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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 23, 2009 6:00pm-6:10pm EDT

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did the fans cheer or do they boo? >> lil' kim in miami. she's going jet-skiing. >> does she have a life jacket on? >> does she really need a life jacket? those are pretty buoyant. >> kirk cameron is waging a war against charles darwin. >> an entire generation is being brainwashed. >> he kind of connects darwin to hitler. >> julia roberts was spotted in india with a swami. remember when paris hilton came out with a guru? >> this guy is in india. >> i'm not falling for it. >> suri cruise and katie holmes went to a fairy shop. suri is hanging out with the gnomes out front. there's a joke in there somewhere. >> david duchovny at lax. the camera guy says i have every episode of "red shoe diaries" on v.h.s. >> "red shoe diaries"? >> it's a softcore porn series. >> you record it and label it
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"star wars." >> congratulations! >> it's day two of "tmz" extensive coverage of the impending nuptials of khloe kardashian and lamar odom, or, as we call it, khlomardia. it's infectious. >> kobe going to be best man or what? >> the wedding is still on for sunday. you can buy them a blender at williams-sonoma and you know lamar is going to enjoy his single life while he still can. >> his bachelor party is hosted by joe francis tomorrow night at les deux. >> it says drinks, stripper poles, midgets. >> whoo! let's be p.c. here. they prefer to be called dancer poles. >> hosted by joe francis and rob kardashian. 0 below it, it remind you who he is. >> that's probably just for lamar. it's only know khloe for three weeks. chances are he has no idea who
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the hell his future brother-in-law is. >> this is ridiculous. this wedding is going to be a spectacle. >> of course it is. it's complete with faux margaritas. stop being so cynical. they're in love -- with themselves. but also with each other. so stay tuned and tomorrow we'll bring you more on the wedding even we can't believe we're covering. >> looking slick as always. >> we've got david duchovny at lax. we tell him -- >> i'm a huge fan. i've actually got the "red shoe diaries," every episode ever recorded on v.h.s. >> "red shoe diaries"? >> come on! >> i'm sorry. i don't know. >> "red shoe diaries" was this softcore porn series that david duchovny was in. [music plays] >> it was before "x-files." >> really? >> when you're 11 or 12, you see one boob and record it, you
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label it "star wars" so your mom doesn't catch you. >> we tell him we have every episode on v.h.s. >> is that impressive or what? >> i wouldn't brag about that. >> kanye, when are you going to take that break? >> he's at a new bar called capital city. we're walking out. they're standing there for a good amount of time. they're hugging, him and amber rose. >> have you talked to taylor yet? >> no one is really approaching them. but as they're walking to their car, there's a couple fans that are behind them as they're walking by them and then one girl yells out -- >> sorry they gave you so much [beep]! >> she then says -- >> he's got a girlfriend with cellulite! >> that's kanye territory. he turns the camera to her after. >> what was that? >> i did not say anything.
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i so plead the-fit. >> horrible! >> i so plead the fifth! >> what's up with you girls lately? >> we have frances and angela. they were at the cleveland party. frances is the voice of cleveland's mom. >> did you see kanye? >> i didn't hear a radically bad outburst. i didn't notice. >> we asked them who is more of a narcissist, kanye or spencer pratt? we just opened the floodgates. >> spencer pratt. >> spencer! >> speidi! >> spencer breathes. that's all he does. there's no universe in which they aren't the center of the universe. >> they're absent of value. they're the absence of intelligence but they have a plan in which they're the
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center. >> they go off on heidi and spencer. they hated them. >> they met them for two days. >> we were on them 24 hours a day for weeks. they're like one day. >> that's funny. >> you're really mad at them, huh? >> no. >> they're not worth being mad at. >> see ya! >> woody harrelson living the life in hawaii. they're golfing, both barefoot, hanging out, relaxing. >> we got them six montgomery ago there, too. >> they're big movie stars. they get to do whatever they want whenever they want. >> at least they're wearing clothes this time. it seems they're always naked. we've got them skinny-dipping. remember they were in south america in their underwear? the guys are always naked together. >> they've got the life. they're just chilling. >> we've got ron artest leaving
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koi. >> really? >> really. >> oh. did we ask about lamar odom? >> yes, we did. >> what do you think about your teammate, lamar odom? did you get an invite for the wedding? >> that's my boy. i've known him since i was 8 years old, 9 years old. i don't need an invite. i can just walk in. >> so did he get an invite? >> that could be a clue there's not a real wedding going on. >> he didn't say he didn't get it. he just said i don't need it. it was like he didn't say that he wasn't going to go. he didn't say that he wasn't invited. he just said i don't need an invitation. >> i think he was saying there were no invitations sent out. there's not actually a wedding. >> why is there a bachelor party? >> i'm sure there have been plenty of bachelor parties with no wedding to follow. >> he's going to be a great husband. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> hey, rihanna. >> we've got rihanna in new
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york. at first salad gets her walking in. of course i'm waiting to hear what he says. she looks beautiful. >> you look delicious for fall. >> so weird. >> she's going to get a restraining order on him. >> another camera guy gets her leaving and he says to her -- >> are you going to lose that bashian accent? >> bashian? >> he meant barbashian. >> she's like -- >> why? >> you love it. >> exactly! >> he got her to talk. >> she really likes us. >> always sexy. >> katie holmes. i don't know what the joke is but it's there somewhere. suri and katie holmes went to a fairy shop. they visited a fairy shop. and suri is hanging out with the gnomes out front. >> that's the joke.
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>> but they did pay tom a visit on set. tom had the kid, walked around. they stayed a couple hours and left. >> nice! >> this is a lead singer in vixen. he looks decent to me. we get him coming out. >> how would you rank yourself among rock star surfers? >> i'm the best. >> so we wish him a happy belated rosh hashanah. >> belated happy rosh hashanah, man. >> thank you, brother. >> how is it going these days? >> a sweet new year. >> our camera guy says do you fast for yom kippur? >> a little bit. >> either you fast or you don't
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fast. >> the way i look at it, man, god is going to love who he loves. it's like a beautiful woman. she could kiss all over you and you still love her, right? >> i don't know. if she kisses all over me, i'm not really into that. >> ok. that is not orthodox, i'm sure. i'm positive he's not a hasid. >> coming up -- >> we've got seth macfarlane. we asked him how did "family guy" start? >> first the earth cooled. then the dinosaurs came. >> plus -- >> kirk cameron is waging a war against charles darwin. >> an entire generation is being brainwashed. >> he kind of connects darwin to hitler. &úspiy>cxyckmnúhabanero.@@d@@@@ do we have any &úspiy>cxyckmnúhabaneroxabcngr÷
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