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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 6, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good evening. we begin in anne arundel county, police are looking for a young man who apolice say attacked a woman in a lakeshore park, it happened at 4:00 this afternoon. melissa carlson has more on this development. >> the alleged suspect did not bring friends with her on the trail but soon found out she was not alone. >> took them out on the bicycle, i've never walked the trail, we decided to walk the trail with the kids. >> gail patterson and her family
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decided to jog down memorial park, they were not expecting to hear a woman had allegedly been assaulted on these trails. >> i thank god nothing actually happened to me and our kids. it could have been worse. i mean, that's sad. >> an anne arundel count di officer said a woman in her 40's was traveling on the trail when she came on a young teen who was having bike trouble on the side of the trail. once she passed him, he attacked from behind, he placed his arm around her neck. another man came up on the trail and the attacker left. one man who saw the woman said she was bleeding her knees. police stopped every car leaving
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the park, asking to check their trunk, looking for the suspect, an african-american male wearing a black shirt and riding a bike. this woman says this should be a cushion nare trail. >> they need to put some more stuff thon etrails. there's nothing out there. >> police say they're very early in their investigation. reporting live, melissa carlson, wbal 2611 news. >> officials in howard county are trying to figure out the cause of an accident that killed one motorcyclist and injured another. it happened at 6:00 tonight near snowden river parkway in colombia. one man died on the scene, another is being treated at shock draw in a. a man is being treated after his boat caught fire. the mast of the 25-foot sailboat struck a wire and sent the boat in flames. the man was ejected from the
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both, he swam to the shore, fire views took him to bay view medical center. the accident knocked out power in the area. one resident was baking when everything went dark. >> the lights went out, we heard a boom. we know sometimes when we use two things, it turns the power off, you know, then all of a sudden it went boom again, you know, and we didn't know what it was. we thought it was a fire cracker. >> three other boaters on board, b.g.e. was called to help restore power. the maryland department of the environment came out to clean up fuel that spilled into the creek. friendsic tests show the remains found in an anne arundel county yesterday were not human. the office of the chief medical examiner said the remains are animal, possibly a bear. they were found in a creek near
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pasadena, maryland. police say they have found similar -- made similar find option the eastern shore. in western maryland, they say when bears are used for tax determiney, their parts are disposed of improperly. the president is planning to address schoolchildren. >> the white house is trying to ex-tirning wish controversy over the president's speech to schoolchildren. some parents are so fired up, they are keeping their children home. >> they cannot watch. >> the white house website can post the speech a day in the advance. they have control over their own
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destiny. >> critics blasted the lesson plan. it originally asked students to write about how to help the president. now they will write about their own goals. the president is getting support from unlikely sources. >> it is good to have the president of the united states say to young people across america, stay in school, study, do your homework, it's good for you and it's good for america. >> the last time a president gave a speech like this was 1991. >> challenge yourself. >> and the first president bush got flak from democrats. his education secretary, lamar alexander, urged bush to give the speech anyway. >> people say, here's another washington takeover. of course the president of the united states should be able to address students. of course parents and teachers should decide in what context. >> that's what some cools are doing, wating to see what the president has to say before making the call. >> the education secretary says he has more important things to worry about, including the nation's 30% dropout rate. in washington, i'm brian moore,
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wbal tv, 11 news. >> at last check, hartford county schools plan to view the speech to decide how to work it into the curriculum. others will leave it up to the schools. white house advisor van jones has resigned. he's been under fire for comments made before joining the obama administration. he calls the controversy a vicious smear campaign. he's been linked to post-9/11 comments. he's also accused of signing a petition to investigate whether high-level officials allowed the attacks to occur. the white house says president obama did not endorse his comments but thanked him for
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hiser is vess. >> a few clouds moved in, held the temperature down, and a few picnics got rained on. those clouds were indicative of rain coming in from the east and our radar showed some storms coming off the delaware bay out other the bay and shifting southward by about 5:00 or so. then just of annapolis, that one storm cell sat there for a while, pouring very heavy but local rains around the area. heavy to the point where two to three inches was measured in a small area around millersville. a large area because of slow moving storms. they were measure thond west shore of the bay this afternoon. that is giving anow. we'll deal with more rain clouds and more rain chances as we go to the week ahead. that's coming up. >> it seems most people decided to stay close to home this holiday weekend.
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a.a.a. predicts nine million americans will travel 50 miles this weekend, down 13% from last year. a.a.a. blamed the economy and the fact that the holiday falls on a later date this year. that may be why so many people decided on a staycation this year. council president said the city is doing what it can to keep residents and visitors safe. >> we have to set parameters for what's acceptable, particularly down in the harbor, where we have so many of our citizens and tourists, our number two industry in the city. we have to protect that area. i'm confident that with the new cameras coming online, with sensible deployment and trying to get enough police officers down there we'll be able to handle the situation. >> if you're planning to head out tomorrow, there's good news. gas prices have declined for a third straight week now. a breakthrough for alzheimer's
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researchers. why they call it the biggest find in a decade. two teens face charges after some say they vandalized two churches. why the pair could be headed to a federal penitentiary. >> to be able to walk backwards in a parade because your friend is found alive. >> thousands crowd the streets in california to celebrate the in california to celebrate the return of ♪
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>> police in louisiana want to know why a man killed his wife, son, and 2-year-old grandson. investigators say the saturday shootings appear to stem from an ongoing dispute between 15-year-old dennis carter sr. and his wife. he also shot his daughter-in-law this jumped out of a window to save her 2-year-old and unborn child. unfortunately, the toddler died. her baby was born today three months premature, but we're told in good health. new charges tonight for the two
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teens arrested in georgia for a string of church break-ins and vandalisms. 18-year-old kyle and 17-year-old richard have been charged with two additional counts of burglary and one count of bringing stolen property into the state. they destroyed at least $100,000 worth of damage when they fired off shotguns in three churches. >> we've forgiven them. they need to go through the justice system and pay for what they've done. hopefully they'll learn something through that. >> the teens were captured outside one of the vandalized churches. so far, the police have recovered three stolen firearms. they could also face federal hate crime charges. more than 2,000 residents of south lake tahoe, cave california, gathered at a celebration to honor jaycee
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dugard today. >> a sea of pink. girls walking arm in arm. a hometown telling jaycee dugard they love her. it's so familiar. >> it's very overwhelming. it's a good overwhelming. >> her childhood friend amelia edwards walked this route on the 10th anniversary of her disappearance. now eight years later this community is walking it backwards, symbolizing they've come full circle and she's come home. >> to be able to walk backwards in a parade because your friend is found alive. >> in the years since she vanished, this community has held its children tighter. >> constantly trying to find out where she is and reach out to her hand. >> the week before dugard disappears, edwards said she told her parents a car followed
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her home. >> i remember hearing the tire tracks on the dirt road behind me. i remember going faster and the tires going faster. that made me more scared. we ran -- i ran home. >> we thought it was a 10-year-old being overly dramatic and didn't believe her. >> at the time she immediately recognized sketches of the car and the woman suspected of involvement in dugard's disappearance. >> at 11 years old, it was my worst nightmare coming true. my mom stated, it's the bookyman coming to life. >> edwards needed to do something. >> this is one of the original pink ribbons. >> she started a massive pink ribbon campaign. pink was dugard's favorite color. >> we're lost in a sea of pink. >> jaycee is not here with them, but edwards know that missing woman may see and feel their
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joy. >> today's event raised money for dugard and her two young daughters believed to be to be fathered by her accused kidnapper, phillip garito. in tonight's medical alert, scientists discovered two new genes related to alzheimer's disease. researches in the united kingdom found the genes after pulling d.n.a. samples from more than 16,000 people in the u.s. and europe. before now, only one gene had been found as a risk factor for late onset alzheimer's. they also pinpointed 13 other genes they say bear a closer look. the discoveries could someday lead to new treatments from the disease. more than 30 cases of liver problems prompted a warning for a popular over the count eweight loss drug. the f.d.a. is investigating six reports of weight loss -- of kid
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nee problems and one death from kidney failure. from people taking alli. the drug's maker says there's no evidence it causes injury. there was a celebration of the batle -- of a battle that's considered to be one of the biggest in the war of 1812. september 6, 2009 looked like september 6, 1869. >> it slowed the british down as they tried to take the city of baltimore some time to get the defenses of the city ready, show the british that the city could not be taken easily. that's a major reason why they didn't push too hard and gave up. >> the battle of north point was the largest bat of baltimore
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county and is a prelude to "the star spangled banner." >> francis scott key was so happy the city was safe, he wrote the song. >> it's been a time-honored tradition to recall the early sacrifices of a young nation. today's event was part of baltimore's 350th celebrations. >> now your insta-weather plus forecast. >> she showers that occurred earlier are still kind of close to the area over washington, d.c. right now and parts of montgomery county but it's just some scattered light rain activity. let me back this up a little bit, show you the more extensive areas of rain. out in the mountains of west virginia and in the coast of the carolinas. those are the two systems we'll be catching -- watching carefully over the next two
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days. they'll be contributing to rain chances we have. we have this flow of air coming off the atlantic ocean which contributed today and helped generate the shower activity we did have. but it was very limited and at the airport and downtown, and here on tv hill, no rain was measured here, it was all south of us. at bmpt w. marshall, it was 81 for the high. the record high 98 back in 1983. won't be seeing that for a while, no not with all the clouds moving in. 71 in annapolis. westminster 68, gaithersburg 66, frederic with 70 this evening. they're thin over baltimore, heavier to the south and the west where the rain is more significant right now. big area of high pressure has been with us, but it's shifting a little bit. it's moving more to the east and northeast, that has swung the winds around more easterly, that's what brought the moisture
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in that allowed for cloud cover that helped hold the temperature downs and popped a few scattered showers in the area. it was warm in the south, southern part of the u.s. that moisture will be pushing in, trying to displace this high. but the high will still be here. that east wind will still be here. the weather will remain threatening for the next couple of days. mostly cloudy tonight, a few isolated showers in the forecast. that chance will be diminishing. east-northeast winds, 58. tomorrow not as warm as it has been because we won't see as much sun. just a lot of clouds. maybe sunny here and there. an afternoon shower is possible, scattered and not significant. east winds at five to 10 miles per hour. as we look around the area for the last day of this summer holiday weekend, out at the creek, thunderstorms tomorrow, temperature only about 71 degrees. areas along the bay, that threat
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of wind with east winds thope bay about 10 to 15 knotts. around ocean city, temperatures in the 70's, there are some rain chance, especially in the latter portion of the day tomorrow. insta-weather forecast shows moisture coming up in that disturbance off the carolina coast. plenty of clouds in the area. the best chance is south and west of us. as we go into tuesday that storm gets closer. the rain chances increase for tuesday. it looks like we hack on -- hang on to a lot of cloud cover through the week. here's the insta-weather plus forecast. 76 tomorrow, 73 tuesday, we're stuck in the 70's all week long, a lot of clouds, rain chances off and on again until we hit the weekend. >> thank you. pete's here and the orioles looking good. >> it's been another long season. we know that. however, a bright spot, despite the fact that one of the best offensive players is not in the game that guy was. he had a banner afternoon we check on the birds' bid for a
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series win
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the country for a low flat rate. that's not complicated. come on. how about...a handshake. alright. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. >> kill the expectations, you might be pleasantly surprised. might be the title of think wife's memoirs. instead, it's about the orioles. chad moehler, a great game behind the plate, in for matt
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weeners today. great game next@plate too. the liner just gets down. orr yoels take a 2-0 lead. melvin mora getting on base again. there goes his shirt, part of a big inning, as he's nearly deshirted. brian roberts with the bases loaded, he brings home two. the orioles absolutely rolling along, 5-0. it is more than enough for team ace jeremy guthrie at his best today. nelson cruz just staring at that . seven shutout innings. the orioles are in a series win, spanking the rangers 7-0. >> we don't have a lot of complete games. a lot of our guys don't go deep in games. they probably won't for the remainder of the season because we're trying to protect some people but it's encouraging to
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see he got three picks today. >> if you want, they're trying to avoid the sweep. evan longoria ties the game. 0-3 on the day, grand slam sinks tampa. detroit wins 5-3. a three-game sweep. rays seven back of boston in the wild card chase. life on the fringe in the nfl, full of ups and downs. the raven downs to 53 on saturday. today they bring back seven for the packties squad. neither of their late-round draft picks city with the -- stay with the team. peerman ended up signing with the cleveland browns. rejoining them, justin harper and riley. riley grabbed a t.d. in the preseason helping his case.
11:26 pm
rook jee gerard own -- earns a spnt on the squad. former maryland terrapin and current san diego charger shawne merriman arrested on false imprisonment charges. his girlfriend, mtv reality tv show host tila tequila was choked and held when she tried to leave the apartment. there's some thought he may have been trying to prevent her driving intoxicated. only one real headlining match at flushing meadow, venus williams trying to pay through pain against climcleister battling her own issues, mainly rust. she took time off to become a mommy. making her burst baby proud against the pink-cladded venus
11:27 pm
williams. 25 minutes, clijsters takes the first set. williams not ready to concede. second set, all williams. 6-0. to the third, clijsters wearing venus down. kim clijsters onto the quarterfinals, 6-4 in the third. figuring out the fedex cup playoff is harder than the nfl salary cap. bill belichick will go a long way to watch golf in person anonymously. steve stricker, the boy scout demeanor, he's a tiger inside. we'll talk about tiger later, though. two shots on the par 3, it's good. a little hop up and snuggling to a foot. worth a little grin for stricker.
11:28 pm
mr. steve at 18. the eagle for the outright lead at the time. a round of 65. gets us 13 under par. padraig harrington also at 18, parting from the rough. that's where he finds the shade. he's at 12 under par. leaderboard come pressed like a zip drive. the share the lead at 13 under. four flayers -- players tied at one shot back. tiger woods you wonder not in contention, another day of missed putts has him five off the pace. 2:00 on monday on tv 11. 11 news continues after this. fiber one. i'm looking for some fiber.
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hmm. oh, samples. hmm. autobahn. wackenschdol. fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. delicious yes. >> it has been quite lowely this holiday weekend. >> a little rain this evening. but other than that it was all right. >> spotty showers tomorrow in the forecast, generally just cloudy an 76 the high, this is how we wind up the holiday weekend. on again, off again rainshowers, the clouds keep the temperatures in the 70 for the high. next weekend, a lesser rain chance and a little warmer.
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>> thanks for joining us. enjoy your day tomorrow.
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