send it to us. or go on on website. >> 9:27. q and a segment is coming up.
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bethany slage. >> a very easy way to do your part to help the environment. we'll show you the products you need to make your house eco friendly. >> wetter weather is getting closer. the insta-weather plus forecast is just ahead.
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. >> live, local, late-breaking this is wbal-tv 11 news sunday
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morning in hd. >> welcome back to 11 news sunday morning. thanks for joining us. >> top stories in a moment. first, a look outside with john. >> sun is shining. temperatures climbing through the 70's. behaving today like you have the past two days. we do expect to get clouds later on today. you know, we can wait. it will hold off a little bit. we see a little bit of rain. few sprinkles out of clouds and central virginia. more out in carolinas and kentucky. the weather is closing in on us a bit. more easterly wind. clouds, clouds will do their thing eventually. talk about that coming up in a few minutes. stick around. >> we have breaking news now out of anne arundel county. maryland state police say the remains found in the river have been ruled to be there of a bear. the state animal office said
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they're not that of a human rather a bear whose claws and other parts were skinned and thrown in the river. no one is facing charges. it is good to clear that up. >> amazing story. a boy abducted two years ago, is found alive, hidden behind the wall of his mother's home. his mother is charged with felony child abduction. she disappeared with the 6-year-old child during a custody dispute. elswhere sheing the search for a missing pennsylvania boy does not have the same ending. the 4-year-old boy was found inside the septic tank at a neighbor's house yesterday evening. police are questioning the boy's father to determine if he played any sort of role in his son's death. >> well, this is one of the most bizarre car crashes you will ever see, it happened in new york. investigators say the accident happened when the 20-year-old driver sped through a stop sign
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and hit a mound in the street on saturday. the mound forced the s.u.v. airborne, then it fell with the headlines borning up. one person in the house at the time. that person wasn't hurt. the driver suffered minor injuries and faces charges including dwi. >> time now for sunday morning q and a. good morning thanks for coming in. >> good to see you. >> let's talk about the crime we have been seeing at the baltimore inner harbor. we saw the crime, beefed up security. we had many arrested there. that prompted some to say police are being too aggressive and resulting in racial profiling. what is your take and what does the police department need to do. >> i think it is important on a few things.
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the use of the cctv, the cameras we have at the harbor are essential. a lot of people are concerned about profiling. when we use the technology we have, we can identify who is doing right and wrong without stopping everyone broadly. that is important. i was just down at the atrium friday night where all the central cameras are. i have been keeping an eye on the harbor. 14 cameras that were previously not wired into the atrium were put online recently, within the last two weeks. i was able to take a look. things are looking good. >> you asked for more money coming to purchase more cameras. >> $333,000 was on the board last week. i'm encouraged we will get to the doubling the number of cameras in the next five years. >> in terms of what is happening, what is your understanding with the police department telling you they think is going on with the violence and congregating down
9:34 am
there? >> kids a place to go and they need to do it safely. when they are allowed to get away with lawlessness, they will do it. we have to set parameters for what is acceptable. especially around the harbor where we have tourists, that is the number two industry. i'm confident with the new comras on line, the deployment and trying to get enough police officers down there, that we can handle the situation. >> turn now to slots. where are we in this process in terms of baltimore city getting slots here? >> baltimore city is positioned best out of any jurisdiction in the state. we have, we have already signed an mou with the slots venue developer. the city council is on board. the community is on board. we're moving swiftly but in a very open and dlaberate pro --
9:35 am
deliberate process. >> part of the idea here is to get property taxes down. >> that is the goal. >> some of the crit theics said this will -- critics said this will not be overnight. that won't happen right away. don't expect it. >> if we were genies we could wiggle our nose and reduce property tax in an instant. it is not like that. we're looking at a property tax reduction in eight years. we can do everything we can to make the transaction and purchasing transactions easier. if you don't have demand, it doesn't matter. by reducing the property tax rates, we will be competitive and effect demand and that is what we're looking to. >> i would like to say happy birthday to the council member ricky specter. >> you said it. this regarding the think about.
9:36 am
we have seen a lot in annapolis. i want to talk about what is happening here. city employees are frankly, worried about their jobs. what can you tell them? >> i know the mayor has spoken about the possibility of furloughs. i know the different union says are taking a look at that. the council members are speaking to each other. we're speaking amongst ourselves on how to reduce our budget and participate in the furlough program as well. you know, everyone is right to be concerned in this economy. we're taking steps to preserve jobs, furloughs over layoff. taking the long-term look to preserving as many jobs as possible. council president, stephanie rollins, think thats for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> a look at more news. here is david with a look at what is up next. >> after the divisive debate
9:37 am
over health care, we will talk to the man over the president's strategy. david axle rod. >> the hard choices facing the it's a revolution in pain relief. (announcer) new icy hot medicated roll. for wherever you hurt. icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. the new icy hot medicated roll. with the roll, pain's under control.
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>> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with john collins. >> we have a wide view with doppler radar. to the south and southwest, there are clouds. the winds are a key player today. northeasterly today and eventually become more easterly. excuse me. what that does is brings in moisture off the atlantic ocean. moisture we haven't seen in a
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while. that will contribute an increase cloudiness. eventually, the clouds may actually, with a little encouragement, produce rain. right now, the rain is held to the south with the high pressure we have. not threatened this morning or early this afternoon. really, the rain threats that will hold off into the later portion of tomorrow. look at the country situation. excuse me, 71 at the airport, 73 at the inner harbor. 66% the humidity. barometer rising. northeast winds eight miles per hour. actually, with the barometer rising and strengthening and slighting off into new england, that is a good argument for producing the easterly winds and bringing clouds in the area later today. 72 in annapolis. east end of the bay bridge, 70 degrees. middle river, 72. college part 70. gaithersburg 66. fredrick had the 68. west chester at 66.
9:41 am
storms in cape hatteras. drifting to the north. the leading edge of the clouds. they pulse and throw waves out. clear skies over us. clouds in central virginia has produced a few sprinkles. little more showers in tennessee, kentucky and thunderstorms in illinois and indiana. here is the area of high pressure. the northeast wind that becomes more easterly as the high repositions itself. again, that will start dragging moisture in. we will see an increase some clouds this afternoon and this evening. tomorrow, maybe enough kick in the atmosphere to produce a shower or something. it is a small chance. today, averaging out partly cloudy. bringing in clouds. seasonably warm. 80 to 84 the high. the east winds, five to 10 miles per hour. once we get the clouds in here, harder to warm things up. the insta-weather futurecast is
9:42 am
indicating clouds. we don't have it in the forecast. if it happens, you know the model got it right. the better chance is in the mountain later on today. tomorrow, rain is closer. clouds here, heavier cloud decks. that will keep temperatures down. few sprinkles or shower of possibility. the rain chances really increase toward the end of the week. ocean city forecast. today 80. clouds by the end of the day. nice there now. 78, more clouds, maybe a shower cropping up in ocean city. better chance in ocean city than here in town. that would be the best chance at the end of the day. tomorrow 70's, afternoon or evening shower possibility. more cloudiness. 70's to near 80's for the high. a lot of clouds. that again, thursday, friday, saturday, rain chances as well.
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>> in this morning's consumer alert, if you are trying to find more ways to go green in your home, natalie is here to show you ways to make your home more eco friendly. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you for joining us. >> we'ron ooin, -- we're online, one-stop shop company. we have the whole gamut of green products. >> this is fantastic. a great alternative to what we see around the place. >> this is a reusable bag. it is fabulous for so many different reasons. plastic bags are not biodegradable. we want people to reach out and purchase things of this sort. this carries two times the amount of the regular shopping bag you get some the grocery store. these are fantastic. a lot of peoples people forget
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their bag. it smalls up to a pouch, that you can toss into your purse or your bag. >> leave it in the car. >> they come in so many great stylish packs. this is from animal planet. you can't see it on tv. like the shape of a dog, a cat. others made out of bamboo, hemp. really great concepts as far as the bags. >> i could talk about the bags all day long. >> reusable water bolts. getting rid of the plastics. >> we carry all kinds. you will look for something that says bpa free at the top. that goes into creating plastic water bottles. >> cleaning products.
9:45 am
what doesn't love a clean home and one not full of toxins and chemicals. we sell ms. myers better life. again, all of the ingredients are biodegradable. not toxic to anyone in the house. >> talk about these. >> these are new sponges. we have this sponge here. it is actually equivalent to 17 paper towels. >> one sponge equals 17 towns. >> bamboo is the fastest growing plant in america. quite honestly so versatile. so many people are actually making different products out of it. in the kitchen. >> pencils. >> plates. >> trees. laundry drops are fabulous. >> get rid of the big plastic
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jugs that are made out of 75% new plastic. >> laundry drops, throw it into the laundry. >> pet products. these are made out of reusable soda bottles, shredded and turned into toys. >> ok. >> up here real quick, we have, light bulbs that last 10,000 hours. these use 75% less energy. you're also doing a great deed for the environment with that as well. >> all right. natalie. tell us how to found you we have great things for your pets, your babies yourself more items. check us out. >> thank you for coming in. >> i can't wait to take a look.
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>> you're welcome. >> we're in the 11 news kitchen for sunday brunch food. but here is a look at the winning maryland lotto numbers.
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>> we're back with sunday branch. we're talking about hot dogs this time of year. >> this is proper. >> thank you for having me here. seven billion hot dogs are consumed between labor day and memorial day. >> billion with a b? >> 118 per second are consumed. >> hot dog! >> hot dog, exactly! i'm going to show you how to jazz up the hot dog so you don't
9:50 am
have the typical mustard, ketchup and relish. >> not just a chili dog or anything like that. >> we will make a sweet onion relish. what i have here is a quarter cup of water. 2/3 cup of apple cider vinegar. pour in that. >> it smells good already. >> i know. let's see. there you go. two cups of vidalia onions. i love enlisting help. you will put it in here, it will pickle it, take the bite out of the onj the onions. you let it marinate three hours at a minimum. >> you can put it in the fridge. let it go.
9:51 am
this is it when it is done. you go use low fat with it. and then this is celery seed. pour that in there. then mix it up. and viola, it is done. simple, easy, like that. so instead of the chopped white onions. this is topping your dog like that. >> chives? >> little chives for green. sprinkle some celery seed or celery salt over the top to finish it off. >> about a minute left. >> fly through this. i can do that. just start, this is bun-size angus boast frank by ballpark. start with a good dog. cherry tomatoes. red onion, roasted red peppers, like a mediterranean take.
9:52 am
although add jalapeno for kick. >> this is great for the night before, let them sit in the fridge. they cook themselves. >> the flavor really works, then. >> they do. let them marinate and sit around for all the work. then top your dog. and viola. and a little cilantro. you want to add it after it marinated. so it doesn't overpower it. >> if you want more ideas from ballpark franks and sarah lee send us a self-addressed stamped envelope. say recipes or go on
9:53 am
and click on recipes. we'll have all the information for you. thanks for joining us this morning. we'll chow down in a minute. we'll be right back. >> i'm pete gilbert, coming up in sports. absolutely incredible effort from the mid ship men of the naval academy trying for t
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9:55 am
>> now 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> you had to window could his replacement keep it going? they set the bar high. again, a bowl game for navy. to kickoff the season at ohio state, almost the most incredible victory maybe in navy history help had to come whack
9:56 am
-- come back to do it. 85-yard touchdown. 29-21, ohio state. high on the throw. kicked boy amid merchant. nice return. back in business, under four minutes to play. dobs again with the ball. 24 yard line, up the middle. oh, to have such options. now to go to two. tie late in the game. griffe would like that one back. brian takes it. at warp speed he goes. 99 yards, two points per the eyes. number six -- for the buckeyes. navy opened many an eye in columbus. >> towson looking for an upset as well. ambrose tech coach, not so much. northwestern, wild cattecats ha
9:57 am
the tigers. >> edmondson. 6-0. bizarre play. dwayne to the interception. he fumbles it back. johnny on the spot. that would be brian morton. recovers for the touchdown. only time they have been in the end zone all day. the gales along on for victory, 9-6. that is it for sports, i'm pete gilbert, see you back here tonight at 6:00. >> all right. i want to mention the final score of the game between the california golden bears and maryland. california 52, terps 13. we'll get them next time. >> yeah. >> all right, john. >> the weather forecast here. ok. we're talking about some clouds later on today. clouds tomorrow. still nice. still nice. >> all right. >> thanks for joining us this morning.
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>> thanks for coming. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks for watching, everybody. [captioning made possible by
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they have alzheimer's and heart disease, diabetes and cancer. and they've heard that biomedical research offers hope, that it could control, maybe even cure, their disease. senator barbara mikulski understands the importance of innovative biomedical research, for patients, their families, and our economy here in maryland. call senator mikulski today. tell her, thanks for protecting


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