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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 18, 2009 6:00pm-6:27pm EDT

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the city and county are really working together to address the issue. >> thank you for being with us. we understand some evacuations have been taking place. can you confirm that for us? where are people being taken? >> i was briefed about five minutes ago. i am almost at the scene now. i was told that nobody had required rescuing at least 5 to 10 minutes ago. you may have more up-to-date information, but there have been no injuries or no unnecessary rescues. we are prepared to do that if it becomes necessary. we have set up our command center down here. we have great interrupt ability with police and fire. we are on top of the issue. to my knowledge, we have not had the rescue anyone.
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>> that water is moving very quickly. if you're a person that has some concern, who do call at this point? we saw the water rescue workers talking to homeowners. do you stand in your yard and wait for help, you check in, do you call your family, do call 911? we don't want to overwhelm systems. >> at this point, you don't do anything unless the water rises and you have some real concern that you can't stay in your home. if you have a 911 emergency like a medical emergency, you do, and 11. -- you do call 911. we have the personnel and equipment to make rescues or to get to people and get them the help they need.
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>> i'm sorry to cut you off, as we are speaking to you, we understand that the swift water rescue team is on call and on the scene. we did see some activity with about moving people back and forth. apparently, firefighters and rescue teams are in these neighborhoods canvassing. >> i was not aware that they had actually had to move many people out. >> we have some video on our screen right now. >> wait a second. i just got another update. at some people have been rescued, but they are the people that did not stay inside. emphasize with your viewers that it is important to stay inside the home. did not come out and get into the water. >> there are no across the board evacuation's where they are moving people from the neighborhood. >> know, there are not.
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the people that have been rescued are people who did not stay inside their homes. >> the department of public works, the main problem, they want to shut the water off at the source. they need to determine exactly what valve and where it is. by the way, we are roughly in the 3400 block of dundalk avenue. we are zooming into the source of this water which is flowing thousands and thousands of gallons. we don't know at what rate, but it is overwhelming the neighborhood. the department of public works, their main goal is to find the valve that will shut this water off. a portion of the highway is no longer there. the force of the water has pretty much taken out that section.
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>> you're absolutely right. finding the right valve is the mission. dodge executive jim smith, thank you for taking time to join us. we have our reporters out there. john sherman is on the ground who can bring us some pictures. we assume that that is right by the break. it is going to be dark not too long from now. what is the feeling? >> he talked about shutting the water off. it is not off at alla t this mem -- at this moment. it is course across the road, across the shopping center and into the neighborhood. it has been coming at about the same rate since we have been here. we want to give you a quick look at the situation. this is the shell station.
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as you can see, the water rescue teams on standby. all of the people in the neighborhood have gathered at here. everybody taking a look and interested. some of these folks have left their homes. i want to talk some of the folks. this is ginger archer. >> a little bit after 4:00 the power went out about three times. i knew something happens. my husband got home from work, and the water pressure was very low. that is when we turned on the television to see what happens. we live at the top of the hill, so we hope everybody is okay. >> it was very sudden? >> it was on and off really fast. >> her home is not threatened immediately. this gentleman over here has been down here today. what can you tell us?
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>> it was abrupt. we lost our power for a couple of minutes. it flashed on and off, and we lost water power down on cleveland. >> thank you, sir. take a look back here. and that is where everybody's eyes are focused. it will not be alleviated until that is shot off. that is obviously the problem. there is no break in the force of the water coming out of here. >> john, stand by. we have a person that impossibly answer the question as to how soon the water may be shut off. kirk, have you located the valve? >> it is not one valve. remember, it is a very large remain. it appears to be a 72 inch water main. what we are dealing with is a number of valves that have to be shut down before we can get the
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water all the way turned off. we're talking at least a couple of hours, maybe longer. >> do we know the flow of the water? do we know how much? >> speak up? >> do we know how much water is coming out permanent? >> i can't give you an estimate on that right now. baltimore county fire and rescue is on the scene. the city and county police are here. what we're trying to do is get the water shutdown and address the needs of the people whose homes and streets are flooded. the most important word that we want to get out, if you do not happen to be in this neighborhood, leave this neighborhood. what you will be doing is blocking up the emergency vehicles from getting into the
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area. a lot of people are gettin in our way. -- getting in our way. everybody who does not belong here, go back to your homes and watched this on television. the people that live in this area coming home from work, right this moment, stay out. you will not be able the access streets in the neighborhood. we will update you further in terms of how successful this is going to go. keep in mind, this type of situation has caused a great deal of damage with a lot of water flowing out. >> a couple more hours. thank you.
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again, the concern is that is going to be dark soon. two more hours of this water rushing through. if you are watching us and you have family there, be sure to stay in the house and to stay safe. up in the air, we have pictures again. somebody mentioned, this looks like a hurricane flood. we know that the logan view shopping center is under water. a lot of homes are flooded. the visuals have been amazing. >> we know that is a 72 inch main. the water continues to flow, causing more problems. >> just to reiterate, we were listening to the scanner, and the water crews were trying to get here to work on the water system to try to make arrangements to get it shut down. they were having a tough time trying to respond because they could not get through to the
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idle traffic. it is still gushing out. we're going to walk you through dundalk avenue, throught he neighr -- through the neighborhoods. cars had water up to the bottom of the windows, but they are now almost completely covered. it comes back over into chestnut. it that area is now flooded. we'll give you more information as we get it. >> will switch live to john sherman. he is very near the scene of the break. >> there is a public safety dynamic to this. the spokesman for the baltimore county police, what you tell folks that are living in the neighborhood?
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>> stay put. stay where you are. stay in your house. if you have to go to a higher floor, do it. don't come out of the water, because you don't know what you're going to find. hanging sheet or pillowcase so that we do know where you are. evacuation is necessary, we will be able to find you. >> what is the plan as the night progresses? it is going to get dark, and the water is obviously still coming. >> the fire department has some powerful lighting systems. we're hoping to get this water somehow turned off. the advice remains the same. stay where you are. >> as you can see, the water here since we have been here for 20 minutes, the water has been creeping is steadily toward us. the water will continue coming.
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people are going to concerned -- and people are going to be concerned about their belongings. if you have left your house, what you do? >> that they should probably come to where the fire department folks are. it is difficult to get handle on what has happened. it is going to be a turbulent night. >> know of no sooner than we do if this gets shut off because we're looking right at it. >> thank you for reporting. we will take a break. meet the volkswagen jetta. it gets an epa estimated 32 miles per gallon, and was named an iihs top safety pick.
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>> welcome back to our continuing coverage of breaking news were a water main has broken around the dundalk area. there is major flooding in the
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subsequent neighborhood. we're talking about roughly the 3400 block of dundalk avenue. the fire and emergency personnel are setting up a command center. captain roy taylor, things are just working -- looking worse? dodge that is right. this is the center section of the logan village area. if you pan to the right, you see there -- as we come to the right, water is going rapidly across the avenue. that is just not right there that is just now flooded out. -- that is just not -- chestnut right there. police are trying to shut this area down, because it has caused
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issues as well. the other thing we have noticed is that a lot of the power has been turned off in this entire neighborhood because of all the water here. when it gets dark, people will have issues with no power. be careful if you start lighting candles. you have the issue of gas, whether it be natural or methane from the sewers. the fire crews are checking in on everbody. if you have a serious medical problem where you need emergency crews right away, call 911. they have at least three or four boats that can go through the neighborhood. >> capt. roy -- >> yes, sir?
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>> that is good information in terms of calling 911. from the point of where this break is, that is almost a mile. can you give us an idea of how far? >> about 1.5 miles. it is growing from that point. we saw the water getting up to the bottom of the doors. we're seeing the water almost completely engulfing the vehicles in the low-lying sections. >> let's talk for a minute about what is in the water. i heard earlier reports talking about manhole covers floating. that means open manholes and sewage fumes. it is not any place for people to think, i can handle it. they get injured, and it is going to be getting dark. the water will get colder, and it keeps coming. the water is absolutely coming up to it.
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>> not only do you have a sore issue, you have petroleum products from the vehicles that are submerged. the oils and what not better in the parking lot -- it is not necessary to walk through. all sorts of protective gear, they make sure that they do not inadvertently have issues. the water is up for that -- to that person goes to waste. it has been up to their shoulders. you don't want to be swallowing it. if you have any sores or cuts, that could be an issue. if you don't need to be here, don't come down. you have so much work to do with what manpower they have. it has been a nightmare.
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if you have a problem, feel free to call 911. if you want to come down here to get loved ones out, do not worry about that. the police and fire will carry about that. >> thank you very much. >> some good news for the upcoming weekend. nice weather satellite in for the region. -- settling in for the region. a chilly start, but sunshine pushed the temperatures back to normal. it will be cooler and more comfortable over the weekend. you can see the clearing trend. look at the band of clouds come across the pennsylvania and new york state border. it does not have much whether, it is basically a dry front.
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that is a possibility with the passage of this front later tonight. a couple of hours might pop up. we'll show you where it is likely. skies had cleared, and the temperatures are comfortable. salzburg checking in at 73 degrees. oakland a cool and comfortable 78. here is that band of showers. there is a minimal chance, but there is an outside chance with the front approaching from the north that might kick up one or two more showers. we will then see the skies clear again. overall, a clearing trend with wind turning to the north. sun said this evening at 7:10. there is the front. that will fill an from the north. that high-pressure selling is coming down from eastern canada.
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a little bit of cloud cover and a slightly warmer on sunday. on monday, clouds increasing with showers west of pittsburgh pushing towards baltimore. the first day of fall, next tuesday will have to factor in a little rain. until then, enjoy the end of summer. 72-77 tomorrow. sunrise at 6:52. a small craft advisory. high pressure building and that takes up the wind on the day. sunday at 67 tomorrow. tomorrow night, dropping down into the 40's. sunshine on shore and around the bay with temperatures in the 70's. a north wind up to 20 miles an hour.
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the seven-day forecast, mid 70's tomorrow. the clouds began to increase on sunday and monday. fall rise at 5:19 on tuesday afternoon. we will cease and scattered showers with it continuing wednesday and thursday. s stand by.
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>> before we do that, we have a program note for you. because of the breaking news, we will be extending the coverage. nightly news will now be seen at 7:00. the nightly news will be at 7:00, followed by "access
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hollywood." tonight's "inside edition." -- will be postponed. >> it is a water main break, a 72 inch water main break. two hours ago, it has been spewing water cents. it will be another couple of hours because it is a very detailed process to turn off the proper connection to this water main. in the meantime, this neighborhood is flooded. people are in their homes. baltimore county police and baltimore county fire, the department of water is there. police has everyone there -- stay away from the area. if you have loved ones there, we know you might be worried about them. officials will help them, and if
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they can't, it is no use. a lot of people are concerned. roy, what can he tell us at this point? >> i will have him come back down here towards chestnut. this is the area where crossed dundalk avenue again. about 15 a 20 minutes ago, the area was dry. the bottom right corner of the screen, this is just not -- chestnut. this area that is low-lying is starting to flood. the individual in this area, fire crews are not able to get to them because of the water.
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they do have a boat responding to the location to assist medics to respond to the house. water is still running rapidly. it is working its way -- it has not reached turner station as of yet, but it has crossed dundalk avenue. you can see them checking the levels and seeing how rapidly it is rising. people are trying to move their vehicles out of the low-lying areas into the higher areas. they have shut down that area, not allowing vehicles to come back into the neighborhood. the water still continues to rise in the neighborhoods of logan village. as far as injuries, no one has actually been injured. they do have a sick


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