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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 22, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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with the stars." how long did that last? >> how many times in your life have you said i'm not ever going to drink another drink? >> angelina jolie is in somalia and i think she's taking the blend into your surroundings a little too far. >> it's not good when the refugees hand you food. >> louie vito, who is on "dancing with the stars" this season, he's at the grove eating after the show. >> i don't understand this kid. i mean, i literally can't understand him. >> khloe registering for her wedding. she's there with her mom. >> do you think lamar is going to make a good son-in-law? >> she doesn't know lamar. how many times has she met lamar in three weeks? seriously. >> peter dinklage with his lady and his dog. they say are you heard about the new trend putting sunglasses on a dog's butt? without blinking an eye, he said, no, i respect my dog.
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>> hey, khloe. how are you this afternoon? >> that's bride-to-be khloe kardashian with mom kris kardashian. >> do you think alarm is going to make a good son-in-law? >> i love lamar. >> translation -- i've only met the guy twice but he seems ok. yes, kris, like everyone else in the word, is probably wondering why the hell khloe and lamar are rushing to the altar? we think we've figured out why. ♪ money money money money >> the same reason behind everything else in hollywood -- the almighty dollar. first, the couple registered at williams-sonoma, where they'll cash in from rich friends like kobe bryant and ron artest. >> can you buy a cheaper present if they've only known each other three weeks? >> something tells us he's not getting an invitation.
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>> what's the big-ticket item in there? >> they'll probably own the entire store after the wedding. here is a shocker -- rumor has it that the two are turning their whirlwind wedding into a reality show wedding. >> oh! >> try to contain your excitement. but, lamar, before you think it's all worth it, consider one thing that may outweigh the money. this is your new family. >> don't be [beep] rude! >> i need a xanax. >> for some things, pal, there just ain't enough money in the world. >> "tmz." >> oh, no! >> we've got five minutes of george hamilton telling us his tanning secrets. >> in the morning, you get up. you put a coat of tanning lotion on. then you put on a tanner. then you get out in the sun for at least a half-hour to 40 minutes.
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>> his wife gets out of the car. she's like, george -- >> i have got to go for ashley. he's on in another 40 minutes. >> ashley is on "dancing with the stars." >> everyone else runs from tmz. >> i love "tmz." >> of course, he rolls down the window -- >> after you do that, then you go back and you blot your skin and put on moisturizer. >> this is embarrassing! >> it's funny. >> i will one day become golden like you. >> peter dinklage, i love this guy. he's walking down the street in new york city with his lady and his dog. >> hello, peter. >> don't make me sic my dog on you. >> we say have you heard about the new trend putting sunglasses on your dog's butt? >> it will make people say what, yeah. >> there is a new fad where you put sunglasses on the dog's
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butt. have you done this? >> without blinking an eye, he says -- >> no? >> no. i respect my dog. >> that guy rules! >> he killed that one. killed it. ["taps" plays] >> congratulations, dude. >> we got louie vito, who is on "dancing with the stars" this season. he's a big snowboarder. >> i don't understand this kid. i mean, i literally can't understand him. i can't. it's like a foreign language. >> he says i'm only 5'5", 5'6" on a good day. >> he's at the grove and i guess these women were at the taping. they comb over to him while he's eating and they're like grandmas. >> do you guys twitter? >> oh, i don't do that. >> i'm an old lady. >> they're huge fans of him
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already. >> i think you're my grandson. >> they take pictures with him. it's just a totally different audience for him now and being on "dancing with the stars." >> have a good one, man. good seeing you. >> we got mimi and gretchen from the real housewives of someplace. i don't know. >> i didn't know two people could make so much noise. >> oh, my god! >> so mimi did the red carpet for the emmys fashion commentary or something. >> for who? >> ryan seacrest. >> what? >> yeah. he invited her to host the red carpet with him. >> that was not appropriate. these are supposed to be the a-list stars rocking the red carpet. >> then a shocking moment. she and gretchen start making out. >> oh, my god. oh, my god! >> come on.
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>> oh, my god. damn! >> i don't drink margaritas. >> i should take my boobs out and milk hollywood. >> it's not too many margaritas. it's too many cameras around. >> we got a new cute kid alert. mariska hargitay's son, august. adorable. we got her and august going to lax. i guess she's flying back after the emmys. >> did you have a good time at emmy night last night. >> yeah, it was awesome. >> the little kid, who is probably like 3, he's adorable. she's holding his hand and he's walking. he goes -- >> i like your camera, guys. >> oh, thanks, man. >> he's just adorable. >> wait. you're done? no. she walks in by herself with the kid and you're like, oh, man, mom has a kid by herself, that's a lot of work.
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she walks through security and the guy tells her to take her shoes off. she leaves them there. an assistant comes, takes them up, grabs sunglasses off her head. i want someone to follow me around and carry all my stuff for my kid. >> she's got her people. >> i'm not blaming her. i think that's the best thing ever. >> ♪ get myself up and get back in ♪ >> got to hand it to former ufc champ chuck liddell. the dude has the whole "dancing with the stars" thing down. not the dancing part. the drinking! >> ♪ you've got to fight for your right ♪ >> we got him at the tea club last night after "dancing with the stars." he's definitely celebrating with all his friends, kicking back shots of something and chasing it with another drink. >> party! >> he's with a lovely young
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lady. >> go ahead, chuck. >> anyway, chuck has joinged the ranks of other distinguished "dancing" stars turning partying into a second profession and english into a second language. >> so how did you do tonight? >> i did all right. i did better -- >> remember this? >> do you not drink as well? >> i'm not drinking right now. >> oh, ok. >> how long did that last? >> party! >> how many times in your life have you said, oh, i'm not ever going to drink another drink? >> a very good point. so, chuck, we say party it up, brother. >> he jumps up on the stage and he's singing. >> he's a singer? >> not a great singer and not the best dancers. but chuck is a smart guy. he just needs a little training. >> try and get in touch with your feminine side a little bit more. >> great idea.
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probably not what he meant. but, hey, that works. >> angelina jolie is in somalia. i think she's taking the blend into your surroundings a little too far. >> you put that on the website. >> she is so skinny. all you see is just her collarbones. it's not good when the refugees have more weight than you do. >> when they hand you food. >> coming up -- >> hugh jackman in new york. ever since you started doing the play with daniel craig, we wanted to know who would win in a fighting, wolverine or james bond. >> plus -- >> venus and serena williams are owners in the dolphins. >> by the way, they lost. for owners of the team, they're all smiles.
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>> coming up -- >> halle berry went to boa for dinner. she got some sparkly dessert. >> i was there and i didn't see her. >> i was there and i didn't see her. >> you didn't see the giant
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>> what a beautiful baby! >> we have hugh jackman in new york with the wife and the kids. i defy you to not like him after watching the video. he's dressed up, looks really
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nice, yet he still goes to the playground and pushes the girl and plays on the swing. anyway, we say ever since you started doing the play with daniel craig, we wanted to know -- >> who would win in a fighting, wolverine or james bond? >> wolverine would kick his ass! >> i would think wolverine would win. >> he's cool, bond. but, you know. >> we say how about in real life between you two? >> what about in real life? he's pretty tough. >> i think he'd go the distance. >> i don't know how well the british with fight. >> they can fight good. are you kidding me? they love getting in fights. >> have a good day, buddy. >> we've got a quick video of halle berry and her friend. she is looking sexy. as she's walking out, there is
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50 paparazzi snapping pictures everywhere, snap, snap, snap. as she's walking to her car, you can see two of the paparazzi fall over as they're trying to get a picture of her. her friend is pushing people out of the way. they get in the car and drive off. >> that massage was four hours long. >> are you kidding? >> she went to boa for dinner. >> you look great. >> she got some sparkly dessert thing that's spraying sparks all over the table. >> i was there. >> you were? >> and i didn't see her. >> you didn't see the giant sparkling dessert? >> i saw these sparkles. i just figured it was somebody's birthday. >> how does it feel to own a football team? >> fantastic. >> you're looking at the two happiest people in the world, venus and serena williams. these sisters aren't just tennis stars, they're now part owners of the miami dolphins football team. cue the theme song.
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♪ miami and the dolphins ♪ >> no, stop the theme song! that is just horrible. >> venus and serena williams leaving monday night football. they're all smiles. >> hey, guys. >> their team totally won last night. wait. their team lost last night. >> fantastic! >> no, not fantastic. the colts beat your dolphins on national television. and you know how many games your team has won this season? none! you should go into the locker room and say this. >> they're new to the ownership thing. they didn't realize that the team has to win. >> they also think the dolphins they bought are these. so for the sake of miami, start acting like owners. your first order of business? lose the damn theme song. ♪ miami dolphins number one ♪ >> we've got tara wheeler.
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she was miss virginia 2008. >> oh, yeah! [laughter] >> what? >> we got her in virginia. we get her going into this salon where she basically went in to get her hair shaved off. she did it for charity, to raise money for kids with cancer. >> isn't that nice? >> we get her beforehand. >> i was nervous at first. but now i'm excited because i'm a healthy 25-year-old and my hair is going to grow back. i'm not a little girl battling cancer. >> we were there the whole time they were cutting it. she was tearing up the whole time. but when they're done, she looks -- she pulls it off. she says this will make a great wig. >> valentino on his yacht in tuscany. he's out there -- >> speedos, i'm sure. >> no, he's actually wearing board shorts. but he's got a guy washing his dog in speedos.
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he's got two little pugs and a guy in red speedos washing his two pugs down on his knees. >> i wear the pants on this boat! >> coming up -- >> george takei at the grove. we ask him about "the newlywed game." we ask him if shatner has called to congratulate him. >> plus -- >> plaxico burress got two years in prison. >> for bringing a gun to a nightclub? >> that is the harshest sentence i've ever seen. at we're upúaga mñm< ks8txat çineapçle ane habanero sauce? @@@@@@@÷ 454uygah< weúca÷÷úthat oñv new t wc&0spicy0chickmn habanero.2@@d@ d we haveúany xabaner÷ añ÷proated$rel peppersn@4@@÷@÷ú 4 1pthis one oas getagcheesee?@@ @ c÷eck9out domiñogsúñour bold new q.oven-bak÷ likeúíugfalo shicken ang italian sausaoe &)peppers.@ ! j@@@
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>> it's here. @÷@÷@÷ú÷@÷ú÷ú@@@@@@
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you happy now, levin? go ahead, say it. >> the "tmz" apps. the price is free! >> this is the greatest farm ever. it's in michigan. it's called tmz farm. it stands for the mcrichie zoo farm. but it's tmz farm and it's all over their whole farm zones. they have tmz over everything. on top of their house. he had a tmz brand. it's a buffalo farm. he was going to brand a buffalo with tmz on it, but i told some people and they all freaked out. so he branded a buffalo pelt or whatever. the farm is situated -- it's in michigan. it's like .5 miles from hell, michigan. if tmz had a farm, they'd literally be right next door to hell.
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you can tell when a salad's fresh express... ...and when it's not. fresh express salads are so consistently fresh and delicious... ...they're guaranteed. fresh express. [captioning made possible by warner brothers domestic television distribution] >> eddy sibryon told us he was trying to keep his family together. wasn't he just out with lean


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