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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  September 16, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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now centered right over us. that's why we are seeing spotty showers develop. can you see there's light rain in the eastern shore. light stuff, no big deal. it will feel like fall tomorrow. >> we'll take it. >> the one thing i did notice on the road is not only is it wet but there's a lost leaves. i would say just be careful out there. just take your time australia travel.
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lumbard and president. for now, that's our only problem. a live view of traffic. really problem free at the tunnel as well. we'll switch you now to a live view of the westside. that's the latest. minedy and stan, back to you. a routine arrest turns deadly and leaves an officer injured. an officer was stabbed while making an arrest forcing another officer to open fire. this all unfolded about 1:00 this morning. it happened in the 2800 block of orleans. that's about 10 blocks east of hop continues hospital. two officers were in the process of trying to make an address on drug charges. in the process, one of the
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suspects allegedly pulled out a knife-like object stabbing one of the officers in the back. it was at that point, another police officer opened fire, shooting and killing that suspect. the officer stabbed in the back was wearing a bullet prove invest and was not injured. as routine duty, they are placed on administrative duty. the suspect has not been identified. >> thank you. court papers show the developer at the center of the city hall corruption case paid for a pole for a voter. he put up more than 8,000 for the pole. cart denies knowing anything about it. holton has been indicted for
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accepting money for a poll. >> the down economy has hit hard everywhere forcing many governments and businesses to make budget cuts. baltimore's top cop sat down to discuss how he plans to save city dollars. >> looking for ways to cut down. everything is on the table except the department's core purpose. >> anything that we are doing that doesn't involve protection of people or investigation of crime, we want to look to reduce those costs. >> he has cut out overtime in some specialized police units and security at police headquarters and city hall. overtime for investigations will be allowed but abuse won't be tolerated. >> we'll be looking for abuse very, very hard. no longer will sarg enters and
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lieutenants be able to take home police cars. 85% of the police department budget goes to salry and benefits. >> is reduction of staff a possibility? >> there are reductions we can make and we may have to make in terms of contractual employees doing jobs here. i have heard discussions about furloughs and how that might affect either the command staff or the civilian staff. it remains to see how that may play out. city hall has asked all city agencies to cut back 5%. talks are under way for the city's unions about furloughs and layoffs. >> the kevin clark's lawsuit is getting a new lease on life. he is suing the city over his dismissal five years ago
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following an investigation of a claim of domestic abuse against him. he was never charged. they will hear his case in march. >> the mayor's anti-animal abuse task force is holding a public meeting 6:00-8:30 tonight. many believe there's a strong link between violence against animals and violence against people. >> the economy has claimed at least two of baltimore's annual parade. the columbus day pa ray and thanksgiving day parade have been cancelled. this year's thanksgiving day parade was scheduled for sunday, november 21st. an award to the families who sued exxon mobil.
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some families saw their reward reduced. jurors found ex-on mobil liable for a fuel leak from a station in jacksonville. each family was awarded around $1 million for emotional distress but a judge cut the reward down to $600,000. >> residence complaints prompted a council vote. council members did not adopt a total ban. they'd be open to considering it in the future. civil lib tearians say it is unnecessariry. >> should local governments ban smoking near park play grounds? send your response to
5:37 am >> the time now 5:37. parents and students in a baltimore school heated up over steamy temperatures. >> tonight is the season finale, what one local contestant has to say about his journey. >> we don't have problems in the city. a traffic l how does jell-o sugar free pudding fit all that rich,
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>> good morning, 71 degrees downtown. we are only going to get up to the mid 70's at max. the reason we have some clouds coming in, we have a front that moved in from the north.
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we'll stall out a little bit to the south of the city of baltimore today. it's right over us right now. that's why we are seeing some spotty showers. a little bit of light shower activity toward the lower eastern shore. getting a little sprinkle activity as well. your forecast anywhere from 69-73, partly cloudy this morning. this afternoon there is a slight chance of showers. we'll have some clouds around and be about 75 degrees. wind also have shifted from the northeast. temperatures anywhere from 60-65 degrees. only into the upper 60's. a distinct cool down as we head into thursday. >> thank you.
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a local musician has been battling it out on the stage hoping to win america has talent. he has landed a spot as a top 10 finalist. he says he's been singing as long as he can remember. he sanning in a choir in england where he lived as a young child. we got to talk to drew over the satellite. >> it's been crazy. i can't believe this is happening. i never saw this coming at all. >> rock and roll, i grew up listening to a lot of that, 98 rock. that's the kientd of music i want to play. ultimately, i want to put out a great album with a great band and hit the road. >> very nice guy and pretty darn cute too. you think? >> watch to see if drew make
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it's all the way tonight on tv 11. >> he has a great voice and that look that star power kind of thing. >> 5:41. 66 degrees. some landmarks preparing as the famous author of the davinci code prepares to release a new hit. >> stay with us,
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>> good morning. we still have all lanes blocked. as of right now, you are trying to get by. looking at our speed sensors in the area. let's talk about drive time. same thing on the westside on the outer loop. the 895 split to for the mchenry. north and south bound 95 running smoothly. we'll switch over to a live view of the harris burg express way. can you see the roads are slick.
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we want to remind you to take it slow. let's get the latest on the buses and trains. >> good morning. we are looking good on the husbands and trains. no delayed. the light rail marked on time. the buses diverting due to a matter main break repair. j put on unnecessarily mileage to your car. call 866-ride-mta for information. top of the morning to you. hope you are doing well on this early wednesday. variably cloudy. remember that front to the north. it started to slide to the south. we are seeing some spotty shower
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activity that will push to the south. it will stall out over virginia today variably cloudy with about a 30% of showers. we did see some consistent tansy overnight last night after we surged to a high yesterday of 84 degrees. it looks like 65. a high of 75 degrees puts us a tab below where we should be. variably cloudy throughout the day. the wind also make that general turn to the northeast about 5-10 miles an hour. 75, same deal on the shores of ocean city today as well. winds no problem on the bay today. here is your information.
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the record high, 98 degrees sket back in 1991. a 41 degree record low set back in 1873. these will continue at least another year. we should be 57 overnight tonight. a good chance of scattered showers. 60-65 is the range. sun set looks like 7:13 and will be up about 10 until 6:00 this morning. this will kind of stall out. we have talked about the intense rainfall over the deep south today. tomorrow, the models are showing a better chance of showers today. we will remain cloudy overnight. the bubbling moisture comes up. tomorrow will be a grayer day
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before we dry out and turn partly cloudy on friday. a slight chance of showers. we have up at 78. beautiful for saturday and sunday. 75 and 76 respectively. what a great weekend. pleasant and night sky conditions to boot. next week, another spot of showers for monday and tuesday. a shot school building is stirring a fiery debate. as parents and students voice their concern, official $say there's no money to fix the problem. >> the district made a $14 million investment in the school but never installed central air.
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students protest. >> when the county gives us tests for their benefit, we are moved to nice air conditioned areas. when we are taking tests for our benefits we are sitting in rooms that are 10 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. >> congratulation to western high school, baltimore county 7th district, south high school, hammond middle school. two private schools are resurrection st. paul and st. paul regional schools received the state blue ribbon award. >> ground broken for a kitchen.
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the maryland food bank will recycle left overs into soups and stus. it now will provide low income citizens some training. >> we are breaking the cycle of poverty while we are training people who are recycling this food to help feed hungry people. there are more than 50,000 people a week. >> with 8% of the biotech industry here in maryland, no surprise an office was opened up downtown. with the industry consistently growing. this will help commercialize many new developments. >> it brings together all the
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resources for companies to be successful and be able to network and access other resources. officials say our state's biotech industry is the fastest growing. >> looking at one of the answers to your water cooler question of the day. good luck.
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>> if you are a fan of dan brown, you know why the lost symbol is such a big deal. >> for those of you who don't, tracy pots will take us to d.c. to explain the mysterious connection. >> this is the temple room where the masonary council meets. the building usually gets 5,000 visitors a year. now they are bracing for more. thinking about replacing the carpet, hiring more guards, maybe charging for tours. we don't know how to prepare for this. >> when brown featured this
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church, they increased visitors. >> the may sons had been connected to washington for hundreds of years. they laid the corner stones for the white house and capitol. the landmarks with super secret rituals of the masons. they have managed to remain pretty secret. it's probably more accurate to describe it as a society with secrets instead of a secret society. tracy pots, nbc news,
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washington. >> the publisher has printed 5 million copies to start. that's the largest initial printing. i'm sure they will sell all of those. >> time to get to one of your answers on gail writes, yes, i believe local governments should ban smoking to play grounds. not all smokers are poe light enough to dispose of their cigarettes properly and the little ones are curious to enough to pick things up. >> send more responses to >> good news for orioles fans, the 2010 schedule has been released. at 6:34, a look at the new
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entertainment complex under way in baltimore county. >> to the north and east, some light showers, i'll let you know what the outlook is coming up with your forecast. >> checking on your morning commute. we have some problems in the city that continues. we'll update you on those coming up.
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>> a police officer is stabbed in the back. this morning, the suspect is dead. details next. >> senate democrats release the much anticipated healthcare reform measure. and former president jimmy carter chimes in. >> the family of a burglar


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