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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 9, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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with more. >> tonight's slot supporters are hoping that the process moves forward and they say they have appeased all of the community's concerns but not everyone is so sure. >> there is always a contingent that opposes everything. >> for the first time, the company showed off the artist's rendering of what slots here would look like. >> are you certain [unintelligible] >> i think it is. there is always going to be certain members of the community that are against any issue. we have seen overwhelming support for this project. >> we would like them to vote it down. >> not everyone is so convinced. >> the company says they have the community support lined up behind them and the issues have
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been worked out. >> i don't know why they would say that. they have worked out deals. >> everyone can agree that the process has been too slow. >> we all wish this would have moved along quicker but i think we have our arrived at the point where we have all the facts and they realize that having a world-class entertainment facility is really the ideal location for this type of facility. >> residence sue, the commission chair says they will be ready. >> it is not uncommon to see lawsuits in other states. to some extent, we just want to make our decision and then we will see what steps we have to take after that. >> right now, supporters and
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opponents are getting one more chance to voice their opinion. tune in at 11:04 more. >> president obama will sell his health care reform proposal during a prime-time address tonight to a joint session of congress. washington bureau reporter sally kidd has the test. >> president obama will get specific, says the white house, making clear what he wants in the legislation and how to pay for it. a maker of great moment for the president, some analysts are calling tonight. >> the president has spent weeks and months talking to the american people about what is at stake for them. >> don't expect the president to issue an ultimatum over the most
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controversial part of his plan, a government auction. some say the public option is a deal breaker. >> it appears as if the president is going to try to put lipstick on this peg and call it something else. >> max baucus says he will move forward with legislation next week, with or without republican support. >> some senate democrats say he has offered to many concessions to republicans. >> if you are not going to do a public option, you have to have an alternative. >> we understand how people feel about different issues. >> what we ought to do is skinny this thing down and target the problems in the system. >> republican said there is room on agreement for medical
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malpractice but they draw the line on the public option and increases in taxes. >> you can watch the speech from 8:00 to 9:00 tonight right here on wbal tv 11. >> there have then at least two cases of the h1n1 virus at towson university and there have been a growing number of colleges reporting suspected cases of the swine flu. there are now 256 probable cases knowledge park. tonight, the johns hopkins could have nine suspected cases. tim tooten has the story. >> it appears the h1n1 virus has made its way to the homewood campus. >> we had some students who show of the signs of the flu and we presume that at least some of
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them have h1n1. >> health officials conducted what is called a rapid test, which confirms in part if the student has type a influenza. that means there is a good chance that they could also have the swine flu. >> we want to let them know that they made -- that they need to take it seriously. >> i am watching my hands a lot now. i am starting to prepare myself for the swine flu. >> i am going to follow all of the instructions. i am going to wash my hands. i am not worried about it. i am going to follow the rules. >> that is what school officials are counting on. even so, they say this latest swine flu e-mail alert is not intended to cause alarm. >> i am not worried about it because this seasonal flu comes
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around every year. we knew it was going to happen eventually on college campuses. there is no change in my life. i will still take precautions. i will just follow what they tell us. >> johns hopkins is already making plans to give seasonal flu shots starting next week. 75% of colleges have reported flu like illnesses reported by a survey. the group says more than 4000 cases have been documented out of a total of 2.4 million students. >> anne arundel county officials have charged a woman and her son with animal abuse and neglect. they were arrested after animal control rescued 21 dogs from their homeñit( last month. the animals were suffering from a multitude of ailments.
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if convicted, they face a maximum 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine for each count. >> another case of animal cruelty is under investigation. kids have allegedly been torturing a cat. it woman said she took the cat from the kids and rushed it to the shelter. >> she saw a group of kids slamming its head against the sidewalk. according to the children, they were planning on trying to throw him off on the roof. >> x-rays show it can suffered a fractured jaw the mayor's task force is holding a public meeting next week. you are invited to come. you could voiced concerns or share information about animal abuse. it is one week from today. >> police have arrested a
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suspect after a stabbing. it happened earlier this morning. police say a 33-year-old man was stabbed in the upper body. he is now listed in critical condition. curtis myers was arrested this afternoon. there is no word on a motive. >> the family of a teenager who died during a church-sponsored baseball game is suing the city, bge, and a contract in firm. the 14-year-old was electrocuted when she touched a fence. lisa robinson is live tonight outside of the court house. >> this case was not dismissed as the defendants had hoped. the family says it gives them a chance to get answers. the case has been postponed because of procedural issues. nancy and anthony pursuing bge,
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the firm, and baltimore city over the of the execution of their daughter in 2006. she touched this fence and received a deadly shock. they say they just want defendants to answer their questions. >> we want to get on with our life. the only way for them to answer questions is for them not to be dismissed out of this case. >> the more information we have come up the better chance we have of this not happening again. with so many kids out at that park utilizing it, so many people have said they could have been me. yes, it could be you. >> defendants in this case are asking for it to be dismissed, and all parties are saying they are not at fault. >> [unintelligible]
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>> the family says this postponement buys their attorney sometime to get information. attorneys say let the discovery battle begin. >> drivers be on alert. speed cameras are keeping a close eye on you. >> one local jurisdiction becomes the first to have the speed cameras. >> the famous no. 8 statute stolen last night. does cal ripken know what happened? >> the baltimore ravens get a boost in their passing game. we will tell you why leader in sports. >> showers on hd doppler after a storm continues to hold a strong grip on the weather. we will see how long that patte.
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>> you may want to start slowing
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down in baltimore county. last night, 6-1 to replace speed cameras in school zones. the cameras are expected to be up and running by the end of the year. the police department is required to provide financial reports on those speed cameras but officials say it is not about making money. while in some places, a lot of people are talking about that number in general. at camden yards, they are talking about no. 8. >> the statue was stolen last night. kate amara is at the scene of the crime and has more details. >> behind me, you can see where the number eight was. all that is left is a pile of sand, twisted metal, and a clear sign that the statue was badly damaged when it was ripped out of here last night.
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that famous no. 8 at camden yards, the ironman statue of honor was made of aluminum, which we learned after it was stolen on tuesday night. >> you don't expect that kind of stuff to happen. >> it is a travesty. >> it had to be a very fast hit. >> it was ripped write off of its base by four drunk guys at 10:47 p.m. two witnesses and the crime cameras saw them knock over the statue, loaded into a pickup, and drive off. >> i don't know why they would do something as pointless act like this. >> they almost got away with it. two hours later, we received a call for a disorderly. four intoxicated white males
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were fighting with each other. >> some final numbers -- police arrested four local man for stealing it, ages 18 to 20. >> don't come to baltimore to act like a moron. i hope everyone else takes it seriously because it is serious. >> the four suspects will be charged with felony theft. the statute is back with the orioles the team says cal ripken does know what happened here but he declined to comment about the case. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> showers continue to rotate through the mid atlantic including maryland and tracking westbound into the mountains,
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flowing around the counterclockwise circulation. you can see the rain coming in off of the ocean and moving back toward the mountains. lesser shower activity out in the western maryland mountains. this is going to continue in our region until it is cleared which may take another couple of days. not a whole lot of rain hit the gauge at the airport today. a high of 77. 78 degrees at the inner harbor. we were a little below that for high temperatures. not much temperature change in downtown baltimore thanks to the clouds and showers. 70 on the coast at ocean city right now 64 and salisbury. it is colder but the clouds and showers have been more persistent. a little bit milder out west.
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overall, cloudy skies continued tonight with a threat of a shower continuing as well. then eased to northeast wind which will continue in the area tomorrow -- an east to northeast wind which will continue in the area tomorrow. moisture will be brought in off of the ocean. a coastal flood advisory, tides could run 2 feet above normal. the showers are brought back to the chesapeake bay and occasionally back in the mountains as well for tomorrow and right on into friday. this area of low pressure will be lifting far to the north. we hold onto a threat of a shower right into saturday morning. a breezy day tomorrow, cooler than normal.
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scattered showers. over the chesapeake bay, the winds will be stronger. the small craft advisory is up for the ocean waters. -- for the open waters. a little wetter around the bay. the worst is out over the atlantic. a thunderstorm and a northeast wind tomorrow and up to 30 miles per hour. hurricane fred is sitting out there in the atlantic. it has 150 mile per hour winds. it is forecast to stay out here and are really harm anybody on land. 71 tomorrow. 73 and showers on friday. things start to clear up as we get into the weekend. partly cloudy and up to 80 degrees on sunday. >> now, 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> the ravens went to this
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entire offseason with so many people questioning that they had enough talent. the best talent seems to becoming from -- ravens have only four receivers on the roster. lj smith still has a week or two before returning. joe flacco's favorite targets, derrick mason, flirted with retirement this year. he came back for a shot at a ring. >> we want to play a lot better this year. this year, we want to make sure all of our bases are covered and
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everybody stays healthy if that is possible. we want to make sure this season does not end up the way last season did. >> kansas city chiefs still don't know if they will have matt cassel to quarterback on sunday. he remains limited by a knee sprain suffered during the preseason. kansas city rookie head coach fired his offensive coordinator two weeks ago. he remains evasive about his quarterback's availability. the cleveland browns' head coach still will not say publicly who will start as the head the quarterback. in newspaper reports that quinn will thget te nod. they open the season against the minnesota vikings.
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mangini apparently did not tell the rest of his players who will start at quarterback on sunday. the orioles have shut down adam jones for the rest of the season. he sprained his ankle last month against the yankees while hustling back to first base. the orioles will move him to the 60-day disabled list. the absence makes it harder for the orioles to avoid posting their worst record in the 12- year run of losing seasons. they wrap up a said tonight. stick around, tom tasselmyer has that seven-day forecast and the
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>> president obama will deliver his pitch for health care reform tonight during his address. you can watch that speech live right here on wbal tv. we will have reaction at 11:00. the drug used to prevent cervical cancer in women is now being recommended to help men. we will have details on that jon
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>> the return of summer. >> a couple more days of clouds and cool temperatures and then just in time for football. the low 70's for the next few days with a hit or miss showers. the storm begins to pull away on saturday morning with the rain it tapering off. football on sunday. highs in the afternoon around 80 degrees. >> thank you for joining us. we will be back here tonight at 11. >> good night. hi. i'm a plug.
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